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FRIDAY, APRIL 10, 101?
Devised Figures Place Titanic's
Death List at 1,312.
"Latest List of Survlvor Shows That
a Few Men Were Taken Aboard
Lifeboats During Terrible Confu
slon That Followed Collision With
Iceberg Only 3hadowy Hln of
Wreck Scenes Comes From Fog
Ruled Waters.
New York, April If. The Cunard
liner Carpathla, bringing survivor
from the sunken Titanic, got Into
wireless communication with the Sa
ble Island station, aooordlng to the
announcement made at the White
8tar line offices here. Details of the
disaster, It Is new hoped, will thero
'fore be soon forthcoming.
Now York, April 17. That tlio
'only known survivors of tho Ill-fated
"White Star llnor Titanic are aboard
the Cuuanl liner Carpathla, which 1b
slowly creeping toward UiIb city, la
the only now feature of tlio latent
sea tragedy. Tho Virginian, which
It was hoped arrived at tlio scono In
time to pick up somu of the sur
Ivors, waa too late, and no other
ships have reported finding any ship
wrecked men or women.
In tho ley, fog-mnotherod scan
whero the Titanic Hank, oxposuro
mufit soon have destroyed thoso who
wero left to life belts or wreckage
when all tho boats wero gone and
no help had come and the great
steamship had foundered. Tho re
ceding Olympic continued ' tho work
of relaying tho Carpathian dispatch
ca and tho suocosslvo bulletins post
ed at tho White Star nfllce kept
' many n despairing man or woman
waiting all day and sent others away
thanking God,
Qavo Up Lives.
-It Is practically a certainty now
'that nearly all of tho men of tho Tl
'tunic's company Trent down irlth tho
' ship when aha plunged two miles to
ward tho ocean door or that they
'perished miserably while clinging to
wreckage or life preservers In tho
ley waste that hotrnyed thorn. Thoy
cavo up Ufa within sight of tho lit
tle rocking boats that hold tholr
women and children. It rati not bo
doubted now that among these were
Colonel John .1. Aslor, Isador Straus,
Major Archlbuld llutt, Ooorgn It.
WIdoner, Knrl II, Hnhr, Jacques Ku
trollo, tho wiltor; William T. Stead,
Francis D. Millet 'ind ninny, many
more who were known on both sides
of tho Atlantic. Tho loll or tho Ti
tanic's dead will bo 'full tlio world
over, Tho names ot tho survlvorH
wirelessed here by tho Olympic In
elude n small number of men who
were able to find a place with tho
women nnd chlldieu In the all too
few boats. Such good news as thoro
Is places among the living I miry S.
Harper of the publishing firm of Har
per & Company, and Mis. Harper;
"Dr. anil Mrs, Kiaiioutlial and Mr and
Mrs. T. H. Krnuenlhul. Mis. John
Jacob Astor with her nmld Is on the
Cnipathta, which Is hurrying wllh sur
vivors to this port and which should
arrive hero tomorrow night. Among
'tho others iphciiimI aio .1. Iliuco la
may, tho mnuiiglng director of the
Whlto Star lino; Mrs, (leorge D.
WIdoner of Philadelphia, Sir- Cordon
'nnd Lady Cosmo Duff, Mrs, Jacques
Vutrello, Mrs CIhiiIph M. Hays,
'whoso husband uiin president of the
'Grand Trunk railroad ; Mrs. Henry
11. Harris and Mrs, Washington
Dodge of San Fiiuicluco, The list or
survivors Includes women and chil
dren from tho flMt. cabin, second
cabin nnd steerage. No distinctions
were n.ndo when tho rule of the sea
meut women and children to tho
'boats and left tho inou to their fate.
Tho first mo'iBago from tho Olym
pic thnt filtered through stoimy airs
snld that thero wore RfiK survivors on
'tlio Carpathla, which was modified
later to "about 800." but whothorono
message allowed foi tho nout crows
nnd the other did not was not miulo
Information Lacking.
Thero Is no exact Information as
to how many souls woio on the Tl-
"tanlo when she hurled herself against
the giant Icoberg. The first estimate '
bora was 2,180. tho Umdnu olllce oh-
'tltnato 2,385 nuil an estimate horo
tU3 2,210, made up ot USB llrst-cnbln, l
IS." socond-cubln, 710 slcoiagu and
190 crow. With tho lowest total and
the highest list of saved there would
bo 1.300 lost, and with the highest or
'both, 1.C0O. Hut no comparison can
lessen tho dreadful story of broken
'families, of partings sadder than the
imagination can grasp, of weak and
'uufforliiR women wrenched cruelly
from dear ones whose life wns a
mutter of hours, Perhaps It was
easier to dlo than to live In that
ailinrt space of tlmo while tho Titanic
TrtaKgorcd In hor shroud of fog.
Her cternn captain know tho peill
'that lay ahead of him ulong tho west
erly track of steamships. Other nav-'
Igntnrs had found and avoided thoso
pallid shapes In a smother of fog
that remain tho iiiicouquorablo nu-
nlca of ships. Only a fow hours bo-
New York Millionaire Who
Lost Life In Titanic Wreck.
First cablu passengors, 325.
Second cabin passengors, 285.
Third cabin passengers, 710.
Total numbor of passengers,
Members of crew, 800.
Total pasaengers and crow,
Number of known survivors,
Number who pr6bably per-
Ishcd, 1,:'12.
Total numbor of named sur-
vlvors, 328.
MombuiH of cicw manning -10
lifeboats, 1 10.
Kstlma'cd saved steerage paa-
songors, '100.
Total, 8C8.
Named survivors First cabin
nassongors. Women, HI; men,
03; children, C; total, 210. Sec-
ond cali'ti passengers: Women,
!)2; men, 10; children, 10; total,
foro the Titanic shattered her tre
mendous hulk tho Hamburg-American
lluor Amorika wirelessed to the
TlUnlc that thore wore two large
loobergs a little east and south of
the place whoro the White Star co
lossus was finally In collision. That
was on Sunday, and shortly after
rocelvlng the news the Titanic her
tolf rolayod It to a land station, from
which the hydrographlc ofUco heard
of It. And thou, thoro seams Httlo
roason to doubt, the Titanic plunged
onward and hurled hersolf against
thoso vory bergs.
A shudowy hint of what followed
then 1ms come from the urea of
waters that are ruled by fog and
frost. Tho wireless, modern miracle
as It is, could not achieve the Impos
sible and snatch toward tho Titanic
In time to save hor people the groy
hnundh that wure hundreds of miles
away. It has not recounted clearly
nnd faithfully the oplsodos of tho
tertlblo Mur hours while the great
ship struck from happiness nnd
peace to horror and despair, lay
stilckeu against tho groaning bergs.
The story of tho wireless has been
maddening snatches, bulletins which
ukluimcd th3 top or surmise, a few
llgures, some conjectures, and finally
nn ugly picture of a gietju sea
strewn with wreckage and linperllod
by grinding Icebergs, Hut between
the Hashes of tho mnrconlgrnms and
with the stories of tho captains who
came too late, something of the
tragedy oT the Titnnlc can bo writ
ten. Received Terrible Jolt.
Tho Titanic must lmve recoiled
fiom her destroyer a shattered and
liven ship. So tremendous an Im
part would have crumpled up tho
vory bed plates, shaken the mighty
onglutts from their foundation, open
ad ii)i watertight compartments,
buckled plates from end to end and
started rivets overywhoie. It Is
likely that water rushed Into her hull
from all sides, for her keel must
have been Injured by tho terrific
drive on a mass as hard as rock,
And that Jar must hum quenched
the shlpn lights by Injuring her cloc
moal apparatus, tt Is known that
the wlroloSB worked weakly when
l'hllllps, tho operator, sot almut his
desperate task of ranching nut for
help while the women and children
In the boats rocked off soiuawheio In
iho duik and tho men waited with
tlukliu hearts. And tho wireless
reused muttering In less than two
hours. A Mutter and u letter or two
and It wns silent.
No trugody of the sea has supplied
a plcturo inoio lutoiise, moie stag-
gurlng to the Imagination.
Tho blasting shriek of the sirens
had not alarmud tho great company
of the Titnnlc, because such steam
cnlls aie an Incident of tiavol In seas
where fog mils heavy. Tho hour
10: 10 p. m. was Just too lato for
the friendly contact or salons nnd
smoking rooms, It wns Sunday night
nud probably the ship's conceit hud
ended, but thoro wcio many nun
diedn moving up nnd down along the
gay lights, nnd many no doubt on
dock with their eyes strained towaid
i tho mysterious west, Whoro homo
lay, And In nno Jarring, hrouth
Rweeptng moment all of thoso, asleep
i or nwnhe, woro at tho moroy or
Inspector Uhler Discusses Wreck
of the Titanic,
Gays Objection to Room Occupied
Could Be Obviated If a Few Lux
uries Were Dispensed With Rep
resentative Alexander Declares
Ship Owners Chase Almighty Dol
lar Too Hard Hardwlck Intro
duces Bill Requiring More Safety.
Washington, April 17. Speedy ac
tion by congress looking to the prop
er and adequate equipment with life
boats and life preservers of ocean
liners and coastwise vossols seems
assured as a result of the Titanic dis
aster. Representative Hardwlck of
Georgia Introduced a bill making It
unlawful for any ship or othor vessel
cngnged In ocean commerce to enter
or clear at any port of the United
States unless It Is fully equipped
with sufficient lifeboats, life preserv
ers nnd other apparatus for the pres
ervation of lire to accommodate ad
equately pel sons' to the extent of Its
passenger capacity and tho number
nt Its crow.
Discussing the need of legislation
In connection with the Titanic disas
ter, Chairman Alexander said:
"If icports are true that the Ti
tanic had aboard lifeboats sufficient
to caro for only ono-thlid of tho pas
sengors, congiess will undoubtedly
net and pass more stringent laws re
lating to sen traffic. Tho trouble evi
dently Is that lifeboats tnlco up too
much room aboard ship; tho steam
ship lines are chasing the almighty
Supervising Inspector General Uh
ler of tho stcamloat Inspection ser
vice of tho department of commerce
nnd labor said
"I havo always contended that all
ocean-going vessels should be equip
ped with sufficient boatago to tako
caro of tho ship's company. Tho
position which has been' assumed by
tho owners .of the big liners la that
to do so would limit tho number of
passengers to bo 'carried."
Genoral Uhler' stated that all that
would b necessary would be to elim
inate some ot the luxuries which In
recent years have been added to the
big liners.
President Impatient to Learn Fate of
Personal Aid Butt.
Washington. April 17. Deciding
for tho public Interost steps should
bo taken by the government to ob
tain authentic Information concern
ing tho fate of the steamship Ti
tanic,, President Taft directed tho
navy Copaitiucnt to dispatch two of
the swiftest vessels with high-power
wiieleif's toward tho scene of tho dis
aster to establish communication
with tho steamer Carpathla.
Tho hcout cruisers Chester and Sa
leni, cnpablo of making 22 to 21
knots an hour under forced draught,
and ulicady at sea off the Atlantic
coast, wore given wireless Instruc
tions by Secrotary of tho Navy
Moyer to piocoed posthaste to tho
Tho Chester Is tho swiftest vessel
In tho American navy abovo the de
stroyer class, having mndu 2(1,52
knots on her trial trip, while tho Sa
lem made 25.1)5 In her tests.
With these two ciulsurs dashing nt
full speed towards tho path of tho
Carpathla, It was thought that a
chain of communication with that
ship might soon be established.
Port Regulations Waived In Case of
the Carpathla.
Now York, April 17. After a day
of anxiety, In which ropoated efforts
were mndo to got Into wireless com
munication with the Cunard steamer
Carputhtn, with Biirvlvors of tho Ti
tanic, the officials of tho Whlto Star
lino said that no word had been re
ceived from tho Carpathla slnco
early In the day. The message guvo
the names of sumo survivors.
Tho olllrors of tho Cunurd lino
kept sending messngos to Captain
Kckstrom of tho Carpathla, tolling
lilm to let tho company know as
soon as possible whon tho Carpathla
might he oxpectod at this port, nnd
for any othor news ho had concern
ing the Titanic.
Tho federal officers and tho officers
of the Cuua'rd lino nro working In
harmony to favor tho landing of tho
survivors of tho shlpwieck whon
they arrive Thoy will not stop nt
quarantine, but will como right up
to tho Carpathla's pier, tho woathor
Liner's Captain Sends Word All Sur
vivors on Carpathla,
Capo Race, N. K, April 17. A
wlrolo&s message from Captain Had
dock of the steamship Olympic, ro
layod by tho Celtic, roads as follows:
"Please ullay rumor that tho Vir
ginian has any of tho Titanic's pas
sengers. Nulthor has tho Tunlsan. I
bellevn that tho only aurvlvora are
Map Showing Positions of
Titanic and Other Liners.
on tho Cnrpathla. Tho second, third,
fourth and fifth officers and the sec
ond Marconi operator are the only
officers reportod saved."
Former Ohloans Safe.
OolumbuB, O., April 17. William
Monypeny, Jr., receiTod a telegram
from William Monypeny Nowsomoot
Boston, saying that he had received
a wlrolets from his mother, 'Mrs. R.
L. Deckwlth, stating that she and
her husband and daughter, Holen
Newsomc, were safe on board tho
Carpathla, having been among thoso
rescued from the wrecked Titanic.
Tho Deckwlths aro former residents
of this city.
Cincinnati Woman Safe.
Cincinnati, O., April IS. Mrs.
George N. Stone of Cincinnati was
among the rescued from tho Titnnlc
Sho was returning from a year In Eu
rope nnd Kgypt with relatives. Sho
Is the widow of a former piesldent
of the local Hell Telephone company.
Cincinnati steamship agents any no
other Clncluuatlans wns on tho Ti
tanic. .
Two Cleveland Men Lost.
Cleveland, O., April 17. - Krnost
Crcnso and Hnland Stanley, returning
to this city after an ubscuco of sev
eral years abio.id, were among thoso
aboard the Titanic not accounted for.
Plan to Dodge Bergs.
London, April 17. The transatlan
tic lines hae agreed. In consequence
nf tho reports as to lco in the Atlan
tic, to cross longitude 47 In latitude
10.10 eastbound.
Harmon . Names O'Hara For
Supreme Court Seat.
Columbus, O., April 17. Governor
Harmon nnnouncod the appointment
of Josoph W. O'Hara of Cincinnati
to succeed the lato Judge James h.
Price of Lima on the supremo court.
Mr. O'Hara Is a Democrat. His ap
pointment makoa tho court stand bi
partisan for the first time In a third
of a century.
Postal Savings Taxable.
Columbus, O., April 17. What
looks llko u sqrlous blow to postal
savings banks was given when the
state tax commission Instructed per
sonal property assessors throughout
Ohio that theso accounts nro taxable.
Tostnl savings bonds, however, aro
not tuxnhlo.
Tries Sulcldet In Prison.
Columbus, O., April t7. Soon aftor
his nrrost on a charge of assaulting
Grace Taylor, G, nnd Daisy Stans
bory,' 2, Kdwnid Myers attempted to
hang himself at the city prison, but
was cut down In time to save his
Delaware Favors Taft.
Dover, Del., April 17. Tho Ito
publican state convention elected six
unliiBtructed delegates to tho Chi
cago convention. Taft sentiment pro-dominated.
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ii Mjlilii 1 lb I III i rZ';3rrr;i
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"wter-ji"W-,--w. ."
London, April 17 Captain K. J. S mlth, tho admiral of the White Star
line fleet, was placed In command of the Titnnlc when she entered commis
sion, just as he was in command of her sister ship, the Olympic, when she
rande her first voyage. Captain Smith met with disaster while command
ing tho Olympic last September, tho liner and the British cruiser Hawke
colliding In Cowes1 Honda. Tho Olympic was so badly damaged that she wns
laid up for three months for repairs.
Kaiihiis City, Mo April 17 Dele
gates appointed by tho governors of
twolvf States and b the mayors of
numerous cities responded to the roll
call at the opening of tho National
Old Trails' rouventlon In this city.
k 'ffK
Copjrtljht llitt Schiffucc ts Marx
This store is the home of Hart Schaffner & Marx clothes.
Young America
I. ROSENTHALL, Proprietor
The Big Store on the Corner Cor. Main and Vine Sts., Mt. Vernon, O.
Open Kvcnlncs Until 7:iI0
- - . k -.'
. hm . J -n . -W
s: -' -" . aM"r-3
;: --.rrr; . .-.-77
- a ' ... '1..? ' ",J
Tho purpose of tho convention, which
will continue in session for several
days, Is to formulate plans for tno
construction of an Improved highway
across the continent following as
near as practicable tho route of tho
Cumberland Pike, the Boone's Lick
road, the Santa Fe train and the Sun
set Route.
g Clothes S
the dpnn
You young men who
vou outer men wno nive me
want style and smartness along conservative lines; &
all men, of all tastes in dress; here's notice to you all ;
that we are ready to show you the new models in
suits and overcoats for Spring and Summer wearing.
Hart Schaifner & Marx
have made for us the best lot of good clothes ever
brought together in this town; new colorings grays,
blues, purple blues, tans, olives, browns. New pat
terns in tweeds, cheviots, homespuns, worsteds serg
es, silk mixtures; imported fabrics of many choice
The ucav models for young men include two and
three-button styles; with medium and long roll lapels;
the modified English sack with snug shoulders; the
high-cut five and six-button waistcoats; and of course
the well-known and always popular Varsity; the
Shapemaker, and others.
You'll got here also a fine lot of shirts;
you'll need some this Spring. New neck
wear also; new shapes and styles in soft
and stiff hats. The "new" idea prevails.
Come and look it over.
. 4i
Bonnell, Miss Caroline, Youngs-
town, O. (Saved.)
Bonnell, Miss Elizabeth, sister of
W. F. Bonnell, Cleveland. (Lost)
Chaffee, Herbert F father of H. L.
Chaffee, Oberlln. (Lost.)
Chaffee, Mrs. Adella, mother of
H. L. Chaffee, Oberlln. (Saved.)
Corey, Mrs. P. C, niece of Rev.
R. A. George, Cleveland. (Lost.)
Crease, Ernest, brother of Mrs.
Albert Stanley, Cleveland, O.
Graham, Mrs. W. T., sister-in-law
of J. J. Graham, Lisbon. (Saved.)
Graham, Miss, nice of J. J. Gra-
ham, Lisbon. (Saved.)
Hocking, George, Akron. (Lost.)
Hocking, Mrs. Elizabeth, Akron.
Hocking, Miss Nellie, Akron, O.
Otter, Richard, Berea, brother of
W. H. Otter, Cleveland. (Lost.)
Richards, William, Akron, Ohio.
Richards, Mrs. William, Akron.
Richards, son of William, Akron.,
Rouse, Richard, father of Mrs.
Harriet Maylun, Cleveland, O.
(Lost.) )
Stanley, Roland, brother of Al-
bert Stanley, Cleveland, O.
Sibley, Mrs. John, Akron. (Lost.)
Wells, Mrs. Addle, Akron, Ohio.
Wells, Miss J., Akron. (Saved.)
Wells, Ralph, Akron. (Saved.)
Wick, George D., Youngstown, O.
Wick, Mrs. George D., Youngs
town.. (Lost.)
Wick, Miss Mary Natalie, Youngs-
town. (Saved.)
In a territory 200 by U0 miles
stretching across the western ond of
Kansas thousands of derricks aro be
ing erected. Every one represents an
Individual pumping plant that will
draw from the great underground lake
which lies In the sands beneath this
area water sufficient to irrigate. a farm
of from 40 to 160 acres.
The present year will witness the
building of 10,000 of these derricks,
which will hold and guide the ma
chinery that bores wells down into tho
great underflow that is believed to be
inexhaustible. "When the great augers
reach the underground sea of water
which has existed beneath the surface
for ages, tho dorricks will bo removed
and over each well will be installed a
windmill. These ' windmills, which
will pump the water to the surface, aro
tall towers of wood, steel or Iron, with
fans of almost every Imaginable shape
and typo made of wood or galvanized
Iron. New York Sun.
like stylish, smart clothes;
sutuu iiuim : yuu humi whu
. 4. .

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