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MT. VERNON, 0., FRIDAY, APRIL 26, 1912 No. 34
Liner's Speed Matotained-Scnate Probers Hear More
Evidence To Show That Little Heed Was Paid To
Wireless Message From Other Sbip-lsmay Said
To Have Received "Cussing" At Hands Of Ofiicer
And Ordered To Keep Away From Lifeboats
Washington, April 23. It was def
initely established by tho testimony
before the scnuto special investigat
ing coninilttco that Captain Smith
and several of tho olucors of
the Titanic were expecting to en
counter Ice on their courso about 11
o'clock on tho fatal Sunday night.
This fact was brought out In the
testimony of Second Oftlcer Llghtol
lerr. who when recalled to the stand,
said that he had been shown a mes
sage by" the captain which gave the
latitude ami longitude of ice report
cd to the Titanic by another ship,
lie told the committee ho worked out
by means of the chart the time at
-which trie'Titaule. "would -probably be
nearest this ice, and found it wns to
be expected about 11 o'clock. He so
Informed the captain and Officer
Murdoch, who relieved him at 10.
Despite this, however, he admitted
the speed of the vessel was not les
sened and the only precaution taken,
be said, whs to toll the lookout men
to keep a sharp watch fdr small Ice
until daybreak.
This was the most Important sin
gle development of a stormy day bo
fore the Investigating committee, as
far as the 'main purpose, of the In
quiry was concerned. Both sessions
were marked by a show of feeling
upon the part of tho English sailors
testifying and the committee. The
witnesses mode llttlo effort to con
ceal considerable resentment at tho
questions of the committee, many of
which they -appeared to think utterly
purposeless and beside the mark.
Senator Smith received many a
sharp answer from the Englishmen,
and the prediction was made that un
less conditions improved there was
danger of serious ill feeling betweep.
the people of the two countries.
Members of the group of White Star
officials and counsel declared the
senators would meet with more suc
cess In their Inquiry If they secured
expert assistance In examining the
Tltanlc's officers and crew.
Denies Being There.
Senator Smith, acting upon advices
received through the representatives
of a Toronto newspaper, enlisted tho
aid of tho Canadian government in
investigating the report that tho
Canadian Pacific line steamer Mount
Temple, now at St. Johns, was with
in sight of the Titanic when she
sank. The captain of the Mount
Temple denied this in a telegram to
the senator, but It was arranged that
a Canadian commission should take
his deposition before he sails from
St. Johns.
Officer Lowe of the Titanic startled
all hts hearers by declaring beforo
the committee that ho waited In his
lifeboat until "the drowning people
had thinned out" before going back
to pick up any survivors. He ex
plained that It would havo been sui
cide for all In his boat to have gone
back while 1,600 people were strug
gling for their lives In tho waters
about the TltPdc; that they would
have swamped his lifeboat. Ho also
told of rescues he made, and cleared
up the stories about the use of re
volvers by the Titanic officers.
Lowe also testified that J, Bruce
Ismay was terribly oxclted and seem
ed In a great hurry to leave tho Ti
tanic. Ho wad Interfering with men
at work lowering the boats and Lowe
told him .to "get, the hell out of
hero," after which iBmay wout to an
othor lifeboat.
Pope Takes as Personal Logs Death
of President's Aid.
Home. April 25. -Vance Thompson,
III 111 11 1 ii
On Titanic
Camera Caught Principals In
Probe of Titanic Disaster.
1911, by American Praia Association.
J Bruce Inmay and P A, S. Franklin,
crflt.laU of thq International Murine cum
pany, linpoitaiit wltneKses. who Involun
tarily fared th photoBrapher a ttiey en
tered the senate olllc building-. Mr, !
Buy U a tli lfU
1912, by American Pree AiiocUtloo.
Senator 'William Alden Smith of Mlcbl
jran, ulialrmaii of the senate lnvcetlgntlni
committee, mapped aa he left hli auto,
hla arm full of Inquiry papern, for tho
enata oMcw building-, Washington, where
the Kcsflons oro belnK held
the magazine writer, saw Cardinal
Merry del Val, the papal secretary of
state, who referred feelingly to the
Titanic disaster. The papal secre
tary recalled the heroic death of Mr.
and .Mrs. Straus and said it made
one think better of humanity. Allud
ing to .Major Butt, the cardinal said
the president's ald-de-camp hud en
deared himself to tho pope, who
looked upon his death as a personal
loss. Tho letters which Major Butt
was carrying to President Taft from
the pope and Cardinal Merry del Val
have not been duplicated.
New York Will Get $5,000,000 From
Estates of Titanic Victims.
Albany, N. Y.. April 25. The rev
enues of tho statu will be greatly In
creased through tho Inheritance
taxes to bo paid by tho estates of a
number of those who went down with
the Titanic, especially by tho Astor,
Straus and Guggenheim estates. The
J ' K UU$?iAY 'MY?, ,..' &.. . .-,-sjn
" ; t- w : , a ti -r ii- ,. ,' r.
to, sHLtot Wmy ' W ' y'.fmk,
U : ag,..,,,.,',,.., j:A nhJvL. "i-r-f: -sMitM
Halifax, N. S April 25 immedl
ntoly after the wreck of the Titanic
the officers of the White Star lino
chartered the Mnekoy-Bennett, the
stoninor used for laying cables and
making repairs by the Commercial
Cable company, and Pent it to the
scene of tho disaster. The boat car
ried u corps of undertakers and em
balmers uud a minister, whoso duty
it was to road tho burial service over
such victims as were found and could
not bo identified. The bodies that
buro marks that might lead to identi
fication were embalmed and placed
in coffins and brought ashore. Those
that were in such a condition as to
make identification impossible were
weighted with Iron bnrs carried along
for the purpose and were sunk with
simple religious coremonles. Alter
recovering about fifty bodies the
.Maoksiy-Donnott returned to Halifax,
and tho Manila, the cable steamship
owned by the Western Union, took
its place.
statement that the Astor estate em
braces $125,000,000 of realty, which Is
to pass to William Vincent Astor,
would mean the state would got a
tax from this source alone amounting
to $4,986,950. Upon the basis of tho
published values of tho three estates
inentiomul, the state would receive,
ft. is estlmutod, about 5,000,000.
Callfornlan's Operator Asleep and
Did Not Hear Signals.
Boston, April 25. Not because her
engluus wore shut down, as previous
ly reported, but because her lone
wireless operator, Evans, after 14
hours on duty took a nap, the Ley
land liner Callfornlan, only IS miles
away, did not know of the Titanic
disaster In tlmo to go to the rescue.
She could have been alongside the
Titanic In less than two hours long
before the Titanic sank.
Galllpolis, O., April 25,-ln the big
winds the Great Kanawha river
packet steamer J. I. Dickinson was
blown ashore near Dam ft and wreck
td. No one was Injured.
Sariuiuc Lako, N. Y,. April 25,
Tho now concrete dam of the With-erbee-Sherninn
company at Wither
beo, Esse?: county, went out, flooding
ft largo portion of Wlthwbco village,
completely Inundating Morlnh Cen
ter and doing property damage osn
mated at $100,000. The lives of sev
eral hundred pcoplo wcro stivod by
the prompt action of a telcrlioni) tip-
' orotor In tho I'oit llpiirv ".tuiwnKO,
who notlllcd cifvy subscriber up the
'" t MM:
1 -MSt
1 I !
'Si I I'.'
i .' ft '
Loudon, April 25. Complaining of
the llfosavlng facilities on board the
liner Olympic, sister ship of tho lost
Titanic, 300 stokers struck just lie
lore iho vessel's sailing time, declar
ing the additional lifesavlng equip
ment Inadequate. White Star officials
dope the Olympic will lie able to sail
this forenoon, but latest advices from
Southampton are not reassuring
Fbrt Smith, Ark., April 25. For
more than two hours, In which time
more than 200 shots wore exchanged,
six bank robbers and .about 50 citi
zens fought a battle In the business
district of Midland, a mining town,
30 miles south of Fort Smith Tho
valley that tiiu dani had burst, In
time for them and their friends to
roach safety In tho hills, The dam
which burst licld. back a lake two
miles long and "f an average width
nf half n mile. Wlmt caused tho
break is not known, as the dam was
now and tlicro was but llttlo Hood
pressure on It. The water rushod
down the valley t to WIthorbeo, two
miles away, sweeping away barns
and dwellings.
Galveston, Tex.. April 25. Refu
gees from Mexico continued to tell
tf harrowing expeilcnces with Mexi
ran guerrillas and self-styled Insur
tectors. W. H. M. LIms, an Ameri
ian attorney, and J. Klexeu, an
American railroad engineer, declared
hever In their lives had they con
neivod or the cruelty to the living
tnd the desecration of the dead they
recently 111'' wltnpqRod 'n Mnxlro.
bandits robbed the Bank of Midland
of 11,500, It was stated, and under
Are made good their escape,
Citizens of the town wero awak
rned by heavy explosions. Scores of
men hurried to the down-town dls-
irlct, and as they ran toward the
bunk building they were met by a
volley of shots fired by four robbers
Stationed behind buildings outside
the bank.
Explosion after explosion occurred
In tho bunk, and as the battle waged
eight charges of nitroglycerin were
used In blowing open the safe and
vault. After gathering up all the
currency In sight the robbers set fire
to the papers in the wrecked vault.
The building caught lire and while
the blaze was being extinguished tho
robbers escaped.
Falls Dead In Haymow.
Uollafontnine, O., April 25. Charles
Powell fell dead while feeding his
horses. Ills wlfo found the dead
kody lying face downward In tho
Irish Novelist Dies.
London, April 5. Justin McCarthy,
Iho novelist and historian, Is dead.
Ho was born In Cork, Ireland, In
Columbus, O., April 2&J. Senator
L. n. Andrews of Ironton, who was
convicted of accepting a bribe, will
bo sentenced tomorrow. Jndgo Dil
lon said that the court was ready to
pans sentence whenever Andrews ap
peared. Tito senator's attorneys said
he would bo here tomorrow for sen
tence. When sentence Is passed,
Andrews may ask for a stay of ex
ecution, pending appeal to a higher
court. In such an event It may bo
more than a year before he will be
gin whatever sentence Judge Dillon
may Impose.
Martins Kerry, O., April 25. When
lightning struck tho general Btore of
the Thomas McCabe company at
Maynard, a small mining town 12
miles west of this city, a fire started
fchich, driven by high wind, resulted
fa damage to tho extent of $60,000
before It was extinguished.
Cincinnati, O., April 25. Eleven
men were hurt in a Are and gasoline
expTosion at the Paris Dry Cleaning
company's plant, Covington, Ky. A
twelfth man, George Early, driver of
a city ash wagon, died of Injuries
received when his team, frightened
by (ire wagons, ran away.
Mayor Baker Takes Stump.
Cleveland, O., April 25. Mayor
Baker left for a three-day speaking
tour on behalf of Woodrow Wilson's
presidential candidacy. Baker opens
in Boston and speaks tomorrow and
Saturday In other Massachusetts
CHICAGO Cattle- Receipts, 19,000
head; beeves, J3 C0S 70; Tens
steers. S4 "D&fi 20; western steers,
15 50-7 10: stockers and feeders,
$4 30f. 6"i; cows and heifers, 2 GO
iv 20: calves. $5 007 30 Hogs
Receipt;-., 24, 000 head: light, $7 30fi
7 70; mixed. $7 t0717 CO; heavy,
S7 40(57 SO: rough, 57 40(J7 55; pigs,
$1 75 7 00. Sheep and Lambs
Keceipt.s, 17,00ft head; native sheen,
2r.rf?r. 75; western, $4 25'J7 13;
native lambs, $5 25r?8 00; western,
S3 ."OiiPS 70; yearlings. SH 0077 13.
A heat No. 2 red, $1 131 14i.
Corn No. :', 7S79c. Oats No. 2
wnltc, OSCr-jic.
EAST BUFFALO Cattle- Receipt-..
1 car- export cattle. $7 25S CO;
shipping steers, ?r 25S 00; heifers,
$4 ?0ig7 00; butcher cattle, $0 50 Q
7 75; fat cows, $:5 50C 00; bulls. $4 00
iUCt 23; milker- and springers, $2a 00
(4G5 00; c.ilvcs, S8 00S 75. Hogs
Receipts, 10 cars; heavies, $S loig
5 20: mediums, $; lOiJfS 15; Yorkers,
$S 03.T?S 10; plus, J7 30ifr" GO: roughs,
t (m 15, stags. $5 506 25. Sheep
and Laiuhi- Receipts, 10 cars; year
lings, $ti 75(fii7 00; wethers, $G 25
6 50: ewes, $5 25(ff5 75- mixed sheep,
$5 75ft 00: lambs, $G Q0(fr8 ;!5; wools,
$7 OOfrf'J ,!"..
PITTSBURG Cattle- Receipts,
light; choice cattle, $S 25S 50;
pi-line. $7 7508 15- tidy butchers,
J7 40'T" G"; heifcrsr, S4 0007 25; fat
rows, Si OOQ 25; bulls, $4 00(37 00;
fresh cows, J20 OOQifiO 00; calves,
?6 OOKS 50. Hogs Receipts, 10 cars:
heavy hogs, $S lfi'&'S 20: mediums and
heavy Yorkers. $8 20S 25: light
Workers. $7 50fiS 00; plK. $7 Oufl'
7 2". Sheep and Lambs--Receipts,
light; prime wethers. J3 S06 00;
good mixed, $5 SOu 75: fair mixed,
$3 00 S 40; lanibE. $1 307 75;
spring lambs. $7 OOffill 00.
CINCINNATI Cattle- Receipts.
Mf. head: steer, $1 757 S5: heif
ers, $1 (i0Ef7 50; cows, ?2 25G 25:
calves, j:j 00f8 00. Hogs Receipts,
3,46!i head; packers, J7 6307 90;
common sows, $5 007 00: pigs and
lights, $ 007 30; stags, $4 00if?5 75.
Sheep and Lambs Receipts, 1G2
head: sheep, $2 50!f5 23: lambs. $3 50
7 r-H; .spring lambs, $G 0011 00.
Wheat No 2 red, $1 LSffl 20. Corn
No. 2 mixed S4fl?S5c. Oats No. 2
mixed. SOigiM V..C. Rye No. 2. 96ftj!)Sc.
CLEVELAND Cattle: Receipts.
100 bead- choice fat steeis. $7 00
7 75; full- stevrs, JG OOfffG 75; heifers,
$5 50m 25; fut bulls, $5 50G 50;
fat cows, J5 SOifiG 25: milkers and
springers. $20 OOfftCOOO; calvos, $7 GO
(ft 8 00 Hogs Receipts, 1.300 head;
mediums, ?S 00; Yorkers, $8 00; pigs,
$7 20; roughs, $7 00: stags, $5 75.
Khoep und Lnmhs Receipts. 1,100
head; choice clipped lambs, $7 75
7 90.
TOLEDO - Wheat, $1 15; corn.
St)ic; oats, 60o; cloverseed, $12 50.
In Reference To Dissolving
Harvester Combine
Papers Show Roosevelt
Ordered Action Delayed
And Held Up Indefinitely By
Attorney General
Excuse Was That He Wanted to
Hear Result of Commissioner of
Corporation's Investigation In Case
Before Taking Action Documents
Furnished to Senate Will Be Used
by President Taft as Ammunition
In Opening Gun In Boston Tonight.
Washington, April 25. The senate
has received a number of documents
tending to show that Theodore
Roosevelt, when president, directed
that the suit for the dissolution of
the harvester trust, which was then
in .course of preparation, be held ur.
"Please do not file the suit until I
hear from you," wrote the president
to Charles J. Bonaparte, his attorney
general, after President Roosevelt
had a conversation with George W.
Perkins, one of the directors of the
International Harvester 'company and
a large stockholder in It.
Apparently President Roosevelt
never did hear favorably from his.
attorney general, tor the suit failed
to materialize in the Roosevelt ad
ministration. The excuse given by President
Roosevelt for holding up the pro
posed suit was that Herbert Knor
Smith, his commissioner of corpora
tions, might llnish an investigation
which he was making Into the affairs
of the havvester trust. Apparently
this Investigation never was conclud
ed, for It was only recently five
years Liter that the bureau of cor
porations was gathering material for
Attorney General Wickersham's pro
posed prosecution of the trust.
The Introduction of this documen
tary evidence in the senate marks
the beginning of an aggressive per
sonnl campaign on the part of Presl
dent Taft against his predecessor
Requested by Democrat.
It Is true that the information was
sent to the senate as the result o'
the passage of a resolution intr
duced by a Democrat, Johnson of Al
abamn. but the president's friend'
undoubtedly had knowlodge that such
a resolution was to be Introduced
In less than three hours after thr
passage of the resolution all of th'
documents on Hie In the departmeu
of Justice, Including Roosevelt's con
fidential letters, wore laid before th
senate The publication of these let
tors will be followed tonight by r.
speech by President Taft in Boston ,
which will be a severe arraignment
After Piesident Roosevelt had he' i'
up .the harvester suit at the reque '
of George W. Perkins. Preside
Roosevelt obtained a report fro'
Herbert Knox Smith, commission'
of corporations, in which he reco
mended that Mr. Pel kins' wishes I
complied with. The Smith iettf
was included in the batch forwardc 1
to the senate from the department '
Justice. It was dated Sept. .1, 190
about a month later than the lett
which Piesident Roosevelt sent to
his attorney general.
Canton, O., April 25. -A hundicl
women, armed with clubs. Joined
with mule strikers aud went to tho
rescue of .Mrs. J. Gombonnl when of
fleers arrested her on a charge of
Doing an agitator in the Motropo'ltar.
Prick company's strike. A riot fol
lowed In which the officers ouned
fire upon the crowd. Tho mob re
turned the fire and wounded a Cleve
land private detective. The officers
put Mrs. Gombonnl Into an automo
bile and escaped to the city prison,
I )i

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