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Takes Up Active Fight For Home
State Delegation
Stops At Athens, Nelsonville, Cliillicotlie And Greenfield
On Wny To Cincinnati-Will Put In Full Day Wed
nesday, Ming Fourteen Speeches, And Closing At
Columbus With What Is Tipped Oif To Be Warmest
Talk Since Controversy Started
Columbus, O., May 6. At Athens
loday President Taft opened his cam
paign for the Ohio delegates to the
Republican national convention at
Chicago. Ho also spoke at Nelson
vllle and Cliillicotlie and will make a
Itaort stop at Greenfield on his way
to Cincinnati, where he will spend
the night and tomorrow as the guest
If relatives.
Early Wednesday morning the
president will leavo Cincinnati in a
speaking tour which includes 14
stops between the Queen City and
Columbus. The schedule of this trip
Butavia, C:37 to 0:47; -Monnt-Oreb,
7:11 to 7:21; Sardina, 7:30 to 7:40;
Winchester, 7:53 to 8:03; Peebles,
8:25 to S:3j; Portsmouth, 10:25 to
11:10; Ironton, 11:40 to 12:10; Scl
otoville, 12:47 to 12:50; Oak H1U,
1:40 to 1:50; Jackson, 2:15 to 2:40;
Wellston, 3:20 to 4; Logan, 5 to
6:30; Lancaster, 6 to 6:30; arrive
In Columbus, 7:30.
Immediately upon his arrival In
Columbus, President Taft will be
driven to Memorial hall, where he
will deliver what is tipped off to he
the hottest speech of his campaign
against Colonel Roosevelt.
From this city the president will
go back to Washington, but will re
turn to Ohio during the week of May
13 to 20, at which time he is expect
ed to renew his attack on Colonel
Roosevelt, who is also booked to
make a few remarks In Ohio during
the closing days of the primary cam
All Candidates Say They Have Mary
land Delegates Cinched.
Baltimore, May 6. Today's pri
mary election iu Maryland will de
cide the votes of the 16 delegates
this state will send to the na
natlonnl conventions. The Importance
of the election is increased by the
fact that tho law permits no divided
delegation. A victory In Maryland
will mean 1C delegates all In a block,
bound to support the candidate for
whom they are instructed until they)
conscientiously believe he no longer
has a chance of winning the nomina
tion. While this feature of the instruc
tions has been variously interpreted,
it Is without dispute conceded to hold
tho delegates at least for the flrst
ballot at the national conventions.
The names of Theodore Roosevelt
and President Taft appear on the
Republican ballot, while the Demo
crats have tho privilege of voting for
Speaker Champ Clark, Governor Jud
son Harmon or Governor Woodrow
President Taft's supporters expect
to carry all tho southern and eastern
counties and at least part of Balti
more. The Roosevelt leaders say
they are sure of the western part of
Washington, May 6. The senate
committee which Is investigating the
Titanic disaster has concluded its
hearing, and met this morning to con
sider tho formulation of Its report.
Senator Smith, the chairman, de
clared that tho committee's report
the state and confident of winning all
the 28 delegates from Baltimore city.
Speaker Clark is backed here by
the regular Democratic city organiza
tion and his supporters count on all
tho city delegates and enough from
outside to control the convention. A
statement by the Wilson committee
counts on 7S delegates, or 13 more
than the required majority. It is con
ceded that the New Jersey gover
nor's strength lies mainly In the
country districts. Goernor Harmon's
candidacy has been backed by the
anti-organization Democrats, who
claim for him a Jarge plurality In the
counties and have been making a
good fight in Baltimore.
Harmon Runs Second In Texas Pre
cinct Conventions.
Dallas, Tex., May 6. Returns from
the Democratic precinct conventions
indicate tho selection of instructed
delegates to the state convention to
ae held May 28, as follows:
Woodiow Wilson, 309; Judson Har
mon, 86; Champ Clark, 2G. Necessary
to contiul state convention, 312.
Latest returns gle Taft 3S and
Roosevelt 37, with only a few points
heard from.
Bryan Also In Ohio.
Columbus, O., May G. Colonel Wil
liam J. Bryan will arrive here this
evening nnd will at once proceed to
Chilllcothe, wheie he will renew his
attack on Governor Harmon. The
colonel tomorrow will zigzag across
the state nearly to Cincinnati and
thence will cut across the western
section to Toledo. The third and
last day's campaign will be begun at
Norwalk and from there west across
the state to Van Wert, which Is to be
the last talk in Ohio befoio the May
Columbus, O., May 6. Convict la
bor iu road making is to be given a
trial In Ohio, according to arrange
ments which have been made be
tween State Highway Commissioner
James R. Marker and the dtute board
sf administration. The experiment
will be made in Carroll county, where
the contractor for a road to be con
structed with state aid is willing to
accept the provision that the manual
labor be furnished by the staet. Prom
GO to 100 men will be taken from the
penitentiary to Carroll county as soon
as the contractor la' ready for them.
will be a comprehensive resume of
the facts relating to this marine dls
jytTJF r.nd will also attempt to fix re
tponslbllity. Sweeplug recommenda
tions for legislation for the preserva
tion of life at sea will probably bo
friKKJWf nrovi
Harrlman, N. Y., May 6 A tablet to
Charles Mlnot, who first used the elec
tric telegraph to dispatch a railroad
train, has been erected here on the
very spot from which the message was
sent. Mlnot was the general superin
tendent of the Erie railroad in 1851
when the message was sent. The
33n zHHHHHIB9k99HI
Columbus, O., May 6. John Smith,
alias Jan AVanicki, penitentiary pris
oner who escaped from a Big Four
faln Thursday night while his
tunrd, Robert McDonald, slept, was
captured by Marshal Davison and
Deputy Yost of Wellington, on the S.
K. Warner farm.
Smith was brought to the penlten-
Arcadia, O., May G. Letting him
self down head first Into a barrel of
rainwater, the Rev. Charles Martz
tommitted suicide. He was 60 years
Did and had been a minister of the
Christian church 30 years. Lately he
had shown signs of insanity.
Norwich, N. Y., May G. Frank T.
Arnold, the defaulting cashier of the
First National bank of New Berlin,
was arrested by United States Mar
lhal lilauk nnd Immediately arraign
d before Commissioner James S.
Fiannagnn. An angry crowd of about
500 citizens gathered nround tho
house and threats of violence were
freely made, but Arnold was spirited
away In uu automobile nnd brought
to tho county jailntNorvIeh.
Recluse Found Dead.
ZanesIlio. O., May 0. James Dlx
in, a recluse living near New Con
cord, was found dead in his hovel.
He had been dead since Wednesday,
Hid the coroner Is inestlgntl:ig.
monument is a bowlder taken from the
Harrlman estate and for which Mrs.
E. H. Harrlman paid all expenses in
putting on the siteThe- tablet Is three
feet wide, six feet long and of bronze.
It tells what is commemorated and
shows a vignette of the man in whose
honor it was unveiled.
ilary today and denied the story that
he had taken keys from his guard's
pocket while ho slept and unlocked
his chains, told by Guard McDonald.
He said that McDonald was too
drunk to know what he was doing;
that he (Smith) walked leisurely out
of the train when It reached Now
Columbus, O., May G. Senator
Isaac E, Huffman of Oxford, charged
With accepting a $200 bribe, today
faced n Jury for the second time, his
first trial having resulted in a dls
Igreeraent. Chicago, May G. Morning news
papers, which have heeu printed In
condensed form for three duys fol
lowing a strike of union piessmen,
wagon drivers and storeotypers, went
to id pages this morning. The places
ofs practically every striker in the
pres and stereotyping rooms hav
been,' filled.
Fjrmer Political Leader Burled.
Marlon, O., May 6. The body or
Frank J. Kelleher, 39, former Demo
cratic leader of Marlon county, was
broJght here for burial. Kelleher
wnej killed at Altoona, Pa., by a fall
from a cliff, where he was Inspecting
Judge Archbold Charged With
Dickering In a Coal Deal.
Against Judge.
Washington, May 6. The house
committee on Judiciary, which has
been authorized to determine whether
the charges against Judge Robert W.
Archbold of the United States com
merce court warrant Impeachment
proceedings, indicated its intention
of undertaking the inquiry without
delay. In fact subpenas already have
been Issued for all the witnesses who
may be able to throw light upon the
reported sale by the Erie railroad to
Edward J. Williams of Scranton. Pa.,
and Judge Archbold of culm banks in
Williams has been quoted as say
ing that he had been unable to pur
chase the Erie railroad interest in
these culm banks until after he had
taken Judge Archbold In as an equal
partner and Judge Archbold had had
a talk with Vice President Brownell.
According to Williams the Erie then
agreed to sell its share in the culm
banks for $3,300. Other interests in
the culm banks were purchased by
Williams, who Is quoted as saying
that h6 and Judge Archbold were to
have made a profit of about $30,000
from the sale of the entire culm
banks to the Lackawanna & Wyo
ming Valley Railroad company.
The report which Attorney General
Wickcrsham had made in the case at
the request of President Taft does
not, it is understood, contain any
conclusions. If the full committee de
cides that the evidence warrants im
peachment proceedings. Chairman
Clayton of the house judiciary com
mittee will be instructed to arise on
his honor as a member of the house
and declaro that charges have been
preferred which warrant action by
the house.
The charges against Judge Archbold
would then be embodied In a resolu
tion of the highest privilege, which
would have to be passed by a two
thirds vote of the house. If the res
olution wore passed seven managers
would bo appointed by the house to
prosecute the case before the United
States senate, which sits as a court.
Judge Archbold would be entitled to
be represented by counsel before the
senate. The practice In impeachment
proceedings hns been to have the
trial by the senate with the least pos
sible delay.
Orange, X- J., May G. Thomas A.
Edison expects to spend $3,000,-
000 and eight years of work per-
fecttug a reportoryof educational
films that will meet the require-
meats he has set to make the
moving picture useful In the
Denounce Child Labor.
Minneapolis. Minn., May G. Em
ployment of children under 1G years
of age In tho factories and textile
mills of the United States was de
nounced In a resolution adopted by
tho general conference of the Metho
dist Episcopal church.
Chilean Cabinet Resigns.
Washington, May 6. The state de
partment was notified by dispatches
from Valparaiso that the Chilean cab
inet had resigned.
, I Trewfc ur-mw . "
UffiL rnll'IONS
Republic Of Mexico Now Has New
Provisional President
Soldiers Fighting Under Leadership Of General Orozco
Force Madero's Army Back To Torreon And News
Of Bio Bailie Is Momentarily Expected One Of
Uncle Sam's Troopers Nipped By Mexican Bullet
While Patrolling Rio Grande
El Paso, Tex., May 6. Xo further
cabinet appointments were an
nounced by Vasquez Gomez, picked
by General Orozco as provisional
president of, Mexico, who spent the
second day of his administration in
conference with his advisers. Moreno
Canton, who has been named minis
ter of foreign affairs in the pro
visional cabinet, and Francisco Pra
dlllo, who carried the letter to Vas
quez Gomez from Orozco calling upon
Vasquez Gomez to come and take the
provisional presidency, gave out
statements declaring that all factions
of rebels are united by this last
-movement, ,-ln the fight, against Ma
de ro.
Rebel Army Advances.
The news from the front was that
the rebel army continued its advance
southward and were repairing the
railroad to enable supplies to follow,
and that they should reach the vicin
ity of Torreon in the next few hours
if the federals continue to fall back.
If the federals make a stand outside
Torreon a battle is imminent any
Jesus Morales, acting as consul for
the liberals in El Paso, was arrested
by United States officials, charged
with violating the neutrality laws.
He was released on bond.
John B. Baker, Company C, Eigh
teenth Infantry, U. S. A., while on
patrol duty on the Rio Grande was
shot twice, in the leg and arm. by
bullets fired from Mexico. Colonel
Stoever, commanding the United
States troops, reported the matter of
ficially to Washington.
Seven Hundred Rebels Killed.
Eafe j Pass. Tex., May 6. Seven
hundred rebels under Generals Sala-
zar and Alanlz were killed in battle
at Cuatro Cienejas. TO miles south-
Halifax. X. S.. May 6. The search
for Titanic bodies is to be continued
and the government steamship Mont
tnaguy will sail today, relieving the
Minia. which will arrive with less
Mian 20 bodies today. The White
Star officials tried hard to get an
other sieumshlp. but failed. The two
cable shins are required for their reg
Marietta, O.. May 6. A. D. Alder
man, postmaster, suspended Friday
pending a report of special examiners !
into the affairs of the postotllce, was j
removed upon orders of Chief Inspec
tor Birdseyo of Cincinnati. G. J.'
Lund, agent for the American Surety I
company of Xew York, who furnished j
tne sia.uuu uonu ror .Mr. Aiuerman. ts
in charge of the office now and will
probably remain there until a succes
sor to Mr. Alderman Is named by
President Taft.
I llll
west of Monclovia, "Coahuila, accord
ing to advices received by army offi
cers on duty here. The rebels ran
Into a trap set by General Jesus Car
ranza. commander of the 3,009 fed
eral troops in the state of Coahuila.
Mexicans Rob Americans.
Mexico City, May 6. Dr. J. W. C
Lore, a rich American from Guana
juato, where he has .extensive mining;
and ranch property, and who came
here for protection from bandits, -ras
set upon by well-dressed Mexicans,
beaten and robbed of $10,000 gold, or
$20,000 Mexican.
Zanesville, O- May 5. "Laughing
tco heartily caused the death or
Charles E. Morrison. 59. at Sonora.
hemorrhages of the brain being fatal
Train Takes Ditch While Speeding
Near Sorinqfield. III.
Springfield. 111. My 6. Chicago &
Alton passenger train Xo. IS. running
between Kansas City and Chicago,
plunged into the ditch eight miles
louthwest of Springfield while run
ning about 60 miles on hour. Only
one person, an unidentified youth
who was stealing a ride on the blind
baggage, was killed. Many were in
jured, none fatally
ular work, the French cable requiring
the Mackay-Benneit and the Minia Is
also needed elsewhere. Efforts were
made to obtain the steamship Seal.
Which has wireless equipment, but
these proved futile. As a last re
source an application was made tc
the Dominion government for the.
Columbus, O., May 6. Mothers
day, 1912, is to be a great gala day
for women's suffrage. It Is sola? to
be for the ballots-for-women cau In
Ohio what May day is for the cause
of labor la Europe. May IS has been
tifficlally proclaimed Mothers day tu
this state by Governor Harmon. Tho
suffrage leaders have planned mass
meetings to promote their propagan
da for "mothers rights In every
city, village and hamlet of the commonwealth.

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