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ir1-,, :mi.tCMiM1lWIifc.
"t"l'f'"'" T'""W C ") Aff . . .
TUESDAY, MAY 14, 1912
IV .
iSffls '
Bttt a Symptom, a Danger Sig
nal Which Every Woman
Should Heed.
"Ijacknchc is a symptom of organic
"Vreakncss or derangement. If you have
'.backache don't neglect It To get per
"toiancnt relief you must reach the root
'f the trouble. Read about Mrs. Wood
U'a experience.
' -Norton's Gap, Kentucky. "I suffered
Mtto years with female disorders, my
health was very unu
and I hnu a continual
backache which was
simply awful. I could
not stund on my feet
long enough to cook
a meal's victuals
without my back
nearly killing mc,
and I would have
such dragging sensa
tions I could hardly
bear it. I had sore-
"ness in each side, could not stand tight
clothing, and was irregular. I was com
pletely run down. On advice I took
Xydia E. Pinkhnm's Vegetable Com
"pound and am enjoying good health. It
Is now more than two years and I have
ot had an achu or pain since. I do all
my own work, washing and everything,
and never have backache ony more. I
think your medicine is grand and I praise
it to all my neighbors. If you think my
testimony will help others you may pub
lish it." Mrs. Ollib Woodall, Mor
"ton's Gap, Kentucky.
If you Imvo flic Hllglitcst doubt
that Lyiliu K. IMiikliiiin's Vugctu
"bl Compound will help you, wrilo
(confidential) Lynn, Miiks., for nI
"vlco. Yiur letter will he opened,
read and answered by a woman,
and held in .strict confidence.
Knox Common Plcus.
11 MiiJoih
Samuel II IM.ick timl H.nllc i; niiick
liy virtue of mi onlor of wiln Ixhih-iI out
"of tho Court of Common J'Icuh of Knox
County, Ohio, mid to mo illrpclnl, I will
offT for Halo ut tin door of the Court
House, In Mount Vcuion, Knox coiirily. on
Saturday, the 8th day of
June, 1912,
liMeen the. Iioiiim of 1 p in mill .1 p in,
of nalil ilny, Hie follnu'liu; ilfuci lln-tl Intulri
mid tcnriiii'iilM, In-ull.
Hllunte In I nliiii liiunxhln, county of
Knox mid Hlule of Ohio, ami belni; uhout
3- of un in n- of laiiil mid Kltiiiid'il on tho
IiortlnMiHt rnini'r of llm mil tlieiiHt iUinler
of motion 21, tnunHhlii i'IkmI, iiiiiKit hi mid
bounded iih fullouH, towll.
On the not Hi liy tin- .lefTerHiin IowiikIiIii
line, on I lie eimt liy tin1 llolmi'H eoiinly
line, on I In- Hoiith liy tint public IiIkIiuiis
and on tin west hy IiiiiiIh of ll' helm of
Jlenry lllnrk, ilrroiiwil, mid helm; within
tlin corpora Ion of t Ij- viIIiiki of fSiniii,
Knox (ounty, Ohio Alxn Hi" ilwclllm;
house of Hiiimiel If lllnclc mid Hmllo II
lllnrk, Hllimlc on laud owui'd liv V A
liurni'H uiljiireiit tu tho iiliow ilepcilliiil
rfal tiit
ApprnlHcd nt SUA no
Tiwiiin of milo- CiiKh.
1" .1 lAHKi:it.
Klicilrf Knox Couiily Ohio
1, C Htlllwell, utloiiii' foi pliilnlirr
Meetings for the examination of
teacliors will bo hqld at tho
Mt. Vernon, Ohio.
Thu first Satin day of every montb
Pupils' Examination
Tho third Saturday of April and tho
third Saturday In May. lOxamlimlloi
will commence at 8:00 o'clock n. m
AddrosH all communications to the
Clerk of Hoard of ICxntnlnerti.
Organization 0f imaul:
C. M. liAIlDHR, Pro Went,
Mt. Voinon, O.
JOHN S. ALAN, V. President,
Mt. Vornoi, O.
A h. MUIlltY, Clerk,
Take Notice
That I, S, Ihaililock's stallions
will rouiuln at home on Muiih
field Ave durliiK (lie until o sea
hod, Heineinlior that ho owns
tho lilKKust draft Htalllou thut
was over kept in tho county. Ho
now uoIkIih 2,:i00 and will devel
op to tl.r.OO or 2,000. Ills uiiiiiu Ik
Carlos De Wodecq
Register Number It 5108
Marquis De Mon-
Register Number is 4931
Weight 1,800. Ho has sot moio
quality and action than any
body's horse
Coino mid see for yourself,
TERMS Only $ir to Insure
Duo caro to mold any accidents.
I)ut ull accidents will be at tho
owner's risk.
Williams Repudiates Firs!
Testimony Against Arclibald
Denies Reducing To Writing
Statement To Boland
That Case Beforepclibald
Might Have Been Different
Man Who Refused to Discount Note
For $500 Signed by Federal Jurist
Will Take Stand and Tell What He
Knows About Alleged Deals With
Erie Railroad For Purchase of
Culm Coal Banks to Be Sold at
Big Profit.
WashlnRton, May 11. It Is predict
ed tint tho crisis In the case of Judge
Robert W. Arclibald of the commoico
court, against whom charges of Im
proper conduct have been made, will
bo reached in tho house Judiciary
commltteo Investigation by Monday,
when V. P. llolund of Scranton,
a coal broker, will be called to tell
what he knows nliout the charges
against Judge- Arclibald. According
to the friends of Judge Arclibald, Ho
land Is responsible for all the trouble
that has been brought to tho door of
the jurist. Roland Is tho man who
refused to discount what Is known
as "the Arclibald note," a bit of com
mercial paper that may or may not
jilay an Important part In tho pro
:ecdlngs instituted by the house Ju
llclary committee.
Kdward J. Williams, a coal broker
of Scranton, resumed his testimony
before the committee. Williams was
Intel ested with .Judgo Arclibald In
scruilng from tho Kile ralhoad an
option on the Katydid culm pile.
This Is the tiausartlon on which the
picsent chin ges against Judge Arch
bald are based.
Denies Former Statements.
The testimony "f Williams was
mtirKeil by a number of contradic
tions of statements heietoforo made
by him. Mr. Williams denied ho had
ever tediiccd to writing a statement
he had made tu ally to W. P. Roland
that if Rnliind had discounted the
Arthhald note for $n(iu a case In
which Roland was Interested then
pending In court before Judge Audi
bald "might have gone dlffeicnt."
Williams acknowledged the signature
that appeal I'd on the paper as IiIh
own, but denied that the language
was his and Insisted that the paper
must have been "ilnrfoieil." Ho like
wise denied the authenticity of an
other i xhlblt, a contract In which he
was repiesented as having assigned
his Interest In tho Katydid culm pile
to Judge Aichlmld, descilbed In the
contuu't as the "silent party," and
another man, Williams' denials hint
nt roiiipirucy, and this, It Is under
stood, will be rharged by A. 8, Wor
tblngton, counsel for Judge Arclibald,
For this reason It Is lopnrted that tho
testimony of Roland on Monday will
be highly Intel I'stltii,'.
i I $ ! ! ! ! I f ! I I I !
l ji j j ! j j j j Ai 2
M. P. Society
The W. R Missionary society of
the M, P4 chinch mot Friday after
noon with Mis. A. R. Jones, North
(lay street.
Scripture lesson llohrowii Hid chapter--
Mis. hiirahcc.
Lord's I'rnyer Ry Society,
Singing by society, "As A Volun
teer." Organ solo Mrs. Mnrdls,
Vocal duut Miss Cochiau nnd Mia.
Solo- Mrs. McCoy.
Reading, 'Tho Fashion Trend"
Mrs, Webb.
Organ solo Mrs. Ruchaniui.
Solo -MIbh Webb,
Refieshuients wero served by tho
hostess, Mrs,, A. R, Jones, Mrs. Jack
son, Mrs. Riichauan, Mrs. Iteedur,
.J. .J.
? T T T T T t &i
A son was born Friday afternoon
to Mr and Mrs. Walter O'llilcn of
Chester street.
Mr. A. II. Dan ah returned this
afternoon f i out n business trip to
1'hllmlctphla, Pa.
Plant. Osborn can 1111 your olden
for vegetablo plants at groeiilioiiBe,
i2 West High street.
Mr. nnd Mm. Noll Kuodo of Wast
Vino street aro spending thu duy In
Mr. U. R. Corbett of Pittsburgh Is
.pending a few daya with Mr. C.
Vruicmcu Horn of Uladonaburg.
HHcrroe copyRtaMT&yAMCRicM
rttca HSgQCIftTIOrt
Harrlsburg, Pa., May 10 Congress
man A. Mitchell Palmer of Strouds
burg Is slated to succeed Colonel
James M. Guffey of Pittsburgh as
Democratic national committeeman
from Pennsylvania as a result of the
otherthrow of the "old guard" by the
reorganization faction at the state
convention here. Congressman Pal
mer was aided In the fight against the
Guffey following by Ex-Mayor George
W. Guthrie of Pittsburgh and Ex.
Commencement Occurs Fri
day Evening
Jelloway, 0 May 11 The ninth
annual commencement of the Jello
way High school occurred here last
evening. Tho quartet music was very
line The quartet was composed of
Misses Coieta and Irene Cochran.
ICtliel Vincent and Ruby Huntsbergcr
ol JU. Vei lion, Jllss Jlnilo Collins
presided at thu piano,
The following was the piogram for
the coiiiiiieuceme'ul.
iMuhIc Quintette.
IiMocatloti -Rev. K. It. Coelirun.
-Music Qiiu.-'ette.
Oration "I'Vmioiih Women of
America" I lalllo Hello Watson
Music Quartette
Oiutlon, "Our Debt To Unfortunate
lnn- Knld Chloo Helnrlch.
Ora'loii, "The rwentlelli Century
llepiilillc" HuiHchei Cleo Rleheit
Music- (Juartetto.
Oration, "Tho Roatttlci of Natuie"
-Ulliel Miulo Rlukclv.
Music Quartette.
Class Piopheey Rosetta Floe
Music Quai telle.
Class Address Rev. II S Shook.
I'l escalation of Diplomas.
Music Quartette
Reneillctlon Rev. K, It. Coelirun.
people are sick people. They
lack vitality and resistive power.
Scott's Emulsion
brings new life to such people
it gives vigor and vitality to
mind and body. All Drugghtt.
Scull , liowiic llloomndil, N. J I .'-9
W Rat
1 JLMhjA
zr itmirintrrittfiriilvmirnreinHesof RiitSDriiiniievrefunded. Zi' t
J ,-.-.,--
Ue on any kind uf bait.
"r ---- o --"--
mu nv I'uiaiit ipivuui iiwin
I w J k
I llJII- TStv Ktip a iubt alwajt IVS
mm AS on hand h
li.'i.npiinp., i ii i in i. r.uimi hi ,rtaP5iT:...'.fr
ffmKM y
1itJBJ5B5a(rSM'j. wJMIHtMe.
Mayor Vance C. McCormlck of Har
rlsburg. Mr. Guthrie will become
chairman of the state committee,
John M. Woolison
Jqliu Jl Woolison of this city, who
Is ,i candid. ito for Democratic nomin
ation for Sheriff on May L'lst, was
bom and le.ired on u liiriu In .Monroe
township, two miles north of (tumbler
In Knov county, Ohio, and is Hit years
of age. At the ago of Ul Mr. Wooli
son came to Mt. Vernon and worked
eight curs at the C, & (1. Cooper and
C, A. & C Railway Co.'s .shops. Tho
last lour yeais ho has been deputy
under Sheriff Parker, which position
he Iiiih filled to the entlru satlstaetou
ol both Slieillt Parker and the public,
and with ci edit tu himself, John lies
always been at his post of duty, ever
ready at all times, to do his duty and
servo tho people.
Mr, Woollson'H expel ieueo as dep
uty, his ability and personal qualifi
cations miiku 111 in a most worthy can
didate lor your consideration as jour
nominee for sheriff Adv.
The damacc done by rats and mice on
your premises in a year will amount to more
than your taxes. They carry cholera and
distemper nmouu; stock, undermine the
;- foundations of barns and cribs and do untold
in the house.
Bis-Kit Paste
new Poison in tho Tube
- ...,.-. e-i,- 5.5
No Mixing rtBi " "ft'
--Hy'ttdiw: rf.ft'
i Y
- i ya Z01 Atwn it
c 1 i-""-u r .jk r.'"i .11 r.-?.-
$gfj 25c and $1.00 1
rC ""i"-- " At all drags"!' or d'mel (torn I
" "- . Tin HatIIiscuitCoui'ant I
Ji SpiinnfielJ, OUol
in 1 11 iniT'H'' ' wrT"ni "" ' ' . ihiiwwpwbJB
Uc Li
Carey Karnost Purdy was born and
raised in Harrison township where
he resided on a la.rm until the death
uf his patents. He then moved his
family to Alt. Vorno'n where he fol
lowed his M-ado as carpenter, until
he was put in chaigo of the court
house as Janitor, which position he
has ery satisfactorily tilled, taking
care of the entlru building practical
ly himself. He has made a saving
of over $400 a year, besides a great
saving in tho way ol repairs to the
furniture, door locks, steel cases, etc.,
which should be gieatly appreciated
by the tax payers of the county. In
1911 Mr. Purdy was his party's choice
as candidate for city treasurer of Jit.
Vernon. Although his election was
almost hopeless In such a Republican
stronghold, the icturns of the election
show that he Is a hustling Democrat,
the kind our county ticket should
be tilled with.
He Is a young man oi good moral
character anJ ability, seeking to bet
ter his position In life. As he belongs
to the working class of men, and as
his past record has proven that he Is
lnterdted In decreasing the county's
expense, the Democratic electors of
Knox county should show their appre
ciation townid a man of this kind by
choosing him for their nominee for
Recorder at the primaries on .May 21.
IF you
a "Hb l-k - i-.mr
; ucuci
Copyright JUrt 5chfTacr A: Marx
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killllllllS iiitfr HBBHsiBlllllllllllllVilllH
SilllllllS " SHIllSISilllllllllllllllllH
'"SjLltTiiliiflf .1 -
jr-s!Ssl f KB Jiii-y.iMf
S-7A IV Rl
W U M I Wtt-U
rsSr V I 1"
r i
, I 1 tfdHflft
111 iSBiiiiVUi
.The Big Store on
9 Corner Main and Vine Sts.
Opening evenings until 7:30; Saturdays
Alessrs. B. O. Arnold nnd P, S.
Koleer wero Columbus visitors this
.Mr. II. D. Connrd Is making a sev
eral days visit with his brother, Dr.
C. K. Connrd nnd family of this city.
Jlr. and Airs. Banner JI, Allen went
to Hellcfontnlne this nfternoon to vis
it over Sunday with relatives.
jWwly, JA'''0W'WMWwWMWwrftAMwWlVffi
jo & 5teHjl
We Will Give You A Razor
To advertise the
Durham Duplex
$5.00 Razor
we, will give you a razor for only the distributing
expense 35c
115 So. Main St- Sign of the Owl Clock
Mt. Vernon, Ohio
think you can do
lvr Kirrikv vrv A
uy uaviug yuui .
made to
than we'll do
in clothes
lb vou've crot a rJianr.fi tn thinlc acrain.
Hart Schaffner $ nam
use better fabrics than you find in 5J
most clothes; put better linings,
trimmings, tailoring into them
than you get in most clothes.
It's a waste of time to wait for
your clothes to be made when you
can step in and get the best that's
going in a half -hour, or less.
Clothing House
the Corner I. ROSENTHALL, Frop. x
Notice Is hereby given that th
undersigned has bcon appointed and
qualified Executor of tho estate ol
lato of ICnox County, Ohio, deceased,
by tho Probate Court of said county.
Jlny 4, 1912.
Alt Vernon, Ohio.
Children's Black Sateen Bloomers
OL' heavy quality neatl3r made; fin
ished -with six buttonholes'; sizes 2 to
32 years; value 75c; JQ
sale price T" 7C
mi i mi I iVjl ii I I II I "
'-" - Mrm'-s
for you here J
Mt. Vernon, 0. $,
'til 11 p.m. $
...- k-rx

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