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fee Democratic
MT. VIRKON, 0., FEIDAY, OCTOBER 4, 1912-Ko. 235
Treasurer Sheldon Gives Names
Of The Fat Contributors
National Committee Treasurer Of I90S Testifies Be Had
Seen .The Amounts On A List Shown Dim By
Cornelias. Bliss, Senlor-Also Declares 73 Per
Cent 01 Roosevelt Fund Was Made By
Washington, Oct 3. George R.
Bhelton, treasurer flf the Republican
national committee In 1808, testified
before the Clapp Investigating com
mittee that In 1904, when Theodore
Roosevelt ran for president, the
Standard Oil company under John D.
Archbold's name contributed $100,
00;; J. P. Morgan ft Company, $ 100,
OOQ; II. C. Krlck, f 100,000, and George
J. Gould, $100,000.
Sheldon said he had seen tho
amounts on a list shown him by Cor
nelius Bliss, Sr., before the tatter's
death. This list Is supposed to have
been anions those destroyed by Bliss
during his lost Illness.
Mr. Sheldon expressed, bis belief
that the corporations' contributed
73 per cent of the Roosevelt cam
paign fund In 1904.
One million eight hundred thou
sand dollars was the approximate
amount mentioned by' Sheldon aB the
total of the 1904 contributions. '
This Is the first corroborative evi
dence that has been obtained by the
senate committee in support of the
Penrose chnrges since John D. 'Arch
bold testified.
Mr. Sheldon added another interest
ing item when, bo testified that Mr.
- Bliss statement of the 1904 campaign
receipts and expenditures, which was
audited by Mr. Sheldon, did not Indi
cate in any way that the $100,000 of
Standard Oil money ever was re
turned. Senator Dixon on Stand.
Joseph M. Dixon, Mr. Roosevelt's
campaign manager, was another wit
ness examined by the committee. Ho
proved to be the most obstreperous,
snd the committee spent several
tours '.vrangllug with him in a most
undignified manner.
Only two facts of large importance
were brought out in the course of
Dixon's testimony. One was that he
personally had raised $95,000 in the
Roosevelt pre-conventlon campaign.
This was In addition to the $141,000
collected by the Roosevelt campaign
committee treasurer, the $52,000
raised in New York county and 'the
$130,000 expended by William Fllnn
in Pennsylvania. Mr. Dixon said
that George W. Perkins, Frank A.
Munaey and Dan R. Hanna each con
tributed $25,000 to his fund of
Dixon's Allegations.
Dixon also declared that he had
been reliably Informed that Thomas
y. Ryan and A. H. Plant, auditor of
the Southern railway, had contrib
uted heavily to Oscar W. Under
wood's campaign; that Joseph X. Da
vis spent $38,000 in Governor Wil
son's pre-conventlon campaign; that
Charles P. Taft had spent $100,000
for his brother, the president, and
' that "leading financiers of New York
had spent large sums for Governor
When asked for the source of his
Washington, Oct 3. Nlcaraguan
rebels were defeated in an attack on
government forces at LaPas,. accord
ing to state department advice. Ren
tals from Leon, under Julian Irlas, the
exile, who came from Costa Rica to
Iota the revolution, were repulsed by
information regarding Uie large sums
alleged to have been spent for Presi
dent Taft, Dixon made evasive re
plies. Ho finally stated that adver
tising men told him of big billboard
contracts made by the Taft people,
tnd that Walter Brown had told hltn
nearly $100,000' had been spent In
Ohio for advertising.
Cheyenne. Wyo., Oct. .'I. Frank
Wlgfall. a negro, who attacked Mrs.
Julia Illggins, 71 at Rawlins Monday
sight, was lynched by convicts In the
Mute penitentiary, where he had been
transferred for safe keeping. The
penitentiary lynching followed the
failure of a mob to get possession of
Columbus, O., Oct. 3. Quick work
will be necesBury on the part of the
Democratic congressional committee
of the Thirteenth district to select a
successor to Congressman Carl C. An
Jcrson of Fostorla, candidate for re
election, who waB killed In an automo
bile accident near that city. But a
few days remain In which to fill the
vacancy. It Is said that John It. Worst
of Sandusky county, who has beon In
training to succeed Anderson for
some time, will probably be selected
for the vacancy,
Boston, Oct. 3. Governor Thomas
R. Marshall of Indiana, the Demo
cratic candidate for vice president,
shook hands with President Toft
just before the banquet of the su
preme council, Scottish Rite Masons,
It which both were guests. President
Taft Joked with Governor Murshal!
for n few, moments on the wear and
' tear of campaigning and then both
porjr,(! lrtfl the hnnnnet bull,
the government forces under Gonorul
Vlquer, though the latter had only
100 men against tho 2,000 soldiers
in the rebel forcey. It is stated (lutt
the rebels lost heavily in the engage
ment. They are now being pursued
by cavalry of the government forces.
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Lawrence, Mass., Oct. 3 After a
day of rioting, which resulted in the
arrest of twenty-six strikers, the oper
atives In the cotton mlllc returned to
work, and all is quiet for the pres
ent. More trouble Is expected to
break out at any time, however. One
man will probably die as the result of
Columbus, O., Oct. 3 Progressives
today will bring an action in man
damus in the supreme court in an ef
fort to have tho decision given Tues
day by Secretary of State Graves
overruled. The decision forbade the
printing on the ballot twice of the
names of county, legislative and con
gressional candidates of the Republi-
FARMER IS OIII : $4,111111
Canton. O., Oct. 3. The filing of
a deed to a farm owned by Uriah C.
Ward, a prosperous fanner near
here, has resulted in the declaration
from Ward that the deed is a for
gery, (t has also been brought to
light that James Heldman of New
Cumberland, O., .had accepted a
bogus mortgage on the farm for
According to Ward, a man who
Deniilfon, O., Oct. 3. In ordor to
avoid running over a dog ntiloep In
the road, Kdwiml nittmilxmso etcwd
lis nutomotillo Into it ditch between
fienrs lo and UhrlcltHVlllt. Tim our
turned turtle, pinning ItH occupant
iiidemeatu. Mltl) ICthel Finney, -'f.
tutfered broken arriiH and internal In
juries. Ulttenhouse was injured
about his legs and spine arid his wife
was bruised.
FfTNrflBsiKBi '": iFs Dl A uTbWfftSfT
the beating he received from the po
lice, and scores. of men with damaged
heads are- Inttihfng rather thaw-face
court action. Mayor Scanlon Indorses
-the work of the police and declares
they did only their duty and used
their clubs only half enough. Carlo
Treses, a Pittsburgh editor, Is here
as the new organizer for the I. W. W.
can and Democratic parties who have
been (indorsed by the Progressives.
Both Republican and Democratic
state headquarters expect Secretary
Graves' ruling whl be upheld by the
supremo court, composed of three
Republican and three Democratic
gave the name of Joseph W. Bishop
negotiated with him tofuy his farm
fcr $13,000, but no trade was made.
Meantime, a deedfor the farm In the
Dame of Bishop was left with the
Btark county recorder; A mortgage
for $4,000 In favor Heldman was
filed. Heldman says he lent money
to Bishop. Bishop has not been seen
by Heldman since last Thursday.
Canal Dover, 0.,Oct. 3. Two girls
and two men wore hurt in n collision
between a Canal Dover-Uhrlchsvlllo
Sitcrilrban car and a work car, near
'Joiilu'n. A fog caused the accident.
!he injured: Frank Hicks, motorman
jf Interurban air, leg crushed; Vora
Dionm, 16, of Ilarnhlll, hips broken;
Ant a Tborans, 26, of Barnhlll, leg
rruhhed: Orin Vorhees, conductor of
work car, fsce cut, arm sprained.
In a statement he made concerning
the trial of J. J. Ettor and Arturo
Oiovanlttl at Salem on a -chats for
murder Tresca said, "If Ettor and
Glovannitta are found guilty or either
of them is found guilty the Industrial
Workers of the World will march to
8alem, storm the jail and rescue the
prisoners, if possible.
Salem, Mutts,. Oct. 3. The Ettor
trial has been halted until Oct. 14
ind tho sheriff has been ordered to
summon 350 new talesmen. Tho first
tenlre was exhausted except five
en when the court adjourned, and
but two Jurors were selected, making
a total of four. The court will hear
arguments Monday on a motion to
admit defendants to ball.
Cleveland, O., Oct. 3. Acting on
the report of the Municipal associa
tion, which recently charged that
Sheriff HIrstlus makes an annual
profit of $8,000 from feeding prison
ers, the county commissioners re
duced the allowonco for feeding Jail
Inmates by terminating HIrstlus' con
tract for 60 cents per prisoner and
substituting one for 45 cents. Hlr
stluB formerly got 76 cents for feed
ing each Insane prisoner. This
amount was also reduced to 45 cents.
Tippecanoe City, O., Oct. 3. L. T.
Sheets, twice mayor of Tippecanoe
City, was killed In an automobile nc
vldont near Vundalla, and his com
panion. Miss Ethel Hartman, was
badly bruised. The two were return
ing from an opera at Dayton, when
the automobile struck a rut and over
turned. - if ,&?! 5l'H&"tTfM.; .V n '"'!
Actual Violence Reported In the
Balkan Imbroglio.
London, Oct. 3. Actual violence In
the Balkan Imbroglio has com
menced, according to word received
here from Belgrade. A Turkish pa
trol of 50 Moldlcrs devastated the
Servian frontier town of Ruska after
firing volley after volley Into the
town. The Inhabitants fled.
With the curt rcfueal by tho Tur
kish cabinet to surrender the ship
ment of Servian war ammunition
which was seized by Turkey while
passing through, the impression here
that it will take the nnlted efforts of
the powers to prevent war is growing
in strength. Turkey added to the
list of Injuries which Greece, I-Ionte-negro,
Bulgaria and Servla have sus
tained by detaining 52 Greek ships
which were in her ports. These ves
sels are being held so that In cose
war is declared the Turkish govern
ment can use them as Turkish trans
ports. The Intcr-Ilalkan peninsula is be
ing turned into a war camp, and a
million or more troops are rapidly
assembling there. Bulgaria, Servla,
Greece and. Montenegro are united in
this mobilization, and the desired ef
fect Is a show of war strength bo
that Turkey will be awed.
The four states in the new Balkan
alliance nrc working In harmony In
this matter, and all the troopB will
be spread along the frontier. For tho
first time these states are acting to
gether against the common enemy.
The uniformed armies being sent to
the front number 400,000. Of these
Bulgaria sends 250,000, Servla 110,
000, Montenegro 50,000' and Greece
60,000. These countries all have uni
versal "military service," so the men
will be well trained and armed.
-. "thuasAtter baywoodT.
Snlem, Mass., Oct. 3. City Marshal
Lehan gave out a telegram from Vin
cent St John'of Chicago, saying that
a gang of thugs bad been sent from
New York to Salem to assassinate W.
D. Haywood, I. W. W. leader, attend
ing the Kttor-Glovannittl trial, Lehan
gave out the message after a confer
ence with Judge Quiun.
Plerpont Morgan Testifies Today.
Washington, Oct 3. J. P. Morgan
will appr.ar before the Investigating
committee today, to be questioned
as to hlB financial participation in the
1904 cr other national campaigns.
Cattle Receipts. 19,000 held; hcev,
S5 SO 11 00; Tnx.in Moers, S4 B0?G 00:
WPHtcrn steer, 15 90i9 JO; irtockers ajiil
feeder, tt 351j7 65; rows uml hclfrn,
2 Iji7 SO; cahes, S OOtfll 50.
tldLTS r.pcclpts, 20.000 haid; llnht, S v
f!t 00; mixed, t8 35W9 05; heavy. 8 15
J9 00; rough, S ISO'S 35; pigs. J5 53't
S 25.
Sheep nnd Iiir.tis lU-crlpts, 33,000
henil; native xheop, $3 2504 20; western,
S3 43(3 4 20; yejrlln?, J4 2S5 23; mttlvft
IamK, It r.00 80; western, 4 737 15.
When t No. 2 red. t 021 04. Corn
No. 2, 7f(f.7'4c Oats No. 2 white. 33
Cattle Krcelpts. 12 rars; export ct
ile, S. 00019 00; shipping steers, 7 SOa
S 00: butcher steers, 7 50fl8 00; helferr,
15 Win" 00: fnt enws, J 00 6 00; btdls,
)4 0005 50; milkers and rprlng-em, 130 00 tf
75 00; calves, 111 0012 00.
Hog Receipts, ! cars; hoavles, 19 M
ft 10; mediums. 9 25; Yorkers, 19 104
9 25; plRS,, $S 50R 0; rough, $7 000
7 80; HtdKB. 15 r.0i?f7 25.
'Sheep and Jjiml'H Receipts, 20 ean;
yearlings. 14 OOfiR 50; wethers. 14 7J0
5 00; mixed heep, M 7034 75; ewes, It 10
4 00; latnhs. r. no: 25.
riTTSBUuna. pa., oct. s.
Cattle Supply Unlit; choice, $9 04)
Ql 25: prime, IS 3008 70: tidy butchers.
17 OOCf" 60; heifers, 14 0007 M; bull.1.
S3 5J6 23; fresh errws and spring,
IIS OOQMfi 00: eilves, IS 0011 SO.
Hous Receipts, 15 cars; heavtes, St St;
heavy Yorkers, 19 23; light Yorkara,
19 10; rlK. M 0.
Sheep and Lambs Supply Haht; prims
wethers, II 3SQ4 60; good mixed,
SI onjt4 50; fair mlotd, IS 504 'it;
lambs, 4 50r, 40.
Cattle Receipts, t,004) htad; ataate,
14 25i8 23; hPlrers, S3. IO0 75; oow.
2 OOy-5 65; calves, IB 0010 SO.
Hogs Receipts, 2,200 head; packara,
15 80 J? S 00; common sows, IK J5y 00;
pigs and lights, 14 00ff8 50; stags, 14 M
01 25.
Sheep nnd Laniba Receipts. 1,500 hsad;
sheep, SI 2503 50; lambs, 13 SO 7 15.
Wheat No. 2 red, St 034JI 0. Corn
No. 2 mixed, C9269ic. Oats No. 1
mixed, 34iff35c. Rye No. 2. 7274c.
Cattle Receipts, 150 head; cholc ftt
steers, 18 5008 73; good to choice stevru,
17 258 00; heirars, S4 25 7 00: fat bulla,
15 0045 50; rows. S3 0005 SO; mlllcri
nnd (.priiiKcrs, S25OO0EOOO; calves, S10 50
ftl 25.
l!(s Receipts, 1,600 head; heartea.
19 00; mediums, 9 00; Yorkers. S3 50
9 00: 1Ik. IS 00; roughs, 7 50; stags,
17 00,
Sheep nnd Lambs ReoHpts, 1,009 hea4,
eholec spring lambs, S" 11497 21.
Wheat; SI 07 i: corn, fts; eats, Ji
cloveraeed, 912 10,
i.''Vf'syA - & .tfktXi&Jf xd-U.i
Named At Night Session 0!
Rev York Democrats Select tte
Read of Their Ticket.
Parker In Accepting the Post of Per
manent Chairman of the Conven
tion Declares He le a Progressive.
Democrat Sulzer Nominated at
Midnight on the Fourth Balrat.
Proceedings of the Session.
Syracuse, N. Y., Oct. 3. Congrewe
ran William Sulzer of New York
was nominated for governor early to
eay by the Democratic state conven
tion, and Martin E. Glynn of Albany
New York Democrats Nomi
nate Him on Fourth Ballot.
Photos br American Press Aanoelattoa
was named for lieutenant governor,
tho nomination In each case being
rando unanimous. Congressman HuL
wr'K nomination came on tho fourth
ballot after the supporters of (lov
ernor Olz had thrown their strength
to him and other candldatett had
withdrawn from the race. Mr. fllynn
wuh without opposition for nerond
place on the ticket.
Judge Alton 13. Parker wax chomm
as permanent chairman of Uw"iiptt.
vcntlon, and in his speech of Accept
ance declared himself to be a pro
gressive Democrat.
The selection of Parker an chair
man 'wan bitterly opposed by friend
of Governor Wilson and W. J. "Bryan,
who declared he l not a progres
sive. Parker made a speech, thb
first Hlnce the Baltimore convention,
in which he defended his coafWe and
that f the other Nv York, tele
gates at the Baltimore ooBjeatlon.
He said tbat the action of tWMdeio
gates was intended to promise har
mony. The platform ratifies the De.mo
iratic national platform, pledge its
support to Wilson and MarsfBl and
condemns what It style theiponop
ollstlc tariff evils" of tU ReeanUcan
party. Governor Dix's uSmlnlsira
tlnn is described as "efficient VAiau
and economical."
The platform pledges the leKtala
turo to provide for a constitutional
convention o pass on tho Initiative
lho referendum and the short ballot,
nud declares In favor of submitting
the woman suffrage amendment to
the people "us soou as poboIMo."
Mr. Itoosevelt stood as a fuarautor
for Mr. Taft Mr. Rryan says, "N,
wbeu Roosevelt has failed to Btrrrty
tn bis Judgment of met), 1 ask rati ke
pass correct Judtruieat ea UbmcJT?'
rrTTli' i m fstaaal i"B1W '

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