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TUESDAY, OCTOiM i, 1I1Z. ' '-,
WHto of tfia Democratic Presidential Nominee. Honorary President
of the Woman' National Democratic League.
JiaMiK.-. .ii, v'''"'X'i''JjrL""'"-'-'j"'--.".'J, 'irH'TlMMfflBlXlBssssC
Mr. Woodrow Wilson, wlfo of the new leader of Democracy uiitl prob
ble next mistress of tlio White House, is perhaps the most Interesting wo
Mtn In the United States today. This Is Inevitable not because hIio wishes
ti, for she does not and Is as llrm as n rock hi her conviction that beliiK the
wife of a public man does not necessitate nor call for a woman's becoming a
publicity Keeker. She successfully resisted all appeals of photographers and
Interviewers until Mr. Wilson's nomination as Democratic candidate for the
presidency was tin fait nceompll. This modesty Is euslly traced to her south
ra ancestry and training and Is characteristic also of her distinguished
Hho was born Klleu Louise Axson, daughter of n Presbyterian divine of
Savannah, (In., whose family, so far as he knows, Is the only one of the name
in America,
Like Mr. Wilson, she has ono brother and one sister living, all In the
Mine literary circle us (ho doctor and ueraolf.
la thin atmosphere of learning Mrs. Wilson could hardly be expected to
1m other thau she Is widely read, broadmluded and charitable, davotcd to
fcer borne and the principles for which It stands.
She hus marked ability us an artist, and it Is said tlmt.it portrait painter
f ability was Npolled when alio married the young barrister Vho bad then
given up the practlco of his profession to specialize on the subject that has
snide blin n presidential nominee. ,
Mrs. WIIhou'h throo daughters Misses Margaret Wooflrow Wilson, Jen
1e Woodrow Wilson and Eleanor Itaudolph Wilson possess JJio mental
" characteristics of their father and their mother's artistic tomperament, com
ifelaed la such n way as to glvo zest to every moment of 'their lives and pro
tection froln the foibles of the world. They form, Indeed, nn Ideal family
circle, one that it would ho well for every American household to emulate.
New York, Oct. li. John D. Arch
told did not upiiuur In answer to the
ubpena nerved on him to testify ut
the standard OIl-Wntom-iMorco hoar
nc before Commissioner A.. J. Jacobs
L No. 3 Wall street. Ills failure was
New York. Oct. 5,-11111 Snyder, di
rector of the Central park moiWKorle,
vaa badly Injured by a gnu ho was
trying to transfer from one. cage to
another. A zebra who had Just Joined
Mia Menagerie was tho cause of the
trouble. There was no place to put
(fee new arrival, and Homebody sug
New York, Oct. li, Tho Oceanlt
''taaia Navigation Company, Ltd.,
-wwaera ot the foundered Titanic, has
4mm adjudged by the United HtutoH
dtatiict court to ho liable for uhout
182,000 worth of all the claims regis'
tered against them as the result of
the uppulllng steamship dlsuster of
April 1G lust, These clulins for 'the
Ions of life and property due to the
Unking of tho Titanic aBgregute ovor
Fourteen Drown.
Dover, Oof. fi. Tlio llrltlah subma
rine u-2 was run down by tho Hum-Tain-American
liner Amerlka near
Iwre. II wink at once, drowning 1'4 of
the crew, Tho officer In charge was
i .ywcued.
cm-titled to Iho Missouri court hnvlng
Jurisdiction ovor the enso, which will
bogln sitting on Oct. 8. It was Intl
.liated that contempt proceeding
hlKht ho brought against Mr. Arch
hold by tho counsel for tho WtitorB
I'loieo company.
gested ousting the gnu and giving the
cobra Its quarters. Snyder entered
tho cage with u ropo and muzzle and
tho gnu charged him, knocking hltu
rguliiHt the Hide of tho cage. Snyder
hud a gash In Ills thigh 10 Inclios long
and 4 Inches deep.
Columbus, O., Oct. . -Karl under
took, penitentiary guard from Holmoa
tounty, was hold up and robbod by1
tour men in a street In this city, The
robbers bout him oyer tho head with
tevolvors. When residents, attracted
fy tho Hcufflo, enmo to their doors
they wore driven hnck by bullets
from tho highwaymen's revolvers, The
bandits secured u gold watch and 16,
Auto Overturns In Creek. N
DeiinlHon, O., Oct. B. Four Canton
buslnesH narrowly escaped death
Mien un tomobllt) In which thoy
wore rldltiR bucked down n stoop hill
and turned turtle In Watson creek,
aeur hori. Thoso In tho party were
U. K. Alexander." J Arnold, Miles
Rponseller and 'Paul Wagner, 'All
1 were Injured.
A Conspiracy That Was Emi
nently Successful.
John Mnson did not slam the gate
simply because ho knew that this mani
festation of rage would surely delight
Rosalie. Sho was watching his depar
ture from tho window, and he was nn.
grlly conscious that sho knew he
would, as usual, return in a few days,
although sho bad said she hoped she
would bo rid of blm for awhile. She
was so young and to beautiful and so
At tho enlrnnce to the little park, al
ready growing green In the April sun,
ho met her sister. He did not know
Anno very well he bad been too busy
with Rosalie. Ho wished now that he
bad mado friends with her; bcr blue
eyci were so llko and 'still bo unllko
Rosallo's. Anno stepped In front of
him and stopped him unceremoniously.
"llecn trampled upon ngalnl" sho ob
Bcru'd. "John Mason, for so clever a
man generally you'ro sometimes an aw-ful-fooll"
She submitted thlB thought
fully, In a volco too gentle to be In
sulting. "Then you nnd Rosalie are agreed,
nnd I suppoHO you are expert testi
mony, May I turn and walk with
Sho nodded and then asked a matter
of fact question, "How many times
has she refused you?"
"I had not thought to keep count
Rosalie Just now Informed mo that this
was the last tlmo. I didn't know I had
been tho samo sort of fool so often.
But don't you think she ought to glvo
mo credit for my persistence. Not ev
ery man proposes so many times to
tho same girl."
Aipic laughed dryly as he continued:
"1 would havo given up long ago If
1 were not unexplalnably sure that she
docs care for me. In fact, sho never
has said directly that she does not She
simply says she won't marry me.
What's tho matter with mo? Am I too
rich? I can give away the stuff If she
likes. Am I too successful? I might
lose a caso to please ber. Should I be
as ugly as Satan? Perhaps she wouP
like a beauty and the beast effectl
What docs she want? I've said and
done everything under heaven, aud sho
walks on mo sho trails me!"
"Precisely I That's why. I called yon
what I did. A girl likes to trail a
mini, but hates tho man that will be
trailed. Not logical, Is it? To use hor
own words, you are always -around,
underfoot You give hor no time to
want you or miss,, you or think ubout
you. She's too sure of you. Sho
knows Just whore you'll be. You novcr
letHier want anything bad enough to
appreciate it when it comes. Sho has
always had her own way. She needs to
bo n bit afraid of you. She needs to be
He frowned. "1 am not a brute. That
1b not my wny."
"No? Well, what has your way ac
complished?" He tried to laugh. "Oh, I'll take your
ndvlco. I'll do auythlug you say. It
cun't bo worse than It Is 'now."
"Well, I hato tho responsibility. If
you get her you'll light If yon don't
you'll both bo miserable anyhow. You
must get her nud then work out your
own salvation. In the tlrst place, you
nitiNt givu her a shock. Wrlto her a
note and accept ,voiir dismissal. Tell
her you begin to seo that she Is right
uud that you wish to be friendly with
her nnd tho family. Then call some-tliues-ou
tho father or on mo. Don't
stay tiwuy. Absences of that sort aro
flattering. You must lie quite unaf
fected by hor presence."
"You know that la Impossible. You
know how tho sight of her"-
" You've got to do It! Aud you must
take amithor girl out occasionally. Be
ing naturally modest. I dislike to sug
gest (hat you send mo (lowers somo
times and come for a walk with me.
That will bring things home to her. A
girl hates to have an admirer transfer
himself bodily to any oue, but espe
cially to her sister"
When they had planned their cam
paign and uu left Anno at tho guto sho
bad tilin laughing. Rosalie saw them
and shrugged hor shoulders. Whllo,
removing her lint In the hall Anno ru
nurked to ber sister:
"Well, dear, John tells me that, you
have dismissed him for good. You
know I nover would have interfered If
you had wanted him, but I am glad
you do nut Now yon may And time
for your music. Your tulont la too
marked to be negloctcd. It will bo u
relief for you to have him out of tho
way awhile. You'ro too young to leave
father nud uio, and. nfter all, I think
you're right about his not being tho
right man for you."
Rosalie shrugged her shoulders.
The next (ftiy Rosalie, without com
fcont. bunded Anne this note:
Ponr Mlhv Cnrloton-l want to thank
you, for vour frankneu of yentmluy, and
I nuuirw you that I ahall not nnnoy you
ngnln ns t liavo In the punt. Can you for
give pie for havlim troubled you to mueh
nnd uo loiiK? You are probably rlKht In
dccldltut Him I could not uinlitt you hnr
py, iih I notion1 lu ij ublo to do Muy I
Iiom) to coiLilniiF my pri'fiit frlrmlly o
latlopa nlih you nnd Iho rvRt ot ihn fain
HyT If I nmv I will not attain trrspuxH un
your ktniliirts. It will be, an you nh).
tho Inm lime you hnll have th twin or
refusing Yours slnreiHy,
"Well, I like a mini to know wbeu
j,e,g haa enoUBiJIi remarked Anne.
Again Rosalie ahruggcu her shoulder,
and made a wry little face.
For a week Rosalie wa blithe and
busy with bcr muslc.The second week
Anno observed tlint tho gayety was a
bit forced nnd that during 'the third
she moped a little. John had somehow
kept the other' Jncn "of bcr set away
from hcV, itnd flowers nnd drives nn
thentors Wore ioss frequent. She bad
tio time to miss. hi m.
In tho fourth wek lie called wbllo
kIio was out. Of c'otirso she could not
know that Anuoiliad phoned him to
come. lie wiisenvlng Just as Rosalia
entered nnd shook, hands with her cor
dially, lie did 1ioty look broken heart
ed, nnd ho seemed 'to bo of very good
terms with Annie, to whom noxt morn.
Ing'hc sent some, violet. Rosalie saw
him out walking with Mary Dye. Then
ho took Anno dr(vliig. She began to
realize that Anno was very pretty If
she was n year oif two older than John.
Rosalie's Irritation reached Its' climax
one morning at the breakfast table
when her younger brother Ted reViark
ed In n teasing drawl:
"John seems to bo taking his medi
cine llko a man, Rosyl He's nil right,
nnd I am glad Anno seems Inclined to
keep him In the family. He probably
appreciates being treated llko a human
being-after the way you always walk
ed on blm. The fellows say he's the
best young lawyer In town. Rut I
should think you'd bato to havo blm
tnko his punishment so cheerfully,
Rosyl" ,
I)y this time Rotalle had reached the
limit of endurance. She sprung up
and, before any ono could interfere,
hod boxed Ted's cars soundly nnd fled
to her room. No ono raado comment
on tho scene save that Mr. Carlcton
nmuscdly met tho laughter in Anne's
eyes nnd told Ted that he would havo
no more of blB teasing. Rosalie's ca
pricious treatment of John bad long
Ivceu disapproved of by ber family,
nnd, wbllo they were all sorry for her,
thoy thought It time she should como
to her senses.
Time had been slow nnd'torturlng to
John. Ho wanted to tell Rosalie that
bo loved ber and her only. He wanted
to send her flowers, to give her every
desire of ber benrt, and be found It a
tnlsory to seo her or not to see her.
Meautlmo bo was very attentlvo to
Anne, who was becoming vnsty bored
with his raptures and sorrows nnd was
longing for him .to win his Rosalie and
let ber go back to bcr old peaceful
At last one nRht Anne wakedand
beard Rosalie sobbing to herself. In
the morning sho pleaded headache nnd
stayed In her room till nearly evening1.
Anne had a long conference by tele
phone with John nnd took pains to
have her fatbur and Tod spend tho
evening elsewhere. -
After dinner she went to. Rosallo's
room and pleaded being tired. She
coaxed Rosalie to arrange her pretty
hair s and don a' pretty gown so she
could 'go down if any ono should como.
While Rosallo was sulkily doing as ber
sister wished Anno beard the bell and
slipped down to answer It She came
back saying It was aptnr one for ber
father and nsked Rosalie, if sho would
mind going to tho ll6rury and brluglug
the book sho had left on the table.
Rosalie, In her trailing bluo dress,
went downstnirs aud through tho hall
Into the library. She hud half crossed
the room bcroro she saw John sitting
in a great chair in the dim firelight
Sho wanted to lloo from him, but some
how her feet would not move, nor did
sho llud a word to say. Then, to her
dismay, sho know that a slow tear was
falling down hor cheek. John cutno
quickly toward her. It seemed very
comfortable to bo leaning against him.
After awbllo ho held hor off and looked
at her. Sho tried to audio.
"Well," he (picstloped, "how shall It
bo? You know you said you hoped you
would never have to retuso mo again.
1 hope you will not Just for varloty,
suppose you take uio."
After the ilttlo minutes had cunning
ly slipped away aud it was time that
ho should leave, hor Rosallo exclutuicd
In dismay: -
"Oh, Anne's book! Shu will bo wait
ing for It."
"I hardly think so," John asserted
dryly. "Your sister Anno Is, wlso. She
knew better than to exicct you in a
munieut when sho scut you dowu to I
".Sent mo to youl" Rosallo echoed.
"Yes, my lady! Do you Imagine your
sister IniN been trailing mo nbout for
her pleasure- She Is more glad to be
rid of me than ever yon were!"
TIiou-Ut- wna tot Anno eyerr
John laughed uud bade her good
night "
"If you were not perfectly sure that
it was 'not Anne ever.' you would
never, never have nsked me!" which
both or them knew to be true.
Aud Anne weut to bed and slept the
tlccp of one who' bus successfully per
formed her duty.
Austrian Rd Tape and a Funeral,
A funeral party, ut Roveredo was up
tft by the Austrian tariff, Two of the
chief mourners came from Italy, bring
ing n wnath to whlcb silk ribbon
bearing an Inscription was attached.
At the Aiistilan frontier n duty of 5
w.is demanded on this. Vehement pro
ttM elicited thu explanation that al
though turners in,v no duty silk pays
i Idyll ope, ami the amount asked for
iviih uvxex-cd on. the total weight of
bit wreath Afji'r a prolonged dhv
'ImnIoii It umx decided to discard tho
"Then." said the customs otllcer. "you
mis go hipk to Italy. , If the ribbon
thiiiwu uwuy here you nro still
liable for the duty." Hy the time tho
mourners bud dropped the rlbtion uu
I tit lln it koII their train .hud gone, and
Uhey leached Itoveredo throo hour ten
ite for the fuuersJ.
Wife of the Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee. Honorary Vie
President Woman's National Democratic League.
?'.'& ? ( .1,LJ1KMVS?S'-. . . . -- ., ,-i,r '(
v,.z ' u -: i.' . ' t" , . sn-3,1 . -
l, ., . f- 2 . ' IV. $., a ..
mWtvir& i2&
A;;;;. '0:7.V?J' v- T'VS3
i.- - . v. rt y ," i
Md. Thomas R. Marshall, wife of tho vice presidential nominee of the
Democratic party, Is a keen student of affairs uud iih the constant compan
ion of her husband has had an exceptional opportunity of specializing on
human nature. A very practical uud farreacblng result of this peculiar in
terest lu the larger family of the state she has -no children of her own Is
found In the long list of bumniiltarlun bills passed by the Indiana legislature
during her husband's regime as governor. A bill to curtail child labor beads
the list, which nurnbers twenty, nnd Includes almost every legal correction
for the Immediate relief of labor, especially for that pertaining to women
and children.
The Marshall home, like that of the Wilsons', Is a home of books, and
yet one docs not feel "bookish" within its walls. On the contrary, one feels
very much ut home there the moment Mrs. Marshall appears upon the scene,
and, If possible, more so when Mr. Marshall conies lu.
They are such chums, this "tender hearted" governor and his wife, and
where one Is the other Is pretty sure to be found. They have traveled all
over the country together, audlf the Woman's National Democratic league
has anything to do with It they will soon be going to Washington together.
Mrs. Marshall Is honorary vice president of the league nud keenly inter
ested in Its work, not because it is
recognizes tne permaueucy or tne movement to cuueute women ui tue pria
clples of democracy.
Lincoln, N65 Oct. Br-Wllllnm J.
Dryan welcomed Governor Woodrow
Wilson upon tho tatter's arrival in
From Forty-Five to Fifty Are Much Benefited
Lydia E. Pinkham't Vegetable Compound
The "change of Hfo" is a most
critical period in U woman's ex-iateooe,-
and tho imxioty felt by
women ns it draws near is not
without reason. .
When her system Is in a de
ranged condition,' she may be
predisposed to apoplexy, or con
gestion of Borne organ. At this
time, also, cancors and tumors
are mora liable to form and begin
their destructive work.
Such warning symptoms as
sense of suffocation, hot Hushes,
headaches, backaches, dread oi'
impending evil, timidity, sounds
in the cars, palpitation of tlt'e
.heart, sparks before tho eyes,
irregularities, constipation, vnri.
able appetite, weakness and
inquietude, and dizziness, are
promptly heoded by intelligent
women who are approaching the
period in life when. woman's
great change may be expeoted.
Those symptoms art calls from '
nature for help. The nerves are
orying out for assistance and tho
cry should be hooded. In time.
Iydia E. Pinkhant's Vegetable
Compound is prepared to meet
the needs of wnmon's system at
this trying period of her life. It
invigorates and strengthens the
female organism and bolide up
"the weakened nervous system.
It has carried many women saf oly
'through tbk crisbj.
tit? i
x .
part of the campaign, but because.tsue).
Qncoln today to deliver an address,
The Democratic presidential candl-
date will remain over tomorrow as
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Bryan at
Esterlafitliisptc 3
St. Anno, 111. "I was passing
through the change of life and I
was a perfect wreck from female
troubles. I hod a displacement
and bearing down puns,, weak
fainting spells, dizziness, then
numb and cold feeliiigB.. Some
times my feet' and limbs were
swollen. I was irregular and bad
so much backache and headache,
was nervous, Irritable and was
despondent. Sometimes my ap
petite was good but moreoftenlt
was not. My kidneys troubled
me at times and I could walk
only a short distance.
"I saw vour advertisement in a
paper and took Lydla E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound, and
I was helped from tho first. At
the end of two months the swel
ling had gone down, I was re
lieved of pain, und could walk
with cose. I continued with the
medicine and now I do almost all
my hotihswork. I know your
medicine has saved mo from the
gravo and I am willing for you to
publish any thlngi write to you,
for tlio good t of others." Mrs.
EsTKUiA QlLI.tWl'IK, JtF.Jf, No. i.
Box Ui, St. Anne, lUlaols.
Newark, O., Oct. 5, rfashlhg up be
hind Nelllo drorge, 11, on tho. way to
school, Ananias Andrews, 12, threw
r handful or cayenno pepper into tho
little girl's eyes. She fell screaming
nnd the boy lied. Parents of the chil
dren bellevo thero must havo been,
some grudge between Ihcm, although
Nellie, between sobs, said that
she did not know what prompted her
playmate's act. Tho girl's eyesight
may be destroyed,. Young Andrews
was caught nnd Is held by the Juven
ile court imthorltles.
THE YEAR, A. D., 1913
It In ordered that tho tlmo of tho be
Klitiilmr pf tho terms of tho Circuit
i ciurta of the Bovernl counties In snld
Circuit for the year 1913 be llxcd na fot
Iowh, to-ult:
wRlilnnd county on the J2'nrt day or April
and tlio 14th tiny of October.
Coshocton county on tho 3rd day of June
uud the mil day of November.
Delaware county on the 27th dnv of
Slay, anil tho SHIi day of November.
J' airfield county on the 15th day of April
and tlio lr.th tiny of September.
HiilincH county on the l!th day of Min
imi! tho 21nt dnv of October.
Knox County on the 1st
day of April and the 7th day
of October.
McMiir county on tho 4th day of March
and tho 30th day of September.
Moi-Kiin county on the 22nd day of Mal
um! the Sth day of November.
.Morrow county on thu 10th day of Juno
und the 2nd day of December.
MiiKkhiKtnn county on tho 6th day of
May nnd tho 11th day or November.
l'erry county on tho 2nth day of April
nnd tlio 2Sth day of October.
Ulchlnnd county on the 7th day of Janu
ary and the 2nd day of September.
Stark county on the 11th day of Febru
ary and tho 23rd day of September.
Tuflfurnwai) county on tho 17th dny of
June nnd tho Oth day of December.
Wnyno county on tho 28th day of Jnnu
nry and the 91 h day of September.
Suld terms to lieKln ut 9 o'clock, a. in.
September 17, 1912.
n. m. voonnBEs,
Stato of Ohio. Knox County, as.
1. Chan. w. Hnyes. Clerk of tho Cir
cuit Court within and for said county
and state, do hereby certify that the
above nnd foregoing Is a true copy of
the order fixing the timed for holding
tho Circuit Courts In tho Fifth Judicial
Circuit of Ohio for tho year 1913, and Unit
tho name now appears of record on the
Journal of said court.
In witness whereof I have hereunto
subscribed mv name and affixed the seal
of said Court at Mt. Vernon, Ohio, on
the 2iitli day of September, 1U12.
Deputy Clerk.
Samuel C. Merry
Kiniuu J. MngerH et nl
Knox Common Pleas
liy. virtue of nn order of sale Issued out
of Iho court of common pleas of Knox
county. Ohio, and to mo directed, I will
offer for wile at the door of the coiut
house, In Mount Vernon. Knox county, on
Saturday, the 26th day of
October, 1912,
between tho hours of 1 p. m. nnd 3 p. m.
of Hiild day. the folowing described lnnil
und tenements, towlt:
IlelnR all of lot No. 16 nnd tho south
part of lot No. 11 In tho second quarter of
luwnxhlp seven anil i-niiao eleven In said
township, cpunty and state, bounded and
described as follows:
lleRlnnhiK at tho south-east corner or
lot No. 10; thenco north on the east lino
of said lot 99.50 rods to u stoke; thoiico
west on tho north lino of said lot 20I.M
rods to tho uorthuust corner of said lot;
thence north on the east lino or lot No. 14,
3U.U0 rods to n stnlco; thenco north IW 3-4
degrees west B3.12 iods to n stake from
which a hickory tien 20 Inches- In diameter
beurs south MA degrees, east 33 foot dls
tnnt; thence south 4 3-4 ilegiees. wost 60.1
rods to u staUii on tho north side of a pub
lic road; theueu north bH degrees, west
along tho north sldo of sold road VI rods
In the west lino of lot 14: thence south
4V4 degrees west on said line SG rods to
n stone at tho southwest comer ot snld
lot; thenco east on tho south line ot lot
14 and 10, AM.Vi-roils to the pluro of begin,
nlng, rontulplns; 197.80 acres moro o'r less,
saving nnd excepting from the abovo
described tract the following premisi-H.
conveyed by John Horry und Mary A.
Deny, his wife, to thu Hoard of Kducutlon
of Howard township, Knox county. Ohio,
situated lu tlio county of Knox, state iir
Ohio und bounded as follows; Jloglnning
U poles from tho northwest corner of lot.
No. It! ln-the second quarter of township
7 raugu 11 and on thu north line of snld
lot; thence running south 1 degree weit
7 poles; thenco north S9 degrees west, it
poles, thence uorth'l degree eust 7 poles,
thence south S3 degtees east Gi poles to Hut
place of beginning, estimated to contain
42 poles, provided that when said describ
ed premises ceases to bo used for school
purposes-It will icveit back-to said grant
ors, their heirs or assigns.
Tills said first tract being suVi-dlvldcit'
by the commlBlimors for the purpose of
apprulsemcnt Into three parts. Tho first
part designated as the homo place and
estimated to contain about 92 acres, up
praWcd at 9,t0.oo. The second part lying
north of the road running east and west
on the north sldq of the home place esti
mated to contain uhout 2d acres appraised
ut $1,600.00 und the thhd part lying eusl
-of the road running ninth and south on
tho east side of the homo nlnce estimated
to contain about ?J acres appraised at
t3.940.00 and the entire truct one being ap
praised ut 115.000.00. This first tract will
Ilrst bo offered In three separate parts us
apprulsed by the commissioners and then
as u whole, snld sale to bn mude In tbrci
separate parts or ns a whole und for tti
best price that mnv bo nttnlueil therefor.
Alt that part and parcel of lots 10 and It
In the second quarter of township 7, range
11, In suld above mimed township, coun
ty ami stnte, hounded and described ns
follows: lleginnlng at tho northwest cor
ner of lot No. 11: thence south on tho lino
between Howard and Monroe townships
47 roils; thence south 87 degrees 21' east
237,43 i oils to it stake from which u
white oak 8 Inches in diameter heais;
ninth Un' degrees west 33 links distant;
thiuce north 3V4 degrees east W.OO rods to
u Hiiino on tho north lino of said lots 111
unit 11: thenco north SS degiees west on
said line 237,61' rods to the place of begin
ning, containing 121.27 acres ,moio or less.
Appraised at 7,W0.).
TKItMS OF,8AM3-One.thlrd cash on
dnv of sale, one third In ono venr and ono
thlid lu two years from dnlo of sul
with Interest, deferred payments to bo
secured by a mortgage upon the premis
es sold or the purchaser may elect to pnv
all cusb,
Sheriff Knox County. Ohio.
F. O, ivcrlnic. attorney tor ptsintin.
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limJ ( jivit
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ajSaJCKiU! St,Lt-kiS.
TvTKw".ivi L sii. v 'i'Mnfe'it J'i&kji
" J ii I nitfillinmaaWi -llilfaatttaaataaM

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