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-; XrtJ
Ii Kdox Couty At Nice
'clock Tuesday Mining
Holy One Appeal CwejJi Be
Heard This Tern
A Cleveland Judge Ti Sit
Here On Next Tuesday
llvirce Suit Is Filed la
Coimoi Pleas Curt
The County bMisskMrs
Let Some Small Coitracts
Tho October term or tho circuit
court of Knox county convened Tuch
xliiy morning nt 9 o'clock with Judge
J I. M. Voorhcea of Coflhocton, Judge
It. 8. Shields of Cunton and .Judge
I.owIh IC. Powell of Mt. Oilcad on the
ticnch. ,
Tho first enso hoard by thp court
nvjib thnt of Splt?cr vh. rrvine.
The court announced that hut one
ippcnl enso would ho heard thlx term,
that of Lnuulng vs. I.ovorltifr.
It 'wiih nluo anuouiicfd that Judge
Nlmcn of Cl'iVoIuml would (tit with
Judgo Voorhccn nnd Judge Hhleldu
Thursday an Judgo I'owoll will not ho
qualified to sit In u niHo which will
lx) heard on thnt day,
Wan A Divorce
Dlancho Grovo has commenced n
milt for divorce In the court of com
mon pIcnH of Knox county iigalnBt
Noah K. Grove. Tho plaintiff states
'that they wore married October i!0,
10011, and that no children were born
'to them. The plaintiff clinrgcH tho
'defendant with grown neglect mid
Htatcd that the defendunt abandoned
her on October 19, 1910, and that she
wus left destltutu and til nee that time
has been compelled to mnku her own
living. Hho nukx for u divorce and
Unit sho may ho restored to her maid
on nnme. Owen & (,'arr icpresciit Iho
Contract Let
The county commlsHlonci'H of Knox
county nt their session on Monday
uwnrded tho follow lug contracts:
llyron Doup, the Ki-lloy culiort In
I'lke township, $ri.
0. W. Hunter, pin lug Iho (Iran villi
lirldgo In Mllford township, ::r.
lohn McKlnslry cmistnictlng tight
or way to tho McKlnslry hrldgo In
Liberty township, $10.
Z. I. Illbblls, placing guuid mil
-along the road near llrlnlc Haven,
Arthur Chrlsman, constructing
right or way to tho Harrison bridge
In miller township, Jlfi.
Reduced Bond
In tho mutter of the guaidlatishlp
of Albert A. Marsh, tho luiiiit has been
reduced to .",U0O,
inventory and Appraisement
In tho matter of the estate or lllr
"din Davis und Harney Davis Invou
u$riou nnd apiiralseuienlH have been
illled, showing the following: In tho
Yormcr estnte inoueys I&71.29, hi the
latter CHtnto moneys $r,7l,28.
Irt Partial Account
'rank Harper, trustee tr lOhmiior
Delano Bhculoy, bus filed n llrst f par
tial account In tlio probale court of
Knoi county. Application liiui been
xmido by tho trusten to huio the bond
u educed to IIG.OOO.
Distributive Account (
A distributive uccouul has been
tiled by Joanna V, Miller, Kiuirdlaii of
Marhe! Halsey I'hllllpii, Hhowlug thy
u.n of Jta0.1l for lstilhut.hiii.
-Marriage License V
Itnnk O. Klrkpiiirlck, milenniaii,
Vlnclnniitl, nnd .Mildred Martha Halt.
Ml. Vernon. Itov. V. A. UIkiiiiium.
Deed Filed ,
. II. Kirk to (J. It. Clark, lot 50.
lllverslde park, Ml, Veinon, f 100.
llebeecii Armstrong to v D. Willis,
lots C5 to 72, Iletina Vlsln add., Cen.
lerburg, 2I.
A C. Huddle, prosiilenl Forest
Vmctiry iissn., to V. I-J. Iliown. lot
1-1, rumctery, f35.
Olio II. Illll et nl., to V. K. Itumn,
11 Intercut In 17.1 acre In Middle
)ury, jr.,000.
Biw V, O. Itockneil IMrm-luiid Com
iwny's ad In this Junto, tf
Cox Not Trying to Slip Into
Office by False Pretenses.
Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate
It Not Afraid to Publicly 8tate Hla
Poiltlon Program of Progreatlve
Leglalatlon Promised la Beat Ever
Offered by a Political Organisation
in Ohio.
Congressman James M. Cox of Day
ton, has adopted a new plan to con
duct hla campaign for governor one
that conform to the moit modern
thought as to how a candidate for
public office shall conduct himself.
Instead of trying to allp Into office
y false pretensos or by "carrying wa
ter ob both shoulders," as the old
time boss controlled candidate did,
Congressman Cox is making con
fidants of the people. He discusses
all pending publlo questions, declares
plainly what his position is on each,
what he thinks ought to be done and
what h proposes to see is done when
he is chosen governor. In his travols,
tho Democratic gubernatorial candi
date tolls tho county organizations he
will call upon them to holp him re
doom party platform pledges should
that become necessary, and he is go
ing to conduct a "round table," whero
experts In different linos will meet
him and exchange iews concerning
important legislation.
The now administration will put
through 20 big reform measures the
largest and most progressive program
ovor put forth by a party In this state.
Hero nro Homo of the most lmportnnt:
A short ballot law, which uluill nbol
lsh stnto olllccs created by tho leg
islature, and the submission to the
people of a constitutional amendment
to abolish all the so-called "constitu
tional" state olllccs, except the su
preme court, and make them appoint
ive by the govornor.
A state-wide primary for all state,
county und municipal ofllccrs, United
States senators and delegates to na
tional political conventions.
An amendment that will compel
employers to cotitrlbuta to the work
men's compensation fund.
A law for the removal from office
of public officials, including stato offi
ce, judges und mumbnrH of tho legis
lature, found guilty of misconduct.
An Immediate revaluation of public
utility properties so that rates shall
be bused upon actual value und not
upon "watered stock."
Ijiws providing a Inx on Inherit
nuces, Incomes and franchises. Leg
islation abolishing the present state
tax levy, gMug municipalities homo
rule In taxation uffulrs, reducing tho
hours of work ror employod women,
Restricting still further the employ
ment of children, providing sopnrate
llnllots for the election of stato and
national officers, mai-ing a state levy
for good roads, creating n liquor li
cense system thut will call for rigid
enforcement, making state experi
mental farms more benollclal and
Granting municipalities every facility
conveyed to them by the home ruin
uincndiuont recently udnpted.
Then there Is to be Judicial reform
legislation and n now penitentiary,
with ubout l.r.00 ncres of fertile land
surrounding It; prisoners lo be em
ployed on the farm and nt other pur
suits where the biggest Item Is labor
cost; prisoners to be paid and the
difference between tho cost of their
tubslstencc and their earnings to he
turned over to their families or other
An era of meat progress Is in store
for the commonwealth when Jlmmln
Cox Is Inaugurated governor, und a
Democratic, legislature Is seated to
work In harmony with him.
By Cleveland Plain Dealer In an
Editorial. ,
"Tim Hooan, at he It known all
over the state, hat been In office
two yean. He la one of the hard
ett worker at the state houte,
hat given penonal attention to
the important matteri at Ittue,
and hat handled hit office with
out political blat. He hat made
an excellent record and was eulo
glied at the state convention by
hit party for the good work he
hat done. He gave hit pertonal
services to the graft trials of In
dicted senators, and contributed
largely to the tuccettful protec
tion of the caies. He will perform
the same tervlce In the catet yet
to be tried." Cleveland Plain
Denier, SJpt. 2S, 1912.
Theodore Jloosevelt says that ho
tinier asked 11. II. llairluuiii to con
tribute lo his campaign fund. Theo
doru's testimony Is responsible for a
now mystery thut Ib most mystifying.
It Ih: If Itoimuuilt or his agents did
not ask for tho money, why did liarrl
man raise $2.10,000 for Teddy.
President Taft's eandldaoy is to re
rolui another blow, it hat Just been
announced that Senator lltirtoti Is to
iptiaU fur hi in In Ohio,
bbbbbbbbbbbIbbbKIjIRiV- 99ininininininininininininininininininininfl
All 'voters of Knox county, Irrespec
tive of their political affiliation, should
be interested In tho candidacy of Rob
ort L. Carr for judge of the court of
common pleas of this sub-division. It
has boon over twenty years since Knox
county had a resident Judge, and those
who are Interested In court matters,
whether attorneys or litigants, have
been placed In this disadvantage all
these years, despite tho fact that the
volume of business of tho court In
Knox county Is only second to Mcklng
in tho sub-dlvlslon. There Is an nhso
luto element of Justice In Knox coun
ty having n resident Judge, us every
body will concede. Mr. Carr fully
measures up to tho lequlremenls of
tho olllce. Ho has engaged actively In
tho practice of tho law for many yeais
Destroyed Home Of J. F.
Walker Near Gambler
Family In Mt. Vernon When
Fire Occurred
Oumbler, Ohio, Oct. 8 The homo
or J. I Wnlker at this place was
practically destroyed by flro Snturday
evening while the family was In Mt.
Vernon. Tho loss Mill amount to
ne.uiy $2,000.
On arriving homo at about 9
o'clock Mr, and Mrs. Wnlker found
tholr homo ruined with nearly all of
its contents destroyed or dnmnged.
Persons who llrst saw tho lire say
that It must hnvo started In the at
tic ovnr tho kitchen because that
section of tho roof wus blazing Hint.
Tho origin of tho first Is u mystery
as no stove or light was known to
have been left burning. The house
hold goods wore Insured, but the
hoiisu was a total Iohh,
They Make You Feel Good v
Tho pleasant purgative effect pro
duced by Chamberlain's Tnblots nnd
the healthy condition of body anil
mind which they create make onu
feel joyful, For snlo by nil dealeis.
Of Cutting With Intent To
Kill Placed Against Snyder
William Itandall appeared beforo
Mayor Porrlno Tuesduy morning und
aworo to nn nllldavlt charging Wil
liam Kelloy, an account of which ap
peared In tho llanner on Monday .
It was announced thnt Snyder
Mould bo brought out from the county
Jail and arraigned before Mayor Por
rlno honiQtlme after tlireo o'clock
Tuesday uitcruoon.
Avoid Sedative Cough Medicines
If ou, want to contribute dlrnctly
to tho occurrence of capillary biou-
chills nnd pinnmoiiln uso cough mcdl
duos that contain codluo, morphine,
heroin nnd other sedatives when you
huvo a vcough or cold. An expector
ant like Chamberlain's Cough Itemedy
Is what Is needed. That cleans out
tho rulltiio beds or breeding places
for tho germs of nnuumonl'i nnd other
genu (Hbouboh. Thnt Is why pneu
monia novor results from a cold when
Chamborlaln'i Cough Itemedy Is
used. It contnliib no moiphluo or
oilier icda'lvii. Tor sale by nil dealers.
and is recognized as one of tho ablest
and most successful members of the
Knox county bar. By training and
temperament he is splendidly equipped
for the bench.
The votors of his homo county of
Knox have every reason for piling up a
large majority for him on election day.
In this connection it Is also well to
bear In mind that the names of can
didates for all tho olllccs of Judge,
from supremo Judgo on down, will not
appenr on tho regular ballot, but will
appear by themsolvos on n separate
ballot, and there will bo no pnrty em
blem or other designation on tho ballot
whereby tho politics of tho candidates
may bo known. There will bo two can
didates for common pleas Judgo to
-I .! .. 4. .. .J. .J. ..
Entertained With
Week-End Party
Mrs. Emma. WIngard delightfully en
tertained with a week-end party nt her
home at Maplo Grovo farm from Sat
urday until Sunday evening. A very
enjoyable tlmo was had by the guests,
who wcro taken to their homes by
Mr. Frank Vanco In his automobile.
j Thoso present wero the Misses Bcssio
vance, Aiargery narper, Anna Halre,
Helen Qorsuch, Mario Harbor and
Mary Cllpplnger.
Mnstcr l.loyd Hyatt of I'rcderlck
town entertained a largo iiumbor of
his classmiitcs at tho homo of his
pnronts, Mr. nnd Mrs. J. M. Hyatt,
Monday ovcnlng In celubnitlon or his
elovuntli birthday annlvcrsnry. Tho
evening was pleasantly spent In
games and various kinds of contests,
Hefrcshmcnts wcro sorved.
Chronic Dytpepala
Tho following unsolicited testimon
ial should certainly he sulllclent to
glvo hope und courage to persons af
Dieted with chronic dyspepsia: "I
have been u chronic dyspoptlc ror
years, and or all the mcdlclno I hnvo
tnkcu, Chamberlain's Tnblots hnvo
done mo inoro good than anything
elso." snys W. O. Mattlson. No. 7
Slu-rnwn St., Hnruollsvllle, N. Y.
sold by all deulvrs.
4. -h 4
Mrt. Mary Browning
Airs. Mary drowning, widow or tho
late William III owning, dlod nt tho
home of Mrs. W. I). Drowning. 211
North Mnln streot, Tuosduy morning
nt t!::i0 o'clock after an Illness of only
:i lew days caused by a paralytic
stroke, Sho was St years of ago nt
tho tlmo of hor death nnd was born
in Kn'rlleld county. Ohio. Mrs.
drowning hud resided In Mt. Vornon
for more than ten years und mob a
member of tho First Congregational
church of this city. 3ho is survived
by two sons, Mr. It. W. Urownlng of
Kiist St. Louis, Mo., und Mr J. IJ.
drowning of dlrmlngham. alabamn.
and ono daughter, Mrc. J, A. Pfnutz,
of Akron, Ohio.
The remains will bo tuken to
delpro, Ohio, Wednesday morning nt
"10 o'clock for tho funeral which
will bo held there Wednesday after
noon. Interment at delpro.
Short funornl services Tuesday nf-
ternoon at 4 o'clock nt the Into homo,
Itov, Irn J. Houston offlclatlng.
A'Marvelout Escape
"My llttlo boy bad u marvelous es-
cupu." writes P. F. Ilustlams of Prlnco
Albert, Capo of Good Hope. "It oc
curred In tho middle or tho night. Ho
got 11 very severe attack of croup. As
luck would luno It. 1 had 11 largo hot-
tlo of Chamberlain's Cough Itemedy
In tho house. After following tlio ill
lections for an hour nnil twenty mln-
tiles ho was thiough all danger." Sold
by all dealers.
Uphold Wilson's Hands?
Woodrow Wilson has refused emphatically to accept contributions to
his Gampaign Fund from the Interests, from corrupting influences, from
any questionable sources.
He has given us, the Democratic National Committee, to understand
that he will go into the White House with clean hands or not at all.
Who It Getting The Money
of The Trusts?
So lure has been Wilson's stand, to well known his Incor
raptible purpose, that no private interests have dared to
approach either our candidate or his committee.
We have not been offered a penny by the trusts, and
we certainly have not solicited a penny from them. The
money of the Interests is being spent acalatt Wilton. No
matter for whomwe need not discuss that here it is now
common gossip that the money power of the nation is being
used in an attempt to defeat Woodrow Wilton.
What It a "People's Campaign?"
We are addressing ourselves to Am real fraeoMti of
AsMriea, the upright, Progressive Voters oi the country
who are doing the work of the nation and not the work of
trusts and bosses.
We realise that the salvation of every righteous cause
rests with you.
Often this cry of a People's Party or a People's President
is raised by the very forces we seek to defeat and whom we
must and will defeat. But look to our standard and our
standard bearer and decide yourself as to which is the
People's Campaign and must, therefore, be fought with the
People's money.
Woodrow Wilson Has Clean Hands
Woodrow Wilson is the cleanest man in national politics
He came of illustrious forefathers, who laid by blood and
heredity the foundation of a future President through gen
eration alter generation of upright record.
If Wilson is to be elected it must be by clean money and
there is only one source of such money from the voters of
the country who realize the importance of having a govern
ment uninfluenced by the almighty dollar,
Wilson's hands are clean.
Will you uphold them?
How Much Money Will You Give?
How Much Can You Raise?
There are big campaign expenses to be met if we are to
win on Election Day in November. We must tell the voters
of the country about Wilson, what he Is, what he has done
We must show them his record. We must show them his
platform. We must point out to them the features of his
platform which mean so much to this nation. This great
work will cost a lot of money. We must meet the usual
heavy toll necessary to present a platform and a candidate
to a hundred million. f
Vour dollar, your (5, your 110, your 180 is needed. .And
don't mistake we want the man who can only afford the
one dollar, We need him. We need the womnn who can
Office Rogers' building, No. Ill Houtt
Main street, Mt. Vernon, Ohio. Roomi
2 nnd 3, second floor.
Luther A. '-tream Wm. F. Rlmti
farms and city prtperty bought, aolc
and exchanged. Properties rented and
rents collected. Fire Insurance a ape
dally. Representing 14 old rellabls
stock companies. Accident insuranct
live stock insurance. Plate glass, In
aurance, automobile Insurance, In fact
wo can Insure any property you ma)
have. Surety bonds of all kinds. Call
and boo us. Room 1 Slpe bldg., South
Main st. Cit. 'phone No. 447 Black
All business of legal nature gtvei
prompt attention and especially ti
practice in tho Probate Court. Offlei
No. I) East High street, Mt. Vernon, O
New Phone, Office 104,
Office la Arnold block corner o
East High street and Moaumen
square, Mt. Vernon, Ohio.
0. K. OONARD, M. D.
Office and residence, 18 East Viae St
Citizens' 'phono 62.' Office hours: I
co 4 ana 7 to a p. m.
Bell 253 R.
If you own anything, have
It Insured.
Glutens' 'Phone 231 Red.
6 East Gambler street, Mt. Vernon, o
4 seeaeaestasoMt)-oMtMSMM ;
j Auctioneer
Mt. Vernon, - Ohio
Citizens' 'Phone 2019B
i Wilo or 'phono tarly for 5
ilutcB, ns I soil Hourly every ilay .
i duriiiK the sale- season.
t :
1 M iMmme--.ua
Address ,
Endorsed by
1 -
Something to Think About
At the age of 65 years, it Is estimated 97 of the people of the
United States are dependent upon others.
Put your money in one of these farms and you will not be depend
ent upon any one.
Here are some good ones:
94 acros block and semi-black loamy soil, a plod Id corn and clov
er farm. Good 8-room hoime, barn 36 by 40 and one 26 by 40 and out
buildings. Nice fruit orchard. ?100yoarly gas Income and free gas.
Close to school nnd railroad. Cmiies to Mt. Vernon. A money,
maker at $7,'500. ,
91 acros in splendid state of cultivation, lays good, well fonced
with woven wlro foncing. Good 7-room house, nice large bank barn,
wagon-shed and cribs, windmill, well, cistern and spring water, 8 to 10
acres of timber. $100 yearly gas in-come and is close to fine wells. 3
mllos out. $8,000. 8ee this one for a good farm.
55 aero valley farm, fine soil, good water, fruit orchard, "7-room
framo house, barn, wagotiBhcd and cribs, good fences. $100 yearly
gas loase If deBlred Well locnted. t
130 acros within two miles of both Mt. Vernon and Gambler,
good 7-room house, barn 35 by 70, ono 25 by 30, wagon shed and other'
buildings. Nlco 10 acre fruit orchard. A good Investment and homo
at 80 per acre.
See us for some money-making farm bargains NOW.
j W. C Rockwell Farm Land Co.
i Mt. Vernon, Ohio.
during the past season in our Tailoring Business
we attribute to our experience in giving the best
kind of artistic workmanship, prompt attention
to our patrons, and personal supervision of all
work. Our Fall and Winter Goods are now open
for your inspection. Please give us a call.
: J. R. Doelfs
Curtis House, No.
(.! y . r Kl'-l'U'O Otcurt
only give one dollar. We believe in this kind of loyalty
it's the kind that wins.
Let every one contribute to the Woodrow Wilson Cam
paign by the first mail. Let's have as big a fund as the cor
porations can supply the other parties. For the people are
mightier ven in mooejr thaa ttiei Comlnaatiotw when they
get together,
A Call To Those Who Will Club
No live progressive voter can do more for Wilson's cans
than to head a list with hit own contribution and then to
have his fellow-workers and friends swell the total with
thalr names and money. ,
If you work in an office or factory, mill, warehouse, on' a
railroad, ranch or farm, start the ball rolling. Line up the
Wilson men. Sign up as many contributions as you can.
And mail to us.
How To Contribute To The Wilson
Campaign Fund
Sign the Coupon in this- corner and iN In the amount
you give. Then attach your money to this Coupon and
mail today to the address given on the Coupon.
Issue all checks, money orders and addraet all contriW
tiont to C. R. Crane, Vice Chairman Fiaanoe Commltto
Democratic National Committee, 900 Michigan Avenue
Chicago, III.
Then write a letter to this paper giving your name as a
contributor and stating your reasons why you believe
Woodrow Wilson should be elected President of the United
States. In this way you will be listed as a Wilson contri
butor. A Souvenir Rcce.pt, handsomely lithographed, welt
worth framing, will be sent to you. Your letter will help the
fight by encouraging your frlendj.
Woodvow Wilson Campaign Fund
To C. R. CRANE. Vie Ch-Jnau FUum CowIMm '
rimhi (M-amitlM, aoo Mlcihlgi-j A'
uucass, -uaou.
At a bllvr In tha nresTMttv loVala of f-ortrnnunt rtpra
Mnt-rf In th candldaev of Woodrow WO-oa for Prteldcat of the
Unlud SUtM. and to th and that bo av take tha ofllc (re
handed, untrammtltd, and obllxaUd to aoa bat tho popl of th
country, I with to contribaU through you tho sua of $
toward th xptnwt of Oov. Wilson's campaign.
Name ,-.
Practical Tailor , I
And Cutter f
11 Public Square T
Rupture, . Piles, Fistula,
NO CWE-NO PAY. Send 2c '(trap for Book how v
cuie irul testimonial-. Soruo my be your nei,Mior
Poom 32. lOl N. High St

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