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She Wtmtx&lit Banner
MT. VERNON, 0., TUESDAY, OCTOBER 15, 1912-No. 83
Becker's Attorney Wnrned Not To
Reflect On Rose's Wife
Also Receives Hot Letters-Possibility That The Accused
Police Liiutenajit VIII Put In No Defense, Letting
The Case fio To The Jury On The Evidence Intro
duced By The Prosecutinn-Jack Rote's,Kemark
able Testimony
Nw Yoih, Oct 14. Jahm F. Mcta
tyra, chief counsel for lieateaant
Gbarrea Becker, said that there waa a
possibility that Becker woal put In
mo defense, but woaW let Ike case' go
to the Jur? on the evideaee Intro
raced by the prosecution. Mr, Mela
tyre statement was made la reply to
a question regarding a report that
the accused lieutenant wovld take the
aland in his own defense- and' that,
am Becker also, would, he a wiiaeaa
for her husband.
"Ve may contend,"' Mr. Mclntyre
aaM, "that there fc not enough ovl
deuce to warrant a conrlctloa and
we may go to the Jury on the people's
ate. Mclntyre, in a statement, sold
be had been threatened In the court
room after the conclusion of the ses
sion and .that he had sought protec
ticta tor the trip to hia office, The
roftrtroom was cleared except for
about six men, including himself.
With his papers under his arm he
tapped out from the inclosnre into
lata main court and confronted a big,
kaary-set uirtn, who put his face close
to tlxe lawyer's and said: "You ,
K you reflect on the wife of Jack
Rose, I'll blow the top of your head
Mr. Mclntyre said he was very
ttrwd and tli.it hla nerves were pretty
well unstrung. Ho admitted that 1"
was frightened, but he said ho put
forwurd as strong a bluff as he could,
anawered tlin man In tho vocabulary
the other hud used, and stood his
ground. Ho then railed 10 a frlond In
tho room and asked him if be had
heard the threat. The friend said ho
had. and would "stand by" him. The
mater of tho threat thereupon slunk
out of tbo courtroom.
Since he got the stay for tho taking
of testimony at Hot Springs, Mr. Me
latyro Buys he has received some
where around 20 threatening letters.
Akmont without exception they
threaten him with death if Lieuten
ant Becker la acquitted. Mr. Mcln
tyre has uolifled the poBtofflce deport
tent of the letters and also has call
ed them to the attention of the police
Jack Rose's Remarkable Tale.
Jack Ronf, self-confessed tool of
lieutenant Becker, told a remarkable
story of Becker's keen interest in the
dttii of noeonthnl. "I asked Lieu
tenant Becker why it had taken him
so long to (vt down town after I had
reported to him that Rosenthal had
bm& hi Hod." said Rose. "His anawor
Columbus, 0 Oct. 14. Secretary
t State Charles H. Graves today is
hearing the protest against Us
facing of the name ef Alosrt Doug
las, Republican candidate for eon
cress In the Eleventh district, on the
I'ull Moose ticket. Douglas raises a
new point, claiming that the protests
against the appearance of his name
twice on the ballot were net filed la
the five-day period provided by law.
It la eoaUnded agtlMt the Douglas
a that the ave.er fetied far AUal
Testified That Becker Insti
gated the Rosenthal Murder.
l'hotn liy American ircm AuRoclntton.
jvns that he had none by the police
station. 1 then asked if he had
Viewed tho body of Rosenthal. Beck
er mild: 'it was the most pleasing
light I have ever seen the sight ot
ll.nt HnucalliiK . If It was not
for the presence of District Attorney
Whitman there I would have reachou
town and cut out his tongue and
Lung 11 up as a warning to nil squeal
irs.' "
Oik; of the sensational disclosures
mndo was tho fact that "Big Jack'
Zellg, who was murdered 10 dnys ago,
would have been an Important wit-
' rest! at the trial had he lived.
I liuuc swore tbat Becker Bent Zellg
money while the gang leader was in
the Tombs in order to command the
I strvkeH of the gunmen who wero
' subsequently retained to assassinate
1 Herman Rosenthal. Rose told ot
! hiring the gray murder car and gave
the names of Its occupants. "I want
Rosenthal croaked," ho quoted Beck
er as saying.
Shoots Colored Woman.
Wr.-jhlugton C. H,, O., Oct. 14. As
a result of five Millet wounds inflicted
by un assailant, Mrs, Hargravem, 30,
tolored, Is In n dying condition. Booth
Cole, 30, also colored, is accused of
the shooting and Is hold in jail Jecl
I Busy was the causa of the shooting.
pretests is merely directory up to
within 30 days before the election,
the time when nil nominations must
be filed, and at the end of the period
for making nominations It become
Drank Poison.
Kenton. 0 Oct, 14. Despondent
.because, his former wife, who di
vorced hlro recently, was married.
Jesse Shields, 26, drjvnk poison at the
hour of the marriage and wlU die..
',"" hKi
st V .s'. rf,
f.t; M'?siv&--H'U?K4"
'I',.'.v-,fhb iy ,'t'i'7 .)", iibi . ssasssssssa t .. u' M'saiAAivt I iir -hiisbu.. ?jgr .tan: k - w-",,,.
mm &i.Mei.
fjCk'E JURY G0IN6TD1UNCH Tl Ml WT mM&m2m
jOita BY.antgKawparts rtStKatior
New York, Oct.14 Though a Jury
was selected within lets than four
days and considerable progress has al
ready been made In the trial of Police
Lieutenant Charles Becker for the
nurder of Herman Rosenthal, the Indi
cations are that the trial will not be
Inlched for several weeks. John F.
Mclntyre, chief counsel for Bcker,
:ross examines each of the state's wit
nesses fully. Indeed he has been stop
ped several times by Justice Goff, who
rules that no useful purpose can be
served by long quizzing. The twelve
men who are listening to the testi
mony will be virtual prisoners during
the trial. They will take their lunch
sons together under the guard of of
ficers at a restaurant near the' crimin
al courts building and will get their
other meals and sleep at the Murray
Hill hotel. Lloyd B. Stryker and Geo.
W. Whiteside are associated wiih Mr.
Mclntyre In the defense. .
New York, Oct. 14. President and
Mrs. Tatt and their guests arrived
here at noon on the Mayflower from
Beverly, Mass. Today and Tuesday
tbey will participate in the review cf
tho big American fleet now in tho
Knslgn Andes Hnlley Butler, U., 8.
N was drowned In tho Hudson river
while returning with three fellow-
White Plains, N. Y.. Oct. 14. John
O. McGutre, a young butler who has
been indicted by the Westchester
county grand jury for the t murder ot
his employer, Senior H. Starrett of
Now Rochelle, Is determined to mako
a bitter fight for his life, no baa en
gaged Charles H. Nixon, a woU-fcnown
criminal lawyer of New Rochelle, to
defend him. His defense win bo that
Columbus. O., Oct. 14. It In likely
that Crovor Cleveland Shaver, who
killed liftiilu C. Powell, in the pres
ince of Shaver's sweetheart, Miss
flludya Powell, sister of the dead
fcian, will be charged with man
Daughter. Ids statement to tl.o po
lice, confirmed by that of Miss Pow-
II, Indicates that ho stabbed Powell.
?. ttuck gurdonnr. In soU-dofenso.
Farmhand Found Dead.
Portsmouth, O.. Oct. 14. The dead
body or Wllllum Tldd, CO, a faun
Iand, waft fodnii on the hankw of tho
Soloto river. It 1b thought Tldd fell
lrom u ' N. & W. railroad bridge
kbtle on hi way home.
flttarVaa i Wifl&u ywMftl
rvBi,&'7.7i'i..i 'jr,v i -aiaBHiSBH-.- -,sMiisjsss'9lj
.':.? :mmlalm .m&emB.jmMmmmmMmMmMBMmmmMmmmm
I KsB,tiflnsSiKilB WlsE?ssssssssssssi1rassssssssssssssssss!
v''iiiHb-'iIiIIIW I'ajf'i iv
K .WBlBT BSeaBleBBlJty iVt" i gJJa
officers to his post on the battleship
Rhode Island,
In another accident on the rlvor
six sailors from the battleship Maine
rescued 11 persaiiB from drowning. It
k estimated tnat 200,000 sightseers,
mauy attracted from romoto soctlons
of tho country, boarded tho lnrgor
ships of tho fleet, and that moru than
1,500,000 persons viewed the fleet
from thorc.
he bud a brainstorm and did not
rcallzo what he was doing. He will
probably bo placed on trial before
Justice Morschauser next month.
McQulre was employed as lmtler
fa the Sterrctt home and because 'or
lleged incompetency Mr. Starrett
discharged him. He returned to tho
rome during the night and shot Mr.
Starrett, while ho was lying sick in
Ctolumbus, O., Oct. 14. It was re
ported )t a meeting of Ipcst Crooks
that DO members of that nationality
from here are ruxdy to bear arms In
tho prospective war with Turkey.
Tho sum of $1,800 (ib a war fund was
raised la a few. minutes.
Motorman Killed.
Columbus, 0., Oct. 14. Charles W.
Mclutlre, 4S, wan killed In u head-on
colllolnu between two streetcars, due
to fog. Thinking he had already
pnsi-ed a car on a turn-out, Mclntlre
won) ahead Jn the fog and crashod
Into, the car. Tea passengers were
t Kuire or less injured.
autWft.. , tftfJSfet.,w,'','U1M-J 'nl.-. rillVw.)..t ....Wy
Columbus, O., Oct. 1,4. The state
t-oard of health appointed a veterina
rian to spend all of his time In north
western Ohio, inoculating swine with
erum manufactured by the Htate,
With which to tight hog cholera. Tho
(ilseasc has broken out In that section
tl the state and Is especially bad In
Putnam and Alien counties.
Oberlln, O., Oct. 14. August Straus,
clothing merchant and vice president
If the Oberlln hank, wa? held up by
Jwo highwaymen, v.jio beat him so
lercly about the hiacl,' took his dia
mond ring and $300 In cash.
Columbus. O.. Oct. 14. Prank Tier
ney of Sandusky was returned to the
penitentiary for violation ot the condi
tions ot his parole. According to bis
onfefltdon he took the chances of
saving to serve 18 years in the peni
tentiary in order to get a glass of
champagne and n sardine sandwich.
With two companions he broke Into a
saloon at Sandusky, hla home, to get
the vlandfi.
Follows Son's Examole.
Columbus, O., Oct. 11. Following
the exnmplo of his son, Samuel Wil
liams, Jr., who committed suicide In a
Toledo hotel a year ago over a love
affair, Samuel Williams, 43, shot and
hilled hliiKSelf. Ill health is attributed
as the cause. Ho had been out of
work since last July. The father of
Williams is said to have committed
fulclde in this city several years ago.
Cubans Will Not Be Given an Oppor
tunity to Gloat.
Washington, Oct. 14. An after
ath of an assault upon Hugh Gib
ion, charge d'affaires of the Amert
ran lesatlon In Havana, by a Cuban
newspaper reporter, came In tho an
nouncement at tho state department
that Mr. Ulbson's appointment to be
secretary of legation at Brussels has
been revoked and ho is reappointed
secretary at Havana. Arthur M.
Ueaupre, minister to Cuba, in a re
cent vIbII to the department, pointed
out that the transfer of Mr. Gibson
would furnish the Cubans who had
bery. attacking him and his govern
ment through the press an opportu
nity to gleat
Tacoma, Wash,, Oct. 14.. Dr.
Elliott and George Bowes consld-
er themselves $30,000 richer be-
cause they were delayed half an
hour In Seward, Alaska, harbor
by n whale that apparently was
" In distress. When the whale de-
parted he left floating o.i the sur-
face of the water nine lumps of
ambergris, strung together, weigh-
lng 62 pounds. The two men har-
vested the crop and say It is
worth $40 nn ounce.
Murdcrerand BurglarDlscovered
Near Ptqua on a Freight.
Columbus, O., Oct 14. William
Barnegraff and Georgo Washington,
the latter colored, two of the four
prisoners who escaped from the peni
tentiary Saturday, were captured at
Plqus. They were aboard a freight
train, tho crew of which recognized
them from published descriptions.
They telephoned ahead of the train's
arrival at Plqua and the men were
Barnegraff Is serving a life sen
tence on a murder charge, following
conviction In Butler county, Wash
ington is a Jackson county burglar,
serving 2f years. The men effected
their escape by means of the peniten
tiary sewer, which they followed un
til they reached a city sewer.
Clyde Stratton, Williams county,
burglar, and James Neal, Lucas coun
ty, burglar, are still at large..
C.lttlf Itrcclptn, 1,000 head: bcovsi,
5 r.iHTtl SO: Tex.-n utwrr, tl M06 00:
nctern sImtk. 15 SOfS 90; stnckirs anil
feeder. I0JT7 Ssrt: i'0 and liclfn
2 PU0S 10; calve. J" ROfrlO K0.
Hep Receipt. 7,000 head: llsht, J? 70
ff9 3r.; mixed. S 7509 4214 henvy. J6 60
ft9 in; rough, IS r.OQS SO: Ilso. J5 OOtf
8 10
Sheep and I.nmbi Receipts. 1,000
head: imtlvo hrii, t" ;!ft4 SO: western,
IQfiM Ul: yuaillncii, U :3E 35: n-itlvo
lam)j. $1 50WC SO: wentrrn. 14 7r.dO a5.
AVhc.it No. 2 red, 1 0)fl nV. Corn
No. X I.3i;i6t'i:. Oats No. 2 white.
Cattle 1'trelpts, S curs; export cot
tie, js ".Sff'j -j" ihlpplnc stwrc, S nusji
8 33;- liutcher Htror.i. 17 25fi8 25: liolforo,
$5 0O7 50; fat cor.-. Jl "r.flG 25; bulls,
SI :i?j6 25; millur.s and Hprtnffeni. 130 00
75 no; calve 110 0010 37.
lloi Hecilpt., 25 cars; heavies. 'J9 40
f9 50; medium-, C :.O09 40; Yorlters,
J9 20ff? 35; pie. ' 50; roughs, S 2I1J
40; nines. $3 50ff"r7 BO.
Sheep and Ijjrnl ItecelptK. 15 car;
yearllaps. U OOsff. 50; ncttien, 41 75
5 00; mUcd iilieep. 1 2374 50; cwon, I U
I 00; lamlw, S3 0nr7 15.
FlTTflm'llO, PA., OCT. 12.
Cattle Supply IIkIH: choice, 9 00
OS 25; prime, $8 IfljfS S3; tidy butchers.
K 5fl6'7 25: liolfcu, 4 00 ft 7 00; cow a and
bullH. S3 OQtiO 00: froth con, 130 00ft
55 00; c;lep, JS 01W1I 00.
Helen Kwelpts. 23 rami heavy hogn,
19 339 40; heavy mixed S9 S0JJ9 35;
mediums, S9 2l4f9 23; heavy Yorkers,
J9 00fT9 20: llBht Yorkers, IS 00JTS 73;
plirs. J7 007 50.
Sheep nd I,tmli Supply lUht: prim
wfttioiN. St :!5B1 50J 8"'"i mixed, J4 00
Ji4 25; fair mixed, M .'n3 S5; lambs,
l S0b 1"
riNCINNATI, O., OCT. 12.
CnttW- ltccelpis, 71 hend; utoers,
S4 2SfS 00; heifers. JT 3')(ffC 50; cows,
2 25tf5 73; eilvn. II Sii1 75,
Hos ltccelpis, 3,795 hcd; pnclcrs.
K 23f(9 23; commnn sows, SO 50(78 50;
pies nnd llKhts, II 001 SO; stags, 14 SO
l'7 75.
9hioii nnd T.ambs ltecclpls, 1,300 head;
Sheep, SI :.'.3 50; l.iinbi, IS 50W7 83.
Wheat-No. 2 red. SI 021 04. Corn
No. 2 mixed. i3tf6Hc O.tts No. S
mixed, 34Vj735o.
Pntth Kocelpts, 200 head; choice fat
nteei-N, SS tOtiS 75; wood to cholca steers,
17 2M;S 00. heifers, 14 2507 00; fnt bulls,
IS rOfi 50: cowh, 13 00n5 SO; milkers
find Kinirwris, $J5 0i?f0 00; cnlves, 110 00
' (10 50.
llnH- necelpls, 3,000 head; heavies,
$1 2(i; mediums, S !0l Yorkers, S3 00;
llshi Vorkei-H, S8 50; pica, SI 90; roughs,
li 25: Htaps, 17 73.
Rlitep mid Ijxtulw rtceelptR 804 liead:
oliolou spilrc lam oh. Id 60O 75.
Wheiit, II 09i: corn, 7Mo; nil, Me;
lvisl, ia M.
- st - " - '"! - ' iUti'v'.''fUHAvj:&'vji'H!l)d
lurksfi Empire Hi fuses
Italian Terns Of Pence
Ualfs Demands, If Accepted
Would Demoralize Army.
Ultimatum ef the Balkan Allien
Handed to Representatives of tht
Porte at Sofia, Belgrade and Atlv
ens Montenegrins Splendid Wars
rlora, but Their Equipment Is Re-,
ported Appallingly Inadequate.
Paris, Oct.' 14. The time limit
within which Turkey must accept tho
pcaco terms offered by Italy will ex
pire on Tuesday. It Is believed la
official circles that Turkey will refusa
to accede to the terms, as their a
ceptanco on the eve of a Balkan war
would demoralize the array.
Tho ultimatum or the allies to Tar
key was handed to the representa
tives of the porto at Sofia, Belgrade,
and Athens. Turkey Is allowed until
Oct 15 to reply. This unusual pro
cedure was mude necessary owing to,
tho fact that the Turkish censorship
prohibits the sending of code mes
sages over the telegraph lines, and
this made it impossible to Instruct
tl.e representatives of the allies at
ConBtantluopIc' to present the ultimatum-there.
A correspondent who has been with
tl.o Montenegrin army on the frontier
for the lact few days telegraphs as
fellows from Cattaro:
"The fighting spirit of the Monte
negrins is admirable, but the tragedy
of their Inadequate war equipment la
aprallliiK- Podgoritza is on the vergo
of starvation. There Is only enough
nmlze to feed the army until the end
or October.
"Nearly a thousand men have al
ready been killed and wounded. The
fighting takes place on a vast moun
tain slope and anybody who is hit
falls among tho rocks. There is no.
proper ambulance, service to find tho
wounded nnd no time to attend to th
dead. Many wounded die because
they have-not been found nnd attend
ed to. There are hundreds of wound
ed In the Podgorltza hospital.
"Bvcryman between the ages of IS
and G5 Is on the firing line, and tho
women convey the ammunition and
food to tin1 front In bullock wagons,"
Dream of Christians.
There Is a romantic, touch to tho
Balkan situation, for the Christiana
nil dream of the day when Cpnatantl
I'oplc, tho capital, which briars tho
name of the ilrst Christian emperor,
and which was once tho capital of a
Christian world empire, shall b
wrested from the Turk and shall
again be a Chrlutlan city.
Bulgaria, which, like tho other con
tending statex, was once subject to
Turkey, became wholly Independent
In 1308. Out of 4.000,000 population,
ull but 500,000 are Christians.
A romewhat analogous conditio)
exists in Greece, which has 2,500,001.
population almost wholly Christian
King Ueorge Is a member of tho Ln
thcran church, but his successor must
belong to the Creek orthodox faith
Little Montenegro has been free from
Turkish ml longer than either Bui.
garia or Greece, nnd of Its quarter
million Inhabitants more than 200,000
are orthodox Greeks, while 10,000 are
ltomun Catholics and 14,000 Moslems,
Servla, which separated from Turkey
in 1S7S, ' has 2,500,000 inhabitants,
practically all of whom are of the
Greek orthodox faith, governed by a
i-ynod of bishops.
Columbus, O., Oct. 14. Hocco Lo,
ecchla, an Italian, condemned to die
ra tho penitentiary annex, was grant
ed n reprieve by Governor Harmon,
Ills execution Is postponed from Oct,
15 to Nov. 15. Loveccbla and a com
panion are under death sentence for
the murder of a fellow countryman
on Hello's Island, in Lake Erie.
. l

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