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SMMBjBM MBBKTi..n. mi mi i in m.mmt 'in iTii imrm
Jt Haasfleld By' Man Said
Ti Be A Professional
Dwelled Up The Dentists In
That Gity For $200
litered One Office By Way
Of The Transom
M At Another Place Enter
ed Through The Door
lily The Most Valuable
Articles Were Stolen
A wan, h up posed to bt profcH
irioual dental robber, visited Maim
3leld Tucmlny iileht and Wednesday,
taking away with lilm about $200
worth of dentnl Huppllcn tmyH tho
MnnHfluld News. Tho llrHt dcntlnt to
discover anything wrong, wiih Dr. O.
W. DoCamp In tho King building.
When ho went to unlock Ills door
Wednesday mornliiK. ho found tho
door wau open and also found broken
IWrH of wood lyltiK on tho floor.
Upon oxamlmtloii, Dr. DeCamp found
Uiat bin dentnl olllco had been enter
rd UirouRh the transom. Tho brack
clu holding the trniiHom had been
broken or pried from the wood and
ntranco had been Rained that way.
Tito door had then been unlocked
Croat tho liwltlo and was loft open
nvbon tho Intruder left. Tho Htrnngo
ill Inp about thin olllco-brunklng Ih
xbat Dr. DoCamp can llnd nothliiK
xjIkhIiij; from his olllce.
Tho next dontlnt to discover ho had
bwn vlhltod In the night was Dr. W.
II. Walford, HUcceHHor to Dr. Fred
WoollUlo In tho lilymer building. Dr.
"WoKon! thinks the thief entered IiIh
-DfHctt by tho door leading Into tho
-Jntll. Dr. Wolford reports ho had ?.r,fj
'worth of bridge work, Just completed
and ready to go out, and tills wau tak-
vu. Ho put tho work In a cabinet
drawet Monday evening hut Just be-
"foro leaving the olllce, ho Hays ho
thought ho had bettor put ti in a
Horn secure place, bo ho changed the
bridges to another drawer In tho
uno cabinet and put a cloth over
Cbcm. He also found that $:i0 worth
uf pinto gold, !i worth of solder, V
trortli or platinum, $1 worth of steel
Tracings and 9 worth of pellet gold
"ud1jeen taken.
Dr. Heibort West did not discover
-until Wodnoadny afternoon that ho
"hud been robbed and ho thinks tho
robbery wan one while ho was at
lunch Wednesday. Dr. West, who
Js located In tho Dlckiion building,
always locks the door leading Into
lilu dental olllco, when ho goes to
Juucli, but leaves the door leading
'.from the hall to tho reception loom
jmiii. Dr. Wcht's olllce Ih Just ncroHH
4ha hull from the olllco or Constable
Jtan Knley but he saw nothing. Dr.
WKt cHtlmateH his loss at fully $100,
"in gold crowns, gold ami platinum.
Ilo IttiH no doubt lint that the man or
hum, vero professional dental thlevcH
jih they Hult'cted only llii most vnl
vublo articles and left the cheaper
'4nca, Tho dontlHls are not insured
AjauiHt burglary,
Tho dentists have no clue to tho
roblxirles. Dr. DnCniun and Dr. Wol
Jer4 wuie called on by a man whom
tfc.ir iloticribo the same and tho form
wc thought the Htrnuger acted rnther
peculiar. Ilo managed to get it
frrtly good Idea of the olllce, claim
Jsmi to bo selling mipplles and repairs,
"Wbu Dr. DeCumii refused to buy,
unyn tho follow became angry Ho
tolled on Dr. Wolford, but did not
exet into the olllco. A man supposed
u the Hume, called on Dr. West
mm dii iiomo mending for him but
Sir. West feels that tho man wiih ull
IU. So fur as reported, these were
t only olllces entered.
Muster IMgar Coutcr, son of Mrs.
Assy router of this city, Ih sorlously
111 with dlptherla In Cleveland. Ills
another bus been at bis bedside for
jwrurul days,
7r Iifuis aai Children.
Be! Um
T' . i .
'.N , W t Ivft
IC'JU ,?
-ifr ,.
Lieutenant Governor Helped Secure
Progresilve Legislation.
"For lieutenant governor the
Democrats have renominated
Hugh L. Nichols of Clermont
county. Mr. Nichols some years
ago served as a state senator,
making a creditable record as a
competent representative. When
Atlee Pomerene was elected Unit
ed States senator Nichols was ap
pointed lieutenant governor, and
so came to serve as presiding offi
cer of the senate during the last
session of the general assembly.
Nichols was a forceful factor In
securing clean, progressive legis
lation during that winter and ren
dered an unquestioned public ser
vice by his courageous stand. It
was his courage and alertness
that saved the public utilities bill
and prevented Its mutilation. H's
fighting qualities were used for
the Interest of the people at all
times. It was his record and ser
vice that brought about his nom
ination this year after he had ex
pressed a desire to retire from
public life." Clovclnud Plain
Dealer, Kept, 20.
LaFolletfe Scorches Third Term
er With Burnlne Charges,
United States Senator Hobort M.
LaFollette, the pioneer progressive of
Wisconsin, ban blistered tho Third
Term party movotnent with sizzling
charges made against tho leader of
the organization.
In tho lust Issue of his weekly mag
nzlno Senator LaFollctto declared
that Itoosevelt la engaged with
Ucorgo W. l'erklns, steel trust mag
nate, and others, In a form of cam
pulgn conspiracy, which la founded
on fraud and pretenses for vote catch
ing, which makes tho "stolen nomina
tion" fade Into Insignificance
Hero are soma of tho Indictment)!
brought by Senator LaPdllotta against
tbe candidate seeking a third term:
Roosevelt's confession of faith
la a confession of guilt.
Roosevelt is In a conspiracy
with Perkina and other to catch
votes by fraud.
Third Termer offered to let La
Follette write every word of the
platform If he (LaFollette) would
get out of the race.
LaFollette refused, because he
believe Roosevelt to be a fake
During seven year In the
White House Roosevelt did noth
ing to reduce tariff duties.
"How do you stand on me?" Is
Roosevelt's sole test of qualifica
tion for a Progressive.
When Roosevelt became presi
dent there were 149 trusts In the
United States. When he turned
the office over to Taft there were
10,020 corporations In combina
tions. Roosevelt remaina silent on the
overcapitalization of railroads and
Industrial organizations, because
he otherwise would loss the finan
cial support of Perkins, McCor
mlck and other trust magnates.
Ono of the most Important parts of
tho article In devoted to attempt
which Itoosevelt made to get LaFol
lette to withdraw In his favor from
the race for tho ltepubllcan nomina
tion. The negotiations wero, carried
on through a group of senators mid
others friendly to LaFollette, to whom
Itoosevelt Intrusted tho messago that
If ho wore nominated LaKolletto could
writo the platform, and that not a sin
gle comma of the original draft would
bo clmngud.
LaFollntte's reasons for his refusal
to go Into the deal promise to match
In current luteroat Henry Clay's "I'd
rnther ho right than bo presldont."
Ilrlefly they woro that Hnosevelt was
a fake progressive, and that ho would
violate pledgcR made In a platform
as easily as ho violated his plodga
against a third form.
Governor Woodrow Wilson has thus
listed tho difference between tho Dem
ocratic and Kopubllrau parties:
"The Republican party has been In
complete control of the govern
ment the greater part of the last
fifty years; it bus fostered every
special Interest, every body of
capital that desired to sxplolt the nat
ural resources or use the labor of the
country to build up wealth. Its argu
ment has been: 'First lake care of
the Interests, and then the interests
will take care ot the common people;
first make big business prosperous,
and then big business will mako the
masses prosperous; first take vast
sums or money out of the pockets of
the people In the shape of tariff exac
tions and make everything they buy
more expensive, uud then pay it -back
to them, In part, Iu wages.' The doc
trine of tho Democratic party Iibh al
ways been, on the other baud, that
tho aim of government must first
bo to make the musses prosperous,
and that tho Interests will then pros
per as a natural consoqueuco; that
the peoplo must ttrst be taken cars
of, and theu the Interests will be able
to look out for themselves; that the
only right government la that whleU
Cobs no one, but protects all,"
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sW- iaiaLflH WlWHaB!
'' -'aSaataC'' VJaJHsaaaaa.
Ibbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbv. f aBaSBaBaH
BBBBBBBsaWL LttLjtjtjtjtjtjtjtBBBml
CHARLES W. HAYES, Democratic
Candidate for Second Term as
Clerk of Court
During his first term of service as
clerk of court, Charles W. Hayes has
demonstrated his efficiency In dis
charging the duties of the olllco. A
practically perfect system prevails in
the olllce, and none of tho work Is al
lowed to lag, so that all records arc
kept right up to dato. Not only Is this
true, but tho records aro models of
nealncsH. Attorneys and alt other per
sons having business In the clerk's of
fice have always received prompt at
tention and courteous treatment and
every possible assistance has been
rendered them by Charley Hayes.
The full virtue that applies to giving
n faithful public officer a second term,
applies with full force In the caso of
Mr. Hayes, as his administration of
tho olllce of clerk of court has been in
every way highly satisfactory.
Address To Elks To Be De
livered By Supreme
Judge Donahue
Judge M. A. Donahue, of tho su
preme court, of Ohio, haB been so
cur?d to deliver the address at the
Kills annual memorial service in this
city tho first Sunday In December.
Judge Donahuo Is no strnngor In Mt.
Vernon, having been circuit Judge in
this district and having been In this
city on numerous occasions. Ho Is
n brilliant speaker and a. cordial In
vitation will bo extended the public
to hear him nt tho IClks' homo the
ll rat Sunday evening In December.
01 Gambler Man for Defraud
ing A Livery Stable Keeper'
Victor Snow of Gambler wbb arrest
ed Thursday nfternoon on a warrant
swoni nut before Mayor I'errlne by
L. Voinnn, also of Gambler, charging
him wit it defrauding a livery stable
keeper. Ho was arraigned before tho
mayor Immediately after his arrest
and paid tho claim of $1 and tho
costs, Ilo was released.
Sustained By A Gambler Man
In B. & 0. Wreck
K. I. Adams of Gambler, railway
mall elerk, llgured Iu tho wreck of
pas-euger No. 14 nt Chicago Junction
Thursday morning. Ho was on duty
In tiie mall car at tho tlmo but es
caped unions lujury. Ills head was
Miss Mary Briggs
Miss .Mary llrlggs died at the
home of her nelce, Mrs. Kugeno
Ilenoy, at Owosso, Michigan, Thurs
day morning after u long illness, She
was over 70 years of age. MIrb Drlggs,
formerly resided In Mt. Vernon and
was ii daughter ot KIlBhn Hrlggs,
deceased, who was a pattern maker
ut tho Cooper Works and was a deac
on Hi the Mt. Vernoirllnptlst church
for many years. The remains will bo
brought to .Mt, Vernon and tho fun
eral services will be held hero Sat
urday afternoon at 1! o'clock, Itov.
11. II. Hurley olllcliitlug. Interment
111 Mound View cemetery.
Mr. mid Mis. l.ymuu I'nrrlsh nnd
Mr, und Mrs, Karl Spcrry of Mt. Ver
nuu attended tho Loudonvllle fall
sfiLniMh f'irikAXM laiaW
Indicted Solon Desires To
Make Clean Breast
Volunteers to Make Important
Disclosures to Prosecution.
Franklin County Prosecutor Declines,
However, to Accept Revelations on
a Contingent Basis Other Assem
bly Boodlero Express Willingness
to Get In Out of the Wet Grand
Jury to Be Called Monday Week.
Columbus, O., Oct, 12. Prosecutlnl
Attorney Turner received an offor ot
a confession 'from an Indicted state
senator, who volunteered to make
valuable disclosures in tho event he
was promised Immunity from tne
penitentiary. He said he would be
willing to accept tho maximum line,
sut balked at the prison.
Prosecuting Attorney Turner, how
tver, would not accept the disclosures
n a contingent basis. He feels cer
tain that this particular senator can
oc imprisoned, especially In view of
Iho confession this week of Repro
senatlvu Nye, tho alleged ringleader
in legislative bribery.
Knowledge gnlncd since the Nye
revelatlonB that other assembly bood
lers would bo willing to put tho pros
ecutor in possession ot Information
that would convict sovornl of tho
business men and politicians who
have been buying legislators for
years, led Mr. Turner to postpone
calling tho grand Jury Monday as ex
pected. This will bo vostponed one
It was learned that Representative
A. Clark Lowry of Lawrence county,
one of those Indicted In 1911 and not
yet brought to trial, hardly will live
to faco a court. He Is said to be
hopelessly 111.
Mrs. Rodnoy J. DIcgel, wifo of the
senate sergoant-at-arras now in the
penitentiary, says Dr. Nye Is mis
taken In some of his assertions, es
pecially that outsiders aro keeping
Dlegel'8 family as a reward for his
remaining silent.
Muuliogcp, Okla.. Oct. 12. The
state bank of Council Hill, Okla., was
lobbed or about 1 2,000 nnd a party of
liounted bandits escaped after a run
Mug light with cltizeus.
nnllnger, Tex., Oct. 12. Nows
reached hero of u cyclone which
Iwept the northwestern part of this
county. It destroyed residences nnd
tther farm buildings and wrecked tho
Presbyterian church at llorton.
: DR. 0. O. ORIDER .
: Veterinary Surgeon. :
: Graduate . Licensed
S Olllco and rosldonco corner J
s Gambler and Mulberry sts. Calls
I answoied day or night. Both
t 'phonos, Cltlzons' 173 bluo; Uell
? r.ow.
Meetings for the cxaralnatloa ot
'teacherB will be held at the
Mt. Vernon, Ohio.
Tho first Saturday ot every mont
Pupils' Examination
Tho third Saturday ot April nnd the
third Saturday in May. Examlnatlos
will commence at 8:00 o'clock a. m
Address all communications to the
Cleik or Hoard ot Examiners,
Organization of bnard:
J. S. AI.AN, President,
Mt. Vernon, Ohio.
U. I.. JONES, V. President, -
'i&ttifol&WUt' V0l'"0n '0hl
raMWY..Clork; Democracy, Ohio.
Wilson Stands For a
Will You Stand By Him?
Woodrow Wilson is a vastly different order of man than you find among the ranks of many good men In
practical political life.
Woodrow Wilson is not among the great majority of politicians and business men, otherwise estimable
characters, who believe that the end justifies the means, who are honest in a commercial or political sense.
The candidate of the progressive voters of the country not only does not believe in the doctrine of
anything to win," but he insists on plain old fashioned honesty in every detail of his campaign.
Woodrow Wilson proposes to win on the merits of his candidacy and platform or not at all.
"Clean hands or no fight" is Wilson's ultimatum to his supporters throughout the country.
No Tainted Money For Wilson
Not a dollar of questionable money will be spent to elect Woodrow Wilson.
The Democratic National Committee is heart and soul in accord with the candidate's views.
And the corrupting influences, with no political faith, casting about to win a foothold in the new govern
ment with bribes of ill-gotten gains, have despaired of reaching Wilson or his campaigners.
(They have gone to the enemy, whoever that enemy may be. It is a matter of common knowledge duf
the 'Interests" are using all their political funds to defeat Wilson.
This makes it your fight.
What the Amerloan People Need to Know
The people have constantly made the mistake of believing that this is a money-ridden nation.
Such is only the case insofar as the People fail to get together and so permit the few to control the dishonest
representatives they, by mistake, elect to office.
The actual money power of the People is still greater than that of the Interests.
The Progressive People of the country, if they get together, can buy and sell the Corrupting Influences
and destroy their financial power.
So Woodrow Wilson and his managers believe that not only is it the only clean method but the most
practical method for the Progressive People of the country to supply the Woodrow Wilson Campaign Fuad.
The People to Fight With THEIR Dollars
This year a popular president is to be elected with the People's money.
The Woodrow Wilson Campaign Fund is to be collected from the rank and file of the Progressive Voters
of the country.
The bills of the Democratic National Committee are to be paid, not with the thousands of the Interests,
but with the individual dollars of the earnest, eager voters who desire clean, efficient government and who are
willing to help Wilson as he wants to be helped.
Money thus needed Is not spent in improper ways or in any manner similar to the way In which the funds of the
Interests are disbursed'
Hut we have to tell the voters of the country about Woodrow Wilson. We have to tell them what he has done.
We have to tell them what he stands for. Wc have to point out to them the important planks In his platform. All this
means that to hold up our end we will be obliged to spend as much money as those who oppose us.
This means that every man or woman who believes in Wilson should be willing: to contribute to his cause.
Let the supporters of Wilson help us to spread the Wilson gospel to the four winds.
Let the Progressive Voters battle this year with their pocketbooks as well as their ballots.
We Solicit Popular Subscriptions Can You Give From $1 to $20?
Of course, you can and you are glad to support the cause in this way.
Practically every voter can afford to give $1 to aid the Wilton Campaign. A great many can give 13. A great
many can give $5. And there are lots and lots of progressive voters who will be eager to donate from $10 to 130.
These are the kind o( contributions we want.
And we will be proud to receive from thousands, who can only afford II, their $1 contributions. We want to hear
from every man who has a dollar to give.
This year thr man with the dollar must defeat the government traducer who spends his thousands,
Qet Club Subscriptions
If you know many Wilson men, il you work among many Wilson men, head a list with your name aud money and
get the others to join you with their subscriptions.
Then send your list with the money to C. R, Crane, Vice Chairman, Finance Committee, Democratic National
Committee, IKX) Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.
No loyal Wilson man can do more than this to assure Wilson's victory at the polls in November.
How to Contribute to the Wilson
Campaign Fund
Sign the Coupon opposite and fill In the amount you lire.
Then sitacn your money to this Coupon nd mall today to tbe
addreas ulven on tbe Coupon.
Imu all chaclu, money craWa mod aMrM all contribution
to C R. Cran. Vies Caelrmaa, Flaaaca Caaunitta. DamacraUe
National Commit!., NO Mkhlsca Afian, Cfckace, IU.
Tben write a letter to thta paper clrintf your name a a con
tributor nnd utailn- your reaaoas way you belief Woodrow
Wilson should be elected Pmlaent ot the United States. Is this
way you will be lifted as a Wilton eontrlbator. A Souyealr Re
ceipt, handsomely lltbosraphed.well worth framing-, will be tent
you. Your letter will help la the flfht by enoouracins your trlead.
Do arery thins you ean to hold Wilton's beads Is Us elan
aampalca rat U people wao ate the work ana Of bUas .of la
toontrm. i
CotTflkl Hart fctb.irjcr U V.t
YOUNG AMERICA Clothing House
I. BOSENTHALL, Prop. The Big Store on the Corner Main and Vine Sts.
Sliurldan, Wyo., Oct. VJ Thq mi
mial convention of tho Wyoming or
ganization of tho Woman's Christian
Temperuiice Union waa opened here
today with an attendance ot delegates
from all part of -the State. The ses
sions of, jhe (gathering will continue
until next Tuesday.
Ta 0. R. eUM. ties Cllhil. nasaes CMawatltts,
iw nnwniii imaai HHinn, v nwswswn M l
dldtey ef Wmo Wllaoa fr PrmMsat of rk United Mllii.ul to thtaaSehat
a may tak the oflle ri-liit4,ntrmmwall,ii aMWrataa t ttltkmttfc
pMplf Iho country, I with I Mtulbut tkroafh ya tk sum of S. ....mm
towtrd tb stitM of 0t . Wilton' ctnplgn.
I-IIm" .....................................
Address ', , , ,
R.F.D Stat
Endorsed by
OME in any day and see what
we have, whether you want
to buy or not. You're welcome.
Beginning now we are able to
offer you complete stocks.
Fall Suits
and Overcoats in all the
j latest styles. Prices
$10.00 to $30.00. Come
in and see them.
Armor Plate Hose
Now York, Oct. 12 Tiio.lnlUnl per
formance or "The DniiRliteiB of
Heaven", tho Chinese plBy by Pierre
Lotl and Judith Qaiitler, was given
beforo an audience that completely
tlllud the Century Theatro this after
Woodrow Wilson Campaign Fund
at a brlltrtr la tk rTan Mnlt of gntrnewat NsmnM ta Ska aw.
The latest patterns and
colorings in shirts.
Beautiful Cravats, 25c
Newest styles in hats.
Sweaters in all grades
and Colors.
for Men and Boys
noon. 1'lorro Lotl, ono of tho au
thora of tho play, attoniled tho per
formance. ,
, .
Mr. K. A- .'ones or UiIh city baa tak
en 34 oil uud gas teases In Jeffersou.
Worthlngton and Washington town
ships, Tho latter two townships ar
In Hlchlaud county.

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