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Vice President James Schoolcraft
; Sherman Passes Away
" I
fmr Rallies ud Pisses From
Coma to Death.
President Taft Notified (mmedi-
ilely of the Death of His Run
ning Mate-last Moments of
Sumy Jim Described Dy the
Family Fhysician.
Vtlca,,N. T., Oct 31. James School
raft Sherman, vice president of the
Halted States, died at his home la
l$Sr&tyn i:4Z o'clock, test night
The vice president, who lapsed Into a
state of coma. Tuesday afternoon,
safer rallied, and- passed frottr neea-'
sclousncss to death.
Dr.. P. H. Peck Issued this state
ment concerning the last moments of
he vice president:
""Tni vice president died at t:
i. bl, without regaining conscious
aess. Hia end was perfectly quiet
ate died in the presence of his wife,
tor brother and sister, his two broth
era and his 'three sons and their
wives. He bad been perfectly uncon
scious since 7 o'colck Wednesday
saornlag, when he had a period of
partial consciousness for about IB
minutes. He died in an uraemic coma
aa the result of Brlght's disease, heart
disease and arterio-schlerosls."
The vice president was able to say
a few words to his wife and Dr. Peck
during his lucid moments In the
morning, but never spoke thereafter.
Mrs. Sherman Is in a. state of near
collapse as a result of her husband's
end and Dr. Peck is ministering to
her, while her three sons, Sherrlll,
Mohard and Thomas are seeking to
omfort the grief-stricken woman.
A message notifying President ,Tait
f the vlco president's death was
fashed a few minutes after the end
Arrangements for the funeral will be
aade this afternoon. His last resting
place will be In a magnificent mauso
leum recently erected in Forest Hill
sesaetery, In this, city.
Since 2 o'clock Wednesday after
soon the physicians natf administered
exgen to the dying statesman.
Was the Only Vice Presides Ever
Vie President Sherman was born
k tJtlca Oct. 24, 1866. He was mar
ried ia issi to Carrie Babeock. at
Seat Orange, N. J., They have three
sea, Sherrlll. Richard U. and Thom
aa If., all Hvlag aad In baslness la
Mia. The vice president was aa
Ml a. trustee of Hamilton college,
n n2t!?!Li
MMher of the Patch
eharcb. a embW4Jf5en
"a hwslaess aaVWrisMe Interests
ttersaaa. 'fcektaged to the, school el
BsaasUca'na nowadays popularly cll-v
d "regular," and he fought his polit
ical battles shoulder to shoulder with
en of his faith without compromise
or flinching.
He was the twenty-seventhvice pres
ident of tho United States and the
ealy one renominated. Probably half
the nation referred to blm as "Sunny
Jim," a sobriquet he earned by a
never-falling, all-year-round sunny
Graduating from JtUe halls of Ham
ilton, he enteredVougress n the year
1887, having served a terma mayoir
of Utica.
Two sessions
""ftfft lom
Sherman defeated and out of office,
hut not for long. Henry W. Bentley
of BoonQville, Oneida county, b'cat
him by less than 1,000 votes In the
face for tho Fifty-second congress. In
the interim Sherman went back to
UUca, built up his law practice, and
returned to the Fifty-third congress
With a signal victory. He remained
In the houflo without defeat to the
Sixtieth congress, when he was nomi
nated and elected vice president on
the ticket with Mr. Taft
Sherman was one of the leaders Of
tho house. Tho statutes bear marks
f his work in .committee and caucus,
and the results of his labors on tho
mli't committee, the Interstate com
merce committee and other branches
if tho machinery of tho houso, where
the real legislating is done, while
speeches prevail upon tho floor.
in New York stat politics he vu
a leaning figure. He was at ono time
chairman of tho republican eongrett-i
slonal committee. Ho always was no- j
tive In the Now York stale Republic ,
can conventions anu a ngurn ai mi
national gatherings of tho party,
As vice president, Sherman was
ignity itself, fair iu his rulings, 'his
eolleaguea said, quiet, tlrra, sure and J
seldom reversed on an appeal.
Hears the News of 8herman's Death
While at a Banquet
New York, Oct. 31. President Taft
was informed of the? death of Vice
President .Sbermun 4a, the chief ex
ecutive and hte secretary of tho nayy
were seated in the jThlrteenth Regi
ment' armory, Brooklyn, as gucsis of
honor at a dinner to them by em
ployes of tho Brooklyn navy yard. In
celebration of tho successful launch
ing of tho battleship New York. ,
Mr. Taft at once informed the as
semblage saying: -
"Three years ago you met on an
occasion like this to celebrate tho
launching of the Florida and you wore
honored by tho presence of the vlco
president of the United States Vlco
Prsldent Sherman, It is a very sad
duty for mi to announce that word
has Just come that the vice president
Is dead.
"Those who knew him loved him.
Those who knew the services ho ren
dered to bis country respected him. 1
venture to nsU that this assemblage
adjourn In honor of his memory and
that no further proceedings be taken."
Chairman Hllles of National Commit
tee Issues Statement.
New York, Oct 31. Charles D. Hll
les, chairman of' the Republican na
tional committee, gave out this state
met regarding the vice presidential
candidate on the Republican ticket:
"Tho national convention which met
In Chicago in June delegated to the
aatlonal committee the power to fill
vacancies on the national ticket. The
death of Mr. Sherman, the candidate
of the Republican party for vice pres
ident at the coming election, makes
It incumbent on the national commit
tee to nominate u candidate In his
r-lace. That nomination, however,
can not possibly be made prior to the
flection next Tuesday. Such a nomi
nation can, properly be made only
after dun anil raasonabla notice to all
thc members' tho committee. .Such,
'" l".1 therefore, manlftsUyJmposslble
tc hold such a meeting prior' to the
election. - ' 'V .
j "Meantime, no difficulty or Incon-
j lenience arises to the voters at the
. election next Tuesday, because t1")
I votes to be cast then are for elector
and not for candidates for either pres
ident, or vice president, and the death
of Mr, Sherman therefore does not
affect tho validity of the election of
the electors.
"I have called a meeting of tho na
tional committee to meet upon, the
12th day of November, In the city of
Chicago, at tho Auditorium hotel, at
18 o'clock noon, to select, a successor
f to. the late James 8, Sherman as eah-
dldate of the Republican party for
yice presldeBt of the United States."
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Now York. Oct 3i. Charles Bock-1
cr, convicted in the first degree of the
murder of Herman Rosenthal and sen
tenced to die in the electric chair on
Dec. 9, is lodged in the death house
at Sing Sing prison, waiting the out
come of his appeal for a retrial -of his
ease or for the execution of the pen
pity upon his body. Becker says he 1b
conUdent that he will eventually bo
acquitted, and all the hours of his
confinement will be devoted to plan
00 TO
Washington, Oct 31. Because of
the extent of the territory1 in which
the Dominican, revolutionists are op
erating two -United States naval ves
sels have been ordered to 'Dominican
waters. The protected cruiser Balti
more will leave the Philadelphia navy
yard at noon Friday, while the Yank
ton Is expected to sail from New York
Dispatches to the Btate department
reported that an attack on Puerto
Plata, the principal city on the north
coast of the Dominican republic,
seems imminent. Barricades have
beeh erected in the "streets by tho
government forces In preparation for
Lima, O.. Oct. "31, A Package of
curronoy containing f2,000, which had
been delivered to tho V"Hh Fhrflo
repress 'Oinpnny by the Alger S:v
fcgh bank, w'a fipeuef' and $440 wub
nbtitrnr.tcd, It whs' JivtriiCd. An em-j
Move, of tlie. twit " "cinKyiy, W,
slsappohrcd 'liuiuedinii-ly aftf i ttp
dlacovrry of the lofi ir;K roajjhi
by the lolld,
ting for the new trial he Is so sure
will bo granted him.
From the time Becker kissed his
wife a long gondby in the smoking
tar of the Pceks'iUl local, which took
them to Ossintng, ho was not allowed
tc touch. her again, nor will he unless
he Is freed. lie will be permitted to
eeo her each day. but n scretn will bu
between them and a prison guard wll
be always there. Condoiuuod murdfr
ers are denied pi ' "
tho defense of tho city. The street
en which is situated the United States
tonsulate is barricaded at both ends,
'reinforced by barbed wire.
Child Fatally Burned.
Upper Sandusky, O., Oct 31. Kath-
ryn Farnor, C, daughter of Edward
Farner, was fatally burned when her
clothing caught fire from a. bonfire.
Workmen Asphyxiated.
.Day tpn, O., Oct 31. Benjamin F.
Oates; 36,, is dead, and Joseph Ketch
am, .22, will probably die as the result
of., being overcome by gas whllo trap
ped in a manhole here.
Upper Sandusky, Q.. Oct. 31. In a
scuffle following tho attempted theft
of a razor from a local barber shop, a
man thought to bo John Dillon o(
Pittsburg waH knocked down by Oscar
j"Y6ans,v& barber, Tho stranger's Head
ninicH on .iut iHn-tii. liwinubi "'
iLi; ipjurfes from which he died a few
niiiiutea later.
White Plaipi. N. J., Oct. 31. Coun
ty Judge Piatt at White Plains made
a record when he sentenced Fred
Fawcett, alias Harry Jones, a burglar,
to 34 years and six months in Sing
Sing prison at hard labor. The pris
oner was known as the "whispering
burglar" and was accused of robbing
the homes of many wealthy New.
Yorkers on Long Island. The burglar,
when brought before Judge Piatt, ad
mitted he had served four terms In
tho Ohio state prison, all for crimes
committed at Columbus.
New York, Oct 31. Ohio C. Barber,
the wealthy match manufacturer, was
served at tho Waldorf with papers in
f suit brought by the American Pro
tective Tariff league to recover $1,840.
fhe complaint says that tho plaintiff
is a domestic corporation formed to
uphold' a national tariff policy and
protect American labor by a tariff on
Imports. The league alleges that Mr.
Barber was admlttod to membership
in, 1888, and owes $100 a year for 15
years and from $40 to $60 for each of
the other nine years since that time-
S'orwulk, O.. Oct. 31. The trial of
iho six men recently indicted for al
leged riotous conspiracy In stripping
and painting Minnie La Valley, 19, of
WeBt Ciirrksileld, Sept. 30, was set for
Nov. 6, The accused have retained
ample legal counsel. It is faid they
will endeavor to establish alibis. The
La Valley girl will be summoned to
testify qt the trial. She is In seclusion
In Cleveland. Her parents still live
Masslllon, O., Oct. 31. Tom Hun
nls, target tender on tho Wheeling &
l.ako Erio railroad, prevented a cot
islqn by flagging a locomotive with a
tghted match.
"Well. Jingle," mild the ninitager. "dirt
you make the HnleV
"Yen." iald the xalesronn. "I couldn't
let the darned old mnchlnp to turn
over half xHi-d. but 1 iirrnnired with
one of the town constable o arrex
os for exceeding the xpeed limit a nit
old Skeezlcka fell for It right rway."
Judirn twWbt
same bullet
Cleveland. O., Oct. 31. With a bul
let in his body that had first passed
through his wife's hand, Stanley Be
tofsky, 21, Is In a local hospital at the
lolnt of death. When the wife wm
rasslng the weapon to' her husband it
8tetibenvllle, O., Oct. 31. The body
of C. M. Young, 31!, until last week sn
rcrintendent of schools at Caldwell,
O., vas found In a room at the Im
perial hotel here. An empty carbolic
Held bottle was mute evidence of the
dan's suicide.
London, Oct 31. The opium
market has been upset by the
trouble In the Balkans. It is me
dicinal opium that Is affected. For
its Bupply of medicinal opium, as
distinct from opium for smoking,
the world is mainly dependent
upon Turkey. The Chinese and
Indian varieties are not suitable
for the manufacture of morphine.
The price of Turkish opium is at
present double the normal.
Cattle Receipts. 17,000 head; beeves,
5 SOfill 00: Texan steers, $1 355 iS;
western Htoors. M l0CS 30; Blockers and
feelers. J 25$ J 10; cows and helft-rj,
12 70W7 15; caves, J6 f.0010 50.
Hojm lirclptg, 22.000 hend; light. 7 00
W 75; mixed. 17 507 8p: h-avy, J7 OOrt
7 85; rouuh. $7 00&7 20; jis, H 2505 ,5.
Sheep ami Latnbe Roctilptg, 32,000
head: native sheep, JS AOQi SO: western,
S3 G04 50; yearlings, 11 K0M5 C3; native
lambs, $5 OOtJT 00; western, JK 2507 00.
Wheat No. 2 reel, 11 05fi)l OS. Corn
No. 2, 5!t"!"jC, Oats 'No. 2 white, 321
Cattle Hecclpta, 6 cars; export cat
tle. JS KQV 2SJ rtlppin: nteera. 18 M(i
S 35: butcher Urt, 7 25tf8 it: heifers.
SB 0007 E0; fat cows, 14 75 25; bulla,
14 Zlbpi 25: mllltors and springer. 130 00
75 00; calves, J10 00O10 25.
Iloyn Uecelpts, 20 cars: lieavtc, 7 80
Qt 00; medium. $7 757 SO; Yorker,
$7 7097 80: pigs, 37 26; roughs, 17 00;
Btnga, 5 30QC SO.
Sheep anil Lnrcb lteeciptf, 20 cars;
yearlings, 1 00Q3 60; wethers, 14 COO
4 75; mixed sheep, 4 004 26; ewes, 3 75
64 00; lambs. IS 00&C 8S.
Cattle Supply Hsht; choice, 16 75
Of 26; prime, J8 000! C5; tidy butchers,
15 4097 00; heifers, 34 007 25; fat cows,
I 00&6 00; bulls, 16 S06 00; fresh cowi
and springers. W5" 00O65 00; calves, 17 00
10 00.
HossSupply, 30 cars; hea-y..hos;s.
$7 807 SO: heavy mixed, 17 7507; 80;
medlitms. 37 707 75; heavy Yorkers,
$7 5007 C5: light Yorkers, 37 267 50;
pigs, 16 00 7 00.
Sheep and Lambs Supply fair; prime
wethers, tt 4094 65; good mixed, $4 124?
4 30; fair mixed, tj' 604 00; lambs,
14 0006 75.
Cattle ItecclptM, T10 head; steers,
$4 257 60; heifers, 14 C08 25; cows,
32 25f5 50; calves, $3 009 25.
U0KB HccciptB, 4,200 head: packers,
7 S5fi7 R5: common sows, 35 007 00;
pig and lights, 44 006 70; utogs, 1 00
ifC 60.
Sheep and Ijimbs Kccelpts. 93 head;
shocp, 31 253 75; lambs, 33 60 4 7 15.
Wheat No. 2 red, II 04fl II. Corn
No. 2 mixed. C66H'. Oats No. J
mixed, 3:ft)34Uc. Rye No. 8, 737$o.
Wheat, $1 09U: corn, 18c; oats, l5V,o;
rloverseed. 111 SS-
Reported That Four Thousand
have Been Slain
Turks Make Sally From Besieceti
Bulfarlans On the Other Hand Claim-
Complete Victory, After Two.
Days' Fighting With the Principal
Turkish Forces Montenegrin Army
Encircles City of Scutari Surviving
Ottomans Shot Because of Defeat
London, Oct 31. The Turks say
that their troops have made a sally
from bottlcd-up Adrianople. They
broke out from the suburbs to tho
southwest of tho city and .say "they
headed towards Maras.
The Ottomans say that 4,000 Bul
garians .were cut to pieces by . the
charge of' the sultan's men and were
driven back to Komalkeul, six miles..
to tho south of the city.
Tho correspondents with thu Bur
gars, on the other hand, send excited.
word that Adrianople still suffer
from' tho shells of their artillery.
throw from tho lofty summits of u
dairy farm overlooking the city. Fresh
troops aro arriving daily according to
these disoatches to the reinforcement
of tho Bulgarians; and instead otbelng:
thrown .back, they are, drawing closer
tie griav lines around iho" besieged!
Between Veles, captured, by tho
Servkusav and Salonika, the Tnrkn
have massed so'me 35,000 men, besides
the whipped remnants of the army
that ran before the Serbs at Kuma
oto. I all the Servians claim, the
rapture of 22 towns in Macedonia.
There Is not a Turk force worth the
nirntldn )n the whole saujak of Nov!
Ba'sar, according to dispatches from
Belgrade, and the Montenegrin and
Servian forces there can strike bands.
No news has come from the Tur
kish war minister, Nazim Pasha, re
ported last to he facing In despera
tion the Bulgarians who were circling
round hla flank In the country be
tween Lulc Burgas and Baba EskL
He said that an Important battle was
in progress all along his front. 'To
day he tells of the sortie of the Turk
garrison at Adrianople, to the north
of hlci.
Rt-Ur.e Winged.
Above Adiianople there swung .two
lines hlsh up in the sky. It was a
Russian biplavo operating for the Bul
garians In an attempt to discover just
what the conditions arc In the be
sieged city. Instantly Turkish artil
lery was aimed upwards. Of a sud
den there was a fluttered movement of
the plane and It Happed to- earth,
throwing out the aviator.
The Montenegrins report that they
have completely encircled Scutari.
The central column, under Crown
Prince Danlelo 1ms at last come In
touch with General Martlnovltch's col
umns, and King NichoKs is reported'
as saying that the capture of the Tur
kish town would have come' about
several days ago bed he not wished to
have spared the lives of his lighters.
The consequences of the rout of the
Turks at Kumanovo resulted In tho
execution of Aziz Pasha, an Egyptian.
who commended the Turks there. Ir
is said that some 300 Turkish officers,
chd men have been shot down be
cause of the shame that came to' Tur
kish arms. Two Turkish generals
quarreled about the outcome of the.
battle. DJavId Pasha, a former Tur
kish cabinet official, was shot dead In
the course, of the bicker. .
A dispatch from Sofia says: "After
two days' lighting the Bulgarian army
has gained a complete victory over
the' principal 'Turkish forces. Tho
Turks have' retreated in disorder.
The town-of Lule Burgas has been,
Jdotorman Falls Dead,
Cleveland, 0 Oct 31. Benjamin
O'Keefe, 30 motorman, fell dead Just
as he brought a crowded Scranton.
avenue streetcar be was running tq a,
King of Spain Is HI.
Madrid, Oct 31. King Alfonso of
Spain is confined to bed, sulerinf
from an attack of InnueBsa.
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