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MT. VERWOM, OHIO, TPIifljfa, WOVMB1E 5, 1912-No. 89
Admit Their Utter Rout And Make
Plea To The Powers ."
Would Open Peace Parley-Constantinople Filling Dp
With Refugees from The Countryside And flttoman
Troops Who Ran Before The Allies And Their
. Presence Serves To fan The (lames Of Feir That
, Ron Through The Turkish Capital
London, Nov74. There is a dls
fetch from Constantinople that the
lurks have turned to the powers with
a admission that they have beea
beaten and a plea for mediation. This
application Is said to have been made
to the foreign ambassadors In Con
stantinople and to the powers through
Ibe portc's representatives In the
chancellories of Europe. Mediation
with a view to the cessation of bcwtll
iUea Is said to be the request of the
The reinforced Turks are turning
mi their pursuers and fighting be
tween Isrtmidja and Serai, while an
other division la heading for Tcha
taldja. It lo doubtful If this division,
to close pruned are they fay the, vic
torious Bulgara, oan reach their goal.
In the meantime the 'powers recog
rite the, serious situation at Constan
tinople. The sultan's city Is filling
up, .with fugitives from the -country-.
lde and Ottoman, troops 'who-ran"
lore, th' eallles,- and their presence
serves "to- fan the tastes of faar that
ran throurh the, capital. ,
The third British battleship, squad
ron, with coul for a long voyage in
the bunkers, Is steaming eastward
from Gibraltar. Although t,he" British
warships at Dovonoort and 'other
places are coaled and ready, they did
rot sail as was eipected.
Though there la unwonted activity
in and around the foreign office, It is
officially dunled that the torpedo de
stroyer squadron that Is being over
hauled for immediate action at Ports
mouth 1b preparing for any Levant
The Greeks took Prevesa, on the
Turkish sldt of the entrance to tho
Gulf of Arta, after capturing the ports
of Nokopollfl, which look down on the
Turkish fortress. The Turkish gar
rlBon fled, but the Greeks captured
some 400. A Turkish torpedo boat In
the Gulf of Arta was burned.
It la stat6d that the Turks lost 20,
000 In killed and wounded In further
fighting on Saturday south of Lule
Burgaa. The Turks resisted mag
alflflcently, but were overwhelmed by
the Bulgarlnn artillery, which waa
handled with terrific effect It was
this which compelled the retreat to
Tchat&ldja, where the Turks Intend
(o make a supreme effort to save the
capital! The Bulgarian losses must
have been enormous. -
Correspondent Declares the Rout of
the Ottomans Was AppaWno.
London, Nov. 4. The correspondent
cl the Dally Chronicle, writing from
Ohorlu on Nov. 1, confirms the pre
vious reports of the defeat of the
Turks in the big battle with tho Bui
eurlans, which he says was "Irretriev
able, terrlblu and appalling:" He says
it was followed by a rout "scarcely
paralleled In history," Forty thousand
of the Turkish troops, says tho corre
spondent, havo fallen, and 76 per cent
of the artillery was captured. Abdul
lah Pasha had a narrow escape from
capture. The army found Its way
back to Chorlu by handfuls. The
Bulgarian artillery mowed down thou
sands of Turka during the battle. Tho
Bulgarian artillery was much superior
to that of tlio Turks.
It appears that I lie Bulgarians had
4 bad quarter of an hoar's battle after
rapturing the town of Lule Burgas.
They advanced from the railroad sta
tion, a distance of four miles, and
durlngrthls time passed through de
pression between the hills.' Here the
Bulgarians were tremendously mauled
by Turkish shrapnel from the heights
above, and when the confusion among
them Was at the worst, Turkish cav--hy
dashed from concealment and,
shouting "Allah!. Allah!" swept llko a
tornado on the- remnant of the Bul
garians, who fled with the cavalry
pursuing and riding them down. But
the Turkish cavalry rode too far and
came within range of the "Bulgarian
machine guns, which brought horses
and riders to the ground la a lorn
and mantled masB, from which few
issued alive.
Turks Seek Mediation.
Conatactinople, Nov. 4. The Tur
Mth sovernment, through the- foreign
amlxiRgadors here, has applied to the
powura for mediation, with the object
of bringing the war with the allien to
a cIor.' and opening of negotin tlnn's
for peace with the Balkan federation.
Tho Turkish ambassadors abroad
ere hIho Instructed to place this, ru
quest before the respective govern-
roenBto"iwhlch.iUjey ,aio a(!rndlte(i,
" , l r v ' , t
Ports' Reply Unknown.
Constantinople, Nov. 4. - Tho for
elfe'u ambassadors asked the porte to
tllow one warship of each nation to
vans the Dardanelles. The replj
iade by the porte Is unknown
Columbus, O., Nov, 4. Presentation
of nrguinenttlve appeals for votes coh
Unties in Ohio today. Congressman
tames M. Cox will close his campaign
tor governor at Toledo, where he was
tomlnateC. General Robert B. Brown
and Arthur'L. Garford wjll make their
final speeches at their respective
komw.'Zanesvllle and Klyria.
. .Jv
O., Nov. 4. The semi
annual conference of bishops of the
Methodist Episcopal church adjourn
ed at Toledo, In the midst of Impor-
j tant deliberations, so that the bishops
vlRut return homo to vote in the na-,
tionnl election, declared Luther B.
Wilson, secretary of the board of
Niagara Falls, Nov. 4. Christopher
Klodehn, a member of the city lire
department, counected with tho Tenth
street station, committed suicide by
leaping into the river and going pvar;
the American falls.
rt nr nttrr t-r- 'iff"fit tia'issti -'fl -xJ iBHi.TiV'ri
This picture of the upper gates to
the lock at Gatun on the Panama can
fli is probably the last that will be
made showing this view, as the watei
Norfolk, V.. Nov, 4. Bnatcac
fionv death Just as he had given up
ill hope, Captain Fred Godfrey, the
tola survivor of the crew of the three
lasted schooner John Maxwell, is
being cared for by the Ufesavers of
New nlet station, on the North Caro
lina coast. Captain Godfrey saw six
tf his crow go to their deaths after
Ms ship hit -the beach, and he clung
Washington. Nov. 4. If-Colonel
Roosevelt is not elected Tuesday, an
organization will go to work at once
to 'prevent a recurrence of his candi
dacy In another campaign. This or
ganisation Is the National Anti-Third
Term league, of which ex-Senator H.
W. Blair of Npw TTamrmhlre la nresl-
Cornln?, N. y., Nov. 4. Ralph B.
Miller, firoman, was Instantly killed
and Engineer John L. Bunnell perhaps
totally Injured when the engine draw
ing a New York Central p:i3SPiiKor
ttaln left the rolls nt the end of a
blind aiding In the rnllrond yards
here, rolling down h 40-foot embank
ment Into the Chomung rlvor, None
i' the passengers was seriously ..in
J trod as, the coaoches did not leave
the rlls. Tho train was running from
Buffalo to WlUIanisport, Pa.
Fall Results Fatally.
Flndloy, 0 Nov, 4. David Creigh
ton, a well-known farmer, foil down
the elevator Hhaft In a local depart
ment sforc and sustained Injuria'
from which he died
- ' ,
. iBjyfcl.'J!!'.m h inlKhty iud ixir
cIhu, J11I-tVIh;1i dihrt the exerclm'
foraeluitprii.v'jf 'iJUiHlug thf rM'm8.'
-vonkniT gtatpoiimii
is soon to be turned In. The gates 1
are practically completed. The lower
natts can b seen through the open
ing In upper gates. Water now stands '
In Gatun lake at about two-thirds the
tc Srat one-piece of tho vessel an
t!ren another as it was ton to pieces
hy the fury of the gale and the high
yeas. Captain Godfrey's home Is In
M (abridge, Me. 1
British Squadron Sslls.
Gibraltar, Nov. 4. The third British
lattleshlp squadron coaled and sailed
lor the eastward.
dent. The leaguo has its headauar
tcrs In the Colorado building In Wash
Ington. In the campaign Just closed
Senator Blair has carried on a fight
lainsrthe third term. He organized
(he league before the' Republican con
vention In Chicago ax-1 had done some
directive work even then.
Chicago, Nov. i. Rutherford B.
Cooke, assistant secretary of tho Chi
cago National lengne baseball club,
il'.ot nnd killed ono of two mon in an
utomobllo who stopped him and or
Jered him to throw up his hands. Tho
other man, according to Cooke's ac
count, hud not loft the automobile, I
and when his companion was shot ho
spcdaway. .Tho deud man has not
been Identified.
Father, Brother and 8weetheart Give
Up 54 Inches of Skin.
Gary, Ind., Nor. 4. Throe more
umn, Iir father, her brother nnd hor
Hweethcnrt, krryv I B0 square inches
nf gkiu for the liurncd body of Miss
ElhJ Smith, for whom Billy Rugh,
the crippled newsboy, gave his life,
hy cllowlng a uueleKg llmbto beam
) iit&ttrd for-its skin. It-is said Miss
rdmith will be well tri a month.
V7"7"'1, ""'l1 ' ' !!?'J W1'
f?''At . t. . : Jt, :s
height of the gates. It Is understood
that the splllwsy will soon be opened,
and the water wllfbe held at Its pres
ent height until about time for the
tanal to he opened to traffic.
William r. McCombs, Demo-
cratlc national chairman: "I am
confidents of a sweeping victory
for tho Democratic ticket I do
' not concede a single state to the
other parties. We will carry the f
strongest Republican state. We
will win by the stoat Impressive
figures In the history of our
.Charles D. Hllles, Republican
national chairman : "I am confi-
dent that the verdict will carry
wlthlt a vote of confidence In the
leadership of William Howard
Taft. In my opinion be will re-
celve enough votes In the depend-
able Republican states to assure "
him a handsome majority In the
electoral college, with a sufficient "
number In doubtful states to swell "
the total to almost a decisive vie-
Senator Joseph M. Dizon, Pro-
gresslve national chairman: "All
indications point to a Roosevelt
landslide. The past 10 days has '
seen a tremendous drift towards
Roosevelt In every part of the
country. Based on reports from "
every state chairman of the Pro-
greBslvo party, It bow seems cer-
tain that Roosevelt will carry 2B
states, balng a total of 297 elec-
toral votes."
London, Nov. 4. The Barker com
pany's department store at Kensing
ton was partly destroyed by fire, gov
tral waitresses who wero sleeping on
Ine prpmtsefl wero killed or Injured,
four nre known to be dend and It la
fenrwl that other bodies will be
found. There rre a dczim Jujurci'
rjrls In tho hospital.
A . f SAIN
Port OlIntoD, O., Nov. 4. Stovo
Catches, GO'i .wan killed by a Lake
fihoro train here while walking on the
tracks. His bead was crushed and
bis body cut In many places. 1
raw 1 iiiriwiwy irr 1 mitmmkmaammm "i,r "
Auto In Which He Was RMIbi
Struck Obstruction In Road.
Princeton, Nov. 4. Governor WU
on was Injured by being thrown vio
lently against the top of the touring
tar of Abram E. Elklns, In which he
ss returning to Princeton after his
speech at Red Bank. One of'tbe ribs
rf the top cut a- gash nearly three
Inches long in the top of his head and
he was temporarily dazed by the force
of the Impact, although not rendered
unconscious. The car struck a mound
In the road whlcb had been caused by
na excavation.
After the wound had been dressed
by Dr. J. O. Titus ot Hlghtstown tho
governor continued his Joursey, reach
ing his home in Princeton a little af
ter 4 a. m. Sunday. Ho Is about again
as usual, and except for the soreness
In his head seems to be none the
worse for his mishap. The dressing
ct the wound had necesltated tho
shaving of a circular patch about four
inches In diameter on the governor's
head. This led him to remark that
the principal resnlt of tbe accident ap
parently bad been to make blm pre
maturely bald.
Governor Wilson will speak at Pat
terson and Passaic today, as planned.
8peaks at Mlnsola This Afternoon and
to His Neighbors Tonight.
Oyster Bay, N. Y., Nov. 4. Colonel
Roosevelt winds, up his campaigning
today with two speeches in this coun
ty. At 3 o'clock ho will go by auto
to Mlneola, the county seat of Nas
sau county, for meeting there, re
turning to Sagamore Hill for dinner.
This evening he will address his fel
low townsmen here at what will be a
packed Btaatlnft In the Utile. Lyrto,
tneater. Bourke -Cockran will am
speak. Mr. Roosevelt Issued a final
appeal to tbe voters of the nation,
asking them to support "this great
progressive movement for righteous
cess and for fair dealing."
The Snipe's till.
Tbe hill of the snipe is provided with;
a serve running down to toe tip-ana
then distributing Itself over th end
of tho beak. This fat the only IboUbc
of this kind among birds and is a
singular case of tbe care of nature In
providing for her creatures. Tbe snipe
seeks for bis prey In mud and water,
where he cannot see. and It is believed
that tbe nerve advises blm of the pres
ence of food wben bis eyes give him
no Information.
Cattlo Ilocelpts, 5&0 head; beeves,
5 iOJJIl 00; Toxns Btecra. Jl 3105 5;
nctlorn Btccrs. J5 E08 90; atnekern and
feeiicrs. H 25(f7 40: caws nnd heifer-.
U 700 ; 26; calves. IC r.0t710 SO. W
iroiB-RcccJH 7.000 hid; llBht. J7J3
08 00: mlx'd. $7 45fiS 05; heavy, $7 25
I 00; rousti, 17 2507 50; plsa. 5 2507 i
fiheep and I.ambs Receipts, 2,030
heml; native nhoep, $3 tifH St; western,
It C094 GO; ynrllncs, J4 B05JE 6S; natlva
luml'C JB 00O7 20; western. $5 2507 00.
Wheat No. 2 red, 11 OSSl 07. Corn
No. 2, ;8AT555. Oats No. 2 white, 33H
Cattle rtocMpts, 3 cars; expwt cat
lie. IS aw 9 25; shipping stecm. IS J'J
S S5: huthir steers, 17 00S8 00; heifer.
14 7Kr7 25; fat caws, 14 Mp 00; biilin,
14 S'.fifl 25: milkers and springers, 130 00
07fi 00; calves, 110 00010 75.
Hots Receipts, IS cars; heavies, IS 10
8 15; mediums, IS 004JS 10; Yorkers,
II WW 10; plK. 17 25 7 35; routrhi,
1 007 10; itncs. 15 256 75.
Sheep and Ijimlis Receipts. 20 cars;
yeerllncs, 14 C0jfi 50: -elhers, II 50
4 75; mixed sheep, 14 00R1 28; ewes, 13 80
4 00; lamb. IS 007 00.
Cnltle Supply llcht; choice, H 75
Hit 25; prime, is 0008 65: tidy butchers,
C 4007 00; heifers. 14 00O7 25: fat coirs,
15 fO'Ifi 00; bulK 15 SOftC 00: fresh cow
and aprliisers, J33 00065 00; calvcu, 50
9 50.
Hois Receipts, 25 cars; heavy hoxi.
17 83J7 00: llsht mixed, 17 15(J1 SO;
mcc'l'irr.. J7 10Q7 75: heavy Torkerj.
17 C0T7 70: llifht Vorltcrs. $7 40fi'7 60;
tls, " n!T 25-
Hheep and Lambs Supply fair; prlnw
wethern, It 50ffl4 fi; Rood mixed. II 007
4 40: fair mixed. 13 25(3 S5; lambs, o 00
j7 00.
Cattle Rccilpt.". 88 head; wteers.
11 2SW7 P0; liHfers, 14 50Q0 26; oi,
12 25S6 80; cnlves. 13 0000 50.
How Receipts, 1,685 haul; pickers,
II C0W7 85: common roms, 15 007 HO;
pIS'S and llehts. 14 M7 40; stasa, It DO
41 U ID.
Sheep and Iimb Receipts, 2S4 head;
sheet), 41 25ff.1 7C; lambs, 14 50ff 75.
Wheat No. 2 red. II 0SJ1 11. Corn
NO. 2 mixed, GGffflOHc Oats No. 3
mixed, SljJiSIHc. Rye No. 2. 7176e.
Cattle--Receipts, 150 head; choice fat
steer. 17 75f 26: good to cholro steers,
17 0T7 7! heifers, 14 2507 00: fat bulls,
16 0036 40: cows. 14 755 25; mllkirs
and sorlngcrs, 30 OO0C5 00; calves, ;v 0
JO 25.
Hos Receipts, 3,000 head; heavies.
7 B0; mediums, 17 SO; Yorkers, 17250
T 65; plK". $7 09; roughs, IS 85; stass,
II 00.
Sheep and Uunbs Receipts, (0) hsMi
ehetse spring lambs. M 60(f I 1.
All bitiRies To Jesi Abiut
His FredicaneDt
Wsootifo His Nc Terrors For
Kramer, the Circus Clown
Insists He Killed the Baltimore
Heiress In Self-Defense and la Ex
pected to Repeat Before the Grand
Jury the Story He Told the Pallcs
Husband and Wife Greet Each Other
Chicago,1 Nov. 4. Charles Nowton
Kramer, whose stage name is Con
way, circus clown, acrobat and high
diver, and who confessed to having
killed Miss Sophia Gertrude Singer of
Baltimore, ISA., it Is expected, will re
peat his tragic story of the murder
when, the coroner's inquest over the
body of the victim Is resumed. Mrs.
Kramer, who gave the police the first
definite information that her husband
had killed Miss Singer, also will tes
tify, with a number of other wit
nesses. In tho meantime Kramer and
his wlfo are being held without bail.
Kramer's demeanor remains the
same as when he first was taken Into
custody. He insiBta that he killed tho
woman In self-defense and professes
te-BaUeva-thafc-b. wUWbe-f rceeVwherr
given .arJry-- trial" in the criminal
court. He continues to Jest about uU
predicament aasV seemed in a Jolly
Police Discredit Claim.
Tho police profess to. pluce little
crndencfl ih KrairMtr1! Joo.lnrntlnn thai
,he JkNfer Miijfl,,8lnger,jn lf-defense
aud will endeavor' to ' show that the '
'motive for tbe klltlns; war robbery.
Is support of-tkls theory the police
point to tbe circumstance that the
clothesline which Kramer used to
bind MIsS 8Inger was taken from the
back yard at 6 oclock In the evening;.
Mveral hours before the murder was
His explanation of this is that' his
wife asked him to get the clothesline
fo she might dry some clothes in
their room.
Kramer and his wife met in Police
Captain Nootbanr's- private office for
a few moments. They greeted each
other affectionately.
"I told tho police that you had noth
ing to do with the murder," Kramer
said to his wife. "I alone am to blams
&nd am -willing to take all tho conse
quences. 1 hopo they do not try to
rtick you for it."
Kramer's Story.
Kramer, whoso stage name la Con
way, added a new feature to the state
ment made by his wife, Beatrice
RywlHCramer, known on tho variety
stajje as the "burlesque queen." He
said that he knocked Miss Sinker
dovn in self-defense when she at
tacked him' with razor, after he had
rebuked her for making, he said, a
suggestion to Mrs. Kramer to go but
and meet some men. Kroner exoner
ated his wlfo from all blame In con
nection with tho crime.
He said that he never meant to kill
Miss Singer and that ho bound and
gagged her to prevent her making an
outcry. Hesald that he took $35
ftom Miss Singer's purse and two
suits of clothes belonging to W. R.
Warthen.Mlss Singer's finnre.hecaus
be was penniless and shabbily clad.
Coiumuub, O., Nov. . Handled
with tho utmost car caud transported
In cars that are absolutely hygienic,
hundreds of thousands ot fish are be
ing Font by tbo state fish and game
commission to all parts of Ohio to ro-i
stock rivers, lakes and reservoirs.
The stacking season each fall is delayed-
until tho cold weathr sets in.
Schools ot mlnnowa of all kinds are
takim from tbo hatcheries, carefully
placed la large vats containing tho
purest water obtainable, and hurried
to taelr destinations;,
t -
It . ..IV
6& 3HftKWf!2i
ArZVrfvrt.fr'. 1
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