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Turks Claim The
Is In A
Itinera! Advance Ordered Montenegro Attack On Scutari
Seems To Have Suffered A Serious Check-Greeks
blow Up A Turkish Warship, Many Of The Crew Being
. Killed-Questions Arise That Endanger The Peace
Ul Europe '
London, Nor. 2. Smoke from Bul
garian cannons la hanging over the
Oriental railroad at Tchataldja. Twon-ty-five
miles down the valley through
vhlch that railroad twists are tho
minarets of Constantinople. Far be
hind, to the northwest of tho victor
ious Bulgara, their artillery Is ham
Bering away at the fort of Adrlanople,
and to the southwest of the besieged
city the Bulgarian troopa are tramp
ing through tho atreeta of Domotlka.
Somewhere between Adrlanoplo and
the Ottoman capital, along tho lino of
the torn-tip railroad, Is what Is left of
the army of Naxlm Pasha, If that
Turkish commander and war mtnlstor
la not Indeed already captured.
He or his representative send word
Co Constantinople that the right wing
f bin army at Vita, on u lino with
Adrlanople to tho east, Is marching
north with their backs to tho Black
ana. Mukbtar Pasha, say ithuso ro
iwrts, has defeated a Bulgarian col
umn and many guns and muoh nmniu
itlon has fallen Into IiIh hunds. Tho
Turk say tlioy have captured tho lm
Trtant town of Riiriurhiiiscr, ,ncnr
Kirk KIIIso . ,
Dispatches from Ottoman sources
ay that tho'liitlgara are being horn
mod In on font- sides In tho country
tc tho northrnnt of Adrlnnoplo, ami
that the Turku lmvo houn successful
all along the line.
At Adrliinnptu tho Bulgarians of
fered to let all tho clvlllnnu leave tho
town, and this offer was refused by
tbo Turkish rommnnder.
Word comes from tho Crocks that
bno of their torpedo. boats, In tho
darkness that hung oor the, ()ulf ijf
fialonlka, blow up a TurliLah cruiser,
killing many of tho crow. , , ,
Tho Montenegrin attack on. Hcutiirl
tlint hns hen'n mark) d by such stub
born fighting on both sides' Hcomu Jo
fciivo nitffured a serious cheek.
In the meantime, In .tho chancel
lories tho success of tho alllc la
looked upon with amusement, and In
omo quarters with chagrin. Should
the Turkish capital fall thorn will Im
mediately tirlHu questions prcgnnnt
'With dangnra to tho peace of JOuuipo.
Austria's Intervention and tho Imme
diate, response of Russia uro two
things that caused a long eonforiinoo
at Pa.rls between M. Polnearo and tho
representatives of tho powers.
,Turk,lah Commander Sends In Rosy
Reports From Front.
Constantinople, Nov. 2. The Tur
Alsh army has recaptured tho 'town
f Bunarhlsftar from tho Bulgarians
nd also has defeated tho Bulgurs In
tho vicinity of 'Visa, according to dls
ratches retielved hero from N'nr.lin
Vaaha, commundor-ln-chlof of the
Tlurklh forces. Nazlm's dlspatchns
teclaro tho Bulgarian losses, were
Heavy and that all the Turkish army
orps have now boon ordered to ad
vance. Tho commander adds that tho
Bulgarian army Is henmed In.
lac laat night and there Is a fearful
"It Is raging with varying success
1 the bridge over the Marltza rhor
t Marasb. The Turks havo displayed
extraordinary stubbornness and havo
fcrought up fresh forces.
This is the most sanguinary battle
W: Bulgarians have had before
aWrlaaople. They are displaying nn
talrable contempt for death, This
a specially so In the case of the re-
vaa, who are under Are for tho ilrat
Military Expert Says Bulgarians Ola
play Contempt For Death.
tendon, Nov. 2.-The bloodloat bat.
tla that has taken place nround
Adrlanople was raging on Thursday,
Lieutenant Wagner send this about
Jie flghtlug:
"Bulgarian singe batteries poHtod
t Kadulkoei and on the heights bo-
Kan on Wednesday morning the bom-
tardment of the Turkish works at
aseaeiianiaoja, Karagorttabj and
' ladairllktabja, bekwMrtftjr to a group
Nursing Wounded Men While
Her Husband It at the Front.
Quern Klnnnnr of IliilKarla, who hna
bnn at riilll)iop()lln, lluli;arli, for tho
lUBt fuw days, Iiiih anHiiini)il the ilresi of
mi oidlnary nurwi unit In uttemllnK the
Mlek ami uoun'dcd arriving from battle
IIM'U. Tim Inrge watting room at ttio mil
rouil Mtntlon Iiiih liruu ronvertnl Into re-
cotillon romn for thn wounded, nnd from
tlit'tu llin inun are unsigned to tho vurloui
T . . ' .
on the, north west front of Adrlanople.
They nro among the Bttongest of the
tntlio forlross. They uio of modem
roiiHtnietlon, uro relatively well arm
ed and havo bombproof shelters. Their
captuio would biliig about tho fall of
"The bombardment lasted eight
hours and was then resumed after an
hour's Interval, Tho olfoct of the
Bulgarian gun wiih to draw a consid
erable reply from thn Turkish guns,
-.blcli wiih Ineffective.
"Meanwhile tho Bulgarian Infantry
advanced to attack Muiash and Kara
ghoah. Thn Turkish garrison havo
niudo numerous sorties on this front
Dominican Rebels Bombard Town.
Washington, Nov. 2. Bombardment
of tho town of Monto Chrlstl by reb
els in tho Dominican republic was re
ported to tho utato department from
Puerto Plata. It Is satd that tho bom-
' rurdment has been going on since laBt
I Pimday, It is presumed by Mils time
ono of the naval vessels of the United
fitotes now In Dominican waters has
reoii sent to Puerto Plata.
Prosecution In Dynamite Case Has
an Irksome Job.
Indianapolis, Nov. I. The district
attorney began the presentation of
letters to the jury In the dynamiting
cases, beginning with the ordering of
the strike against the American
Jlridge company in 1905, when many
letters passed between officers of the
Iran workers relative to the oaenshop
rollcy of the company. There are
about 1,000 lettera to be read to the
grand Jury-
Rome of the letters showed that the
fnlon was having trouble In holding
some of Its members In line. A, letter
from Qeorge Hagorty of Phlllpsburg,
N. J., to MoNamara, Deo. 11, 90G,
paid representatives of tho employers
worn getting union men to tear up
their union cards and go to work,
General Homer Lea Dead.
Lo Angoles, Nov. 2, Gouoral Ho
mer Leu, a strong personal frlond of
Fun Yat Hen and hi advisor during
,lie ,Mt Chinese revolution, died ut
ul" " i ucean rara. uenorai
L(,a MM "" here from China laat
prlii g after a stroke of paralysla.
Readers of news being printed from
day to day regarding tho war in tho
Balkans, will find in tho following glos
sary much that will help them in ar
riving at n clearer understanding of
tho news reports:
Adrlnopie Turkish city of 85,000
Inhabitant near tho Bulgarian border
which, it Is beltovcd, must bear tho
brunt of tho Bulgarian advance to
ward Constantinople. Adrlanople was
tho capital of tho Ottoman Empire un
til 14f3, and has tho principal fortrcs
of European Turkoy.
Albania District of western Turkey
which lion recently been In revolt.
ArmlcH Kstabllshed Htrciigth of
fight-force: Bulgaria, 3ii0,000; Greece,
100,000; Montenegro, 50,000; Sprvla,
Wi.OOO; Turkey, 1,000,000.
Article 23 (Berlin Treaty) Tho fam
ous uitlclo which provides for the
government of Turkish provinces, but
which has nover been put Into force.
According to tlio program which was
outlined by Lord .Edmund Fltzmaurice,
the Turkish provinces wero to have
complete local government with gov
ernoiH holding ofllees for flvo years
and elective assemblies. Because of
tho reference to elcctlvo assemblies
Abdul Ilamld never cnforci'd this pio
vislon. Tho liresent Turkish govern
ment proposed to carry out tho pro
gram and In that way satisfy tho Bal
kan Htatos and avoid war.
Kgean Boa Tho part of the Mediter
ranean which lies between Asia Minor,
Greece and Turkey In Europe.
Balkan League Explained
Artn, Bay of An inlet from tho Ion
ian Sea between Oreeeo and Turkey.
At the opening of tho war Greek war
ships successfully ran" past Turkish
forts to a Greek harbor.
Balkan League or Alliance Entered
Into by Greece, Moiitenegio, Hervlu
ami Bulgaria, with the avowed pur
pose of freeing from TurklBh oppres
sion Christians and pcoplo of their
own inccs living in Macedonia.
Bi'ihl BazoiikH Soldiers belonging
to the Irregular Turkish troops, who
havo been credited with much cruelty.
Belgiuilo Capital of Corvla, situat
ed on the Danube, at tho Mouth of tho
Cui; city of about 90,000 Inhabitants
ami a station on tho Orient railroad
Berlin Tioaty -The most Itupoitatit
of tho agreements entered Into by tho
great powers of Europe, with a view
to settlement of the Balkan quostlon
It was signed .fuly 13, 1878.
Iloiiula and llorregovlna Turkish
pi ov luces with about 1,000,000 InlmbI
tnuirt which worn given, by Uio terms
of thn Berlin treaty, to Austrla-llim-guiy
for admlnlst ration. They weio
annexed to this monarchy In 1008,
Crete TuiUlflll Island in tho Mcdlt
crranean Sea which Is govornod under
the siipci vision of tho power by a
commission. Tho Ciotans wish to bo
annexed to Gtecco and are taking ml
vantage of the piesent crisis to break
away from Tin key, '
Eastern Htiiuolla Heglon between
tho eiest of tho Balkan Mountains ami
what Is now Turkish Ituinoliii. It was
proclaimed it part of Bulgaria In 1885,
and loiinally annexed In 1008, when
Foidliinud took tho title of star of tho
Macedonia Turkish Province
liiulo- A written douleo of tho Turk
IhIi sultan,
KeK liana A town In Macetdonla
which was the scene of a massacre of
Bulgiiilaii Christians by Moslems. This
mnxmicie had much to do with Inciting
tho Bulgarian people to war.
Macedonia Important Turkish prov
ince, of which u considerable portion
of that populutlou aro Bulgars, Sorbs,
Greeks and Vlnchs. The dissatisfac
tion of these people with tho Turkish
rule ami their own racial and religious
differences huvo for years kept tho
laud In almost, constant turmoil.
Mallssora A northern Albanian
tribe, mostly Christians, that has been;
In revolt ugulnst the Ottoman govern
nient. MlrldltoH-Ono of tho largest of the
Albanian tribes, participants in tho
recent uprising against Turkish rulo.
Mustapha Pnsha Placo of strate
gical Importance on tho Turkish fron
tier Just over tho Bulgarian border and
on the railroad between Sofia and Ad-
rlutioplo. Here tlto Bulgarian troops
aro concentrating.
Novl Bazra A mountain provlnco
lying between Montenegro and Servla
and south of Bosnia. It was tho scono
of tho dual occupation by Austria and
rurkev lollowlng the Borlln Troaty.
Austria evacuated tho country 1008,
Orient Expreta
Old Sorvla A district, lying ho
vcn Albania and Servla. It contains
tho Hold of Kossavo, where tho ancient
Horvlan omplro went down to defeat in
Orlont express Tho thansEuropean
express which links western Europo
to Constantinople, It runs by way of
Vienna, Budapest, Belgrade and Sofia.
I Hedlf The reserves of the Turkish
army. Mllltury sorvlco begins at (he
, age of 20 and lasts for 80 years. The
first lino or acttvo army is called the
nlrara, and servlco Is for nine years,
but In practice a man la often kept a
longer period with the colors. The sol
dier next passes to the relief, or sec
ond line, and remains In It for another
nino years'. Finally he completes his
service with two years In tho mustallz.
The relief Infantry exist in tlmo of
peace, and these' soldiers aro used In
common with tho iilzam for the sup
pression of disturbances.
Hhodopo Mountains A range that
forms part of tho frontier between
Bulgaria and Tilrkey.
Solonlca Tho1 most Important town
of western Turkey, the blrthplaco of
tho young Turk movement and tho po
sition of a large Turkish force. It Is
considered as tho objective point of
Austria-Hungary's advance to tho east
which she would reach by means of a
railroad acrosK Novl Bazar to Mltro-
Parliaments Listed
Scutari Capital of Albania and ob
jective point toward which tho Mon
tenegrin army, In two divisions, Is
pushing Its way.
Skupshtlna Servian parliament.
Sobranjo Parliament of Bulgaria.
Uskub Cupftal of tho vilayet of
Kossovo at tho junction of tho rullroad
from Nlsh to Salonlcu. Point of stiut
eglcal Importance on account of Its
position, which serves two mountain
Vilayet A division of tho TurklBh
emplru. The bend of each vilayet is
a vail, or governor genornl, Sanjalc
is u division similar than a vilayet.
Young' Turk party Tho revolution
ary party which brought about tho
overthrow' of Sultan Abdul Ilamld In
J 009. It hns been acting thtough a
secret committee of union nnd pro
gross, it hns not greatly Improved tho
mateilal progrens of the empire. Its
principal rofotm havo been effected
In tho nripy,
Butte County Offers Inducements
Women With Two Children
Chlco, Cnl., Nov. 2 The school su
peiiiitemleiit of Butte county Is otter
ing special Inducements to tcuehers
with fumlllcH to locate In (ho county,
nnd has commenced by declaring her
Intention of employing for the Bangor
hchool ills! i let a teacher with at least
two children. No teacher without, u
family will bo considered.
The Bangor dlstilct Is In danger of
lapsing becuuso of a sciucity of school
child) en, The minimum hns been ex
ceeded and at leant, two must bo add
ed before school can bo opened. To
arrange for this and prevent the dis
trict f i oin lapsing Mis. Alliums an
nounced that offois for tho placo will
bo received fiom women touchers with
PtV X' T!' 1 1 "1 aT ei t IP 4 mP "a
.?. BIRTHS 4.
A daughter was born to Mr. and
Mrs, Stephen Bell, who rctddo on tho
Columbus road, Filday afternoon.
Give Old
Get A Florence
Hot Blast
For about the coal cost of an open
grate one of these heaters will thoroughly
warm mkny times the space. J
It is a cleanly, sightly stove and the
greatest' moderate priced heater in the
world. .
,V1,, if
Messages Sent To Remote
Part Of Amazon Basin '
Sao Paulo, Brazil, Nor. 2 In an In
terview given to Uio press, Capt. Lulz
de 8a AfTonseca of tho engineer corps,
who has just returned from tho Upper
Amazon, furnishes Interesting data on
the Aero region, recently in the public
eye on account of tho short revolution
In the capital, Senna Mndurelra.
Capt. Alfonseca, whose special mis
sion In tho Aero territory was tho in
stallation of wireless telegraphy,
speaks with enthusiasm of tho resourc
es and futuro of the upper Purus and
Acre. In view of the amn'zlng success
the German Tclefunken Company has
had with the Introduction nnd popular
ization of tho system of wireless teleg
raphy In Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Bra
zil and elsewhere In South America,
nobody Is surpilsed; in fact it is taken
as a matter of course that tho sstcm
Installed by Capt. AfTonseca Is tho Gor
man and not the Marconi, which latter
ho considers far less adapted for South
American requirements.
The wireless stations established nt
Xapury at the continence of the Xapu
ry and Acre rlv rs and at Taiauuca on
the upper .Iiirun, place that remote cor
ner of tho Amazon basin In communi
cation with both the Paelllo and At
lantic. Tho captain says that tho first ex-
peilmentH In Xapury enabled him to
communicate with Iqultos, the Peruv
ian port of tho upper Amazon, with
Cruzeiro do Sul, Senna Madurelra and
Itlo Branco, on the Juriin, Purus and
Aero rivers respectively nnd ho was
able to distinguish communications be
tween Iqultos and Lima on tho other
sldo of the Andes. Later 011 ho was
abol to distinguish a message sent by
Porto Velho on tho Mudelru-Mainoro
railroad to Manaos, capital of Amazon'
as and tho commercial center of tho
middle Amazon. It Is with consider'
ablo surprise that the people hero
learn that they can now send wireless
messages all the way to tho north
western border of Brazil In tho depths
of tho Amazon Junglo, as outlined by
Capt. Alfonseca; from Sno Paulo and
Santos to Manaos by telegram and ca
ble; from theio to Porto Velho by
wireless and finally, also by wireless,
to Senna Madurelra, capital of the
Aero Territory and center of the wire
less system.
In tho opinion of Capt. Affousecu,
tho most piomlslng settlements of the
Acre uro Xapuiy, Itlo Brauco and
Ygurapo dn Bahla In tho upper Acre.
Most of the settlors so fur iavo conio
from tho tropical state of Coara,
though many are from the adjoining
states of Plauhy and Itlo Grnndo do
Norto. People from Sao Paulo and the
other southern stntcs aio vory rare. At
present, or courso, everything practic
ally eonters round the exploitation of
rubber and only during tho dry, spells,
when tho rivers run so low as to Im
pede navigation, Is there any thought
of agricultural pursuits. Public in
struction naturally Is practically un
known as yut, while politics is ram
pant. In a few years, the captain
thinks, the resources of tho Aero will
bo far m 010 generally known, thanks
to communication with tho outside
world, and rapid progress will follow.
Mrs. C. C. Dnwds ami son, Donuld,
are visiting Mrs. S. G, Peuler at Mans-
"Jack Frost" a Warm
Election In Tennessee Is
Full Of Interest
Nashville, Tenn,, Nov. 2 A direct
election and a primary election will
be the rather unlquqo combination
in which the voters of Tennessee will
combine when they go to the polls
next Tuesday. The direct election, as
In other Stutes will bo for presiden
tial electors, representatives in Con
gress, governor and State railroad
commissioner. 'The primary election
will bo for the selection of the Demo
cratic candidates for United States
senator, and several State officials
below the govornorshlp.
In the senatorial race former Gov
ernor Malcolm It. Patterson, "the
stormy petrol of Tennessee politics,"
ts the leading figure. Judge Floyd
Estill of Wlnchcstetr and Judge Jos
eph Jones of Dresden are measuring
lances with ox-Goveruor Patterson
for the place that was filled by "Bob"
Taylor and Is now occupied by New
ell Sanders ns a result of the Tennes
see fusion movement thnt the last
TonnesHeo general assembly non
Democratic and elected a Republican
governor for tho first tlmo In nearly
for years.
On account of tho prominence that
Mr. Patterson hnd In connection with
fhe Cai mack-Cooper case and tho de
feat of local option so strongly urged
by him, there wero mnny Democrats,
Including numerous friends, who did
not think It advisable for him to got
into active politics so early again.
Many Republicans and Democrats
alike predict that the candidacy of
ex-Governor Patterson will' result lit
the election of another fusion general
assembly and the consequent election
of u Republican or fusion Democratic
as United States senator.
M. and Mrs. Robert B. Armstrong
returned homo last night from their
wedding trip.
. 4.
A Famoue Parlor Maid1. " '
Sydney Smith, the famous author
and wit. In describing his early mar
ried life in a Yorkshire, parsonage told
how he Hindu a butler out of u village
"A mnnsnrvnnt wis too expensive,
so I caught up a little giirdeu gUiuadc
like a milestone, christened ,bur Bunch,
put u mi pklti 'in Jier hand and mude her
my buUe.r. The, n:rn .MiiKht her to
read. .Mrs fjjdieyro wait. uud, under
touk Ijer mural Bupeh .bcuiuiv the
be-jt butler In the county..
But Bunch was uol merely butlor
she was, vulet toi(i A ylxltor thus de
KTlbc her: ,
"Coining down one iiiqrnlng. 1 found
Bumh pacing up and iliun the pus
sage liefore 'her muster's door In r
Mute, of gre.il pcrluilintlon'. " '
"What Is the mutter. BunobT
"Oh. 11111 'n m. 1 can't get no.pcar'e of
mind till I've got muster shaved, and
he's so lute thh morning!' '''"'
"This 'getting master shaved' consist
ed In milking ready for him with a
large painter's brush a thick lather In
a huge wooden bowl us big as Mam
brlno's helmet, which she always con
sldered us the most tmportunt avoca
tion of the uornlug."
Mrs. A. F. Smnlley wont to Berlin,
Ohio, Saturday to spend a few days.
Mr. Kent Shafer of Pittsburg, Pa.,
arrived In the city Filday evening to
visit with friends.
The Stove That Takes
The Cold Air
Off the Floor
and circulates it throughout the household
after warming it thoroughly.
For the'khome where hot water heat
ing is out of the question the Florence
Hot Blast Stove givesjthe same results at
a mere trifling cost first and for all fuel
Party In Japan Is Defeated
Id Contest
Toklo, Japan, Nov. 2 Prince Kat
sura, who, ever since his return to To-'
klo from St Petersburg, has boon re
garded as tho political dictator of tho
empire, has recently seen his policy
subjected to a severe defeat.
Ho has become Identified with the
military party in Japan, and Is under
stood to have been strongly in favor of
tho Increase of tho army by tho two
divisions which It was declared wero
necessitated by the occupation of Kor
ea. Ever since tho outbreak of the
Japanese war, a steady Increase has
taken place in tho military establish
ment. Tho peace footing, which used
to bo 160,000 men, has been raised to
250,000 men, whilst tho war Btrength
has risen from 600,000 men to no less
than 2,000,000 men. In these circum
stances, tho demand for a further ad
vance becamo a violent party question.
Tho military party declared It to bo
a necessity, but the minister for fin
ance was firmly opposed to an Increase
in taxation, a decision in which he had
the whole-hearted support of tho Prem
ier, Prince Salonjl. Tho struggle was
fought out In tho press not less bitter
ly than in political circles, but as a re
sult the military party havo been com
pletely beaten, for tho first tlmo for
mony years.
It is said that the prime minister act-,
(tally feared the effect on the people of
any Increased taxation and held that
the policy of Japan was essentially to
develop her naval power, since she
was not financially In tho position to
develop both branches at the same
time. Japan's futuro, it was urged by
the government press, lies In the Pa
cific, and it is consequently essential
that she should maintain a fleet strong
enough to secure hor power in that
, 4.
Coshocton, O., Nov. 2, Mrs. Frank
Stilllngrr Is dying, her two children
Ho seriously hurt and Mrs. William
fry Is suffering from Injuries ns tho
result of a runaway near here. Mrs,
cUllllnger Is suffering from a broken
back and a fractured Jaw. Ono of hor
ears vyaE torn nwav.
Clovoland, O., Nov. 2. Election of
oli Cleveland's municipal odlcora in
1913 on a nonpartisan ballot, with the
randldates contesting on tholr merits
nd not on party strength, Is planned
ty Mayor Baker as the first great
change to come under the city's new
iif -
P-E' J
-;-hv .

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