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To Conveie Monday, Judge
Sewird Presiding
Graid Jury Wi I Take Recess
For Two Days
lis Some' Members Are Offi
cers Of The Electioi
ty And Would No! Be Fit Wed-
jesdsy For Jury Duly
Other Notes Of Interest From
The Court House
mo November term or. common
pleas court will convene Monday morn
Ing at 9 o'cIocV4 with Judge ChaB. W.
Seward of Newark on the bench. Tho
grand jury will meet nt that hour and
hear the court's charge, following
which It will take up the hearing of
cases. It is understood that there are
about 25 matters to be presented.
It Is quito likely that court will bo
adjourned over Tuesday, and that the
grand jury will recess over Tuosday
and Wednesday. A number ot thp
grand jurors are precinct election of
ficials and It In not expected that they
would bo in shape to, work Wednesday
following what Is sure to be an all
nlght'Bit-up on Tuesday.
Damage For Explosion
Maria Colesworthy, by her attor
neys Edward Vollrath and Huston &
Marquis, has filed a suit in common
pleas court against O. P. F. Rlsch and
Ella C. McCoy asking 126,900 dam
ages for personal Injuries sustained
In the Wiler house block explosion.
It is alleged that long previous to
Oct. 9, 1911, the date of the explosion,
the gas pipes In the cellar leaked and
discharged gas under the store room
of Rlsch & McCoy. The plaintiff says
that notwithstanding these leaks In
the basement and cellar, the defend
ants were Inviting patrons to visit the
store and purchase their wares. On
Oct. 9.1911, tho plaintiff was induced
to go to the store, and while there
the escaping gas ignited, exploded
and wrecked the store and set fire
to the' same.
The force of the explosion was vio
lent and destructive and tho plaintiff
was violently thrown down, cut and
bruised by flying furniture and glass
and bofore she could escape or be
rescued from the building, was caught
and enveloped In flames resulting
ft' from the oxploslon.
The plaintiff's egress was cut off'
andjn attempting to escape she was
caught and held fast by furniture and
wreckage which fell upon her.
The plaintiff vis a married woman
and was accustomed before the ex
plosion .to care for ner household
and perform all ordinary household
duties. As a result of her injuries,
she is unable to perform her work.
She alleges that a great expense was
Incurred for doctor bills, drugs and
The plaintiff therefore asks judg
ment against the defendant for a to
tal of 126,900, including f 25,000 as her
damages. Mansfield News.
Executor Appointed
Frank Moore of Mt Vernon has been
appointed executor of the Mary M. P.
Banning estate. Bond, fl.600. Ball,
R. y. Btruble and Eleanor Moore. Ap
praisers, Banner M. Allen, W. A Hob-
ack and O. A. Bope.
Guardian Appointed-
William L. Gregg of Frederlcktown
has been appointed guardian on choice
of Roscoe Oregg, a minor. Bond, $1,
200. Ball, J. B. Wilson and W. B. Her-
Trnasfer of Lot
Stephen Blubaugh to Mary C. Blu
baugh, lot 10, old plat, Buckeye City,
A ponny social was held by the
members of the First Congregational
church In the church paTlors Friday
afternoon. Tho social was very well
patronized and was a thorough suc
cess in every way.
Howard Bnrtlett, a snapper nt the
Camp Glass Factory, was badly cut
while handling a glass cylinder Fri
day nftornoon. When Jio started to
pick up the piece of glass It burst and
cut tho little linger of the left hand
'badly. He went to the office of a pny
slclan where the wound was 'dressed.
Of Congregational Associate
At Newark '
The 106th semi-annual meeting of
the Central Ohio Association of Con
gregational churches will be held at
Plymouth Congregational church in
Newark, Nor 11 and 12. Session pro
gram: Monday Evening
7 Sermon -Rev. Byron R. Long.
Communion ot the Lord's Supper.
Ministers officiating, Rev. Benjamin
Harris, Rev. Thomas H. Warner.
General theme, Protestant Ideals.
Tuesday Morning
9:80 Organisation and business.
9:45 Devotional Service Mr. Rob
ert Northey. ,
10 Saving Faith Rev. Wesley' E.
Bovoy. j
' 10:30 Fellowship Rev. Daniel A.
11 Freedom Rev. W. H. Wood
ring. N
Tuesday Afternoon
2 Business Reports of commit
tees. Theme, Protestant Ideals for the
2:30---Its membership Rev. Ira J.
3 Its Ministry Rev. Fred L.
3:30 Its Missions Rev. Roy E.
Tuesday Evening
7Idoals of Education Rev. Carl
S. Pattqn.
2 f t S I 5 $ $ 2 I $
favii"''r,a!?1$-- ! ! $ t r
Gay Street M. E.
Tho women of the Gny Street M. E.
church held their "Foreign Missionary
meeting Friday afternoon In the audi
ence room, Mesdames Chas. Murphy,
C. S. Michaels and Miss Crumloy be
ing hostesses. Mrs. Thurlow Burger
conducted the devotional service and
Mrs. Thos. Weir presented the pro
gram. The Text book for the year,
"China's New Day," written by Dr.
Isaac T. Headland and full of vivid
pictures of Chinese Jlfe, was intro
duced by Mrs. Weir, with a sketch of
first chapter, supplemented with a
reading by Mrs. Phlfer. A duet,'
"Nearer My-God to Thee" was sung
by Mesdames Branyan and Blair, ac
companied by Mrs. French; and a
solo, "Open the Windows That Faces
the Sky" was sung by Miss Eva
Hohbs, who also rendered a piano
selection. ,
The mystery box was In charge of
Mrs. Tucker. Refreshments were
served in the parlor during the social
hour by Mesdames Berger, Scar
brough, Vail, Colwell, Belt, and Ken
nedy. j. WILL OCCUR SOON . -.
The meeting of the Women's
Auxiliary Missionary society of St.
Paul's parish will be postponed until
Friday Nov. 8, on account of the reg
ular mooting coming on All Saints'
day this week.
The Knights of Columbus will
meet Monday evening at 7:30.
The W. C. T. U. will meet at the
residence of Mrs. Rlghtmlre, Gran
ville road, Tuesday afternoon at 2
o'clock. The state convention report
will bo given at this meeting. Visit
ors welcome.
"The Citizens' association will
meet In the city council chamber next
Wednesday evening, Nov. dth, at 7:30
" T
Burglar Break Into Lord Cottage
While Young WomsnIAre'at ,
Oberlln, 0 Nov. 2 The night
watchman at Lord cottage, where 100
girl students of Oberlln College reside,
was as busy 'last night as a couple of
Turks and Bulgars, putting onsome
real extra fine sleuthing around the
cottage. Only the knowledge that he
was snooping around looking for pros
pective burglars kept the young wo
men students from getting right up
and going home to mother.
The cottage 'was sent 'Into hysterics
early last night when It was found that
burglars bad entered the rooms of
some of the girls while they were at
supper and had stolen four good watch
es nnd $5. When the girls went to
their rooms to dress for an entertain
mont the robbery was discovered.
Right then and thoro Mr, Nlghtwatch-
mnn bognn nlghtwatchlng at express
speed, and despite the fact that' thoy
knew their protector was alert, or in
other words, on the. job, some of the
gills couldn't sloop at all and others
bad o-o-o-oh such torr'ble dreams
Balloon Seen Sailing towards
The Arctic Sua
t Bremen, Germany, Nov. 2 The alia
sing balloon Duesseldorf II., with the
two American aeronauts, John Watts
and Arthur T. Atberholt, on board, was
probably the balloon s'een sailing to
the north on Monday by John Berry
and A. Von Hoffman when they landed
with the Million Population near Dan
zig. In the course of an interview here
today the two aeronauts said:
"An hour after we had landed near
Ueckermuende, at noon on Monday, we
saw a balloon sailing at the height of
from 9,000 to 11,000 feet toward the
"It soon disappeared In the clouds
We. believe the balloon was the Dues
seldorf II., and that the pilot had aim
ed to reach Norway. Since the balloon
was so high in the air and was travel
Ing at least 40 miles an hour the pilot
could not have descended before dark,
and we were of opinion that he would
not be able to tell where he waB be
fore noxt morning. By that time he
must have sailed at least 600 miles,
and if the balloon kept In tho direction
It was taking when wo observed it It
must have been carried far Into Nor
way or Lapland, or even beyond Into
tho Arctic Ocean."
Tho DueBseldorf II. has not reported
for live full days slnco she started In
the race for tho Gordon Bennett Cup
from Stuttgart, on Sunday evening.
Of Hjr Husband Sought By
Mrs. Mounts
Chief of Police Clements received
a communication from Mrs. Edward
Mounts of Washington, Pa., asking
that ho asslHt in locating her hus
band, Edward Mounts, who has not
been heard of for some time. She
sent one of his photographs and stat
ed that she believed that he had been
In ML Vernon durlhg tho last few
For County Institutions Will Be Sup
plied After January 1.
Columbus, Ohio, November 2 Let
ters were sent today by tho State
Board of Administration to County
Auditors and Commissioners notify
ing them that ntter January 1 the
board will be. able to supply all the
shoes and men's clothing required nt
the county infirmaries and children's
homes in the state.
The articles are to be manufactured
In the Ohio State Reformatory at
Mansfield, and the sending of the let
ters Is the first step In the plan for
keeping 'convicts ot the state at work
making supplies which the state
At the present time knitting factor
ies are being installed at the Ohio
Penitentiary to make underwear for
the state Institutions, and when all
have been supplied the surplus will
be disposed of to the counties, as Is
now proposed to be done with the
shoes and men's clothing.
After' Telling Collector, To Speak Low
Because Wife Was Dying
'Cleveland, O., Nov. 2 Just aftor
Mrs. Nicolo Abondante had received
extreme Unction at the hands ot a
priest of her church Frank Clark, rent
I, collector, appeared at her home yes
terday and demanded $7 rent for a
store occupied by her son.
Nicolo Abondante remonstrated,
telling Clark not to speak so loud, as
Mrs. Abondante lay dying. Then he
gave Clark above, whereupon Clark,
It is said, drew a revolver and fired
two shots Into Abondante's neck.
Abondante is dying.
Clark Is under arrest. His wife Is
said to be dying from the shock caus
ed by the news of his arrest.
How's This?
We offer One, Hundred Dollars Re
ward for any ea6 ot Catarrh that
cannot bo cured by Hall's Catarrh'
F, J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O,
We, the undersltwed, have known F. J.
Chcnoy for tho lust 15 years, ana bcllove
him perfectly lionorablo In nil liusinpss
tramnctlors and nnanclnlly oble to carry
out any obllcatlona mnrto by Ills firm.
Toledo, O.
TTnll'a fntArrh flnrn li taltcn Internally.
I acting directly upon tlio blood and mu
cous Rurfnceg of llio y!Ucm. Test monlaU
sent, f?"e. lJrlcV 75 c,onls per boftlo. Sola
U.'ko fait' fcUliW TIIU tar roostlPAtlOO.
Causes Flytit Awing Several
Maeslleld imih n
During Which A; "Gentleman
. Caller Qpcked
(Mansfield, News)
"What would you, do If, when you
were calling on youi-, lady friend,
three girls drop in "and the whole,
smear begins pulllngjialr and scratch
ing noses?" This question was put
to several Mansfield men Friday and
they all gave the same answer, "I
would duck." That. the predlca-
Iment In which Heary Miller found
himself Thursday eyening whllo' call
ing on his lady friend, Mrs. Lena
Hunt, 243 1-2 North Main street,
Thursday evening, when Mrs. Mildred
Truman and her two sisters, Cora and
Cleo, dropped la for an Informal vis
It. Prudent Mr. Miller saw there was
a storm gathering so he bade the lad
les a hasty but affectionate adieu.
What followed Is best described .in
tho words of. the female combatants,
who went to war over a willow plume.
"She hit me on the head and I've got
the mark yet." "She scratched my
none, "Sho pulled by ear," "She
grabbed me by the hair, hit mo and
choked me," "Sho struck my sister,"
woro tho terms tho combatants used
in telling their stories' In police court
Frldny, which was .ladles day. If
tho Dulgarlan army had 11 few sol
diers, who could scrap like the ladles
of Mansfield, thoy could wipe Turkey
off the map. After the battle was ov
er, Mrs. Lena Hunt came to the po
lice station and swore out a warrant
for Mildred Truman and Contain
Murks brought the bellgerent lady to
the station, where she was locked up
until Frldny morning. The warrant
charged Mrs. Truman with assault.
She Is a waitress at a North Main
street restaurant. She entered a plea
of not guilty to the charge of assault
and the testimony was taken.
The story told by, Mrs. Hunt, the
first witness, was that sho was enter
taining her friend, Mr.1 Miller, when
there came a rap at the door and Cleo
and Cora, sisters of Mildred, camo In
and demanded the plume. She said
she refused to give it up and the as
sault followed. Mrs. Hunt said she
and Mrs. Truman had not spoken for
several weeks until Thursday even
ing. She claimed the reason she did
not give the plumo up was because
the girls owed her $5.
Tho story told by the three sisters
was that Mrs. Hunt had a willow
plume "which cost $20, nnd which was
tho property of Cleo. They also testi
fied Mrs. Hunt had :i green feathei
valued at $3.50 and a mesh purse
which cost $7, nil tho property of Uie
sisters. The girls further testified
that Cora was the one who owed Mrs.
Hunt $5 and Cleo owned tho plume
which Mrs. Hunt was holding "back.
The sisters said Cloo first demanded
the plumo and Mrs. Hunt defied her
to take It. They said when she tried
to take it Mrs. Hunt struck her twice.
This brought the ether sisters to the
rescue. From then on the witnesses
had a contused memory of what hap
pened. The case ended by the may
or fining Mildred S2 and costs and
ordering Mrs. Hunt to give Cleon her
plume and for, Cora to pay Mrs. Hunt
the $5. This, Cora said she was will
ing to do, though sho declared, "I
took care of her kids all summer for
nothing." The four ladies had anoth
er "chewing match," to use their own
words, In the stairway of the city
prison, but 'the rnayor ordered them
to move on.
, -
Prof. Irving Fisher Tells Conservation
Congress It Is an Unnecessary
Toll on Lift
Indianapolis, Nov .2 Out ot some
1,500,000 deaths annually In the United
States at least 630,000 are prevent
able," declared Professor Irving Fisher
of Yale University, here. "This means
oyer L700 unnecessary deaths per day,
or more than the lives lost in the great
Titanic disaster. Tho Titanic disaster
spread a pall of gloom over the world,
while the dally avorago death rate gets
a. passing comment."
Professor Fisher said that tho peo
ple of the country must look to the
newspapers, Insurance companies and
the federal government for tho saving
of human life.
"In tho last analysis, the war against
preventable dlseaso Is a strugglo bo
tween tho dollar and tho death rate."
As a result of the tight skirt fashion
onoNow York petticoat manufactur
er has become bankrupt, which seoms
to prove that you cannot pass pros
pority around in a hobble skirt.
Mrs. William Robinson, East Chest
nut street, was the hostess of a very
pretty bridge party at her home Fri
day afternoon, given In honor of her
sister, Mrs. Reed, of Chicago, 111.
Prison were awarded Mrs. Columbus
Ewalt and Miss Clark, the latter of
Charlottesville, Ohio.
Club Dane
The Manhattan dancing club held
a dance at the Pythian Armory on
Friday evening. Twenty four couples
were present to dance during the pro
gram. Mlld's orchestra furnished
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Hendrlckson
entertained with a Hallowe'en party
at their home In Millwood Friday
evening In honor of their guest, .Mrs.
Duncan, of Cleveland. Twenty guests
were present during the evening
which was Bpent playing' games. Re
freshments were served.
Pleasant v
A very pleasant Hallowe'en party
wns given nt the home of Mrs. Mlna
McDonald on North Main street Fri
day evening. The home was prettily
decoruted with Hallowe'en symbols.
Tho eyening was spent In music and
In games. Twelve guests were pres
ent. Refreshments were served by
Mrs. McDonald and her little niece,
Miss Irene Oliver.
Miss Joan Tims of Columbus, form
erly of Mt. Vernon nnd Mr. W. S. Dav-
is, a traveling salesman of Cleveland,
were married at the parsonage of tho
Third St. Methodist church, Colum
bus, by the pastor, Rev. A. K. Connell
Friday, Nov. 1. After a short visit
with relatives In Mt. Vernon and ML
Liberty they will leave for their fu
ture home In Cleveland, O.
Mt. Vernon Lady
Visiting Guest
Mrs. Frank Hosier of Park avenue
west charmingly entertained the
members of the Ashfleld club at her
home Thursday afternoon. This Is the
first meeting of this season. Four
tables were used In the play and high
score was reached by Mrs. Charles
Hautzenroeder, Mrs. W. A- Porter of
Mt. Vernon, sister of tho hostess was
the visiting guest. Tho next club
meeting will be held with Mrs. Hess
of Ashland. Mansfield Shield.
o ,
Freshman Class
Miss Mabel Green of Mnrtlnsburg '
very pleasantly entertained the fresh
man class of the Martlnsburg and a
number of other guests nt her home
Friday evening. Hallowe'en games
were played during the evening and
everybody had a good time. Refresh
ments were served.
Joe Hooker Post No. 21 G. A.
R. will meet at their hall Monday ev
ening nt 7 o'clock.
Party For,
The Seventh and Eighth grades ot
the first ward school enjoyed u Hal
lowe'en party at the school building
Friday evening. Seventy-five were
present oud all wore odd masks and
make-ups. The teachers of the class
es, Miss Overly and Miss Studor,
were present. .
A grand march in the assembly
hall of the school was the first event
of the evening and was followed by
ranny Hallowe'en games. Refresh-
ments consisting
of pumpkin
made candy
doughnuts, home
fruit were served,
Miss Nettle Hancock entertained
with a masquerade. Hallowe'en party
ROACH POWDER (Non-Poleon-ous).
Rids the premises ot Cock
roaches. Price
HAIRTONE The antlsceptlc hair
tonic. Removes the dandruff. Keeps
tho scalp In a healthy condition,
Stimulates the growth of the hair.
TAR TABLET8 Tho popular old
tlmo blood purifier. Price
at her homo' In Mnrtlnsburg Frldny
evening. The guests were tho sopho-
more, Junior nnd senior classes nnd
tho faculty of tho Martlnsburg high .
school. Thirty were present during
tho evening which wns spent playing
various kinds of games. A two .
course luncheon was served.
Hallowe'en decorations were used
throughout the house and were inter
mingled with pennants and ribbons of
orange and black, the high school col
ors. Hallowe'en
Miss Margaret Porter and Miss
Margaret Clements very pleasantly
entertained with a Hallowe'en parly
at tho former's home, 209 North Park
street, Friday evening Twenty three
girl1 friends were present and alt wore
Hallowe'en costumes and masks.
Games were played during the even
ing and a guessing contest was held.
Prices In this contest were awarded
Miss Catherine Wintermute and Miss
Lou Ogle. Refreshments were serv
ed. The homo was prettily and appro
priately decorated for the occasion
with autumn leaves, pumpkins, witch
es and black cats. '
1 Surprise
A number of the friends of Albert
and Edwin Devault gave them a Hal-
lowe'en surprise at the home of their
grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
Devault, In South Vernon, Friday ev-
enlng. Games appropriate to the sea-
son were played and a very enjoyable
evening was spent. Tho guests were:
Neva McPeek, Ida Beach, Francis
Hlnger, Mary Waddell, Mario Boyle,
Florence Halsey, Verna Halsoy, May
Down, Sadie Armstrong, Veronica Blu
baugh, Mary Charlton, Mary Bishop,
Roxlo Fllppo, Mary Graham, Pansy
Morey, Leona Loop, Clara Laferee.
William Weaver, Clinton Coo, Donald
Wooton, Stanley Fletcher, Harry Car
roll, Joseph Kennard, Charley Halsey,
Bernley Simmons, Harry Ransom, Har
old Ransom, Oliver Walker, Bernard
Waddell, Eugene Bell.
Fancy Dress'
The Misses Elizabeth and Isabel
Owen were the hostesses of a fancy
dress Hallowe'en party at their home,
401 North Main street, Friday even
ing. A large number of their friends
were present and all wore pretty and
grotesque costumes. Games were
played during the evening and Hal
lowe'en refreshments were served.
The home was decorated prettily
with black .cats, pumpkins, autumn
leaves and other things that are sym
bolic of Hallowe'en. The evening was
a pleasant one and was enjoyed by all
A feature of the evening was hunt
for souvenirs which were concealed
about the house. Tho guests repre
sented the following:
Margaret Beam Clown.
Carlotta Wolverton Little Bo
Dorothy Blair Spinster.
Luclle Smith German Maid.
Pauline Smith Martha Washing
ton. Harriet Swetland Clown.
Jane Eastman Ghost.
Mariam Forbing Pumpkin.
Virginia Forbing Swede.
Bessie Devln Witch.
Isabel Owen Spanish dancer.
Elizabeth Owen Clown.
Dwight McNabb Tramp.
Robert Severns Sailor.
Allen Snpp Monk.
Ralph Morton Monk.
Jay McDevltt Confederate soldier.
Harold Ashcratt Satan.
Dan Houck Clown.
Russell Eastman Monk.
Robert Eastman Turk.
Kenneth Harper Pumpkin.
Henry Arnold Federal soldier.
Thomas Clifford of Cleveland, Ohio,
former candidate for Governor of
phlo on the Socialist ticket, will
speak at the Socialists' hall on Sun
day afternoon at 2:30 o'clock.
Messrs. Frank Gullbert of Center
burg and Charles 'and Robert Harry
of Frederlcktowr. visited Mr. H.1 A,
Bumpus and daughters of East Front
street Saturday.
FACE CREAM (with peroxide) Free
from grease. Healing, antlsceptlc,
clears the skin of blemishes .making it J
soft, smooth and beautiful.
8lgn of the Owl Clock 115 8. Main 8t.
Mt. Yrnon, O..
that tired feeling nnd makes you feel
as though life was worth living. Pnco
Miss Margaret Turner returned lav
her homo In Blalravlllo, Pa., Frlda
uftor a visit with her sister, Mrs. A
C. Collins, ot East High street,
Mrs. J. C. Copeland returned to fear
homo In Paulding, Ohio, Saturday
morning after a several rtnvn' uit
with Mrs. O. G. Daniels of East Hlaja
Again So Many Surgical Of,
rations. HowMrs.BB '
and Mrs. Moor EsopjL
Sftetton, Mo., "For seven yean JasK
f ered everything I was In bed for fam
or five days at a taatv
every month, aa4 at
weak. I could hat,
walk. IarampeiaM -badtbackaehe
headjtche, and was)
so nervous and weak
anyone or have aaa '
The doctors gave a'
medicine to ease at
at those times, and said that I ouaat te
have an operatibtv I wonld not listen tt
that, and when a friend of my hoabaai
told him about LydlaE.P2nknam'sVf
St0'8 Compound and what it had tea
??r nL w!ie was willing W take r.
Now I look the picture of health and feel
like it, too. I can do my own housework
hoe my garden, and milk a cow. I esa
entertain company and enjoy them. 1
can visit when I choose, and walk as far
as any ordinary woman, any day in the.
month. I wish I could talk to every
Buffering woman nnd girl." Mrs. Dema.
Bethune, Sikeston, Mo
Murrayvllle, III. "I havo taken Ly
dla E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
for a very bad cose of femalo trouble,
and it made roe a well woman, -lif
health was nil. broken.down, thedoctem
said I must have an operatiqn, and I was
ready to go to the hospital, but dreaded fcV
bo that I began takfng your Composes,
I got along so well 'that I gave up M
doctors and was saved from the opera.
tion."--Mrs. Chakum Moore, R.K.
No. 3, Morrayville, IIL-
Tunis; "fob holding'
COURTS, .A. ,D., 191&
. -.
It 1 ordered -that the terms of the Com
mon Pleas Courts of the several counties
In ald judicial district, for the year 131
be nxed aa follows, to-wit:
Ashland county on the 20th day of Jan.
and the ?th day of April and the 29th day
of Sept.
Coihocton county on the Cth day of Jan.
and the 7th day of April and the 15th day
of September.
Delaware county on the Cth day of Jan.
and the Tth day of April and the 15th day
of September.
Holmes county on the 6th day of Jan.
nnd the Tth dav of April and tho ISth day
of September.
Knox county on the 10th
day of Feb. and the 5th day
of May, and the 3rd day ox
November. j.
LIcklnR county on the Cth day of Jan.
and the 7th day of April and the 8th day
of Sept.
.Morrow county on the 10th day of Fee.
and the :1st day of April and the 20th day
of Oct.
Richland county on the Gth day of Jan.
and 7th day of April and the 15 day of
Sent ' '
Wayne county on the 3rd day of Feb.
and the Cth day of May, and the 6th day
of Oct.
It H further ordered that the court or
the first sub-dlvlslon he held bv Judges.
E. M. Wlckham and 'Chas. W. Seward.
That the courts of the second sub-dlv
Islon be held by Judges Edwin: Mansflew
and William T, Devon ......
That the tourtH of the third sub-dhrt-
alon be held oy, juages w. ju. weyan
and Samuel H. Nicholas.
It Is further ordered that the Hon. W.
v Wivnnili ho ilnalmntftd as SuDervlslns?
Judce. and that said terms of court bea-ta.
at 10 o clocK. a m. t
WILLIAM' T. urcvuiy.
ntiffivt TV
DAM U eM f
Dated at Man.neld..Ohlo. this. ISth day
of October. 1912. .
State 'of Ohlo.'Xnox-Countn .
I Cha. W. Haves. Clerk of the Com
mon Pleas Court. within and 'for saM
coimtyfand, state.. do heaeby qertlfy thaj
the abave and forenolna; Is a true copy
of the order Axing: tr times for hoMIn
the Cotnmon Rleaa CourU In the Blxta,
Judicial-District of Ohio for the year lM.
and that the aame now appears of recor
on the i Journal of said court.
In witness whereof 1 have hereunte,
subscribed my name and affixed the seal
of said corxt at Mt. Vernon.'iOhlo, on the,
25iH day -A Octoberj.WlJ. . ,
, - l,X3A0. T. mwi
By O: O. Taylor, Deputy
feet: soothing and cooUng? frlce
' ' . '
! 25o - -
soothing and healing application for
Inflamed and irritated surfaces.
TOOTH POWDER The perfect
dentifrice. BrlghtenB nnd whitens
the teeth.
- V I -"
9Jf J ,
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A '
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n .itp tat.'.y .
lu TV' t'-i
, X.
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tK&y&. -j (& uirl fef
r-xawej j.adiwn ,siui)u
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