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Latest figures Increase MnQnitude
,,; 01 His Victory
Several Big States In Doubt-Not Quite Certain Hint the
Democrats Hill Gain Control lif The United States
Senate-New Hampshire With Rhode Island -Slips
into The Democratic Column-What The Latest
Election Figures Keveal
New Yor't, Not. 7. Corrected and '
tddltlonal te turns Increased the mag
nitude of tho victory of Woodrow Wil
ton and the Democratic party gener
ally throughout tho country. The
latest figures show that Wilson car-1
ricd 38 tttntcs at the polls, while J
iiooaoveit was Becond witn six ana
Tjift third with three.
Democratic chairmen of Pennsylva
nia, Knnwis and Idaho wired to na
tional headquarters that the results
In those slates wore so close that It
might renulio an ofllclal cunvusts to
tuako suto that Wilson had lost. They
were emphatic lu their claims of vic
tory. Thin would take two states from
Roosevelt mid ono from Tuft.
Ah It stoud, Wilson will have 412
electoral cites, the greatest number
ever Riven to a presidential candi
date; Jloonovult will have 104 and Toft
will have 12 from his four ututes.
ThlH will give Wilson a majority of
W6 over all, a plurality of HO 8 over
Roosevelt nnd a plurality of 400 over
Taft. Roosevelt will beat Taft by 92
The day brought three significant4
changes In the electoral count and
Taft was the loser in each. New
Hampshire with four electors and lit
tle Rhode Inland with five for the first
'time in the memory of man went into
the Democratic column, whllo Wash
ington's son I'll votes went to the cred
it Of ItOOMH(dt.
Wyoming, which was credited to
Wilson on election night, goes Into
the doubtful column,
i Senate In Doubt?
' It Is not quite certain that the Dem
ocrats will have control of both
branches of congress. There Is no
question about the house, in which the
Domocrats will have a plurality of
1C1, according to the latest figures
Tho Progressives will nave 10 mem
bers. The Honate Is still in doubt. At
best the Democrats can not hope to
control It by more than a slight ma
jority, but the results in Michigan, Il
linois and Colorado are still In doubt.
In all these atatos where senators are
to be selected tho legislature is so
closo on joint ballot, as the returns
como In every district must bo count
ed before the result can be known.
Tho scnute as constituted today
consists of r0 Republicans, 43 Demo
crats, there being three vacancies.
Tho terms of 36 senators expire on
March 3, 14 Democrats and 21 Repub
licans. Upon th face of the latest
return New Jei-, New Hampshire,
Delaware, Colorado and Montana ap
parently have elected Democratic leg
islatures, which will tend Democrats
to the upper house at Washington.
Borne pf Wilson's pluralities were:
Texas, 150,000; Arkansas, 60,000;
Georgia, 36,000; New Hampshire, 2,
000; West Virginia, 30,000? New York,
200,000; Ohio, 115,000; Rhode Island,
11,000; Colorado, 40,000; Massachu
setts, 18,000; Indiana, 100,000; Ken
tucky, 100,000; North Dakota, 10,000;
Minnesota, 10,000; California, 15,000.
Kenyon May Be Returned.
Des Molues, la., Nov. 7. Woodrow
Wilson has a lead of 10,794 plurality
0er Colonel Roosevelt in 67 out of 99
counties in Iowa. There are no fig
ures yet available to gtvo any kind of
on cstlmnto on the total voto for any
presidential candidate In many
counties election boards wero still
counting tho ballots. The state legis
lature In apparently Republican by a
small majority, which 'will Insure the
re-election of Senator W. S. Kenyon.
Rhode Island Complete.
Providence, R. I, Not. 7 Complete
returns in Rhode Inland show that for
the first time since the organization
of tho Republican party a Democratic
candidate for president carried tho
state. Wllsou's vote In Tuesday's
election was 30,299, while Taft re
ceived 27,7It5 nnd Roosovclt 10,488.
Tho Republicans re elected Governor
A. J. Pothler for a fifth teim, a record
cnpur.Ulcled In tho history of tho
Pennsylvania's Delegation.
Philadelphia, Nov. 7. Tho -complexion
of tho next congressional del
egation from Pennsylvania will be 23
Rr ubllcans and 13 Democrats, as
against a nresent representation of
24 Republicans and 8 Democrats. The
cflU'liil count may chango these fig
uioh ullghtly.
Went Virginia.
Charleston, V. Va , Nov. 7. Addi
tional returns received from Tues
day's election In West Virginia show
that WIIrou line carried tho statu by
rerhuns 40,000, v. 1th Taft and noose
elt i mining neck and neck, for sec
ond honors; that Dr. H. D. Hatfield,
Republican, has been elected gover
ror by from 12,000 to 15,000 and that
the remainder of tho Republican state
ticket, Including the eonsressnun-at-large,
has been olected; that four out
been elected by tho Republicans, with
the fifth iu doubt; that the legislature
i. hi jikllitJuUlllll lul JO. ill biuiuk illU
hill elect a Republican to succeed
United States Senator C. W. Watson,
and that the prohibition amendment
lias been ratified by a majority of
tiuni than 50,000.
Missouri Revised.
KnrsaB City, Mo, Nov. 7. Ro vised
flgurcH on the election In Missouri In
dicate that the plurality of Wilson in
tho state will reach 75,000. Wilson is
leading Taft by approximately 00,000
votes and Roosevelt is running ap
proximately 26,000 votes behind Taft.
The ontlre Democratic ticket Is elect
ed by laigo pluralities, and tho legis
lature will bo overwhelmingly Demo
cintlc, with a majority on joint ballot
of about 75.
Elected After 17 Attempts.
RIverhead, L. I., Nov. 7. Thirty
llvo years go Dr. Robert O. Cornwcll
of thin placo was nominated by Dem
ocrats to bo a coroner of Suffolk coun
ty. He was defeated that year and
each second year thereafter he has
tieen renominated, and IS times baa
been defeated. This vear Dr. Cornwell
Is elected. The Domocrats of, the
county will celebrate the victory by
tendering hliu a dinner.
Surprise In Massachusetts.
Boston, Mss., Nov. 7. Quito the
surprising feature of the election,
which not only gave the electoral
vote of Massachusetts to the, Demo
crats for the first time and elected a
Democratic governor and lieutenant
governor, Is the fact that the legisla
ture Is strongly Republican, which
means tho selection of a Republican
as successor to W. Murray Crnuo os
United States senator.
Call'ornla For Wilson.
San Francisco, Nov. 7. California
will piobnbly give a plurality for Wll
fon or abom 12,000. San Francisco
gavo 10,397 plurality for Wilson. Ab
tie legislature will havo at least 25
Demociatlc members, those with tlin
taft legislators elected will form
strong combinations that will be able
to block any measures Introduced by
Johnson's followers.
Republicans Elect Governor.
Milwaukee. Nov. 7. That Woodow
Pluralities and
Alabama I 12 80,000 ...I
Arizona 3 3,000 ,
Arkansas 9 60,000
California 13 5,000
Colorado 6 46,000
Connecticut. . . 7 6,409
Delaware 3 6,578
Florida ...... 6 40,000 .'
Georgia 14 35,000
Idaho 4 "20b
Illinois 29 5,000
Indiana 15 128,000 ,
Iowa 13 15,000
Kansas 10 10,000
Kentucky 13 100,000
Louisiana 10 65,000
Maine 6 2,362
Maryland .... 8 10.000
Mass 18 60,000
Michigan 15 30,000
Minnesota .... 12 5,000
Mississippi . . ., 10 100,000
Missouri 18 114,000
Montana 4 10,000
Nebraska 8 35,000
Nevada 3 1,800
N. Ham'shire . 4 1,500
N. Jersey 14 50,000
N. Mexico 3 3,000
N.York 45 200,000
N. Carolina ... 12 50,000
N.Dakota... . 5 8,000
Ohio 24 150,000
Oklahoma 10 15,000
Oregon ...... 5 5,000 ,......,
Pennsylvania 38 30,000 : . . :
Rhode Island. 5 2,544
S. Carolina ... 9 50,000 '.
S, Dakota 5 5,000
Tennessee 12 10,000
Texas 20 150,000
Utah 4 3,000
Vermont 4 924
Virginia ..... 12 40,000
Washington 7 30,000
W. Virginia . . 8 40,000
Wisconsin 13 50,000
Wyoming 3 500
Totals I 425 1,863,693 9495,000 12 3,924
Wilson carried Wisconsin Is generally
nccopted, but Governor Francis 1.
McGotorn, Republican, according to
late figures will retain ofllco for a sec
ond term. Wilson's plurality Is vari
ously estimated at fiom 16,000 to 30,
000 over Taft. McOovern'B victory
p (mm tm n'fM n tho rest of the
Republican stato ticket
Kansas Looks Democratic.
Topekn, Kan., Nov. 7. Practically
complete returns from C3 of the 105
counties In Kansas gave the Demo
cratic national ticket a plurality of
10,000. The state Democratic ticket
also made big gains.
Arizona Adopts Recall.
Phoenix, Ariz., Nov. 7. The consti
tutional amendments providing for
the recall of judges and to permit tho
stato to engage in Industrial pursuits
ere carriod by overwhelming ma
loritlcs. IS KILLED
Hlbeistndt, Germany, Nov. 7. Two
more German airmen wero killed here.
Lieutenant Altrlchtcr was making a
fight In a biplane In which he carried
an engineer named Meyer as a pas
jengor, when tho motor suddenly
stopped and Iho aeroplane plunged to
tho ground fiom a height of 60 feet
Tho num vrere found deadjn tho shat
tered machine
I Kwr.klo Defeats Badger.
Columhup, O, Nov, 7.- That Judso
Albrrt II. Kii);le, Hepubllvun, defeat
ed Jud'Ji . (' HndKt. Dc.ciaL in
the r Cor Urn uirtuit Judsotfhlp in
tha Second Ohio UUtH'( by a larr
majority Is inrtlraud py a partial
cum an." fif tho voto.
Electoral Vote For
In 1912
Roosevelty Taft
Leader Mann Re-elected.
Chicago, Nov. 7. Congressman
James It. Mann. Republican leader of
!ho national bouse, has been re-elect-d.
He was opposed by a Democratic
and a ProgroiIyh candidnte.
NOV. 25
Columbus, O., .Nov. 7. Prosecutor
Turner announced that the trial of
Ronator George VK. Cetone had been
tet definitely for Nov. 25. "I will bo
teady to take up bis trial at that
time," said be.
Columbus, O., Nov. 7. President
Taft, who passed through Columbus
last night en route from Cincinnati to
Washington, expicsscd tho hope that
Pi csldent elect Wilson would not call
in extra session of congress In
March. He wished, ho said, to see
the presort prosperity contlnuo aa
long as possible.
Danville. 111., Nov. 7. Frank J.
' O'liulr, Democrat, la victor over
Former Speaker Joseph O, Can-
xion for congress in tho Elgh-
tecntb district by U plurality.
deceives Heaviest Democratic Ma
jority In Fifty Years
General Brown Runs Second-Democrats Supreme In
State Offices, Both Branches Of iiie (ieneral As
sembly, And Have Elected Mor-i Than Four-fifttu
Of The Congressional Delegation-Mut The Latest
Returns Show
Columbus, O., Nov. 7. Not In 60
years has Ohio ghen to the Demo
crats so stupendous a majority as
was polled Tuesday. Returns from
2,057 precincts out of 5,265 In Ohio
pr.ve Wilson 150,165, Taft 105,183 and
Roosovelt 73,907. If Wilson maintains
(he name lrad In the remaining pre
cincts his plurality over Taft will bo
about 115,000, and Taft's plurality
rver Kooseolt v. HI be about SO, 000.
However, Democratic headquarters
maintained that sections yet to be
heard from would Increase Wilson's
Congressman Cox, go ernor-elect,
will win with an equal majority over
General R. 11. Uroun, the Republican
candidate, nnd Harford, the Progres
sive candidate, will poll about 60,000.
So completely did Wilson, at the head
t. the national ticket, and Congress
man .lames M. Cos. the candidate for
governor, snow their opponents under
In this, tho home state of President
Taft, that the president even lost his
home county.
The Democrats are supremo In pow
er In all the state dfflcos, both branch
es of the general assembly, and have
elected u majority of tho congress
men, including tho first congressman-nt-large
to be" elected In Ohio. Of the
fl congressmen elected In the 21 con
gressional districts In Ohio, but "ve
pie Republicans, the rest Democrats.
Congressman Nicholas Lonsuortn,
ton-ln-Inw of Colonel Roosevelt, has
been letiirned to congress by a ma
jority or about 1,000.
It Is thn first time since Franklin
Pierce defeated General Wlntleld
Fcott, 50 jears ago, Hint Ohio has
Veen swopt Into the Democratic elec
toral college In complete form.
Latest figuics show Goernor Wil
son carried tho state by 125.000, and
:t appears that the plurality of James
M. Cox, Democrat, for goernor, will
exceed that by 15,000 or 20,000. The
returns seno to bear out tho predic
tion that General R. II. Drown, Re
'publican, has beaten A. h. Garfo-d,
Progressive, by 30,000 or 40 000, while
Taft had a lead of about 70,000 oer
Roosovclt In the state.
War to Continue.
Tho defeated campaign managers
of the Republican and Progressive
parties had no notion there would be
an amalgamation of tho divided G.
O. P. Walter F. Brown Bald: "The
Progressives have just begun to
fgbt." and announced a conference
of Ohio Progresses would be held
early In December.
Harry M. Dougherty issued a letter
to Republican committeemen urging
a war '( extermination against all
committeemen who had supported
Trenton, N, J., Nov. 7. When Go
etnor Wilson resigns his present of
llco to bocotuo president of the United
ftates It is practically nssuied that
I s mantlo as goeinor of New Jer
sey will full upon Senator James F.
rlelder of Hudson county. There are
ample political roasons for tho cover
ror continuing to serve until the state
shall bave passod Into full control of
the Democrats. It U the governor's
Roosevelt and all candidates who had
not worked for Taft
Attorney General Timothy S. Hogan
ran next to Cox on tho Democratic
Elate ticket. State Auditor E. M. Ful
lington ran far In the lead on the Re
publican Btate ticket.
The legislature will stand: Senate,
24 Democrats, 9 Republicans; house,
EG Democrats, 42 Republicans.
Chairman Brown nnd Arthur L.
Garford will attend tho Progressive
party conference at Chicago Deo. 10,
which National Chairman Dixon has
Prosecuting Attorney E. C. Turner,
iho assisted In the prosecution of the
legislative graft cases, was re-elected
by a plurality of 5,203, leading the
Republican county ticket by more
than 2,000.
Ohio Democrats Will Have at Least
Eighteen Out of Twenty-two.
Columbus, O., Nov. 7. Following l
tho delegation that will represent
Ohio In congress:
First District Nhholas Longworth,
Second Alfred G. Allen, D.
Third Warren G. Gard, D.
Fourth.!. H. Goekc, D.
Fifth T. T. Ansberry, D.
Sixth S. D. Fcss, R.
Seenth It. W. Hughey, R.
Eighth Franl: B. Willis, R.
Nluth Isaac It. Sherwood, D
Tenth C. M. Caldwell, D.
Eleventh II. C. Clapool, D.
Twelfth C. L. Brumbaugh, D.
Thirteenth John A. Key, D.
Fourteenth William G. Sharp, D.
Fifteenth George White, D.
Sixteenth W. 11. Francis, D.
Seventeenth W. A. Ashbrook, D.
Eighteenth John J. Whitacrc, D.
Nineteenth E. R. Bathrlck, D.
Twentieth William Gordon, D.
Tv,ent-fiihi R. J. "ulkley, D.
At Larg(2 R. M. Crosser, D.
Eighteen Democrats and four Re
Fort Worth, Tex., Nov. 7. In
Texas, where Colonel I.yon,
Roosevelt manager, promised tho
Progressive candidate a heavy
' ote, tho colonel ran u bad fourth.
Debs polled almost two votes to
' ltooLo oil's one. Out cf a total
vote of about 300,000 Wilson re-
celved Pj9,000, Taft 38,200, Debs
12,600 and Rooaevolt 6,300.
Intention to seno not morely until
the row leglslatuie conve'ieo, but un
til within a few d-iys of his luautjur.i
I t!ou. In that tlmo tho governor If
I expected to make all tho important
' appointments for tho onsuing year, so
' that his successor will havo a com
' paratlvely easy time for tho remain
der of the'uuexplred term, which ends
In January, 1914.
their mm
Presidential Electors t.hoseo
At Tuesdays Election
Simply Meet To Carry Out
Will (if People
4s Expressed By Them Id
Making The Choice
Will Meet At Columbus Id
January Fur Purpose
judge Rrucker Of Mansfield
Represents This District
Tho following are tho persons who
wero elected Tuesday as presidential
electors for Ohio. Theoretically they
aro to uec their judgment in selection
of a tillable persons for election by
them to' tho o dices of president and
vlco president of the United States,
but as a matter of fact they will act
only as trustees for tho majority of
tho people of the state, to execute
their wlBh aa expressed In the vote
of Tuesday by casting their votes for
Woodrow Wilson of Now Jersey and
Thomaa H. Marshall of Indiana. They
John JWcSweenoy, Nelson McBride,
Eniosi n. Schneider, Alfred M. Cohen,
John G. Roth, John II. Ehler, jr., J. D.
Johnson, John II. Koch, John R. Clev
ongnr, Con F. Drees, Cbarled E. Brok
er, J allies y. jtlcMahon, John Moti,
Clement li. Martzolff, George B. Okey.
Jaiuci Flyna, er., Lewis Brucker,
OhpLrliR fl. Torpy, R. T. Spratt, A. D.
MotA W. F. Morgan, Charles G. Mil
ler, J. H. Britton and W. F. Thomp
son. Tho federal law requires these elec
tors to meet on tho second -Monday
in January and enst their ballots for
president and vice president. Throe
abHtnu.tR of that vote are prepared,
ono being sent to tho secretary of
Rtato at Washington, ono to tho prev
Idcnt of tho senate at Washington
and the third is filed with tho gover
nor. On tho Fccond Wednesday In Feb
ruary tho ToteK of all tho electors us
so lorwarded are opened and counted
by tho president of tho senate in the
presence of congress, and the ret,ult
declared. As a matter of fact, how
over, the election Is over now and
tho refit is perfunctory.
Tho htato legislature has provided
that tho Ohio electoral college shall
imt in Columbus. The electors get
$3 a. day and 10 cents a mile for trav
eling expcnec3. The legislature usu
ally npproprplatcs fEOOO for tho ex
peiibes of tho college, but It was over
looked at the last session, and the
lcgislaturo this winter will bave to
make provisions for the expenso.
Cattle Jtecclpta, 22.000 bead; beevm,
IS 30IJ7 SS; Texas ateers, U iO&S GS,
wefttern nterrs, J6 609 25; Blockers and
feoileir, 4 3007,16; cows and heifers,
2 ;tm 40;cnlv. )6 60010 60.
IICtfB-UccelnU, 24,000 hftluljltBht. $7 0
7 J: nrfied, VT 60S 00; heavy, SSlt
8 03; roiiEti, XT S507 58; pigs, U 76i 90
Bbocp nnd Lambs Receipt. 23,096
hood: native sheep, J3 60&t K; weitrr.i.
13 60 tit 05; yearling, 24 76 5 90; native.
Umbf, 26 tOOR 70; western, 15 C5f?7 2S
Wheat No. 2 red.'ll 04O1 07. Corn
No. 2 MttUHc. Oata-No. 2 white, 320
Cattle Receipts, 8 cars; export cat
tle. SS 50Q9 40; shipping steers. IS ISO
8 50; butcher Htecrs, 27 1508 15; heifers,
24 50 7 40; fat cows, 24 6506 15; bulK
24 40tff C 40: milkers and springers, 230 00
7') 00; cilvrs, 210 00010 50,
Tlrtfn Receipts, 15 cars; benvles, IR 10
fix 15; nieJIunr.s, 2S 0008 10; Yorkers.
$7 S1fi7 5; plus. 27 2507 35; roughs.
27 00 J7 10: ntngH. J5 6000 60.
Shep nml limbs Receipts, 22 cin.
yenrl!n;rn, i 0005 60: Tvethers, II B0
t 75; rolled hheep, 24 00O4 25; ewes, 23 75
M 00; Iambi, 25 0t)S7 RO.
riTTSnURQ. NOVt 7.
Cattle Supply lbjlit: cholco, I) 25CJ
i 7'i: prima, JS 608J9 10; tidy butchen,
S 757 60: heifera. 24 fO07 60: fat coi,
II fHfi 55, bid's, 24 OOQB 50; frrxh cows,
J30 (i(i35 03; ccdvej, 7 C0&10 00.
ft A u!rM- , Jhtea&'lfe. &&Any, , W.ilTtjI
tS frfL

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