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MT. VERNON, 0., FRIDAY NOVEMBER 15, 1912-No. 92
Fixes Rates Of Toll On Vessels
Passing liirough Canal
Coastwise Shipping Exempt-Expert Figures That Under
The System 01 Tolls Promulgated By the Present
The Panama Waterway Hill Be Self-supporting Our
ing The First Decade And in Succeeding Decades
Debt Hill Be Wiped Dut
Washington, Nov. 14. r President
Taft Issued a proclamation for which
the business and shipping interests of
the entire world have anxiously been
waiting. It Axes the rates of toll on
U foreign vessels passing through
the Panama canal.
With the proclamation was made
public a report by Professor Emery
tL Johnson of the University of Penn
sylvania, the government's Panama
transportation expert, showing the
probable development of traffic
through the (.anal. Professor Johnson
figures that uuder the system of tolls
promulgated by -the president' the car
ai will he aolf-supportlng during tho
first decade and that in the second
and succeeding decades the revenue
ought to be BuBlclent to permit of the
ultimate amortization of the entire
1375.000,000 Investment In the '.canal.
The tolls fixed by the president are
practically those charged by the Sues
caaal, with which the American
waterway will compete for a part cf
the .world's shipping. The Panama
anal, however, will not impose any
tell on passengers, which the Sues
charges 10 franca for each passen
ger. Here Is the president's procla
mation: "I, William Howard Taft, president
of (fee United States of America, by
virtue of the power and authority
Tested in mo by tho act of congress
approved Aug. 24, 1912, to provide for
the opening, maintenance, protection
and operation of the Panama canal
and the sanitation and government of
the canal zone, do hereby prescribe
and proclaim the following rates of
tolls to be paid by vessels using the
Panama canal:
"1. On merchant vessels carrying
passengers or cargo, one dollar and
twenty ceutH (11.20) per net vessel
ton, each ono hundred (100) cublo
feet of actual earning caraclty.
"2. On vessels in ballast without
passengers or cargo forty (40) per
cent less 'than the rate of tolls for
Teasels with passengers or cargo.
"3. Upon naval vessels, other than
transports, colliers, hospital ships and
supply ships; fifty (CO) cental per dis
placement ton.
"4. Uron army and navy trans
aorta, colliers,- hospital ships and sup
New York, fief, 14. Thf
points of the defense In behalf of Gyp
the Blood, WhiteyLawis. Lefty Louie
and Dago Frank, the four Zellg gang
sters bow on trial before Justice Goff
for the actual killing of Herman Ro
entjp), were outlined by Charles G.
F, Wattle, their chief counsel, in his
opening address to the jury.
The defense will be that Rose, Web
ber, Scheppa and Vallon charged
uror. Rosenthal, firing as they ran to
ward him; that Webber and Vallon
did the actual killing of the gambler;
that Gyp the Blood, Whltey Lewis and
Lefty Loulo had been decoyed by
Rose specifically to within a few feet
of the Metropole entrance whllo the
-shooting was' golag on, so that Koao,
Webber, Vallon and Schepps could
later- try to fasten the killing upon
the four gangsters.
A severe croea-examlEatkm tailed
ply ships, one dollar and twenty cents
($1.20) per net ton, the vessels to be
measured by the same rules as are
employed in determining the net ton
hago of merchant vessels.
"The secretary of war will preparo
and prescribe such rules for the meas
urement of vessels and such regula
tions as may he necessary and proper
to carry this proclamation into full
force and effect"
Columbus, 0.,Nov. 14. With only
17 counties out, the race between
Attorney General T. 8. Hogan and
Governor-elect 'James If. Cox. is grow
ing tighter. The score showed that
Cox Is only 10G votes ahead, but his
lead likely will he Increased by the
large plurality he received in Hamil
ton county.
Budapest. Nov. 14. The danger of
'war between Austria and Servia Is
practically eliminated. Servia, whoso
demands for an Adriatic port and the
partition of Albania will not ho en
forced by any government. Is prepar
ing to yield to Austria, who is ready
to allow her an outlet at Saloulca and
possibly the commercial use of an
Adriatic port over the Bosnian rail
ways. Albania will boconio an auton
omous principality undor the nomlunl
suzerainty of the Sultan of Turkey
Saloulca will be Internationalized.
to shake the story told by Jack Rose
tMtifvtri for the state, that he had
t hired the four defendants to kilt Ro
Cleveland, O., Nov, 14.MIhh Alma
Broderick of Detroit a former Chi
tago schoolteacher, won a 140,000
preach of promise suit In common
pleas court here: The defendant was
Jerome Probst, a Detroit lawyer,
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London, Nov. 14 8lx .Cecil Arthur
S'prlng-Rlce now mhrMtr at Stock
holm, will succeeY't'neRlaht Hon.
James Bryce as ambassador to the
United 8tates. Sir Arthur was born In
1859 and was created K. C. M. G. In
1906. He has served at Stockholm as
minister since Mat. 1, 1906. In 1989
he was acting third secretary at Wash
Norwalk, O., Nov. 14. Recalling to
the stand Mlnnlo La Valley, 19-year-old
West Clarksfleld girl, victim of
the "tarring" assault there last Au
gust, the defense began Its case In
the trial of the six men Indicted for
tho offense. By questions concerning
allegea improper conduct on her part,
and by tcstlinqny of many West
Clarksfleld and Norwalk men and
women concerning her reputation for
veracity, the defense attempted to
discredit berN testimony.
T. J. Welch, father of the defend
ants, and his wife were then placed
on the stand in an attempt to form
an alibi for Ernest Welch, the first of
the defendants to be tried. They
testified that on the night of the as
sault his son had been at home read
ing all evening.
Perry R. Fenlmore, a brakeman,
sweetheart of Miss La Valley, testi
fied that a fow days after the tarring
be visited Minnie. On his way to the
station to leave the village, he said,
he was accosted by several "of tne
fellows." ( , .
'"Among them were -Ernest and
Harlow Welch and Bill Smith," said
Fenlmore. "Thar said thev wanted to
Cincinnati, O., Nov. 14, Mrs. Emma
Klpp, 22, nccusod by liur huahund of
throwing their 10day-oltl boy to Its
death in Iho Ohio river Imil li le sup
'forted by ortlcurs vhun Uift van tnken
lo rourt to Jir.swc 'i ,luiy C vw
ser. A Hmllfr t " V ' .)r
osnlnet IT K't v 'V 'lA'i'
Itoth uih" wuif it wl 'Ah
tieauli Wit. fui&u Til' !' l'"Jy
ington and. -was appointed acting sec
ond secretary at Washington to act as
secretary to the British delegate to
the International maritime conference
Aug. 27, 1889. After serving for a time
at Brussels and Tokyo he was transfer,
red to Washington In 1893. He was
charge d'affaires at Teheran In 1900
and minister to Persia In 1906-8.
speak to me. I said, 'All right Then
BUI Smith said:
'"We Intend to stop Minnie seeing
ren from other places or stop her
dock, and we will give them worse
than she got. Take this as a warning
to stay out of town.' "
Dennlson, O.. Nov. 14. Albert
Hooplngamer, 45 of Canal Dover, lies
at bis home here with a fractured
Skull and may die. His head struck
a mail poBt while he was looking out
of a car window, r
qnlde (In Veuteel This la St Mark's.
American Touriet .8P.)lllng)y-AhI
The patron saint of the tourists, I pre
sume. Pnek.
Paris, Nov. 14. A robbery or Jew
elry worth $00,000 from a shop on the
Place do 1'Opera, in tho center of
Parle, In broad daylight, caused a sen
sation. Tho thief crept through "
temporary partition connecting tv"
shop with an adjoining building I
process of reconstruction, and ranr
ob with the Jewels without beta
Steubenvllle, O., Nov. 14r-John Doe,
a hobo, whose real name Is not known,
fiendishly set fro to the paper hed
ging of William Burns In the city
lockup, and Burns was eo badly burn
ed he will die. Doo caught John Yo
mm, who attemrtcd to rescue Emma,
and chewed one hand so It may have
to be ampitatrd.
Cincinnati, O., Nov. 14. The official
vote of Hamilton county on pi .Ident
and governor, as announced by the
board of elections here, follows: For
president Wilson, 38,998; Taft, 37,
16; Roosevelt, 12,907; Debs, 6,520.
For governor Cox, 47,305; Brown,
42,609; Garford, 12,437; Ruthenberg,
Thousands Dying of Starvation
In tne Zone of Strife.
London, Nov. 14. After two delays
on acconut cf-heavy ralr.a and the
consequent atfOculty of transport, the
Bulgarians .began another strong at
tack upon the Turkish forts of the
Tchatalja line guarding Constantino
ple, and the reports say that King
Ferdinand is satisfied with the day's
progress. He drove the Turks from
their advance posts.
It ia undevstood that strong Turkish
reinforcements have reached Tcha
talja, which puts Turkey Is a better
position to ask for an armistice. The
Bulgarians are being resisted with a
greater show of strength than they
The lighting between the Bulgarian
artillery and the Turkish warships at
Rodostof Is continuing without any de
cisive blow having been struck by
either side.
Dead cover the district between
Tchatalja and Constnntlniple, reach
ing even to the city limits. Starvation
and (Unease have worked together and
have dropped wounded soldiers, wom
en and children. Not one in a hundred
of ttiu refugees from the scenes of tho
battles has had food for days.
Dltiputches from Constantino, Rou
manla, saw that 25,000 will die In the
next few days, and that nothing is
being doue to relieves the conditions
causing these deaths. Crippled men,
aged men, women and children are
the sufferers, and most of them are
without adequate clothing against the
cold weather.
A dispatch says that King Ferdi
nand has decided not to enter Con
stantinople If he takes the Tchatalja
lines, fearing that a massacre of
Christians will occur before he ran
secure full control of the city.
Ceurtsmsrtlal Dismissing One Cadet
and Suspending Three Others.
Washington, Nov. 14. President
Taft has approved the recommenda
tion of courtsmartlal at the military
academy at West Point, dismissing
one cadet and suspending three oth
ers for a period of one year. AH were
members of the first class. They were
found guilty of having In their pos
session Intoxicating liquors. Cadet
Wallace W, Crawford of Washington
was sentenced to Immediate dismis
sal. Cadet Frank N. Brooks, appoint
ed from Minnesota: Cadet Robert W.
Crawford, appointed from New York,
and Cadet Philip L. Thurber, appoint
ed from Wisconsin, were all sen
tenced to a suspension until Aug. 28.
1913, when they are to be reinstated
In the first class.
Woman Shoots Self.
London, O., Nov. 14. Clad In hei
nlrht clothes, Mrs. Emma Rice, III,
wife of Nclse Rice, residing near Ln
fuyette, walked into the yard and
Pred a 32-callber bullet Into her head
Mrs. Rice bad become aesponder.
over the death of her 10-year-old son.
sailed By Opposition
Churchill Hit With Missile-Fierce Imprecations Exchanged
By Individual Unionists And Liberals, Some Throw
ing Screws, Paper Wads And Other Brie a-Brac-Hostile
Demonstration Forces Premier Asqulth To
Adjourn Session
London, Nov. 14. Serious disorder
was occasioned in the house of com
mons when Premier Asqulth's resolu
tion to rescind the decision of tho
bouee on Monday in passing a hostile
amendment to the Irish home rule
bill was brought up for discussion.
To restore order was nn utter Impos
llblllty, and as a consequence- the see-,
lion was adjourned. The chamber j
was In a continuous uproar after the j
two party leaders had spoken and the
speaker was compelled to suspend Sir
William Bull of the Unionist side for
applying the word "traitor" to Pre
mier Asqulth.
As the government ministers left
the house, the rank and file of the op
position swarmed across, tho chamber
floor shouting taunts and some throw
ing screws and halls of paper at them.
The members gathered around Mr.
Asqulth, fearing violence. Fierce Im
precations were exchanged by Individ
ual Unionists and Liberals, the eyes
of many on both sides blazing1 with
passion as they screamed at one an
other. Suddenly an unknown Unionist
snatched from a table a small yellow
bound volume of parliamentary pro
cedure from which the speaker hud
quoted. The Unionist hurled the vol
Indianapolis, Nov. 14. According to
the Inspectors for the Indiana railway
commission, the disastrous wreck ou
the Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton
tallway at Irvlngton, a suburb, ln
which in persons lost their lives and
17 others were seriously injured, was
the result of the company's failure to
Install a block signal system, as it
had been ordered to do by the com
mlslon. The order was issued several
months ago.
Among the dead Is C. P. Qrund
hoeffer, Cincinnati,
The wreck was caused by tho fail
ure of the head hrnVeman to rlo th
Athens, Nov. 14. Six thousand
women and children, 25 men and two
srlests have been massacred In the
iielgbborhood of Janlna by 7R0 rain
it the Turkish Infantry and 300baM
tazouks who pillaged and set fire to
the villages.
Armistice In 8lght
Constantinople, Nov. 14. Every
thing rolnts to a speedy declaration
of nn armistice preliminary to final
pence. Turkey seems to havo made
up her mind. In splto of any racial
disinclination to tho conlrnry, to ne
gotiate direct with the allies. 31m is
more than Inclined to do this, be
cause the powers aro by no mean
unanimous regarding a basis of mediation.
Of British Ministry As
ume and It struck Winston Churchill,
the f rst lord of the admiralty, on the
left cheek.
The evidecce In connection with
tho assault, including the small book,
was collected by tho officials of the
bouse, and It will be submitted to the
speaker, wbo Is not likely to treat the
offender lightly. Several declared that
the man who threw the bonk was
Ronald McNeil.
Clovcland, O., .Nov. 14. Bitten on
the arm three weeks ago by & puppy,
Mrs. Florence Dletz, a bride of three
months, died of hydrophobia ln a hos
pital here. The bite was not thought
to be of ranch consequence until the
puppy bit another dog. and bcrt.li
canines died with symptoms of rabies.
Four days ago, Mrs. Dletz became
eeriously ill and delirium and death
switch to a siding on which a heavy
freight train had been run to let the
rapidly-running passenger train from
Cincinnati to Chicago pass.
Hears Sad News; Kills Herself.
. Philadelphia. Nov. 14. Marie Vad
watte, a Bulgarian girl, whose father
and two brothers were killed in the
llnlkfcn war, committed suicide b
jumping from tho North Genn.au
Lloyd liner Breslau, which docked
here. The woman, who was 23,
leaped from the rail of the liner Into
tho English channel on the night of
Nov. L
FOR 125,001
NeW York. Nov. 14. Suit for 25,
000 was filed against Rube Marquard,
the famous leftpaw of the New York
Giants, in the supreme court by Jo
seph Cohen, who alleges Marauard
alienated the affections of hlB wife,
known on the tinge ns Miss Blossom
Frlel Goes to St. Paul.
Milwaukee, Nov. 14. William Frlel.
former manager of (the Columbus
American association basoball club,
will managn the St. Paul team of the
same league next season.
The traditional fool and bl money
are lucky ever to have got together ln
the first pluoe.-Puck.
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