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MT. VERNON, 0., TUE8DAT, NOVEMBER 19, 1912-No. 93
E8TABLliiLt 1 a.
Murderous Fire Checks Advance On
Tchatalja Forts
Three Batteries Destroyed--Nazfm Pasha, Ottoman 'Com
mander, Reports Tlati Tie Bulgarians Marched To
The Front Of the Right AndLlenter And Were Re
pulsed By Turkish lutai.tryr AndArtlUeryjLFIre--(ioostantliople
Hears unnonadiag
Constantinople, Nor. 18. On the
ith of a west win coming down
the valleys from the Tchatalja forts
fa borne to the can of those In this
plague-stricken city the sound of far
away artllelry fire. And the people
waiting here with despair In their
hearts know that once again the Bui
gars are attacking the last defense' of
the Turk in Europe.
' Up along the winding wayo of the
railroad, across 'the countryside,
where hangs the smoke of hunting
villages at the end of the desolate
stretches where slow wagon trains
filled with the wounded move, Na&lm
Pasha, with bis hack t the capital, to
staking one more stubborn effort to
keep the Bulgar out of Constantinople.
The housetops of the capital are
Mask with people, straining overyear
to the far-off booming. The city (s
tense with excitement' The; frequency,
f the reports suggests- the site of th
wsgagement that Is feeing fought out
at Tchatalja.
Turks Claim Big Victory.
This dispatch frost Nazim Pasha,
who-Is commander at the front, was
Issued today:
"The battle, which began Sunday
siornlog with a Bulgarian Infantry at
tack, 'continuod until an hour past
onset Tho, . enemy, who advanced
particularly Jto the front of our right
and center, was Tepulsed by our In
fantry and artillery; , Are. Three Bul
garian batteries were destroyed."
The sultan telegraphed his congrat
ulations to Nazim Pasha, who replied
raying that his majesty's message was
received with cheers by the troops,
whose condition and morale are ex
cellent. Persons who have arrived in tho
capital report unexplained movements
of the Turkish troops behind tho
Tchatalja lhies. One person says that
several thousands havo been leaving
the llpes and several hundreds of
others are moving towards Constan
tinople. ,
Ali Rita Pnsha is hopelessly ill of
cholera at Hademkeul. Thousands of
sick persons and hundreds of dead
todies are lying on the platform of
of the station there. Nothing is being
tone, in fact nothing can he done, to
light the epidemic. Twelve of 15 men
belonging to the guard of the Terkos
waterworks who became 111 of cholera
have died. Those waterworks supply
sections of Constantinople and the
contamination of the supply going to
Pers, one of the Buropean districts, la
tMrsMlagly feared.
Warship of Cowers Land Men In
Order to AHay, Nervousness.
OoBStiatrnople, Nev. IS. The ara
IsMsadors of ,U.swers met at the
JUwtrlaa embassy to discuss the is
sfraMllty of lsndisg, contingents trom
he warships, owing, to the fact .that:
the battle at Tciatalja has -evidently
begun. The chiefs of the" Turkish gen
darmerie were invited to attend and
the roeetlug decided' to land men to
guard the approaches to the Pera dis
trict and the embassies. The men
came ashore in full campaigning kit,
bringing a Maxim gun. Tho .official
explanation of the measure states
(hat it Is Intended to check the nerv
ousness caused by the firing.
There .If jiolhjng reliable as yet In
regard 1o the result of the fighting at
Tchatalja, hut the evening papers
profeis to have official Information
that' the Turk won a great victory.
The left wing of the Bulgarians ia
said to have, been destroyed and the
Bulgarian right wing is represented
to be In a difficult position. Eight
thousand Bulgarians, the papers Bay,
have been captured. Several guns
and n quantity of munitions vere
More Than Three Hundred Turkish
Soldiers 'Instantly Killed.
Athens, Nov. 18. News was receiv
ed hero of a terrible and death-dealing
explosion of u powder and armB mag
atlne at Salonica. Three hundred
and twelve Turkish soldiers were
.killed, wiiue being blown to. piece.
Four hundred and- thirty Tnrks wero
wounded, and many . houses were
wrecked The debris was strewn for
Botu illiUaiice.- ,
t Greeks Suffer Defeat
Bocbiircst Nov., 18. Advices from
MomiHttr state that the Greeks have
been defeated by DJavld Tashn at
Kerlldcr pass, 20 mllesMrom Monas
tic The Greeks lost 16 field guns,
five Maxims and a. quantity of. ammu
nition; The Greeks fled to Sorfldjo
1o known as tho town of Servia
The Turks ars pr "suing.
' Columbus, O. Nov. 181. Two spoons
and some pieces' of iron were the
tools employed by Carl Young, 20,
and Arthur .Kent, 21, who tunneled
through a brick wall 22 Inches thick
Ind escaped from the city prison.
Doth were held for investigation in
connection with larceny Jobs.
Ashtabula, O., Nov. 18. W. Le
Abodes died In the hospital here from
iajurles received when the boiler oi
bis sawmill In Auatlaburg exploded
fcst Tuesday.
Nor walk, O., Nov. 18. Frederick C.
Wlckham, 70, who died at hla home
here, was probacy the oldoet news
paper mnn In' point of continuous sen
lice in Ohio, no was connected witc
lie Norwalk Reflector, a (Sally papet
founded by hla father. thejat"ev Kred
srtck Wlckham, Br. Tor '.eight, years
he served as postmaster of Norwalk.
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taTOVdil'IHtV AWtRUSt MttSS WOClhtlOHra
Columbus, O., Nov. 18. That Jus
tices of tho peace are to" retain office
jnder tho provisions of the constltn
lonnl amendments whlh become ef
fective Jan. 1, Is the conclusion of At
lorney General Hocnn In nn opinion
lhat was forwsrded to the state bu
reau of accour-tlnir. Tbe opinion vltnl
lv affects 1.700 Justices of the r-etce
New .York, Nov. 18. The fate of the
defendants in the Rosenthal murder
case la expected to, be in the hands of
the Jury by tomorrow noon. It is the
general belief of the lawyers and
laymen who havp followed the trial
closely ,that the Jury will not require
much, time to reach a verdict The
state, is very hopeful that It has made
Its case, but Is far from cocksure
about It. 'Hie gnrmep's eounsel say
Springfield, O., Nor. 18. Prosecutor
Laybourne of Clark county has called
a special grand. Jury to Investigate
Smith, who died last March. The body j
of Mrs. Smith, who waa the first wire
of Dr. Arthur C. Smith, was exhumed
and tho stomach, was sent to ;oiuin-
bus for analysis. The experts report
i has been niado to tho Clark couuty
prosecutor. '
Just after Dr. Spilth's return rrom
blsTwodtllng trip with hlw ueroud fti,
'about tt 'inotith ug.o, Proaw.tnr t,ny
hnnm vmlrrrd tho hodv of the. first
throughout ithe state, and so confident
Is the attorney general that he Is In
the rlffM that he will make no move
toward having a test case brought Into
tho courts.
In the event a test rase Is made,
snch Bters will be taken by those in
sisting that Justices are to be relieved.
they "can't see anything but an ac
quittal for all fonr defendants,"
The attorneys In tbe case are sum
ming up today. Mr. Wable said that
ne of the strongest points in the de
fense's esse Is the fact that none of
the 'gunmen, according to' their owa
testimony, knew Rosenthal, ;and that
therefore ithey wouldn't have known
whom to shoot even If they had gone
there for the purpose of shooting him.
wife oxhnmed, explaining bis action
by saying that he 'had received infor
mation that the death of the former
Mrs. Smith was not due to heart full
ire, as reported.
Cuyahoga County Vote. ,
Cleveland, O., Nov. 18. Official
count of the ballots for Cuyahoga
rouaty Is finished. Results for preslt
dont aro: Wilson, 48,610; Toft, 14,
17Ci Koosevelt, 33,824; .Dobs, 10,090.
For govurncr: Cox. 43,612; Brown,
m,C.99; Oarford, 33,010; Ruthcnberg,
$"? T&'JbCbbW. V fi'f''"ify'Mr
War correspondents who have been
watching the fighting In the Balkans
have told heartbreaking stories of the
sufferings of soldiers and civilians.
Women snd children Who took no part
In the fighting were compelled to
leave their homes to escape bullets or
p avoid starvation. During the hos
tilities near Chorlu and Seldler there
were heavy rains which turned the
roads Into quagmires through which ox
teams dragged the heavy -carts with
difficulty, and which made foot passage
ColumbuB, O., Nov. 18. With the
purpose of making tho Smith 1 per
cent tax law more elastic, its friends
Iro preparing to co-operate In sccur-
I ing some minor changes in it at the
I omlng session of the legislature. The
I frlnclpnl defect they see In It Is that
It limits municipalities from raising
i for taxes a sum greater than they had
n 1910, plus G per cent per year since
that tlmo. It Is pointed out that this
limitation has operated more harshly
than hnd been expected. Uemoval of
limit provided Is urged.
Akron, O., Nov. 18. Dr. A. B
Church, D. D LL. D., president o
Buchtel college, died at bis homo hen
of pneumonia, the result of a cold con
tracted recently while witnessing one
of the college's football games. He
had been ill less than a week.
Cleveland, O., Nov. 18'. In a I'oldup
and robbery of a saloon on Whisky
Island, at the mouth of the Cuyahoga
rlvor, Fred MeGrnttnn, f0 a switch
man, was shot and killed, and John
Parguson, bartender, ws badly wound
ed. The robber tapped tho till and
Child Fatally Burned.
StiiUbcnvJlle, 0 .Nov. 18. Rosa Lo
ratto, 5, was fatally burned here an.l
died In a few hours. Her dress caught
fire when she lighted a paper to. start
a bonfire.
Dayton, O., No v.' 18. Major George
H. Wood of the Third regiment Ohio
national guard, will be appointed ad
jutant general of Ohio by Governor
fleet Cox, It was announced here.
poosimcT '
Columbus, O., Nov. 18. The post
office at Orient was broken Into and
100 worth of two-cent stamps, $200
worth of one-cent stamps, $100 In cash
snd old coins to the value of $15 tak
tn from the safe.
Plain City, O., Nov. 18. While oil
ing a wind pump on his farm near
dere, M. P. Guy, 69, a veteran of tbe
tlvll war, fell 30 feet to the ground.
(Itlocatlag his ncc!t. He died In
itantly. .
President Taft and State Chair
man Barnes In Conference.
New York.. Nov. 18. President Taft
and State Chairman William Barnes,
Jr., had a long and hopeful talk re
garding the future of the Reiublican
party. Tbe discussion Included specu
lation as to the candidate for the
presidency In 191C and planning for
party reorganisation, In which Mr.
Taft will take part after March 4,
1913. The conference was held at tho
home of Henry W. Taft, whore tho
president had luncheon.
Mr. Barnes later said: "Wo dis
cussed tho general situation and re
ferred to certain plans that are being
laid to make the Republican party
stronger than ever. The candidacy
for 1910 was touched upon, of courbe,
but that Is a long time ahead."
Being asked If Mr. Taft would be
active In the . reorganization of the
party when ho Is no longer president.
Mr. Barnet sold: "Well, I suppose he
will.' The president Is a Republican
first, last and all the time, and every
good Republican Is working to a com
mon end. They are fighting for prin
ciple and tho flsht will go on until we
carry It through and put It into ef
fect" New 8enator an Ohio Man.
Boise, Idaho, Nov. 18. Governor
James H. Hawley decided at the last
moment not to resign his office to ac
cept the appointment as United
States Benator at the hands of Lieu
tenant Governor Sweetzer, and ap
pointed Judge K, I. Perky of Boise to
fill tho unexpired term of the late
Senator Ileyhum. Perky was born In
Wayne county, Ohio, coming to Idaho
In 1894.
Martial Law Again Declared.
Charleston, W. Va., Nov. 18. Mar
tial law has again been declared on
Cabin and Paint creek and four com
panies, of state troopers are on duty
following 48 hours of rioting and
bloodshed .in tho strike district. Or
ders havo been given the troops to
enforco the military law to tbe letter,
and but slight consideration is to ho
shown violators.
Feminine Deception. '
"I'm goli)' to swear off on plnchln'
women's purxe." Huld Gimlet Pete dis
gustedly. "What's the mntterr asked Cork
screw Hunk.
"Aw, I follow a nice, plump pocket
book for ti mllo. It was tiulgln' out
An when I cops It wnnt do I uet? A,
handkerchief, u pair of old stockings an'
a secondhand wad of chewing gum."
Cincinnati Enquirer,
For The Alleged Acceptance
Of Bribes
Senators Huffman and Andrews
Lose Their Appeal.
Cuyahoga County Circuit Court Rfe
views and AfBrma the Finding of
tne Criminal Court of Franklin
County Validity of Convictions Be
lieved 8ettled, as the Supreme Court
Affirmed One Case, That of Dlegel.
Columbus, O., Nov. 18. State Sea
atora'Isaac E. Huffman' of Oxford and
LaForrest R. Andrews of Ironton will
have to serve sentences in the Ohio
penitentiary, tho former for three
years and the latter nine months, for
the alleged acceptance of bribes to
Influence their action on pendlne leg-
Circuit Court Affirm Finding
In Legislative Graft Cases.
islation, according to an unanimous
declslcon rendered by circuit court of
Cuynhoga county, which revlered the
finding of the crlmlnil court of Frank
lin county, in which" the two solons
were convicted.
There had been much conjecture as
to the probable attitude of the Cuya
hoga county circuit court, composed
of Justices Louis H. Winch, Charles
Niman and TT. G. Marvin. Tho case
was transferred to that court only af
ter It had been assigned by Chief Jus
tice Winch to tlio Third circuit. At
tornoya for tho defense objected to
tho Franklin county circuit court, re
viewing the' case because It had
passed on tho Dlegel case, In wh'ch
practically tho same points were
made. Prosecutor Turner and Attor
ney General Hocan objected to tho
Third circuit because Judge Michael
Donnelly was1 a member. To settle
the squabble Judee Winch, chief Jus
tice of the circuit courts, appointed
himself and his two associates to re
view the case, which thpy d'd Sent 51.
The affirming of the Andrews and
Huffman cases by the Cuyahora coun
ty court Is looked upon by state's, at
torneys as settling forever the valid
ity of. convictions obtained In the leg
islative graft pases. Two circuit courts
have held' such convictions were
valid and the supreme court has, af
firmed In one case, that of the state
against Dlegel.
Attorney General Hoiran and Pros
ecutor Turner are of the onlnton that
the supremo court will refuse to re
view the Andrews and Huffman cases.
Girt of 20 Accused of Big Robbery.
Lako Charles, La., Nov. 18. It bo
Came known that tho authorities aro
ceeklng a 20-year-old girl, who Is sus
pected of having robbed the Wb'Is
Fttrgo Express office here of $21,500.
Tbe police claim thoy have a definite
etew and a search extending to Nev
Orleans, Houston, Tex., and other
cities la this pari of the country has
ftMa Instituted.
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