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k The Preseit War Between
Tirkey Aid Balkans .
rwte'fids An Early Fulfill--sent
Of The Prophecy
if The Second Advent Of
Christ bays Elder Slade
li An Address At The
Vernon College
slivered To A Large As
sembly On Saturday
"The situation In tho KiihI In
present war between Turkey nnil
Ualkaix States portends iin early
filtment of prophecy found In Dun. II
and 12, and Hev. 10 of tho hccoikI ad
vent or Christ" declared (Older 10. K.
Made, President of tho Ohio Seventh.
Uay AdvontlHt Conference, In un nd
,lru8B on the "KnHtern Question" to n
large nflseinhly nt tho Mt. Vernon Col
lene at Aca'dcmla on Saturday.
Mr. Slade spoke In part uh follows:
It would ho unjust and unllko our
3od to permit Hiich uvetitB an (ho
close of the gospol age, th'o Judgments
or i.tagucs Immediately following) the
(! of the world and the establish
aaeiit of Ood'H kingdom In the. earth,
without giving ninplo and unmlstuk
tiblo signs and warning of the up
prun:h of such uventH. The "KnHtern
Question" relntcs to one of tho itiOHt
important prophecies of ' tho Scrip
turuu. In Dan. 11 we havo a remark
able history kIvou In advance of
ovonU among nntloim leading up to
tfcu latter day hhitory of Turkey,
luoowu mi the Ottoman Empire. Thin
ajowur la mentioned In tlio prophecy as
tne King's of tho North. There can
tn no disagreement ,ut to tills. Kvery
Attdcnt of recent history condition)
awn of Turkey's struggles for tho
tumult y yearn. It Ih well known
that although that power Ihih been
entijcclcd to overwhelming defeat In
warfare with other powers, for rons
u not easy to understand, tho load
'saf ItowerH ol Europe and Asia have
BfMnd around tho fallen nation and
tor treaty regulations have permitted
-r to occupy her place among nn
Umm and retain that most coveted
put in lOurope, Constantinople, tho
Or the Kant.
Thin unique Hltuatlon has existed
or many years. Turkey baa exulted
qr Ibo help of the leading powers
tfering all of the time of "these treaty
vtJMIoiihhlpH. The tlnal word In Dan.
Hl:ir, uml 12:1, relalng to the King
f tho North Ih as follows; ,
"And he shall plant the taber
nacle of hit palace between the
aeas In the glorious holy moun
tain; yet he shall come to his end,
and none shall help him."
"And at that time shall Michael
land up, the great prince, whlcn
atandeth for the children of thy
people; and there shall be a time
of trouble such as never was
inee tthere was a nation even to
that same time; and at that time
thy ptople shall be delivered, ev
ery one that shall be found writ
ten In the book."
It lu generally agreed that place
feetwoeu the seas in the glorious
Mountain has reference to Jerusalem
ritualed between the Mediterranean
tea and tlio Dead Ron on Mount Ion
mown an the Holy Mountain. Kvery
tetolllKent Turk expects soon to ml
fjsrmtu from Kuropu, abandoning Con.
"Uatinoplo and making Jerusalem
hi neat of their govorment.
At thm tlino shall Michael ntnud up
xaiim.it llonably has reference to
Christ (See J,ude 9) bringing work as
Jtrlust to an end and standing up to
1"au Judgments mentioned in eon
McUon with His standing up are
mentioned in Hev, 10. Closely
snorted with the plagues mentioned
- this chapior Ih tho account of the
'tMt groat International struggle men.
Honed In tho sixteenth verse, as
Armageddon. Tho drying up of the
viver Kuphratcs mentioned In the 12th
wmtko, that tho way of tho kings of
Ik east may bo prepared ha reference
-o the uvauuatlon of Kurnpcnn Turkey
1y tht TiirkAgolnR Id Aala, Hcnn
"ot refer to u literal drying up 'of, tlio'
irer. The waters of tho river Hlgnl
tg 9Mylc, ns clearly revealed by Ian-
usod in Ina. 8:7 and Hev. 17:1C,
lssssssssssssssB RMBHiH ;. rmlris,, ,, Xy " ' Tx 2L" mf IH
fill- t BBBBBWiBHRmBBlBBB t4s 'i.W)"A"hWWf
";Hb4bbb : p-': fiV
'iBBtBtBtBtBtBtBtBtBtBtatB Hffli, WB&&4t&&' V;,. "' V '? ,? iymifyM
bbbbbV HbbHMw4M1iI9 Hl-ijil
S'MJMVJerr MonkitJtk'. '- .1 .alMIQg HElCNrTMms
New York, Nov. 16 Secretary of
War Stlmson is enroute to Panama to
Inspect the work on the canal. He
There can be no mistake relative to
(ho application and present develop
ments Indicate that very thing.
lly carefully reading Hev. 16:13, 14
It Is made clear that In close connec
tion with this Turkish disturbance tho
spirit of war prevails and extends to
tho kings of tho earth and of tho
whole world. In a way not understood
by a largo class, the oyea of all na
lions look enviously upon the titrate
gle. point ou tho lloaporus occupied
by a nation that must soon give up
that prize. When It la nhuudonod by
(ho Turka tho way of tho poworB Is
prepared; a genera struggle Is precipi
tated, for no one power wishes to sou
a ilval seize tho prize.
Just now when a prophecy foretell
ing, a movement for universal peace
Is being fulllllod, thin, another propho
ey of the nearness of thu end Is prom
inently brought to our notice. That
Is tho way lu which all nations nro
being stirred up to u preparation for
war. Kvery leading power Is viewing
with tho other in gigantic prepara
tions for war,
Thu present struggle lu tho Kast
Is only hastening tho day when the
Turk will leave Kuropu. This move
seems to bo anticipated by .nearly nil,
oven though they may ho Ignorant of
tho phophocy rorutelllug that, move
ment. The sure word of phophcoy
will not fall, as it bus never fulled.
Ho who would become wlso unto sal
vation should make himself asquiilnt
ed with the startling truths made
clear by tho word of prophecy lu con
nection with tho Turkish Hltuutlou.
There is no safer In vestment possi
ble than tlrst mortgage on improved
real estate. True, Inexperienced per
sons do not know how to Judgo valuon
of property and might make mistakes
by loaning on bad titles, ' lly Invest
ing through thu medium of Tho Con
terburg llulldlng and Loan Associa
tion Compnny, in addition to tluj com
monly recognized advantages qt real
CBtato mortgage, you got tho expert
service of men who have successfully
managed the largest llnanclal Institu
tions lu the vicinity for (ho past
eighteen years, loaning all its funds
on tlrst mortgages. Not a dollar Is
loaned without personal upprulso
iiieut and expert examination of tho
title. Tho property In every case must
bo protected by lire Insurance In a
Company of approved strength. All
loans aro nwulo whore tho property
and market conditions can bo careful
ly watched by our officers.
Wednesday on the United
Fruit company's steamer Za
He w?s accompanied by Mrs.
Columbus, O., Nov. 10. rinoi re
ports of campaign expenditures In
Ohio have been tiled, and reveal that
Inly $143,000 was spent by tho three
Wading parties. Often In tho past one
arty has 'spent a greater sum. The
largest amount disposed of tlilB fall
was by the, Republicans, who spent
kno.OOd. Of this the Taft fnmllv gave
Hand In Machine And Arm
Is Nearly Severed
l)cU, Ohio, Nov. HI While operat
ing a motor ou a corn shredding ma
chine near here Friday afternoon,
Lewis Hawkins jf this place accident
ally caught his right arm lu n pulley
and both bones of (ho wrist worn
broken. Ills foro-uviu vnn budly luc
enileil. He was taken to Columbus
and Is now at Grant hospital where
surgical attention Is being rendered,
Porto Rico's New Wonder
Krom far awny Porto lllco comt
reports of a wonderful now discovery
that Is believed will vastly benefit tho
people, llamon T. Mnrrhan, of llarce
lonota, writes "l)r. King's Now Dis
covery Is doing splendid work here.
It cured mo' about the times of ter
rible coughs and colds, also my broth
or of it severe cold In hlsMiest and
uioro than twenty others, who used it
on my advieo. wo hopo this great
medicine will yet bo sold In ovory
drug store In porto Itico." Foe throat
and lung troublo It has no equal, A
trlul will convince yaa of Itu siuerts,
50c and $1,00. Trial hoUla freo. Guar
anteed by (1. 11. Maker & Co.
4 4 'h "V T ? T ! 'h 4 4 l !
4 ( . .J. J , ,, .. t ,, .J.
A sou was born Kilday evening to
Mr, and Mrs, James A. Unliatu, of 009
ICast High street
"Dri'Ra does inoro harm than whis
ky," says n Chicago rofonnor. Pon
haps he tried to drink one of those fux
zy men's huts.
Stlmson and by Mist Helen Taft, the
president's daughter. The picture here
with was made on the steamer a .few
moments before the time of tailing.
928,000. President Taft nave 12.600.
The Progressive expenditure was f SO,
K0, of which 31,000 was given by
baa II. Hanna of Cleveland. Treas
urer Heor does not 'acknowledge thr
receipt of any contribution to tin
Democratic campaign from Clove rm.'
Court Sends An Opinion
Here On Saturday
In A Gas Case-Other Items
From Cturt House
In tho case of tho Coluiubtm flas &
Fuel Company vb. tho Knox County
Oil & (las compnny, an opinion from
tho circuit court was received ,by
Clerk of Courts' lluyes on Saturday.
Tho ease was heard by tho circuit
court at tho October term und was
taken under advisement. Tho circuit
court ulUrms the' common pleas court,
(his decision being in favor of tho
Common Pleas Court
In tho court of cenimon pleas all ot
Friday was consumed hi tho hoarlug
of tho case of Couts vs. tho Uphatn
(Irts company, Tho arguments in tho
case wll bo made on Monday.
Inventory and Appraisement
In thu matter of tho estate of Mary
M. P. Banning an Inventory and ap
praisement has been filed In probate
showing the following: Pm-sonnl
property $07.:iG, money $1, securities
Wlti.KO. claims H00. Total $1,235.51..
Deed Filed
Laura II. Thomas to (I. C. Itlno,
S4.:ifl acres in Jackson, $3,200,
'iiuJiJvi "
Mr. George Mitchell ot Toledo, O,,
formerly of Mt. Vernon, Is In the city
to spend Sunday with relatives.
Wilson To Call Extraordinary Session
Of Congress
Purpose, Revision Of Tariff-Feels It Is Due To The Busi
ness Interests Of The Country That They Should
Be Relieved Of All Uncertainly As To What Is The
General Purpose Of Incoming Administration
President-Elect's Statement .
New York, Nov. 16. President
elect Wilson announced that ho will
call congress together in extrnordl;
nary session not later than April 15
of next year to rovlso the tariff.
In his statement, made public on
tho eve of his departure for a four
weeks' vacation In Hermuda, he says
that he has determined upon this
course not only because he was elect
ed on a platform, which declared for
an immediate downward revision of
the tariff schedules, but also because
he feels It Is due to the Business in
terests of the country that they should
bo relieved of all uncertainty as to
what tho general purposo of the in
coming administration is.
While tho platform adopted at Balti
more declared that the Democratic
party believes that any other tariff
than ono designed for revenue pur
poses is unconstitutional, cognizance
was taken .of the tact that a policy of
protection has so ingrained itself Into
the commercial Interests of the coun
try that It woudl bo unwise to attempt
anything more than a gradual elimi
nation of the duties considered obnox
ious. The demand thnt thlt gradual re
duction bo instituted Immediately was
nevertheless unequivocal. Beyond his
bald statement that he will call an
extraordinary session, the president
elect hat made no comment on the sit
uation other than that, so far as ho
waa concerned, the pkdges ot his
party and Its platform pould he car
ried out. ' '
Governor Wilson's statement fol
lows: "I shall "call congress together In
extraordinary session not later than
April 15. I shall do this not only be
cause I think that the pledges of tho
party ought to 'bo redeemed as
promptly as possible, but also because
I know It to bo hi tho Interest of busi
ness thnt all uncertainty as to what
the particular Items of tariff revision
are to be should bo-rovlsed as soon as
Governor Wilson sailed at two
o'clock this afternoon for Bermuda
or. tho Bermiidlau, and will rest thcro
until, Pec. 16.
One of his first acts on arriving in
Bermuda will bo to call upon the gov
ernor of Bermuda and to request him
that he be permitted to spend his
tlmo there without recognition of his
Official status either us governor of
New Jersey or prosidont-elect of the
United States. Ho wus accompanied
Flagged Train With 8hlrt
Tearing his shirt from his back an
)hlo man flagged a train and saved It
'-om a 'wreck, hut H, T. Alston, Ital
ffigh, N., 0 once prevented a wreck
with Electric Bitters. "I was In a
terrible plight when I began to use
them," he wrkos, "my stomach, head
back and -kidneys were all badly af
fected and my liver was lu a bad con
dition, but four 'bottles of Electric
Bitters made mo fool like a new
man." A trial will conVlnco you of
their matchless merit fdr any stom
ach, liver or kldnoy trouble. Price
50 cents at O. R Baker a Co
Some Good Brush
Will l)iiy a good Clothes
Brush suitable for
men's clothing
"Will buy n all Black
Bristle Cloth Brush that
will last a life time.
hy Mrs. Wilson and their two younger
Party Leaders' Views.
Wilson's announcement that he will
call a special session of congress to
rovlso the turlft met with the hearty
commendation of all Democratic lead
ers in Washington. William J. Bryan
and Champ Clark both indorsed the
wove with unqualified, praise, but
Bryan Is in favor of Including other
legislation In the special session.
The general opinion is that it would
have been suicidal politically for Wil
son to have postponed' action' on the
pledge made by the party.
The Republicans, on the other hand,
seemed well pleased that the Demo
cratic administration is going to
tackle the tariff at .an early date.
They are confident that the revision
will spell dlssentlon in the Demo
cratic ranks and disaster for the
When William J. Bryan was Inform
ed of Governor Wilson's announce
ment he saldf "I think that both Gov
ernor Wilson's conclusions and his
reasons are sound, and I have expect
ed the special session. I hold that the
tariff question, is tho principal ono
now before the people for .discussion,
Dy congress ana u wui aouDiiess
prove so." '
Cleveland, O., Nov. 16. When Mrs.
Bertha Weshnosky reported to the
police that she had been attacked by
i 1 robber, she declared her only rea
Ion for doing so was the fear that, In
the beating1 sho administered to tho
J thief, she might have mortally injured
I him. She knocked him down four
tlmes before he managed to crawl
away. x
Girl Would End Her Life.
Akron, O., Nov. 10. Marie Myera,
24, tried to end her life by hanging
In the city prison. She was cut down
before she was ablo to end her exist
ence. She then set some paper ou
Are In an effort to ' burn down the
Marysvtue, o., Nov. lu, rrancit T.
Arthur, former clerk of courts and
representative ot Union county, was
Stricken with paralysis at hit home
ad nit condition Is critical. Arthur
la past 72 years ot age. Ha ia a vet
rn of the elvtl w.r.
115 S. Main St.
Mt. Vernon, O.
Sign of the Owl Clock
, ' 50c
Willv,b)y a Black Prince Hand
dustefcThis brush takes the
dust up instead of allowing it to
settle again in the room.
Idea In Boots Feature Of
Coming Season
No one article of attlro so quickly
marks thu well-dressed woman as well
chosen footwear, and tho good condi
tion In which it is kept. The fashions
for the coming season in both slippers
and boots emphozlse the combination
idea. Different leathers aro combined
and different colors! even tho most so
'dato makes, show this trend. For wo
men of conservative tastes It is u
somewhat difficult problem to know
what to wear. Probnbly for every day
usage tho black boot of customary sort
will ho selected by tho majority, but
for afternoon wear ono must make n
graceful bow to the Inevitable In the
form of tho now ideas.
Tho combination boot for afternoon
wear is made with a patent leather
vamp and suede top, and tho most
popular shades of suede will he dark
tan color, though gray suede is also to
bo had. Theso boots are II l Inches
high and are buttoned. The fancy pearl
buttons exactly match tho Buede and
are Imported. All theso buttons are
made in a mold, and In themselves are
a nolo of novelty: Tho patent leathor
is stitched In thread to match the
suede. Tho heel Is an item which is
both sensible and pretty, for from tho
back It has the solid effect ot tho mili
tary heel, and from tho sldo the lighter
lino of tho Louis XV. Of course, this
Is only In the best mndo boot, but
thcRe are the tiny differences between
the cheapest und th best, says the Kan
sas City Star.
In all black (ho same stye boot can
be had with putent eather vamp and
black cloth top, and black pearl but
tons. All patent leather boots will be
lltte worn, for they havo not proved
practical. Black Russia leather with
kid tops will rcplaco them.
Rhinestones in buckles nro still '
much to bo seen, and some nro exquis
ite; there is no average slzo for them,
nor any special shapo In special favor.
Thoy are priced from $2.50 to $50,
though they may be" purchased as
cheaply at $1 a pair. The Imported
rhinestones are set in sllyor, hence
their great cost.
The majority of women who go out
In the evening must go in street cars,
where a lighter slipper looks garish In,
splto of tho e'veulng wraps, yot shoes
are Impossible, so what will milady
do? Why, wear the most practical
thing In the world, tho all black satin
slipper; of all slippers the most favor
ed, for they can bo used for house
wear, or evenings either. For 'the wo
man of moderate means the block sat
in slipper is a blessing undisguised.
Bronze may bo used for something of
tho same purpose.
Only A Fire Hero
but tho crowd cheered, as, with burn
ed hands, he hold up a small round
box. "Follows!" he shouted, "this
Bucklen's Arnica Salvo I hold, baa
'everything beat for burns." Right!
, also for bolls, sprains, bruises. ' Sur
est pile cure. It subdues Inflammation
kills pain. Only 25 cent at G. R.
Baker & Co.
Tho regular meeting of Pleasant
Grange wll bo hold Wednesday, Nov.
ember 20th at 7 o'clock p. m. in the
new Grango hall. A good nttondanco Ik
desired. Preparations for the dedica
tion of the hall must be completed. Tho
literary program postponed from tho
last meeting will bo rendered.
How's Tnis?
We offer On6 Hundred Dollarj XI
ward fur any case of Catarrh that
Can' -t ba cured by Halt's Catarrh
F, J. CIIENRT & CO., Toledo. O
Wc. tho unJorslKncil. have k-iuwn r. J.
Cheney far tho hint 15 yuMi?, ami believe
Mm perfectly honorable In nil bimiuosK
trtinftucttor ami financially i,W tc. cam
out nny obligations pimlo by tils llrm,
Toledo. O,
ITair-i Catarrh Cnro Is token Internally,
acting directly uixm tho blood anil mil
roun Hurtacea of tlia syatem. Tnstlmonlala
sent "r.M5. .Prion 73 cunts nt-r Wittlo. Bote)
by all Prutnrlita.
)" ie r tiniti vein f- .--.io,
Will buy an all Bristle
Sanitary Bowl Brush;
this is a good one.
Will buy a long handle,
all white bristle Bath
Brush. The brushes are
lkf m.
v " t x -jt
j.m:ttfkd:y a .4buiiis
. i
i j.
fU -tHJt
At. . t. a C"l-t,''rJ. .d-S.

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