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Entered at in.' lit. Vcnoa, 0H Mt
aflcs as second elaaa mail aattar.
Resolutions of Respsct, Obituaries and
Cards of Thanks, five cents per line.
To Regulate All Banks After
January I
Columbus, O., Nov. 29 After Janu
ary 1, when the now amondment to tho
constitution goes Into effect, moro than
23S prlvato banks In Ohio will becomo
subject to Inspection, examination and
regulation by tbo state.
The new amendmont stipulates that
any corporation, firm, partnership or
person which uses 'tho word "bank,"
"banker" or "banking" In designating
Its business shall submit to such In
spection and regulation an In provided
by m.
This will mean a great Incroaso of
the work of tho stato banking depart
ment under Superintendent Frank 10.
Baxter and tho consequent nocoAKtty
for additional stato oxamlncra and
Under tho old constitution, private
banking Institutions liavo been privil
eged to conduct tholr huslnoss In a
strictly private way, immtiiio from ro
strlctloiiB and visits from state inspec
tors such ns nil statu banks and trust
companies are. now subjected to. lie-
cause of the prestige and iisstinuico of
safety that stato regulation gives,
many private banks havo boon an
jcIouh to submit to this, huwover. Ot li
on? hiivo bitterly fought any attempt
of tho stato to lutcrfcro with their
I'ntll tho Legislature provides for
tho specific method of Inspecting and
regulating prlvnto banks mid Superin
tendent Maxtor lian been authorized
to appoint the necessary Inspectors, It
is protmhlo that tho aotlvo supervision
M)f theso Institutions will bo delayed.
Tho sumo constitutional amendment
Imposes a double liability for debts
and contracts upon the stockholder
of all bunks doing business In tho
state. Now stockholders aru liable
only to the extent of the shares, they
own, The now amendment, when op
erative, will make them nlixi liable
ratably and proportionately for obli
gations beyond the amount of the cap
ital stock. ,
li.auour.il Ball Open For All
or None, Hit Idea of It.
kti j a
EHin 1
RSHvt.mkK tit 'v'1
Would Rather See It Abandoned Than
Have Limited Invitation List.
Dayton, O., Nov. l!!t. In an Inter
view In this city, (lovernorclect Cox
dcrlarrd he would rattier see tho pro
posed Inaugural hull abandoned than
to have the invltutlon list limited to
Columbus people and state olllrlals,
He said he recognised Hint the fnir-!
tlon was a courtesy on the part ot tho
Columbui chamber of commerce, but
thought It wus part of the Inauxurnl
day's program and tliut unlesH other
-communlttrs besides C'oluinhiiH could
be recognized, under sufeguardud ro-1
(rtetlFB, He would prercr tliat tic bull
be held.
Governor-elect Cox snld! "I re'trot
that any contrnersy hits nrlsnn with
refrrrnco to the inaugural hall, )t l&
recognized as u stato uffnlr, a part nf
the Inauguration day In fact, and for
that t canon thorn should put he an
Invitation list limited to Columbus or
to (date ollldals."
Of The Soil Are Quite Few
Say Experts
Washington, Nov. 29 The 'element
of agricultural labor, not only In the
United States, but in nearly alt other
civilized countries, Is relatively a di
minishing ono, duo to tho rapid In
crease of Industrialism, and there
seems to bo no way at present of meet
ing successfully tho problem thus pre
sented, say exports of tho department
of agriculture They add that this do
clino In farm labor, whllo very notice
able in lato years, has been evident In
tho figures following ovlory census
slnco 1820. In that year 83 per cent
of all persons having gainful occupa
tions woro omployed In agriculture. In
1840 tho porcontngo was 77, In 1870
It was 47, In 1880 it was 44, In 1890 It
was 37, In 1900 it was 35, or about
one-third ot tho persons having gain
ful occupations. The agricultural frac
tion declined from 1820 to 1900 almost
48 per cont, and during tho samo per
iod tho number ot persons having gain
ful occupations In agriculture increas
ed from 2,008,958 to 10,249,651.
Tho figures for other countries com-
blno tho occupations of agriculturo,
forest work and fishing and for tho
purposes ot tho comparison tho same
combinations are rnado for this coun
try. In tho United States In 1900
thoso three groups employed 35.9 por
cont of alt persons having gainful oc
cupations. In Germany this porcont
ngo was 35, In Franco 41, In tho Neth
erlands 30, In Kngland and Wales 8,
showing tho extreme subordination ot
agriculturo to Industrialism. Tho por
contngo for Switzerland was 31, for
Austria CI, for Hungary 09, for India
C7, for Italy 59 and for Sweden 19.
Tho Increased productivity of labor
duo to tho iiho of Improved machinery
ami Implements Is Illustrated In the
caso of corn From 1855 to 1891 the
tlmo of human labor to produce a bush
el of com, on an average, declined
from 4h. 31m. to llm. This was be
cause Inventors had given to the farm
ers the gang plow, tho disk harrow, tho
corn planter drawn by horses, tho lour
section harrow for pulveilzliig tho top
soil, the Hoir-hludor drawn by horses
for removing husks from the eats,
stalks tiud hladea for footling, and
many others. The corn shullor, operat
ed by sleaui, will shell u bushel ot
corn in one minute, whllo lit the old
wny It required tho labor of a man
for 100 minutes to do the same work.
With regard to the futuio, the ox
perlH or the agrlcuturul department
say that farm labor will not ho recruit
ed In any appreciable degree fioni the
cities. "The farmer would not need
to get his labor from the cities," suys
one authority, "If ho could hold tho
country population to the soil. Recog
nition of tho Importance of retaining
tho chlldieii on the farm and of keep
ing country lubor from migrating to
the cities, is governing most of the
work by state and nation In behalf of
(Chlcugo Journal)
Tim Tmk Is described as mi Aslallu
barbarian who fought his way Into
ICurope. Tbo description Is accurate,
but Incomplete, It Implies that tho
Turkish Kmplro Is good enough for
Asia. Tho truth In that Turkish rule
Is ulwuys misrule, and Turkish do
minion a curse wherever found.
Tho provinces which now compose
Atdntlc; Turkey havo had a stirring
history; hut In tho main it was a his
tory or prospoilty. They were ptosper
ous under the Urook, under the Ro
man, under tho Hyzuutlno Kmplro, un
der the Arabian Caliphs, They woro
piosperous until tho Turk came, and
then their prosperity ended.
The Turk Is the IociihI plague of
Aslatlo Tin key Includes ono of tho
richest districts of tho world In West
ern Asia Minor, Thirty centuries ago
the Qrouks had madu this region a
garden. Kurller than that, perhaps,
the Kings or Troy held sway hero. The
second greatest library of the ancient
world was located In a (Ireek city on
this const. Half a dozeu splendid el
tloH arose on the rich plains.
Now, only ono city of Importance Is
left mid that Is maintained by Crooks,
whoso Industry even Turkish tyranny
tins not iilte availed to destroy.
Ablatio Turkey Includes Palestine
mid Phoenicia. It Includes tho sites
of lluhyloii mid Nineveh, It Includes
Damascus and Iliigdud. It embraces
legions of considerable mineral wealth,
and ust provinces of wonderful fertili
ty, Hut wealth mid fortuity count
for little under the sway of the Turk,
r.ngune, Ore.. Nov. 29 The Y, M. O.
A. or this city Is entertaining for four
days tint seventh mutual Hoys' Club
conference of Oiogou. An utlundnncn
of about 20U delegates, representing
clubs In numerous cities ami towns
throughout the stale, was roglstored
at the opening of the tonfeteueo to
day, Hovornl religious ami educational
workers of wide prominence me on
hand to addiess tlw gathering.
Much-Married Woman Takes
Another Matrimonial Pliinge.
Near Ceoterburg Has Been
Tho pike east ot town has been fin
ished and only awaits the approval
of a stato Inspector. It is expected that
this road will be extended, as far as
the township line next summer. This
extension was lout this year because
of the demand for an Improved road
out to the state sanatorium from Mt.
Vernon. One of the conditions ot
that grant, however, has not beet,
comptied with and that is that Mt.
Vernon Improve Coshocton avenue,
loading out to the proposed pike.
Centerhurg Gazette.
Belle of 8heepshead Bay Again Tries
Now York, Nov. 29. Mrs. Roberta
Mongcs Corwln Hill, known as tho
"Holla of Sheopshead Hay," was mar
ried to Conway Tcarle, tho actor, "n
Jersey City. Tho coromony was per
formed at tho residence of Rev. A. J.
Meyoi Mrs. Hill wns named as co
respondent by Mrs. Tcarle. It was on
Friday last that Uio woman finally
obtained her decree.
Evolved By Ai Ohio Man
To Enable
Peary To Read Tie North
Pole It Is Said
Buys A Drug Store lo Mon
roe County
Mr. Kred Sells, formerly of Mt. Ver
non,' who has been manager of tha
Utlcu Drug Company, for several
years past, will sever his connection
with tho store January 1, and will re
move to Woodsfleld, tbo county seat
of Monroo county, whore ho has pur
chased tho oldest drug store In that
Negro School Teacher Bandit
Fears a Lynching Bee.
Cumberland Md Nov. 29. Anglo
Hardy. 25, tho negro schooltcachor
bandit, was arrested on a streetcar
hero nftor ho had oludod posses since
last Saturday. Ho expressed n willing
ncBB to return to Romnoy, W. Vn., but
fears lynching. Ho wants to wait In
Jail hero until tho fouling dies down.
If tho Hampshlro county, W. Vn., au
thorities Insist on taking tho negro,
Oovornnr Glasscock will bo asked to
order that he he conllnod In jail In
another county.
"Anglo" I lardy denies that ho as
saulted any of tho four women or tho
luskeep household. Mnry Heath was
bouton Into insensibility by Anglo's
brother, French Hardy, before he was
shot by luskeep.
"Anglo" Hardy and his brothor,
French Hnrdy, last Saturday attacked
l.oo Irskeep on tils farm noar Rom
noy, and also Inskueps wife and hired
woman, I.eo InBkoep was killed, but
before ho dlod ho shot and killed
French Hnrdy. Tho women woro also
badly boaton by tho negroes.
Returned In Cleveland Against
- A Utica Veterinary
Clovolnnd, Ohio, Nov. 29 An Indict
ment charging Dr. Merrill M. Kd wards
of I'tlcn. Ohio, a vetorlnary surgeon,
roriimrly or Cloveland, with having en
ticed Amy Pierce, u llftcen-yeur-old
telephone girl, or Utlca, to this city,
where ho deserted her after, ono night,
has been returned by tho grand Jury
Chardon, Ohio, Nov. 29 Docause he
followed the advlco and plans of a
Geauga County man In hla dash to the
north pole, Lieutenant Perry won suc
cess, according to an interview given
out by .1. Francis LeBaron, of Munson
Uecause he discarded these plans
and thought them wholly Impractic
able, and used his own Instead, Peary
tailed In his previous quest for the
covoted spot that has lured many Arc
tic explorers to death, LeDaron de
clares. I.eDaron who declares he has con
tributed largely to Peary s success,
and Indirectly discovered the north
pole, is an eminent engineer. Ho Is
a member of the American Associa
tion 'or the Advancement of Science;
American Society of Civil Engineers;
Franklin Institute, National Geograph
ic Society; Cleveland Engineering So
cloty; International Education; Flor
ida Chapters Sons of the Revolution,
and Society of Mayflower Descend
ants. Leilnron and Peary were associated
in canal wotk In Nicaragua. Night
after nlfht as thoy lay In their tent
Peniy talked ot seeking the north
poln, asking I.eDaron to evolve a plan.
"Long before I hod ever known
Lieutenant Peary, nnd when I was In
the United Stntes Engineers, I hart
formulated u plan for attaining 'the
north .(ilo, which I believed to be tbo
only pltctlcuhlo nnd possible wny,"
said LeHaron. "So when Peary nskert
me outs evening how I would go about
It to roach tho pole, I told him my
"In my opinion It was u parallel ti
tho race ot tho toitoisu and tho hare.
I believed tlint tho proper way was by
slow advance, establishing supply de
pots every 12 miles, nnd so keeping
open the base of supplies nnd refloat.
"The advanco xpuld bo made by
twMvo mile niarche3 por twenty-four
hours, and a snow hul built In whore
n fow provisions would be left and ono
man. 1 litis a shelter would, always be
available never more tliiin six miles
away, which could be reached without
miich trouble In ca6e of a tevere bliz
zard. f course, this march would
commence from the farthest point
north that a ship could reach, and the
courses nnd distances Inarched each
day, and the location on a running
chart, so that the courses could be
retraced In case ot a fog or storm.
"In this way It would be only a ques
tion of tlmo and money, und I esti
mated that $300,000 should be appro
priated for the purpose. Lieutenant
Peary did not agree with my plan. He
stated very emphatically that he be
lloied In going In light marching or
der, and making forced marches- as
far as possible in other words, mak
ing a rush march und depending on
strength and endurance to get back.
"Well. Peary went home and was
soon In the Arctic Regions again, This
was In 18&&, and from that ttine until
1907 he made several trips and at
tempts to reach the pole. In some ot
these trips ho nearly perished, but did
not succeed. The3e all on the rapid
reconnaissance, llght-miirchlng-order
plan, from one baso of supplies, with
no open line of communication to the
"On his last trip he changed his
tactics nnd adopted the plan ot supply
stations on his tine of march, and a
chain of communications with the
rear, tuid he succeeded tit reaching the
An Irishman was being examined In
connection with tho Issuance of natur
alization papors for which ho had
"Havo you read any history?" asked
the judge.
"No, sir," replied the Irishman.
"Havo you read the constitution of
the United States?"
"No, sir."
"Do you read the newspapers?"
"No, sir."
"Then what have you read?" this
with some Impatience.
"I have red hair," said the Irishman,
brightening up.
He got the papers.
Evansvllle, Ind., Nov. 29 With Dr.
P. P. Claxton, United States commis
sioner of education, heading the list
of speakers, the annual convention of
the Southwestern Teachers' Associa
tion met here today for what promis
es to bo the best successful gathering
since its organization. More than 1,009
visitors, Including numerous college In
structors and other educators of notej
aro in attendance.
Notice is hereby given that the -undersigned
has been appointed andi
qualified executor of the estate of
late of Knox County, Ohio, deceased,
by the Probate Court or said county
November 25, 1912.
Rock Bridge, Ohio.
Last Visit
This Year
Patrons are requested to take advan
tage of this last trip of the 3eason.
Owing to tho heavy demand at tho Nownrk homo offlce, this tlmo of
tho year, visits at Miytlnshurg and Ulndenshurg will bo discontinued
nfter tho noxt trip.
Office above meat market.
The Morse Optical Co.
Cleveland Merchant Testifies In the
Dynamite Conspiracy Case.
Indianapolis, Ind., Nov. 29. Edward
Kohl, n goueral merchant of North
Randall, O., a suburb of Cloveland,
gavo tho Jury In the dynamiting cases
a detailed account of tho destruction
of the bridge that spanned the Erie
railroad at that place and pointed out
Gorge Anderson, luminous ngeut ot
the Cleveland local, ub the man whom
he mot coming away from the scono
of the explosion.
Play With Rifle; Boy Killed.
Columbus, 0 Nov. 29. Celebration
or Thanksgiving with rifles by six
bo)s resulted In the accidental shoot
ing or George Mayors, 17, by Laurence
Gallaghor, a boy or his own. age!
Young Moyors was shot through the
heart and died Instantly.
Receives Terrific Punishment In His
Bout With Leach Cross.
Now York, Nov, 29, -Wonderful en
durance whllo under a merciless at
tack enabled Rattling Nelson, former
lightweight champion ot the world, to
i emaln on his feet for to rounds In
tho scrap with Leach Cross of this
city ot the 44th Street Sporting club,
Nelson lacked the old punch that won
the title from tho late Joe Cans, but
ho was as strong as an ox and as
game as n Hon, In spite of terrific
punches on tho point ot tho Jaw, cut
ting Jabs In tho eyes, nose und mouth
and painful smashos In the body, tho
Dune never showed the white teathor,
Cross was ttio winner on blows
' landed, but tho victory wasn't much
ot a rent, Inasmuch as Cross Is In his
prime whllo tho Rattler Is nothing
moro than a back number.
5 Your last opportunity to buy Watches, Dia-
monds, Jewelry and Silverware
The Old Reliable Jewelry Firm of
S Will positively change hands after Jan. 1st 1913. To accomplish
2 this the stock must be reduced 'One Half before that date.
Regardless of Cost Prices on Every Article Cut in Half
We will lay away any article until Christmas by making a small deposit.
Sterling Silver Spoons
Cuff Buttons
Scarf Pins
and an endless variety of goods too numerous to mention are to be sold
at prices unheard of ..; , x
Cut Glass
Knives and Forks
Toilet Sets
This Sale Commences
SATURDAY NOV. 30, 1912 at
13 South Main St. Mt. Vernon. Ohio
jfc?wvl.X -.,VJ.SVv;;,..,,,l, :,
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