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MT. VERNON, 0 FRIDAY, DEOIMBIR 13, 1912-No. 100
Made Charge Against A Force
Guarding Strikebreakers
M Two Men And Wound Nine-Italian And Polish Coal
. Handlers, Armed With Shotguns, Revolvers And
, Crowbars, loot Detectives And The Men Who Had
Taken Their Places, In A Battle At The Edgewatcr
Yards Of The Erie Railroad
New York, Deo. IS. Two hundred
striking coal handlers, mostly of
Italian or Polish origin, armed them
selves with Kiasf -una, revolvers and
crowbars anS '.nade a concerted
charge against 8 Torce of railroad de
teeetvcs which was guarding some
strikebreakers who were filling In for
the strikers In the Edgewtaer, N. J
yards of the New York, Busquehanna
ft Western railroad.
The crowd killed two of the railroad
detectives, wounded nine more and
chased the other detectives and the
strikebreakers! back to the cover of
a sheltered dock. Then the strikers
retreted buck up the face of the
Palisades, whence they came, carry
ing with them some of their nsmber
Who had been shot, no one knows
low badly,
The dead: Andrew J. Crew of HI
tnlra. N. Y., captain of the E.le rail
read detectives; Clarence Mallory of
blnghamton. N. Y.. Erie railroad de
tective, ahot though the heart
The striking Italians and Poles
went on strike Tuesday morning.
Barb that morning they all appeared
for work and demanded 26 cents aa
hour for their work, for which they
had been getting 20 cents an hour.
The advance in pay was refused them,
thereupon they promptly stuck. The
folowlng day they shot Lieutenant
Farrlngton of the Edgewater police,
and a force of 65 detectives was plant
ed around the road.
Washington, Dec 12. That, an in
quiry Into the charge that the New
York, New Haven & Hartford Rail
road company enjoys a monopoly of
transportation facilities in New Eng
land will be recommended by the
house committee on rules, Is the con
clusion reached by those who have
followed closely the hearings before
the committed on the O'Shanghnessy
resolution. This resolution provides
Cor the creation of a special commit
tee of the house to Investigate the
transportation conditions In New
Columbus, O., Dec, 12. Intanuie
paralysis, which during the last sum
mer claimed hundreds of baby victims
throughout the state, has been mater
ially reduced, owing to the prompt
and vigorous methods of quarantine
ordered by the state board of health.
During tho last 30 days the number
of cases In the Btate was reduced to
13, accompanied by three deaths,
sgalnst between 300 and COO cases
fer month and scores of deaths that
occurred during tho latter part of the
summer and early fall.
Tho order ot the state board of
health that all infantile paralysis
cases be quarantined met with con
siderable opposition on the part of
country doctors, These contended
The Rtrlkers became Incensed when
they sighted an old ferryboat with a
hundred or more strikebreakers pull
Into the dock of the coal yards. Detec
tives under Captain Craw were strung
alongside the outer edge of the yard.
Strikers appeared and began tiring.
In a long string, one man deep, they
swept down to the road. By this time
their bullets had dropped half a dozen
of the railroad detectives and the rest
of the group wure beginning to break,
CaptHln Crnw was among the first to
he hit. The detectives, picking up
Captain Craw, who was unconscious,
backed away.
-As soon ns the strikers saw they
had driven the detectives back they
Invaded the ronl yard, Then they ran
pell mull nil over the yard, shooting
with buckshot, with Which most of
their wenrons were loaded.
Sheriff Conklln of Bergen county
asstitnod charra of the yards, with K5
deputies behind him. One hundred
armed detectives were added to the
r&llronri forco.
Philadelphia, Dec. 12. Post-
muster Thomas B. Smith has
gone to Washington to And If
chickens, turkeys, butter and eggs
will be allowed transportation in
the new parcels post,
England, with special attention to the
report that tho New Haven road en
tered Into negotiations with the Grand
Trunk that contemplated a conspiracy
1b restraint of trndo.
Crushed by an Auto Truck,
Dayton, O., Dec. 12. John Bolske,
46, a railroad employe, was crusliud
to death by an automobile truck be
longing to the J. K. Mclntyro com
pany. Smoke from a passing locomo
tive obstructed the vision of the vic
tim and the driv'er'of the machine.
the disease was not contagious and
that quarantine was not necessary.
A great decrcaso in the total num
ber ot dcathsjn the state resulting
from contagious diseases Is shown for
the last 30 days.
American Woman In Trouble.
Milan, Dec. 12. A middlo-nged
American lady, who sayB she Is the
Duchees Lavnrslna of New York, Is In
the hands of the Milan police on ac
count of a disturbance on a train, 8li"
was' traveling on the Milan express
and, according to the police, got Into
a, heated discussion with an Italian
fellov passenger and epoke In an In
ultliig manner of Italy and the Ital
New York, Dec. 12. it may be a
surprise to a good many fathers and
mothers In Brooklyn hut hundreds of
children In that borough have been
buying dream books and playing pol
icy with the money they were sup
posed to buy candy and toys with.
Through the efforts of Miss Grace
Strachaa, president of the Interbor
ough Teachers' association, policy
shopkeepers who have been encour
aging little boys and girls to gamble
Columbus, O., Dec. 12. To gle op
portuutty for the bringing of a test
suit to determine If tlio circuit Judges
elect can serve as Judges of the ne
appellate court. Governor Harmon has
directed Secretary of State Graves to
withhold the commissions of these offl
otals. THE FATAL
Cleveland, O,, Dec. 12. Frank
Jon os. 4 years, was smothered to
death In a folding bed. ills parents
left him asleep when they aroBe.
Later the mother found that the bed
ad clonoil
T r"fr"T"H"'r"i"r'r
tW W Sl Tt k Jl iti 1t Sl !a
Miss Gertha Hall has returned home
after spondlng several weeks wit
relatives near Brandon,
Mr Milton Hays spent 8nnday with
his mother, Mrs. Elisabeth Hays of
t Sarah, the little daughter of Mr. and
Mrs, Lewis Scoles, tell while playing
Saturday and broke her leg. Dr.
Stonehocker was called to reduce the
Mrs. Aaron Donahey and Mrs. Clyde
Thompsou spent Friday with Mrs.
John Hoggs.
Mr. Charles Porterflold and family
of Hlndensburg spent Sunday with Mr.
and Mrs. Virgil Wolfe.
Mrs. Margaret Hayden and MIsb
Veltna Hays spent Sunday with rela
tives at Wadensburg-
Mr. John Wolfe made a business trip
to Utlca Monday.
Mrs, Elsie Been of Warren, is visit
ing Mrs, Zona Hays this week.
Famous 8tage Beauties
look with horror on Skin Eruptions,
Blotches, Sores or Pimples. They don't
have them, nor will any one, who uses
Bucklen's Arnica Salve. It' glorltles
the face. Eczema or Salt Rheum van
ish before It. It cures sore lips, chap
ped hands, chilblains; heals burns,
cuts and bruises, Unequnled for piles.
Only 25 cents at G. R. Baker and Co.
Brandon Rev Theodora M. Hoef
melster, pastor, ' Sunday school 10 a.
ru. Preaching 11 a. m. Subject "Un
safe Life-boats."
Homer Rev. Theodore M. Hof
melster, pastor. Sunday school 10 a.
m. Preaching 7 p. m.
Bean bake and entertainment aus
pices Brandon B. V. P. U. Friday', Dec
13, S p. m. Miller hall, Brandon. Ad
mission 10c; lunch free.
This winter Mrs. Leslie Carter will
venture out in a repertory or her old
successes, evidently designed (or the
smaller towns. She will nppenr In
."Zaua," ''Camllle" and "The Second
Mrs. Tanqueray."
For Infants and Children,
Jlii KM YwHavi Always Bought
Bears the
'f c&Mi&
Jig nature
are being rounded up by the police.
John Fnchs and his wife Lena, charg
ed with keeping a policy shop, were
held In bonds of 1 1.000 each for ex
amination Monday;
A lam Tree.
She Maud Rlehlelgb' family tree it
not mnoh to boas. of.
He I doa't kBo .about the trunk or
the brunches, baf I be, leaves are all
right. Two or her ancestors left over
million. -BostoiT Transcript.
Toledo. 0., Dec. 12. With drawn
revolvers, bandits held up- a switch
ing crew near the police station.
They compelled the engineer to de
tach and run the locomotive to a dis
tant part of the yards, while five men
looted freight cars, stealing cigars
and merchandise valued at $1,000.
Marlon. 0 Dec. 12. While placing
a large charge of dynamite prepura
torj to setting off a blast, Alexander
Paschal, 22, was blown up when the
exploshe let go prematurely. Ho died
Jwo hours later in a locul hospital
At The Burkholder Studio In
(Mansfield News)
The Burkholder photograph gallery
on North Main street, was robbed
Monday 'night of about $125 worth ot
kodaks, films and other supplies, but
no money was taken. Mr. Burkholder
was out of town when the goods were
taken, but ho thinks the thieves onter
ed through a back window. Tho rob
bery was not discovered until about
noon Tuesday. Five of the best ko
'daks In the case were taken and nil
tho IIIiiib for tho one kind are missing.
Mr. Burkholder does not think the
robbery was dona by expert camera
men us they left some of the best
lenses and took poorer ones. He es
timates his loss at between $100 and
$125, No money was taken from the
cash register which is in the front
loom whero the kodaks were, Tho
matter has been reported to tho po
lice. Will Take Up Duties On
February 9 -
(Newark -Advocate) ,
Quieting the discussion that has
arisen as to just when the Common
Pleas Judges will ascend the bench,
Common Pleas Judgelect Thomas B.
Fulton said Wednesday morning that
he would assume lie duties of bis of
fice on February 9. -
The commissions froin. the office of
Governor Harmon do not determine
when tne Judges-elect take up their
work but meiely provide that the
judge qualify within twonty days after
the reolept-of the commission. This
Mr, Fulton has done.
After1 the rocelpt of the commission
roventl members of the local bar nt
sertod that Mr, Fulton took up his
wotk on 'January 1, but In view of the
fnct that Judge Seward, who retires,
started on February 9, 1907, to sorye
ti toru ot six years, this opinion Is
iiflf pdkored to by the Incoming Judge.
fiaJ.. . JU
. p e ' -
Pittsburg, Dec. 12. A mighty prs
test against race suicide was voiced
t the 8L Paul cathedral when 1,000
babies, accompanied by their mothers,
were taken before the priests to be
Messed. The children ranged In age
from a few weeks to three years. The
prime object of the ceremony, at
Siren out by the officiating priests,
was to call the attention of parents
la their solemn duties of bringing
children Ino the world and rearing
them in the right way. The day's
ceremonies were designed to empha
ice to mothers their duty to God and
to themselves.
Landlady (showing room) And such
a cheerful view. sir. Uentlemau (look
ing oatl-Why, It's a cemetery! Land
Isdy Yes, sir. Bow cheerln' and com
fortin' It will be when yon gase out
to think that you're not there.-Loa-4ea
St. Clalrsvllle, O, Dec. 12. Incom
plete returns from the election for of
ficers ot the United Mine Workers of
America Indicate that 17,000 miners
of the eastern Ohio subdistrict gave
Joseph P. White of Iowa a majority for
International president of the organ
ization. William Green of Coshocton,
president pro tern, of the Ohio senate,
carried the subdlstrlct three to one
for International secretary-treasurer.
Masked Burglars Force Husband
Give Up His Savings.
Cleveland. O., Dec. 12. Two mask
ed gunmen bold up Jacob Boncha. in
his bed, and at the point of a gun
forced him to give up his savings,
amounting to $280, by threatening
violence to his bride of a year. Bon
cha had saved the money to pay to
an aunt In Denver who had set him
up in business.
tr F
mMi ror
fs-'fi "Her"
Of all the gifts that she may have expressed
a desire to receive we'll wager "Furs" were the
most desired. What woman, miss or child does
not appreciate a handsome set of furs. Not nec
essarily expensive, but dependable in quality and
Just such kind of furs are to be found in our
splendid assortments. It may be a separate scarf,
muff or set in oppossum, either black or natural,
brown or black cony, brown squirrel, brown or
red fox, natural lynx, black skunk, Jap mink,
genuine mink or wolf.
Whatever your fancy might dictate you are
assured of satisfaction here.
itofefe'-k .iMtffttmiViClKW
Wythevllle, Va., Dec. 12, Thlrty
flve years In the penitentiary Is the
penalty Sldna Allen will pay, for his
part in the shooting up of the Carroll
county courthouse at Hlllsville last
March. Allen's nephew, Wesley Ed
wards, will spend 27 ears In the pen
itentiary. NEWMJARD
Columbus, O., Dec. 12. Governor
Harmon appointed as members of the
board of woman visitors to state char
Itable and penal institutions Mrs.
Maude , Murray Miller, Columbus;
.Mrs. Jcatinctte Opes, New Philadel
phia; Mrs. Nathan nose water. Cleve
land; Mrs. Kate Pangle Strain, Lon
don; Miss Blanche Vlgnos, Canton;
Mrs. Mary Proctor Wilson, Lebanon.
Mrs. J'lllcr a-d lrs. Opes are new
appointees. to others were rcap-t-
Atten tion Farmers
The Pure Milk Co. of Co
lumbus, O., will pay two
cents over Elgin for Separat
or Cream, and five cents over
Elgin for Inspected Sweet
Cream, R O. B. Columbus.
For particulars write us.
Veterinary Surgeon.
Graduate Licensed
Office and residence corner
Gambler and Mulberry sta. Calls
answered day or night. Both
'phones, Cltitens 173 blue; Bell
a. J. runi
Will pay the highest prices
rou hare had In CO years for your
Beef Hides, also Pelts, Tallow,
Ginseng, Golden Seal, Furs etc
ad moro If leather goods are
high. He will give to tho trapper
who sells him the largest collec
tion of Furs In his own catch
this season one fine single driv
ing harness. For further In
formation call at store,
7 East Front St.
Country Folks
are especially welcome to come
here and leave their packages,
when In tho city shopping. We
will take care of them for you.
We serve an excellent noon
daj meal, something substantial
and appeUsIng for
25 Cents
Also a variety lunch, most
j anything you want, that will ap
Gome to the
1 L9 Cabta C!!!
Southwest Corner Square
The Clothier
225 S. Main St.
MN - wcjtMti'W - Ti -"" v'ik
71 1
t T .

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