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The Democratic banner. (Mt. Vernon, Ohio) 1898-192?, January 17, 1913, Image 1

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' r
But Two Hearings Will Be Held On
The License Bill
Admission. By Ticket Only-Compromise Measure Expected,
With The Wets Having A Shade The Better Of It
Administration's Anti-Lobby Measure Goes Through
Both Branches Of
coiumnus, o., Jan. 10. Liquor
forces won the flrst round vof their
light when they practically persundeJ,
tho Joint hoitflQ and senate committee
to conduct only two hearing on tho
UccnHo hill. Theto wll he held Mon
day and Tuesday nights and admls
lon will ho hy tlchot only. Each
eolon will ho allottod three tickets.
Tho limitation on tho size of the au
dience Is Ktiught to prevent demon
strations. Superintendent Wnyno B. Wheeler
of tho Ant! Saloon league appeared
for tho dryst and Nicholas Dutlo of
Dayton for tho vcts. Thu temneranco
forcc3-BltV rOio" henrlrrR3 "wtT-e:jniot4
enough. Ttnre In no expectation that
either of the hills now proposed for
llconho will bo passed. A compromlso
mcasuie Ih expected, and In this the
liquor people aro expected to have the
heat of It.
Anti-Lobby BUI In Favor.
Governor Cox got Instantaneous ac
tion on his anti-lobby hill to put cor
rupt lobbyists in the penitentiary.
Tho hill wr.s given Its second reading
and referred to eommitees In both
tho senate nnd house. Tho hill pro
vides that whatever perwin or con
cern emplovs a lobbyist shall, within
a week, -furnish the secretary of state
with his name. Tho lobbyist also
. must register, giving tho nnmo of his
employer iCnd what legislation he la
to work on, Pines nnd Imprisonment
are provided for violations of tho act.
As a rider tho hill carried un omur
goney clause, exempting It from ref
erendum to popular vote.
Senator Potting of Akron stated
that his joint resolution for a special
election next September to amend tho
constitution to allow municipalities to
classify pioperty for taxation and ex
empt from taxation nny sort of prop
erty bov elashilled, was n slmon-puro
homo rule tax measure, l'ottlng, a
slngle-taxer, admitted tho hill would
allow cltlos to adopt single tax, hut
maintained that was merely inciden
tal to homo rule.
Senator McDcrmott of Trumbull Is
drafting a bill designed to prevent
cold storage houses comorlng food
supplies, Ills method is to make tho
penalties so severe that tho profits
would not warrant tho risk of being
Representative Collins from Stark
county Introduced a bill providing a
minimum sentunco of three years In
tho penitentiary and a fine of not less
than $500 for persons who combine
to control the supply or prevent com
petition In tho salo of butter, eggs,
flour, meat or vegetables.
For Election of Senators.
The house, 114 to 0, ratified the pro
nosed amendment to tho federal con
stitution providing for the direct elec
tion of United States senators. Rep
Lancaster, O., Jan. 16. Captain R.
U. Hustings, successor to Major F. C.
Gerlach ns superintendent of the
foyn' Industrial school, assumed
thurge of tho Institution today.
"I expect to use common sense In
governing tho institution," declared
Captain Hastings, when asked as to
The Assembly Many
resentative Robert lllack of Cincin
nati said word had been received
from Speaker Chnmp Clark and the
ptcsldunt pro tern, of tho United
States scnato that thu proposal had
uccii properly pushed In congress, de
spite tho contrary statement of Geo;'
tin's governor.
Senator HudHon Introduced a reso
lution asking tho Ohio congiessiuna'
delegation to nrgo a national highway
system. Ho points out that $.VJ2,:!!r.
000 has been spent for rivers and liar
bois alone slnco 1S7C, and ho belii'e
the -UO.OOO miles of roads In th
states nio as Justly entitled to smu
an outlay.
I'.opresuntathe Unrnop of Hain't
ton-ctunty--ntTllresnf"tho'op!vinr evt
with a hill piovidlug a Hue of not
above ?.r00 or imprisonment in
county Jail not more than thro
motit'is. or both, for thosu who siatl't
the drug,
Hei'i-esentatlvH Unr.vn of Viilon li
traduced a bill forbidding tho li.ipir
tntlon of cattle Into Oh'p 'imle i -companlcd
with certlllcales that ti
hae been subjected to tho tuber uln
test six month J biforoand wom founJ
Among other hills introduced wore
To compel streetears to have ostl
bulos encloblng motormen during tho
wholu year; to allow county commis
sioners to provide public comfort sta
tions; to require tho two-platoon 12
hour shift in nil city 'fire depaitmontu
under civil service; to remove public
elllclals hy judl"I"l process; to pie
rent advertising t ore private dm
Clavcland, O,, Jan. 1C. Common
pleas Judges hero nre unablo to ac
lount for tho record-breaking number
)f divorce sulta which have been Med
nd brought to trial recently. Twenty
r divorces were granted yesterday,
making a total of 118 granted In tho
last four days. Most of tho petitions
allege cruelty and abuse, and the ma
jority of thorn are uncontested.
Senate Favors Commerce Court.
Washington, Jan. 1C. The teiioto
devoted most of the seEslon to eousld
cration of tho legislative, executive
Mid Judicial appropriation bill. Anion:;
the amendments agreed to was one
appropriating money to continue tlin
commercu court, which was udoptod
by a vote of 113 to 20. Tho house had
made no provision for continuing tho
work of thej court.
whotbor ho Mould Introduco corporal
punishment in ordrr to reatote i'tn
tlpllne, "Tho board- of admlnlstnulo't
Jives mo authority to ueo what" 'it
Deans may bo ueressnry, hut I do no'
'ttvor corrorn! puiilrbrrent nnd w.li
tot uso the paddle unless. It Is abso
tutuly necessary,"
, wamop, Wjjfr1 frail WkJ rVsJil" "1 V" -'" i"'ww'-gg-i-- '
ih.- stK?tsEMf5SffieasMM
tfew York, .Ian. 10. Claims ngrrc
gating more tiinn ?r,IOS,0OU have been
111 oil with rnlted State3 Cotnmifsrlon
r Gilchrist ngninst tho Ocoanli
team NalgatIon Company, Id. fur
oi3 of life and property, together
with montal and physical Buffering
ircaalouod hy tho sinking of the Ti
tanic No clulms have been submit
ted hv Mrs. John Jacob Aster, the,
Ashland, O., .Ian, 1C Attorney Gen
eral Korfan and Assistant MeGJioo ar
rived hero to Investigate sensational
(negations that the Int, AtibhuiA,'
louuty crand Jury was packed tOiiyi;
fnt an lndictment,.-J(eliig retrprin
Igalnat t'ormeri Ipatrolmnn 3'oad
fiprluij, vyho'whlin raiding a keg'party
shot Clyde ICbcrt, who subseijucutly
Chl'duo, Jan. lfi. Mlchco) Mar.v
floM. "i!5, was killed In hh. Jiuil'shop by
a holdup man. Tho roblei: "arnp''!.'.
M.insfiotd callrd for ludri M-J,'"n told to
lut'.'l oi r his money, md 'he Juiru
df,r Hhor, hi in through the ln'trt,
rsi-ii nMiin-r-7rTi
Wiuenors of Philadclplila or tho fam
ily of Charles M. Hayes, former
Vresldont of tho Grand Trunk rail
tond. The brother of Major Archibald
?utl submitted n claim for loss of
tils brother's personal baggage. Tho
largest claim was submitted by Iron"
Wullack Harris, wife of Henry B.
Harris, the theatrical manager, for
Wnshinston, Jan. 16. Soveral Dem
ocrats eo.iimented on tho alleged de
pressive effect which Presldent-oloct
Wilson's Trenton speech had on tho
business and Investment world. "I
rould llko to hang any scouudrol who
would try to stait a panic," declared
Benator Tillman of South Carolina.
'The Democrats will not scare worth
Athens, Jan. 16. Thn Turkish
cruiser Mcdjldlo eallled out of tho
Di.rdruellei' In the tog nnd off Syra
fillcl:cd jyjd. sunk tho Greek mor
vY; itmiin M"uopilnnln, which had been
titn til by the Oroek government as a
i?: Wort. Tho Medjldlo then snllol
In the riiKUv.ird. The Greek fleet Iibb
New York, Jan. 16 Between 35,
000 and 40,000 striking garment work
ers made a show of strength under
the eyes of their employers by a
great parade through the manufactur
ing district, which ended In a mass
meeting that overflowed Union
square. Though' some of the 'epecch
cs delivered by orators in three lan
guages cizzlcd with condemnation of
the clothing manufacturers and the
conditions which the garment workers
are protesting against, there was no
violence during the whole 'course of
the parade and ensuing mass meeting,
and by orders of the union heads red
flags were barred. Benjamin Schweit
zer and Max Pine, leaders of the
strike, made speeches. '
Fostorla, O., Jan. 1C Claicnco
Dernhisel, 33, of Balrdstown, M-as kill
ed b a Daltimoro & Ohio train. Ills
head wns crushed and an arm and le;
wero broken.
Columbus, O., Jan. 1G, Centraliza
tion and consolidation of rural
schools nnd churches to stop their
docadenco and to promote their effi
ciency were recommended by Gilford
Plnchot, former chief forester of tho
United States; P. P. Claxton of Wash
ington, D. C, commissioner of tho
United Stntes bureau of education,
and other speakers on "Country Life
Day" at tho Chamber of Commerce
auditorium. It was observed In con
nection with the annual meeting ot
the Ohio state board of agriculture.
been warned to Intercept her. Tho
Medjldlo, which M-as bulfl by thn
tramps of Philadelphia, bombarded
Jio magazine at Syra without effect
tut partly wrecked tho electric plant
ind as a result tho town Is in dark
less. Two mon working on- fho elec
tric plant were killed.
By U, S. Senators To The
Panic Makers
Would Conduct investigation to
Place Responsibility.
President-Elect Not Disturbed by
Comment of Well Street Wrltera
Who Attribute Depressed Condition
of the Market to Hlo Recent Utter
anees Senator Gore On His Bill In
creasing Membership of High Ccurt
Trenton, N. J., Jan. 1C Governor
fllson appeared not to be greatly
isnecrned when he was shown the
romments o Wall street writers, who
i attributed the depressed condition of
1 the market to his rerent utternccs at
I Chicago and in Trenton. He has fre
quently remarked that thoso who aro
now expressing surprise at the ntll
tudo ho takes toward various Indus
trial and commercial questions, ran
not have read carefully the speeches
which ho made before his nomination
and during the camralgn.
Senator Gore of Oklahoma and Ken-ntor-e!cct
Cllie James, who vlsltel
the covernor. did not hesitate to ex
press their onlnlons as to how far Mr
Wilson's remarks have hcen rcsron
slblo for tho Wall street flurry.
"Pret'ldent-elcct Wl'son's adminis
tration," raid Senator Gore, "will not
offer any 3 ust,. oej&slpAl fly , alarnV
There Is no enemy of prosperity in
this country excepting the prophets
of panics. Xobody hai any occasion
to fear tho administration of Govrr
nor Wllso" that dors not fear the ad
ministration of Jhstlce."
"The Democrats arc In control ot
congress," raid Mr. James, "and If
nnvbody starts a panic we will ap
point an investigating committee and
find out who la responsible for it
There i3 absolutely no reason for cn
When the governor's attention wa9
crlie.l to the statement of Mr. James
ho laughed and said: "Then they
could find out by the Investigation
whether I was responsible or not."
Senator Goro wns asked lf'Gover
nor Wilson favored his bill, Intro
duced Tuesday, providing for an In
crease In thn membership of the su
premo court from 0 to 11. "That bill,"
said the senator, "was offered by my
own motion. My reason for offering
the hill Is that Justice delayed is Jus
tice denied. There aro SoO cases on
tho supreme court docket now. If the
court should hand down two opinions
n day, Sundays Included, it would re
quire two years to finish the docket
provided no new cases came up."
Chicago, Jan. 1C Hope of immedi
ate relenso for President Frank M.
Ryan of the Structural Iron Workers'
union vanished when District Attor
bey Miller of Indianapolis was uus
(allied by tho circuit court of appeal!
in his contention that the properr
scheduled on Ryan's $70,000 bond wai
Marlon, O., Jan. 10. The daring of
Operator IJ. I Urady at the tower In
the EaBt Marion yards provonted an
attempt to hold up ensthound No. 14
Srlo express. Two men entered the
WM'or. Brady ordered them out and,
toldly facing two revolvers, the oper
ator telegraphed a M'arnlng to the
office Kilo engines took out police
and detectives, but too late to catch
tho men, Tho men wanted to make
Brady eet tho signals to stop tho lata
Attorneys to Appeal to km.
ment of Commerce and Labor,
New York. Jan. 10, General Clprr
ano Castro, former boss of Venezuela,
was declared unfit to enter Hip t'nil,
ed States by a hoard of special In
qulry that has been considering hip,
case for the last several days
Tho little general was not permits
ted to have counsel at the exarn(nnN
Hon and ho M-as a reluctant wltneiR,
against himself; In fact, his Inqulat
tors say that he committed perjury It
his testimony. He appeared to he.
little affected by tho decision after Jl
had been translated into Spanish and;,
read to him. He has been awar that
tho law firm of O'Gorman, Battle a
Marshall is looking after his Inter
ests and that they will appeal to
Washington to have tho order of thp
board reversed.
After reading the decision Mr. Con
tent of O'Gorman, Battle & Marshall
said. 'Mr Battle. Mr. Marshall and I
will appeal to tho secretary of com
merce and labor It looks to mo a.-"
If our immigration laws havo beer
used as a pretext for keeping CastTO
out ot this country."
Head of American Company Suggest
Moderate Reduction In Tarlrf.
Washington, Jan. 16. Sugar ro
flnors, beot sugar men, California
wine producers, mineral vra'cr ""lib
porters and others descended in fnr?"
on the house committee on ways and;
means to fight out the tariff Issue,
Nothing In the committee's elim
ination ot tho varjlng shades of
sugar-rate views Indicated any woalc
cnlm; of the Democratic tentativa
plan for presenting another fri-e sugar
bill for action by the house at tht
coming extra session of congrecs.
Some of the leading men in tlia
T.ngar-industry were present.- BdwHwt
H. Atkins, tho vice president and act
Ing head of the Amerlcati Sugar Re
fining company, proposed a moderate
reduction in the sugar tariff
policeman's Victim Dead.
Columbus, 0 Jan. 1C William
Roettcher, who M-as shot by Patrol.
nan Van Glesen, Is dead of hU
lour.d. The coroner Is InvestlgatiuK.
It Is alleged that the young man re
fused to halt Mhen ordered to do 30
by the officer, nfter he hail bee
pointed out as a holdup artist
cinrwao. jan i.
Onttlf li?rven, ta Wn'i Jl: Tcr.m
(teers. $1 "5ff5 75; western stccrw, JC V
0'7 'JO: ("lockers nnd fcdors. ft 7Sf1 Wi,
rown. anil hi'lfcr. t2 W7 70; eaUix,
$7 OOfilO S'J
HosR Light. J7 15fT7 Irt; mWil. It)
07 0; henvy, i" 00Q7 -IJ'i; ruugh, ? t"0
7 10: I'lTtf. ' 5T7 l.
3hccj nnd T.-imbs Nutlvo lipp, H 7A
(if! in- WPtTn, tl 75Ji) !!) ir'Injn,
SG 2i)$rs 3D- native Iamb, 'ul3 20;
wrote, Vs "ji0 2f.
Wheat No 2 ri-l. Jl 11 foM II Cora
No c. w-jtfsoe. oin Nn. : viiiiti v;.-i,
Krceiiits Cattle. 17,0'j0 head; lu) Sil,.
DM; hhrcji,..'!0 000.
HAST Bni-PAI.O, JA.V 1''.,
C.ittle Heavy sti-eri, IS iO'ja 0 ship,
Pln.' st;is J.N OOiffS S). Imtclier r tltta,
J" COSfS 00; hulls, J4 r.0?(. E0; milkrniand
jirl users, JS0 00000 00, l-.iIvto, MX 3'IJr
1 r.o.
Jlc-ss Heavies. J" 60JJ7 '; mitlon,,
7 70; YniUem. J7 707 75; pitr. J7 70,
toilRhH. JC 70CJ6 7-r.; slaps. JS 50'ifi 7S.
Pheep and Lnmh YrnrllliKn, fl, wit
S :5 ttelhern. Jd (aQC 25; rnlxt etifrr
J6 TSfnC 00; ewes, ' 50tJ-r. 7S; l.iuiln'
JC 00 Jj!) 50.
Itecells Cattle, 7 cars; lion, 25j
fheep. 20; calves, 50 heart.
piTTsnuno, ja.v. :n.
Cattle Choice. JS C0fS 75. prlmr. tH
fr 0; llrty butchers. J7 2Rft7 65; litlTtt,
M CCJJ7 75; fat rows. J3 50f,?fi 75; butt-,
H 0006 75; milkers anil nprliigcra. JS3$
CfTS nit cnlvis. J8 'J0rll 50.
Hokh Htav) hogs, f7 E0if7 55; hary
mixed. 17 35(7 60; mediums nnd Ymlrt,
J7 1fj7 70 piss, J7 006 7 50
Hheep and Lamb" Prime wether. JS M
fit 23; Kiiod mixed, fu fiSti Oil; fatr
mixed, 55 006.5 f,0; lamlis, J3 50ff. 23,
Herelpts HfBS, 20 curs.
Cattle Btecrs. J5 00fS 2J; rows, In
(li 00; heifers, J4 J507 -10; calves tu im
nn 25.
Hog r.ickers, J7 507 fiO- vommot
sons, K OOOfi 75; pigs and Ibihtu, JS -J
(f7 5C; King. II 00OK 40.
Bheep and I.arr.b fiheop, $J 75iM 8l
lambs, J5 7501 25.
Wheat No. 2 red, Jt 12t 15. Com
No. 2 mixed, 50fl31c. Oats No. r roltccl,
35S35WC. Rye Nn. 2, 65i?6c.
Hecclpts Cattle, 771 head; hogs, SC.Sy;
Iheep, 218. '
Cattle Choice fat steers. 17 75Wi 'M:
COo to choice steers, J7 00?f7 75; heifers.
J5 -2506 40; fat bulls. JS 50QG 40; coa-s.
JS 00O6 25; ndllcers nnd spilngcrs, 153 do
j0 00; calves. JIO 50OU 50.
Hotfs Hoavli'a and nicillunm, J7 50
Yorkers, llulit Yorkers and pigs, J7 lij
rouehs, J0 05; stags, J5 75.
Sheep and Lambs Choice wethortL
S 005 25; ewes. J4 7"5fT5 00; Canter
prlnc lnmbs, jn 009 25,
Receipts Cattle, 160 head; hogs, S.iV)
sheep, 250; calves, 250.
Wheat, Jl 17; corn. 51',;o; oat. Zfjic;.
elaverteed, J12 42. "
1ftiWe';fJ.j .," fiili't $ J$t
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