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The Democratic banner. (Mt. Vernon, Ohio) 1898-192?, February 04, 1913, Image 2

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3 BANNIB. :', - TUMDAY, MMUAKV '4, tm, ' :
i i .(. -jj.
( ...
iM '
' i,i
' OUK tlttti llfty years have
Hl!iSVl MllCO thu fniiiou (10-
hit tos occurred liotweeu Abra
ham Lincoln ami Stephen A.
JlHngliis, mid yet tlio.v t-otJrttJtiUe tn thin
day tilt! greatest forensic struggle of
the kind In tins history of thu tuition
JDoiiglm at I lie time wns United Stiitoa
'senator ami wiih not ouly tho Idol of
ibis iarty, hut wan generally regarded
js the hmst brilliant imlltli-lan and the
Ye-reiuost debater In the land. Lincoln
Wran little known outside of Illinois.
(While he had the unanimous support
tof IiIk party in the stale for United
states wiuitor. his friends had uilsglv
las; that he would not lie utile to meet
Xhe great Douglas. Lincoln himself
'fcrought about, the debates, however.
tMcausv he wanted to reach the Oenm
rat with his argument,
i There were seven of tho debate, tho
Jtrst iH-currlug nt Ottawa, suyenty mllen
'southwest of Chicago, on A'B. 21; the
econd at' VrecMirt. in tho extrfinr?
vorta of thn state, nil day later; the
third nt .loncsboro. In almost the ex
grease south, on Kept. 15; tho fourth at
Xfearlestou. In tho east central portion
C the state, three days Inter; tho llfth
at Gnlcxbtirg, In the western part of
ttbe stale, on Oct. 7; the sixth nt QuIii
ry. on tho bank of tho Mississippi.
Oct. 13. and the Inst nt Alton, a short
distance north of St. Louis, Oct. 15.
. The nrrongoments wcro that Benntor
'Douglas should open with an huilr, Mr,
Lincoln following with nn hour and a
rfcalf and Douglas cloning with half an
3ioor on (he lirnt day Lincoln open Ins;
Jwlth nn hour. Douglas following with
n hoar and n half and Lincoln closing
twltti half nn hour on the second day
ad thus alternating regularly.
All or thlH Ik now a twice told tale.
.jet It Ih one In which thu Interest I
lerennlnl. Historians urn generally
agreed that these debute not only
leave Mr. Lincoln thu llcpubllcnu noiiil
tMtloa for the presidency, but forced
'Dougls Into u position where to win
the enntorshlp he had to nlleuntc
)Katiern Miipport. thus dividing the
fleir.t.eruey In 18(10 and makluir Lin
jtwIn'H election possible.
The debates naturally rrented tro
fnemlotm excitement, and tho erowd.t
isrere record breakers for that' day,
f Douglas U'can u a Jaunty veltl, and
'his reference to Lincoln were, patron
lUlag. IIih opponent roHpouded with
tatrnlgut und serlniu argument, refits
'lag to resort to the wit for which ho
"wntj famous. Mr, Lincoln's, chief,
wiMns wore logic and clarity of
Matenent, and befoiv tho atriiKKlo was
Ter lie had his' untaKonUt worried.
The "Little Olant" lost his tamper
Mvera'l occasions, IndulKod In per
maalltles ami on one occasion charged
IJnodn with attending a convention
ad tielpliiK fraiuu a radical net of leso
lalloUN with which ho had not tho re
ietet connection. When this trlcU
lrii eiHised It broucht condemnation
'a'DotiKlux thrnuKhout the laud. His
tnalltles ulso Kavo olfeme. On tho
rhole. thu moral effect of victory was
)wflb Lincoln, Thu ability with which
&e prrsentcMl the Uiubllcau isisllloii
challeiiKed nation wide attention.
The contrast between the two spoil U-
era wns so marked as to bo almost
ludicrous. OotiKlas was as short and
wavy as Lincoln was tall and lean,
iMniRlas' voice was deep, and his
enunciation slow and somewhat pon-
. Serous. Lincoln's video was pltclieU
rattor IiIkIi. but had creat cairytm:
i power. DouliiH Homellmes attacked
lik HUdlvuccK, inndo bitter renmrNs
bout tlie "Hlack Iteimbllcaim" ami on
ait least one occasion tnlked about
khtliiK Ids opimucut. Lincoln, was al-
)ray Kocsl uaturedemlueutlyfalr atal
rersouully respectful In his attitude.
DotiKhiH waa ludslerously cheered for
'to oratory, yet Ids bearers Could re
emlsr little that he said, Lincoln
"WMHlly, won less partisan applause, but
I'M points stuck In thu minds of his
Mlenceu for years afterward, Ho nt
iMkjiied no tllbts of rhotorlc, no up
acabi to passlou i(r prejudice, but de
ywiitd on stralKht. hard nmsonlin;,
Alt thu ims'tliiKs were very Inru'c,
kti thu exception of those at Jones
mmv and Alton. One of tho bluest
ami nt (JaleslnirK, wheru tho stand
"ra erected In front of Knox college.
Sen thu crowd was with Lincoln, At
warty nil of the debates thu farmers
Vara la for nYty iiiIIcn, around, cnmp
taa;eut on the prairie where aceomiuo
-taUeax could not bo found. Iterlorler
vara present from tho IiIk papers, one
r aaare of tho New York dallies awl
early all those of ClibiiKu belnk reri
The debate that 'lias, taken lluvelilc.f
Vtoca la history was that at Kreeport.
War I.liicolu propounded tits famous
aawMl uue'stloirounrtilnstthu Hunt of
tka ftfofile; of u JvrrUorjrto exulude
eeroreme miopium ot a const I-
UouKMH had uskml MdcoIii a
of iiUMtlon ut. Ottawa, and
tKfeeMjrt, which was (he next meet
t jwlut, Lincoln said hu would reply
hls opponent's Interrogations If
1m DouKla'N would answer nn ciritil)
When' asked directly If be
accept tho ternm Douttlas n
lined silent. Lincoln then said he'.
answer his opponent's iucstliiim
tMM .Itlilfrn Itrtlti'lliM r,u,llivki.,l,
mm. He thereupon proceeded to do so.
iikfter which ho proimunded hU own'
$lpaaMa to Uour. its. Tliu second of
,mri ii .it i.(iiiien. losi me HPiiiiior
,Ute Lincoln, but Iput the president' r
HSH ' jl$!t?(? tSltiiS3r'Jlr'l"l ' aTSyBajp
1 1 LV Qr tyt 33Eim2mi:. . -"iJS , ZZQffl&M a)
H H H aayrgj- jT" " ' MwjtM't' '"" m&lfmL-afL.
f? i rV r & g-w .ya '
aHarBBaHK'S?BrvV!1i: ' Htlm Wfl L
laaaBallaHBB h :yti mm. TS m. D9 m
comnoar. m. av amuican nut association
IE wortkip heroes oily
la life wt stoM ,er ceaiure or Reflect.
We kBow tkeaj Mt till over them is sked
Tke tlasel kal ! a world's respect
Aad tkas It was with Lincoln. He was decked
li suck a, baaaety eeaablaace that -the race
Of kaasa jackdaws at kis grest asm pecked
Aad shrilled deriiiaa at kls4Hef won (sea.
It leaded a lew a(e ta (lid bis rifhtfal place.
HHE aoderi f karisees. tks slaves of fora
Tha Isbwi warsalpers. the self daisied wise,
Ssw Mt kis alfkty kaart witb aiaa-lave .wans.
Nar tka gnat seal bckiid kis patieat eyes.
Tkese never kiew a propket till ks dies
Not avea thea uiless tka worid's acclalai
Disteids kis flare ta gigaitic also
And so creates a faskiaa af kis faaa.
Tkea tke lip servers cases witk tributes to kis asas.
BET tkis. too. is a Mela that tks gaod
la kia so saaa baa overcome dispraises
That ks Is kaowa aid loved sad usderttood .
Who was aisrepreseited all kia days.
It teaches us that Troth has power to raise "
Her standard far aloft for all 'to see
And that so fair she is the whole world's gaia
Returns to hsr throughout the years to be.
Thus all the Truth st last all aen thill render free.
rplCrUR qualities did Lincoln body forth.
y&J The firit was this ssae truth, in him so strong
" Hs sought it ss the needle seeks the, north t
It would not let hia advocate the wrong.
The second wss his tsith. Through all ths tsig.'
Dark years hs felt st lut would coas the light.
Beneath the sorrow In his hesrt a song
Sang sver of the triuaph of tho right.
Hs he!d to Cad. the source of every great soul's aight.
HIS third strcigth was siaplicity. He sougkt
Tko kosrt of every questloi, stripped It frsa
Of all coaittsleas. than in clearest thought
And pUiaest speech he asds all aea to see.
His Isst groat force, wss lova- la aercy ha
Outstripped all aea this stern old world baa seen
Sues one who taught snd wept la GaJUee.
Betweei these twa aolavs like Iksirs has beea,
Arid tkis it la wkich kaapa their memoriae so grass.
rTasaXCjfc Wi
-i' e-
tit ..
'J .
H tlv', ii
when they're dead.
! I ft 1 i if lltiS
i;a.stkii frkk;
MustiAppeir lnICoirlNext
x U
Lovci Nilion Thar Has Prttfetd
So Many Famous Men. "
Former uter of Venezuela Liberated
by J joe Holt On Ball Bond, to In
sure His! Reappearance In Ca'iirt
Next WeeV Will Be Queai at th
Northweatern Soclety't 'Bio Spread
Next Weelj. '
New York, J-'eb. 1. aeneral Clprt
ano Cnstro, forpier president: of Von
exuela, who, ill been hold at Klllt
Island alnce Ins arrival at Xew'Vor,
on Doc. 31, pending Inquiry Into lb rt
desirability ofallbwing him oT);i
-was Hbcrate&tDy Judad Molt In tit
United Statesistrict court, wUhi
restraint on 'him excopt a ball 'no'
of G0O whick was required to limit I
the genernl's reappearance in coin
next Friday. ';
Thursda, Secretary of Commerc
an9 Labor Nagel decided that tli
general Is un undesirable alien aim'
should be deported. Later, Attoriw,'
Content secured a writ from .ludst
Hlolt. ...
Castro arrived nt tie federal build1
ins prompiiy.on Time, ins coiinum
asked JuiIrq H6lt to rolnaso him on
ball, DiStrtcf Attorney 'WIo objected'
strongly to.the sotting of ball,- nut
Judgo Holt .formally bald he would. ilx
ball at1 fnOO.-whlth wuh furnished' bj;
u Burciy compeuy. lJ(
George Gordon Battle of 'the i law
Arm representing Cntrp BaiajthqjwH.t'
win ne ui.ncid,,on tne Kroumi thut
(,'nntro doesn't come under any of tho
cluHHlllcationa pi undeslrabln lim.it
grants who ore barred, '"
The general told the reporters as
ho was leaving court that1, next Wed-,
J.... l' A t.. Z.i--M.t-'MJ-
UCMiUy Ill',l IUJIV U KUCH1; Hl'llIO uwc-
Alpln hotel' ot tho Nortjweatorn so
clcty's dinner, wncro tibwllt 'ait bo
sldo Houittor Hornlr undJohi(' Hayr
Ilanunoiid. Ho wdr warm In. his en
thuaiusm for Judge Holt, "I have
hunted all over forn Jttdgo who wll?
glvfl mc Justice," hn'aald. "and I hav.
Anally found one."
With his attornpys he went to M
Bnttlo's ofllcVniuliiqf Senulnr o''0'iir'
man, partner lu the law llrni. 11 tolc
the senutor be was glud to como to n
country which had 'such fumouH men
aa Wnslilngton, Lincoln ami Itooac
velt. "ilut not Toft," he mild, with p
wry i face. ,
On thu wuy up town jln ii, taxlcal'
from bin counsel's olllco Castro talked
on various mibjccts, atidainong llii'in.
hie Ideas on the fortlllcatlon of (lie
Panama cmuil.
'"My opinion on. the fortlllcatlon of
thePanauiu canal jle ibis," he wild.
"If In the future; the rulo of right Is
to prevail limtoud of tho right of
forre, there will bo no need for the
United HtutcH to fortify tho annul. It
would be InipiiBKlblo for tho United
Btutes to light tho nations of thu
earth Tim stntuo of liberty ought to
bo pin nt ed lu the Fnnntha cunul, with
one foot In the Atlantic ocean and
one foot in tho I'uclllc. -
"I have ulwuj'H wished for the Unit
ed States nothing but prosperity, uu.J
I wish the snuio haiiplnoss for Vnno
zitnlt.. I wish to soo Venezuela atil
tho United StntcH Joined by bonds of
equity, vJustlco and mutual prosperity. '
I -4 l 4 ! 4 4 h 4 4 4 4 4 4
osej aHaa) easj vSM ptOI ols 'zV BBa li li 1 li M w
lloylynl inoctlngH' arJ
..i ii.l.. ..i V'4, "'
still In pro-
hiuhb ni nun iuu:u,
Mrs.' CluiH. II McClollnnd and
'daughter, Klorcnce, and Mrs. Oscar
Cassll, uro upending a few days in
Columbus. u
Mr. nnd Mrs. Chus. ,T. Urown. and
fntully of Friendship apont tho day
with Mr. and Mrs. V. W, Carey recent-
Mr, arid Mrs. H,'l). Kilo unci daugh
ter, Mildred, wore tho guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Lesllo Kile Sunday,
Mr. John II, Ilird has rented IiIh
farm to Mn Taylor .of South Vernon.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Clint Wurman have
moved to tho fitriathey recently pur
chased of Mr. William Welsh.
Urlmna, 0 FQb'i.-rFoui; nllegod
bott'eggers hern (will proJmbly g&tn
froodom bucaiiBO of tho unexpected
absence of two dry detectives who
caused tholr nrrenti,-; Prosecuting At
tprney Uunran lajunablo to llnd thn
detectives unit tW, 'wises have been
continued, whlln he'huhta. for his wit
nesacu. Thn detectives, are li. J, and
K, T. Tlpttni. IJibtheiiJ. of "Problo
!t '. ' .. v- w m
Mice Place Savings-Loan Sec-
' retary Under Arrest,
State Insurance Department, After
Making Partial Investigation, De
cides Upon Drastic Action Against
the Secretary of a Columbus Sav
ing and Loan Association Recelv
er For Concern Will Be 8ought.
.'Columbus, 0.'Fob. 1. George J.
Ha6ly, aged .about 35, of this city, Sec
retary of the Teutonia Savings arid
Loan association,, is in the county jail
tinder a charge of making a false re
turn to the state building and .'loan
department, which Is under Insurance
Superintendent E.1. Moore.'
'V.Tbere is ailcRedto be a shortage ot
124,000 In thb association's' funds. Mr.
Magjy Is sald.vto.Jinve .confessed the
'It la believed (lint depositors in the
asspclatlpn'.wlll not lose a great sum.
Howi.ver thl's statement may have to
be cbanged after further inquiry by
the state1 depdiament. The paid-in
capital is $i;?,50(), This of course is
entirely wiped, .out. An Investigation
f , the mortgngq loans of the associa
tion has not- boon' comtdcted.
iThc BliottURi; was discovered by in
epectors under Mr. Moure. It was
put 'tip to the directors. There wuh
talk of their ninklng the deficit good.
However, the directors decided not to
cover., the shortage, and Mr. Magly'd
arrest was effected through a wurraut
Issued in the .Justice's court.
The association is four years old
It has .been In Its present locution,
Southern hotel building, slnco Novem
ber, 1911. This locution has proved
very expensive to tho association. It
Involved $2,400 a your rent. The ub
sociullon. used tho equipment which
the Ohio4 National bauk had Installed
In the room before Its removal to Its
own building. Otllcers of the asso
ciation 'did not wish to buy this equip
ment becuuso it was cqnsldered too
valuable for, an' association doing s
moderate business. Mr. Mngly, the
secretary, personally assumed tho re
sponsibility for this purchase.
Through Attorney General Hogan a
receiver for tho 'association will be
asked. The assets are considered by
Stat 6 ofllclala to he in pretty, good
shape 'to meet the demands of $162,
000 In ,lepoalta. Mr. Magly assigned
.to, , the association property worth
$8.00d which he bought for himself
with tho association's funds.
f 4-
-: j
Youngstown, O., Feb. L About ls
000 employes In the independent Iron
and steel mills In this locality were
notltled ot a 10 per cent Increase in
t i ;
r:llatnvlu, t),i Fob. 1. -After being on'.
an' hour, the Jury In the cuso of Wil
liam Glancy, inllrmary director,
coursed with aiding and abetting H,
B. Olancy In tho presentation ot
fraudulent claims, returned a verdltt
of guilty. Ills attorney immediately
made application for a new trial.
Hock Hewn Tomb Found.
Rome, Feb. 1. A rock hewn' tomb
na lieen discovered on the high road
Ostla. it contains a welt-preserved
Skeleton inside a marble sarcophagus',
which Is over six feet long.
T JLttM 'i'l il '
Contained, nia' Quinine
' - -- W
Cough Syrup '
Just tho meajeine to re
lieve a troublesome eough.
""""" 25cand 60c
" NYAL'S '
Dyspepsia Tablets
A eure relief for Sour
Stomach, Dyspepsia and
Heart ,burn.
25c and 50c
aaBBBBBaasssaaBTaassasBSBBasBWB BBaaaBaBaBaBaBBBjajP: v
T,.'-f .. .-ii.v&A. Sj S.... jaAWdtt. . ,.,, jsk ftairlif- ifirii.iiyBasasaftr.ftii -(ftiaiisaililillHlsWlllilil
Hartford. Conn.. Feb J-Atter suf
ficient corroboratlye testimony had
been given to substantiate ground of
desertion, Watson R. Sperry, now a
noted authority on international ques
tions', but formerly United .States
minister to Persia '.was granted an
absolute divorce from .his wife. Julia
Henderson Siierrvi fwho.(cdmea''' from.
Newv York, Feb. I.. -, The awfft e-,
tlon of, John .McOrjw resulted, in the'
NewYork club, executing a biJiase
bnll coup. Within the "short space' of
12 hours the manager of the, Giants!
jpeneu negotiations wiin,Jim rnorpe,
Whose athletic nffalrs have made such!
a sti- for a week past, got in commit-1
nicatlon with the noted Indian at
Caiilslo by wire, offered him a. place
Dennlson, O.. Fob. 1. Two acres
of land slipped oft a sill near here and
carried with it a coal mine tipple,
blocked the Kastport road and is now
threatening to bury the home' of Ru
dolph Nabor, a farmer, which Is a few
feet In front of It. The land, wet.)vith
recent rains, Is sliding over a vein ot
lire clay.
To Treat Tuberculosie Free,
tipper Sandusky, O., Feb. L Reso
lutions were adopted by the medical,
issociutlou of Wyandot county Jn
which the physicians offer , their ser
vices in administering the Friedmann
tuberculosis cure, In the event that It
is proven authentic, free ot charge.
Dr. Otto C. Stutr. ot this .city la taking
the cure. He has reported thaC ic
hna l:fpn bnnnlitfl'd. " '
j '". li i i. i ,.i ii
Columbus, O., Feb. 1. Columlut
women went, the limit of wild frenzy
In their desire to hear Rev., Billy Sun
day, evangelist. They stormed about
the tabernaclo throughout most of the
day and evening. It is estimated that,
36,000 women heard him. He deliv
ered the sermon for women ouly, "Is
Toledo, O., Fob. L Burglars travel
ing in un nutomoblle broke Into the
Sylvnnla Tannings company's plant
and stole .50 fur coats and .a quantity
of fur mittens', valued at 1,250, and
2G0 In C. O; D. express', money orders.
' ;
New Orleans, La,, FebSl Membem
of the Masonic fraternity' in New Or
leans nnd vicinity turned ..out un
roasso today ltpwelcotael'i)Vllliam J,k
Cunningham of'nalUmore,f,th'' Imper
ial' Potentate 6f tha Qra'er 'ofilfceJMva.
' l ' r 111'
.v i fc. " "
HI NYAL'&BabylCpugh Syrup
, ; Contains nooplum or;,th"er Injurious druga
'' i -Just the tblni, tor babe's cough.
!. -
115 8. Hail St.;
Mt. Vrab;0.
Sign of the Owl JOlook . t -
NYAL'S Kidney Fills Relieve
Sidney ;Troubles. .,-j :-
Try at Bo
r t"
" ,
Brooklyn, where ner father's tortus
is conserved, and who now' insists' on
living In Dresden, Germany,- wbero
She wouill support her Jiusband dla hi
not prefer earning his own Hytnafj li
America.;, It developed' that' Mr.
Bperry has refused to cross tha cea.
since 1902.
as a member, of the Giants,1 receives)
woril'tbat his terms had been'accest
ed and had the transaction offlctaliy
promuigaled by the National leeauft
executive offices. All that remalna
now for the s'tnr football player, alL
around athlete nd sometime baseball
player to become n Giant is tor htm
to atgn a contract. '
Cleveland, O., Feb. 1. A four-story
brick building occupied on the ground
floors by tho Judd Automobllo cum
pany's garage, the Pierce Automobile
company's salesrooms and the Wea
ver-12 Tree company's garage wer
destioyed by fire. The Huron hotel
across tho way, was scorched. Total
loss, 1200,000.
Ilokus So Hbe dldu't return, yoor
love, eh? I'oktiM Iteturn my loveV
Why. ithe didn't eveu return my pros
ents. Town Topic.
Life Is n buttle, not n parade, and 1
la for iim to juiike today's defeats'to
inofntw's counuests. -nffh &
I ' ' '" ' i ' 'i i .'ii i "r Tii tjt ,.tfi
It Well With Thee?" three times. At
the first meeting the women in their
wild desire to gain entrance to the
tabernacle, fought with hatpins, tram
pled upon otle another, overran a-cor,
don of ik ) Ice and 100 ushora and:
rushed the door.
tic Shrine, who came to pay un offi
cial visit to the local lodge. After fc
day spent In sight seeing a format re
ceptlon was hold In, honor of' the offi
cial 'nt tha Masonic Temples. Mr. Cun
ningham leaves tonight for the West,
Martins Ferry. O., Feb. 1. Seven,
nan. "striking; employes of tha$ Ia
Belle; Box company, were srreatae)
-following' a riet, when two Boawiai
taiployes of the company ware baoiy
Injured- Bob , Cecil waa ao aarloaaly
'sajui'ed that) ha may die.
r Y f ! a )
BitrXnaMifltdAda. Py.
A suraraliaf for'a ,4ry
hacklnfl eouatt.
v Liver Pills Reliev
NYAL'Sv Face' '
Cream , , :
Keepe the skirt soft and (
smsthand .arevente chef
Ina and-rouahn'ess.
v25c: and 5(3to ;
t v-l
.4 1
1 w"
1. T."l

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