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MT. VERNON, 0., FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 1913-Ko. 11
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w., .
Wlnans Bill Pushed Through The
Lower Branch
allied To Prereit Fnid-Reqiires CoMlssion Men To
Finish The Producer The Nane if The Person Or
Finn To Whom The Prodice Is Sold Eight-Hour
Bill Passed After Futile Efforts To Mokellt Less
Stringent- -Attack On Smith Law
Columbus, O., Fob. 8. Rural mem
bers of the bouse of representatives
achieved an economic revolution in
lamming through one branch of the
legislature the Wlnans bill, requiring
commission merchants to furnish tho
producer tho namo of the person or
firm to whom the produce Is sold. De
scribing how the building of interur
ban roads had changed conditions, nu
merous small farmers shipping small
quantities of produco In the 50-mllo
sous about cities, Dr. Wlnans said the
protection nutted was not needed by
the larger farmer, who shlpB In ear
j.lowd.Jot.H, ptyl.linpw.8 what ho Is to get.
'The hilt applies only to thoso doing a
commission or brokerage buslno'ss.
Farmers voted down amendments do
signed to spoil the bill, but accepted
one to incltulo eggs und llvo stock.
Tw6nty-ono members of the house
voted to Ifuiuro the mandato of thi
constitution that eight hours shall
constitute a day on public work; '12
thought tho matter not Important
enough to vote on at all, and others
tried by amendment of tho Tetlow
mil, uosigii'Hl (o pui mo now require-
niont Into forco, to mnko It less strin
gent. Tho lull was passed, 88 to 21.
Tho house voted an amendment by
Mr. Torre!! ot Cuyuhoga cutting out
"lire and flood" as causes of tho "ex
traordinary emergencies" which would
suspend the oporatlon of tho eight
hour law
Tho taiuHi! adopted tho Fulton Joint
rawlntion for an Investigation of nil
statu departments by a committee of
thrco sonators and thrco ruprescntn
tlvoG. Tho author of tho resolution,
Representative Fulton ot Mcklng
county, ascured tno house- that Dr.
Jonltlus of Madison had agreed to tho
substitution of tho Fulton rouolutlou
" Tor liia owiit which had. provided for n
Wpurtlsan probe.
Senutor Sveygant of Portage county
Introduced n bill authorizing tho stato
board of licultb to oetabllsh n tubor
cuiosis bunnvii to study tho disease
and to advise mentis of cure und pre
vention. Smith Law Attacked.
A meoduro Intended to completely
emasculate the provisions of tho
Sarith 1 Per cent law was offered In
the senate. It was conceived by tho
Ohio Municipal league and is in line
vrltli agitation for home rule for cities
Senator W. A. dreenlund of Cleveland
Introduced the measure.
By the proposed bill the levy for
ateto and county purposes li taken
from under the 10-mlU limit for gen
eral purposes. It leaves the limit for
the municipality at 10 mills, but ex
oeptK tho two levies mentioned. Pro
vWon la further made that the 10-mill
New York, Feb. 6. John Paul Far
rail, blinking through a steel-barred
ato of tho Tombs, repudiated every
'word of Tuesday's confession that he
klllpd Graca
Walker and Madeline Herrera and
tmpcrlled Jidge Hogalsky's life; Ho
Said that the confession resulted from
Mi hours of police "bulldozing'' am
threats that If ho, refused to say what
'the, police .wanted. case would be
& 'V&fe? W '"Wiry? ',v
levy may be oxceeded on referendum
vote, If the council or budget commis
sion think more money Is necessary to
bear tho expense "of administration.
Furthermore, Interest and sinking fund
levicb are unlimited and arc not In
eluded in the levy for general ex
pense. Tho bill is In opposition to the
Irishes of Governor Cox and the state
tax commission.
A fine of ?n()0 or six mouths' Im
prisonment is provided as puulnhmettt
for persons who solicit legal, medical
or dental Bervlce and accept pay for
their service rendered after such so
licitation, Is provided in ,n hill Intro
duced by Senutor DollUpn Of I looking
I'rt'fiarut Ions' for the consolidation'
of the Ohio State university and tho
Starling-Ohio Medical colleges wero
fonni'.llj laid through the introduc-.
tion by Stoator Lloyd of a bill to per
mit the Ohio Statu university to tak
over the property ot tho medical vol-.
lopf.1, fly this action the uuivorfiiU
wo"lc conti'Ol. along, with Its other
dej nrtmont. lollegea of medlcino and
ill )i!nlrv. Tlift nhfii irinev ilniini-tmnnrr
or ttii two would uo uniieu into a sm-
'gio uVpann
Chicago, Fob. 0. Jack
.negro pugilist, must stund
trial on
the white slavery indictment return
ed by tho fcdoral grand Jury. United
Btates Judgo Carpenter overruled it
demurrer to tho indictment and sot
the trial for Fob, 25.
Columbus, O., Feb, 6. Governor
Cox, in the executive offices, faced a
delegation of 100 employers aud, one
after another, mot each objection ad
vanced by them to certain features of
die Green workmen's compensation
let. "It Is pot fair that the man In the
Ihop shall boar the risks ot the occu
pation." assorted tho governor.
mace out anyway and be would die
la tbo electric chair.
His narrative, of rocnntntlon in th"
fqmbs began with ''As God AWnlghty
. la my judgo, I didn't do theso crimen-
It ouded mournfully with tho DliBona
tion, "They've got mo down aa a bug,
and niaybo I urn one." -Uo irialetH,
tnnf hu never know how a bomb was
saart Mntil the police sUoVM' him ion
v ' I ",v V " t
Ml 1ST FArFs
1Sb?9 bbbIbbIbbssaJI'' 'MUMKl''''' a 'MBKP'-v 'WBBvCBjMhvBBkBj.
BBflBBflBBBKsVkHKllvhVSBn 'fei''Xi jPT-f JtfJiBBBBM
9KjSSJMmfMUKIiKSmf''''jlj ' QBBHflsBauSfRu - fflk hWffi'ISp!k
Bt$9UeE3nlK$mKaBBKHB&&K' ' yssKTBssSHBBBVa iw V'StTi'??
issssHS7?JwfciMt. hjJt.x X 'jBKUKKlE?Kt3EMffk&&il
Delhi, India, Feb. 6 When a bomb
was thrown at Viceroy Hardlngc here
his "jemadar" or umbrella bearer,
was killed. Lord Hardlnge was only
slightly wounded. The body of tho
unfortunate umbrella bearer was
ColumiuiH,, O., I'Vti, 0. The ndmlnix
trillion's public utilities bill, Veenis
tortaln to arouse opposition from ran
tiiclnil "home nilor3" becauso it gives
Ihu public utilities commission' pow
ers of Inspection and supervision over
tnuiilclpaljy-owiioil utilities Tho now
measure eliminates from 'the nresent
i i
Cleveland, O., Fob. C.' A gust of
wind1 blew down tho chimney at Um
homo of Mrs. Lena Wcisman, 35, as
iho stood ill from of an open coal
otove in her kitchen. A tongue of
flame shot out, her apron caught Are.
Mid before neighbor? replying to her
screams could render aid she was fa
tally burned. MrB. .Welsman is a
widow and tho mother or three small
Mllllmry, Mass., Fob. 6.- SIIbb Delia,
Toncy, aunt ot President Taft, left
for WushliiKton for her last visit to
the White House during Mr. Taff.-i
vecupnncy. She oxiiects to spend the
test of tho mouth In Washington.
Miss Torroy oxprassed her dlnplennure
sn the HiibjMit of' apple pies. "I do not
llko that nientiontd," she said, "as
thero is absolutely no truth In It. I
do not claim to make better apple
pies than anyone olso."
Uncharted Rock Located.
Washington, Feb. C Tho naval
survey ship llunnlbul has Just locatifl
I hitherto uncharted rock, covered by
only IS toot of water, off Iho shores
nf Swan Island, mmr tbe landman
coast. Murltima Interests will ,bs
Miner Dying From Mule's Kick,
Martins Ferry, O., Fob. 6. George
.Mllialho, 40, is dying in H hospital
hern ob a result 'of (jelpg kicked by a
r.ulo in tbe Big Kun mint.
'., -' ' -h' w k;L
HilfiL 111 s L wK
BllWRBT Bvl I r f 1
yivlL lllULLilu
burned with elaborate ceremonies. Af
ter being borne through the principal
streets of the city Is was conveyed to
the cremation ground outside the old
city waifs. Here It was placed on the
ground, and the funeral pyre was
erected around and over It. The body
law h'.l reference to occapallqnal rjutii
.Mentions of members. In order that
Governor Cox may immediately reor
ganise tho presont " commission. It
rrovldca for physical valuation of pub
I'o utilitioa in Ohio, tho work to be
dene by aa engineer of public utilities
arro-r l.'il by ( ..o commitision.
Paris, Feb. C Tsq civil marriage
of MJbs Holcna Stallh of Cinclnuutl
und Prlneo Micluul Aitirut was eelo
onitod before the mayor, In the pre3
tnco of n small protip 9f relatives and
'rie&ds. Tl'o re1'"'"? cv ""( nn
place at the Catholic church of St.
Honore d'Jifylnu, ' '
Marion, O., Feb. 6. V. Nardlnl,
fruit dealer, waB murderously assault
td by a stronger, believed by police
to have boon a Black Hand agent, in
lis store here, Nardlnl was beaten
irlth a hammer and his assailant es
caped, leaving his victim for dead.
Poughkeojwle, N. tf.fi Fob. 8. Whllo
five Vniisar college.' students wore
coasting down Sunset hill the tobog
gnu got biiyond their control and ran
out onto the thin Ice of the now artl
nihil lake,, breaking, through the ice
ind precipitating all .five girls Into tho
water. Ouo ot thetntunber, Miss KHz
abtith C, Myloil, daughter of Corpora
tion Counsel John J. Mylod of this
vV- ' U
and the robes that covered It were
saturated with perfume, while a Brah
min official stood beside It. Then the
Pyre was set on fire, and the crowd
watched It until It was entirely con
sumed. The picture shows the scene
Immediately after the fire was started.
Columbus,-o.. Feb. G. James Clurk
of Hamilton county has a bill provid
ing for reform in drawing Juries, ills
measure provides for tho appointment
by tho common picas court of two
fury commissioners, who will also act
s assignment commissioners at sal
irlns of ?.',r.00 a year each. They are
to sit during tho entire year and will
esamlno prospective jurors ns to their
physical and mental condition bofor'i
placing their names In tho Jury wheel.
Cleveland, O., Fell. C The police
of this and othor cities liavo been
asked to search for George F. Alton,
former Western Reserve student, who
left the Virginia military institute at
Lexington. Vn., Saturday, supposedly
to como lo Cleveland, and has not
beon heard from since. His mother,
Mrs. N. F. Alton of this city, fears ho
might have como to harm.
Reorganizes Ohio Rifle Team.
Columbus, O., Fob. C To break up
tho notion tiiat the Ohio stato rillo
loam should bo a close corporation,
composed of colonels, majors, rap
tains, lieutenants and such privates
us could not be ignored, Adjutant Gen
oral Goorgo II. Wood issued a general
order to the Ohio national guard
wnich states that horenftor the state
rlfio team shall consist exclusively of
enlisted men, preferably privates who
excol as mnrksmen.
city, was drowned, and the other four
wore saved after a desperate struggle.
Anna J. Oldham of Cleveland, O., was
ono of the girls rescued. Profcesor
Bbutttiok succeeded in gettlmj thre
of the girls out of tho water and Misa
Phoebo lirlgg8 of Sncramohto jumped
Into the lake and at
life saveV the fourth
tho risk of ber
.. ... rf
Have Designs Oi
Galllpoli Peninsula.
Constantinople Reports a Prolonged
Engagement, Which Terminated to
the Turks' Advantage Retreat of
Bulgarian Right Wing and the Burn
ing of the Village of Tchatatja
London, Fob. 6. Important move
ments are proceeding in tbe neighbor
hood of Constantinople, though as yet
thero has been no fighting of conse
quence cither at Tchatalja or Oalli
poll. It looks as though the Dulgars
were carrying out a change of tactics,
but whether this Is on their own in
itiative oris due to some threatening
operation of the Turks is not clear.
A dispatch from Soda says that tho
Bulgarians have abandoned any Im
mediate attempt to capture the Tcha
talja lines and are beginning an Im
portant movement, which is backed
by tbe Greek warships, to capture the
Galllpoli peninsula.
On the other hand, military men at
Constantinople profess that little Is
possible on the peninsula; as tho isth
mus is so narrow that the Turkish
ships in tho Dardanelles and Greek
vessels in tho Gulf of Xeros can shell
either army operating there.
Foreigners nt Constantinople are
expecting a Turkish attempt to land
an army on the northern coast of
Marmora and an attack by the allies
to the westward of Tchatalja.
Tho following official announcement
was issued at Constantinople:
"The enemy, part of whose forcc3
are concentrated to the northeast of
Galllpoli, Bent a. regiment from Kadik
sui' to Kavek, where ' one "of "bur de
tachments is stationed, A prolonged
engagement ensued and terminated to
our advantage. Another forco of tho
enemy adranced and occupied Myro
file, on coast of Marmora, which was
defended by only a few gendarmes."
Tho retreat of tho Bulgarian right
wing and the burning of Tchatalja Is
conllrmed. The retirement Is as
cribed Miere to an intention to check
any Rank movement which the su
Dcriorfeobillty of the Turks, in con
sequence, of their command of the
sea, might enable them to make.
It ts reported that tho IiulgariautJ
destroyed the bridges and culverts
nnd tore up the railroads. Their head
quarters am how at Tchcrkesslwul, 25
miles from Constantinople.
Cnttle llePVf. 3309 00; Tex in
steers. J4 '.'Otff "5: stort.-prs and fowlers. ;
SI ISUt 00; coV8 and hclfrH,.-JI S0p7 43; '
CuU'es, JO SOflrlO 09. J
)to? Msht J" COOT S5; mixed. JT firt I
m STiS; hi-avy, ST Wfi'7 90; rough. J" 50 i
0-7 00; piss. JO 1007 M. I
Pheeii and Inrabs Native slirt-p, SI 75
i 00; yearling, J lsi Sa; nntlva
liunbo, S6 70R SO.
Vhent-No. 2 red, St 10,fil 12'-. Corn
No. 2 yclloiv, 61c. Cnts Nu. 2 -whim,
ltM-elpts-Cattle, 1C.C00 head; hos. .10.
P00; sliucp. 25.0C-0,
east minwi.o. fi:ix .
Cottle l'rlmn uti-ers. t S.'iOS b0;
butnVictv. V 75QS 00; tiulU, K ooafi 7.1;
helttirs.. $4 75(17 R0: cows. S3 ir.fft; 73;
Btockers and fct-dern. l SO-86 60; fresh
cows and Hprlnsgrs, f 35 00580 00; ealvra,
S4 00$ 12 00.
Hops Heavies, f 0009, 15; mixed,
Jf 1593 25; Yuikvr.s nud piss, IS ZZltH Z0;
roughs, S7 2(14(7 33; Htas, J5 50 50;
dairies. S7 91fis
Bhcep and Ijimtw Yearlings. S5 00j
II RO; wetlifr?, S3 75(?G 25: ewcx, S3 30jf
R 50.-' mixed sheep, $5 0005 75; lambs.
$8 0009 40.-
Recelpta Cattln, 150 head: hot, 3,200;
sheep, 2,40fl calves, 50.
riTTBruna, FEn. c
Cattle Choice heavy steers, IS 40
8 65; handy fat tccrs. S8 158 30; fair
Meerx, $5 MfiCi 83; heifer, $7 50&8 00;
fat onn. 12 COyB SO; butcher bulls, St! 50
C7 M: mlli'li rwt, SO 50Jf? 00; topcalvos,
SU 00.
Hogs Heavies. SS 05; hwivy Yorkora,
light Yorkers ua.l plff!1, SX 40.
Hheep and Iimha Top sheep, SS 1J;
top Limits, SO 15.
llcenlpta Hoss, 2,000 head; slieep, 1,
500; oulvcs, 100.
Cuttle Steers. SI 7507 75; cows, S3 75
C 25: hclfersi. U Zi(f 725; calvo. (5 75
(tlO 76.
Houa Tnekcrs, V 00O8 00; common
sows, S5 7507 15; pigs and light, 5 tiff
8 00; stags, S4 50?7 85. ,
Sheep and I.amls Sheep, S2 7505 00;
(limbs, V 758 S3.
llecclpta Cattle, S51 head; hogs. 3.94J;
sheep, 48(.
ci.r:yETND. FEn. .
Cattle Clicrlco fat steers, S7 2507 75:
fair ulcers. V- OOfiT. 75: choice holfon.
16 OOfiC 75; fat bullx, J5 03O0 25; cowh.
14 r0M5 50; milchcrs and nprlngersf 130 00
fpno 03) calves, S10 6011 50.
llngfl uenvfes ana mediums. SK so:
fr.rkern, light Yorkers and pigs, SS 15;
roughs, S7 10; stags, SO 00.
Bhcep and Xair.lis Choice wsthers,
S5 50Q5 75; Divo.i, S4 505 00; cholco
sprlnx himha. )S 75 15.
'. .,
.3 i
Is Betd Thlii For The New;
Democratic Leaders Would LMt
Work of Special Session.
ftellrved Wilson Will Recommend
That the Business of the Forthcom
Ina Session Be Limited to Tariff
Revision and Banking and Currency
Legislation Work Commenced On.
the Inaugural Address.
Washington, Feb. 6. Information
obtained from public men who recent
ly have conferred with President-elect
Wilson Indicates that the legislative
program to be submitted to congress
at the special session will be limited
to two questions. First, a revision ot
tbe Paync-Aldrich tariff law; second,,
amendments to the taws .that will in
sure a sound banking and currency
To a recent caller at his office in,
Trenton the president-elect referred
to the prophecies that have been
made that' the forthcoming revision
of tho tarlrf will result In disturbance
to tvsiness. He added that In his
opinion a sound banking nnd currency
system should be devised In orde.r
that any such disturbance may be
Sentiment is growing in congrosa
th&t actlvltl"s at the special session.
should.be restricted. It is polntedt
out that the Democratic party is com
siltftd to enact legislation on four big
questions; The tariff, banking and
currency, supplemental laws regulat
ing interstate corporations, and Phil
ippine Independence.
Tor nil practical purposes It has
been deo'dd it-pro shall be no legisla
tion nt tho apt rial session bearing on
cori"cratit.ns or tbe Philippines. Tho
pieyJdVnt.elert is understood to have
made thr statement recently that he
will not ask cougress' to pass a law
at the special session granting Philip
pine independence ns authorized In
the pending Jmies bill.
Up to Wilson.
There will be no disagreement be
tween President Wilson ami tho con
grcfssional lenders over tho legisla
tive piosranii He has been assured
that the questions tOt be considered at
tho special session will be limited to
those upon which he recommends na
tion. Tho leader who ndvlsed that the ac
tivities of the hfSBtou be limited to
tho tariff argued thla way: "We aro
pledf.cd to revise the tariff. We have
a big job on our hands. In order to
do it eilirjcntly it is highly essential
that tho attention of our membership
shall he riilted nt nil times to this
particular question."
It Is the opinion of the leaders,
based on th"ir knowledge of the situ
ation and Information that has come
to them from TrCnWn, that President
elect Wllsou will recommend that th
business rr the special session be lim
ited to tariff revision-aud banking and'
curorncy legislation. The president
elect has .made it plain he will not
reach a final conclusion as to the ex
tent of tho legislative program until
he has had an opportunity In, his of
ficial capacity to confer fully with the
Democratic lenders in congress.
The president-elect began work on
his inaugural address today. Mr. Wil
son was asked if he desired to ev.
press any opinion in regard to
scheme to guarantee tho deposits h
national banks. Ho said he did uijj
Cincinnati, O.. Fob, 6. The admin
istrator ot I,co Schott, former county
treasurer, and those who were on his
bond, will have to pay to the county
any sum which he received ns Inter
est from bunks on county dnposits.
Thero will bo a Jury to determine th.
amount. The county claims tho total'
Is $14,074.(1-1. Tills is the result of th -
Common Pleas. JnUte
. ?,p'i i... 1W iV
,,..i .. v w,M'i".ti ivftv' . . :
f". .
i i-W?
t.L.r.?SWA, -i. ktJ

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