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The Democratic banner. (Mt. Vernon, Ohio) 1898-192?, March 28, 1913, Image 1

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MARCH St. 1913-Ko. 74
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Showing A : Tremendous Loss
Human Life
Reported Drowned In
Village 0 Word
Tin Said To Have
" ColumbTis, (X, March 27
Although reports of distress
.-and disaster are coming in
from -every section of "the
state, the greategtdsmae
and loss otlife,irom all re
ports, is nt Dayton., While
Ihe'tfusmess section, of the ci-
ty is practically all under
water and the estimated loss
of life is appalling, fires are
adding to the horror.
At Delaware the inhabit
ants are still floodbound and
details are unavailable. The
'Tcnown dead already number
33. Food supplies are run
ning short.
From Sidney comes the re
port .that from 100 to 500
have been drowned.
Tiffin re ports 50 lives lost.
Stratford, near Delaware,
according to the report of a
farmer who reached Dela
ware yesterday, was literal
ly swept from the map and
100 are drowned.
Ttannrta of loss of life
come from Zanesville, New1
ark and many other cities
and villages.
In spite of wild rumors to
the contrary, the walls of the
Iiewisiown Reservoir and
ithe Columbus storage dam
arx 'holding.
The 'waters are receding
slightly' in spite of almost
continuous rains.
"Rivers will not rise, not
wiOwtanding rainfall," ac
cording to a forecast bulletin
issued last night by the local
Hatted States weather bu
reau. .
Tifty'lUpbrWa BkmmI at
Tiffin, March 27 Death
and intense suffering have
narked. the:great flood which
has; swept clean the San-
-vduskv Valley. .Tiffin is aci-
fj&'rTrfy' or desoiauonr uuii otwie
' ..r; iV -. .' rrn 11. -
tlii- stv is under water. Fire
" 'OkiefbertlHarriitohail
m . I ". u '- ilrfini rltf liWHWfrftliaafBaMm
A Denfli'Roll Of
had charge of the rescue
work, estimates the loss of
life at 50. The known dead
are Joseph Knecht and fam
ily -of eight and George
:Kliugsbira. and; family of
Dozens have been carried
to death in .the treacherous
currents, and only the abat
ing, of the flood will tcll'the
toll of lives the inundation
of Tiffin cost.
One Hundred Drowned at
Delaware, March 27 The
village of Stratford, five
mile south, has been wiped
out, and the total population
of 100 have been drowned, it
is reported here, but it can
not be confirmed. The vil
lage of Prospect, 10 miles to
the north, is under water.
At Columbus
Columbus O., March 27
Th ( crest of flood is past in
Columbus and water is re
ceding. Although only nine identi
fied persons have been
drowned, tie list of those
thought Idead and missing
may run into, the hundreds.
Windows of houses . in
flooded West Side were
crowded with victims, ap
pealing for 'water and food.
Workers still plying watery
streets for marooned men,
women and children.
A false report that the
storage .dam had broken
caused a panic yesterday af
ternoon over the city. Hur
ried exodusthrongs; from
business section followed.
Manyl retKjiieworkers 'fled,
panic-stricken, v, from the
West Side, and their activi
tiesstopped late in the after
noon. . ' .
TheMound1 Street bridge
cnuri wed- iniovthe tbrrenfof
the Scioto in the afternoon.
This left the Rich street
bridge a8 the only- means Of
uf-noaain Wnaf (XAn fivmi thn'ly heavy anowatorm covered north-
.,,.. vv, ,, ... ,. .................
enue bridge oyer the 01enr
tangy Vtlll stands.
Refugees are crowding in-
'-JSf ' ' " ? . ,
'"-:..&i':.:-'-t:''.i toI,...A'Jh'&uatfcn'fT itrt-'VtfililMTfr-'iiii'rii- u-- '"
to Memorial Hall, City Hall,
Federal Building, other pub
lic' institutions, and many
have taken refuge with
friends. Many cases of dis
ease are reported, but epi
demic precautions are taken.
Temperature goes down to
25 degrees, with colder
weather and little rain prom
ised' for today" Victims res
cued are stiff .with cold'and
hunger and many maydie be
fore help can come.
Waterworks system is in
operation again, lessening
danger of fire and pestilence.
Municipal light plant isstill
under water and streets
were dark last night. Street
cars are sluggish; electric
lighting current and gas sup-
I ply normal. No means of
lighting whatsoever m de
vastated district.
Attempted estimates of
property damage goes, into
Rescue wjork is thorough
ly organized. Volunteers
help police and militia. Hun
dreds of boats from Buckeye
Lake are prassed into ser
vice, but many arc overturn
ed by the current and lost.
Funds are raised and food is
supplied to sufferers. Cots,
blankets ud tents are used
in large numbers,
.general assembly of state
appropriates 250,000 nnd ci
ty council authorizes $75,000
emergency bond issue.
First lesson of the flood is
in city couneirto dig new
channel for Scioto through
West Side at Central Aven
ue, skirting Hilltop.
At 5 o'clock this morning
the waters, of the Scioto and
other swollen Ohio streams
are receding. The United
States weather bureau pre
dicts entire cessation of rain
in the flood districts within
24 hours; The prediction for
Friday is fair.
'The Scioto is now 2 feet be
low its high point.
Piqua is reported to be in
flames aud' doomed to des
truction. Believing the city to be
doomed by the fire, it was
reported this morning that
Vice Mayor Huber of Day-1
ton has sent out appeals to
all the cities of the state for
dynamite with which to raze
buildings in the path of the
.flames whenever this can be
accomplished, and also for
all the fire fighting' appara
tus that can be rushed'there:
Elected Uiillei States Sen
Ur h IDlHb
Springneld, III., March 27 James
Hamilton, (Democrat) yesterday was
elected United States senator for, the
long term. ' v
: 4 : ...
Covers Um Sectin Jf
Nortkeri Texas
Dallaa, Tex., March 7 An unusual
, .... .
.west; Texas ioauy, moving rapidly
fo-se6tJong wher .spring 'ft?
couth n-
I gardeim, already are -Krten. So act-
ua dumo wnu t '
fl a1 H u antt
" ' ' '
To Be Fngktljf Washinffn
. MM idiei
Waehin'tstbrli Mak-ilf--Errort8 to
force blue laws in the Dint r let of Col
umbia Sundays Ih ttre combatted by
25 s6cletles comprtsMK tho United
German AlllaHeeictrdlnK to an
annqUnccment uada'loday.
.The oigahlsatloajWJa moss meeting
Inst, night, denouiletii th- efforts to
force a closed Sundayjn the District
as "the wbrk ef faAMlcs."
A committee of three members was
named to outline a campaign against
the amplication : of''"narrow-minded
policies to tbe exlsteal laws."
Falls MlWki Gowmi
ierdes Afustapha, Pasha 'larch 27 The
fortress of Adriftaople was taken by
storm by lh ; DUlgaj-lnns yesterday
morning, ufter.AUng of most terrific
character since, lilendly. Flames are
devastlng the cltyj!,
Shukrl Pashai 'tbi' Turkish com-mawler-ln-ehlef
,of "Adrlanople, com
mlttPil suicide afterMhu capture of
the city, according ,to a news agency
(ilspatch from; SofU. , I
All the' Tmlsfa;inlHtar.y
have been Wown"u,
tuT- in
Goes Throngli Treble Killing
Three Peipte
Wellington,' March 27 Train No.
SU of 'the Wheeling and 'Lake ICrle
Hallroad, a freight, went down on a
tre3tlo at Whipple Hill? tlree jnilcs
from here, this morning, killing' En
gineer George Dyke of Toledo, Daniel
Shanklln, llrcman, and August Qeiv
rler, brakem.an, of MassiiloiH
Tho train vas In charge of Con
ductor Oliver Smith of Toledo.
In Mother's Arms On Way
To Funeral
Wellston, March 27 When Mr. and
Mrs. Nonh Moore of Near Oak Hill
alighted from the carriage at the cem
etery at Monroe yesterday, where they
were attending the burial of Mrs.
Moore sister, they were horrified to
discover that their Infant son, who
has becu carried In bis mother's arms
had dfed on the way., The baby had
been, suffering from pneumonia, but
his death was caused by asphyxiation,
from the heavy robes, la' which he bad
"besn bundled, and the overcrowding
of the carriage In "which he-was rid
ing. i In: x
'njgfm tojtairled
"" T&ii
Xenla, March 27 According to a,
report wbicb reached here from Day
ton last night, a boat which was en
gaged in rescue work captlted and all
of the crow but Robert' Patterson,
nephew of John H. Patterson, of the
National Cash RegfirkoV Company,
iwe'r drowiwd. Youpg'VaUerson act'
i , as captain ,of the. ,,
.-! ' 'ltt
j(; ,rf'
'."VKA,. .
. ',' t
'- vrBli
L" I I
Fir The Relief Of The Flood
Columbus, O., March 27 Governor
Cox .was given 1250,000 to spend for
the relief of flood sufferers by the
legislature "yesterday. Tallow candles
and lanterns were used to shed a
feeble light in the legislative halls
that tho sessions might be prolonged
until the relief bill could be enrolled
and signed by Speaker Swain and
l.lejtennnt Governor Nichols and
transmitted to the executive chamber.
Further, to save time, by Joint reso
lution, authority was granted to en
roll Uie bill by typewriter.
The governor Is empowered to use
the money for food, clothing, medi
cine, bedding and shelter for suffer
ers from flood and Are arising from
.tho flood. By the constitution, such
appropriation is specifically exempted
from the 90-day delay under the ref
erendum section, but to make doubly
sura, the bill carried an emergency
The senate thought the amount in
adequate and fixed it at $500,000. On
the strength of statements by Speak
er Swain that the Red Cross Society
had wired the governor 1100,000 would
be expended in relieving dletrcss in
Ohio, and that amplo supplies and
money 'lor Immediate uae had been
offered the governor by Ohio citizens,
and by Mr. Black of Hamilton and
Chairman Cowan of the finance com
mittee that half the senate amount
would bo' ample for n week, at least,
niid"Dio'e-oould-be- granted-later, the.
house declined to accept the senate
amendment. The State assented and
left the amount at $250,000.
That Lumber Was Stolen And
Not Carried Away By
The Flood
An echo of the flood was heard in
the mayor's ofllce Wednesday after
noon when M. II. May filed an affidavit
against Karl Sharp charging him with
stealing' $10 worth of lumber during
the liluli waters Tuesday. Sharp wns
arrested and asserted that the lumber
had been washed upon his lot by the
water. .May said that he coulij provi
that Sharp had carried it there. The
case was settled when Sharp agreed
to pay tliu costs of the case and return
the lumber. The allldavit was with
drawn. FIRE
Breaks Out In Piqua, And
Can't Be Checked
Columbus, March 27 A telephone
message from Piqua early this morn
ing stated that the city was ablaze
and that there was no way of check
ing the flames. It reported that the
fire started in the resldnce section
and spread to the business houses. An
estimate of the casualties here could
not be made at the time, the message
Oklahoma City, March 2'
A storm
pf (tba bUszard type has been raging
fri Oktehoaaa since midnight, and there
is no indication of cessation. Snow
has fallen to the depth of three inch
es and Is still falling. Street car ser
vice Is partly blocked and train ser
vice Is slow,
Mrs, Mame Condlt of Berea, Ohio,
arrived In the. city Thursday mornlhg
to make a several" days' vlsUywUh
Apfnpriatei ly The
Business Section
ed By
Estimated That Dayton Dead Will
Reach 1,000
"i ...
65,000 People Imprisoned In Busi
ness Blocks And Homes
Davton.- March 27 Fire!
added its terrors to the flood
here yesterday.
The business block bound
ed by Third, Second, Jeffer
sonaiid Strdairsffeets was
Many persons were ma
rooned in the buildings-on
this square, but it is said
that all got out safely. They
have been taken to the Beav-
power building, two
squares away. Aitnougn it
has been raining all day the
water has receded, and many
of the people in the build
ings jumped into the water
and were picked up.
Among the structures des
troyed were the Fourth Ra
tional Bank and St. Paul's
Evangelical church.
Martial law has been de
clared in th'e city.
Secretary George . .Bur
ba talked with .the governor
over the telephone and tliey
reached the conclusion that
at least 1000 persons have
lost their lives in the flood.
Bescue squads worked
frantically to throw back the
veil that hides the true story
of the Dayton disasteiv-the
number of dead. Late last
night the arrival of motor
boats gave hope that the
northern section of the city,
now cut off by tho Big Mi
ami's impassable barrier,
may be penetrated, and then
may be learned the fate of
hundreds imprisoned by the
torrent that poured down
the broken Tarlton, reser
The list of six dead was ad
ded to by the death of a refu
gee. It was reported late
last nieht that a number of
dead had been found in hous
es at .b'ifth ana rjagie oireiu,
but when rescuers worked
their, way into the partially
submerged dwellings they
found a number pf the flood's
,,,' jc
SBiVm irtV.-i
Of The City Ravish
prisoners, who were weak
from fright and hunger.
'Fire that appeared to
threaten the business section
last night was confined to the
block -bounded by Second,
and Third streets and Jefferr
son and St. CJair streets. In
the bloek are the Fourth Na
tional Bank; Lattimer Drug
Company, Evans Wholesale
Drug Company and. several
commission houses. It was
impossible to get within twd
miles of,, the lire and from
that distance it annearerl
explosions, probably of
drugs, niade the tire seem of
larger proportions than it
was. It appeared to have
about burned out and it was
not believed it would spread
to other blocks. Jt was im
possible to ascertain, even
approximately, the number
of persons who might have
been marooned in this sec
tion and who died after be
ing trapped by Hood and fire.
Nevertheless, rescue work
went steadily e.u and about
3000 persons were housed in
places of refuge last night,
"ithe maioritv of them in
. .-.-.. . . . . - ...
Diuitlings a.t the .National
Cash Register Compaivy. At
leasf 65,000 persons are im
prisoned, m Homes ana in
business buildings. It is
feared their two days' im
prisonment' with accom
panying, hunger and fright,
have eaused treniendpus .suf
fering. The flood tame with such
suddenness'' that food sup
plies in Jjameisr(ere . whisked
away by the torrent that
reached the' second floors in
almost the1 flash of an eye,'
Skiffs skirted the edge of
the flooded district, attempt
ing to take food to those
whom it was impossible to
carry off, but the fierce cur
rent discouragingly retard
ed this work.
Atlanta, March 27 William J;.
Northen, former governor of Georgia
and prominent in politics for- nany
years died today. Death was due, to,,
eompiicattoBB. resulting from a.- carv
buaclo, ''
; , r - v V jfrfi

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