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FIDAY;ABIL 4, 1111
n tflV
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IMtf Finds to Be Distributed
kmg the State's Needy,
Btep Determined Upon at Conferences
Held With the State Relief Commit-
t slon and Official! of Red Cross So
ciety Governor Desirous of Making
' Tour of Inspection of the Flooded
Districts of Ohio.
Columbus, O., April 2. Itellof funds
t the statu government,' of the state
yelief commission and of the Ited
Cross society will bo used "to restore
the homes of the poor," ns (lovernor
-Cox expressed It. The San Francisco
Method of apportioning the aid ren
dered to Individual needs, as recorded
ty the card Index system, will be fol
lowed. This was determined definite
ly by conferences between Governor
Cox and Red Cross officials.
"We will try to give those who lost
practically everything by the flood
Bach assistance as will enable ..them
to so to work again and get on their
feet," said Governor Cox. "If a home
needs a stove or simple articles of
fernitnre, we will try to provide them.
If there aro women expecting mater
nity we will care for them."
Assistance even on this limited
scale will entail great cost in the ag
gregate. To do for Dayton what was
doae for tho survivors of Athp San
Francisco earthquake woud 'cost from
I00;000 to $600,000. Thin estimate
was made by Major Charles Lynch,
medical corps, U. S. A., who In at tho
fead of tho actlvo work of the Red
-Cross society, and who made an ex
pert survey of conditions at Dayton
after the subsidences qf the flood.
Major Lynch rushed a medical de
tachment to Irontnn on receiving a
report that all the drug stores in Iron
tow were put out of business by the
flood and that thore were 70 canes of
measles quarantined In one' school
houee. J Sanitation work has been organized
y the state board of health through
out the flood zone. Dr, K. A. Lambert,
t. 8. U., reported the worst damag9
awywhero In tho state In proportion to
papulation waa at Hamilton, where
two-thirds to three-fourths of the city
waa- submerged, (lovernor Cox had
reports showing Marietta suffered
worse than was expected In property
teat, as the entire business district
waa 20 feet under water'.
Cox's Inspection Trip.
Governor Cox and tho state relief
commission, of which he Is chairman,
la to make a tour of Inspection of the
coded r.oue of the state, If the other
commissioners Indorse this plan the
Coventor has devised, The governor
Is desirous of making the trip.
It Is expected that a start will be
made soon ufter the meeting and that
Dayton will be the llrst place visited
after the West Side of Columbus has
been Inspected. It is planned to vUlt
all the towns known to have suffered
everely, especially "those thought to
he In v.orst need of help Dayton,,
Hamilton, Marietta and Ziinesvlllo.
The Second mnbiiluiico company, O.
N. a., under command or Captuin I.
B. C. ICckstorm, loft here at 7:30
this inornltiK over the Hocking Volley
for Portsmouth, where a Held hoeplial
will be ciitubllshott on the Kentucky
aide of the Ohio river for the relief
of flood sufferurH.
MUST FEED 75,000
Dayton Victims Will Need Food Sent
to Them For Two Weeks.
Washington. April '.'.It will be
accessary to supply rations for nearly
76,60 flood victims for two weeks at
'Dayton, In tho opinion of Major
Meads, President Wilson's aid. Ho
reported to the wur department that
Hi problem of feeding was a serious
we, as many merchants vrbuld be un
able to rosume business for some
time. For thut reamn Major Ithoadi
Mealed that supply trains diverted
w the looded districts along the Ohio
river he sent to Dayton.
Ho also proposed a commission of
ly eaalneer be sent to Dayton at
to devise measures for the fu-
aafety of the city, either through
Sb QMtrol of the headwaters of the
thtr or the construction of a levee,
Water Fret of Bacteria.
Celttmbui, O., April, 2. The city
of health Issued the following
regarding the water supply In
thus: "The board of health Is
by the bacteriologists of tho
board of health, and dally, tests
in the laboratory of the city
I of health, that tho water la safe
all purposes In all parts of the
icept the West Bide. Residents
wt .Mm West Side should continue to
the water until further notice
the board of health."
- J
Massllion Plucky,
Islllon, O., April 2. Plucky cltl
here declined state aid for flood
lerers, and 2,000 of then began
if up. Canton dummm bum
1,600 pieces of kltcaea iraatt
to me sufferers.
ibibVbiW Kk':my!wWM - - 1(fllBkBBflRBiBmBaB!!M9aH -3
'- jrtZWk.WHx swssssWJiiJTBsfcggsssw.raIsssFsssWssMaT Al4BBH
WsTaYaYaYaYaYaYaYaYaYaYaYaYaYaYaYaYalH $?? '$1i
bubti SWgSaSaatTwsKf ',';,'-W
wMtw-Ww MxiW-;a';BMBJMBMMlwPP,BWw
Tn ffadE j T i iWi I ii i if ' -- AsstaL , ywaTr-rf-waw w " Mip
These views, taken during the
height of the rescue work at Colum
bus, O., show how many lives were
saved. At top Is seen a rescue party
Mr. Arthur Doup of Amity was tho
guj.U of hiti parents Sunday, (
Mr. Win. Young and' Mr. Geo. Duw
sou wunl to Columbus to euro for
friends who won' tho victims of tho
Mr. Lewln llunrlcknoii of Akron Is
thiguest or his family,
Mrs. Ceo, Doollttle Is on the sick
Mr, Judo UiiHonbuig g moving on
tho farm or W. A. White near How
aid. Mr. and Mrs. Kdwnrd Yont were
tho HUcHtH of Mr. ChuH. Humbert
Sunday. '
MIhh Hazel ChrlHtopher was the
Kinst of Mr. Chuvles Mitchell Satur
day mid nudity. "
Coughs and Consumption
CoukIih and coIiIh, when neglected,
nlwityti lend to Herloim troublo of tho
lungs. The wlnest thing to do when
you huvo u cold that troubled you Ib
to got a bottle or Dr. Klng'8 Now Dig
rovuiy. You will got rcllof from tho
llrst doHo, and llunlly the cough will
disappear. . O. II. Drown, of Muscn
illno, Alu wrltiw: "My wife wus down
in bed with an obtUliuitu cough, and
I honestly believe hnd It not been for
Dr, KIiir'm New Discovery hIio would
not bo living today," Known for forty-three
years as the bust remedy for
couglrn and coldH. 1'iico 50a and
J 1.00. llQcoinniended by O. It, Raker
& Co., Mi. Vernon, O.
Kov, J, M. Holm will preach at tho
Clrovo Sunday, April 0.
MIhb Hutu Wolfe spent Sunday'
with Mnrtha Horn,
The Cumminga Trio will give an en
tertainment nt the Grove church Sat
urday evenlug, April 8.
Mr. uhd Mrs. Aua, Hays spent Sun
day with Mr. Jacob Hays of Near
Mr. Dert Young and family and
Mr. Lovl Horn and family spent Sun
day ovenlng with Mr. Alfred' Wolfe.
Our Sunday school opens for the'
summer next Sunday, April C. Let
ovoryono bo present and start with
tho determination of holng present
aud .lending tliolr aid every Sunday
through the Hummer,
Mr. (leorge Hays and family visited
with Mr, Llnty Hays and family nt
Dukeyq City Sunday,
4, 4, 44,l 4,
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Welsh and
daughter, Julia, spent Sunday with
landing with a family which was In
grave peril. The members of the
family were In a pitiful way from
hunger and exposure. At the left Is
seen an aged couple being taken from
Mr. nnd Mrs. Oeorgo Snpp of Oam
bier. Mr. (Icorgo Crumley of Ait. Vernon
Ik vlnltlng friends here.
Mr. mid' MrH., Charles Suttics visit
ed frlciulH In Columbus Sunday.
Mr, Charles Orubb aria son of Mt.
Vernon Hpcnt Sunday with Mr. and
Mi). Jacob Lybarger.
L. ('. Welsh and wire spent Sunday
with Mr, and Mrs. James Henwood
of near Howard.
Of Mali's Jaw Bone Removed
To Save His Life
Mr. J, A. Shaffer of near Onmhlcr
went to Columbus Tuesday whero he
will umlni'go nil operation at Uraiit
IIoHpltal for the removal of a portion
of hl Jaw bono. Some wooks ago
Mr. Shaffer mifferoil from an ulcerated
toolli and Inter blood polKonlng devel
oped. Recently the Jaw bono hecanio
dlHcuBcd and It wuh found thnt it wan
neroHMtiry to remove u portion of It
In oulor to nave (lio mini's life,
P.alns in the, Stomach '
If you continually complain of pains
In the. stomach, your liver or your
kidneys aro out of order. Nogleo't
may lead to dropsy, kidney troublo,
diabetes or Urlght'H illsenso, Thous
undti recommend Electric Hitters ns
Hie very best stomnch and kidney
medicine made. H. T. Alston, of
Knlelgh, N. C, who suffered with pain
In the stomach and back, wrltoB; "My
kldne.vH were deranged and my liver
did not work right. I suffered much,
but Electric Bitters was recommend
ed nnd I Improved from tho first dose.
I now feel like a new man." It will
Improve you, too.. Only SOo and $l,0e.,
Recommended by O. R. Baker A; Co.,
Mt, Vernon, O,
Minneapolis, Minn., April 2 Alexis
K. Georgian, editor of a weekly social
ist newspaper, waa called Into court
today In stand trial on, a charge of
printing criminally libelous articles In
volving P. V. Collins, Progressive can
didate for governor of Minnesota In
the campaign last fall. Three weeks
ago (Jeorglan was convicted and fined
'for crlralnaily libeling Mayor Hlco or
Mr. Cjfarles V. Crltchrield and son,
Sutton, went-'tq Centefburg this af
ternoon to .visit relatives.
a housetop. At right women and
children are belpg taken from the
second story of a house by means of
a ladder whlcf was raised from' a
Is Appointed For The Lexing
ton Veneer Co.
(ManHflo.ld Shield)
Howard 8. Twltchell, Samuel Eck
ert, I. K Umbarsor, J. W. Chesrown,
William Dickson, George Maxwell,
and J. B. Lawrence, dlrectprs of the
Lexington Veneer company,- have Hi
ed a petition In common pleas court
asking for u receiver for the com
pany. Kramer & Jorvls are attorneys
for tlie plnlntllTH. Tho company has
n rupltnl stock of $30,000, or which
amount S,000 In preferred and 2r.,000
'm common stock. About J2R.000
worth tor stock hna been sold. The
company Ih engaged In tho inanufac
turo of Imsketa and coinmcrciul ve
neers. Tho putltlon Hays the compauy
nM over s 10,000 and that It bus not
been nblo to meet tho demands upon
It. The Lexington Savings bank has
a mortgage of S'J.OOO on the property.
J. E. Lnwreiieu waa appointed tempo
rary receiver, conditioned on giving
$4,000 bond.
Fqr Burns, Bruises and 8ores
The quickest and surest cure for
burns, bruises, bolls, sores, inflamma
tion and nil skin dlsensea ,1s Duckleu's
Ariilca Salve.- In four days It cured
I II. Hallln, of Iredell', Tex., or u sore
on his iinklo which pained him -so bo
could hardly walk. Should be In ev
ery house. Only 2iic. Recommended
by G. It. Dakcr & Co., Mt. Vernon, O.
Rerllir, April 2 Tho Emperor sent
a message of warm congratulation to
the Duko of Saxe-Meinlngen, who
completed his eighty-seventh year
today, The Duke Is the oldest of
the Buropesn rulers. He was born In
1824vad came to (h throne when
he was forty years of age. He has
always been remarkably popular
among his subjects on account of his
liberal policy. '
Drive Sick Htadiehe Away
Sick headaches.- sour gassy stom
ach, indigestion, biliousness disappear
quickly niter you take Dr, King's New
Life I'llls. Tney purify the blood nnd
ut new life and vigor In tho system.
y them nnd yon will be well satis-
llcdi Every pill helps; .every box guar
anteed. Price iTic. Recommended by
Poker & Co., Mt..Vernon, O.
m a : 7,
Olive Oliver has jolaed tho cast of
"The'Arffyle Case,"
Seventy Known Dead as the Re
sult of Columbus Flood.
Morgue Attendants, Judging From the
Number of Inquiries, Are Convinced
That the Death List Will Be Greatly
Increased Work tof Relief Now On
a Definite Basis Cleaning Up the
Stricken West 8lde.
Columbus, O., April 2. With the
recovery of eight additional bodies,
the list of Columbus' known flood vic
tims has reached 70. All but three
have been identified; Most of the
Bodies found were in the lowlands be
tween Mt. Calvary and Grcenlawn
cemeteries and the territory Immedi
ately south. This section received the
bodies from Ulenwood, Centner, Rog
ers and Central avenues, which felt
the full force of the West Side flood.
The district to the Bouth is still
partly covered with water from one,
to two feet deep or with a con of
slimy mud the bhiiio depth. None of
the drift has been 'removed. When
the water recedes, allowing searchers
to remove the mud and debris, It Is
expected that additional corpses will
be given up. -
Prom the number of Inquiries at
the morgue for' missing ones, attend
ants are convinced that'the death list
will be greatly Increased. Scores of
persons from the flooded zono visit
the West Town street morgue dally to
leave descriptions of missing 'rela
tives and frlouds, nnd ask that they be
notiiled if bodies answering such de
scriptions are brought In. Members
of families, some of whose bodies
have been recovered, are missing.
Work 4f Relief.
After n trip of Investigation Into the
needs of the flooded district of the
West Sfde, tho general relief commit-'
tee divided the; territory Into sections
Identical with board of education dis
tricts for the distribution of relief, At
each . school Is a superintendent in
charge of tho distributions to the resi
dents of that district. Residents liv
ing In one district can not obtain food,
clothing or supplies In another. The
object of the arrangement Is to pre
vent all duplication and to expend the
1200,000 .called for in the most effec
tive and economical manner.
Out-of-town relief, other than finan
cial, amounted to 90 carloads of pro
visions. The supply on hand on the
West Side was completely exhausted
last night. There will be enough on
hand this morning, however, to pro
vide for today.
Colored people of the city have
been active. In relief work for mem
bers of their race. The I. O. O. P. hall,
Garileld avenue and Long street, has
been operated as a relief station for
the last week, and hundreds of refu
gees are being cared for.
Bovernor Cox, Deeply Grateful, Says
Ohio No Longer Needs Aid.
Columbus. 0., April 2. Halt of the
Itream of benefactions for Ohio flood
vlctjms, flowing fast and deep from
every part of tho United States, was
called by Governor Cox. Relief funds
received or In course of transmission
were estimated, approximately, at !.
000,000. Declaring Ohio no longei
needed the aid or the outside world,
the governor Issued a statement ol
heartfelt thanks to the great number
of generous peoplo who sprang to
help this state.
Galllpolls, Mlddleport and Pomeroy
Suffer Heavy Losses.
GalllpollsAO., April 2. The Ohio
river reached 67 feet, which Is higher
than the 1884 flood by two and a half
feet, Bast Galllpolls is washed away.
Galllpolls city was flooded for two
squares In the business district for
the first time. In history. Many build
ings are 'damaged. Point Pleasant,
Mlddleport and Pomeroy have suf
fered heavy losses. Supplies are run
ning short aud suffering intense.
Stationary at Cincinnati.
Cincinnati, O., April 2. The Ohio
river Is now stationary at this petit,
the gauge standing at M.8 feet. Up
river points report the river m either
stationary or falling.
v loiumDus, u., April a. tsb
, . personal chock of Joaena. P. ,
1 ' Smith, head of the Moraaoa '
., i church, for 1,000, waa received, '
' ! by Governor t Cox. Thla waa In '
i uuumun io M,:au or. portion
) money which came through Mia
uinii-uuiurauu augar compaay, ;i
; From that far. northern settle-
ment, Medicine Hat, Alberta; .
! ! Canada, was receivad lie. Irlvnn '
. by' Mrs. R. B. Deew.' Milwaukee i
' ' Htlrnn nut HO'aaft' ' ''
Halts A Burial In Richland
(Mansfield Shield)
A pitiable condition was brought
to light yesterday morning when Rev.
T. O. Elswiild of the Baptist church
was called to Newvllle Sunday after
noon to officiate at. the funeral of
Mrs. Heck of that village. Mrs! Heck;
died on the day of the Hood nnd as
the Clearfork kept steadily rising it
was found impossible to get to 'the
Hoik home. Undertakers Were call
ed bui to' no avail, and the local un
dertaker" cou'fd" not reach the house
until Friday noon. The funeral took
place at 10 o'clock this morning from
the home. 'Mrs, Darling, daughter
of the deceased, lives directly .across
the creek from her mother but was
unable to get to her. Mrs. Heck is
survived by her husband, two daugh
ters and one son.
Sumter, 8. C April 2 Every coun
ty of South Carolina Is represented
at the annual convention of the Stnte
Sunday school association now) in
session here. Leading features or.
the opening session this morning In
cluded the address of welcome by pt,
S. C. Baker and the response of John
Wood of Spartanburg, the presiden
tial address of Rev. J. D. Green of
Greenwood and an address on "The
Meaning of the Sunday School Move
ment," by W. C. Pearce or Chicago,
representing the International Sun
day School association. The after
noon session was devoted chiefly to
the reports from county organizers.
The convention will continue until
City of Mexico, April 2 A brilliant
passage of arms, In which Gen. Por-
firio Dlax defeated a superior French
force In the streets of Puebla on Ap
ril 2, 1867, was recnlle'd today to all
residents of the republic by the gon
oral comidemoratlon of -the anniver
sary, Business was generally "sus
pended and theolay.was further tob-
served with military' reviews and num.
crojs patriotic meetings.
During the brief period that Mexico
was ruled by Emperor Maximilian,
with the support otthe French sol
diers, certain sections of the .country.
stoutly refused to acknowledge the
monarchy. Porflrio Diaz led the
southern wing of those who opposed
the Intervention, "of the foreigners.
For two months he had laid siege to
the city of Puebla, which was sthe
most important place In southern
Mexico. The fighting bod been fur
ious during a portion of this time but
tho Mexicans had been unable to dls
lod?o the French from their fortlfica-
Ions. Learning that Maximilian
was tending reinforcements from the
capital Dlass was spurred to a greater
effort and on April 2 ho attiicked the
towhxjust before-daybreak. He led
the charge Ih person And dashed Into
tho' heart of the city with u small
band of followers before tho French
recovered from their surprise at the
audacity of the .attapk. A bloody
fight followed 'in the principal square
and resulted In a complete victory
for Hie Mexicans,
Ashcvllle, N. O., April 2 The wed
ding hero today of Miss Emma tiud
ger and Lieut. Robert U Blchetbergcr,
U. S. A., was attended by a number,
of persons or prominence In military,
and official circles. The bride la the
daughter of Judge and Mrs. Gudger
of the. Canal Zone, and a n4ece of Coa
gressman James M, .Gu4er.
i t:
'-. y
aviwY mmn
Into the ha(r. fcWy the'
llu t
We have V laffe as- ,
ertment,aHl avarantee '
every hnteh.
. e
-., .'-aaam
&! , lvJ -JBLJ.'Vi
Blood Bath
Kmk MwHBitiMi
Remarkable Effects of a Rem
, edy That Actually Irri
gates the Entire
Blood Supply.
It, sounds queer lo. take a blood bath
but 'that Is precisely the effect of a most
remarkable remedy known as 8. 8. B. It
has the peculiar action of soaking '
through tho Intestines directly Into the'
blood. In Ave minutes Its influence Is at
work In every artery, vein and tiny napll.
lary. Kvery memorane," every organ of
the body, every' emunctory becomes In.
effect a filter to strain the .blood of im
purltleR. The stimulating properties of
S. S. 8. compel the skin, llver,N bowels,, -kidneys,
bladder to all work to the one
end of casting out every Irritating, every
mln-lnfllctlng-ntom of fxl6n: It dislodges
by Irrigation all accumulations In the
Joints, dissolves acfd hecrettons, renders
them neutral' and scatters those peculiar
formations Tin tho nerve .centers that
cause sue) mystifying and often burning
rheumatic pains.
And best of all, this remarkable rem
edy Is welcome 'to the we'iikest- stomach,
because It' is a pure .vegetable Infusion,
is taken natdrally into your' blood Just as
pure air Is inhaled naturally' Into yeur
The great Swift Laboratory' has spent
millions of dollars In perfecting, pro'duc
lng und plarlnK In the hands of tho pub
lic tjil wonderful remedy. So give youp
blood a good bath with. S. 8. 8.,-for ft
knocks the. worst forms . of rheumatism
every time- '
1'mncnn get It nt any drug store at
$1.0(1 a bottle. It is a standard remedy,
recofihlzed everywhere ns the greatest
blood sppclHc cVer discovered. If. yours
is a peculiar ense and you desire expert
r.dvlre. write to The Swift Specific Co.,
127 Swift Bids., Atlanta, Co. '
Do not miss the big stock
of rugs in all sizes at the low
prices shown at The Arnold
S.tore. To those interested in
Rugs, Mattings', Linoleums ,,
nnd Oil cloths, they will .find
a clean stock and prices that
will save money. Also a com
plete stock of Window
Shades, Curtain Rods and
CJuilaiaJles, . ajjdji ' imwn ;u
cleaning wants." :'
Mt. Vernon, Ohio
Your Money
npru um is , iims wnn
many persons hive money
they wish to place where It
is safe and will earn them
a fair rate of ..Interest. In
this connection we wish to
call your attention to what
Is recognized as the best
and most desirable. The
guaranteed six per cent
time certificates of THE
TION CO. These certifi
cates are secured' by the en
tire assets of the company
amounting to' more than
business April 1st, ,;1895,
arid Its affairs have. been
a well manatee: that It
hae lever suffered a loss.
Purlins; .thls period it has
frewV from a small com-
iMnye a company of large
,s)raVtions, and with the
asojsiiletlcn of Its new of-
Net awlldlng -only a few
I wfHRt efl' It will be erepar-
. ,iSJi !nd' .fs, bu'-.
J- aeewBWve aM -safe. "Our
r yMBea;,are mmp Ir te afford
ehe.-seet. eemaJete seouri-
j)raivWkyeu to In
V' veaetBMe.'ew- 'affsjra and
h I MW"i- e reeelvlni
i tm-kmm. .money, and
eaWfeu'wlll become
v irr- ..7 . . . ' -
fc W'Mmxir- f' m a de
v faifJItr 9ft benewer,
-. leal.-on first mort-
rMie.vreat estate security.
SeIU received by
Ctrburf Buildine
Lmb AiMoiation Go.
Ur.aV. B,
'ne)ey;was la Homer
TaeaAajr atteeBooa - on. professional
r " vii
"' 1 1
U', '
tfJ I
,v "
V tJ
c u-s ..
'' ,'" r k- Vj-'"' .' V ,:'-? .
v .
'. , . i. f(.' 1 . .- -.
fj '
': 1'rtt...
v.,;s v.t:. 'vr " -,
"'fl-.j..W.JS'v .v
,i ?:
T. "k
tid4&f :,.-''' 'ii,-
. .; -' ft i

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