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'Discuss Morgan Declaration-Believe, However, Tiiat The
Reorganization Of The House Of Morgan And The
Steps Taken Recently By Other Corporations Will
Tend To Stimulate Business-Money Committee
Claims Some Credit
Washington, Jan. 3. Democratic'
loaders In Washington say that tho
reorganization o tho houso of J. P.
Morgan & Company, effected through
tho retirement hy mombors ot that
firm from tho directorates of other
corporations, will not alter ono way
or tho other plans under way to pass
eupplemontal anti-trust legislation at
tho coming session of congress.
Administration officials claim to
havo had knowlcdgo In advanco that
tbo houso of Morgan Intended to to
tiro from actlvo participation In a
numhor of railway and Industrial cor
porations. Mr. Morgan's announce
lncnt has made a favorahlo impres
sion on tho authorities, who predict
Who Announces Reorganization
of House of Morgan & Company.
9 by American Press Association.
tnai mo lntorlocMng arnmijonumt
thus brolton up, holloved to ho tho
xaost extcnslvo of any hnnltlng houso
In tho country, together with tho no
tion of other corporations In malting
jpeaco with tho department of justice,
will tend to Btlmulnto business and
encourage tradesmen who havo boon
Inclined to bo pessimistic about tho
JmslncEH outlook.
Whon congross reassombles a mos-
New York. Jan. 3. A system of
Industrial loan banks on a sonic nnu h
larger than has over been attempted
tn this country will begin operations
tin Now York and olBowhoro tho hut
-of thlii month or early In Pobnmry.
'Andrew Carnoglo nnd Vincent Astor
aro uald to bo interested In tho pro-
iject, which is uudor tho dlroctlon ot
' Joo Tinker a Whlto Hope.
1 employees around tho Chicago Trlb
ino building tipped It off that If Joo
Tinker tloosu't want to play with
Brooklyn ho can earn his three Bquaro
aneala hy cleanlmr tho map of tho pres
ent crop of whlto hopes. A night
nratclimnn who didn't know Tinker
tried to halt his march to tho sporting
editor's suuctuui. Threw other em
lojec Jumped in. In a round hattlo
Wanting flro minutes Tinker spilled tho
quartet about the floor, arriving nt the
port department with only a slight
jbrulsa on his face.
Predict BuddI
Eago will ho fotwarded to congress
by tho president recommending tho
enactment of a law prohibiting Inter
locking directorates In all Interstate
commerce corporations.
Tho monoy trust committee's re
port credited Morgan & Company
with having 23 directors In 13 banks
and trust companies, 4 directors In 4
Insurance companies, 20 directors In
12 transportation companies, 12 di
rectors In "7 producing and trading
companies and 4 dlroctors In 3 public
utility corporations In nil 03 direc
tors n 30 corporations, having total
resources of ?10,036000,000.
Spoaklng of tho control ot railroads
by tho "Houso of Morgan," tho com
mlttco said: "Such amllations with
competing concornB aro not whole
Bomo. They do not promoto compe
tition, but tend as a cover and con'
dult for secret nrrnngoments and un
dortaklngs In restriction of competl'
tlon through tho ngency ot tho bank'
Ing hour.o thus situated."
Impugns Good Faith of Morgan's
Declaration of Retirement.
Now York, Jan. 3. Samuel TJntor
myor, following tho announcement ot
Plorpont Morgnn that tho Morgan
houso had retired from 30 director
ships In 27 of tho largest corpora
tions In which It was represented, Is
sued a statement Impugning tho good
faith of tho declaration of retirement
from much of tho corporation activ
ity of Hio Arm's mombors. Mr. Untar-
uiycr claimed credit for tho action,
as having been brought nbout by tho
Pujo Investigation. Ho declared that
tho action, howovor, was Insufficient
oviuenco ot a bona lido intention on
tho part of Mr. Morgan nnd his part
nors to do away with Interlocking
directorates, and as proof of this
point ho Instancod tho fnct that tho
bank board moinborshlp of tho part
nors was retained, though this hnd
boon tho center of his attack. Spo
clflc evldonco of lack of good faith,
ho declared, was In tho fnct that the
Qunrantoo Trimt company Mating
trustooahlp hold by H. P. Davison,
W. II, I'ortor and George P. Baker
had not been dissolved.
In his announcement Mr. Morgan
said thnt ho and his four pnrtnors
had rotlrod from 30 directorships In
27 of tho strongest corporations In
which thoy wore represented. Thoy
hnvo withdrawn completely from tho
Now Haven, tho Now York Contral
and tho American Telephone and
Tologrnph, throo of tholr leading in
terests. Further withdrawals aro to
follow from corporations whoro thoro
is no Bpoclnl obligation to romaln.
Reorganization ot tho Morgan houso
won decided upon localise of tho
changed public sontlmont regarding
interlocking directorates.
Dr. KIrIii It. Could, associated wllh
pinny philanthropic cnterprisos. Ju
lius Hosi'iiwuld of Chicago Is among
thoso most actlvoly intorostod In tho
jnovonifiit, which Imb for Its purpose
tho elimination of tho loan shark by
enabling v.nkinan to obtain small
loanB without security other than
that of good character.
Harvard's Baseball Dates. '
Twenty-nlno games havo been sched
uled for tho Harvard bnsolmll team
for tho coming season. Of thoso two
each will bo played with Cleorgotowu,
noly Cross, iirown, Pennsylvania and
Yulo. Tho Yale games nro scheduled
for Juuo 10 and 17, tho first to bo
played nt Now Haven and tho second
ut Cambridge, whllo n third gamo will
bo played nt Now York on tho 'JOth In
caHo of u tie. Tho team will mnko ono
trip south, leaving for West Point on
April 21 and returning to Cambridgo
April 20.
t .... - - & vro'C?
Mexico City, Jan. 3 The outside
world has very little Idea of the ex
tent to which women are forced Into
service In the rebel army. Not only
Washington, Jan. 3. A dellnlto
program for tho dovolopmont of avia
tion in tho navy has been decided
upon and will bo put Into oporatlon
ni onco. A naval avlntlon school will
bo established at Ponsacola, tho bat
tleship Mississippi will bo .assigned
to that station for tho uso of navy
aviators and during tho winter prac
tical experiments nnd training of
imvnl olllcors In tho oporatlon of
noi'oplnuos will bo carrlqd on. Plights
will bo mndo from tho dock of tho
Cimeluwl. O.. Jan. 3. John Rnr
gen, 43. Is bolloved dying in a hosnltul
horo, and William B. Whlto, 43, Is
under nrrost, charged with assault to
kill, no tho lcsult of a duel in Dor
gen's homo. During tho flcht Ilnrcnn
was struck down with an ax, a wound
six Inches doop bolng Inflicted In tho
Bldo of tho nock, laying open a shorn
dor and sovorlnc n collarbnnn. Ttnr.
gen tried to defend hlmsolf with a
Remembered the Audubons.
Clnclnantl, O., Jan. 3. Tho Nation
al Audubon society, whoso hontlqunr
tors nro In Now York city, and tho
American Humane society, with head
olllcea In Albany, nro given $25,000
each bv tho will ot Miss Louisa F.
Drude, which was tiled In tho nrobato
court bore. Miss Drudo was treas
urer ot mo Hamilton county society
for tho prevention ot cruelty to ani
mals. The City of the Prophet.
Above Is tho unmo often clvon to Mi.
dlna, u city In Arabia, whoro Moham-
meu toot, reiugo tutor his flight from
Mecca. This flight Is known In history
as the Hogiru. and Is nn Imnnrrnnr
epoch In chronology, taking placo on
Bcpt, in, yi a. i), Tho tomb of Mo
hammed in at Medina.
i IfOT
as nurses and as camp attendants areslderable ability with the rifle. In the
they engaged, but many of them act-Illustration are shown photos of some
ually bear arms In truly Amazonian of the female warriors taken In the
fashion. Various of them display con-central war zone, about Chihuahua.
Mississippi and othor expeilments
conducted In , developing tho uso of
tho noroplano In connection with bat
tleships. Navy Yard Employes Get Increase.
Washington, Jan. 3. Now wage
scolos wont into offect at all navy
yards in tho United States excopttho
Washington ynrd, tho proving ground
nt Indian Head nnd tho station at
Anapolls, Md. Mora than 1,400 em
ployes will benoflt by tho Increase.
chair dm uk tho encounter, nut
Whlto split tho chair to kindling
wood with tho nx, after which he
struck down norgon. It Is charged.
Leading Akron Physician Dies.
Akron, O., Jan, 3. Dr. Irving C.
nankin, one of Akron's best-known
cltlzons, died after a sovoral months'
Illness. Ho was born In Akron In
1871 and received a degree from
Syracuso university.
Fifteen Daseball Fatalities.
Klftcon deaths constituted tho toll In
baseball ganic3duriug tho 1013 season.
Tho report shows thnt tho greatest
death toll was in Chicago, where throo
persons wero killed by pitched balls.
Twelvo of tho victims wero killed by
being hit In thd head by tbo ball di
rect from tho hands of tho pitcher.
Poul tips wero responsible for tho
other three deaths. The report points
out that all of ihe playjrs killed wero
unskilled In tho gamo and thnt none
was major league players.
Rowing at Cornell.
Tho Cornell ci'QW boathouso wns not
ilosetl this fall, but will remain open
nil winter. Tho Uont will be left In
place so that If n warm spoil comes
1""lnK the winter the men will be artle
'o liKtUe on the water.
Indlnnapoll3, liul., Jan. 3. A flro
that originated in tho basomont ot
the storo of tho E. O. Langen com
pany, dealors in women's npparol,
Butted tho Langon store, tho L. S.
Ayres & Company dtock rooms and
tho W. K. Stewart company book
store adjoining. Loss $300,000.
Cleveland, O., Jnn. 3. Prank H.
Wolcott, 45, wealthy broker, died of
heart dlseaso while on his way home
from his office in his automobile He
was vice president of Tollotson &
Wolcott, a largo brokerage Arm, and
momber of many clubs.
Wnrron, O., Jan. 3. H. I). Loftus,
23, and Donald Coffett, 25, both of
Youngstown, nro In tho county Jnll
horo on a charge of blackmail.' It Is
charged tholr Intonded victim was Dr.
C. A. Archer of Warron, nnd tho sum
thoy aro claimed to havo demanded
was $75.
Fashion Note.
"So you've decided not to get that
now gown that you hud ordered from
jour dressmaker?"
"Yes; she's so busy that sbo couldn't
have It dono for at leust three weeks,
and by that time It would bo out of
style."-ChIcago Itccord-IIcrald.
Family Affair.
Sho Are they happy togother? He
Well, ho stays In every evening. She
-Then they must ho. Ho IJut she
goes out. Judge
i i
Made By The Rebels In
Federals Conducting a Spirited
Defense ot Ojinaga.
Revolutionists Will Soon Have to
Fall Eack to Mula Pass to Re
plenish Their Provisions and Walt
For More Ammunition Refugees
Will Be Permitted to Cross the
Border Line.
Presidio, Tex., Jan. 3. For four
days and five nights the battle of
Ojinaga has raged between Mexican
rebels and federals without definite,
result. Tho federals still hold all the
ground they had when tho rebels
made the first attack, with tho ex
ception of a few outposts. Tho fight
ing continues, between artillerymen
principally, and at a distance.
Tho general opinion is that if the
federals' ammunition holds out tho
rcbols crtn not take the town, and
that within a few hours tho rebels
will havo to fall back to Mula Pass
to replenish their provisions, get
wator and wait for more ammunition.
The resistance of the federals has
been spirited and successful to a sur
prising degree. Every time the long
lino of rebels has charged tho fed
eral stronghold they have been' com
pelled to fall back.
Tho rebels keep shelling tho town
with their cannon, but do little ap
parent damage. The rebels killed and
wounded so far will greatly exceed
the federal loss. Tho federals admit
only about half a hundred killed.
Tho order of Secretary of War Gar
rison to permit soldiers of either
army to remain on tho American sldo
of the line if they desert from the
fighting forces and surrender thoL'
arms to tho American troops has re
lieved the tensity of tho situation
considerably. Ample attention has
boon given all the wounded who havo
been able to reach this side of tho
river. Ited Cross physicians and
male nurses havo placed the wound
ed In tho littlo Catholic church at
Presidio and aro caring for them.
Secret Conference Held On Board the
Cruiser Chester.
Gulfport, Miss., Jan. 3. President
Wilson sacrificed not a molecule ot
the nlr of mystery with which bo has
surrounded tho conference with Con
fidential Agent John Llnd, special ad
visor to tho American embassy at
Moxlco City. Instead of Mr. Llnd
coming ashore at Pass Christian and
making his promised "Importnnt re
port" to the president at the tempo
rary Whlto Houso, tho president
boarded tho revenue cutter Winona
and sailed out into tho Gulf of Mox
lco, where ho boarded tho United
States scout cruiser Chester, which
had transported Mr. Llnd from Vera
Cruz Tho conference was held In
the admiral's cabin of tho Chester.
Pays Ransom to Villa; Paroled.
El Paso, Tex., Jan. 3. General
Villa has released Luis Terrazas, Jr.,
from custody In tho state palace at
Chihuahua and is permitting him his
liberty upon tho streets of the capi
tal, Tho releaso of the young mil
lionaire on parole followed his sign
ing checks to tho vnluo of $250,000 In
favor of Villa and which Villa In
dorsed and put Into circulation a3
monoy at Chihuahua.
General Scott Fears No Trouble.
El Paso, Tex., Jan. 3. General
Hugh L. Scott, commanding the Unit
ed States border patrol, fears no
troublo in tho event of either Mexi
can army now fighting at Ojinaga
socking asylum In their retreat to
Texas. Ho Is satisfied that thoy will
surrender their arms at onco It thoy
come ovor and permit themselves to
bo intornod pending further orders.
Former Steel Magnate Dead.
Noiwnlk, O., Jan. 3. Chnrles It.
Brown, prominent business man n-fl
iormer president of tho Huron Steel
and Iron company, of this city, now
a part of tho Crucible Steel Company
ot America, died of pneumonia at his
homo hero. Mr. Drown is survived
by a widow and five children.
Journeay New U. of P. Captain.
Louis A. Young, who was ro-elected
captain of tho University of vPonnsyI
vnula football team, resigned tho cap
taincy and Albert Journeay was olect
ed In his place. Young will bo gradu
ated next June, but expected to return
to tho university for n postgraduate
course. On tho strength of this ex
pectation ho wns again chosen cuptaln,
but ho has slnco found that ho will
not bo nblo to return for tho extra
year of study. Journeay, tho new cap
tain, played right guard on the team
this year, ne is twenty-three years
old, and his home is nt Leoula, N. J.
Cleveland Citizens Indorse the City
Foundation Plan.
Cleveland, O., Jnn. 3. Plans for a
Cleveland foundntlon to admlhlstor
tho rovcrston of left-over woalth, In
tho Interest of tho community woro
ratified by tho dlroctors of tho Clove
land Tiust company, nftor thoy kaa
been approved by Mayor Nowtoo. D.V
Baker, Attorney Virgil P. Kline,
James It. Garfield and other proml
noril ofllclals and buslnoss" men.
Tho plan is tho idea Of President
P. H. Goff of tho Cleveland Trust
company. Goff estimated that under
tho arrangement thoro would bo avail
able $50,000,000 to ?100,000,000 for
public Improvements, educational en
terprises, scientific research and
charitable work In 25 years.
Tho foundation would bo In the
hands of tho Trust company as trus
tee, but would bo controlled by a
board of five, In tho choice of which,
tho mayor and Judges would have a
voice. Men of means wishing to
leavo money to worthy causes could
donate to tho foundation with assur
ance their wishes would be carried
out, Goff says.
If Tho Hague prove Inadequate, why
not submit Senor Hucrta's caso to the
national baseball commission?
That which Is known as Idlo curiosi
ty Is for tho most part active, wido
awake, sleepless and energetic.
3tato oi Olilo, oliy or Toledo, i
a Lucas County. f
Frank 'J. Cheney makes oath that ho is
sentor partner of tho firm of R J Cheney
& Co., dolns business In the Cltv ot To
ledo, County and Rate afoiesuM. anf
that Bald tlim will pay tho sum ot ONE.
UUNDRED DOLLARS for each and ev
ery caso of Catarrh that cannot bo cured
by the uso of HALL'S CATA.RIITI CURE.
Sworn to before mo nnd subscribed In
my presence, thl3 6th day ot December
A. D. 1SSC.
(Seal) A. W. C-LnAKON.
Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Curo Is taken Internally
and acta directly upon the' blood nnd mu
cous Burfaces of tho system. Send for
testimonials, free.
F. J. CHENEY fc CO.. Toledo, O.
Sold by nil Druplsts, 75c. fc,
Take Ilall's Family puis for constlpatluu.
will make: his
212th Visit to ML Vernon
, Jan, Qtb
Curtis Hotel? day only""
L. F. VOKE, PH. G., M. D.
Graduate, Ohio Statu University, Starilne Med.
leal College, American Collcseof Optometry. Eight
years ot Colleco and University training. Neorlj
twenty year cxporlenco In tha treatment ol
To Chronic affections of the Luci, Head,
Note, Throat, Kara, Ilroncliial Tubca, as Ca
tarrh, Consumption (early staaca),Bronchitl3, As
thma, Etc.
Stomach, Liver, Howell, ns Indigestion, Dy.
pcpiU, Biliousness, Constipation, Diarrhoea.
Blood, Heart, Suln, us llhomnatiDm, Ecin-.a,
Pimples, Blood Poison, Scrofula, Bad Blood, Etc.
Nerve, Spine, lirulu, ns Epilepsy, Sits, Nou.
ralg-la. Headache, Slecplesanesv.DIzzViess.Nervoui
Exhaustion, Despondency, Loss of Memory, Etc
Kidueyi, Bladder, Prostate, as Diabetci
Bright s Disease, InOammatlon of Kidneys ctic
Bladder, Etc
Piles and Varioooelo treated without uso ol
unite or dotention from business.. '
No matter what tho disease, if it is ahrortc
ni.i.u,vvpiiuip to name creatment. Ton urc
luvitcd to cull roiardinfl it. '
Defective vision Is often caused by dlseaso
Glasses fitted and furnished.
.. Dr- V?,V.0'8 "Trsatment hHno P'n" Is not s
currt-all remedy. Each case Is treated separate.
ly with remedies adapted to each Individual. N
humlllotlmr examinations. No operations. Rem.
odles are harmless and can be used privately. Con
sultation free and confidential.
Dr. Vole wants a private, hcart-to-hcart tall
with every man who Is weak, nervous, broken
down, discouraged, orauITcrlnir from any dlscast
caused by Ig-noranco, excesses, contagion, inccm.
petont treatment or naslcct. Write or call for my
f reo book on box hyrfnno entitled "A Physlciaii'i
Advioe to Ills Son." Contains Information that
every parent nnd youne man should know. Do not
Rive up. For years I havo been bulldlnjr up net.
vous. broUn down men.
Which Includes medicines. Do not pay more than
15.00 por month until you havo called and iavesti.
Bated my methods.
Why Consult Dr. Voko?
mnnent practlco and reputation.
.i nraeuco is limited to Chronic DIseass
and he has spent practically all his llf o In the study
and treatment of them.
,U,.,iirfc,,c,9SnJ,;t' maln'y "t iomr-stondlnai
cases who have failed to socuro satisfaction else:
At l.Ha .tl.aa.fnna.L. t.l ...
,. -r, -, - ; ." v-.i ....... ui urn pauenia are scM
to him by former patrons.
ii ue ininai hocannot benefit you ho will say bov
r,,ri, r... i . j"m "n cure-au" remedies.
Sr.ntl ,L:Si.J!,"SSI"lS,,..,W remedies
dSBfinT.a3ded'. "uu,u- '"i0" "ncb
,Pr', Yoke's best references are his many I J
friends and. patients, the result of nearl taSSJX M
years practice in this community. 1
ofhi. TJiJA' -
SJii.".?""'' Thot In no case does ho chsiie
"? than S5.00 per month. Your cue will "
onAlowt"KpVeTI.k,.et rracUcal
o ... L' F' VOKE M- D.

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