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(troTpw4Ti.5c f .
ImrTo Heal a
StuMKKTi Abscess
A Home Method Sure to Re
store Flesh to Natural
Tlere nro some very valuable facts for, nil
who have any blood trouble with external
Do not caret any sore go as to Inter
fere with perspiration and the formation
f protective scabs. Keep It clean and
bandaged. If It Is a stubborn case, flush
your blood with S. S. S. Tbls famous
blood purillcr works wonders. And you
can easily rIto your blood a good, thorough
cleansing by using S. 8. S. Then- Is no
need for anjonc to be despondent over tbo
Illness of blood Impurities. No matter
liow badly tbey altacl the system or how
unsightly becomes the skin. Just. remember
there Is one Ingredient In 8. 8. H. that so
BtimuUtes the cellular tissues throughout
the body that each selects its own essential
nutriment from tbo blood,
i Do not fnll to get a bottle of 8. S. S.
to-day. If your abscess Is of such a nature
that you would like to consult a specialist,
write to the medical department, The Swift
Specific Co., 214 Swift Laboratory, Atlanta,
Beware of any attempt to sell you some
thing else for tho blood. Many people
have been Imposed upon by having beme
mineral mixture palmed off on them. Ask
for S. H. H. and Insist that 9. S. S. Is
what you propose to get.
r Tit
to plow around the same old
stump and boulders year af
ter year?
? We want you to know that
it doesn't, when you can buy
10c a slick
One stick will probably blow
out a good sized stump.
Bogardus & Co.
42 years on W. Side Square
tOfflc Rogera' buiMUg, No. 112 Soutt
Mall) .udet, Mt. Verno, Ohio. Room
and 3, second floor. v
All buslnoks of legal nature glvax
prompt attention aid especially tc
practice In tho Probate Court. Ofllc
No. 9 East High street, Mt Vernoa, 0
New Phoe, Offlco 104,
Office and residence, 18 East Viae ttt
CiUsexs' "phone G2, Office noue: 1
eo i ana 7 to X p. m.
Bell 2D3 R.
if you own anything, have
It Insured.
Citizens' 'Phone 231 Red.
6 'East Gambler street, Mt. Vernoa, O
At The County Court House
Tuesday Morning ,
Ceremony Performed In Pro
life Judge's Office
Patrick Boyle Is Released
Froi County Jail
Local Attorneys 60 To New
ark To Attend Court
Other Items Of Interest From
The Court House
A marriage ceremony was conduct
ed in the private offlco of Probate
Judge Wilklns at the Knox county
court house Tuesday morning at nine
o'clock the contracting parties being
Mr. William H. Patterson, retired
farmer of Fredericktown, and Mrs.
EUennetta Simpson of Howard.. The
ceremony was performed by tho
Rev. J. A. Long, pastor of the Vine
stieet Church of ChriBt. The wit
nesses to the ceremony were Judge
Wilkins and Mr. h. J. Duke, deputy
in the probate judge's office. Mr. and
Sirs. Patterson left Tuesday morning
for Fredericktown where they will re-
bide in the future.
Released From. Jail
Patrick Boyle of Mt. Vernon, who
has been confined in the county jail
since the February grand jury re
turned an indictmpnt charging him
ith assault and battery, was released
fiom jail Tuesday morning on his own
recognizance upon the orders of Pros
ecuting Attorney Cromley. Boyle
pleaded guilty to the charge before
Judge Jewell some weeks ago, but on
account of the fact that his case can
not bo tried until sometime in May,
the prosecutor decided to release the
riitoner on Tuesday morning.
Attorneys Go To Newark
A number of Mt. Vernon attorneys
went to Newark Tuesday to attend the
sessions of the cotirt of appeals. Com
mencing Tuesday and continuing for
the remainder of the week the court
of uppeals will hear cases from this
county. A number of cases from this
county have been assigned for the
cricktown, and Mrs. EUennetta Simp
son, Howard, Rev. J. A. Long.
Dcedi Filed
Harry J. McOugin to Ida J. McQug
lit, t.I)3 acres In College, $1.
Sllnp McManus to W. W. Young, lot
in city, $1.
llobcrt M, Taylor to David Y Tay
lr, !ot In city, '1.
Jlargaret M. Weir to David Y. Tay
lor, lot in city, ,1.
.1 CJ. Lonoy to Asa R. Heal, parcel
lr Pike ?3,CO0.
Asa R. Deal to Charles M. Lsedy,
parcel in Pike, $3,610.
"W. C. Alsdorf to Calvin W. Ftost-,
lot in Fairvlew, fl.
Angry At Oxford Because
They Can't Dance Tango
Oxford, O., March 31 Miami "Uni
versity girl students are angry. For
montns me lango ana otner mouern
dancGS were barred at social assem
blies. Then Miss Dione Ideson, a pro
fessional tnngoist, was brought here
and demonstrated to the censors that
the tango wasn't so "wicked" after all.
Announcement followed that the
dances would be tolerated provided
the students learned to dance them
correctly. Arrangements were made
for Miss Ideson to open a school of
instruction. Now comes the word
from headquarters that no girl student
shall attend the dancing school until
she secures the written consent of her
parents to learn the new dances.
Straight At It
There is no use of our "beating
around tho bush." We might as well
out with it flrst as last. We want you
to try Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
the next time you ha've a cough or
cold. There is no reason so far as
we can see why you should not do so.
This preparation by its remarkable
cures has gained a world wide repu
tation, and people everywhere speak
of it in the highest terms of praise,
It Is for sale by all dealers
Farms and clt7 property bought, ioW
and OJchanged. Properties rented an
rents collected. Fire insurance a apt
olalty. Representing 14 old rellabl
stock companies. Accident insurance
live stock insurance. Plato glass is
BUrance, uutomobile Insurance, la fact
wo can Insuro nny property you ma)
havo. Surety bondo of all kladi. Cal!
and see us. Room 1 Slpe bldg., Soutt
Main st. CU. 'phone No. 447 BUclc:
Luther m. stream Wm. F. Rlmoi
t "I
Mr. Thomas Brown of Columbus,
formerly of Mt. Vornon was in tho
city today. Mr. Brown is now travel
ing for tho United States Oil Company
af Cleveland.
Suit For Damages
Dublnsky Brothers have commenced
a suit for damages in the court ol
common pleas of Knox county against
the Pennsylvania Railroad Company.
The plaintiffs allege that they sold a
carload of scrap iron to the Capital
City Iron & Metal Company of Co
lumbus for $427.50 and that the iron
was sent in a car over the Pennsyl
vania railroad. The allegation is made
that the bill of lading was never de
livered by the railroad company to the
defendant and that the latter went in
to bankruptcy just about tho time the
iron was received. The plaintiffs be
lieve that they have been damaged to
the extent of ?427,B0 apd accordingly
bring the suit against the railroad
company to recover the amount. L.
Tato Cromley for the plaintiffs.
Annuals fyre Ready
County Auditor Riley states that a
large supply of Arbor Day annuals
Ji.'ive been received at the oillce and
cie r-ow ready for distribution among
t':o r.chool teacherB of the county.
First Partial
A first partial account has been
filed in probate by Daniel Keller and
. M. Stewart, administrators of L. S.
P-irger, showing the following; Re
ceived $978.42, paid out ?774.1C, bal-
nice ?204.2G.
Inventory and Appraisement
In the matter of the estate of James
Scott, an inventory and appraisemont
has ben filed, showing the following:
Personal property $4C,7G, moneys
52.R27. 59, securities $1,941 .CC. Total
Marriage License
William II. Patterson, farmer, Fred
J ! 4 4 4 ! ? ! ! ! 4
4 4 4 4 4 4 ! 4 4 4 4 4
A very pleasant k.. prie was given
Mr. and Mm. K. A, Conner at their
home on the Oranvllle road, on Friday
ovcnlng, March 27, when about thirty
of their friends assembled and gave
them a farewell party, as Mr. and Mrs.
Cosner nnd family aro soon to leave
for their home near Hunts Station.
Games and music furnished tho
amusements and delirious refresh
ments were served Mr. Chas, Bell
in a very happy manner presented to
the host and liostpFB a very beautiful
framed picture on behalf of tho friends
assembled and although taken by sur
prlpe, Mr. Coener responded with an
appropriate ppcech in which he ex
pressed his appreciation and thanks
with an appropriate speech in which
he expressed his appreciation and
thanks for the remc-mbrance Those
present were: Mr and Mrs. Wiley
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Bell, Mas
ter Willis Bellf'Mr and Mrs. Harry
Shellenberger, Miss Madge Snellen
berger, Mr. Harley Nelden, Mr. and
Mrs. W. R. WingMr and Mrs. Chas.
Davis, Mrs. Pipes and son, Mrs. Cora
George, Mis3 Ruth George, Mr. and
Mrs. M. M. Kelly,, Miss Margaret
Kelly, Mr. and Mr Sterling Johnson,
Mr. and Mrs. Rj,,A Cosner, Messrs.
James and Edward Cosner and Misses
Corit'a and Eva.Cosner
For toy's Army
Akron, O., March 31 Akron is to
be a recruiting station for "General '
Jacob S. Coxey's army of unemployed.
The adyance guard has begun to
Mayor Rockwell says he will not
prohibit the gathering1 of the recruits
as long as they are peaceable. Chief
Police Durkin says he will welcome
the coming of the division of Coxey's
army, believing some of the hoboes
will disappear.
Found a Cure for Rheumatism
"I suffered with rheumatism for two
years and could not get my right hand
to my mouth for that length of time,"
writes Leo E. Chapman, Mapleton,
Iowa. "I suffered terrible pain so I
could not sleep or lie still at night.
Five years ago I began UBing Cham
berlain's Liniment and in two months
I was well and have not suffered with
rheumatism since." For sale by all
! & t ! tji j t
Fener K. Robertson
Fener K. Robertson died quite sud
denly of heart trouble at his home in
Mt. Liberty Monday evening at 5:30
o'clock. Ho liad been in ill health for
some time, but was able to be up and
about the house on Monday. Ho was
p. painter by trade and was born Oc
tober 28, 1847. He leaves his wife,
one daughtor and three sons.
The funeral services will bo hold
Wednesday afternoon at 1 o'clock.
Mrs. Thoma3 Ryan
Mrs. Thomas Ryan died at her
home in Fredericktown Tuesday morn
ing at 2 o'clock after an illness of
over fourteen months' duration. She
was over 50 years of ago at tho time
of her death and is surived by her
husband. Tho funeral services at
Ankneytown Thursday afternoon at 2
o'clock. Interment in the Ankney
town cemetery.
i Harry Hess
Harry Hobs died at his home in
Bladensburg Tuesday morning at
10:30 o'clock after un illness of one I
week His death was caused by
pneumonia. He was 21 years of age
and is survived by his father -rd i
mother and one brother.
In Time Of Passenger Trains
On Tlie Pennsy, Sunday
Official notice was received by
Agent Cheyneyof the Pennsylvania
Lines Tuesday of the new passenger
schedule which goes Into effect next
Sunday. There arc a number of
changes In the time of trains through
Mt. Vernon.
The Young6town train, onth bound
at 11 03 a. m , and north bound at
C U p. m. will be discontinued.
The Bouth bound train duo at pros
Tit at 7:25 a m., will be due under
the new schedule at about 8.30 a. m
The north bound train now due hero
at 030 p, m.. will be ono hour later
under the n&w schedule, arriving here
at C:30 p. m.
The south bound fast train now duo
at 12:35 p. m will be due Bt at 12:00
o'clock, noon, under the new schedule.
There are practically no other
changes In the timo of tho other
A daughter was born Monday eve
ning to Dr. and Mr3. S. E. Deeley.
, .Funeral Directors
! and
Ambulance service day or
Prorrpt attention given to al
H. J.
Citizens' 'phone 371 B : Bell 243
4 N. Main St.
Mt. Vernon, O.
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Cluck of Get
tysburg, Pa., are' visiting with Mr.
and Mrs. 3. R. Martin of Gambler.
Mr. John George' went to Columbus
Tuesday morning to make a short
business visit.
Miss Marie Berry is spending the
week in ML Vernon with Mr. and
Mrs, George Stahl. Newark Advocate.
Mrs. Harry Dickerson of Louisville,
Ky., is visiting with relatives in Mt.
Mr. S. M. Crouch of North Main
street went to Coshocton today cu
legal business. ,
Mr. Edward Tigner of Parkersburg,
West Virginia, wa.s a business visitor
in Mt. Vernon Monday.
Mrs. Charles Barnett of East Chest
nut street went to Gambler Tuesday
morning to spend the day with relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. JCell Knode have re
turned from Columbus where they
were called by .heleath of his sister,
Mrs, Anna iMeedles.,,
Misses Carlotta jWpiverton and Ger
trude Lytle are home from tho Co
lumbus School for Girls to spend the
spring vacation.
Misses Ethel and Eunice Cooper re
turned home today from a sojourn of
four weeks in Washington, New York
and other eastern cities.
Air. and Mrs. George M. Fleming
and tw6 children of Cambridge, Ohio,
were called to Mt. Vernon Monday
afternoon by the serious illness of Mr.
Edward Brown.
Miss Julia Schiappacasse and Mr.
Fred Schiappaccasse of East Chestnut
street went to Canton Tuesday morn
ing to attend the funeral of Mrs. An
tonio Guani. '
Mrs. S. M. Crouch of North Main
street and sister, Mrs. Allen Bebout
and son of Harrison township, re
turned Saturday night from Ashville,
North Carolina, where they spent tho
Miss Margaret Matthows went to
Newark Wednesday morning, to visit
for a few days with Miss Mabel
Mr. and Mrs. George Crawford of
Shelby, Ohio, vere visitors in the city
over Tuesday.
35 h. p. Engine
114 in. wheel base
33x4 tires
Electric lights through
This is the 1914 car that is so far ahead of all competitors as to place
it absolutely in a class by itself; co mpare it with any car costing $1250
3yi3 TTvn tttiI -R-nA ..... m conn : i i
u.xit jww ytai uuu jr vw will mvc 90UU 111 Utiyillg
F. J. Harris, Prop
Prepare to
enjoy its exhila
rating frosts by
making your blood rich,
pure and active to pre
vent colds, grippe
and rheumatism.
Good blood prevents sickness
and Scott's Emulsion will energize
your blood and create reserve
strength to endure changing
Scott's Emulsion is not an
experiment but hasserved humanity
faithfully for forty years; it contains
the purest cod liver oil free from
alcohol or stupefying drugs.
Scott's Emulsion is nature's
greatest blood-maker and furnishes
the elements necessary for body
warmth, rich blood and healthy
circulation. .
Shun alcoholic tubttilutes and demand
the genuine Scott's EmuUion
Our stock is complete and we invite your early inspection of Wall Paper,
Moulding, Floor Oil Cloth, Linoleum, Matting, Window Shades, Curtain Poles, out
side and inside paint, Floor Stains, Liquid Veneer, brighten-all, dinner ware and
This season has brought forth many striking effepts with cut-out borders,
tracers and panel effects ai such low prices thaf it is surprising ,hbw clieap you can
decorate your home.
Owing to the increasing demand for cut-outs we have installed an electric
cut-out machine that enables to produce the effects much cheaper than heretofore.
We have spent much money to screen the patterns so you can see .just how the
paper will look on your room and enable you to make your selection much easier.
We are showing a strong line of 5c and 6yc papers, 9 in. border 2c per yard.
Compare them with anything on the market, they are better than any 8c paper sold
from sample books. Cheaper grades 2yc up, border lic per yard and up.
Buy room moulding from us and protect your walls, it is saving "money. 2c per
foot and up, cove moulding 12!c to 15c per foot.
Linoleum, printed 45c per square yard. 1. iy2, 2, 2, 3 and 4 yards wide.
Take careful measurement of your room and we will fit it without waste. Inlaid lin
oleum 90c per square yard. 2 yards wide only.
Just received our spring stock and are selling a good quality matting 15c to
35c. Color-fast matting, absolutely warranted not to fade, if it does we will make
you a present of it and we mean what we say. We are backed up by the firm that
makes it and have also made a thorough test ourselves. We have it in blue, green
and tan, it is reversible.
Our window shades are made of the best material, mounted on a guaran
teed roller. 6 ft. shade 25c, 7 ft. shades 35c and 45c. We have all widths to match
narrow shades. Curtain poles 10c to 50c, wood or brass.
Bradley & Vrooman Co. house paint is made by a firm that has been in busi
ness for thirty years. You buythis pain t and apply it according to directions and
we will give you a gold band guarantee that it will be satisfactory or we will replace
same free of charge. $1.90 per gal.
Full line of Perma-Lac floor stain, varnish for furniture and woodwork,
best made. Half pints, pints and quarts. There is merit in this line and we want
your business.
Call and see our line of dinner-ware. Our mammoth business in this line
enables us to keep the latest patterns made in dinnerware, nt the lowest prices,
quality considered.
We carry Rogers & Hamilton silve rware, sectional plate. Each piece carries
a guarantee to be satisfactory or your m oney back. Compare prices and quality.
Ask for our cash coupons. $25.00 worth gets you seven pieces of hand paint
ed china.
-' . m
Frank E. Kirby, Mt. Vernon, O
v. n
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