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The Democratic banner. (Mt. Vernon, Ohio) 1898-192?, April 07, 1916, Image 2

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' r3FT"TW'5 Ji.-.
ir ,"iw
K W "
Reflected In Articles Of In
corporation Filed
'He Increose Being Away
Above The Average
-fiovernor Interferes With In
dustrial Commission
M Tyler, Negro, Candidate
For National Delegate
Comes Back At Willis Over
Their War "Record"
Columbus, O., April 5 Records in
tho ofllco of tho secretary of stato for
tho Increases nnd additions of busi
ness capital In tho stnte, slow tho
month just closed to have boon tho
banner month In Ohio's history. This
'is not only reflecting tho activity of
tho prosont, but mora tho confidence
in tho future and shows that plans are
laid and money ready to go ahead
'with nil sorts of enterprise.
Now companies for profit number
.335, n great increase over the aver
'ago. Authorized now capital Is $19,
4)00,200 for theso companies. Greater
.allowing is in tho increases of old com
panies which reached tho total ot $81,
1OC.O00. This mnkos tho gross in
fcrcaso for March $100,100,200, which
is a llttlo over ?.'!,000,000 for unch bus
'inosH day. Tho reductions authorized
woro 1,S79,100, leaving (ho net in
'crojiso 98,22(!,720.
Jn tho business race this tlmu Toledo
toot first honors because ot tho tro
HicndouH lncrunso of ono company.
'Clovoland, Cincinnati and Columbus
-ranked In order.
iVlutt a tangled wob wo wonvo whon
flrat tvo practise to decelvo! Ohio's
isood young governor assorts that ho
demolished tho law which required tho
consent of tho chlof executive, to np
polntmontH In stnto departments. Ho
-nald do openly from tho stump and the
jprnoa bureau operated, by stato em
VtoyoB has repeated tho declaration
'countless times in cold typo. Hut on
ly this week the stnto civil service
commission, created by himself, showH
nax nntlroly different stato ot facts.
TKhomas Amburg, export oxnmlnor of
teis under the stnto Industrial com
BBiMslon, wns discharged by explicit
'arders of Gov. Willis. Then ho took
Itoo civil service oxumlnutlon In com
'.Ut!oii with tho man whom tho gov
minor had personally chosen as his
awocuBHor. Ho (InlBhod first and wns
eortiflod for reappointment. Hut tho
Ktutu Industrial commission, as tins
inwHird will show, was prohibited from
-appointing because tho governor, "ex--cruising
the powors conferred upon
Mm by law" rofusod to approve tholr
-action. What's tho use or being mealy
"mouthed? There's somn plain unadul
Unruled lying going on. Tho Ambom
case Is not nn Isolnted ono. Tho civil
jusrvle commission's books will show
tlliat there was novor a more persistent
and plcayiiuluh headhuntnr than the
jrroacnt governor of Ohio.
- o
Ralph W. Tyler; the negro caudldnto
-for dclegato-at-largo to tho Republican
convention, has boon chldod by tho
press bureau operated In Gov. WIIHb'
oSlco. Ho has boon told to romombor
Ikat tho governor's father wn nn old
oiainr and his mother wns burdened
will the euro of a family during tho
cWU war. Tyler's reply Is that his
'UUior, who was born In Columbus,
was .also u soldier nnd his mother was
mho burdoned with tho the euro of n
family during tho period of strlfo. Ills
'i-esponso to tho slap that ho boenmu a
candidate without pormlsslon Is tho re
calling of tho published fact that Gov.
Willis demanded of Sonator Hut ton
and Harry M. Dnughorty that ho bo
placed upon tho dolegutlon at largo as
a; price of his endorgomont of tho
Cleveland candidate In othor words
to nominated himself, says Tyler.
Ono of tho nntl-alato candidates re
ferring to tho campaign of tho good
young governor and his claim that ho
4s a sou of a civil war veteran re-
piles: "Every tub should stand on
Its own bottom." How unkind nnd
Ono of tho charges against tho Dem
ocratic governorship candidate In 1914
was that no had rented extravagant
quarters for tho state printer's depart
ment. This was circulated by tho
True, or Glue, Democracy league, ot
which E. A. Crawford was tho chnlr-
man, Mr. Crnwfora was at ono nine
nubile nrlntcr. Tho row between him
nnd tho present incumbent of tho of-
llct!. J. E. Cross, bring to light tho
fact that tho quarters were leased by
Mr. Crawford boforo James M. Cox
was oven a candidate for nomination.
In tho Infamous "red book" of the
league wns a photograph ot these ex-
nenslve quarters nnd Mr. Crawford cir
culated It throughout tho state in com
pany with Francis Bnrtlott Willis,
both knowing that tho allegation was
a monstrous falsehood. Now tho
chickens aro coming home to roost.
Crnwford Is accusing tho Willis ap
pointee of hiring still more expensive
quarters in a theatre building. Hut
who can bollevo any of them? Falso
In one thing, falso in all things!
o "
On demand of tho governor, Jurl
man Hudson, proprietor of tho famous
Starlight snloon in Clovoland, has tuk
en his placo as nn oil inspector. Hud
son, well known colored politician, had
tho endorsement of tho Davis-Mascltke
organization. Tho decent colored men
asked that any ono else that Hudson
bo appointed. Now they nsk retaliation
against what thoy term the Insult
handed them.
Against The Foot And Mouth
Disease Ended
Washington, D. C, April C Tho
long fight ngalnst tho foot-and-mouth
dlseaso 1b ovor. Tho Secretary of Ag
riculture has. issued nn order which
on March 31 removes all foot-nnd-moulh
quarantines and rostrictloun
against tho shipment and movomont of
live stock. Tho order signed npcclflc
ally removes tho quarantine from a
smnll territory in Christian County, Il
linois, tho last area which was under
suspicion. Along with tho removal of
this local quarantine tho various Fed
oral orders restricting shipment of
cattle aro rescinded, so that dcnlors
can now ship their cuttle as beforo tho
first qiiaraullno was imposed.
Upon notification that tho United
States Is freo from tho disease, all
foreign governments which havo plac
ed embnrgoes on American cnttlo nro
oxpocted to removo thoso embnrgoes,
so that cattlo ralsors will then be able
to rosumo shipmerits to thoBO forolgn
Tho magnitude of tho work of eradi
cation and control catrlcd on by farm
ers, shippers, and tho Stato nnd Fed
ernl Governments is shown by tho
fact that boforo controlled, tho dlsenso
hnd gained a temporary footing in 22
Stntcs and tho District of Columbia.
Tho dlsoaso appenrcd and was con
trolled In 2CU dllToront counties.
Tho importanco to tho stock rnlsing
Industry of eradicating foot-nnd-mouth
dlseaso may bo Judged from tho rosults
of this plague In Denmark, whero tho
dlsenso appeared at about tho same
tlmn that it hroko out In tho United
States. Tho nroa of Denmark is ap
proximately cqunl to that of tho tliroo
Now England States Mnssnchusotts,
Connecticut, nnd llhodo Island. It Is,
howovor, u groat dairying country, and
It has boon estimated that (he losses
In milk In ono year caused by tho foot-and-mouth
dlseaso hnvo amounted to
npproxlmatoly one-third of tho totnl
cost of eradicating tho pestilence In 22
states of this country. Tho Danish
authorities wero unable- to carry out
tholr formor polloy of slaughter, and
woro compelled to rosort to such mono
ures of control us could bo established
by quarantines and othor rostrlctlouB.
As a result of bettor understanding
between tho stnto and nutlonnl govern
ments, representatives of tho dopnrt
mont bellovo thnt many ot tho obstac
les which confronted tho authorities In
tho past outbreak would not bo en
countered in donllng with any futtiro
occurronco of tho dlseaso. Tho votor
Innrlons, howovor, will not abate their
watchfulness for some tlmo. Examln
ntlon of animals and animal products
ofTorod for Import will continue to ho
unusaully strict. Tho department,
howovor, particularly urges nil farm
ers nnd cnttlo handlors to notify their
stnto votorlnarlans nnd tho depart
ment of Any suspicious cases of sore
mouth eomhhied with lameness In tholr
animals, Thoso In chnrgo of tho erad
ication work nro conflaont that tho
dlsoaso is wiped out, but thoy wish to
uso evory precaution to detect nnd
control any sporadic enses that may
dovolop In romoto districts.
That La Crosso, Wis., man who tried
to swap a stolon blblo for n drink of
whisky had a good word for tho bartender.
Joseph W. Hancock Is Leader of the
Lodge for Ensuing Year
Appointments Announced.
Joseph W. Hancock was Installed
exalted ruler of Mt. Vernon lodge No.
140, Benevolent Protective Order of
Elks, at tho regular meeting Tuesday
Other oincers who wero elevated to
their positions by Past Exalted Itulor
George S. AllBpaugh wero as follows:
Esteemed leading knight, Herbert B.
Spnngler; esteemed loyal knight,
Henry M. Zulandt; esteemed lectur
ing knight, Elvln Thompson; secre
tary, William C. Appleton; treasurer,
Li. A. Culbortson; tyler, George E.
Hnrrls; trustee, John J. Pfouts; del
egate, John J. L'fouts.
Itetiring Exalted Ruler John J.
Pfouts delivered a very Impressive
oration on Elkdom, following a strong
speech on tho part of the newly In
stalled head ofllcer.
Exalted Ruler Hancock then an
nounced tho following appointments:
House committee Park D. Worloy,
John M. Woollson, Charles L. Mild,
Stophen J. Dorgan, Robert W. Stnuf-
for and Charles A. Stoinhoff.
Social session committee Frank
Eox, Guy L. Buckingham, James H.
Latta, Julius W. Headlngton and Jo
soph Trimble. '
Library committee Ralph Porch,
Cyril F. Allerdlng, Joseph Meyers nnd
Daniel H. Odell.
Sick and relief committee Josoph
W. Hancock, Alvln G. Mild, Fred J.
Lawlor and Dr. S. E. Dceloy.
Auditing committee Benjamin R.
Parker, Frank Pnrrott and C. G.
Chaplain David II. Tuttle.
Esquire Herbert. W. Hancock.
Inner Guard O. Guy Taylor.
Pianist Donald II. Harper.
Tho meeting was followed by a
very pleasant social session.
An example will bo inado of cortuln
boyB who Jmvo been accustomed to
throw stones through windows of tho
Coopor engine works and tho Mt. Ver
non Bridge works, Juvonllo Officer
Patrick Purcoll stated Wednesday.
Tho practlco has gone hoyond the
mom accidental stage, tho officer ro
ports, as any number of windows In
thoso places havo been brokon recent
ly. Not long ago, a stono wns thrown
through a window In tho brldgo works
nnd It narrowly missed a man work
ing nt n bench.
Tho ofllcer does not proposo to tol
erate such mallclousnoss and will
make an example of some of tho boys.
AftSr a sovornl hours' search
Tuesday aftornoon, Juvonllo Olllcor
Patrick Purcoll finally locatod on tho
public squnro two smnll boys, aged
four and flvo years respectively, who
had strayed from tholr homo on tho
west sldo of tho city.
Olllcor Purcoll had much difficulty
In Identifying tho youngstors, owing
to tho fact that ono, hnd nn Impedi
ment In his speech which mado hJa
statomonts somewhat inaudible Tho
tender years of both mado their
spooch not at all clear.
Tho children wero finally Idontlllod
nnd taken back to tholr homo, much
to tho joy of tholr anxious rolntlves.
1, Lowest rates.
2. Best terms.
H. Prompt in closing loans.
I. Borrowers nro pormlttod to repay
in wholo or In part at any time.
ti. Will loan on homos In Columbus
or on farms In control Ohio.
0. On pnymonts of 100 or ovor, In-
torcst ccasos at onco.
7. Cnll nnd Investigate. Assots $10,-
400,000. Flvo per cent pnld on
tlmo deposits.
A headlight on an automobile Is of
llttlo uso If thero Is a light head nt
tho stearins gear.
New York, April 5 The Duko of,
ConnauchtEovernor-genernl of Cnn-
ndn, with his daughtor, Princess Pa
tricia, and posbimy nccompanied by.
tho duchess, arc expected- In Now
York today to net us patrons of tho
Red Cross tea garden nt tho Inter
national Flower Show, which opened
today. The Canadian Red Cross will
tnko part In tho flower show, together
with tho American Red Cross and a
dozen relief organizations 'that nro
doing war- relief work.
Pills Best for Liver
Becnuso they contain tho best liver
medlclnos, no matter how bitter or
nauseating, for tho sugar coating
hides tho taste. Dr. King's Now Life
Pills contain Ingredients that put tho
liver working, move the bowels free
ly. No gripe, no nausea, aid dlgos
tlon. Just try a bottlo of Dr. King's
Now Llfo Pills and notlco how much
better you feel. 25c at your druggist.
. 4.
Logan, O., April 5 Tho annual con
vention of the mine-workers of tho
Hocking coal district, always known
ns tho basing district of the state In
tho coal Industry, opened hero today.
Tho delegates expect to complete
their work by Saturday and to Join
with tho committee of operators in a
session next, week at which tho fu
ture basis of wages and employment
conditions will bo discussed.
The Aches of House Cleaning
Tho pain and soreness caused by
bruises, ovor-oxortlon and straining
during house cleaning time aro
sopthod away by Sloan's Liniment.
No need to suffer this agony. Just
apply Sloan's Liniment to tho sore
spots, rub ODly a llttlo. In a short
tlmo tho pain leaves, you rest com
fortably and enjoy a refreshing sleep.
Ono grateful user writes: "Sloan's
Liniment Is worth Its weight In gold."
Keep a bottle on hand, uso K against
all soreness, neuralgia and bruises.
Kills pain. 2Cc at your druggist.
Denver, April 5-Miss Joy Bailey,
daughter of Dr and Mrs. R. W. Bailey,
will bo tho brldo today ot Iluntor
Phelan of Phelnn, Tex., a wealthy
mino owner. Tho brldo is ono of tho
most prominent society girls of this
city, nnd tho groom Is tho son of Mrs.
A. C. Locke of Peoria, 111.
Watch Child's Couqhl
' Colds, running of nose, contlnuod
irritation of tho mucous membrane if
neglected, many mean catnrrh Inter.
Don't take tho chances do some
thing for your child! Children will
not tako evory medicine, but thoy will
tako Dr. King's Now Discovery and
without bribing or tensing. It's a
sweot pleasant Tar Syrup and so ef
fective. Just laxative enough to elim
inate tho wnsto poisons. Almost tho
first doso holps. Always prepared, no
mixing or fussing. Just nsk your
druggist for Dr. King's Now Discov
ery. It will safeguard your child
ngalnst sorlous nllmonts resulting
rrom colds.
4. .
Washington, April 5 Tho work ot
tho fedoral trndo commission In po
licing tho avenues of trndo begins In
doad oamost today, whon a hearlnc
will bo held on tho cases brought
against Now York and Philadelphia
thread concerns, who nro charged
with unfair business practices. Tho
members of thoso firms have boon
cited to appear today to show cnuso
why thoy should not bo restrained
from continuing tho allegod unfnlr
Tho complaints charge that tho
firms manufactured and sold memor
ized cotton thread ns "ollk," and thnt
tho product hnd no portion of silk. It
is charged that to brand this sewing
thread as "sowing silk" Is misleading,
and tho rival manufacturers havo
beon Injurod in tholr business.
Tho commission's complaint Bots
forth that "tho word silk when ap
plied to thread or toxtilo goods, both
In tho technical nnd popular usngo,
has a preclso and exact meaning, and
Is only accurately and proporly usod
In describing matorialB derlvod from
tho cocoon of tho silk worm."
Eczema Cured or Money Refunded
This gunrnntoo goes with ovory box
of Dr. Hobson's Eczema Ointment.
Mnkos no difference whother It's a
baby, child or agod. No matter how
long stnndlng tho case, tho guarantee
holds good, Cut out' this strip, go to
your druggist, gel; n box of Dr. Hob
son's Eezoina Ointment, uso It nn
dlrocted nnd If yon nro not fully sat
isfied, tho druggist or mnkor will re
fund your monoy. Try It Just onco -you
will bo happily surprised.
4. 4. 4. 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4-
4,4,4,4.4,4.4. 4. 4.4. 4, 4,4
Mr. Herbert Ewers of Bellvllle, vis
ited his aunt, Mrs. Allco Barnhnrt, In
this place last Tuesday.
Mr. D. M. Bruinbnch was In Pitts
burg on business tho past week.
Mrs. Ed, Blackburn nnd sons visited
relntlves In Mansfield last week.
Mrs. Etta Irvine nnd children, and
Mrs. Floyd Jones visited tho former's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Jackson,
nt this place, Tuesday of this week.
Miss Florence Welland, of Mt. Ver
non, was tho guest of Mrs. Dempsey
Goodell in Fredericktown last Mon
day. The missionary society of the Bap
tist church met with Mrs. Anna Haw
kins on Thursday of this week.
Miss Neva Goegley of Johnstown,
has taken a position with tho Bank
Hotel in Fredericktown. '
Mrs. William Montis went to Colum
bus on Sunday last, for a two weeks
visit with friends.
Miss Eula Johnson was a Mansfield
visitor a few days last week.
Mrs. Joe Wllsqn and daughter, Mrs.
Dan Brown, went to Westervllle and
Columbus on Tuesday, for a few days
Mrs. Fred D. Simons went to Colum
bus' on Tuesday for a fow days visit
with Mrs. J. B. McGaughoy.
Mrs. J. H. Norrlck and daughter,
Miss Grace, were Mt. Vernon visitors
on Tuesday last.
Miss Ethel Snow, ono of tho teach
ers in the Fredericktown schools,
spent her vacation at Monroe Mills, O.
Miss Gertrude James and mother,
Mrs. Chas. Spohn of Mt. Vernon, spent
Inst week with friends at Akron, O.
Mrs. Alice Barnhnrt visited with
Mrs. Hattle Barnhart in tho country,
tho past week.
Mr. William Lolman, Mr. Harry Hall
and Mr. W. S. Rinehart of Gambler,
were Fredericktown visitors on Tues
day, last.
Mrs. Emma Barton of Frederick
town, visited with Mrs. L. G. Frnzier at
Ankenytown tho past week.
Mrs. P. J. Cummings was operated
on for appendicitis at Mt. Carmel hos
pital in Columbus on Monday and at
this writing is reported as recovering
as well as could bo expected. Mrs.
Ida Davis and Mr. Wllmot Taylor who
wero opernted on at tho same hospital
nro also conveloscent.
Tho Pythian Sisters held a box social
at tho K. of P. hall on Tuesday even
ing of this week.
Mrs. J. F. Amos visited with rela
tives at Ankenytown Inst week.
Miss Llllle Dcbolt visited with Mr.
nnd Mrs. Carl Swank nt Ankneytown
last week.
Mrs. LIzzio Deal and Miss Ella Teet
er, of Ankneytown, visited with friends
In Fredericktown tho past week.
Report "has It that State officials
from Columbus wero In Fredericktown
the past week Investigating the sew
orago conditions hero. It is said ar
rangements will soon havo1 to be mado
to supply this ylllago with a complete
sewerage system. This is going to bo
a big expense if tho Stato insists up
on this improvement, owing to tho
numerous hills upon which tho town
is built. Ono thing thnt tho authori
ties should do Is to Insist upon hav
ing nil sowers built in tho alleys and
thus save tho streets when tho tlmo
comes for having them paved.
Mr. Chestor Morrln nnd Mr. C. W.
Dnily of Ankenytown, woro In Freder
icktown last Monday.
Mr. G: R. Smith of Mt. Vernon, was
In Fredorlcktown on business on Wed
nesday. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Deal of Ank
enytown, vlBlted with Mr. and Mrs.
Georgo Murphy Inst Sunday. -
Mr. and Mrs. Dalo Askins of Dela
ware, 0 visited with tho formor's par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Fletchor Askins,
last weok.
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Poorman moved
their goods to Fredericktown on Mon
day of this week.
Mrs. J. B. Footo nnd Mrs. J. W. An
ders ontortalned a company of forty la
dles at a six o'clock dinner on Tuosday
evening of last weok.
Mr. Harry Groff, who has beon bnck
from Michigan visiting his family In
Fredericktown, returned Monday.
Mrs. Ilerbort Footo, of Bollvlllo, vis
Ited with her parents. Mr. nnd Mrs.
Bradloy Mann, last week.
Miss Eulalla Hyatt, who has beon
toachlng in tho public schools nt Uh
rlchsvlllo. 0., visited with her pnrents,
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hyatt, during the
spring vncatlon.
Tho Sunday school cIbbs of Miss Hel
en Albright was entertained by Carrlo
nnd Henrietta Boal nt their homo last
Wednesday nfternoon.
Mr. nnd Mrs. J. B. Foot visited last
Thursday with Rev. and Mrs. J. B.
Jones, formerly ot this placo, but now
of Worthlngton, Ohio.
Mrs. G. L. Mnrplo was callod to Utlcn
last week by the lllnoss of her mother,
Mrs. G. B. McLnughlln.
Tho B. & o. station has discarded
gns lights and is now thoroughly light
ed by electricity, nlso thq platform,
which Is a decided improvement nnd
will bo appreciated by tho traveling
Mrs. John Stnrmor and daughtor.
Lona, of Mt. V.ernon, nnd Mrs. R. C.
Zohurs, of Nownrk, visited with Fred
ericktown friends a few days tho paBt
Mrs. Charlotte Dickey recently pur
chased tho P. J. Cnmmlngs property on
south Main street.
4, 4. 4. 4. 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4'
4,4,4,4,4,4,4,4,4.4, 4. 4,4,4,
Mr. Grover Harris, a young farmer
residing near hero, and Miss Evnllno
Schooler, a highly esteemod school
teacher, wero united In marriage by
Rev. J. A. Long at Mt. Vernon Satur
day, April 1. They will reside at Mt.
Miss Hazel Scolcs spent Friday
night and Saturday with her grand
parents, Mr. and Mrs. William
Mr. and Mrs. Percy Donahey are
moving to Danville this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Van WInklo are
moving on the Clyde Thompson furm.
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Harris of Wind
ing Fork spent Sundny with Mr. nnd
Mrs. Georgo Hnrrls.
Carl Harris Is assisting Mr. and
Mrs. Benjamin Johns In moving to
their now home nt Hunts Station.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Clark Schooler pleas
antly entertained a number of friends
Sunday evening In honor ot Mr. and
Mrs. Grover Harris. The evening wns
plensantly spent in music and con
versation and a number of beautiful
gifts, consisting of linen, sliver, gran
ite and aluminum ware wero present
ed to the newly-wed3. At 8 o'clock
tho guests were Invited to tho dining
room, where a sumptuous turkey din
ner was served to the following: Mr.
and Mrs. Grover Harris, Mr. and Mrs.
E. L. Wolfo of Bladensburg, Mr. nnd
Mrs. Milton Hayes, Mr. nnd Mrs. John
Wolfe, Mr. and Mrs. George Harris,
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Johns of Mar-
tinsburg, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Burch
and children, Bertha, Ross and Edna,
Carl- Harris and George Porterfleld,
Miss Llbbio Porterfleld of Bladens
burg, Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Wolfe, Miss
es Volma and Bertha Hays, Wayo
Schooler, Mr. and Mrs. Clark School
er, Masters Georgo McKeo and Wal
ter Harris, Mrs. Percy Donahey and
daughter, Otta, and Allen Schooler.
Easter Will
Easter Is the time when we are expected to come out in our New
Spring Clothes, and Spring clothes more than those of any other
season, must be the right and proper sort.
A Suit that's well made looks well. A J. R. D. Hand
Tailored Suit of Clothes is a Suit fit for Easter
or other festive occasions.
Our dyes are always good. Our prices are never higher. Always
the same. Give us a call.
John R. Boelfs
Curtis House Building, Room 11
DonGE Brothers
The all-steel body and its bautiful finish
are peculiar to this car, and the one is
made possible by the other
If a wooden frame wero used It would
not bo practical to apply tho enamel
which gives tho body Its lustrous finish.
Tho body is olectrlcally welded into a
a unit. Then tho enamel Is baked oh nt
a high temperature.
It will pay you to visit
The gasoline consumption Is unusually low
The. prlco of tho Touring Car, or Roadster
complete Is $785 (f. o. b. Detrolt)-
Nyhart Auto Sales Co.
Mt. Vernon, Ohio
Sales Room, new location, 116 West High Street
, vr PJtKJdHflSrBw
4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4
4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4
Chnrles Wagner moved Saturday to
near Piposvlllo.
Mrs. Cloiso Crumloy and sons of
Mt. Vernon visited friends here.
Mrs. Clarence ' Wngner is visiting
her pnrents, Mr mid-Mrs. J. J. Smith,
this week.
Mrs. Ellis Johnson of Mt. Vornon
has returned homo nftor spending
several days with her sister, Mrs. M.
C. Wagner.
Mrs. Frank Wynnt is spending sev
ernl days with her sister, Allco Park
er, of Mt. Vornon, who Is very sick.
Mrs. James Ritchie of West High
street went to Cambridge Wednes
day, whero sho will visit with rela
tives for several days.
Mrs. Dora Finley returned Wednes
day to hor home in Greenwich after
a visit with Mrs. Scott Rtghtmtre of
South Vernon nnd Mrs. Charles Ber
ry of Howard.
Wo sell tea, coffee nnd spleen di
rect from the importer and glvo the
best values. Poppleton Grocery Co.,
23 East Gambler street. Both 'phones
Daniel Monagan of Chicago, former
ly of this city, Is spending a few days
here on business. Mr. Monagan ex
pects to move his family to flit. Ver
non in tho near future.
Miss Helen Crumley returned to
her work In tho Wooster Conserva
tory of Music Wednesday aftor a
week's visit with her parents, Dr. and
Mrs. A. W. Crumley, of East Vino
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Poland, who
havo been visiting relatives In this
city, left for Akron Wednesday whore
thoy will visit with friends bofore
returning to their homo in Rochester,
N. Y.
Miss Lorna Shaw of New Kensing
ton, Pa., arrived hero Tuesday and
will spend the romainder of tho pres
ent school year, with Mr. and Mrs.
Harry Hitner of South Vernon, hav
ing resumed her studies in Mt. Ver
non high school.
Soon Be Here
us and examine this car

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