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TUE8DAY, MAY 9, 1910
Has Samson And DelilahjFor
The Opener
With Imported Artists In The
Leading Roles
Miss Estelie Harris Luminary
Of Second Night
Concluding Evening Has Mrs.
Miiier And iMdren
Officers, Directors, Guaran
tors, Etc. Of Association
Samson and Delilah, the three-act
opera by Ferdinand Lemalre with mu
sic by Camllle Satnt-Saens, will be
rendered the opening night, May 9, of
tho May Festival this year by the im
ported artists and local trained chorus
under the direction of Conductor Wil
liam M. Coup with Mrs. Wilbur T.
Mills at the organ.
Tho following is the dramatis per
sonae of tho opera:
Delilah Elsa Lyon
Samson Paul Althouse
The High Priest of Dagon....
Robert Maitland
Ablmelech, Satrap of
Gaza Ralph McCall
An Old Hebrew. .Lawrence Sperry
Philistine Messenger. . ..Omitted
First Philistine Omitted
Second Philistine Omitted
(Chorus of Hebrews and Philistines)
Second Concert
The second night will bo given over
to a miscellaneous program with Miss
Estelie Harris of New York City as
soloist. The program:
Organ Concert Overture Holllns
Mrs. Wilbur T. Mills
(a) Break, Break, Break!. Neldlinger
(b) Song of the Vikings Fanlng
Festival Chorus
(a) "J'Al Pleure en Reve" Hue
(b) Aria from "Cavelleria Rusti-
cana" Mascagnl
Miss Estelie Harris
Daybreak Fanlng
Festival Chorus
(a) Schlupfwlnkle Lufargo
(b) Laddie (by request) Thayer
(c) Long, Long, Ago Bayly
(d) Serenata Tosti
Miss Estelie Harris
(a) Awake, Awake (Choral from
"Die Melstersinger") . . .Wagner
(b) When to Thee Our Savior
Went (from "Die Melster
singer") Wagner
Festival Chorus
Two Indian Songs:
(a) "From the Land of the Sky
Blue Water" Cadman
(b) "The Moon Drops Low". Cadman
Miss Estelie Harris
Bridal Chorus (tram "The Rose
Maiden") Co wen
Festival Chorus
Aria, "Jerusalem" (from "Gal
lia") Gounod
Miss Harris, Chorus and Organ
Third Concert
The concluding night will feature
Lenses, correctly ground to pre
scription, are valueless unless
held In the correct position be
fore the eyes.
If the fitting of frames or mount
ing Is carelessly done, or if the
optician lacks skill, your glasses
will never give the satisfaction
they should.
We give particular attention to
this important detall and our
experience enables us to satisfy
Whether you bought your glass
es of us or not, if they do not
seom to fit properly, let us go
over them. ,
There is no charge for this ser
vice. Frank L. Young
Jeweler and Optometrist
102 S. Main St.
Mrs. Miller ami tho children's chorus
of 300 voices. Tho program is oh fol
lows :
1. (1) I List tho Trillin Golden
Throat Victor Herbert
(2) Tho Spirit Flower
Campbell Tipton
(3) Tho Red, Red .Rose ..Cottonot
Mrs. Miller
2. "The Violet and tho Rose"..
Erick Meyer-Helmund
Op. C, No. G
Children's Chorus
3. (1) When Celta Slugs Mohr
(2) The Blue Pigeon
Honry Hadloy
(3) Ecstacy .Roger
Mrs. Miller
4. (a) "Home to Our Moun
tains" (II Trovatore)
v GlusenDl Vprdl
(b) "Anvil Chorus" (II Trova
tore) Gluseppl Verdi
Children's Chorus
5. Parla (Speak) Arditi
Mrs. Miller
The officers of The Mt. Vernon Fes
tival association are:
H. C. Devln, president.
R. C. Rlngwalt, vice president.
H. M. Eggleston, secretary.
Clarence Crippen, librarian.
Miss Helen McNabb, accompanist.
The board of directors is composed
Prof. P. C. Zemer, Dr. James F. Lee,
William M. Coup, S. G. Dowds, G. W.
Foote, Chas, C lams, Frank L Young,
Stephen J. Dorgan, Frank O. Levering,
C. F. Allerding, George B. Kelly, T. L.
The music committee Is: Miss Ella
Porter, chairman, Mrs. Frances Coup
Pyle, Miss Nellie McFadden, Mr. Wil
liam Coup, Prof. R. A. Chubb, Mrs. W.
E. Jackson.
The following is the list of those pa
trons of music who comprise the board
of guarantors:
E. O. Arnold, S. W. Alsdorf, R. I. Ar
nold, Mrs. G. D. Arndt, C. F. Allerdiug,
Chas. E. Ayers, Frank L. Beam, Dr. H.
W. Blair, Charles A. Bird, T. L. Bo
gardus, H. W. Bowden, C. G. Cooper,
Rev. W. A. Clemmer, J. R. Clutter,
Prof. R. A. Chubb, C. F. Colvllle, Wil
liam M Coup, Clarence Crippen, Hen
ry A. Carr, Harry C. Devln, Stephen J.
Dorgan, S. G. Dowds, Rev. G. Rector
Dye, Dr. N. R. Eastman, H. M. Eggle
ston, O. C. Ewart, E. H. Falrchlld,
Geo. W. Foote, Hon. Lewis B. Houck,
Carl Herring, James Israel, Charles C.
lams, Mrs. W. E. Jackson, George B.
Kelly, Jessie Jennings Kester, Dr. F. C.
Larlmore, Julia P. Leonard, F. O. Lev
ering, Dr. James F. Lee, Helen Mc
Nabb, Nellie McFadden, Capt. Lannlng
Parsons, Ella Porter, Mrs. Frances
Coup Pyle, Ralph C. Rlngwalt, F. W.
Stamm, L. C. Stillwell Harry G. Sling
luff, B. B. Williams, Mrs. F. A. Wilbur,
Frank L. Young, Prof. P. C. Zemer.
Chamber of Commerce Headquarters
Will be Available for That Pur-
pose Many Conveniences
Are Offered
Out-of-town visitors to Mt Vernon
on clrcua day will bo glad to know
that a place has been provided for
their comfort wherein they may find
all the conveniences of a rest room.
Tho chamber of commerce will
throw open its spacious. head quarters
in the Israel block, 8 West High
street, and will provide chairs and
tables, free telephone service, com
fort station, and be a bureau of infor
mation to any who care to avail them
selves of the privilege.
Anyone should feel free to use the
chamber of commerce rest room on
this occasion or at all times in tho fu
ture, for It Is the intention of that or
ganization to convert Its headquarters
Into a community building with pub
lic rest rooms.
Used to Peel Off Paint Causes Fire at
Home of Mrs. Stevens Saturday
Morning Little Damage
Was Done
Flames from a blow-pipe which was
being used to burn the paint off the
outside of the home of Mrs. Helen A.
Stevens, 507 North Gay street, Ignited
the siding Saturday morning about 10
o'clock and It was necessary to call
out the Are department.
A hole was burned through the
house by the Intense heat of the blow
pipe which was being operated by J.
T. McConkie. Tho latter noticed the
smoke and spread the alarm.
The chief injury was done by the
water which was used to extinguish
the flames. Mrs. Stevens carried a
sufficient amount of Insurance to cov
er the loss.
A physician advises women suffering
from indigestion to walk on all fours,
as animals do. Women with corns
should fly like birds.
In Case Of Kelly vs Bell,
Plaintiff Contested Payment
Of Dow Tax
On Two Properties In Amount
Of $1,279.31
A Gain In Returns Shown By
Berlin Assessor
Other Notes From The County
Court House
Judge Blair heard tho case of Jumes
A. Kelly vs. Lloyd M. Bell, treasurer,
in common pleas court Friday.
The nature of the case was an in
junction sought by Kolly to restrain
Bell as treasurer from collecting a
total of $1,279.31 placed on the tx
duplicate against him.
The Dow tax was assessed against
two properties owned by Kelly. This
happened several years ago and Kel
ly got a temporary restraining order
from the court.
"Bootlegging" had been done, It
was claimed, lu the Kelly properties
and the tax was accordingly assessed.
Kelly pleaded no knowledge of the
"bootlegging" and based his defense
on these grounds.
On Friday, Judge Blair made the in
junction perpetual after hearing the
testimony and the case became set
tled as far as common pleas court Is
In tho action of Anna R. Wright vs.
Flora Irvine, leave was granted to file
an amended petition Instanter.
Berlin Heard From
Auditor Walter M. Riley has receiv
ed the returns from the assessors in
Berlin township. A $22,820 gain is re
ported there.
Sale BUI
D. A. Warner, administrator of D.
B. Elliott, has filed a sale bill, show
ing receipt of ?2,948.S0 for property
of deceased.
Executor Named
Walter B. Johnson has been ap
'poinded executor of the estate of John
E. Willitts. No bond required.
Deeds Filed
W. B. Shrontz to Ida M. Rouse, 83.3
acres in Morgan, $1.
Ohio Conference Association, Sev
enth. Day Adventist Church, to Emma
Elizabeth Brown, lot 97 and north
one-half of lot 98, Academla, ?150.
The condition of Clarence E. Burke
pile, who fell 25 feet from tho Car
penter roof Thursday while repairing
tho chimney, was reported Saturday
as greatly improved.
Burkepile rested very comfortably
Saturday. Friday night, ho suffered
some little pain, but later slept well.
There are no signs whatsoever of in
ternal Injuries and it is thought that
a good rest will straighten him out
The first team play over the golf
course of the Mt. Vernon Country
Club occurred Friday afternoon when
Dr. N. R. Eastman of this city with
Dr. L. B. Walton of Gambler as a
partner defeated Dr."G. D. Arndt and
Ned W. Ilgor In a four-hole play.
The Eastman-Walton combination
won three holes and halved one. On
the four holes, Dr. Eastman. Dr. Wal
ton and- Ned llger ran up scores of 19
each, while Dr. Arndt's total was 21.
Only four holes were played on ac
count of the rain.
FsbI It Averts Danger ol Im
mediate Diplomatic Break,
Not Apparently Meets the Presi
dent's Basic Demand That Germany
Effect an Abandonment of Illegal
Methods of Submarine Warfare.
United States Urged to Make Effec
tive Protest Against Blockade.
Washington, May 6. Though Pres
ident Wilson Is reserving decision un.
til he studios the official text, there
aro many Indications that the German
reply to the American note will avert
the danger of an Immediate diplo
matic break. The- German note,
though unsatisfactory in more way
tban one, apparently meets the presi
dent's basic demand that Germany
"Immediately declare and effect an
abandonment of present methods of
submarine warfare."
German submarine commanders
have been ordered to conduct tneir
warfare against merchantmen "in ac
cordance with tho general principles
of visit and search recognized by in
ternational law," and these orders, ac
cording to the note, are in effect now.
Tlie fact that Germany tnreatens to
withdraw them unless toe United
States obtains concessions from Great
Britain relative to the blockade, is
not regarded as necessarily vitiating
Germany's concession to the Ameri
can demand. The United States. It
is explained, will know how to deal
with this threat should It be put into
execution. In the meantime the sub
marine menace to noncombatant lives
Is at least temporarily eliminated.
May Accept Concession.
It is too early to predict with cer
tainty that the president will accept
this concession on its face value, but
Indications strongly point that way.
The president received the German
reply as cabled by press associations
from Berlin Just before the cabinet
meeting. He read it to his advisers
and the cabinet discussed it for near
ly two hours. The unfavorable Im
pression made by the sharp words In
the preliminary portion of the note
vas offset by the outline of the orders
tn submarine commandets which indi
cates the specific concessions which
tie imperial government has made.
It was the guarantees and not the
words that Interested the president.
Following the cabinet meetlne; ther
were further indications that an Im
mediate break was not imminent.
Secretary Lansing said: "I can not
discuss tho note at all at this time,"
but, he added later, that certain In
quiries concerning the note probably
Would bo made of the German gov
ernment. This belief; was regarded
as an admission that the note had at
least served the purpose o' reopening
t'iplomatlc negotiations between the
two governments.
There is much doubt on certain
points covered in the note which are
not altogether clear. The note evi
dently is so worded as to leave many
diplomatic loop holes of escape to fit
possible subsequent necessities of tho
imperial government. Apparently the
German position on the vital point at
Issue the suspension or abandon
ment of illegal submarine warfare
could be summed up In a broad sensr
la this manner:
German Concessions.
Germany has suspended its subma
rine warfare In the hope that the
United States will now Insist upon
Great Britain abandoning its block
ade. Heretofore Germany offered to
abandon its illegal submarine opera
tions simultaneous with an abandon
ment of the blockade by Great Bri
tain. Now Germany apparently has
made the first move as a concession
t(. the United States without waiting
for Great Britain to act. This, it is
explained, appears to represent a
definite concession, and something
more than Germany has ever agreed
to do before.
The main reliance" of the United
States government's belief that Ger
many has met the president's de
mands is contained In the orders is
sued by the impcifal government to
Us submarine commanders. These or
ders state "In accordance with the
seneral principles of visit and search
and the merchant vessels recognized
by International law, such vessels
both within and without the area de
clared as a naval war zone, shall not
be sunk without warning and without
saving human lives, unless the ship
attempts to escape or offer resist
ance." The orders appear definite enough,
but officials already see a possibility
they may be Blve-n different Inter
pretation, awording to whether or
not an armd merchantman Is regard
eT ns a "merchant vessel." The Unit
ed States had flatly taken the stand
that this is the proper and legal desig
nation of a merchantman armed for
defense. Geimany has declared that
the imperial government regards
armed merchantmen in the British
sorvico as auxiliary warships, for the
reason that tl' British admiralty has
trdered them to attack submarines.
The official text of Germany's note
miclied the state department Iwt
Fourth Annual Visit Scheduled;
For Aug. 4 To 9
Visit Of Alice Nlelson A Redpath Tri
umphReview Of Her Operatic
Career Maurer Another Fea
tureLocal Committee
Alt. Vernon's fourth annual cbautau
qua Is scheduled to open on Wednes
day, August 4, and continue for eight
days, closing Wednesday evening, Au
gust 9th, according to action of tho
chautauqua committee which met re
cently with a representative of the
Redpath Bureau. As previously an
nounced, it has been decided to aban
don the regular programs on Sunday
thus requiring eight days to deliver
the usual seven-day program. It Is
very probable that a special union
service will be arranged for Sunday
morning or Sunday afternoon under
the direction of the Ministerial asso
ciation of the city.
Mr. Bumstead, who outlined the
Redpath program to the committee,
emphasized especially the coming of
Alice Nlelson, the prima donna so
prano. Without question, this U the
biggest attraction that has ever been
contracted for on a Chautauqua" circuif
and it is expected that she will draw
widely. Madame Nielsen came into
prominence about ten years ago wheD
she starred in Madame Butterfly. Un
satisfied with her attainments in light
opera, she pursued her studies and
persistently worked toward grand op
era. Her ambition was realized last
year when she signed a contract with
the two most famous grand opera
companies In the world, the Metropoli
tan and Boston Grand Opera compan
ies. Her record so far has been just
as great as it was in light opera and
Madame Nielsen's price is already be
ginning to soar.
The fact that such an artist can be
brought to Mt. Vernon, together with
a feast of other big things, and given
to the people for a ?2 season ticket is
remarkable. Our people will appre
ciate her coming and it is anticipated
that standing room will be at a prem
ium on the last evening of the chau
tauqua. Madame Nielsen will travel in
her private car, the Elysium, and will
carry her own grand piano. She will
be assisted very ably by a violinist
and accompaniest.
Much interest is manifested over
the appearance on the program of
Frederick Maurer, who is the only
American survivor of the Stefansson
The Woolson Co. Demonstration Special
Get this $1.5S
Clip the COUPON today
bring it to us during the
under' the personal direc
tion of a factory expert,
who will demonstrate the
time-saving, labor-saving
and money-saving merits
of "Wear-Ever" aluminum
1 The Woolson Co.
Arctic expedition. He Is scheduled
'o give his thrilling sfory on "A FJht
for Life in tho Arctic'' on the sixth
( vpnlng.
Oefinlto nnonuncoment of morning
ii'nir lecturer, children's wortar, su
irintandont, etc., will be farthcom
iik soon. Mr. Iiumstead wm unable
io nay at this time just who would be
HKKigned to Mt, Vornon for these de
partments of tho work.
Officers for tho year have been elect
''I by the local committee as follows:
fiesldent S. M. Woolxon
.Sf-rretary R. II. Kinney
Treasurer Luther A Stream
Winning From Danville Both at Home
and Abroad Three Mt. Vernon
Men Act As Judges "Pre
paredness" the Subject
Centerburg high school was victor
ious In both debates Friday night in
a dual debate with Danville high.
The question under discussion was
"Preparedness." Miss Mabel Coe,
Herbert Keady and Miss Margaret
Long represented Centerburg at Cen
terburg on the affirmative side of the
question. The Judges' decision at
Centerburg was unanimous for the
affirmative. Danville was represen
ted at Centerburg by Miss Eva Bail
ey, Edward Taylor and James Barnes.
At Danville, the Centerburg nega
tive team won by a two-to-one decis
ion. The Danville affirmative team
was composed of Richard Hunter,
Emerson Barnes and Miss Josephine
Lepley. Their opponents from Cen
terburg were Miss Lamorl Owen,
Frank Splra and John Day. Judge P.
L. Wilkins and Professor Brockway
of Mt. Vernon were judges at the
Centerburg contest. Prof. W. L. San
ders of the Mt. Vernon high school
faculty was one of the Judges at Dan
ville. PIGEONS
Twenty-four racing pigeons were
released on the public square Satur
day morning by Wells-Fargo Agent F.
A. Ahrendt. The pigeons were ship
ped to Mt. Vernon Friday by the
American Racing Pigeon union of
Washington, D. C.
At St. Paul's Episcopal church Fri
day evening a class of nineteen was
confirmed by Bishop Leonard. The
motto given by the bishop to the class
was "Onward."
4SH& Replace utensils that wear out tfjjjjijj
$p with utensils that "Wear-Ever" 7
slv) "Wear-Ever" Coupon S)'
ATJjMtMJyl We will accept this coupon and 98c in payment for one alumihum
rancpbl "Wear-Ever" fourquart Windsor Kettle, which sells refu- vfJlofS?
NJflP' I larly lor $1.55. provided you present coupon in person at store 1 XJfu' I
&"'""jy on or before May 13, 1916. and write on the coupon your name. IwaSSmi
l$jjHr?rFal address and date of purchase. Only one Kettle is to bo sold BIVww$bmI
(lii) Woolson Co. i($Mf)'
tiiiimnu c . ' s ' tw?
Game Warden Ernest T. Penrose ot
this city had some- busy day In Lick
ing county Friday, two alleged vio
lators of the fish and gamo laws of
the state of Ohio coming Into his
Warden Penrose was assisted by
Wardens Blizzard and Roblnette ot
Licking county. Tho first arrest waa
made near Newway, where a 30-foot
seine was found in the possession ot
Wilson Mowery. He was haled before
'Squire Jones of Newark, ploadeoV
guilty and was fined.
Tho second offender waa Arthur
Macklln of Bruno, who was placed un
der arrest on a charge of selling sun--flsb.
He was arraigned before 'Squire
Turner ot Hebron and pleaded not
guilty. His hearing was set for May
IS. He gave bond in the sum of $39
and was released.
The chamber of .commerce ha3 un
der advisement a stock-judging con
test In connection with the Knor
I county fair this summer and if plan.
mature an unusually attractive event
will be provided.
Initial plans for such an affair 'will
be discussed at a meeting Monday
night at the headquarters on West.
High street, when a committee will
outline details.
Yesterday Is gone forget it. To
morrow never comes don't worry. To
day is here get busy. Be a live wlro
and you won't get stepped on!
Catarrh Cannot Be Cured
cannot reach the seat of the dlseas.
Catarrh is a local disease, greatly la
fluenced by constitutional conditions,
and In order to cure It you must
take an Internal remedy. Hall's Ca
tarrh Cure Is taken Internally and
acts thru the blood on the mucous sur
faces of the system. Hairs CaUrrh
Cure was prescribed by one of the best
physicians In this country for years. It
ts composed of some of the best tonics
known, combined with some of tbfe
best blood purifiers. The perfect com
bination of the ingredients In Hall's.
Catarrh Cure la what produces suck,
wonderful results In catarrhal condi
tions. Send for testimonials, free.
P. J. OHENET & CO., Props., Toledo. C
All Druggists. 75c.
HaU'fl Family Pills for constipation
Samuel R. Gotshall John S. GotshaU
McDermott Building, 106 S. Main St.
Mt. Vernon, Ohio.
Citizens' 'Phone 453 Black
Windsor Kettle
and the coupon if presented j
on or before May 13, 1916. 1

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