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.JtbllshcI Tuesday Morning anil Friday
Morning iiy
Lesiee and Publisher
.Holered at the postomcti, Mt Vernuu,
uo county Oltlo, an second ulaii mii
mrtr ..
ifeienptlon Hat l.6o
irlnlly . advnnc
par ye
Heioluflonr at Aesiieut, Obituaries
and Card cf Thauks, six cents per
Expert Sent Here To Investi
gate Cases Said To Exist
In Harrison Township
Fearing a hog cholera epidomicsjn
Harrison township, the otliclnls late
Thursday afternoon appealed to the
state agricultural department and
Karl Maxwell of the state department
was sent here to investigate.
As none of the hogs was, dead, tho
expert was unable, to ascertain wheth
er they were suffering from cholera.
However,- tho owner of tho hogs,
William llnncock, was directed to
remove the animals to his farm in
Morgan township and keop them pen
tied up pending further developments,
Hancock bought tho hogs at a sale.
It, Is claimed, and took tho animals
to his farm In Harrison township,
The hogs developed a strange ills
easo and the residents of the town
ship claimed the, animals wero suffer
lng from cholera. 'Hence,, tho Inves
tigation by the state .department.
r? i
Mary Pickford In her '.greatest
screen production, "Daddy Long
Legs," at the Neil theatre, Frederick
town, Ohio, Wednesday. gi
Mrs. Courtney "tell riow She
' Was Cured by Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable
Osknloosn, Iowa." For years 1 was
imply in misery from a weakness and
awtui pains and
nothing seemed to
no me any good. A
friend advised me
to take Lydia E.
Pinkham's V e g e
table Compound.- 1
did so and got re
lief right away. I
can certainly re
commend this valu
able medicine to
other women who
suffer, for it has
done such eood
work for me and I know it will help
others if they will give it a fair trial'
Mrs. Lizzie Courtney, 108 8th Ave.,
West, Oskaloosa, Iowa.
Why will women drag along from day
to day, year in and year out, suffering
such misery as did Mrs. Courtney, when
such letters ns this are continually being
published. Every woman who suffers
from displacements, irregularities, in
flammation, ulceration, backache, ner
vousness, or who is passing through the
Change of Life should give this famous
root and herb remedy, Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound, a trial. For
special advice write Lydia E. Pinkham
Medicine Co , -Lynn, Mass. The result
of it long experience is at your service.
Yon cannot afford to neglect the
slfghtest kidney ailment It's hazard
ous to do so.
The poisonous waste material
must be separated from the blood and
If the kidneys become weakened this
Is Impossible.
That means a poisoned system.
That's why neglect means trouble
the aliment becomes chronic and
results in Rheumatism or Brlght's
assist the kidneys In their
function strengthen them and
prevent the ailment from be
coming chronic. They cleanse
the blood and Increase the
circulation arid supply the
proper nourishment to body
They are a kidney medicine
Intended for that and nothing else.
115 So. Main St.
Judges And Clerks Are Nam
ed By The Election
Twenty Of These Are Demo
crats And Twenty Are
Judges nud clerks for tho various
.voting precincts In Knox county, to
sorvq during tho oncoming election,
were announced TUosday afternoon
by tho Knox county board of elec
tions, i
It Is rather a remarkable coinci
dence that there are an equal num
ber of presiding judges 20 Demo
crats and 20 Republicans. A votlnjf
precinct's judge Is determined, po
litically, by the vote cast at the last
preceding election. Thus, It the pre
cinct goes Democratic, Its next pre
siding judge v. Ill be a Democrat, and
vice versa.
In the following list of judges and
clerks, ns announced by the election
board, the abbreviation I. J. xmcans
presiding judge, J. judge, and C.
clerk: , ' ,
' Berlin Township
Democratic John Spohn (pj), W.
W.' King (J),nd-J. I. Uummell (c).
Republican U T. McGrew (j), C.
A. Gregg ( (j). vanriC.!M.-iSr hrack- (c):
Brown Township
Democratic Eugene Loney (pi),
Lyman Workman (J) and S. J. Work
man (c).
Republican A. J. Frasher (j), IUI
s'ey Miller (j) and Walter Dlakely (c).
Butler Township
Democratic Palmer Boal (pj), Burl
R. Carpenter (j) and Frank B. Lep
ley fc).
Republican Charles F. Phillips (j),
John McLarnan (J) and C. E. Mc
Nabb (c).
Clay Township , (
Democratic Lester Beoneyj- '(j),
Chris Dudgeon (j) and G. C. yirey (c)
Republican J. E. Voach (pj), D. S.
IKssell (j) and H. H. Simpson (c).
Democratic A. O. McKee (j), V. C.
Magaw (j) and E. F McClelland (c).
Republican B. F. Balrd (pj), E. H.
Loscalleet (j) and Bert Anderson (o).
Clinton A
Democratic John Ahcrn Jr. (pj),
Judson McManis (j) and Charles W.
Hays (c).
Republican W. B. Burgew (j), R.
J. Ash (J) and Chnrles'Bell (c).
Clinton B
Democratic George W. Kingsbury
(pj), B. F. Tulloss (j) and Arthur C.
Wolf (c).
Republican George R. Spearman
(j), hfcrl Spcrry (J) and Lawrence
Fletcher (c).
Clinton C
Democratic George Debolt (pj),
W. R. Basnctt (J), Cllif Bell (c).
Republican Al Dunlap (j), Ed.
Georgo (j) and Bail Skeen (c).
College Township
Democratic Levi Horn (j), Budd
Lauderbaugh (J) and Walter Blggg
(c). -
Rei Vllcan Boyd - Smith (pj), Al
fred .Shoasby (J) and E. Pilkington
Democratic E. B. Gorsuch (J),
Harry Woollson (j) and D. V. Mavis
Republican H. K. Doollttlo (pj),
Clifford Horton (j) and Antlrmiy Hel
en (c).
Harrison Township
Democratic R. R. Bebout (pj), Lee
Ashburn (j) nnd George Purdy (c).
Republican G. A. Grlner (j), J. C.
MoNobb (j) and Daniel Flecknoo lc).
Hllller Township
Democratic M. M. Shipley (J), C.
L. Debolt (J) nnd R. W. Lltzenburg
(0. v
Republican Lee Hunt (pj), L. Puge
(j) nnd H. B. Rnmey (c).
Democratic Charles D. Hayden
(J), Glenn Baker (j) and E. D. Ather
ton, (c)i -
Republican It. B. Ramoy (pj), II.
W. Tuttlo (J) nnd Charles Sheedy (c).
Howard Township
Democratic Clem Wry (pj), Alfred
Fehndrlck (j) and Frank E. Wolfe
(c). -
Republican F. 0. Mawer (J), John
Ralston (J) and Harry Simpson (c).
Jackson Township
Democratic J. L. Ilucy (pj), E. M.
nine (J) and J. M. Berry (c)
--Republican Berry Molck (j),
Uiarles Hoss (j) nnd Delbert Reed
Jefferson Township
Democratic c. C. Severns (J), Joint
M. TlHHorniHlJ) nutl F. F. Orecr ().
Tlepubllcan A. 0. Temple (pj), W.
Liberty Township ,
Democratic L, dk, Rarlywtie (J),
Carl Jact son (j) and"p"aul rloberUon
"("',(1 v ' V 'A J
, HepiibHqinsrCJmrloH F.. Carer' (i
ucors 'Yv.iiyatt (J)naw. VlUrnfl-
field ,(c)t ' .
Mlddltbury Township '
Democratic R. C. Kno.x (J), C. 8.
Burson IJi'-and Lloyd Ruhl (c).
Republican Lnwrence Caywopd
(Pl),vK,y"K. Hatcman (j) and. M."T.
Mllford Township
Democratic Chnrlcs Jackson (pj),
JolinICennurd (J) .antTGrovcr More-land'(c-).
Republican Ed. Hawkins (J), C. T.
Coe (J) and R B. Robertson (c).
Miller Township
Democratic Arthur Chrlstmnn (JL
Charles F. Hall (j) W. F. O'Rourke
Republican G. W. Hunter (pj),
David Thompson (J), Glenn Ward (c).
Monroe Township
Democratic A. B. Snow (pj), Cur
tis McManis (j) and Carlton Scott (c)
Republican H. T. Spittle (j), Wal
ter R. Puttcrson (J) and Chester Peal
or (c).
Morgan Township
Democratic L. W. Hays (J), Burl
Fawcett (J) and R. R. Tulloss (c).
Republican R. P. Roberts (pj),
Harry Brown (j) and Fred L. Ewart
Morris Township
Democratic B. J. Ulnchart (j), J.
B. Irvine (j) and Charles Larlmore
(c). j
Republican Walter L. Ball (pj),,J.
II. Dicklo (j) and C. H. Casself (c)'.
Pike Township
Democratic Frank 'Cunningham,
(pJ).iWIia-iParsons (j) knd diaries
FABrjd(lock '(J)... S J I ' "'
'"Remibhran Shqldon Adams,i(j), 11.
V. Rcjjtley (j)-and A. J. Kunklejc).
' s Pleasant A, , , -&l
Dempcrattc .ElnverS-Brown;'' (pj)f
?cVW?J)' U DMc)r,).
' Republican Ed. Vanco' (j), Fred
Warman '(J) "and Harold Bell (cL
l Pleasant B
Democratic C. W. Frye (j), Frank
Hall (j) and Harry McFarland (c).
Republicans H. F. Payne (pj),
Charles' Van Voorhls (J) and Roy
Russell (c).
' Union Township
.Democratic Jacob Parsons (pj),
B. F. Hammond (j) and "Frank Smith
hlslcr (c).
Republican Floyd Lannlng (j), J.
l; 'Welkcr (J) 'and Harley Wprkman
(O.- ' .;.- ,;- g '
Buckeye City
Democratic N. If. Hunter (pj),
Henry Lower (j), D.S,, Workman (c).
Republican William Wolfe (j), S.
L. AlarinB (J), F. M. Welrick (c).
Democratic E. M. Wander (pj), I.
E. Mackey (J) and Jesse Colopy (c).
Republican Wade Watson (j), R.
G. Baker (j) and J. Chllders .(c).
Democratic R. B. Hyatt (j), H. T.
Sapfp (j), R. EFehndrick (c).
Republican C. C. Leltor (pj), J. S.
Englehait (j) and C. L. Rukey (c),
Wayne Township
Democratic P. L. Cover (j), W. C,
Carson (J) and Walter Dill (c).
Republican John Brown full. v.
J. tiean (j) and L. C. Zolman (c).
Democratic M. T. -Beck (J), S. M,
l-arrlck (J) and Earl Kunkle (c).
Republican George D. Lewis (pj),
John Cook (j) and B. F. Parmenter
First Ward A
Democratic S. C. Berry (j), S, R.
Gotshall (j) and .C, W. McKee (c)..
Republican C. G. Weaver (pj), Ed.
Devoe (j),and Lee Russell (c).
First Ward B
Democratic Fred Johnston (pj),
W. A. Wander (j) and Paul Woollson
Republican G. N. Clark (j), J. L.
Brining (j) and Harold Woolson (c).
Second Ward A
Democratic Dale Barre, (pj), D. B.
Tuttle (J) and J. E. Kerr (c).
Republican W. E. Grant (J), L. E.
Scarbrough (J) and I. W. Mild (c).
Second Ward B
Democratic Budd McPeek (pj),
Jarrett Belt (j) and C, E. Purdy (c).
Republican W. H. Coe (J), L. W.
Jones (J) nnd Edgar Calkins (c).
Third Ward A
Democratic L. G. Allerdlng (j),
Jphn Leo (j) and Walter Taugher (c).
uepubiican George Alltfpauglj (pj),
W. H. Clarke (J) and Carl Taugher
Third Ward B
Democratic F, W. Loney (J), John
E. Ward (J) and W. H. Porter (c).
Republican Fred Mill (pj), Ralph
Brock (J) and John Brooco (c).
Fdurth Ward A
Democratic-r-Ira Hagerty (j), John
McDonougli (j) and C. L! Bermont (c)
Republican Charles Kelgley (pj),
Fred G, Taylor (J) and Logan Roblu
son (c).
Fourth Ward B
Democratic A. W. Rlne (pj), Har
ry Bennington (j) and Joseph Hen
ler (c).
Itopubllcan Ed. Allspaugh (j),
Lii wis Mawer (J) and James Cran
mer (o). '
the placo for It."
r . S
MMIMiilHIMlMt)MMM ......"
" Id'the case' of Rowland D. Kulb ys.
Wrraan Bee'nianrant'answcr was fllcd
In1 trleourt of common plfas Satur
day morning, j
The defendant states that tuo plain
tiff did nof begin the action to recov
er real; optate for more than 21 years
after die death of Sarah Ann Culp.
He' therefore asks that the petition
of thplulntlff "be dismissed.
"Pfalntlff brought suit In common
plerfS'to quiet title'' He alleged In his
petition' that certain real estate was
le'ft to the"' defendant, Norman Bee
man, by the tortus of the will of Sur
ah Ann Culp, and tho plaintiff Is now
claiming ah Interest In the property.
Tho defendant In his nnswer clnlmi
that the plaintiff has allowed 21 years
to "pass peacefully ony" before
bringing nny action In tho churl.
Ewalt Blair, are tho (attorneys for
the plaintiff. -,- '
Divorce Granted ,(
Ruth Hutchinson, hus'Jbeen granted
a decree of divorce frbnVlEarl Hutch
Inson'ln tho court of common pleas of
Knox county. '
Motion Sustained
In the case of John Porter vs. Jcsso
White, a motion has been sustained
by Judge Blair In tho 'court of com
mon picas of Knox county.
Account Filed
A first and final account has been
filed In probnto by lOM., Allon and
William Colwill, executors of Wil
liam, Colwlll, showln'g tile following:
Received $5,030.90, paid out the same
HullWIII Filed
'The Jast will and ' tcbtament of
CjIwfJ&MIull, lato or Mt. .Vernon, has
&it( Tilled ' In prob,(tte. 'According to
thg provisions of tho"i-tiOhe testator
Sjfos tojs wlfe.Nettlo Hull, his en-
uro .esinie, uptu real; ami personal.
ThowUl-wasAsigned Oct. 8, 1919, in
tVie presence of- Mrs. Muudo E. Whito
and Joseph B. Parker.
Aceount.FIJed . i
Jonas W. Dny, guardian 6t James
Scott Day, has filed 'hfs first and final
account In tho probate .court of Knox
county. It shows th.o itlm of $1,130.07
received and the same sum paid out.
Inventory Filed j i
Rose Leedy, executorjof Charles R.
leedy);hfts filed an iimmtory In pro-4
bate court, showing Hlie following:
Total amount of property $5,108.13.
o '
Ralph Williamson, ngod about It
years, wos brought before Judge Wll
kins in probato court Friday morn
ing, t
According to Juvenile Olllcer Pur-i
cell young Willlamsonljad been guilty
qf carrying an air rifip, was truant
from school and had run away from
tho homo of his grandmother.
Juvenile Officer Purcell found Wil
liamson on the streets using tho dan
gerous air rifle. The jjoy had boon
missing from the homo; of his grand
mother for soveral days, hi juvenilo
court Friday morning tho boy slated
ho had run away from his homo In
this city and had gone to ,Mans(leId.
Ho stated that his brother In Mans
field gave him the rifle.
Judge WlU'Ins gave tho boy his
choice of going to jail or returning to
the homo of his grandmother and
agreeing to go to school in tho future.
The hd said ho would' remain with
his grandmother and vould go to
Officer Purcell kept tho rifle.
, .-o-.i
Appointment Made
Delia E. Mill of Mt; Vernon has
been nppolnted administratrix of Al
fred Mill, giving bond in tho sum of
$2,000. The sureties are Selora B.
Cooksey and Lovory ,J. Black. T'ie
; I ?mmmm
Tlicoiloic M. 1)111
Alice Whcatcinfl, ol ill,
Kno ('riimiHin I'lcus.
By vi tun of an Oiilcr ut Hale In I'm II
t Ion IksihmI out nf llio Com I of f'tmmum
Plows of Knox Comity. Ohio ami to mi
011(01011, I ill oiler for hiiIo upon llic
IiiciuIhch In Iliottli TowiiHllp, Knox
County, on
Friday, the 24th day of
October, 1919
between the lioiu.s of 1 p. in. nnd 3 ji.
in. of Hiilil ilay, the following dCHurllied
IuiiiIh inil IcneinenlK. lo-wlt:
And uoumletl anil ilewci llieil uh followx:
HeliiR pulls of l.old Nos. f ami Jj In
the liril tjr. of Hie Dili Tu'p. ami eleventli
Itungc; eoninienelns C3.70 polew went of
the noitli-riiHl rorner of culil Lot No, G:
llicneo font li 111. S3 poles: tlieueo west
179.41 poles; t lionet' north1 Br):! polos:
thenee east U.'.li polos: thenco noitli IS.
poles; tlience fast to I he place of heKln
Hint;, estliuattil to tonlaln X'J neics.
Ilefeieneo Is lioio ininle Id a survey ami
plat for nioiq eeilalntv of ilcsvilpllou
niuilo liy V. It. Mel nil-", suieyor It.
C. O. tlaleil Mar. 9th. ISffil.
Also another liaet of laiHI In the Coiui
tv of Know rltntn of Ohio, nntl Town
shin of ltiown lielnir a pint of tho east
end of Lot No 1.', Suh. No 2. In Town
sl)lp S of (Jiuuler Township No anil
lwlin; In all that pull of sihl Lot No, I.'
thai of Sub. No. S that lies east of tho
center of the loml leaillng fiom .lellnwav,
Ohio, to NewUlle. Ohio, uml Inilcpeml
'nee. Ohio, c-HtItiKitt.il to I'outaln a.I.'
acres moio or iesx,
Alinlulseil ut
Tenns nf sale:
Qne-tlihil eiislu tuH-thliil
In opii your, anil one-llihil In to yeaisl
from date of sale, or iiiiivliiiser nitty elect
to puy nil rash lr lie so tlesht's
tllinil.'M I.. It,, lilimt. nil. ii 11.. i- I,,,, .vl..l..- I
.."-" -- . -i-.- , , ,,,,.ii.
WAirnit ii Mns(oi,i)i:n.
.SlnnllT Kiii''tipily, Oliin. '
appruliiorn nro Gall O. Cooksey, Earl
Lorcy nnd George Wnrmnn,
Marriage License ',
Himcy L. I'etor.j, farmer, Johnson
town, and Lucy IJnwklni Shnffer,
dressmaker, Lock, Rev. , Lowis of
Real, Estate Transfers
Robert Champion to Rex M. Lamb,
parcel in Monroe, $1.
M. W. Stokes to Rex M. Lamb, par
cel In Monroe, $1. .
Harry Blue to Ilex. M. Lamb, par
tol in Monroe, $1. ,
- David McGlbney to J. II. Orubb, par
cel In Mt. Vernon, $1.
Barton W. Blair to Fred W. Kahrl,
parcel In Monroe, $1.
U. 3. Army Discharges
Tho following Knox county soldiers
Hied their discharge papors for
ord in the olllco of the county record
er on Friday: Edgar R. Brown, Tor
renco Taylor and Adam P. Hauger.
days Thursday & Friday DAYS
Spectacular, Gigantic and Wonderful Production! The
Star of a Thousand Moods!
rt ;;,'.
A Story of the pnrple
Barbaric in its Splendor
See her in the mystic lure of the East in contrast with rough call of the West!
See her in that grand and wonderful role where passion burst into bloom!
See NAZIMOVA in "THE RED LANTERN" a production, without a parallel
in all the brilliant history of Motion Pictures! RED LANTERN is a drama
of a Thousand Delights!
Admission: Adults 25c; Children 15c, War Tax Included.
SHOWS: Matinee from 2 to 5; Evening 6:30 to 11:00. Those coming as late
as 9:15 will see the entire show.
Farmers! Protect you wheat!
Do not fail to see the
Demonstration of
The Eagle Straw Spreader
The Holder) Lime Rock Distributor
On FRANK. E. YOUNG'S FARM, l2 miles East of Mt. Vern&u,
THURSDAY Afternoon, Oct. 23rd
You will hear addresses by
County Agent S. L. Anderson
on the value of straw as to fertilizer and mulch to whsat crop, and '
C. R. Wagner, of Columbus
on the benefits to be derived from the uso of lime.
Phone 445
"'j ,
KvanEcllstlc services begin nt
Presbyterian church Oct, l'j and at?
the Church of Christ Oct. 29. ' '
' Mrs. Edith Mills and children of
Fredericktown arc visiting her par
ents. , '
Airs. John ;L. Wolfo pent a few
days with Mrs. Grace Karlywino.
Mrs. George Warman of Mt. Ver
non Is the guest of her mother, MA.
'N. Hull.
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Rlne, Mr. and
Mrs. Chester Horn spent Sunday with
the former's sister, Mrs. Rill Wilson. '
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn McCamracnt of
Chicago are visiting the former's par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Lcander McCain
ment. Mrs. Ida Darling nnd
daughter1, 1
Anna and Merle, of Mt. Vernon, visit
ed over Sunday with friends
Mrs. Clarke Cottrcll returned homo
Wednesday from Mt. Vernon where I
"The Red
forbidden City Dazzling in
Sublime in its Theme!
sho spent several do.ys with her sis
ler, Mrs. George WarinnnJ r''"r
ft - - ".! t . r
.''.CEN'TKRUURO, Oct. 18 Mrs.
Claire Messmoru died Friday aftor
noon at tho home of hor son, IllisS
Mcsstnorc, In Akron. It Is thought hor
death resulted from an operation per
formed la.t week.
Funoral services will be held nt 2
o'clock Monday at the M. E. church
here. Burial will be made In the
1 Centerburg cemetery.
Mr. C. E. Purdy received word to-
day of the death of Mrs. Emily Smith,
widow of the late Moses Smith, which
occurred Thursday evening nt' 1110s
home of Mr.
at Akron.
and Mrs. Marlon Purdy
208 We,3t High Street
, i
z n
. fit
'r .3
gjt&KlO aP
' ' .
Jt -...(A'&a-
,'tw. M&,iW,,

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