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The Democratic banner. (Mt. Vernon, Ohio) 1898-192?, October 21, 1919, Image 6

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r;?A. wx - w, ,, - THE BANNER , . . , II
;v ii- -? ! i ... '. . ' . . : - ii .it i ." i"'1 " T i i n' -r 'i- i. i -- t - - - - - - i a m.. ,.t..rtj,j.jii .. -. .im J. .. - ' r " " .m.M h..j.i)I) j ,., , yjjc-ji . T- t - - . - - , , T ,, -- , . -. . ,
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--., va- ; - ;. '' v"'v
PtTklN-tt-viiion. STORE
These Prices excapt when marked (SPECIAL) are
our refular erery day prices:
GRAPES Fancy Tokay, per lb., 15c -or 2 lb, for 25c
APPLES Greening, per -peek -only SliOO
ONIONS Fin stock, 10 lb. lot 48c
CABBAGE Fine stock well trimmed, '10 lb, for .35c
TURNIPS Extra fancy quality, 10 lbs. for 20c
SWEET POTATOES Fancy stock, lb, for , 25c
122 lb, for 50c
50 lbs. for ... , S1.75
GODLIN SOAP This well known brand, 'per bar only 50
COFFE Pride of Vernon Brand, a 65c value, per lb. only 45c
Golden Rio, per lb. only 35c
BULK COCOA Full lb. only 35c
20-MULE-TEAM BORAX CHIPS Per package 15c
20-MULE-TEAM PURE BORAX 1 lb. package only 15c
NATIONAL ROLLED 0AT8 14 lb. package 12'20
RICE Fancy 'head, 1 lb. package ... ,. 17c
BREAD Our Mother's 'Bread Is the quality loaf, 10c loaves only 8c
19c loaves, each only 1 t 12c
ROLLS Our French rolls are delicious, per dozen only ,15c
PEANUT BUTTER Quality goods, per, lb. only 23c
NUT-OLA That quality nut "Oleo, per lb 32c
HAMBURG ST.EAK Fresh ground beef, (SPECIAL)'per lb. only 22c'
R. W.Pitkin i37S.ain A;R.Watters
EJl A -,..,-.r-. O
Personal Notes of the Day
, , '- ,"-
. .
ti? w
Tuesday, Oct. zi 4
or. rifiiwriitAru Af Vffrnrunu mffr. OK
5t In'rcglilar session a 7:30. 'An js
jX. lnoiinplliii nfTlcnr will bfl nres- Xt
p-fs o;t. Tim October cominl.ttre
f- iff; Will HOIVO rijircsniHcnui. iui qp
$ monthon) ursed to ba present.
ft Sorosls wilt meet at 2:110 ife
t iff- o'clock at tiie home of Mrs. K. s
fe ft (i. Mulock, li6 K. UlRli street, ft
? iY4 Knox chapter, No. 23$, O. K.
K.p ft 8., moots at 7 o'clock. OctolJer ft
Wednesday, Oct. -zz ft
Tho Ladies of the VAku 'will ft
tft meet nt 2 o'clock In the Klks' 'ft
VJU. llnmn ' ,
Clrclo No. i of tho Church ot ft
ft Christ' 'Will "Jiioet in tho after- ft
ft noon nt tho )omo of Mrs. Klla ft
ft Wood, North Oay street. ft
ft Clrclo No. 1 of tho Church of fc
ft Christ will jheet utl:30 o'clock ft
ft at tho hi"o of Mrs, Ashley ft
ft I-'tonuh lQ'I'rospect stroet." 'ft
ft ft ft ft ft ft & & '
Ledge 1 " ',
Meeting , t
Tho Pocahontas lqdco et Bfjip
day ovonliiB In the K. O.It. M. htll.
'ITilrty ineinlicn Tro prerfent and the
couIiib was spent In dofcreb work,
. At .11:30 Saturday ninrnllii;, Mr.
Kvert William Ilucy ot HtadenshurK
and Miss ICthol Fern Duran ot tho
sumo vlllaRn were united in murriuKn
by Itov. J. A. Long at tils homo, Hast
Vino street. They wero attended by
Mr, and Mrs. Silas I In ay, parents ot
tholirldcKroom. Mr. and Mrs. Uiiey
wilt I'culdo In hlndunsburg.
Mr. Bernard Walker of 9 Cottafio
street and Miss Kya A. Diisn, ot
I'airvluWi were united iu marrlatfo
Saturday aftnrnonn nt 4 o'clock by
itov; J, A. I.oiii;, pastor of tho Vino
street Church of Christ, at his homo
on KasL Vino strout, Mr. Wejkcr wks
a mouther ot tho 309th ICnRlnoers,
Mth Division, npd was oserscas nine
inontliH. Mr, and Mrs. Wolker will
rosldo on Cottagu street,
Tho Columbus Dispatch Of Sunday
carried photographs of Mr, and Mrs,
,uwruiiui . noiuguo v. no ero mar-
vied last Thursday In Columbus at the klnu8 of rt)rm l)r0(luctH lU ull ,tcCon
church of St. Francis of Asjlsl, After e1 wnrchouso. Levering Uros. tf
a trip to Michigan, they will bo at
lioino at fi37 Hradloy street.
IT-, "' Mrs. Sclcguo was Miss Josephlnn
tf' fary SlgrlHt. The bridegroom for-
jjj njerly rusldod in Mt. Vernon and was
, at one time In tho employment ot Tho
V 0
At 3 o'clock Saturday afternoon, at
the home of the onlclatlng minister,
Rev, J. A. Long, KaBt Vine stroot, Mr.
Robert Leo Knirlck and Miss Inn Ixu.
(lie -Fryo, both of this city, wero
united In, marriage, The ring service
,wii used. They wore attended by
- MHS Grace Kaufman as hrldt-sniatil
' 0kA Mr, Haymnnd Hwlgart ns best
:' "r'vrW'rV., .. ,
At 6 o'clock Saturday evening, a
WfTddlng dinner was served at tho
homo ot tho bride's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Leonard Frye, 011 Oak street.
Thirty guests wero present.
Mr. and Mrs. Kmrlck will mako
their home in this city, whom Mr.
Mmrlck is employed as U photograph
er at Lloyd's studio. Mr. Lloyd Is an
uncte of tho bridegroom.
Taxl 'service. 'Phone 315, J. Cole.
Mr. II. Kaiser spent tho weekend
in Newark.
Miss Sarah Simons spent tho week
end In Columbus. 1 '
Mr. Charles M. Flotchcr wont to
Pittsburgh Sunday on buslnosH.
Dr. Glennon, o'entlst, southwest
corner Main and Gambler qp'stalrs. t
Alice .loyco and Maurlco Costello in
"The Cambrlo MaHk" at Lyric today.
Mr, and Mrs. Mclviu Jones and
children returned to Newark Monday
after spending two weeks hero with
Mrs. L, G. Hranlgan.
'Cuaranteod Comer raincoats. V.
wimdorling, agent, 307 .South (Jay
stioot. t , MWF x2i
'Miss Alta Ilumpus spent tthe ycok
end In Columbus, tho guqst ot her
sls'tcr, Mrs. J. 11. Tom.
Mr. noger Tarr, who attends .Ohio
State university, was a visitor iu the
city orer tho week-end.
Mr, John Wlltemln ot Lamartlne
street spent Sunday in Nnwark with
his brother.
Mrs. HohhIo Clutter returned to Ak
rou Monday after spending tho week
end hero.
Miss F.dlih Mcllck left for Now
York Ally Sunday for the J. S. King
wait Co.
Miss Alice Lnwls has returned from
Lancaster after a visit with Mrs. Frod
Missus Lona and Kathryu Colloy
and Mr. Robert Sulishury spent Suu
day In Columhus,
A Girl, A Crook, A Gentleman: See
Besile Barrlscale In "Hearts Asleep"
at the Fotoaho today, x20
Dr. Charles M. dray loft Sunday for
Now Orloans, La to attend tho na
tional dental meeting.
'You tun savo money by buying
drugs and medicines ot Fox & Stein
hoff. Deforo-tho-war prices.
MWF I Ml)x
Mrs. Daiilnl lllauoy ot Utlcii Is tho
guest ot Mr. and Mrs, II. .1. Hood of
Miss Lillian Cunningham, of the
high school teaching staff, spent tho
oek-ond at hor homo In 1-tmciintur.
fei,0Kt nrlces nsld for wool. All
Young'a now Jewelry store Is .now
located In the Hull building, No. 11
South Main street, 'Phono No. 7.
daft tt
Mrs. Duulel Mclntlro and hqii re
turned to tholr home In Akron Mon
day, lifter visiting hero for several
She would rather scrub than steal:
See Bessie Barrlscale In "Hearts
Asleep" at the Fotosho today. x20
Tho. Misses Ironn and Helen McKln
ley ot Columbus spoilt Sunday In
Lock 'with their sister, Mrs, Harry
Mrs, James Scavolt of the Gran
ville road went to llilnk Havon Mon
day to spend a number of ilnx with
Bnanty ns Well ns wnrmlli, attract
ively displayed in Itlngwnlt's win-
Oroccrloa and. mpdlflnoi, delivered I
free to any part of the city. Fox &
StclnhofT. MWF ll-19x
A story rich In tint and rare" In 'har
mony. Ses Narlmova In "The Red
Lantern" at the Vine Thursday and
Friday. x23
Mr. and Mrs. K. A. I'oormau of
Mansfleld avenue spent Sunday with
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis I'oorman, who
reside near Bcllvllle.
Young's new jewelry store Is now
located In the Hull building, No. 11
South Main street. Phone No. 7.
da& tf
Miss Lenoro ftnyot, a tcachor In
tlio IiIrIi Kcbonl, was tho giLast of rel
atives In Wcstcrvfllo ovor the week
end, When you want medicine, 'phono
Fox & Stelulmff. They save you mon
oy. MWK 11-19
Magical with mystery, glowing with
colors. See Nazlmova In "The Red
Lantern at'-the" Vine" Thursday and
Friday. . x2Jf
IMOVA, at the Vine THURSDAY and
FRIDAY. Watch special announce
ment. x22
., Dr. F. C. harlntoro Is iu Now York 1
city "this wcok attending a clinical
congress of 'tho American College of
Surgeons. , Ho will roturn Saturday,'
Oct. 2,-.
With splendor like day, mystery
like night. See Narimoya In "The
Red Lantern" at the Vine Thursday
and Friday. x23
Dr. Glennon, dentist southwest
corner Main and Gambler upstairs. I
Mrs. Molvlu Cattou returned to her
homo on Marlon street Sunday after
visiting iu Lancaster. Sho was ac
companied homo by hor son and his
wife, M. and Mrs. Uoy Ciatlon, and
tholr daughter, Iluth.
The wickedest vamp that ever
vamped See William Desmond In
the great comedy, "Whitewashed
Walls,' at the Fotosho tomorrow. s21
Young's new Jewelry store is now
located In tho Hull building, No. 11
South Main strnot. 'Phone No. 7.
- da& tf
Mrs. Lllllc Itlloy of Clovoland siient
Sunday with Mrs. Cora Ilehout, Fast
Vino street, onrouto to Texus, whore
sho will spend tho .wlnlor.
An Irishman puts one over on a
"greaser.'' Sie William Desmond In
"Whitewashed Walls" at the Fotosho
tomorrow. x21
William Farnum iu the Ifrst ot his
new Fox pictures, "Wolvos of tho
Night," ut Lyric tomorrow and Wed
nesday, xty
IMOVA, at the Vine THURSDAY and
FRIDAY. Watch special announce
menf. , ' x22
Mr. and Mrs. J. M, (toward of
HIdgowood avonuo and Mrs. Kllza
Uundoll, of Frodorlrktown, returned
Sunday from Delawaro wheio they
spout' a wopk v Ith' relatives.
Machinist J. K Heard of Wcsft High
stroot dopavted Sunday for" Detroit,
Mich., to tiko. a complete course with
the Michigan State Auto school.
A -masked dnnco 'given by tho
A; I, V., Tuesday; Oct. 21, at tho Mac
qaboo hall. 7r.c per couplo, extra
ladles 15c. Music luinlshed by ltalls
orchestra. x21
Will have, car of potatoes soon.
Call 46 or 162, Gambler exchange, and
loavo your order. Gambler Fanners
Cooperative Co. x22 .x24
Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Wright ot
West High s,troet aru spending a num
ber of days in Columbus.
Mr. and MrB. Winchester Faust of
Fast Ilurgesa streot spent Sunday In
Mr. Paul McOorry and daughtor,
Mary Cithorlno, spent Saturday and
Sunday with frlqnds In Columbus.
Attornoy C. II. Workman ot Mans
Mold was In this city Monday, attond
lug tho sosslon ot tho Knox county
court of appeals.
Mrs. II. It. Putinaii ot Clovoland
will arrive In tho city Tuesday to vis
It hor parents, Mr, and Mrs. G. O.
Warner, at tho Hotel Curtis. Mrs.
Putman was rormeily Miss Anita
Warn or.
Dr. and Mrs. W. W. Stonchockor of
Illadonslfurg wero visitors In Mt. Ver
non on Monday.
Mrs. L. O. Ilrunlgun of West Vino
stioot wont to Toledo Monday to re
main for two weeks.
Miss Sarah Dcoloy of Sandusky Is
spending a number of dayB hero with
hor brothers, Drs. S. K. and I). C.
Mr. Herbert Audieas, who Is em
ployed in Akron, was a visitor horo
Sunday and Monday.
Mr, Kenneth Mastollor returned to
Akron Monday after spending tho
week-end horo with his parents, Mr.
and Mis. John Mastoltur.
Mr. Leonuid lllshop, of Detroit, who
was called horo by tho ll'lness and
denth ot his mother, leaves tonight for
Fargo, 111., for a conference with tho,
American Motor Car Co.
Tho sugar shortage continues, llso
miiptu syiup, 2 per gallon, Write or
call ot tho Fredorlcktown Farmers
K.H'hango, 'phone No, tt,
x25 2t
liy Afiioclutid r'lcss lo 'J'lie Manner
S1IANUHAI, Oct. 20 FolloUlnR au
invt'Sllfiatloii of' .tho activities of tho
Ilocltcfeller Koundiitlon In China and
tho Philippines' that was conducted
thiough the suinmor months by Dr.
dcorgo K. Vincent, president ot tho
Foundation, it is understood exten
sions of tho educational work in tho
Far Cant, particularly In China, will
ho authorized nt tho annual meeting
ot tho Hoekefbller Foundation in Now
York In December.
- Existing medical schools and hos
pitals at various places In China havo
been iccctvinR contilhutlons and aid
from the Foundation. The. two most
Important cnterprices of tho organ
ization In China are tho Puking Un
ion Medical College, Under construe
tion at tho -Chinese capital,' and the
Shanghai Medical College, tnc 'crec-
Hon of which Is expected to bo' au
thorized at tho annual meeting.
The main purpfis0.of tho Institu
tions is to train Chinese as practi
tioners ot medicine, according lo tho
standards of American schools ot
tho best class. The development of
an Indigenous medical profession ot
a high order and tho ultimate trans
fer of this form of education to Chi
ncso hands are tho announced alms
ot tho Foundation In China. Three ot
the main buildings of tho Poking Un
ion Medical collego will bo opened
this fall.
Tho pioject io bujd the Shanghni
Medical Collego has been under con-"
Hldciation s.Inco 1915, but tho difficul
ty of obtaining tuntorlnls from abroad
has presented tho beginning of build
ing. Tlfo Rockefeller Foundation' Is
expected to decide at Its December
mooting when work will ho stnitcd
on tho Shanghai institution.
Ponding tho coinplotlou of tho new
schools, In iwljlityon lo Its other ac
tlvltfes tho China Medical Hoard has
lji)oil, gtautlng fellowships and schol
ainhlps to medical missionaries for
study in tho United States and has
been aiding native physicians, nurs
es and students 'to pursue cout.ies in
American, schools. Thaexpcnditure
of tho Hpckcfoljo'r Foundation in Chi
na in 1918 exceodod ?2!000,000.
In tho 300 odd islands ot tho Sulu
Archipelago that are out ot touch
with tho rest ot Iho world a remark
able work has boon dono by tho
Rockefeller Foundation. The remote
vlllngos along tho shores of Mindanao
had been inaccessible to medical men
until tho Foundation plucod In ser
vice tho ship Husuanga. She Is ot
'300 tons burden and is fltlod with a
modern operating roijin, a ten-bod
hospital waid and a pharmacy. This
floating dispensary touches regularly
at points on thu coasts ot Mindanao
and tho Islands ot Sulu Archipelago.
Tho vessel works In cooperation with
the haso hospitals that havo been
established at Jolo and Kambonangn.
lly the terms of aii agreement tho
Rockefeller Foundation Is to main
tain tho Iiusuunga In service for live
yoais after which control ot tho ves
sel la to bo taken ovor by tho Phil
ipino nuthoiUlcft.
ll'y AsHneliitul Picks to Tho Ultimo'
LONDON, Oct. 20 Tho pioposed
Livorpool-Austialla and Liverpool
New York air survlco will bo an en
ormous undnitnkfng. Tho pioblom
ot supplying tho necossary dirigible
airships Is but pn,o of tho Items to bo
considered. They cost about ?3,750,
000 each to coustruct. At least six
of those huge ciaft will bo neccbsnrv
to maintain theso two services with
any degree ot regularity.
There are also to bo considered
tho problems of suitable landing
grounds and mooiing-posts; tho In
tention of tho Great Northern Aorlal
syndlcnto being that aorodromes jvlll
bo piovlded at tho more Important
stations while mooring posts will
sorvo as socoml-claks stops or halts.
Aoiodroines for dirigibles nro ro
quired only at every 2.000 miles and
It is now posslblo for an airship to
bo moored to or released from n
mooring tower In any wind up to 60
miles an hour; yet tho total financial
hacking consldoied necossary for
such an undoi taking is In tho neigh
boihood of $10,000,000',
Tho mooring out station for air
ships which s In tho form ot a high
tower enclosing an elevator haft by
which passengera and cargo will bo
taken up and down from thqground
is over 150 toot high. With a rovolv-
jlng head tho airship can ho s rigid-
I ly nltaciied to this tower by tho nose,
will ride elenr of the ground In all
weathers, and be able to awing with
tho. dlr,eptlon of the wind. v
T5ach, of these t'owerstyill he pro
vlTfcd with' a hauUUgin, wjrich and
a ropo by which tho airship will be
hauled up to the mooring post; also
a supply base of hydrogen, fuel, and
vater ballats.
Pittsburgh Livestock
Hogs Receipts: 8,300; market low
er; heavies MiM.25; light yorkers
Sheep and Iambs ltcccipts: 2,500;
market steady; top sheep 10; top.
lambs 15.'
Calves KccelpU: 800; market
steady; top-20. .
Cleveland Livestock '
Cattlo Receipts: 1,500; '; market
steady l 25c lower.
halves Receipts 800. market slow;
goijd to cholco-veal-calves 17(fH8.
Sho.op Receipts: 1,500; niarkot 50c.
lower;' wool lambs 13.75M; clipped
sheep 67.
Jlogs Receipts': 8,000; market '50c
lower; mixed 13,75;,' pigs and lights
13; roughs '11; stags 0.
Chicago Livestock ,'
Hogs Receipts: -.2,QU0; market
mostly 25c lower; bulk of sales 13.50
14M0; top M.70; hoaVy weight "ll
11.C0; medium weight ,14014.70;
llshts 13(014.15; sows 12.7G13.75;
pigs 12.25J3.25.
Cattle Recolpts: 31,000! market
unsettled; heavy beef steora 17.45
19.40; light bcof steers 14.50(7119
butcher stock cows and heifers G.23
14.50; cannors and cutters 500.25;
Ktockors and fccdeis 613; veal
calves 16.75irjpl7.75.
Sheep Receipts: 35,000; market
tirm; lambs, good to choice, 1275
16; owes, good to choice, 6.50&7.75.
Chicago Grain
-.Cgm Doc. 1.25ft; Mar. 1.23U.
, Oats Dec. .71 i; Mar. .74V4.
Pork Oct. 41.50; Jan. 33.Q0.
Lard Nov. 26.45; Jan. 24.43.
Ribs Oct. 18.50; Jan. 17.57.
Toledo Grain
Cloversecd Prlmo cash and Oct.
31.60; Dec. 30.10; Jan. 30.65; Feb,
30,50; Mar. 30.10.
Alsiko Prime cash -audi Oct. 2D.70;
Deo 20.50; Mar. 29.75. - '
Tlmothy-T-Prlmo cash and " Oct.
5.62VC-; Dec. 5.67'j; Mar. and 'Apr.
5.77 Vi. . ,.
Tho following prices are paid by
II. V. Suioots for farm produce, dollr
cred at his warehouse: '' '
Fresh Kggs n4o
No. 1 Country Huttcr 55c
No. 2 Country Huttcr H6c
Light Hens 16c
Heavy lions lSc
Heavy Spring Chickens ,., 18c
Sm.ni Spring Chickens 16c
Old Roosters ICo
Ducks 2oc
Just received a car ot choice absort
od potatoos, packed In new bags, 2Vi
bushels each. Price $1.60 per bushel
at mill; $1.63 per bushel delivered.
Classified Column
FOR SALE Registered big typo
Poland China boar, two yoars old
February, 24, 1920. Sired by Giant
Wonder, No. 103605 and ho by Fcsen-
Wise is the ivoman who knows that the best footwear is
the most economical. So, year after year, she selects
You'll be surprised to find so much comfort in so grace
ful and slender a shoe. And you cannot fail to admire
their beautiful materials and workmanship.
Kid Is fashion's favorite leather, and In
boots the laced models are preferred be
cause they give tho trim ankle, Impossible
with a button boot.
Come in and let us fit you with a pair. '
West Vine
"Ground Grippers"
meyer's A Wonder, No. 6889A; dam,
King's Jumbo Lady, No.. 205871, npd!
sho ,by Iowa -King, No zuimuoA.
NVelfchtViOO lbs, or bettcr.,'Onnranted
to be all right. Oood brccdor. Large
Utters. Phono, Ralph "Haas, F-137,
Utlca. Address, Vannatta R. D. 1.
FOR SALE Field corn, tomatoes,
turnips, pumpkins and fodder. Cald
well & Son, Columbus road, 'phono
79.1 giocn. x22
FOR SALE Wo havo some flno
farms for sale, 20 acres to 150. Want
more farms listed for snle. Seo Hunt
& riurns, 36 Public square. MWx2221
FOR SALE Just a few good homes
loft, prlco right, location flno. Get
Inisy If you want to buy. Hunt &
Burns, 30 Public square. MWx22 21
FOR SALE Modorn M-room dwell
ing and restaurant. A bargain. L.
A. Stream. Mtf TUf
FOR SALE A nibbertlrcd ruan
bout, good as now. Call 904-I)luo.jc2l
Call 013.
-Assorted field
FOR SALE Nino-room house. The
Iludley resldoncc, 102 Kast High
ptrcet. Inquire at abovo address, tf.
FOR SALE Four good cows. .II. L.
74? blue. tf
- FOR SALE Residence, 205 South
Gay. Sultablo for boarding house.
FOR SALE A good work tpara.
Vat LuFovor, 'phono 2025-F.
Cooper Co.
The C. &. G.
WANTED Men to husk corn. Good
wages, dinner furnished. 2011-J. -x22
WANTED Men on tho Columbus
road. Apply on tho work. 'x31
' W.ANTED tl50 to $300 a month
cnslly made by man with team or
We furnish capital. Write quick for
We would appreciate a trial. Why not bring
your next can of cream to us?
No long waits, testing done, promptly. .
Highest Market Prices Paid.
The West Jefferson Creamery Co.
Greeta Purdy, Agent
Location Next door to Salisubry's, West High
Knecht-Feeney Electric Company
At Your Electrical Service
No, 0 Public Square Phone
No. 1-83 A popular
Model That Laces.
"S-J-V-' -stfaW
t dvwmrmm
s y I mm Mm'
f s r siaaaaV mi mm
aiilo, rolling Helierllng'- medlolnos,
extracts, spices, 'toilet nrtlclos,' stock
powdor, dip and etc. Inyiiur -tounty.
Own boss. J3xperlenceunn,ecr-ssary.
pailiculnrs. Heberllng Mo'dlolne Co.,
Bloorulutoi), Illinois. , x22
WANTED To buy used clothing
and shoes. Call 345 :reen. tf
LOST Lady's tan pockotbook con
taining papers and sum of money. Re
ward. James Woyant, 11 West Gam
bler. 4 x21
LOST A largo black-ond-whlto
hound. Howard. Call 2019-R.' x21
LOST Handbag, on West High
street. Reward. 'Phono 1008 black.
LOST On Green Valloy road or
Wost High street, Sunday, 0110 hub
cap and sand-band for Olds car. Find
fir please leave at Dover's drug store,
or call J. II. Jenkins, Frcdcricktown
oxchnnge. x20
' Established 1910
5 Buy, Sell and Exchange Knox
County Farm
As a result of our effort scores of
farms have been Bold, reaching
nearly every section of the county,
and hundreds of! thousands of dol
lars have thus changed hands.
Doth buyer and seller ire saved
much time and annoyance, and
many deals are closed that novcr
would have boon ponsumated other
wise. If you have a farm for sale,
or are In the market for
one, we are at your service.
iOn the Square Over the Bank
Electric Light TJu
Housewife's Friend
(s conveniences, clean
liness, steadiness' and
ves economy must
appeal to tho up-tothe-minuto
homo woman. You can make
electric light as brilliant or as
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Consult us about it.
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