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The Democratic banner. (Mt. Vernon, Ohio) 1898-192?, June 28, 1921, Image 2

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imp,' pi mm i , jpw 'iiiiii u Jifpi'n
S v
'' IMI
j Monday, June 2J ifc
. The I,. C. n. A. ftill meet In j
.j the eenlng nt 1. of C, hull, iff
j Tuesday, June 28 Jfc,
- Tho Sons of Veterans Anll-
JJi lary will meet In tho oenlng.
Vi .Initiation ,
j King's Daughters meet In tho fc
$ft parish house at 7:30. iff
j Frances Williiril W. C. T. U. .
$ will meet nt 2 o'clock with $t
Sfc Mrs. II. M. Anderson, West iff
f Vino street. $
if Circle No. 3 of the M. 1' Jjfc.
ft church moots nt 2 o'clock with $f
' i llrs. D. C. Cobutii, North Mul- iff,
Aft horry street. iff-
V & Circle No. 1 (If the M. P. iff
jfji churcli meets In the nftoinoon va
i with Mrs C. 11. Squires, K.ist iff
iff. Burgess strcot.
ffi The A. I. T
will meet In the iff
iff evening In tho Maccabees hull, iff
$ Sons of Veterans' Aimuaiy $f
$f meets in the evening. Initio- iff
iff tlon and entertainment. iff
rj Wednesday, June 29 iff
ifi Tho silver circle, northeast iff
j$ division of the M. V. church, ft
iff will meot with Mrs. Carl Wortz, iff
'iff 108 Wooster avenue. Ladles tff
iff. will bring their own work. iff
Wedding Tuesday
At 8i30 o'clock Tuesday morning,
with nuptial high mires at St. Vincent
do Paul's Catholic church, Mr. llaj
mond Tnughor and Miss nilaabeth
Kelley will bo united In marriage.
The ceremony mill be porformed by
Iter. L. W: Mulhnne.
Entertains With
Dancing Party
Mrs. James F. Leo entertained a
Bmnll group of younger peoplo with
a dancing ' party Saturday evening,
lionorlnMeflnrti. w- ' Kenny1 of
New Vorkk'City, Frances Barrett of
Clevolnnd and Jack Cnron, ir.', of
Columbus, who wero the weekend
guests of Mr. Jnmcs Lee, Jr. Ken
heth Pnyiio furnished tho music for
With Dinner
Mr. Clement Tlubaugti and daughters
of Buckeyo City entertained at dinner
Sunday In houoi of Mr. and Mrs. Syl
vester It. Blubaugh who luturned
home Sunday fiom a Hhoit wedding
Covers were laid for twenty, Includ
ing the family and u number of guestH
who wero: Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester
Blubaugh, Mi. nnd Mis. Francis Blu
baugh, Mr. nnd Mrs. Saufoid Ham
mond, Mrs. Agnes J. Tlgho.jMIss Ce
celia Drake, Miss Anna Shanubnrger
and Bov. C. B. Telpe. '
Help You Club
Holds a Meeting
The ludiOH of tho Help You dub
met at the groo Iuh Thursday, with
38 members present nnd one visitor,
Mrs. C. K. Wolford of ,Mt. Voinon.
Wednesday, Thursday,
They are here from all parts of Ohio, from Indiana, Pennsylvania and .Maryland.
Nationally known drivers and trainers are now at Mt.
Aftdr a short buJness session,, the
entoitainnipiit coniniitteo ontertnlned
with' games pn the l.nwi. Doltcioun
refreshments weio served by Mrs.
Chili lea McKue, ,Mis. John McKee;
Mis. II. b. McCamment and Mrs, Har
ry Petry. Tho not meeting will bo
held Thursday nftornoon, .Tcly 14
A Rhort time ago this club donated
tho sunt ofv$20 to the Salvation Army
of Mt. Vet nun.
Mr. and Mrs. Walker
Entertain Club
The Country Home Club entertain
ed the members and their families
very delightfully Saturday evening at
tho homo of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Walk
er of the Gambler road. Forty seven
persons were present during tho even
ing, Including Mr. and Mrs.. S. U Anderson-
nnd Mr. nnd Mrs) IUisfe'ell
Sellers of this city.
During the evening the guests en
gaged in u guessing contest ."His
Wlfo's Nnmc." Tho prize was awaul-
ed Mr. Ilobert Dennett.
Kveryone present enjoyed an old
fashioned c.iko walk, the prize for this
being awarded Mis. Sellers and Mrs.
Kefieshments were seived by tho
hostess nsslstod by Mis. Cunningham,
Mrs. Fish, Mrs. White nnd Mrs.
Hayes. The guests enjoyed dancing
until a late hour following the refresh
ments. My Ainidctattd 'iesi to The runner)
PORTSMOUTH, O.i June 27 On
the way to the county Jail in a ma
chine under guaid of Deputy Sherly
Rickey -this morning, three alloged
niooiiHlilntirs, cluuged with illegal
selling of liquor, deliberately wiocked
tho uut(), iiv-nu attempt to escape, add
J twotjUiom weio Bhot and wounded
and sent to u hospital uy tup deputy
tdiorUT in n desperuto light that fol
lowed, ,
Junius (Bonn, 12, and Henry Cunt
rell; 3(J,Vct,o wounded when, they at
tempted tu UHHuult ,tl;e .hIiciIH nftor
they liudriibbod the wheoV ot the
aiitomoblld from u young difvdr em
ployed by tho deputy sheriff nnd Bent
it crashing tuiotiKU n bench mid down
a 12'foot omb'inkmont where the oc
cupants wero thrown out.
'Thoio will bo no meeting of the
Y. V. F. M. S. of tho (lay sticot M. U.
chinch during July and Augunt.
TliQj mlRsloniuy sodoty of Piko
and Kbuiieor chuichqa will moot at 2
p. m., July 7, ut tho homo of Mis. J.
C. Oldnker A good attendance do-
McHsrB. Ed mum! McCormack nnd
Hobert FIannli;an spent Sunday nt
Buckeye Lake.
Races Each Day
following Is tho program for tho
Mt, Veriion Racing Association for
tho Mt. Vernon races', June 29, 30 and
July 1:n
, ., i. Wednesday, ,Junq 69
""" "0''if:24 Pace A J
Tho.feeP.luy'Barn'ey O'
6BHfmo. m!lby'Bl,4 )i e, Em
Waftors,,'Md(-ioh,q. ( 4
Harry Volo, si g. by , NoJ-volo, Dr.
McTemrle, Marlon, O.
Bud Light, s. g. by Barney O'Con
nor, G. A. Urban, Zanesvllle, O.
Julliis Ceaser, s. g. by Worthy H.,
R. B. Plaico; St. Mathews, S. C.
LMward G., blk. g. by King of, Dr. C.
R. Leist, Columbus, O.
Pointer Direct, bg. by Sidney Point
er, C. B. Bently, Waynosvlle, O.
Miss Colopy, grm., by Bobby Bruns,
Mrs. M. L. Anderson, Kenton, O.
' Diamond Bell, Jr.. br. g. by Diamond
Bell. Wingate & Son, Greenville, N.
Nellie Brook, br. m. by Jay Brook,
J. M. Rodgers, Roland, N- C.
Tony Night, 1). g. by Mack Night,
Oeo. Logue, Meycrsdale, Pa.
Gretchen Kirk, grm. by Oemonde,
James Coey, Columbus, O.
Clifford L. blk. s. by Sir Austin T.,
Chas. Swishelm, Hlllsboro, O.
Charlun, b. m. by Walace McKln
ncy, Chas. Swishel, Hlllsboro, O.
Guy Minor, D. ro, g. by Hal P., R.
C. Cnsteel, Waldo, 0.
Prince Mabel, brl g. by Mnbel, Wm.
Roush, Mt, Voinpn, O.
Phoobo Pointer, b. m. by Sidney
Pointer, Wm. Mngers, ngt., Mt. Ver
non, O.
Bulnh McKinnoy, b. m. by Washing
ton McKinney, Alva Boggs, Newark,
O. ,
J. M. T. bylk. g. by J. S. G. Wm. M.
Jenkins, Columbus, O. '
Cnrlie C. b. g. by Corporal Charles
R. H. Woodcox, Pipua, O.
2:20 Trot
Vliginia Blngon, blk. m. by Blngon,
"Wm. Pei kins, Cioton. O.
Reposo, blk. m. by Rytmic Bel, H.
G. Sllngluff, Mt. Vernon, O.
Bernlco A. b. m. by Education, Mrs.
Mi L. Anderson, Kenton, O.
Goo. Summers, b. g. by Vldmor, Hen
ry Soles, Turtle Creek, Pa.
Laddie Boy, b. g. by Tramp First,
J. W. Sargent, Alexandria, O.
Rose Dyer, b. m. by Worty McKin
noy, James Coey, Columbus, O.
Buck Cole, 1). g. by Makover, Titus
Bros. A. Charleston, O.
J. Billikon, b. s. by Peter Bllflkcn,
Chas. Swishelm, Hlllsboro, 'b.
Peter Rabbit, b. g. by Potp'r oMonq,
Chas. Swishelm, Hlllsboro, 'O '
Donni Halrano, blk. n. Tjy Don
Colo, Pitkin & Boeman, Mt. Vernon,
Mnggln Ormond, blk:. m. by Or
mande, Harry Kevy, Chlllicothe, O.
Ohio Don, chc. by Don Cake, Dan
Lake, Columbus, O.
Peter PIffcr, br. s. by Peter tlu
Gieht, W, O. Korns, Mt. Vcinon, 0.
Francos Isabel, b. m. by Elect
worthy, John Goffman, Sidney, O.
Henry C, b, g. by Vanko, James
Fltrsimmons, Newnrk, O.
Montho, blk. m. by Blnjolla, Dr. D.
V. Hoko, Attica, O.
ABhlnnd Finch, cho. by Silver Finch,
J. T. Denuloif.
David Blngon, b. r. s. by Blngon,
H. 1). Hackot, Lousvillo, tKy.
Don Blazes, b. g, by Peter O'Don
im, Fail Dauglor, Sandusky, O.
Shandon, b. g. by Tho Export, J, P.
Nagle, Toledo, O.
2:14 Pace
Bainoy Light, a. g. by Barney O'
Vernon. Among them avo:
Jones v AY H
Lake. hv ' fcfgqta' d
Klaxico v ' '
WUBglipil ,1)1 HP
Connor, S. Hardway, Newark, O.
Logan Boy, b. g. by Kid Logan,
Bert Smoots, Conterbirg, O.
Tho Major Hlgglnson, Jr., h. h. by
Major Hlgglnson, J. L. Benadum,
ZaneflvlUe.iO. s'
LuojncWalters.i gr.cm. by Betterton
Dliect.i RuBC"(Pnxteo,,St. Mathers, 'S.1
Ci i i ' - ' ' i, ;u i
j,Mlsa Rojectod, fo, m, by .Direct
Woll, Oj D. Watts, ngt, Columbiana,
S. C. v f
May Todd, b. m. by C. W. Todd, C.
M. Naylor, Stutuson, Md.
Dolly B. hr. m. 'by Kenston, Mrs.
M. L. Anderson, Kenton, O.
Lucy Hall, s. m. by Argot Hall,
Chas. Swishelm, Hlllsboro, O.
Van Burns, ch. g. by Cubanbla,
Frank Wince, St. Louisville, O.
Grand Pointer, b. g. by Sidney Poin
ter, C. M. Rowlee, Lancaster, O.
T. N. T. b. g. by Nervolo, A. P. Top
per, Bucyrus, O.
Ben Wright, b. g. by Ben Directly,
J. L. Wright, Richwood, O.
Olive R. b. m. by Chas. Hayt, J. L.
Wilght, Richwood, O.
Ahambra Dtlke'.'b. g. by Alhambra
Prince, W. O. Korns,' Mt Vernon, O.
Delma H., b. in. by Duke Arondale,
L. F. Goffana, Sidney, O.
Joe Hamilton, br. g. by Joo Direct,
Fitszimmons & Warington, Newark,
Lou Hal, b. 'm. by JIaltamont, C. A.
Witt, Jeffersonvllle, O.
Cornstalk, b. g. by Wingato
& Son, Greenville, N. C.
Red S. c. g. by Shnughran, Earl
Daughter, Sandusky, O.
Charlie C b. g. by Corporal Charles
R. H. Woodcox, Ploa, O
Bums, O. E. Boed, Jefferson, O.
Thursday, June 30
2:15 Trot
Bill Durrell, b. g. by The Expert,
Frnnk Burnell, Croton, O.
Flo V. b. m. by Guy Axworty, Q. A.
Urban, Znnesvillo, O.' ,
Elsworth Wilkes, b! n. by Nutwood
Wllkos ,Dr. C. E. L'ost, Columbus, O.
Loola McKinnoy, b". m. by Wallace
McKinney, Kentucky' Stables, Darling
tdn, S. C.
Laddie Boy, bg. by Tramp First, J.
W. Sargent, Alexandria, O. I
Gay Boy, b. g. by G. W. D. J. R,.
Loffbrorow, Mt. Sterlng, O'.
Grace Todd
b. m. by Major Todd,
Titus Bios., S. Churleslon, O.
Biittdh Finch, b. g. by Slvor Finch,
Boush & Rlnehnrt, Aft. Vernon, O.
Slllock, b. g. by Slliko, B. M. Crltch
field, Mt.Vemon, O.
Willie Worthy, b. g. by Olcott Ax
worthy, B. M. Crltcliflold, Mt. Vernon,
Anita, tho Great, blk. m. by Cadu
cub tho Great, O. W. Crane, Kenton,
O. .'
E. M. C. 1). 8. by VortV McKinney,
II. V. Oguen, Louisvij, Ky.
Little- iJick, p. g. byt yreut Medium,
Hairy Tnllmun, Richwood, O.
Banker Blngen, b. s'.by King Bln
gon, R. II. Woodcox, Piquu, O.
2:17 Pace
Logan Uoy, bg by Kid Logan", Bort
Smoots, Coiiteiliuig. '
Woithy Dollj, Bin, by Most Woithy,
J. L Ileiiiiiliun, Z.uieBVvllle.
Brownie Clugett, bg, by Barney O'
Connor, G. A. Lilian, Zimesvlllo.
Piinco I), till is II. II. Todd, bg, by
George L. Todd, Kontucky Stablos,
Darlington, S. C.
Fagan, bg, by Wnltor Direct, II,
Vlckery, Cambildgo City, Ind.
Allon Pointer, bg. by Sidney Point
or, Charles Swishelm, Hlllsboro.
Gland Pointer, bg, by Sidney Point
Friday, June 29, 30, and July 1
Best and fastest horses in the United States.
20 Horses from North and South Carolina. 15 Horses from Kentucky.
8 to 15
ji i
er, C, M. Bowlco, Lancaster.
Ben Wright, bg, by Ben Directly, J,
L. Wright, Blchwood.
Olive R., bm, y Charles Hayt, J L.
Wright, Richwood.
Alhambra Duke, bg, by Alhambra
Prince, W. O. Korns, Mt. Vernon.
Delma H., bm, by Duke Aromdlo, L.
F. Goffena, Sidney. '
Bessie 'Connor, hm, by Barney O'
Connor, James FltzslmmonB, Newark.
Lou Hal, bm, by Haltamont, C. A.
Witt, Jefferson.
Little Chimes, bg, by Major Chimes,
H D. JUjokettLbuIsvllloJ Ky.
Charge C. bg, by Corporal Charles,
R. n. Woodcox.'Pfqurt',' '
, Edith Burns, gi.m, by Gen. Burns,
O. E. Boed, Jefferson.
2:23 Trot
Virginia Blngen, blk m, by Blngen,
William Perkins, Croton.
llanator, br s, by Blngnrn, J. L.
Bendaum, Zanesvllle.
Repose, blk m, by Rythmo Bel, H.
G. Sllngluff, Mt. Vernon,
Nick Grady, bg, by Alllwood, R. B.'
Plaxlco, St. Mathews, S. C.
Staco Dillon, bg, by Happy Dillon,
S. J.'Arlmnn, Zanesvllte.
Bernlco A , bm, by Education, "Mrs.
M. L. Anderson, Kenton.
Anna Moko, bm, by Blngen, Henry
Soles, Turtle Creek, Pa.
Laddie Boy, bg, by Tramp First, .T.
W. Sargent, Alexandria.
Apirit Bond, bg, by George Gilbert,
Charles Swishelm, Hlllsboro, O.
Donna Hal Rane, blk m, by Don
Cale, Pitkin & Beeman, Mt. Vernon.
Maggie Ormonde, blk m, by, Or
monde Harry Levy, Chllllcotho.
Lord Beldon, bg, by Lord Robeits,
William Roush, Mt. Vernon.
'Dixlo Don, bg, by Don Cale. Wllllahi
Majors, Mt. Vernon.
Daily Don. bg, by Don Calo, William
Magers, Mt. Vernon.
Besslo J., br m, by Crown J., G. E
Burrell, Newark.
Aihland Finch, chs by Silver Finch,
J. T. Deardtfrf.
Jimmlo Mack, bg, by Tod Mack, H.
D. Hackett, Louisville, Ky
Gainsborough, bg, by Slliko, H. P.
Ogdon, Louisville, Ky.
Major Blngen, br g by Albingen,
Cliff Todd, Montgomery, O.
Shandon, br g, byTho Export, J. P.
Nagle, Newark.
2:20 Pace
Tho Midget, bin, by Barney O'Con
nor, John Miller, Newark.
Effle W., ro m, by Egoslno, Eugene
Walters, Marlon
Harry Volo, sg, by Norvolo, Dr. M&
Temme, Marion.-
Nlna Whitney, bm, by Unknown, G
B. Watts, Columbiana, S. C.
Miss Colopy, gr m, by Bobby Burns,
Mrs. M. L. Anderson, Kenton.
The Northern Star, blk s, by Tho
Northern Man, Victor Doinsho, East
Vandergriff, Pa
Don Sylvia, bm, by Barongnlo,
Charles Swishelm, Hillsboro.
Aichlo Burns, bs, by Bobby Burns,
Charles Swishelm, Hlllsboro.
Guy Minor. D., ro g, by Hal P., R. C.
Castell, Waldo.
nuth Volo, bm, by Nervolo, J. L.
Wright, Richwood.
Rose Nervolo, sm, by Nervolo, J. L.
Wilght, Richwood.
Buckeye Ben, bg, by Buckeye Todd,
Dr.-D. V. Hoko, Attica. '
J. M. T., blk bg by J. S. G., William
Jenkins, Columbus.
' 2:18 Trot
Bill Burnell, bg, by Tho Exp'ort,
Frank Burnoll, Croton.
Happy Roberts bg, by Lord Roberts,
J.L. Benadum, Zanesvlllo.
Shoity Coiwin, bg, by Alcabel, G.
A. Urban, Zaneavllle. '
Flo V., bm, by Guy Axworthy, G. A.
Uiban, ZuucsvlUc. ' ,
Silky Nan. bm, by Silk McKinney,
J. M. Rogors, Roland, N. C.
Laddie Boy, bg, By Tramp First, J.
Complete Development of Mississippi Valley
With 54,000,000 Population
By H. H. MERRICK, President.
The Mississippi Valley association has been formed to drawttie people
of the twenty-seven states in the great basin together and to supply them
a medium through which to join forces and work all for one and one Cor
all. Today there are 5,000,000 people in the regibn we call the grent
valley. There are great cities, factories of every kind, and there is the
equipment necessary to the carrying on of practically every enterprise re
quired. That this power will be sufficient to assure the valley's complete
development, is evidenced in the fact that 64,000,000 population repre
sents in excess of one-half the yoting strength of tho entire country.
My own state of Illinois is now investing some $30,000,000 in build
ing locks and a nine-foot channel connecting the Great Lakes with the
Mississippi, and before long all tbo ports of the Great Lake's, as well ns
Chicago, will be moving freight by jrntor to and irom shipsidc at New
Orleans. ,
The transportation lino of lowf resistance in tho valley is north and
south, not cast and west. The Mississippi Valley association is devoting
most of its time and attention to the removal of the artificial obstacles
that have been placed in these north and south channels in the interest
of the east and west route, and it is succeeding. .
W. Sargent, Aloxandila.
Northern Charm, bg, by Northern
Man, Charles Swishelm, HUlsboio.
Ohio Don, chs by Don Cale, Dan
Lake, Colubmus.
Lorotta Woodcllffe, blk m , by On
ward Woodcllff, William Roush, Mt.
Slllock. bg, by Slliko, B. M. Crltch
field, Mt. Vernon.
Willy Worthy, bg, by Olcott Ax
worthy, B. M. Crltchfleld, Mt. Vernon.
Henry C, bg, by Vankof James
Fltzslmmons, Newark.
Peter Ploffer, brs, by Peter the
Gieat, W. O. Korns, 'Mt. Vernon
Lilac Hill bm. by Belwln, Cliff
Todd, Montgomery.
Alice T. Axworthy bm, by King
Blngen, O. B. Beed, .Tofforson.
F. F. A. Pace
Barnoy Light, s. g. by Barney O'Con
nor, S. Hardway, Newark, O.
Sister Norte, bm, by DelNorte, R. B,
Plaxlco, St. Mathews, S. C.
Arlington Wells, b. s. by Arlington,
Dr. E. E. Lelst, Columbus, O.
L. D, b. g. by Happy Dillon, J. L.
Benadum, Zanesvlllo.
C. M. R. s. g. by Cambortln, Wrl-
goto & Sons, Greenville, N. C:
Grand Pointer, b. g. by Sldnoy Poin
ter, C. M. Rowles, Lancaster, O.
Joo Hamilton, bg, by Joo Direct.
Fltzslmmons & Wanlngton, Newark,
Bessie O'Connor, b. m. by Barney
O'Connor, James Fltzslmmons, New-
How Much is
Is Vpof f0 or iy2
extra interest enough to
pay you for risking the
loss of your Principal?
Many have lost entire
investment in erfdeavor
ing to get a high rate of
You can receive 5
without risk, by invest
ing in Citizens' Certifi
cates secured by Con
servative First Mort
gages on Knox County
Homes and Farms.
6 8 E. Vine St.
in Each Race
Benadum Hackett
Jordan - Barnes
Montgomery Tallman
Mississippi Valley Association
. . . . .jj, ",.,,
ink, O. ' '
Bessie L , b. in. by Little Frank, J.
M. Holllngsworth, Jamestown, O.
Tango, br. by Dliectly, Cliff Todd,
Montgomery, O.
Bonnivard, b. s. by Vice Commo
dore, O. B. Beed, Jefferson, O. ,'
Mr. A. B. Williams, who recently
camo to this city from Coshocton,
supplied tho pulpit at tho M. E. church
in Gambler Sunday morning and nt'
HopewpR in tho afternoon.
Leo Froydel, who was adjudged in
sane by Probate Judge Duko Monday
morning, was conveyed to the state
hospital, Columbus, shortly 'boforo
noon by Sheriff Lytlo and Deputy
Sheriff Walker.
Not Their Fault, Either.
Widows, sajs a secretary of n, wid
ows and widowers' social club, are
lonelier than widowers. Yes but not
long. San Diego (Cnl.) Sun.
Luther A. Stream Wm. F. Rimer
Parma and city property bought, sold
and exchanged. Properties rented Bud
rents collected. Fire insurance a spe
cialty. Representatlng 14 old reliable
stock companies. Accident Insurant,
jive stock Insurance. Plate glass In
surance, automobile Insurance, In fact
we can Insure any property, you may
have. Surety bonds ot all kinds. Call
and see us. Room 1 Slpe bldg., Sof
Main St. Cit. 'phone No. 447 Black)
All business of legal nature given
prompt attention and especially to
practice in the Probate Court. Ofriee
No. 9 East High street. Mt. Vernon. O.
New Phone, Office 104.
The Fire Insurance Man
If you own anything, have 4
s It Insured.
Citlzons' Phone 231 Red
16 E. Gambler Street, Mt. Vernon, O.
Fire, Life, Health and Accident, Lia
bility, Automobile, Plate Glass Insur
ance. Security bonds written. Real .
Estate Sold. Money Loaned.
Room 1 McOermott Bldg , 108 8. Main
Phone 243 Red'
2 P.M.
. .-
CM jl
hi) V A 1,1 .,!;?

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