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FandFriday. Slowly.
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PjJHtTOttgl MT.VEBHON,O.,TUIIDATtDEC.9,1922-No.l03 ,
Police Start VigMvw War-
CWk. Dixk ilk., LeWer
Of SMd Of Dry Aft,
Is MirtWtd
itt-ttit tstoatxtt ncsii
STEUMNVILLE, Dec 28-A fresh
n4 viterous warfare on "apeak
cartes" "hip-pocket venders," "private
parlor parties," as well at the higher,
tips In Jefferson county's alleged II.
quor combine, will be launched at
once, prohibition officers announced
today as the result of the slaying last
midnight of Charles Dixie BWnn, lead.
er of a cquad of eight dry agents.
Bat white planning the new move
against liquor dealers, officials today
admitted they were baffled by the
murder of Bllnn, whose body with
three bullet wounds was found ill an
alley here. Twenty feet away lay the
empty pocketbook of the officer. Ills
revolver was missing.
"Blinn undoubtedly was killed in
some resort while on a raiding excur
sion and his lody hidden in the al
ley." said Sergeant Richard Edgerly of
tho Steubenville police force:
Police pointed out that the telltale
pool of blood was missing.
list Of (Mdrai In Each
ScbotlWiM.Sold Greatest
Number Of Seals
The ThirdVard, with a total ol
41357. led aU other ML Vernon
schools in the salo of Christmas seals.
according to a report made public to
day by Miss Bessie Devin, chairman
of the committee in charge of the sale
of Christmas seals In the city.
following is the amount of seals
sold by each school and the name of
the scholar in each grade selling the
most seals:
Third Ward $135.87
FSrst grade James Israel.
Second grade Charles Banning.
Third grade Ralph Raymond.
fourth grade George Booker.
Jllth grade Bertha KnechL
Sixth grade Mary Altenburg.
. Screnth grade Nellie Mackenzie.
Sghth grader-Hugh Wayt.
First Ward $63.01
w First srade Mary k. ZeislofL
Second grade Kay Walker.
"" Third grade Ttuth BarnetL
Foarth grade Kenneth Walker.
Fttth grade Frederick Bolstal.
Sixth grade Edward Dcwald.
SeTunth grade George Tingling.
Kighth grade Catherine Worley.
Fourth Ward $59.99
Tlrst grade Roger Morton,
oeoad grade Ralph Houck.
I'hird grade Margaret ilctormicK.
fourth1 grade Marjory Bishop.
Fiffh grade Bertha Beeman.
Sixth grade Robert Turner.
Seventh grade Kirk Taylor.
Jaghth'grade Russell Vasbinder.
Second Ward $37.50
, First grade Floyd Bumpus.
-Second grade -Tklary Burke.
-.Third grade Guy VanNostrand.
Fourth grade Minnie VanNostrand.
Fifth grade Roberta Black.
-"Sixth grade Curtis Cotton.
Seventh grade Ronald Warning,
f Eighth grade Burdella WesL
Elmwood $28.17
" James Sowers, first grade.
IRichard Wynkoop.
Howard Lord.
Beralco Proper,
Fifth Ward $24.10
(FJrst grade Isabello llepler.
i "Second grade George WallotL
"TWri irrade Claude W'elsa.
VFourth grade Ruth Kirby.
A '', Hiawatha 412.19
Xeaneth GerhaiiL
Richard Moore, -S
laal McGtbeay.
f CINCINNATI A "patronage com-
stKtee of five Democrats has been
stated here, it is reported, to make
TcVamtiiialiffBii to Coyernorelect
Miss Elizabeth Mary Moore, age 75,
died this morning at 7 o'clock at her
homo on North Sandusky street after
several months' Illness of a complica
tion of diseases.
The deceased waB a daughter of tho
!ato Mr. and Mrs. William Moore and
was born in Richland county. She was
a sister of the lato Frank Moore and
A. B. Moore. One brother survives.
Itiley Moore of North Sandusky
.street. A number of nieces and
nephews also survive.
Funeral services will be held at the
late homo Thursday afternoon nt 2
o'clock with ,llcv. S. J. Ck'cland offic
iating. Burial in , Mound View ceme
tery. IT!
Members of the Chamber of Com
merce will 'not hold their usual lunch
eon tomorrow "noon. The next session
will be on 'Wednesday, Jan. &. .
The good roads committee had, 'been
hopeful that they would be able to
get SJenntor-elecf. Dill of Washington,
whn Is visitlne his- Barents' in Fred-
ericktown, to consent to come to- Mt
Vernon and speak, to the members of
the chamber. 'Mr. Dill, however, ask
ed to be excused from making any
speaking engagements, pleading- that
ho still is very tired as a result of "his
recent campaign,
Bowling is scheduled for Wednes
day evenlngatthd TJ M. C.A. alleys
the Chevrolet? , and Bridge Works
teams being the contenders. The sit-uation-r
9j exceedingly critical and
tense for the reason that; if the' Bridge
Works boys defeat the Chevrolets all
three games they? will be tied with
the Coopers for first place honors in
the ndustrial league. In the event of
a tie a post season-game will have to
be arranged. .
The Junior-Cadet Vacation league
opened Its playing seaon.iti the Y. M.
C. A. gym Saturday.
In the Cadet ectian the following
games were played:
Cats 5, Rats 4; Cat Capt. Hannay
Rats CapL Ramsey.
Dog3 G, Mice 4; Dog Capt. Babbs,
Mich. CapL Magill.
In the Junior section the following
games were played:
Carp 5, Turtles 3; Carp CapL Park,
Turtle Capt. Gaylord.
Sharks 10, Whales 9; Shark Capt.
Blair, Whale Capt. Lazear. '
The second round, of play was start
ed Tuesday morning, the Cats defeat,
lug the Dogs 7. to 3.
Mrs. J. W. Freeman of South Jack
son street received a message this
moraine announcing the death of T.
O. freeman, which occurred at 3
o'clock Monday evening at his home
in Toledo.
Mrs. J. V. Tudor and Miss Dorothy
Tudor will go to Toledo Wednesday to
attend the funeral.
Cathprinn Bprser. aged 86 years, died
at 3:45 o'clock Monday afternoon at J
the home of her daughter, Mrs. John
Lewis of this place. Death was due
to diseases incident to advanced age.
Tho deceased leaves the following
children: Mrs. liwis, A. P. Berger of
Petersburg. Va., James and E. S. and
Mrs. A. M, Stewart of Mansuold, Jac
ob and William and Mrs. Van Keller
of North Liberty, v
Funeral &erviceJ will be held at 1
o'clock tomorrow Irom the Hewts res
idence, with Rev, SLraabaugh of -Aa-
Sheriff B. H. Lytic Files New
Bond T Eater .Upon
Second. Term.
Sheriff B. H. Lytle today filed his
bond In the sum of $5,000 with the
county commissioners to enter upon
i ." .
Rupppinted Deputy Sheriff Today By
- j ' Sheriff B. H. Lytle
his second term of office. "The bond
was signed by W. S. Kerr and Thom
as'B. Taugher.
Sheriff Lytle announced Tuesday
morning that he had reappointed Dep
uty Sheriff Oliver M. Walker to be
his deputy for another two years.
i -r
Mrs; A. C. Hancock Is Given
$10 Award By National
Gas Association
I'The Natural Gas Association of.'Am
enca offers three prizes each year
for any suggestion that would be a
saving to the companies by the use of
any book, report forms, tools,- etc.
These suggestion are called "Wrink
les." The second prize this year was
awarded to Mrs. A. C. Hancock of Mt.
Vernon, O. The prize was a $10100
check from the Association. It has
been the practice of The Ohio Fuel
Supply Company to duplicate the
amount when one of their employees
is' awarded a prize. Therefore Mrs.
Hancock also received a check for $10
torn the company.
Dullness of Christmas day was brok.
en at tho Barre .bowling alley by the
rivalry and bitter contention between
Wills WllUand Workers and Bane's
Best Bowlers. .
Reports coming from the affair are
more or less mixed. Some claim that
because it was a clear day there was
a big crowd. Others maintain that be
cause there was a big crowd it was a
clear day.
The Wprkers won two of the three
games. Through taking advantage of
a shift in tho line of the Workera
grabbed a victory. The honors of nlay
go to Bowman, Lynn, Williams,
Smoke and Jess Lamson.
Individually the play was marked as
follows: Smoke shaved and cut;
Lynn Beffey arm brought home the
bacon: Williams Haymow swing
mowed them down; Jess" Lamson He
set a fast pace and got Jim's! goat as
in the rote of Santa Claus on the prev
ious night proved too much for Jim;
Bowman Threw out the-hook and got
them all; Burkey, scared, caught the
train for Columbus; Davis and Perry-
ville'Wander had a hard- time getting
along with the fowl line; Mugyer On
tho roof with the last game with ill
while Fuzz, uudfr the acid test Dug
home and Copped the high score of
Barre's Bowlers proved to be hard
er to manage than Babe Ruth "aad
all DaleJJarro couuftdoKaa'torttnHr
nnnnnTi'-is nnnnnnnnnnnB
nnnnVj t-i :'-Bnnnnnl;
a J 1
CiSTMAS Bill :
New Team Ghrei-Last Sea
ih'i Stirs Hectic
CoachNewanafc Five Shows
. EanyvfctOf Another
(By Fred llayea)
Basketball fans who hare brn
gravely ccaccmed orer the possiailitj
that the rebuilt high school door team
of this season -could ha only an apol
ogy for and a shell of thr vender fire
that carried the banner o tlie orange
and black, to unprecedented heights
last season can dismiss their doubts
and fears oa the subject.
It will be safe to say that the com
posite opinion of the several hundred
fans nho attended the opening cage
fiasco of the season Saturday night
and gave Coach, Newman's latest bas
ketball accessions the ocular analy-j
ArrayMl against Ml Vernon high In
her first local appearance was, about
the most impoiing opponent that
could be secured, the members of
which most local fans have some
recollections of seeing some place be
fore. They are best Known as the
scholastic champs of Ohio. Illinois.
Nebraska. Sooth Dakota, etc Before
the game, many were of the belief
that this year's hopes would suffer
tembly in comparison when, pitted
against the scintillating court crew
that-made las? Season so epochal In a
vicinity not entirely unknown to focal
followers or to tho good basketball
citizens of such inunicipalitfea as
Rockford, Sutton, Yankton and Dela
ware. Well, tho champs w6n, but tier did
not dismember their adveftgry as
some predicted, but narrowly escaped
being subjugated themselves. The
score was 23 to 21.
Close and Hard Fauflht
If the high school basketeers were
embarrassed in the presence of the
venerable champs, there was no oat-
ward manifestation. Perhaps the nov
elty of the thing had worn off some
what, because of the fact they had
mingled with the champs in 30 or so
skirmishes last year dories practice
sessions. These subs and scrubs of
last year, 'who had helped to boild up
a championship team but who had
received many knocks but few cheers
in return, had now graduated to regu
lars and again were engaging their
friendly enemy. And by the way. how
could the scrub team of a year a'o
stack up against the best quintet in
the universe 50 or 60 times (the
Kentucky Blue Devils excepted, per
haps) without absorbing some of the
qualities that made that team? That
is food for thought as the thinker, not
the sport writer, would say.
For intensity and excitement, it is
doubtful whether the contest Satur
day night will be equalled this sea
son, to say nothing of being surpassed.
It uas the evenest kind of a race over
the whole route, and only a seer coald
have determined the ultimate winner.
Usual! vi onljra point or two separated
the two fives. On five different occa
sions the high school forged to the
fore: nve times the count was knot
ted; four times the exhigh achcol
stars wrested the lead, the lass, time
counting mosL
A field gcal and treej
throw basket by Wright, followed by'j. rf 3la5teaMr
the lat two minutes of PUy. Undedl SBteUlBt&IBS3ae.
the decision for the grads. i RefereKetth oC Deaiaas.
Are Learning Tricks j
For thia eariy in the seasoa. the high ftin tn nilllflm
schcol cagerb handled themselves. astPIU IU IIIUIlLII
ivell as the ball, in a very commend -
able manner. They muved over the
court I Jst and showed little indeebioa
and delay In the'r passing. They
passed iriskly. pivoted, dodged, bluff
ed shots and passed, bluffed ptssesr
and shot, and displayci other tncks1
cf an experienced tasketbaRer. I
iue scjitr ui iiAj limcu .cuwii u
teaching this year Is similar to that
of Uot. The short pass game Is em
ployed. A foor-tnaa offense and a 2ve
man defense is used. Again. Coach
Xewmaats tryias to inculcate ia the
mtuds otitis "protegees the vital fact
that only by sacriSciB$,.K for the
Prc4nfiMar AHstr Cl.
CI J a Tic j
fr lleS OOad And IS Sworn I
In By Predecessor
Prosecuting Attorney--Ict Walter)
I O. Karris was sworn in taking the I
oath of office Tuesday morning. The
Takes Oath of Office As Prosecuting
Attorney of Knox County Today
TO administered by his pnale
cesser in" office. Paul JL Ashbangh.
Mr. Harris previously had filed his
bond of $3,630.
This completes the formalities that
will mark the transfer c asthority.
Next Monday Mr. Harris win be the
prosecuting attorney and Mr. Ash
bangh will have retired to private life
j after two active and strenuous terms.!
, The two have been counseling and ad-l
vising together with the rescit that
the tccoming official will have Inform
ation at his command touching the
coadact of matters necessarily left
uncompleted by his predecessor.
black: quintet Is the first two fames
of the season, there are maay
wrinkles to be ironed out yet. to
which task he will set himselL
Provided nothing unforeseen bobs
up to disrupt, the ranks or redece the
effidercr or the squad, the team of
this season shodd prove to be one
above ordinary attainments.
All Back But Smith
The sight of the old nsa of last sea
son's team, garbed is their orange and
black: uniforms once ar'. tended to
bring back pleasant memories of the
past. All but -Ced Smith, were on
hand for the contest. Smith hiked
back to his hose ia Boston after
school had discontinued for the holi
days at Desisca university, where he
is a student, and coasetpatly he was
an absentee. Needless to say. the
absence of the ex-captain, who Is. by
the way. the Desisoa Freshmaa eea-
ter this season, was felt.
Constituting' the personnel of the
champs were "Cookies'" Csaamgham.!
IrwTttT- iptpr nn ty IV;? Kfali
Freshman five. -Check" Wright aad
"Bill" Brisiag. forward and gaard re
spectively cat the Ohio traiverszty
yearling team. Clares Dske. a ceafeer
of the U. S. Naval Academy sqcad,
aad Eccil Fletcher, forward aad cap
tain cf Chicago team ia the Hesse
league conducted by the local Y. X.
Line-up aad
State Champs (25) Mt. Vemon (21)
'Duke RF MasteBer
Wright LF.. HccSway.C.
Cunningham. C C Appfetca
Brinlm: R.G Arsofd
Fletcher L.C. Bee-t
Field goals Wrisht 3. Qr-rTfrsSam1
2. Duke 1: Appfetoa S. Hcoiway i:
n . mI. fflHl. s nezt a, -i
! H 1 1 III UfllllnDLLl
Willi IW lIBlr
mf-jtar Of E4 KciMttt
Ami.Gxf Streets
The asieaxofeSe e S. BtMt. waarl
of YBaalGay
Sheriff Lytle ira3 called to tb De&-
J aid Coiopy tana ia Pi&e to-a3&? oa
IMocdiy wtere It waa xsertid tiat
seTeral fcsshel of ears, had beta stol
a. Sheriff Lytle tooi. izta csSioir a
yaaS tS3a- bo is said to kaTe cob.
fued aad later paid for the ccrs he
had taken. 3lr. Coiopy nfased to
make aa aSIdaTit alast the can.
Police Unable To Find Bather!
Whose Father Is Dead
In Mansfield
of the
RMjaest for iofbrmatioa
hreaboaxs of Robert
whit. a barber, has ba received by!
Chief ol Police Parfcr fna the j-J
uxr at jua5Bo- sarsruar jwat. a
message aked that Siics bef
foozd and told his father wx"sr-
ioasly ffl. Shnday a second sesae
resheszed he be told bis father had
armrraics was inoasaz bf ms JLts-
field relatives to be employed is a
Mt. Verzoa barber shop. Isqsiry made
for him by Chiei Parker faQed to Sad
the man or any iaformaiaa trmtr-
him. If h- is ia Mt. Tersca he is re.!
quested to get ia csca with CSiel
(Sr t. TTTr,iTxs racsl
WASHINGTON. Dee. 25 Sesata
Repcbllcaa leaders coaferred today ia
aa effort to agree to wist c&aages
they will se-i ia th-proposal rf See
atcr Bcrah. RepohScaa. Zda&o. fer aa
iatsraajicaal eracrc sad cisaran
meat cosf ereace. The proposal f em
bodied is. aa ameadnseat to tke aaval
approprmtioas bin. a.v Ti is to rav-
cp tomorrow-.
A large part of: the EethBcaa
hershrp aad a aamher tC TJems-
erats are said to he apj-; Borai.
amecdmcat ia its presear farai.
The views at Presideat ttj
Secretary Kesaea ciler adasis
tratioa leaders have beea soeght. hc
seaators who have talked wiji tta
win act difclo what optaajas were
Seaator Lodge is said ta opsone tie
ar:rr:dr-eat as it staads.
. Trafr:F"s' feasmeas aad as a rete t&se is'oB
PARIS. D -The cralr of, te a llS8e.
Ma- Sarah Beraharda shewed telrt.
taer latjrovemesa tazs rrn.'-i- -
her paysatiTss said they teaaitfsely k
eoasdered aer cna of iiasga&
aged actress was r-iirrt leitS. a tirat -
v s i-. .
cct pay several (Lays aa m' sat
fered a reljrsi ca Scaday. r
1-1 Hi Tnqm
ttr Ttz. 1-rtrina real E
XEW TC-SK. Dec if WlaXe paEce
shoTr that yeatarday was thsa "dryestT
Chrtitsavs cr New Yorkfs asay. i ,
i?i;?rs were air.-Qated by peBet ta'
booties liscaK. AntORsies w2S he per-
focmed. oa the Bodies c tis six drier
mm aad ccs wemaa: ccday.
Safe Crmckas Get
GtBK W&rih jEZvjMvlmnr-aer-EiC JjciiT-ae wsTjVh
st -Bat HiB'ii-t lasstf -!S-J 2
TOLEDO, Bee. L Jkiit&.j as!5111
at CjW aadl fSm it fc M bW
Sac satenMtaiK LMLC$i3Si
Retailers Declare
. -a
Bark Coaaaeaod Brink To
Very LaThoaksTo The
Witir fsrtitaas pat asd gaee 3ft.
Vraoa sen&assx tcidlr m it-Jty
their atteslisa ad Sorts ta Cinr.
aces sates. TroVfira: la coward is re-
rS-w cC tt rvkrfr stMzs. wiiek
case to as east Satsrday z5g5i store
caa be so dispslisx tie dahs tvt It
was the greatesl botaEar tradias Ttt.
Tersca retaa 3Brcasts tare eafey.
ed ia recess rears.
AStes two weeks cc aasc-e eJ coslia-
boss 6riag; tie fecfidzj- CirfsCsas gst
scspzias paasid iso hjasery witla the
clcs c trrf-TTf C Satarday ;-
Th 1533 sessca wi2 ga dowa ea. the
reecri cf t&e years aa year tiat
wa3 Hed wits geod tiirgs fee tiie rs-
taHsr c 2 Yersac
Fcr mere than; two vee3s fiesaesj
was fcriii acd mereaas i errery
as cc trae esjarcd "" record
aiiag days. Xerctassa. sia last
j year e&her did act tesitato ta decJara
that tsrrfsrsa had beea dgJS. er at t&e
Bast, were act CT-!fareagc this sea
sea readSy derfare it cse&E sot have
beea sacat. betters
"Kiils the; fcaEeay gia feoytxg sSasr.
ed proEjtiy asd reasaaahiy earfy Eer-
ertaeiess e& Saszda7 sSstsbsb. v
evesfsff t&s stares 9ta vtreSa by
ezawis gerag Vbrtss ta bry- Tfee
Ta2te&s were est rtfv SaicrvJay
&&t asd most el tft-esa were esps-
i-grfsg their saeal eiSotexs for
the Eajx&y ecytia stodts tti beea.
weSenSfd. TJe beyer wio -nrES aiie
to gs& exactly -w. ha cr lie wasfad
wf-rF- arsC viscixg: a ntais oS.
stores was Iks "y"?ii rather t-"
A grsat. maay persons aeff oaJy de-
jeaded ta do tir fcrjirs earfy feat
they acauSy cfes mt and psrsitsi ta.
thac BOKpsse. This taS&nl act a li.
tie ia. Jkeegtag the O- 7f?iT ks trade so-
f ia? ia a steady -
BCKJ t T-i' ' - T?g f-nr
cjvj. f, -. . .T ggrt-fea- nf i-
1 1 r &&&:. yad
' tie past, year mere peegfe iaad Erssajy
ta snead. ffe- Caristanas t'j... tiaaa
I was trae a year cr-twa SsscSl
, K wncH b brf to escaatt iiibK
) part5caStT Ess; cf traaSe zeSted. t-.
! Frarni a2 tiat an be fenJ by cts-
sal ejarrersatasr ai.e tranE was w
mfrfTiif to a lev Uses. lis. was gea
eral thrccsne tfc rais si rsoJS a:-
l tareats e Zlz. Yerasa la euah fe
mercaaats eS3syed.s mfx ta3sx-
Net ti-? Zasz g&asssc aesa. sd tA
t ir-i tcQ&T s?tr3MH: &c Sscai! jrr r
- fei-fr fVif "V- Vy in ii iT .nJ -
. -- . . - .
Ets m: tia YMfrqgg serrerfl Hy Mfc.
fV(e3e:l 53
gsres tascr sjpun as
3t. ViEaeE amrdfcaacs.
StSI mere 3ar&aaa f i?t: iSeSse-
" tare to fi dnxwx fcnsn za eass2
ti seaacm. 5ft. Yerssn s irsiiiy st
catCy aad tim same ed sacnS tbat
l?rncrscaj tia Sr' acr3jes ed pi
year cr-two 239 has stKsieiiL a
CJa Qc ' ni.aa nsi
NEW IQ35. Etec 2S Alcauhii30
Sier enfay was tifrr-iiwfl xa '- cm
kteeSissau: eaam-a. Sb Ssg cftansg
iwSaoe m8rT;,Trriiill wwt&s tbtt ri
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