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DFCEMBW'n 1917
Rf gold
Communications are solicited on all
subjects, full name must be signed as
an evidence of good,, faith. It is un
derstood that this paper does not in
dorse the sentiment of all communica
tions and is at liberty to take issue
when deemed necessary.
Nov. 29th (Thanksgiving)
Branch No. 24 of the Glass Bottle
Id Blowers Association gave a dance to
procure sweaters for our boys serv
ing our country. We cleared about
$106. After negotiating with business
men of Newark handling such goods
the committee learned that the Red
Cross had supplied about 75 per cent
of these boys with sweaters and that
relatives had supplied the remainder.
Our government also issued orders
that no more bulky material be ac
cepted by our boys. The committee
wished to use this money to good ad
vantage, and not knowing their wants
Wm. Deininger and I were selected
to go to Camp Sherman and find out,
also see if any had been transferred
BHB and learn
their addresses.
arrived at Camp about 11:45 a.
m., Dec. 17th. From Chillicothe we
HB 'had to take
a jitney to the grounds.
iTwo officers were fellow passengers,
’and neither uttered a sound during
the journey. Each seemed to be in
ideep meditation. Grounds resemble
k young
city in the west or ancient
fields, with a population of 38,
000. In every direction you could see
boys in khaki. We arrived at the
dinner hour. Our friends supplied
jus with eating utensils of enameled
I ware. We lined up, and in passing
I the lunch table each fellow reached
out his vessel and it was filled. The
menu consisted of beans, spuds, corn,
coffee and wheat bread. After lunch
we assembled at the wash room and
each fellow washed hrs
then retired to bunk
some grouped off in
some played solitaire,
letters from home. Still others lay
on bunks in deep meditation and
puffed smoke from pipe or cigarette.
dishes. We
room where
card games,
others read
At one o’clock bugle sounded for
duty. After roll call they went on
their hike for one hour, after which
they had what they term as school.
This consists of flag signals and me
thods of war. Each man carries his
gas mask and no time is he allowed
to be without it. Their school con
tinued till 4:10 p. m. They then
assembled and had retreat, which
closed their days training.
We visited the Y. M. C. A. and Red
Cross buildings, also general head
quarters and here we witnessed a
combined sad and joyful event. This
was the drawing for Christmas fur
loughs. After tearing open capsule
the result was plainly written on
every face.
I was surprised to see men who a
few months ago were reckless and
care free, settled down to a business
and a realization of what our war*
really means. Through the influence
of education on patriotism and strict
discipline it has brought to their ob
servation their school day history of
such patriots as Washington, Monroe,
Henry and Lincoln. Above all it has
awakened them to the realization of
the necessity of Jeffersonian democ
racy. Rigid discipline teaches them
the power of autocracy and many
are rebelling against this because of
their inability to understand. When
competent, these men will be trans
ferred to other stations for training
and you may rest assured that each
man, before he goes to front, is
going to be possessed with a weapon
of justice. Before he leaves he has
made up his mind to fight for you
and me and our homes. He is going
to protect our stars and stripes and
the Goddess of Liberty.
To the man who hinders the pro
gress of this mass of young humanity
through greed, graft or selfishness I
will say that you are lower than the
dust of humanity, you are a type of
man who has not progressed in the
morality of mankind. You are as
ancient in morals as the Babylonians,
and through greed and selfishness you
have become a snake with poisonous
fangs, to the detriment of morality
To fathers, having sons serving us,
I say that you have something for
which you should be proud. We of
the world recognize you have made
a contribution of your own flesh and
blood. You have contributed that
which is most dear to your happiness
in life. This contribution should ex
empt you from all others, and the
only thing you should regret is that
you haven’t more sons to sacrifice.
To mothers, let me say that I once
had a mother, and I know the weak
feminine nature of motherly affection
toward her son. Cun-ent opinion
teaches ns this is a bible war, and
from this standpoint I am going to
give an illustration which is synony­
When severe weather is experienced
start your auxiliary coal furnace, your coal
grates, oil heaters, or other methods of
Postpone your washing and ironing
until milder days. Wash days require
ditional millions of feet of gas.
Don’t try to heat every part of a
house with gas. Close off all but a
These measures on your part will add
diredtly to the comfort of your neighbor
who neglected to provide for such an
mous with yours.
Mary, the mother of Christ, through
a veil of tears, thought she saw her
son crucified. But by following a
rainbow after the mist had cleared
she saw her son not crucified, but a
“Savior Glorified.”
.Before concluding I will add that
the committee decided that the boys
being already furnished with sweat
ers, the money should be expended
for smaller necessities, and according
ly soldier kits, safety razors, fountain
pens, flash lights, etc., were purchased
and sent to the camp. We have com
pleted our labors and the articles are
now in the possesion of the boys in
I beg to remain a true worker for
a better morality, Christianity and a
greater civilization.
—Jack Cantwell.
Hoover Revokes
Dealers License
Under the powers conferred by the
Food Control Act, the United States
Food Administration has given a
definite answer to the wholesale
handlers of the food stuffs who have
been in the habit of unjustifiably re
fusing shipments consigned to them,
thereby being responsible for a great
waste of food. The form of the ans
wer has been the revocation of the
license of Morris Singer & Co., in
Washington, for the reason that they
rejected two carloads of potatoes
consigned to them and permitted
them to deteriorate.
The dealers thus penalized will not
be permitted to handle for sale any
foodstuffs subject to license after
Dec. 8, and they have been warned
that any violation of this prohibition
will make them liable to a fine not
exceeding $5,000 or two years* im
prisonment, or both, as provided in
the recent ruling.
The present instance is the first
were the Eood Administration has
found it necessary to use its power
to revoke licenses, and the case may
be considered as a warning to other
dealers. The unjustifiable refusal of
shipments on the part .of the con
signees has been for many years a
problem of the perishable branches
of the food business.
It has been a common- practice for
a dealer to order a consignment from
a shipper or farmer and if, when the
shipment arrived, the market for the
product had declined, the consignee
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would take advantage of the situa
tion to reject it, thus placing the
shipper at a tremendous disadvantage.
The shippers choice was to go to
the endless bother of a law suit, with
the difficulty of obtaining proper wit
nesses and taking the chances on a
local jury, or to make a compromise
with the consignee, always to the lat
ter’s advantage. A further result of
this procedure has been congestions
in the railroad yards and delay in car
movements. Those interested look to
the Food Administration to put an
end to this practice under the licens
ing system and by the powers con
ferred upon it by the Food Control
Act which provides against waste of
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until 9 p. m. New Years eve. Closed
New Years day.
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emergency, or who failed, through no
fault of his own, to get either a furnace
or a supply of coal.
Every part of our enormous equipment
is working smoothly. Every operating em
ploye has been at his post doing his utmost
to serve you.
Consumption has increased almost to
the breaking point because of coal short
age and the abnormally cold weather.
Whether or not there is discomfort and
actual suffering will depend very largely
upon the co-operation of individual con
ing—doing it right—and doing it
promptly, and we wish to increase
our business among those who ap
preciate that kind of service.
When in need of By-Laws, Booklets,
Catalogs, Price Lists, Folders, Announce
ments, Office Stationery and Commercial
Printing in all its branches, give us a tried.
Happy New Year
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