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Daily gazette and comet. (Baton Rouge, La.) 1856-186?, March 17, 1860, Morning, Image 2

Image and text provided by Louisiana State University; Baton Rouge, LA

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she .hii b r M mIM mbb
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.ry ; maus .7-- Ma 1slGM)
Pres., osw MUN, Ome. Glum, ae.,
enver sd bsup d. W. `en i "i.
..d..ur t. g. a as m i..mid.4
sm.., w. I t. se mysa. A
sp.er, 'Ms l* ps*i. T.h ad
4* 'wt shewsme. by
thus 11 It whir behe M.e
eyeit IM e b. eylts.
ted 60 mU h, wi aiy **s..
pse. fit l n e"aomu la d. 4
lab ttbue dir.
Ampamt tphN m' eenesse-4i.IMº
Net~wm~;iS As*Metairp [email protected]*
.ah *ffthdr -1 therville
C.crre C. g ...,
pid :r
uwur~·irlw QWilki ns,
1/.ý I Qpl ..t I
s.us a"Mq e aI. 3mW, uub.,
t.a .h i Ak m5r Y~pb, Y s ;J.
Psvkh9wlU9Vq.J.-Ni-way, Is.
owk K 1 .ý 1 11 MCsIýJ -. ,
-. d'ws M¶ar..ý `I ges,
1.w1. sib ..
Naus Je s3.l.9 J kg..,
t1N~wirLýýt Jw~rr f
.lU" Ir ti u -
x ..p s s ANmas15a Us.
the d.ý h. y
'ape-a Wagans .>M Di
sad hr Sheso k andd...: . . 1kb.
.r.11 ha age~ Ili nss & r.
ties 9.1,es.
Dnam e mma aa Uc*
ans.-Os theM 4'~ ?ohmmiry, Mr.
rthe da..us .. A
W ! 10 rr mnl m
gave mdomwkmlsm mmd aIl the
follo*(pg as~items: r~u~
*W ahhe
£ . W. u.
IcIXAII*.- t. rsm, or desk, or
pork, mru 4pi-sf
bmy Aiwa sstb
hso urra _ abrs
youn nasM
aIwas geso ek ri
MA Sea5..
P 9e
as·r~~I ' 1-;ij~~
of laws f
cods e , wob
tle ..qw e . A i a t....:
Be" Ra*re GezeN. .ad OHewes
AyA , y , we hat pe "wu i pr
di& -Is wetdly nlbb bl
e o-es.. Beat nied e
tbis later at allelioe to
the latter of ifledLras
ey?" If yo ypill be votedout
of the latter day ebutIh of the us.
migiteed, and vaeted no better than
S"feder l. wi...-Leh world he, yeo
know, as eattlgsber. Therefore
we pray youehbae a eare.-Baiedi,
Demees, as we lahs, o be,.
without te sathorty of the king or
his easees, we are willing to be
called Tory if it be neeeassry to of
for a bold from to the leveling spirit
of Fosrerihm and Red Rekpblicas.
im, that mew sways the misteaied
Ilpmoeraq. Traitors are so oemr
nmons a dissolmtlon of the Federal
Unio so largely taedked of, and a
msf-styled democracy, has ran so
far out'of the hers.ee of the lape
sad hAs owrtltioa.; that as they
Alise to he the patriots sad mare ae
khowledged to be so to ame x
tent-we are wtlling to be ealled
Vkiters if they like. Names aem
nothing, give is eswe to jMde
the mws by. Let ms not make up
as opidos r hom a slai deed or a
pMasittent course of a month ; be
Masre we know Ieading Demwrats
who are not ashamed todo right
when fuced to. Give us the man
for a Demoresa who I so, mun priam
eple, in a ooseltet life time.-
Strage that the pre tof the m.
topolls, so lndepeadei and fearless
Soather poate, s a id to strike at
the root of the dammnag Infmence
Whic are 4agging the fair same
of tie Crescent don to the level
,etn st and slaltmose. They
Iknw ao well as we do, that the
dllas J the enlimitsd usege'of
the eleetlvq tea iehhetder which
the whb o e try is golg to seed
with its rapid-Its trasaoeadeDtai
'Quoerrt Arn umou ems La.
ias, PA.-The Pitrbrg (Pa.)
of t N lUst., be the te
Dma "es ies k :
. dsieb DieEA-A Moed of
mine hamisd mea epyf the Die.
pa"A of the "th last. ba~lag mt
tei L ,Nht a r be
l'th s iit
pseter 1 aented easu
asw stok ap
MIr im im t hs Ibero mn.
ts at rr - ist bs
* *s~th ~mw ior
Mals mes use and t he
k)~~bs -L~~~--CL
. The
iah r y,
Is # very criminal
We have obtied thelll
tw taue meter whilh a,
ded, but a can of iapir
stood alongside of the meter near
£le doou loading op# In dt yard.
Mr. illii dr ed 4 hidncelt
trY aew pSote--, 5b ir--, , whisL
warn to add more brilily to the
light. iei appArates (V wlideh
this an tUas a part) r{. placed
about a month ago, trt the result
was not quite aetisfatory, and
same modaimtkIe-lb t-be a a
sad a nsew efdlur tWhe del'
dered tie main pipe, conneeted
with t0 men.
Mr. lbloway, the ga tter, as
dertook the job, aad it wa his
partner, Smith, sad their workmen
who were the viotime. Smith was
stooping or kneeling with tihe
blow pipe to his anak, soldering
the piece, and two of his workame
stood mear by, helping him, while
another . was enagerd somewhat
farther. The gas screw lad been
turned provious to the openrao
but it appears that some of tie,
fluid reateAd ls the large tabe.
As Mr. Smithpproached his tol
dering lamp lew l the pipe
the ga i nktgi out of ttubs 1g
nir, nd boll the tbe anud m
Oeploded with tenribld fore. .
Mr. b Ihad hase fas seer
ly buert; when take. aot it was a
swollen and distorted mast. His
clothes ere tor sand hrnt of his
back, and his body, to use the x
p resso of an e w es. apper
ed literally -ibaked." hi. manj
crackled In certain ac from
which the blood trkddled, s ag
it the most heart-readerng eight to
behold. The workman KElity,
who was nearest to him, was alms
burned in a horrid mamers the lid
Marplq was badly bher sbout the
breaesand body. The other man
escaped snoburt.
The bre oommpieeted to some
light materials and to the wood
work, and in as ieteat the door
seemed to vomit one vast sheet of
lames. The draft of air through
an open hatchway drew the same
into the half tory above, where a
large quantity of ehampegne bhe
beta were stored, and the straw
catching ire, the whole store room
was filled with a denwe,blask smoke
which escaping upwards, pnetra
ed in the apartments of tht wlvg
of the boel, causing a terrihbl
alarm amongst the numerous board
er. The feat of there beinag a ire
was hardly realised, however, be
fore it was entinguihed.. The
coolness and pesms o md of
Mr. Hildreth, in direeting the first
efforts of the emplO~ee of th ho bo
tel and citises who bad rne in,
having made aunaeesmary the. as
sistance of the engdyp, brought to
the scene of disaster with surpri
sing alacrity. The damage is tri
aing, aad were it at for the fauo
fbl sacrifice of life, this ashdest
would have been of little lapor
tance.-Picavsm, 1BM &md.
Yzas Tn. o Nam suone.-The
Jessteket Isl is thip leagh
l histhh ih.l . uealiade ,
I Kdwsrd Stei s, the 6 ,e tear.
ish ef oear islad, who m- tem 8W.
who mm. u ndis mking made
to Chi na tllr TMaheetumi
tolet os bees em in.So y usn
-i *seai to Na~.iW, bhn
*ith hIm thsenanbmetos that mes
mm tem west d thl pesi dt.
-r Mlsdhe. The ower of the
shi t whek Mr. Stakuubh w as,
make im a visit. Mm. lareak
was dsed by her hnmasd o seke
a rsp ofdtes. Ihe sid obe ha ou
Sto eek i usler d I,"
l, he, he m ae . bshh hnt wa
e, aandd d.lspshe auL "o i.
was with a ilter perruager ir web
a, nge, sem, s., On -
they were an r sandhte s Mn.
se sebek mid to her iisiquasf
it as it sholhM e, ewsld Uki to
have thy epiea-t" "WoK," seid h,
A shoeut Ime atN"d-s,
Thu sla mm se a ** er voevld,
AaSdafiels had htms l has head,
To f s h bad usalw4
to tuie, Nsu Asble ti.
3at Mseas tiae wae, wshe wmn I
7h posaed of k orl m ut *m"n,
to private mse a whtipemd wead,
ad Tdy themaud weas t sec.
Thoe se of" ie mot aMbes baud,
Was seat the hay bead to paey,
Ho owed him set ad sul dla .
A awaaer had be.. th a msd paid
Th hea beut, sad ,.w 'twas ber
Coa vt.ed with smedl djy, hi ta '
ia hle.aed abed er rd.. ee.
Thos·tro ameea pts at as to
Ceiset down hia dnto he thebad his
That naknown hls bed saduht to ewa
Spath of term., pFel Nio as red.
Of alt thia head of sable om,
We lod th sae a a aty eae,
Of hi who wat as! lteeas,
The presset seakrl, bomastoa.
A lasr mvr.--* sesah
Seory is ftM oe P'Il -Wb hn d
or pwi oa Fumtptl . Ipe
aeamse te lmsst of the
roo,@ab, bht it Is re llgionly be.
NuI'd very us" We
RiTe t y it was " a
out of emurs soruilg the u ur
reca as noateel ots.
About two weeks ago, is via
lag of Latrobe, is Wetera nP:b.o
*vlania, a aslom msum was per.
fimd Ismm the omash Catholi
Church, for tlmopom f the oal
of deoeased prism rA umber
of worshippers were is church at
the time. Just the olletlag
priest was aibom he peform the
most sm part the rtes, his
purpose was cheked by as auto
Ishlag appearaes. The form of
the doeeased priest h lassit -
ed is ftreet ~th alta, with
aiftelM n a warrig rumset. The
whoa itheest',
as h the m aarss He
esaid they were kln sessery
trouble to get bhim oaut of purgatu.
ry. The priest aight save his
prayers, and the pastests their
pennes. They would not get him
out of purgetory because e sever
was in it Fintemu the!. was
so use place as r. we
sboeuld t et m" ail them
if they world get him out of the
te he waula, beut thMet it was
posible. There were but two
places of future existea.: one oR
per petual bl4 sad do otbor o
pe:pet t Only two
priests ever west to Reaves--ad
he was st dthem. He there.
fore warned thea that thir anm
as for the repose of thp. ssals of
defunct persome, weaes.seless
With that mai"lom this rsmarka.
ble ghost d, ad the
as Hu lo. [Cae.
tJermih h o syt, 1tw 8 Thomas
class end eurveyora, to mark out,
settle and Lx the boeudary M.e be.
tswees MarYland ou the one head,
ned Delewae sad Pebsbefnalua on
the other. Masoa and Dois lead.
od in Pladslphs ut thel $idi a
November foflowl and beg
their work at osce. Tihs aopted
th pea shrke Mum and th in u
amd tuagst pclaof th.elslr
or their prdmsuru.. Why sn
amroliaed ts eorthasest
of Maad, and prsudad to rea
tie diwlug pin d lost is.
lias, from the ies of hsisgl.
b at the momst enaur 1t
the biteess air iM
It89-milSAAAu usM bagae
i od ol klg whe m te
the ot, at rthe dirMe i. i s
oVir. is ~lPortlead;1 h
the alternate at Ed two
sthecrowalg point ou. tse ar la
te ability ofPwanding knlt op,
winds up the whhek is the
otiY power; seer this oper
tion of" winding soet il hlearl
the b ns"sisy m anne.
u gular uridke al sthe time."
M T1'oANt TO TsU LWu4DMt
!. SmW n. " . s .gy.
meI h Ise, m4 in t
Bde sp wl t sg A e. het
* No.. ,,A r d.
4C9 r,1l . s r it, --hem. . h
o.r .
N.. s sand i ,eah W0
r Ne oer In
wIM eem d& atiI
o f insi a . . .s
tiesple o stee. csd h m
At M waNs 30sa sem wI. m
5LdVrTIIDr rW4
u o. s.tsadI mnh1
kl~n~Yr r
~f4O rrl1a i
wia ----- wam mm s
b.u S ItN i* 2
Tusa meeuins £STI 1&UM, ass
am' fW# ! .
:m Wo*e
I- aOlmn m
d ". I s '
1 -. A
.awates wasr

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