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Daily gazette and comet. (Baton Rouge, La.) 1856-186?, March 22, 1860, Morning, Image 2

Image and text provided by Louisiana State University; Baton Rouge, LA

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BA96~ ft6YOwe
ree Wetee ti'eirnw.--The WignE
leui o thk*t~em ee the tateom
heHt heos4id i. t by Himi.
tethef t the ae,.l the
Qgww dlt i Rlen( 1) tml)(t
teeNi lime t ho ite'i fatel#ieltt
,tortt il ho abe~e erd krr(Hletcsll,(l
th pre'mfktiet enw'a Ite hael. At
AMt bluih, it .ppnam tale e'ie elºjl ie
I!,* the My fill the n"IeI paret, wnc
e~etneei .tcetgepI un flI avater aeucfn;
bet ensmlute it steel ycce will flel
that It e'eeeewe an (teat $cct pee eltlle
tuswmudh e'toulng the. ncelt. it Io
g'tety well .'tihblieh,. by low, that
tfeewe iht!e tivelt have at right off
do whatveeet they aft. 'lire belu
thee' Meat It I. hadly worth while (tI
eeetder tle etubjeet ust l4'ai
gtat. tw. Tmake the higthe geeºeeud
oil Jeateie. to It right ntr te tIn
ehaege whwetagp, when we hMora ntn
whurl`? tit teut diremtlr teo (lilte
luttYeeet it, unit iluudtlUe'ue.ute I"
bttee fl bhutate oing ti ulo tW (l4w11
1lt1 neit t*nºet Then wie.'t Ie Iice
eeeee nt'rmlnrrrkCg tnl(II brut, all~t
1Neephkit, te pay three deelhaei net
oaeh heitdhig so whavi'tr, whe'eel
theca Is ue whirr tet 1set4el I't Tie"
rght e14 thke city, tee eeueieeer tieti
taeudheg with the dutble l ren ti'
Noed Is I at dieoinee lee fle'e«
%I**&W4, aJ '
The book P the ri ce ut otutefot
propeety, obelty emmnt emret
tb to M eI to belfd nel
It, heette he the right to
heuluw, hew she on a
riht whieb fif oth "ederetai
shfe wlelple of ow"ueui how
as heAwmA.d ehy sway do
wtheW.,r It ear
The tatr of pmsplo its
have MbMiPMIs we thee
eles illueY mid the bet
ebettmy % c 10 eueel ts toirlet
be Wtee .ie "p ofb eeps a
whurf heat ehe m~ay dmelt to. do
no ON peY4eg a theestee ned Huth
piehi, Nte eeei~WI et es
.y with th OuIeuuloets TheA c p
wkhe stled this tablte arete nt.
tired evreclty, oaer belieg pahllu,
awd thee stashed Tepee tht seeti, of
dh beoo. The rket te, Is to take
leeowittbthqAm s Mendeesountet
pt, owl rotwith shop steoh,.ahna
betty "afraiemd satetd by the fmetgel.
WbheIuSMIU. We nwe I.stP.Ited s
th Now York Osdehmae, be'r thi. a.
ditleet IbemntIqe Ius nskla to ladle.
SWAt the lost meeteg o' the tity
Oseiiehl Ihe Ibiewlogr aene.uhloe wae
Iarý rbrtl urgl t*rh
Jit111 lee r,A 0.ee Yr. A,
The p.0mm vs~ altrcrr pietlm bee .
sheenl Relmk lateeutd h the weler.
palae he oeeI, whet t~ webtedA.
»ogah hat * "cL -
tot I yatr e
w seat
ito ship
?E~Jlu ~l tab.i
t~ I~rr ur ll Mdw ha
ot iere, w belie.ve, ise Mu Ihed
11 we4ld with tery ephip and iIhI
lilke pieluc. . e of th he poetj the
heie as phiklaephew, wad gitve the
beeut ideal of the here H Ilphtin
mIn, but he oq. not a word abeut
the kern of Alli. We he itn eno
plain of the kimeyi.t, fe this. o",i..
moos in hi.s ftle of khers, and i s. r
dpte to makes thle eltrele wgompplete,
oake now the attem.pt to sUpply lt
Aii,0, With a Very hstr y Ahkteh.
'The're are isoue fatidious people whok
bhJeet toe Mr: farltyle, kheense of hi.
atyle--n- do not. T'hey sy he does
not dew hie lineie. astradip n pa
miatletl aJd peortetle trle; in
shet that he abhuns the Queen'. KCEn
lish. luet what of it? (other dI
the mme who hake nut the tight tn,
and Ibe out part We wolid not gite a
enot for that writer wh rennote in
vent a word to espteM a thoupht that
eiglht shle die within him, for the
mee ewawermdio of the thinker, be
eoaue ftrid of the sheep opinin of
the helenee of maeklnd. Slut to the
hIer of Pair., That was teim who
we.o hete IBt week, and I. holw an in
.iweller or fiop t!r.se slt tiny Airr.
barlyle do.n not know ourt fiend,
IReter A. I. I'lkgh, wheo kh work
e his way throeil the stublled lnd
tauled earth, laying ewtletinei open
i.n Itrt~ow on either ide aind plough.
iap hie way fati the hektte of the
people, in spite of indivtinll jealousy
and public ingatitede. Twenty-three
yea. ago when the ihieter wan-tlk.
the writer of this "Ml4say," a .h.de
yenoufr the now, he met, by ip
ltl4eant, nae gentle'en in a small
hak ipe. at Meadae esegedre'., on
Ike Osi r lf Vlsrida atreet, looking
a the iver; and there he suggested
th pe~stieabltty and fea.thility of
Yakls 11e he tbeen grwing warne
wad geWtlg lkeeg oN the subjeot, up
to tbi very herL, wMed now bee the
gmientlien t behold the fIit of his
laber Is "h leduatrial Vail, hete;
Ie M i lue A.emlalee It New
Ormlanuehis peapeet for an phi.
4e.i. of 'ýal hame lIdeotry,* in
Jsaet, w 1* To aeompliskh shi.,
eir MwIsT the l)etler, ha labored
lion. d hard, ad uffded the oil of
0uImghti he ha printed eireelars
liatewd lbee, ebtalmed tatis~io, and
I aii aetle of ar1tleh to the (traeent
(lity pr.., pioneered hi wy out of
the mrahe. of wles wad detrwoiton
ilto the psed ptlueios ke sow seeu
plea kthelerof Vir,. To meoh i
sled, wht mre obteee ea What the
vole of wevo ? What the perpleclly
of othe are .? What i ties, or what
I. pi. NothIng. This is the kind
Shernia that ride oer the world
of iah, and dwells a blend of ethe
ral lem t aboee letks had it,
lhe had mer dared go to hell for
sees phLer. to mike the arth tream
bl. Shakepew had It, e he had
mset disaetwd the am a mae sad es
peed to peblk vt.w the mla priagl
of .etlie sad hidden soaren of
thught. Ju u alse d it, nd no
did Uwuwell, ele be had net gone
Ino t3Leap lartUIeoat ad removed
the "babl'e ,ter whrlh the wobl
wem ittig to the prejudlee of their
bensehewse ats. Thisn la,, berets.m.
trenmelt it width that senatrdfot .f
whrkh indsee latie the w id to kill
rflkow theyd eewr bee ew, and kI
msont awe Athe k ne the plain.
Th Hre of cirit e a ewoquerr;
k hs battled agaslwe ued hbat down
nIead net himself and Vate;
~ tk sh psuemeet otat
1 We rmember he DaeermW the
iadleg eplt ai . Agurmlsl aIrrl
wad Meeheal's Amuewdaa o 1846,
ad hard the wrd., "God sped the
plogh," u they f.I frne she lps ofl
Harry Ot Oh Wei, ea b beheld the
D uter e rtheh Idrp s radwh his
lan o t e Whew ,ime
.id' ,.ir nm
M ie did will WAi t1 bit PPM O
Ilk edhabet s bfed he
-AIV. Whet keerskbe A1 Li e -
Sily lest then we tis Is diee .et
ilessipe hi.. etd..t, it even ..lssd hi.
titind. We y itS, sod It "aewmui
*shlc I.. CelW5)c lt; they 0w0it"n nil)
It meefis lstt a NM-U-nce4 A. It.
l'lowuh Il a hert.. IN pubie bheneshe
tItt..: The miry of NOW (rtleeew is
lmIeblel, 'eI hit"iw tarhe reswnt I1"
potssa#.nI. I. fleas)el seteet. The they
w..tnstseeeS Is a plea .1 his, med asn
othsIet peres el seesw's shell pteeesil#
sMead t.a the ethe aiMde .f thil, If the
In~eint litee red rstales hils etere les.
W h"s pelt.l*s4 the Kre pises rite
95bll he the illy Y Ot i eIreseht
(,f1y tsesteepeessiee will gIeese aft
eet us IAsI qutessism.
fit'l l 1ft1gfqjj5.---lj1i we tilnlk
pt'ttttssi for the0 ilttn$ltt~t'5tn . o etf
hlsi-es' tlo,gel like he sttrs etg
to, tl.. )'the teg ,tstil'? Thrier is
sslsvginK Ilisswet Sby fIre-ebls ' )tool
lwsp-ilglht, and the lilt* .or hltsPi y
l's't'q, I1sAt Is lpitel tltalt a tt.*getpt.
Hive titoss eo1ltieºtlAhl tc Iohfk (is
w dttl tit, darsltng fits siyltisne, satd
Y1.tl. ehllldss' *111 miot teoy away
1o, nlltsi1~l sn~tisetnetttl. 11+0n1
thte le'et *'stpotsf, t11t1 1 tihe idti,' irt
i(g!'I((! s redtitstiftd it1 I tn tsldy ltstoc
entil ssan1 twto .or Itl.ru' tailltw t'ttt
dtiise. It Is niserablse Ptott otfit
its #1141 ittltt0 0040555 ifctlP5 stltcl tS'e
etti i'r Lititp stoolti~ rtit e ','rrwl s'ts't
ltt;~* witisll ilt will Ill It fill. It lies
eI itr power wll g thlJ y fke yoowii
I itiltitl I. istehe lttttttst ItticlO ulekligitI
hsntu, ten lss*ktersii'sti Is'altl P114tttlc
stutrl~ frtenIts'we' tsr itau)ttfs. k.'j
all ys- o 515hs Y1,11,1 r1 ittista rive tiet
tliswtalt-y 1 it will wn1tiyrti theS
trottoiile to, make home moors delight,~
ritll tlht IthS theI terir the r.rteit's
Ted omfpf it~nne heICCI. --TKeepsu
fill y~oai eat. Isolid t-lesblr rio te ther
date ilt ltets itf drsel/ nt st thaety
three, fin's h lre sea roust f sall
tiont .'n sesta ttle Iope that .tnsrt
tUPtssne l ttvt ito Site A Alllotws a
Nuni Is sltlrvt river In the with i
tipree t imees el l tet'sa, thaoroah
ltlt'h tile itl7 pe thie Ste tntet
moald itS till, rier anti its it.ttntalt
tltls tWlbotarlst. 'Ptle rfor.., is lit
PrahllyIt" twtrfl'Stlf. Wusabstisit ri'
tnarktt {ht two lttiaon aicietletus
mighf)~t he nly fewY mile~s apart
atoll yet the cnldtehtc wcnul$ rpflaitn
e slay asndi i heir So visit eait ttth
or I nittttg the Wltttlltfgs sir etsgli
streatme. Eve'ln thie wild attimnals
geit invotlvs'l lii sutlt is ttpesrelhie
mtanses .fo woed ths tthey (eves,
tie' jagaor) live rear a lINg tmwe it,
tite to-pool, a errolt to the tuoth eM
whinm domasina thy hav.Is hstseseds. -
'rlt' tri'a ortet moaeurue from right
in twelvet flot fi dlattesr ; antt
theiii tarfotela fire t~napeowlt. by shlrub
like pia off,, which bor~c In those~1
tlo piiia regt itls heeils tea Is.lietres) .
'rice torlts ttr the Ammon is tat
hliuwln ; it It Isnacigltit tor two,
sltttsoatstl miles rrtstt fite stemata ; it
Is ntearly tow hundtred mIle. whitS
at ttet. .moth tOWI In o pacwe..
six itLtlltMdrod.lt 4tp; ustd its toor.
rtttt prijeote s oI 6were Into thit
titessi, sn~ot' tisan thvree hsetcdrsa
mussr, percptilytj shrvllng Its win
hera at this dletesacs frost, tin'
T h u I t - s ' (bc r a e t ' i t m I a s r .
Tin' seasn jrtsa closoti ha. prtavstd
p'rtdsastleo sf ,t runitrul harvest itt
title moast ieerlrahle article of iomta
cstauntphi~cn, wktle o rovapuot~ It at
(units a resucelrartlque soneros v
ttrade. The deposit. nsa SUt If asslen
rivrp thie seasost ares e~qul 1t wisp.
ily ,tortlatt rcit previous, yer.
soasa isakchas n t lktahos, whle it Ia
ala.. tnttmlt, aedi eary cler.r The
5ltiehelrbtntokr (Iistwpasy icavq Is.
s~tor sustte one hundred sud seven
ty-llvc ticouetald total, studl other
osctnperl.ar lih pInropostlos, which
is carlcultd t( Iro lsr. 1ttInAlI
r~p~r n n) O~lllat Pr~~ n
CU l to r c iseita s, betor..--Nt
A Seas. Vms Lemisal trm Rvaclti.-
The Phled.-LIn *&1flsatahsm
evIdes.. of tst that bwrnish
"ha r I
relnn~lkrn lhksd
- 3*4-
AsMdY9 A 3WifJindC Yttibt.
mnl~3 e -
eo. .#Uelitee Aemrade b bkeeeii
S 1 - --
oaE#At Jf thMMY# At r*QA (W#t'.
e.AM -ie-t, , teM ait-h 1t.-Jthe Mei
cra easet Metqbba de ale he. mIFle
e Ineidble the hnt at thb p·a, e4 a I. P.
ptre. ih ehantvei f ftle6. #hplnatt, ef tkhe
.-. P, etp.elf wret Watetnp.
nRh eft ctn i#t, ,at f'ie Ith IthNrt., wt
heftte e,hchig the wenalte wi thte elect, be
anlhem titoke donet, mnid ehe we. dettnti4
'itde ntrilt the ti.etHn( AIngle-oen.nn
etms toe the tottfte, etntieo the pooe in
eld the tar.
The M*lartk t Iloe flehe htne f*Ill per
ticlire tf ti(he epture f 'vemmeeo4re Matr
(ltt'r elre.A|ttft tesn~tl? lF t| an e(. Illi
trkr k Ihttie prnismee nt~dlnqbttt amnnt in
tin t peittlc lIlte( teetli# mitted uot t 1lit
uetok ht th siot~wesyap wf aiding Mitatonit 13
hie espetoutlne salainst Veta t'tted604 oethef
Melieen ptrh en the teniI.
Mant's twe etemaew Weet well etiloiid
with pteticiiet, a tnntW et litie ad ek et hetr
a-pilc. be Mirtett's LcttrIt Lsttdl beert
i3 n34d ef,
The lmNetel Mitnetemn kich ttired at
nIootwe Pa, thkte mennlg, lha h e
:f blfAt. MInt,' andt thea MYqi le de
hkLn wee khath take, ale AteO LfAitHde
n the melrning ofl thke eth fIeM., h the
tllied f Ittre el'np-e -wHt btuttwtg.
Tu at.eert Matqtaie de itakn.. kha n
aked a pattles 'f the ptleMet Whe Were
ties,, a3 the (ttlthed Itete StIeit Pre
hi, wkkkhe we to hate left etia (tw en
"the tth, Ic htntl .'tpe-d )with the e
mnai,,det t the pte'mincr.
T'he felteta In eharg ef the MarntIsle 4*
flat'ies, ratpt thait the tawen ef A vadet,
whkih tHe kel te pteietely dimanatled ty
the ldkethtl, wee in plme terin If Mltr
3tt'e toempes
Mirmttnlot wo e ettel hbelegliwg Yeta
'w't, let wl it l ightelsw.m nef aecees, e*w
kthat hie tcpil ireand a pra,, ,nm fw eei ar
coot eR,
khe ttheal ltere In i3t Ikctflef head
hen retpdly ceneenatrHetlg oen the alt, 'if
ele-, wkkhih . hew ettiltty testtlowndedl.
;boce bad tlitg lMeted amtlng the
Pteneah mt tpinish tket geinet the
Anmerctrae, and gnat etetanmett tevail
ed geneally at Vnetra rn, In cweeqeece
f whalt ic .en'~hlletr y mhyt the hllgh
henoleo4 atilen n l'mt. ttrncr, itn eptr
thee. eteeo.ere,
'*tntss ' ln*ttonn."-- In deslitgt
wiih Ithe very wort hl akurete~r, we
uhould ever bear in mind lishlnet's
priaiely maidiltiot to Polealun, to
Olne #oertiaie por vagetemwlg Wen no.
cordin to r dewared, lut evw,,de#
1. Ada we. hewer cud dignlty,
Itight entinmeet I flew high, l o.
aurtditng ao tan'e idea of tUe p4.1
nmtrY fmnashrwnl, wee Witllhn
But we sen tske hllgher por ed
,eve than thet .f Prince IWelet,
in regard to the treatment ofr une.
who d.o not dewervoe orI regardt or
klndlne.s We esheld n.w forges
hicw nr Makehr ttets we-not an
we (ioerve, but "aeordirng to li..
own ,. g khkndem ndl Imwdr mer
Sw" aled it nlr treatamt of ear
olokw-reature we sbonld try to
i'.ltste our (at.l,
That in what we are', every nean
and eve'try wormt,, ref win, Asind to do
to eah othlrel and utril we acme
up to the asrk, we hve not don.
an we are o immnanded, Illgty in
r ittd, bt what . Is compared to
.iver Wiat would beaume o ta
i it weire only aecording to lIla
,wit dlknit7y teat our Maker treatedl
t:r and we sr commnarnded to 1
tho ehildre., of our PaCter, wio
naketh hi. nseto rI'.n time evil
antd co tihn good.
A WoMAN Vetrna.NaEch aensee
mont we. created at the poll.s
the third wd yeeoservlsy, by an at
tempt to crty "womeue rihtk"
into aotive eseroise. Tie wie~9e a
reter, who was comined to bed by
IllneIs, appmeared and demunded to
east her heebnd's vote, Ipoe a
rufwel, hel Ibcame qitti irate, std
In reply to tohejeer.er o.,ome of thae
crowd, uchnnd a brick bat andi ftr a
whlie eleared the Jrront of the polls.
4he was at length quieted nd cln.
dueotled way.-A- a.edr~s ( Va) CM.
trade. d sp M h
Eglisb are beglaug to take mdv.se
agoes of the oeverld rmail t med kl.
tre to China. Thee are regldy
received at tie. U, LRwIs ?mtode
somne ai or aeve eama sek., weigh.
iag ahout thirty poned elet.
8" Tb. Oei im on Mlltary
Aa_. of both I ee, have i deri
iaoselderdale the atdopo om a tsd
ee. miles, alght r day.
WIt is tead that aesmel of
iwet .hm sal iheleelhed
ge wE .eeamwpi be hea hhes
UtMale o & eha ages. efls
Wmmls, A')rYI~ CyA
CJ Ate r.
so SU00 MAMIW M5
111!MII~k ý j. MeOOMI ýt'S,
wiuMcWid t B *'d
1i,A"W MAN #,tw seem
II UeIot#U u~ttI
tifi 3WY Mra. W tM
t5 fl~Jhii#Sseee keef e~edWe.
o I W. er d . N 4.1h ',
PAEL f lAP#.. ýºe!M9 N.
n .Ir WI ,
gj*~f*0wrn~effb ef~n dde~QSe 1,41
' N ''wwuv A SNA"IM
Sqg!k JýeAse ele 5 be:e
r ndt 1Lt !" 49' AY** PM B A1 if
* rrMNs1 #AiwrISIAUA- PsstMr N 014 60
o.*ws k1eI tI+Arelbe
rrIgn$1P #.h*4j nmtd.eeea~tºM stof
I,, !IIAI ,1111N11?a ~
win o e Owe
" wt: ýdM *-A*. il n
Snse1- I IMs wºrte Me ~rebr
n iNU~' ijA fi
I In eren11h n d HIA eC
11 11 1. Il**. r, t He weeo.
ýlNllr e w rln l11 NI 4e
IIYt )n IH I/ M rrm r.1or
fee d hee
(E!y e1 PhNM f.MINI A,
meotif e, bee ebe)xe. of esse
eTeeeein A!rrnChrr eLN*N
1 "2 qulp W, I N ý 04 Hils 4
rr+Nfrt lwý !.1
ýý ý tt)mr, m(f-tIL~NCr N
T1.40 mKb10.., tkiNI ,
Nef w M M yrý _ ew . 6"
ý " ýý eý+ ý.I rrMw
M POP /NII )1M Mme,
Y 1/ ,MMAN, le.
W. ( Nw U It NA r Icr Y, r
N ý , N [ ý11 ý ý
Ptnrrretewee4, I btblvhoil, s.q..
M M uW llri MMw Valet N te Pi.ptll
I~ncc Crmrra -Irw
vww Mcrlrcrl~mke. LRYI NLL O" e~
e.4il4g, Af 41e M.oh.. ltg.Inn AC.9
Am"4" M A07, rjbhn p.
ý ýpt!Od-,M PtºeýIts mu.
AFL ~ ~ 4.. 1MaºýIn1 t e4..
W tlWhut. VkA. I. geneP'
-TýpC I.O~l44P. I- t
r1." alse *.. Ow ass #1o Me..r..
SIM IMflk~e~d AYMUM I#ek1,t1'A I
11n, 1, .N 11M. p ...M.t .lewaln1 I.
1Ilr ·wrll 1 t R WrýM b U lllrº
IINN11s, a. s p s tkl r .., tot A lertm , ·.
dl mnegtmuY Ad LPttYl fi t hLA We.
wTh No, Id
MN. MI -Pmmno *b~oom 44Nt$945 InM
000101. Nmqq sme r .wil~. M 1$.. OWy flume.
M fe.u) *..4N1
MII~. lUewf.e IN ueod 4.. Mft*vmm
Is.. hihetW g.eNism. a. 0.00.. Iimb s.
040m.0, 1 bCA its. V. 0,SN
1,#11. cý , r b hCltbc( N.rl
~rc~MM 0ý I,
W We we eeMbe1Id 4. MII*e IN.
PIIIAIll/tA, MadaM 1004MWbu mesmrmn
frleff WeuMtd fie, I,
? ' . Pa. M ,eao.ep".4111? IRWthMwem
M.A geMw.1 000$ ..IIIMI II`IIN lOW,
bowe pInMal. bioG to~m asug N0 two
h01e 1 Mll. 0~w/.lUIb 1. mM
em..Np e4.e0whi ;f 000 I4 Ire
lN % Iý/t Mrm III tllr, dl.
eiuwdrc Puim,
h aYMA r MI M/ N,.-··
HwfMI Nff lS0e(4..
ýM tl~r 0MI 100141/. ttw0.
..N.. ýMheuehuiM epm ..~'
os `..yam Nitu Wemp.·.ým
0UUr mwpuir Pt f/ IW, S .
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