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Daily gazette and comet. (Baton Rouge, La.) 1856-186?, April 11, 1860, Morning, Image 2

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W-Plt I iAY I p:t i
Someinmn.-We learn ftN Il. 0 a
Ileket, tigt Ornt mlire, 1 l
deliberately committed suilide on
yesterday (Tueiday) morning, the
10th tat., at his plece, on ti' 1,
other side of the (omite River, a s
few miles east or this eity. The
deed was a deliberate, ahd no
doubt, a pemedtitated one. It was
done -wit a ,shot i, the meeteats a
of which lodged In his head std e
face, preduoing almost. instant
death. Mr. Cline was sa oatee a
on dbarday, and appeared in un
unsual l spirite. He wee about
4 yeatsf age, e Md levme to the
world eema Ona or etl motherless, t
and new kherlhes ehildree, No
cane I t alleged for e at ,
- - -- -
FPn.--r rhiday sight Ilst, a fire
occurred in the kitchen attached to
the premiaef'dtrbe MetriI, 3sq,, u
on the 0llen road, shout 11 miler a
north of this city, the kitchen ad °
other badllegs were entirely con
sumed, with all the cooking and
farmingltemsils therein. hLos about d
$800, with no inenrnce.I
Tan Fat t&rn AOAmw.-It was til
uepeliad a so it e. The . ,
portef, over Isb pringAltd, comes
at us, boeenle we made mention,
the other day, of the wondertl fe-.
cundity of Livlageto, based upon
solid and sabItsatial facts. The
Beporter sy it 1
We ase t mlualted, sOueetle, with
the pmaitael milramt to, hat brave. never
thelee se deet ofe the thet. Indee, It
le eiti n e ewr ow k ethat, Iktr d
ares ee, t/h atd adsh tb
rud, lepe saentes r
*, te i .a - e, better, so
We i bt, ewever, that the d
waters toh be esi ad the r
p ,emst sagd mew mesd eehe
se t hitmeaSrl wdt sever t
ties a. ee elaeh. We
smet, s  .pies smut
we " i hsae twaelge that
es tmhata bs ae ni oenur eonvietlomn
thet the led is hilaMelf the I
mits who bas treed up
thee to r easS, eaM thee made
this dise**rr , ad tor it r
ihib , 'leº pareh ate ian
m ~. it is aa ,, l Ies"d of g
belnl " ed for drginl into. the r
daylight of the presem t Ano Do. t
1l., eoameetead with the early
history of Lirtgstoa, we are
charged direct with inventing them I
to the p d of the troth athie '
tory. The Poea DeLeda did go
to Livlgstoa to look aflter the t r
jvinating spring, a before said, 1
and we ihold not he surprised if I
he bad his wiff with him; for the
Abbe Defeedeo esrs "ther were I
three wome ha thie rowd."
Tad Urn. Parm m Musaon. I
semn.-The llowing are the res.
ltloto ridoptsd by the Omeaetion 1
of thieO atatioal Ueioa party
of Mas eek ettm ot the So alth:
Asi Tl ht th. time has come
.wnao It is the dety eoaeearvstive
and pe*liste nse, all over the
wonatry, to aete l the formation
all pnltha eatry are l he
intetae. Therefore we deatre
and Im *~ wrm a nke ieprty,
t gdto put en sad to
imlit, wos tha seal.., eg.
ittlot. tk tsame time we hold
op.  t .he der fr thea tramt  of
meabw E moty pmeat or former
party.. elk oe lsil who will
eom w the hletr of the Coo
stitutioe ah tie nice mibeg so
tt ammate dh S
Psp ebt Utah, it ha bee w
to t oulumel 0. F. mikh,
as TITTh she tet., Jethe
BeL Ma_ t atii s- kTJth
beim, lkftej WlqmU
Owea Matly, the S l id Kieg
dt sdi hand ofrt t Olppeles
is Ohb Mid .ev 4 aince
SMIsdwu, Indiese, uedh remains
WOre takbe to )De~lte Where they
were interred on the 99th nit.
"Maud," the wife of Stanley, was
buried at Dayton some years ago,
and the King deposited by her side.
Roving bands of this singular peo
ple gathered at Dayton from all di
-rectionli, to participate in the finer
at ceremonitn. From the JournAl we
estract an account of the caremonis:
AI.bot one thotnusand of our cit ioe,
attended the funeral of Owen Stan
ly, King of the Olpsies, yesterday.
His remains were itterred in the
grave of Maud, his Queen, who was
buried in Woodland Cemetery tbmhut
two yearn nince. The large errwd
was atteated by the report that "re
gal ceremonies, &c., would be per
formed at the grave. In this all
were disappointed. A hbot 10 o'clock
the mfdn was then from the vault
and placed in the hearee, where
upon the crowd scampered off to the
grave, displaying more haste than
srder, leaving the Gipiesn, some
fifty in number, to fllow their King
to his last home.
The funeral services were con
duotel by the Rev. I). Winters, from
let !hrtmniles, utir : I15
"For we are strangers before
thee, and sojourners, ae were all
our fathers; our days on the earth
are an a shadow, and there is none
After whieh an oppbrtunity was
given to all to satitny their carios
ity by looking into thie grave.
Owen Stanley wan born in Read
ing, Berkehire county, Ingland, in
1194, and was married to lsrriet
Miste in l i8O, and died in Madison,
Indiana, about six weeks ago, of
dropsy. He had fifteen children,
twelve of whom are living, forty
geandohiklren and two great-grand
After the burial, forty Glipay chil
dren were baptised by Mr. Winters
at the residence of Mr. Lene, Sex
ton of Woodland.
iince the death of Owen, Levi,
his seon, becomes the chief of the
clan. He ies handsome and' re
markably intelligent man, and well
fitted by nature and education to
rule his nomadio brethren. His
wife, according to the Pittaburg
Post, is a noble specimen of the
genuine (fipsy, and is a remarkable
personage. In appearance she is
tall and stately, with the presence
and demeanor of one born to rule.
Her hair is dark and luxutriat; her
eyes are large, dark and brilliant;
her complexion isa ruddy burnette
and her features are relgular and
handsomo. Her maim and step are
as proud and an stately as those
of "Mocregor on his untitv heath."
With her broad brimmed hat and
holiday attire, brilliant with strong
contrasts, such as the mothers of
her tribe delligbted to wear, she
looks every lach a queen. Stanley
and hib handsome wife wond do
credit as the royal bead of a peo
ple mot re ineld than these Olpsy
weanderers, who trace their geneal.
ogy far back into the shadows of
the dark ages.
Te BFrwANen KAYu MAT sawe.
The new ad elegant stamer Kea,
May, engaged Ia the Cincitnati and
Arkansas river trade, was burned nat
upday morniag, lylg at Osaaelton,
Indiana, while o Iher way frem this
port to Uiuoastl. Fire was likewle
osmamueicated to the wharf-boat at
Vdsnelton, wthiH, togdar with two
seal bargs belongi to Nuweomb,
f Lonisvilk, we ooeamed. The
/Aur Map we owned by the Maers.
lugher, of Cieoianati and Mmphis
Strade. The boat and elargo wsr val
ned at *00,000, ad mare al loss.
A portio of th co comited of
e avn huadred sad Alty4ve les
of cottoe, of whih two handl end
A Ly-seven were shippd roan thbis
p ar by Mess. Bays & Guthrie;
Sthre had cd eu aemse aett
by Messe. )wIght, OGiU 6 o., aad
two hundred and twaty-ilght were
Stakes ea bsed at Colmkbus. The
Sseotto presed stob efully inred.
SThe boat was valed at $18,000, and
e we fully inued. 8prna, hees the
Ssteamer UIa are ratsd to have
h, iitg d the ette on a , adn thus
ed tead tha lpn. o Hel lwereest
Sbut he pemmea ad mew lest Mt
d d eni g begg and he boob of the
ml. boat were muead-MaJpes Are
pAm e, Ud iJe
he -se*fy Sentlmestel Gent. augh
au eit, "Wee my bosom asfalsem a
.a m n see od that
a as-yer rn wealls en n hais
,A p Poute n.--Abeoe
and Ju1 W-- were
for t Il their diti1 y ,
were i ghted, shrewd
tidilt.a- Judge the bet W
yer tid dtbater ; the Oovernfi by
far the more winning in &is man
ners, an the sequel will fully es
tablish. One hot day Is July,
while they were traveling together
on the canvass, they camte upoh a
pparty of twenty men or more as
herabled on the roadside for the
purpose of ,having a shootnleg
match. Thinking it a good time
and pison for presenting their re
spective elainS, the Udveror pro
posed stoppihg. They halted, and
the (lnvernot seoan made himself at
home. lie bought a nsmber of
ehances in the match, and, being
quite a goodtealtmlleeOn, eeded
well, winning quite a quantity of
)bee, whikh constituted the prise.
The .ledge had uonscientions sorts
ples us to shooting-matches, and
did not participate, but stoiod by,
conversing with the more sober of
tihe crowd, while his frien4, the
o i-vernor, was in high glen with
his companions over the beef.
When the beef wan given out to
the successful shooters, our (Gov.
ernor ordered his to be divided
among some poor widows who, he
ascertained, lived in the vicinity,
and theh asked the b'hoys if they
were not "dry.* Of course they
were, and the G(overnor generously
ordered a plentiflI supply of the
"()Oh, be joyful I"
here, again, the Judge had scru
ples, and did not participate ; but
had it been otherwise, it would
have availed nothing. The (1ov,
ernor was decidedly the man at
the shooting match, while the Judge
felt himself decidedly in the vooa
tive. Leaving their friends, they
proceeded on their way some
twelve or fifteen miles, and halted
at a camp-ground, where the annu
al camp-meeting was being held.
They separated in the crowd, each
electioneering with all his might,
with old and young, friends and
straglero---making hay while the
sun shone- -for there was indeed,
a fine opening. Towards night
the Judge began to look round for
his distinguished opponent, but
could and him nowhere. He wait
ed patiently till evening services
began, and concluded he would go
out to the large shed where the
people had assembled for meeting,
thinking, perhaps, he might meet
his friend. On going out, what
was his astonishment to find tim
gallant Governor, the here of the
shooting-match, in front of the sl*
tar, surrounded by ministers and
class-leaders, with ai hymn-book in
ºhis hand, head thrown back, slug
lug, as load as his lungs wonld
" flow Arm a fesadtolea,
Ye satint of the Lorld ` "
"From that moment," said the
Judge, " I gave up all hopes. I
tell you-I tell you, sir-- man
that's good fot a camp-meeting and
a shooting-match can't be beat for
Congress It can't be done, sir."
And so it proved.
l)sstn or Co,, S. 8. R. Aeiru.--It is
f our melancholy duty to record the
demise of the brother of our former
nassociate in this oloe, Colonel 8.
It. Adams, of the Pnulding Clarion,
who died at his residence ls Pauld
ing, Miss., on the night of Tuesday
Slast. The announceoment of his
death will suggest painful emotions
in thousands of hearts, for his so
quaitanee through the South was
more eitended, perhaps, than that
Sof any other aon, ane he seeared
the estees of all whoknew him.
An upright gentleman, a ble wri
te, a fair and bonorable politilnn,
the State of Misslisippi loses in him
a most valuable oitisen, and the edi
torial profesmion an ornamen sand
Sesample to its fraternity. The news
paper whlich he establieshe d con
d ducted for over twenty-two years
Sto the time of hie death is his moo.
Snment, for by his attrigel wm ,
enterprise and blty, he aelire
Sit an unprecedented prosperity and
Splsced it where it stands, far. in ad
vance of nl its contemporarmies of
Sthe rre press of the country, North
or South.
C oClonoe Adams leaves a large
Sfamily, bet it i galtfyl4 to his
Smany frienkds to know that they
Sabundastly provided fe. Woea.
g der them ear dcere eoaddlements
hi their mietion nkder L tchey
are srfering from their impadr
los.-N. O. Cry , . i, .
Wt At BehiDueie tt rMday
a twelve seewiss ialved at the hsnG
of Arbbishop Eadriek the blck
at 'el sad .. 1W dlh. n .l.Ie
, Vo*w, ueas..hs uso .Lmy tbsp
.w end dsdihaa~sgme .sasitbasqsau
gItb m 'iN  lf
"se t se a ile ,hile
Wh o eeMm teek ile grw ý.
feewsa WON A ?
crepe *M ta" )0l0-t lt t le
in oreha te, o mme glePwd N
O0s he itsw ur M o b the get toad
Ilor(--wr tM ad# ralS.
over "I eaer ea.
Tnouse J. Wasns, Baen rr or
TpWre the dut5 off reL rdn. t i
ii melancholy oo-ereseN thai took
riday) at the les of Mr.
It [kM ItemM hteeter da
tWillrem hdrSeI d s eeot e10 w. a
boath of mas fled. The olrose
stnWe are these Mr. POlliNme A s d
severad other tentnemn west to
the houe of r. .Iuareld for the
lor the t arrfe t re him o dir a
TddiNo e.t for shoeW in with e e teet
to kill, laniolg ioo klee that he
wocid resist the exeoutheo f the
writ although be had previonely
titd thamt be w aold not he take.-
'Thel ns bie hous e in the ee*m
i,,K and awaited until dark before
prseetling to the arrmt. lr Haar
Olhd hearing some notei in the
woodl near the housse otirted he
that din tito with two shot igns,
and mest Mr. Willieasc sadof
wqerle in the road about one bun
drsd yardt from the houte.when be
hred apon them, the lod taking e
teet in Mr. Williamed abdo.n abed
thighn. Eothen beaksbot taklat
ng ommeaonged the parties were
ome tw ho tha so from eei b o ther
It is strapse that Sam rla wa
wnoit shot i be he e prett es tle
ande o tr Mr William whd be re
un wn Irend. Mr. Ihrteld wa
evens ing aod W ae not woe d.-
Mr. B wes arrewted bwroght to town
this morning lodgld in jail Mad
will be einmt ined on Ionday
next beorte BEquWi.r Meneds, sad
P. ya. rae from t he hose en he
fece in Mr. Williams abdomen and
with Dr. RI. Obbe, bul phot taking
flesd learn thist ancr. W. tmhe sot
inr god commenced to partie woer.
some twenty steps fro . ch othr.
Tas Bis ot 8t As Cor ale Nwas
oet lshots .loel his oolrag by the
side two Mr Wil bliam hen retoore rost
tioeld li the Cotries dor the Ne
eveni and wyon dr mail nd
trsporUton trada The m, bee
are to be very Fppropritely asmdU
€t. snmae end Ieritille; oftm two ed
the glsL puer in the Setof d
The Mr. was arrested brought to town0
thkeeisl ritning lodgefeet d beamil to y
p orae o , the C. D. Jr. Tbe 
will , be. . owammed, on ave
next for he bquillr, ed Pedayr T, and
P. Io . Sine writing the aove we
I The Mr. Will s to be and0 talked
I length, wilh a feet baes, to hve ,k
with Dr. of the Gibbs, D. r. Tbia
SIstot bith IIHll 6 Payne, of
by A. ker,n thoat Mr.. sWteis,
veriy god chance to recover.
I bots Bnoppe, shAt CoA, store et
TI IaNs PAcars.- TAS.-T.he N.I
and b srrils.--Yesterday Ca-Ip .
Y. HLatoriue losed hi como tats
th bitwo new d boats heetofo Whie mo
Ironeia at the ACorier for the New
Tleana, and BaynS tara mail rad
td the ole of sk Ci, bekt ia fs
'roaspod rtitra. The ew ou eoat
na to bd very appropriately ameC.
with James and ilar ed rtherte
the finest pr, thes li the md e or
The r .Jmst is dtoahed. T17 fe
jI eeofete . . Je rdd. hd mes,
owrh, Tae hee
Eeo . Tithe hail sad Peer Tpesl
Nftambsp. !k. ,'isnZrer,ý 1
diteet eogasesskieatios stay sot be had. tie
'Chi hirpeat stretch which has y~fet ieM
takes without a btiV4 Pufo S
04m a o t, d Ne i I1 rg, iooa
.Able-" sby to," iipbi of .P.L
' hot besting altes the fited
old Isliehb fasbiom has some utbi
leartle .tarie Is berth ChushuL
it. drast, of
I. 0. 111. 1.
,M asttay Teveu~lug r Part . th4 e t oera4
ti (roeee itsri Moma ~14 o'eie º.
if. Mlle.,. for e.. t ieg k e.
30th, lRgf:
Prophet. Joseph "aphisr; $hem~, X.
Uhofaa. Sr. k gipaeee, H. A. ruhan;
/Thefof ot .HfpoIltqj1 raltoWa
Sp~m iri~s f, J. ortaift Ilb.
ouf a hZIT A ALL. h.
ý11t wlie a lN (1P3h and MALL ]
er thbe etSe ofSthe Aed a4, uen
TAeadoa ari hl, he th f A toi M
stihol rke te r t i. city. Oeer«lr
will he given in dive time.
_Opt l-tdJ ____
r as Notre are inform~ed that Sh ea
will give, on IIIUSIJAV IYINIW(, the
1tth,at Aeadosup Htall. A raw-Neat and
le-Creaw matty, fir the beelft at the
OIrphan Aeter the Legiature hoiog
f lled to mask saa appeapriossna Per
ehartahie taesltea, we are oeiapeihd
tomabe thisecll out eerrauaoand
L hop. a giemreso pa I. will reeeead Ilk..
li-etelly to Shi, appeal in hehaif of the Or
apr11-IdJ fleerstary. L
tlf0 aT A i0Tý i 1
tiN ONIIAYl teat, 9toh iiMatot, 160, I
wll onfrt tersa e aaheS iwes
at the ..id ae r at. r eT Iiw en )
'rhof MNathee street, =* moN.aU
il 0n'Ner loAs a ao le aem O
p l36,.eepe lew the store sll is raw oaw
se Ad on, with W1140, LlQUOESNETU.J
Tamus~-.AII ere ueder gee0 CoMb, eve ,
Mo lat edit aCer ethe da
d apvu-td A ei lt er: -
t FiNCTIULLY tender. his prefee.
C ~.ion..ser pleet to the pepie 1. f Ntoee
a rge a wreerrdusdlsrgeCg .i
- (,Le oset deear Is the reddemo. w t
e A. Walber, fla.. aputlO44Md.
I ----*--- -. Er~ L l g itcln~~
US 3Annual Niceties af She V etyof
at. Jasmes Chetah will he held - a
rvoy a x% at 04 dhr eh, sensor.- r
e lap at I.f o' A. .
. aprillo-le. Wk. MAfkHAM, 4
Seater Waad...
r 'NiliAIao dýArrCItt -
- tend Sasehiag Take.a at the
eirrat of V. H Em~ mrrsL " rr
pnile _ _ __________
*1 eor emmsa,
MHre e .rd L, Ikr ,wsrJIs of OWN&1
..eeme esur Mbsh r
a-usOI~j.krre kaHa n (
d NC Ir at Mt leal's city reed f ler
Dep, u wee a
C whloh willbesld to the tradeeor ee
d inmore at moeato pra es. k Pl
M a pill. r p JOSMUAXAL, ,
f ILL at rrmbe Aceti. e
s MtheiL dyIe of ri L 4midmiaI
1L losstic rap. Earek, abalC eak,w ld,
iS 1n Larg flar Mose ahee~n, aid,
81. (aheWLerhedohkeaq i
*~d ~Se tw A~Or~ pmelemeer.
a Mlt og~p f
d lul tuateelrY 5*m.f~ miehinetie
3sATE II AsatVs;
urn.uq·lra rlr hl
- l tr a-ain ar kuame at hiled~
a. ilt~te deObreaU~ B~,~
UAN k~ 7OU3r SILflhNS 133I
ha _er#L Y; rIa L"· .~
SmrmiaaII· III!~
4ori V* MbqI b~e,
,IU~k - - rr~·
- -moIIn kr(rnodl
sad fttaw
laid A n.a putt.
_____.. __OUAL._
1611101 FAINT NVPLmid1uu
hi1MI~nf the Si'WM 1 of ýlOuSM
Plower , ma .u o.w Modk.
Pt latmosed t oUe~tebee I. we
N. W ..t W . , sw In t e al nt.
_ !" ii Alta M . t
alid fuld ssW
just Hel rw1(Ir
Plsecy-, k llltc, SM .L
33~n r8aW UUliie3S UUhIS
555 1511 N* ratn~ Mb
THrN 11jt1r* 0 P n0.
K+L. d twf-y
mob., Of LAAZ*0 yOs
ohiidroua. ý
GUYi.M CANI¶ y. bfl who ho
'llI C lNgOI
ist rn. . 11
5. ,iatas Is rb, .r
3': .. '
FIAMsfIS~t I·~Sftl~din.~
a- sN~is
3. 5
am *0 o.
we"i~ ~WEI.~
ALA op omm -

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