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Daily gazette and comet. (Baton Rouge, La.) 1856-186?, May 04, 1860, Morning, Image 2

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bailtii i t ab Qi om d.
IMATtf RfOl m ett
TRIDAY::::::: n:::t:::ttt:::1fAY 4, 14o,
reported that editr have been lamed
from the Navy bepertmena that wben
the Ieasoke arrives she shall go to
Hlampes aId~, whlmee the Japaa
see Iabaeny will be ennteyed i
Washington to be formally received
by the President, before visiting oth
er parts of the eoutry. Respect and
etiqeette demaed that this eourse
should be peruned.
Is as r eretied, thae they have
so works of etiquette In Japan, and
so elepalt eaposeders of fehieo~ like
Beaa 3ememl mnd the Cast. IU
is altready kehabdowed that we will
make blades, which may be serious
if met fatal o to t now friendly rels.
tions, with oua osltlde kinsen. A
book ea etiquette, *at is advamne of
Sthe IRoseke would have prevented
what we look for With a trembling
Im"""Les," dear, the motive you
have le geed-s appreeatd; is honored :
s rempeted. We weald net If we coult,
say oeuhtt depreeate that aIeling,whlch
you easy te eenvy e ethes nl the mn
sic ofpoetry. letMer, fir beter, Leons, to
pay seeh tributes, Ia blant weeds of one
syllable, a the heart, coins them, eani. in
the passion of deep emotion, pures them
utteaanee, bdss the mind hea time tn ar
range and elothe them In studied drapery.
It rhyme, were poetry, Leona, then t .he
brightest rough diamonds of thought. that
evers i bdet te haenighted world, wonih
beeome IUm eIollght. et, state an, inm
pretable. De) you know, Leona, dear,
hbw ahort the step is, hrom the sublime to
the radleleet Do you know, the risk
we rem as we soar t'ward heavren if sot.
Leoas It Is lees than a hair's breadth.-
The higher we ascend, the greater the
daner l the greater the fall. Relue
reslly Lees, the verese deolined.
PAt An You Oo.-Juotioe forbids
that re abohMld purchase that for
which they cannot pay--and that
rule of Jutlce observed through
life will alwaye work out compe
tence and comfort. There is but
one seeret Io the erscee'ul preruit
of life-whatever be your incone,
sprad ha; whatever be your dir.
cumteasm , psy ert yes yreaetw a
One huedmd dollars in a cmmuni.
ty acting upon this prinetple will
go farther and do more theon lve
hundred in a eomeanity whre vor
erLbody I. a debtor or creditor-.
Where etel sispence bas to be
chased till it ncots mre than it in
worth, and the labor of -getting cx
ceeds ~bh laber of earning.
The aboie, ebould be over the
doore f every store ; and It would
make a good liding fr hate and
bonets. It is a valuable reaipe
againt the head-ache, and the
heart asl Ifpeoplee weopd Iive
by tie ame, the they' weeki be
gIs to discover, boer little, I.
wasted to All the meeunar of all
the happile, we may have on
earth. Indeed, giv as ai we wnat
and s.iety ad m sery is meet
smre.tohiow. Timhe we begin to
dicover that we do not want what
we kvI hbt whet we have not.
Tihe eum.ettis plaeea.the eemy
of tree urdg tu tahe .rdit sy,
tem, ueair-h ieb- ltOdl is
living ti, an of courneheten
Ing on a geIneal b·tkruptCy.
Oomanrraea or, amass....
The ehlemq a ei 1ueml .at
heel Gdvias at A~riu,:
The eetisO, Leaenln 90,000
t* Gen b tI4o h uu e u.s o e
all bing a Wdmly. A ia,
naoth' **se n maese ue Amer.
ens ueusi' d d4.. e'ps ihe
ens enatei klme o New Maiee
seuintme to frem, a r as e sieoitekt,
eie tol h. s e61 e d * ymar, a d
peIs h imes ul eba n
Trom we -Th
ban.P IIP ~ Q.-IJ
IrrS a eour (haMeetk n Cm.rempsnpdrnt.
I'n Ant "Poe,0 AprtilttTlh. t10;4".
er" O"lt-- It. I i hif to ptsentne that
your readers d1, nte, trem t It eew where I
slept last night, or what I had for ibrk
fast this mnoring. Pinfhe n ty, the. tinf
aIe wilt prentty oend nit, the rclff'p ea, a,
--well. It was ti thin elenate ihcrs of .Itn n
IThe ec.I rd, Ic nIl. trinnely mill he,,fr it pret
ty gp -liI f'r I'icnrleiot. hut thite clare tli
awful IngwoQ (*seA trwa Comet. I aay thil
mn lcch, i e ph vc or res terel nIt Ills Ie f w he,,
I eam. Witlhot smetlithitllg f this enrt
they might tak,- me .er a aprinig chicken.
Inl. et fn aif ll (rf grown! gmo ec I, -k. livingl
in tih. fneuti,.. . th inlae: imclrccting wine
frollt I' nipce i tle ellk fromn lurgtltclyli.
Tihe truth ltI. I t0 claret, heatirne it rntrie
nlailt It a vl.tilear tlih t r.1) rtfifeon t onl
walt t or know sheot the I'onvenotilc. The.
treliuhle. lhepnteihes delly sent cot. cor ric
ferr.el to, lor detanlt. Tie enrpr helmrrahi
#",. i+ nenrly worn down dimpetel. it; te,1i
only tle pr.nceedlingc ofr :hIo vtnven'ttitn,
but the rnlllsors andl report.-- thi mcurllmni"*.
tIewM tiilil. h opinfn cf c chicentcc. nill vIll
sotrl iotitpon t A'ti'h in tile eltpitir, for
your crtlc'el+,+ni e.i t del ict not like it,
run over trnuveld Igroundll,. What ki.l Iofr
tlo shall Ilthe platform he marcte ofi
Thin le tlhe grealt qestelnn whilsh threaten.e
again the diais t'tlen of the 1. l1oe. It Ie
etll (in well ilfin rmtel ,cirsc.c. t ha If iRtlnthl
e'nrolinl an not have tie nmnkenl of the
plaltform, that she will neeei aendl entrry
ant with her, Arknstsen and Tesne; Ala
bama. Mlesialiilpi antl Loutisntea.
I have nl time, to give you. even a char
e,,Ii siketeh of the hnls ocf remar tahle
meen herve fron all Ipartt of the ttntMc.
;The r e a ce r inn.i heacli and flat; leeltgry
sId fat. Thr1+r ar ns e i ('eninc n vclngc+l
fehllows iser. lepend ucpon it 'The ntmost
,,imsrkahle tranl I have seen (.t work) Io
C'-l. John Fnnielt 'o, ('hnalrpnn of ienm
ltieetl' ifln Rieanlltinnt. I saw lehin PctPr.
h1ey Ie the floor of the cotlit.tictt toou l,
etranugieei p - e.l Iseisierinp. a champagne
hanket of mIotions, whichl are to be auI elhmit
teld to his entemittin tIl-nilht. The qessl
tlin which enauesl rie hall te matnrt fPere
their eockets, and hair to stand on end, Is
this: "wihat shall Imeome of tile 'nion,
In ease the Convention break uip, without
making a platfhrm f Thlis I a gool tlhelme
fIr many leaders.
A meItendstanding having necirred yes
terday aboll the two third rale, fltnl. J
Valdyke str. 4onl.ep lIrtene, of Michl igh,
thbratenld tn make a paeech intliay. i
frientis hearing of it. got about him, to
perncde. itnlprtuner , beg nnd rIny that he
weald not i bsit be sMid he wrntld, and this
morninlg started 1to ionv 'ntine nit ll, with
thl deetarmlintiln elenched in his letaiand
writkled on hi brow. Col. Iesatly, of
Maine, Mr. lnmtplad., of (Ienorri, ani A.
flrick. Esq., of Arkansas, whc were stand
ilg at the eorner of Conventoen Alley.
met him, and eeeared to stop him froti
his intent ; bit t anopnrpome. lie kneck
ei two of them down, sail left his snot
tall in the hands of the third, mssehing
stralght fIorwanl tthe floor of the hall.
lo is even now speaking, and am it is
sapposed that the two third question, will
ie settled, before ht guts themgh, I shall
go dowln tn heat hint. In tihe meantime,
aew, elbere shd tbrwver, yours,
IIfnue.--Afong thru many ts
sues o1f bsee coin whichlh from time
to tine were made In Ireltnd, there
was none to bee nmpared in worilh
leeesswu to that made by James II,
at the Dublin Mint. It was com
poised if anythin g on whlehti h
pould lay hits hhandi, anuC. as lead,
p ewter, copper aid bras, and so
low its intriesio vales that twenty
shillings of it was only wonrth
twopence sterlingt. William III, a
few days after the battle of the
Bcyne, ordered that the crowispiece
and Ihaltfrown houuld be taken an
one penny and one halfpernny,
remspectfully. Tim soft miad Imet
ml of wwtch thatworthles cuis was
odmpoed, was known among the
Irish a Ultn bog, piUssnced OQrm
bar, i. es ailt copperle ao riemrs
moeneya madl the ~isrM fd-thetir
dearlina the resern aim of the
word Aaaae. toek its rite, an in
he 1,SnM, "That'. a pire of wim
&s, "Doet think to p,.s of pour
im g eon mste." lenc- the word
Arse4 came to be applied to any
thing that had a apecisout appear
sae, but which was in reality spa
rious. It is cutitom te hete that
t very opporite of Anaag, i. c.
fals mtalI, is'the word rling,
whleh im alo taken from a ternm
applied to the. true coifnage of
Great Britain, u mmdisa coain ts
-- worth, &e.
Tre LaInomr Pmssonrwo Pae
Tas Wonu.--At the printing house
of the Appletos in Nw York, is a
nenmade; spre for Webaters
'Sang Book, whieh, prints, both
d,sat once. As thiis the only
prom of the kind ia eiteno, ao
"Weater 8SpelkMr"is the ealy book
iring a prsm so rdpid, and on
rhich a salgle book is 1ei5g printed
without isnerrepalea from Jsuansryto
December. The sale of "Webaters
peler" noamoent to more them ose
Iillion p l ens, and more have
e ,l 6hn time se ll a ? the
IUgud 8tatem. Such a ils tm i
ktlty the growth of say ynears, and
laous ecbsoo it besrtabwn*
"1I**!** YIL Mi
IATIST [email protected] CUAlLIZTIuel
evea Sallots for Prlest.
tamehia Nantlnmtlm Uttmrly htwpesele.
'ttA.ltetu,, tII i. II P. M.--TIe old
osvention reaom,hl'.d at I r'.eleek this
af$eronnnoo,i. tolillimlt t, mlil.t.ntlmnmnt.
T'lhe Itten.lcn1.) wis immeasi, end the
t'iritilnmon.t very Igrent. The ententllon.
however, prmceeded Immrediately toi bill
The* r mintimmln .f Mr. lleward eo Teh
nmewe.r, wima firet in order.
Thiu lmale ia twoe-thiri vote of all the
States of the Union, the eetederi, as well
cn tihose whicht remnined in the monven
tintt, nemeesatr tn Five vanlidty to the
,,miimtinaM. After eensiderable diaces
imhi the rile *i fiantily ndopted,when n
i,Imt.imn the c'nnPnltion Iproseeded at oeee
to h'tlkt mr I'readet, wilth the follwins
t lrn It :
,'vrets mara lile redeu.
Who. Numla r of Vtr e ........................... .on
Sto a . ..ee ................. .........
p.plh..m A. m t., o l lel ..... ........ 146)
it t '. ter, r rr l ................ 4
.lmme.q atI , lm ntl ........ ........
An,.t-w J nea, o sT e e .................. 5I
1i lrl A . hleil nem. ef l w Ynrk ........ 7
Je.ph l.ane. of iem n ................. .
trmo, T'me. fnmt nllam mmmtt. ev. 1
S.fr. ilci• . oif ttnlletl pl.............. I
imnm**. A. PreeroefMmr l ................. 1.
Total nnmm er of oltes (.a ............... ...... 1
'lh. heonnventlon then proceeded to bal
lot the. 21. nIl, 4th. fti, tIth, lth timewith
laihmtly waryillg tM rlts. The seventh
nnii inot ballnt stood as follnws:
lI,,.ll e n.tined lit)i votes, teaitera
41;, 4tnthrie RNt~ , Lane I, Diekinson 4
,Iiohnent ItI.
It Is stated that the motthern Ctmntittn
tinnnl I'nvienttn are endleavotin to
brimmi in I'slifmrniaa Anld Itregon. in which
'e m, .10#0 Lane will probably It their-rcn
dlelnt. fIr the,. 'roimlenmy. The inmina
t1,in irf ltnnolie i hnow rennhclerel utterly
ilt im o sihle.
The. Nmrthwent met are very hitter, aed
Inoiw thmmsel vei determrined thatthe Iee
tlin of" I'rehidenk shell he thrnwn into the
It.-mm of Repreaenmtativee.
Tita OntilN or Tre NAmas or
Trie l)Ari otr ilru Waln.-In the
Museu1m at lerlin, in the hall. devo
ted to Northern Antiquities, they have
timhe rpreentations of the Idols from
whom the names of the days of oar
week arer derived. Vrum the Idol of
the asn e*m* Iuanday. This Idol is
represeated with his feee like the stn,
ho1,ing a burtling wheel, with both
hands on his breast, signifylng his
cmorse around the world. The Idol
of the Moon, form whieb cone. Kos.
day, is habited In a abort east, like a
man, but holding the Moon is hie
hanmie. Tuiaeo, from which asose
ituesday; was one of the met anlest
andl popular gods of the Glratas, and
is represented i his glrmente of ski-,
sceording to their peealiar meater of
lothintg. The third day of the week
was dedicated to his worship. Weo
den, from whence Wedhesday, was a
valient prince among the lasoi.
Ilist imge was preyed to for victory.
Thor, from whence Thursday, il seNt
ed Otn a bed with twelve staers over
head, htiding a eeptr e in the right
hand, Frige, from wheaee we bare
Friday, is reprBeseted with i dlwna
sword in his right hand and a bow
in his left. ie was ta giver of
pese sand plty. Seaer, frot who
is Saturday, hra the appeara i of
perfeemt wretobedae,--be le a thil
visaged, lap haired, with a lea
his right hand, wherein are haltl ad
Dstovaair or run Tuel or A
MAslropoo.-The lab eres
in ezosrltil the rielkr lo, ae e l
north side of Third street, ieeI
Pl'um and Wlat streets, yeilhr
diseovered a task, or what is hou I
to he the tusk ft a estedee, fsh
inmmenw s sie as to rqadar- t*L iý
bit geologial speame.. t, wee
ftaned aboet Sweaty feat belw the
surtfce, mkeddeld I- + gal hanrk,
the Isrge end pretrtdlig plmard. It
measured binot 91 fat ia leagth,
end 20 lmabte is srei'smsre..
Unfortulatiely, about 16 aohes dof the
tnmaller end u was broke. 1 ad ma.
ried awsy by persooe auulomn 0 pee
sreas some portio of this natral s
riosity. Mr. Ahla, who fIell heir ta
the treasure, tearlng that Ike whels
would he brne oI, eat the tark to
bis hoe, but these havin it in
harlp ware eareale, and btroke it in
The outside or shell of the tsk is
so hard as eanamel, while the iisdL
l the consisteney of ehelk and a
white. On exposure to the air this
will beeome behard. No olther reae
of 1an animal have yet been fud
Cincriuati Gaettre.
Wli Envy i --a Inantl pee.
per ia n with fame-th a , ha
makes a oh rnseter ushe enemhae '
radiant genies eese farth swerme .1
s te snsane awIam m thel weed .
flies. 4
¶DCwu a w L .--iAeritu te
.almer, of atel ,
teRe .
4;~ ~ ~ I
At Irntsaa'rATon or ters Sas
on's has .--Yiena gosp *ver
that the idle sr d ,
belg diaed by the t rEis.
earNImee of a dresu, had ad l
to the Counsels of his nm~th o ,
" Arch dcheN ofa, wth s st se
sunmoned to her aid a "weled
Ssister" in whose mystic talent she
had herself couuidence. Introduced
to the august presence the crone do.
manded what vibious of ets nlght
had startled the Imperial slumbers,
1The Emperor informed her he had
dreamed of three mice, the first pser
feetiy blind, the second so iseen
eNly bloated d fa t fat iseem dsers
ly walk, and the third weak, poor
nod almost ,lying from starvation.
The heldame appeared alarmed, and
at first professed her inablity to
afford an solution; but, on being
reassured and informed that under
any circumstances she might rely
not only on protection but reward
she took heart, and, much to the
astonislhment of her Imperial later.
ogators, replied-"The ind mouse
is y.ur Majesty, the fat maousyoue
M inisters; and the worn out, stmar
ing and axinauated mouse your pee
pie." Bl the tale well or ill-tound.
Soed, contisues tim gossip, it is srf
h flcintly analogots to the present
state of the empire ; but the worst
part of it is that the blind mouse
does not at present appear to have
opened his eyes, and, I heconotibUes
to perservere in his present core,
bids fair to realise the warning
h prophecy of the Archduke Verdi.
nalnd Maxmillian, when nine months
ago he gave deep umbrage to his
Imperial brother by saying-""ifyour
, Majesty goed on thas yru will sot
atop till you have ost yourself sand
,,your empire." Aprpwof the Amh.
dnke Ferdinand Maxmillian,a yon_
man of education, geniau sad tai
r ent far beyond the common order,
Sand" .niversally esteemed and be
l. oved, eacept by one or two ezsalk
ed personages-there is no doubt
, that hli voyage to Madri4 and the
r rsrailn, from whence he is now on
, his return, was in reality as booro
s ary exile. The advice which was
once rejected is now sought, and
his return i sanziously espetewd,as
, he possesses more brain than all
I the rest of the Hiapsburg conosatrated.
S MAuIas asU ,aas.-T- Ga.
MIse des Truibeaur ays:
s It was reseely seated -.si three
t imd pernse had bes arrted I-ee
I eiegle day, two of them for ratespt
leg to ester the TilisrJe to se the
iEmperor. Yesterday ts ether l 
i natls wese takhe isl" sei, abe
for sedeavrieg to enater he p s.
a One ws a eommersial e be
I rNg londly II the light the el tof
. the gt de I'lhtleo, sad whet the
-eo wrep prevented bimselt he aid,
rI osly want to my god m ileg to
I the Emperor, for whe I left my
aI ord yesterday, sad to show him a
a work on the .pseld asshiluee of
the gles, whisk I ave wdes I"
The. , Smha be uweg
io i h miud ott-erso via
F pelse, sad the peer ass was led
aw=y witLhou re:aase. The s.
oa le sa fer of Aey-eaullese,
SZmpe r some a trps l a thbe :il,
amde geat progiresq aid third us.
a ooeid. who preseided tt dsk
bid a pertlelr seeset forelt
6le, uad theul the S Mpersrl
ly mst her dis he wM o uld saWs
heer aM l tplrese The .tee
Waheitry* Wu esa-t hi las seS
3Ltb, says:
We uoderstand that Mr. Burri.,
our Minister atJapae, hs sorengly
recomended tiht the mbeay fRorm
that coemtsy shouldIt lead at
the eity oQWasi·Cngtoa, sad set at
New York, a e hekdas tho the
mbashmdor ead their site hould
sot be brought laefo cotrac with
such immese eowds a will ear
romad them in New Yark, util they
aet somewhat used to the ew peoe
pe whom they eeome to vdLt. It
is aloaoderatood that thwe asbhe
adore prefer to be presented to and
received by the Presideont b.eo
they make say eernoaloee visit..
We are informed that structious
have, in consequsase, bern gta
for the Rosasok to olek et uIa p
ton Roads, and, a sheo onet com
up the Potlame thut the Wpusl
compomirg the euheeby ts (Jde.
sage on a suitableo a rd s el
eoenvyed fmmd3te to Washl -
~Orasm Da wamm t3 re
lae-It is mia that the Quarke
r~ the feI'arl J*eeq
· Ew( lll' @U m)l~n atlog a~ll
Iaptiifl of st *elilfl sad tm-1Li
i thek depatted. med the Ibllowlag lIs
Wi)uuC, t IMo h,Iemd dt Ybee Pheel
4smra theveby to esuoeona ,m*
wY3 rc ill ag el ,e nmeahsre
atbluwlbJ thfl a* Msinr rt
j eebea-lle .C.2'l M' 1 Daritio whr
M LN-- t56) l~~hj·I--~Jl·
elals ohIaN 9l *fSBw~rr lm
Ikp maswd Ib Ckd. M eeadeuthlcnr
i ay ah d bthescm~ i~~r
pabllaimed Ith e ppee efthtmlsl r
'jesuit of hm iwela ate Utld Stat.
e cietn mtwh ftsgIhm ~cthu
mm uin Iowa fl e hod s aeie arto
J03crlto Mi mI, degim of Masy md Pmk
lettati, ge 11ls mothsd 11 days.r
w if.rr AH E~ur~oMnO.0
MOUWAsl .txi rnlw rg '.t
ba blalSeep will be10 boai atO he se
r nlbWWyets..wLebasber. Oseaeg
U.~ aSW. Uhe
§hIWAIZd~W 9-111
Usam LAIlw dudcluwarlh oiCws,
WEYW Id 3A31.n
)etur th·1.00
557 Agi La00 rwotri
-tr urnr~ -L~
UAY,~l C OmM. @A'ft ~i~
see ~s~. hem eem iinw
wai i la Oe asmb p ae tb
r~a.r Ye tham asego jam, amambth am 1
g rmakame in n~·Inf 1
~on~hodskd MA wU
* 1
Itemam1d lASt1,l11
'·erI~..~r~r~ir r~
1 *I
. M"iM""" rl"S
r e ýI IMIM IS
isms ow**ftlyo Aw
04=6 owlr~
_ " Asorcr r
' f
TS -0
sa I
I~l ygg uy -IL~r~t
4 JL )i (I

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