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Daily gazette and comet. (Baton Rouge, La.) 1856-186?, July 19, 1860, Morning, Image 2

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TRIUIt DAY..tt,:tt:: t::!stLY It, tOl.
A Datsear Matasl ,.. seater oel f
arilese ol oar table to-day, esettlhted
snonymosrly and nthrwise, and deiglned
to ehte petiitlesl rfllacle, and espoe the
eesohateeey of party leader , areas e t
metesa that we are r.cmpelled to say s
ether word or so, to nor friends on thes
eugen. This Is not a politleal newepaper.
The pblicstione of schno documents, eI
1itably lead to lengthy and nnisteran t
eeateeraelee; if tkei doe ot tOrtiateM i
pereselltles. As repsatedl said jbekbe,
we do set sltend to allow our fiends to glt
Inwived, I s chk eotrovernesl thrugh
the litim of this paper, not do we e -
tend eelfr to be dituraed In oeu equan
.I bsee~t hings. Hence, we beg oat
(lW Iheat me ht as we are cohern
ed. it cheeflly pnhlieh their cols
ft lltUleg and the proceedings of the
ame/jshsee ibey do not te heyond ear
meear; bht ein pomilse a moe.
"'The artice. f' Set," Is good, and
SI go in, but hfom the hlt that it
to bte been written horidly, end
has tsasy etstetae and Intrilneatlone, be
sides heling bern folded bebor dry-our
Iteest and best eomponetor eeasot make
it e. t
L o u Ip thmUm --A man call.
IngalMset Jnmes gMadissm Pluyd,
hving with Mrm Botiilous letters
of ietrnduoltin purporting to be
sio d by the lie. lease i etvetns
aCmmrn o the r s tioal Dvm
otrtl INaetutive M ttt, and
ooaitereited by M. W. Clesky,
Ahrssetary ed sied O('mittee, and
ela a kitLet Character sign.
ehy t gl sTs l. Phsrence,
Is taq the cuentry rep.
rnstas  elf as the lnavoial
aP4nt sMid oummimttr. He is a
uindler of the depeet dye. Our
frtleds are warned slainut him,rnd
requented to have him arrested
ishtld be ibe discovered anywhere.
Be hle already scoeded in de.
fluedheg souse who have pluaed
oo*ldgad e is hie false preteneias.
There t as paralel to tIe above
ald'Ehebd,asked audacity. It ti
ast the amouet of me yt that Mr.
Floyd may raise on lse papers i
thIt we cae so memek heat, but
the hfet that ocr demeeratie bleeds
willtt queeto the authority of the
true agett wrks ie ome ssag,.-.
HIwV, shll we heew the tree maet
Shal he arery a mark? If so,
where, and of whet shape? This
aw, tgpe to lie the very vere of
udacity. The ehareeter of Jin.
Igs ls oNe of Mr. Dickes' sorte
--who west about England marry.
I, all the widows as feet as he
could lad them, and takint their
hfeds for caritable perposee, was
supposed to be the very ultimste.
of audtacity; bt ingle meat give
way to Madison Floyd Isq.
SThe GOeesber Imperial
a mae tenttheg d the 0ea
I a leVes party Is that poies
em ettday the Itlet tet., for the
pmopn of mtl"g the roomiatisae
of Mee. Jie kell sad IMwea tm.
TLs Tm w Douse, ITxes
~4m)rseum-Tb Henesee TeIs.
'gr ph give seu ose of a distires
hee eslegsatee whieb Wited DWll
o Seeday the lb est. Wh the
eeptiee M a few diellUg hesse,
e w aledamei t, te msb thr
em seemis i rtt , Te
em the e iW r e gea hea he N
tLe m e g 4ad
be ltel, hn e e tooete, ackle
d *h d ti em and he meLaab e.
m5 wIef I kIt Cas e ik
& i bmt7 u
*** *ll ll i rTme ke rul;
Sat It is pM u weuld h
will b raikt e a epulation rot
#se AY er s . a thes stee
or a eealfgll eyealtued artlio
from the editorial tool, to bow thai
there is a dl&rence of iterut iN
Skis seeesiiity; f rthat the Inte l
of the state ealilts with the lute
e~t ofthe hatioe. A. long as a etee.
of public eduetion eitse, ther,
will be a seltenhoy of light diA.,
ed to reader the triekery aer
politIelse apparet, sad the e
pie (lft be able to dletingeduk ho
tween the blunt, honest and true
patrtiot, and the renting, shifting,
time setrvig demagoge, whae
highest ambitlun is plase and t
get It and keep It, *te upon the
.leeltthdl doctrine that the ad jie
titlee the mess. Ofor eorerthere
mueet be at tnt two sepirasts fill
each plee, and it is the interest o
one to deproiate the other In or
der that the virtue of the rat may
stand out more prominently ; thi
gives rse to the nemestl ditreese
that e:ists. Leaving the mere poll.
tlbun out of the questitd, does asn
one appoe that with the people
of the North and the puople or the
doeth thele In any dllbreee l
.pialos about AfriM , in her peal
history i preent condition and t1
tare prospects? Is not the terra
torial quetiks threadboee? Hai
spliters and rnilsplitters It is
eves so. The press having tloh
ed the verge of that liberty o fr .:
diom, of whicbh there Is so much
talk, rebleeisd It Mbeflull fro
its high estate as the geat saseas
atlor of pesoa Into ltb h s of us:
prleciped tricketers. The gow -s
of th e ation (I as Ilelgatleast
point of view) own their organ
and eoen them In number as the,
are - sueeetl Ip speestatl g Iu the
public stocks. .The power of .114
nara which is the only veetme-st
that hags graeelhty on the sheoi
den ofe trth; has as fors. The
pany editor must be omlteroe-
the toegher the beef e ids+ o, th
better. 4 l, be ready to call
any Ila the other dsill a "pd
trooa," ailghtiug liar" and a tief.
Whre eslsts the dibrenae beot, se
our ewe people-here at heme t
Are we enot elghbors and frieas,
all alike eteeted by a maleadel:
istratfon of seol o oour private t
rire as law and custom turs over
to public ooers ? More than th__
we are depeedeat upo sah ether
or all of the pleasure and heppi
no that aske up the sa of Ike.
Lt s think ea, ala stead ibee
palury politlial juggite, oeeesc
ed to divide  ; and evee as far a
it s poseble todom bmeak tbte
the religloe barriers by whlcb w
are beset fr a like ~rpopse
has a higher, huller miesea to per
form thn this; which samsee oah
man to five as oyster or a dog
in a kenael.
Is aaawer to the qmestio "1Bow
-Wheor It libe-~rw the lgee
liberty, whiob It man to hae, .
til it los its nme eed orbit:
and goes outw Ir terial eulaterce.
We hee a peIal cmd to advo
cste ow all other; aN one to "go
f-_ Irther ,u It eelts ; me
i-ngle rs mspheMI a ten emgp:
u ther tes . II we en wia th
faor of eghstha41 64,tdl;L.
-. heme--eseae
ad toea sighshe ep'
seadOepIm s rde.e hp the
sa' The Ihdis ia lse, Nahbm
kheaeaw, of the OJltwjs dt he
Northteel wo be Lrna Ne Ye
s IApril btasn herwersye bglmd,
to represent to the 4Ii th. hn
d as eher pes bg te ls he
Dauwiasat lreHi ery
9.Th _d ,
Mt, Ayr Cum ane " Wa
ber his besr ariad aird GI
Le i of, a pragi lond ý
Am( teaming grtoAAt heel
i n ias.sry, ut he 1 ild b -
ome I toe mpent, to hiteh on to him
sortof eftb and oid. line t prrevnt his
lejetn or otheuws dlakblg hlmaeI
before be oet to the quarter strotsh, that
SIt be will ten.
In a speech of Mr. Darvdaon delivered
in C(lougre and published la th'e"Wekly
Adveeut "Jeasery l1th lge, we led the
Bllowing stronlg and delrded Inslaue I
ave o el the eat detrcl s as ably A dte
uteld and preslimon d by Jedge Delgl
and denylng that (negrOes ba. aey righl
what evet to twe the quation of Stery
--the sile an es cs -
" Mr. DavideMea eid--t wast bU Is
tentole of disuwing the slavety questle
in Ulengrem i Ia shape on ftea that he
weould only do one ieidemtolll. Ie ta
the breed greoad Mt obgr.sh M ais.,
w. dre didA ar. IAtpellsr s le t . IAd
ears4 gfba. ~e adverted to e ouetl
tutIue of the dlAreakeeloile poter to
the adopton erof th Pael (Okeeluthee,
medling tbefltoe aithulty Netablihlag
La r(p *t, «/ ifp M perse aad abe lass
dptid a* M*ar wa. This we pe rrlpn
dple of theo Ue~latutlthe; it pthe doe
triae of the Iebnrhe Bill, aid ae.s IA
rn V Hem awretepeorlp wI agbni 1U 11
Well said and every Dags Mae will
stad by ad alutala4hi deswlte. Ther
is where they do sead. s mebh lr heis
verb, hope it deem not piMlh--aud *sow et
ue apply the slde line..
In the aeme apsbe , hIi eleoqg with
Mr Marshall 6f ty.,the elln lrag pmnu
seoero. V
"Mr. . Masltall-I desire saale tossy#
that If there be amy tatlnmoay fro Neoth
ern dem*aMagesl iequstter ksveriga
ty I salhld like to se it proadoed.
Mr. Davldson--I am going to ahem by a
thew Nothing that quttner beerlgaty
Mk obetir then lesig the questie to be
sielthd y Ceagrte. (Mi. . here read
the emarhe of Mr. beady f Tenaesoee,
Ls hew of thbe l orash bill.) New te
ui int lea ,an, tie mil of te
Ameet ~s t ahlw t.l the wEi T ise
Snr CIta i, oMt. ilb , wo Teaee
Mr. NO . 1 oape the Re, aed hw
thie joweios e so that, s speeh to
wh tishee rr, th mats bdy of the
Nebrash a bill did sot satwn ths deustat
of S squale levseigety.
Mr, aidseo..Thatl aa ws th abee
to nap I tlldadridsahri gedlaw
Ieh Oeeage aaho itybe ashw thet thel
r. jdilw a-1 haett a word to sy, the
pay. The "Old Heos" may rear sad tueu
and twist sd r e e so he wll, bk they
aft were thao the apacia and steing halt,
sad be may sew go out to gue with
misty to hrsltasd without seeio-ses
t ie heepers. Ise res g days are earw
tad his bumbh had heer pay r is toh
the paes stat;e ; We hiM t th test
ed dsed Ar aurton Wa s to emperate
him hpr the r ear ies.
Tan uus a ten Meaza. banmse of
ten Aewsse.-MUaig played hi part
sad made hi Seal esalt, laviag his Ii.
bnaery ad wardrob behio d Lin lheo th.
rwl-thes woral remins of the late W.
S. Sertee, were ls of a New Tort
a Mw depgoB. s Sweatsg ayas
Met MremnAs peniseal wdswas
set the *ol atr.astle of slo. There
wM, tke Mseh , Ye,
u hso owell y l ghtad e so
were reuo w thum
ers tdrewsesew the lout
itry aUemar al tad e 1Sae. o o.
Aeur *l-adies dremens, .&ewh
pl ads, dsmea, smeey sad am
m dvessw, Ism ammh, t pasog
liou was seass l elir ph. . art
havi teau qeiw a wesalmeser is the
werew e lu r e w a
h ewar w skw
efX-i~ l a metab.
I tldSld U r " t I wms a
tee, amd the hmstaeleteter If tbk Qesm
as well ashe. N*sV'ereply, will wes
seld the emest d of boil) eemlalee, a
thoeir reed limes and hr t Midi, asm
mosesoes well .eapeeed
W. m e;wir d04;tote.-To ber Me
jeeW ve i : la' ire~e mredh
bhJe sssto mal hJ6t~i . led~w
uhe ltl*a t h r ele e tis.Ly bi
tend hiseielt t.1 aes
sol~rt sat Mw yty 1 be rife bin
a .eoNl e lea i p ~is trim l . Tel
gray be wel awireý I~ Ii*
Aee MI tatCriatwoferu00l4 8-0if
y` In thi bhey will satheit/Mk
gelies erf~eav eoglbl9, as wel a
htrlr seeu ad oi1{iume ime' wi
lulls WUS*W*3.
nvlfe IN Aoe lm ý r " ~ r M L r U r
Hoed Victed mrw est grr
setletle k ZLumps. Tbelirs Onmeegi
aswhebell It hef got 'M.
wres to~S no r eef wets ob
rie esel is ed"[email protected] 8 vle.emof
bee te 0mme.. It tiHe lyle
1 t h tr ~
"he Msfe &
etitt ftlt;he raee0wl.r
tea Eselee, bs ..Tehý fr.
Mayed hee tb. i.1. .«b b
t Iw u PP~matb~d
of all N tt saw 0111
sriwr~l tI ~ rS Olur
1i3.- ddo pm
tehelis~wsghs shods
/' usemes M ban. Idweaho r.-e ss
reuseehe, iti'eertriMsr loter
lI'lo6 As ioflrnelt mW*~H
Ills ---
Aýfekev Mhf55.rjih
N It, the wýd rl ~
MW l~tII(U~ln InC mu~el s
The o I ," seeto .et
slt eT~iw~~5IWl*5 tthe f
dfmai gss I T
_b~C: -we - L uraw
tarrMý ai'i .º
seseled, cmeeme
Isthe rstme of smilert WMr _4S
'q letq t prow, mI ..a.
110"MNr~t«N ýr /r yerk L
uIesI-Ih. Meth theeWl
Cau a;411 I
f.' taqeu...t e0 ... tas
!d lieofD .. lo t
= oil m ul dir T o ttim"
, VW b" b.1.4K 1 Dd1
last ueHe the - of lebius.,
hm., dew 1840, ben.. die the di.
upcer~m..rt c the gbaen. Is
NO Is dA~wW tbrcslur sa Dritr
^ i.. w . OG o mw
.ad slowedI lil tbnnr ls W OIk
ic. fret he mdl bemLd .ctlg
cu~.dý ý1u ýh Ohishu S 4.n
tisevm - hem oby diWuI.
tins. adý sepiwrsi I, fresh t .cses
of th ewr sIe hth.K, 04daln.
h.S.. she Drua. hid Omesse of
the wlle ricshe bia The Ou'
ue,. es(.rmmaed. hwed the Drawm
te bote ... hesdud sad thlj he.w.
wmef he (Ihelasia... WI.. we or
Movd th eed ..c ý t a .Ve.ort
SMff UOhIatlai w meld
ho"2M.uuA. chim!,,
we ewi mqqlbh of pa Zia She.
O.1husdhal iihem.t~ e
.l., wornin C4 a-a.
aod obadoe iusg wih0hi8"d
hebed, iri. Wlle oa the date
.ea thI. .ea !astrae Ibse .
Wmd.I ou i e shads
-s cd VauMm w.+t I*3 -~
id be t wý sh the uelhm.d
nsaid . f cpphestN S e ao pw.
mmd rcp.*m, csadrcrlcer
a. he1 deeed suecgc sheL fiRrbS
MeMn., r.agissm S. Ch ,loe.
r urnc. ="', = tas.
oe -ý 0.r i~eSmeb mh
bFlei uksse he thus aewnr it ms5
YIOUCSIE ?5353 X. ".
N. hmumsf.. .. .W.N....
#N Au M &O U
?YUII, 303,imern
w omeemer~L
-cr -.· MS&t
w~~l rt ww·
AY ..I '!Y MMt"M'-W
DNA A" ? Y1k tlll rM r r Lý · .
AllOll~ 18 9.
ibhfa' us 1X0.
lý091 £ D ,bSIqms.
U rr OII·~OL~UiWIrsb
A tw t · Uprr oPI11id .
. . wtrp a w w h o rh lN s. u
At.b Is ....r tV", as ne I.fwm le .r4
.SN. M Lj M .t.M'n w- -1 rr*r(·~n
+WI A. " MOMM w ..r .ra
A -M OmiItg fOMf ALLr st
M r wtwkrro. «.w.* f7...SP*
VKM r 'rrrrr, t'º. 1/. .
IMWWI stains. dIU~l
scth.ti IYp) thec eemteatuas mae at bici
A. L. OM but oogm rbm ..ei l..
rtirrr ADG"B
1]Y. A.ION t msa to PwatrMeWO
DL *"***s e w eb Mthe ~ i 63 .M
,1Mi11 ! O6ýI1i
g.o WOAN I 30u~pe. tes
tSI ,et ofA ee rt.
is P I M * I'iM .A * S AS.oh
1J.I N! A A 0ow.
n40, Mo ssqm p..e us..
ý Ms -rrtK
S.~ i a euee
aMM t H FLOý MMt
3116 Pf30 11tU *46 3
aý . usggsI e ,.
1ý4 fw~lA tlin lr Alit.l
SOemu 00%a....~
"MmM11 ebI.
am~w 'ýM M` 'em
1 EAL.
r. l aWake 00g @. It. I
mihb ssiWS~ew.
NE 61 0036.
We gsie gisa m II Y·S IIJ
Iayl Tv~
- -*
J*U fkllrnE
a~w aOS.
)I3 3m 0 hs nk
'emr - -u LT7.U
18b aU r*etra9~in
tm wwm

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