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Daily gazette and comet. (Baton Rouge, La.) 1856-186?, August 28, 1860, Morning, Image 2

Image and text provided by Louisiana State University; Baton Rouge, LA

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tlV1Vtaa tra T"wintt1tNtl'A t I, Ito,
SWaw Pget,-A siren efi
hte. the IseeSntie tOeemitte of
the Olstitltolhal UVeio Party,
dted Is New OrleHM the 10th
heI., nSeeonasn t1he publlestionm o
a papr that aity, t advcante
the sell d Iverett ticket, uader
the aett-"The ttelnn, the (kt.
ItetiMes, lad the efrm of the
tLae." The new pape r to be
sled the taed.se s AmID. It will
e leased trlweekly ttil the emid.
die of Oetoer, them dally, "mli the
PresMieeti elete t ntver It
does et a little 1rpries e m, to Sfid
that otr eid Mend W. t. Adame
Ieq, I to take, the editorial Acir.
When Ie retired firm the ttmws,
a how moeth e-go-fell of honor
whisk were brn away, in grene.
fil Itetime.iaie, we thoulght that a
quietI I woul IttIlnw- perhape
ls e.temple tio of the (Oru, pwl
seek th as pertaln theret,
whisk, an allied to that, which
esess e'all.-.-"Or letter ends."
We theght-wLeen lt we saw
hM, that he wee on the lok net
fai ais seo a elueded spot-with
a pupe ontlgulty of shade, mid
perhap am one to share wish
h tim sweet e sroleon., Not am.
Its we Snd Adam. turning up
agale, ,a the eeowded thorough
frees-ea the ry ield--where, ai
the peam poaint has already won
as may hastte., Now, In the more
arde es talk of eseduetiag what's
ealicd a "oampalga paper." We
ar very like, se Alesi we get wed
ded t a ertle allng as we do
tos aseal plaeg. We my leave
the se ad quit the other with
St rescove ad imsttled determulr.
use. eet to return ml yet we was.
derbhak, a to the lst lo . The
al oII uis menr foolikh. It I.
Ieaseatmd with the light of a sin.
gle taper-1. cot satisied with
agel Iag t wimpe oese but mest
d o Ce agl sad again, until they
are e krther ervie, no we run
after gded bttetes aud obmae
phaetos to do ad.
Tt Usnte Mawsvne on avine.
tat Nae.-thm wass a age sad
elthbishele l d as Mertk Bernme
verd ea cuisdy alght hast, Speash
a owet dellvtred iem thA stead by
L Madlces Day, Me.. Jaesa and
eherf New Orlhu, aid J, O.
lefi d Meet Petelas., Is mWhig
e hea e8 Mr . teekshr war heard
temp, Merem. reekieligC sad Deeg
hI, stead M m ehane of soeeles
thi_ T. 0. D. I.practc.ie Io Oue.
pmeeh , do pclag te gte, wheir
PeI sted um pera. Mr. ISekr,
Ages that there are mer waes the
as. Ihmrle sek a h iang h s g
-esg -edr s osevae. I D. doas
-m get aeleshe whoa be aese,
there will he a te the, eurulds,
sad haild he he yo wlM held a pr.
mie ,,emp maelg Aer.-
TLl agedu p~ia ny ether
telueMblbe. We dhall ee rmy
ame weed te hyer o D. petdeally
--'-- ml. nmb ono
that MRteam. Io r per%, o
whh we m lk4he to him ir the
O" e tlm elpab*4 to th ma
eeS a the eelerd, Iimeiy
"'ght- asebheai s d ,luk i.
-h mau-eat w.. ..heh'
diem nemte havw am ci the
dtmr c Mew O1mM su soeus
forth. elict ef the micra..
innmth5~.LOcrN ccnJiw
Vame At iro Aesor 1,-
ºeeq hNr, bo o n LI the girls
wA hsv Mab e a hV...'. left
hea Im tihe ql ehi, sad leav
belsea theem loss re support in
the Imperial am, whilst hbhhing
'round, hi the helannahle welts,
will be the woret for It la the time
enaer. Ireay, ought to khnow, all
sheet it, hut she mndermtimeto.s
that atrunght of mind, which f"rm-.
the pgfrnd-work a the ehief'et
vi4rte f4 her sea. It does not (I
low, that a whirl with tim tri0
lrino, ehoul# do more m owarda ad
uillng the braine o. the light heude.l,
than, similar whirls, whiofl Ilapy pgt
ne.rly every nmonth in the yusr,
foom eºonnterfete/--we mean, tthe
Iin.erret, w.thl., l.rds, gentlpmlle
of iteinre, e.,nts, !hernuas te,, wih,
Iravtl on tie rueinltly of time Amer
ioee p-ople, eold msppl, msn-wer
shlppere with peHin. 'e ns.v, donse,
you should have m.,re faith, ei'pos
stid charity. It d,.. not fr,li,w,
that lwo*nsu, s..e girls grow up
under craerfl anltare to this nIdl, to.
0 Immndlatel on lthe allter orf -
trsseo repecptahiftty, whimi' in deo
mestit a0noi0hery, that all u0,,.hosu
go that way, anld yet by epewrlsinl,
y0 m1ay thinigs, very ofteen ,0a1uli1g
to this end. liav a aiare liV'si,
or there will be " oak blese " It,
rolliw "Vern lheave" to the *,p'tr-w
table of the drawing room, tI,, dI
rend yº.ur ase against yor ame
iarsh a paragraph frorm your pe.
Vanny, a this-which, onºet. te1i
aanotesn of the l~der man, iols.
your eistere and their friend.1 o'
Ktid a
What an event ramong ,.rianlisan
doma-to have ds,,ud wilth ithi
Prine us Wales I We are airr1li
he will have much t- nanswer fr.u
Young men who were tsrmerly
sonaldepret parsans rm, f prmltion
by theae name youngl Iadipn, will
doubtebes he enabbld iancnlinnantly.
A head that hee been. grlapd by ay
live Prine., will not be I'st,,owwl
on every ohance momer, depend up.
on that I llte a cre gIrle I IoºI't
carry your hMaude oian high,or at least
sot so high that you may not hatav
the pleasers of telling to your ahil
dre's children " tll shoat the
Priae." In short, d..n't bmea patiel
up that one of thea days enlnodbl
will point out a withered hit mali,
and sonmebody lom will orslaiim,
inaredslouely, in your heowring
"What I the rinnoe dueea with A!
well, truly, there 1i no c.MaAtl.ag
for taste tI" Not the eneooistorr
"Oh, but als was very pretty new, '
-will tak the sting from the t,
joinde-"Is it Pyea '
Turn ear Me A Aaas.--Pr.mfs'r
olnued, has beek teehlag the horses
of Third street, for past few days,
som of the rlae of decornm and
propriety. lie rubs their noses and
he. theta to follow him, to the mwuse
of a Ohiaese goeg but is et so I.an
e nsenl whoe he takeh the same music
s thdr baks. We note that oua
of the nat ea from (ast%, allowed
him to slide of oat Itaerday evening
last, I a vay graeAn l manser. tl.
o Roems is getting to he a iuslas.s,
and them are maty let ap to be
ared La it. The e aremay of them
that haok up bhbld and out other
foolish sathis, oaeslg many mnirsou
lose e.asp. If the Profesmr oe
teach them olvility and sahruety and
ken them to behave theaeves, he
is the rry man, that the tows may
well afdord to eatwtea for a season.
Tan Losos QuaLrStB voa
JofT.-This met eslloat sad
seirUlag oreig Qaurerly is o our
teble-fer whleh we ae splela idbt.
lto tthe pahiehr Messs Leonad
ett & 0w o The table of oteats,
sehw the kfllewsg uartielok :
1. The Missig Ltik sad the Lon.
des Peer; II. Jeeph 8ailpsr; III
Wakme's oarsls end &Bavsp;
IV. Th Gapesaedeth A e, ; V.
Ary tlelr; VI. SeMbMege; Vii.
of esiem ; VIII.
A Issegs Daom...-A ase 3..hd has
mis her qpseass to Palts, in ae per.
_Alra ,i e ,. has gl,,,e per.
estom wat at less, sod
la eisthe iestlas, wh
Jns UmmmL
ree  ae auee le ualdad.l
(WUM fisetc #'et I i. haidgWe
Tie ptuetl ista.e. hte we Hte "w nel the
alst ee eklsntion.. wor ti. rts tilnat 1i
Wittle (le gilt rif the Am.trtin penpilwOth
eI.tlinn wh.lh I*%n chap. thee thn stwor ,Islvir
of not il.v.* eenntty asast,in whet pte
deisaswst do we Anfl snsretivee tnmI ftea'
of Nhiing nupnn onh gesnd so ee*nw mrn
to, eo,nºiat the PtuIMe. ollf 1,se tenth, we
Rnls noteite m ateapol aIgsofat neoeanotlher,
est n," e s*i* IA . n.etl ,iit ese to, oloitila
ast4 4s4i*ale4 the oteenf the tne.,se vma***
while the great liepn.thiin poty * U l tty
hiselh hi. apceul init alttmiting 4imen
m!.ess, lhl r e s.hlh..1 l ls~ 1 pt ptha PIr nk
.on* ewanin **. .ten a pgehitl ans s airle
iphelon . 'rtely sm0rSº it he lsh., "we Iaurf
a ktdI rw tot hre." *aolmre*t.liy.lf thiin
e*.',stlloon em te  t t1 £Iteeans', we will
have en itlest lestItp hlhea e 'rm.,ºet e Ithe
White lsnue. iN-w thln, It heh,.'.ve.,
sold 'Niethe 5'ndeeon '1ty ro, evesy g.ss'
hta Intl l ,,lt,  ofl tes, . H..p ,t hi; ,i ', e seitt
imelsseift to ntslle e np'n ,ni gn tl nsri I teen
Mtet, let h.,ee l ho les may.r, p'tn!ri4 h"
l. a ftlsaei i t e t al t..lth, * htiatel 1',o tha
Mnlth e.t, l r hiedo, i la t41 Iit itn '1hi1. I'
ill salt Ion04,. M, 1r!r*-t. In wh*nh rast
entntoo*. n,.lle t tOt ee thee ftlstna ,t'eelpti
It ofi nt tnsiti Ng't""'l'..,
AstnItsit Vtiew h r 1inc IHa.fit
T oeo.tsIa. At ti, nenthlly iin sun
lty o.e'dt.tl, bhpI in Ilolet.o ,nll H14a,
baoth .r.nisg, tgr, laPr Whlspel,r
,of Niw Yoosk, w1h,, Ilce tracls llI in,
4 Nriff, ar'v no Uloll 'raotlin alm,,..lnt
IoI tie Marip,,latel t I iesan, Ie,,
twpee whn"º a war for P tarmninaionP
hleres 'ntly Ih0.. wags'd 'lhs' lsoth.
non dsiiht in missotom lti hwiltms
eatid its ie laturasl rfehatire, 1s11)
el.frds-a mansy hidingl pln's f-.r tell,
oeote, tlrt,ll wlhish tlI,y 'nd ttlsh .soIL
snild tlms k thfe fI villgn , lthat, kfronl
lit alight ntesr r the .. homean, ars.
reeily olo'eisy lf 'I'iTs i1ss1011Hitenti
era fivyisasl isntss hotlssle tr ill/'. snilt'r
thlphi rpl' eptllve if, hie .ad t!hows
hlea 10'sn a ,oesnatasnt strogulot I.o
tweron thats., Thh, warwn of a ri1,0
naltet l rethsr ethan r4l0i,,g0e Nttilh
or party tse MAhllosmetn. The Me
r.ºnitel are n,,minally Istlin !lria
liant anti thei Iirtoen arer f(e.al.
wh hvs, pdet s.typalthy willh M-i
hnunatanim Npitlsr party lie
purr aiknswl'ipdgpes all.giassrn to
Ih Nontln Tl'ho war we astmply a
alrtiggl, festr powpr inll ts nsllmenailse
Altholglh lit Metiteitls' warp (Ilhisa
tlIn thlly tlbegan the war, tiod waels
in the wrng. The tslhl.n ha,) hIsev,
tOtrnis'u'Id snps them ly tlhe Ilroawle.
Th' T'llrkish invIrnonment wa n,t
reasonatlsl. fr thi war, altd inttr
veantlon ,by Kironp.an I'.,wprn wesldi
Is sn Inhenlit up Cihrlestianltly This
lovprnmp nt wee willing that i4sh.
Iesabs stsodl.tl bt tlsesrytl, ls'*satsen
that ilty yIsa hovsn Is a datal off ro.
eiloUin. Intsrventi,,n Iby Itsºt.la
wnshld make thlt cIirolshlrrtlh ltie
nmtlnal hchrh, aind l'rolqstanlta
wo.itli sot have an smnush frms.l.ls,
a s ltrpe; mlnd iT theI intth rventioe
name srom PFrno afei'ire wonldl lIe
hIst litth. tsttor. All that in slar
to ths. nFert oi Amnrsehun (trlra.
Liasm dsplnds #pa n the ourar Knag
land may adopt and maintt in. IIn
trsonludotn inhe 6tl Iudl tlisvrdl that
au teim reit ut .f thne tr..olesll nptse
would be bronught to hler the (hio.
puI who nstver did l.'tsre, and that
tilts tcommotion wee but tos prisparn
the way fur a grnst harv..t.- Tr,,,,
a. The es -mok leather, malde
aotorioua by his raids eslines the
(UCthulio (hurek eight or ten ye-r
leo, ster eve year.' eonlsement in
the tate's pirion of Wlaoneinl,(where
he bhd hbse mel frr the murder os
his wife's pramour and attesmpted
murder of her lewyer) ha been lar.
dosed by '(lov, Ktndall, and turns up
beore the publlo agaln, rs a leoturer,
in Fond do tAo, Wiecoeain, where he
lately treted a sli sudlenoce to his
"Address before the (lIred Jury,"
he. I)uring hbi discourse he sleaed
that he made iII thouand dollarm
leeturlaL agaisat (stholloity, but that
he wee now tseooelled to hi. church,
and becelforth would devote hilwif
med his abilitie owmrd reparianr the
criad.l he had givens. lie leoture
io Foed di Lee wu very poorly at.
teded, the olergy cnd intelliieot
portion of the Ostholies kepisag away
cad, vry properly, Rgiven ham ao on.
oersrameot. At the eoaollilon of
hi. di.oerune he anooaneed his inten.
tion of delivering leotern in all the
largr otic, oc his former error., and
we auppoee, my aoon intiot Chicgo
with blhi preseee cad hie trash. We
bo, however, that he will ive ua t
wid* b-.lhs he will zeconeider
hia reslution cad settle down ia meo
quieO villae or tow, where there are
rw temlpttioen, s follow lhboeek
ig, a trade at whiob b beoame qite
predleisat durieg his juen leara
tioe. Theo meek hau dether the
abilityq or harater to baslt or ic
Je she Obronehl Ouese--Wesr
(a& LIea) Beemnr.
, T *dl*or pepedouse 80 Jach*
ses MI., is a dw ar 8100.
PItFmlrt, 7lo.n no othlmrrM AolwM
IA,.-Tl'-lbr NtsnIe laer, Ow nl th
lIMil hy tll ort of the (lJtIoandlmn 4 F9
lrwllmenlti, m* :
We we m ira hs iyn tsht Whs *s
atalwl Intrr, tof itl (t.i" or Walke,
will gI mro inlswtel manl1,ing ltp
irjet . a sI iplr, ut l I noln,, . f liritl.h!
Amlsssseth a issu 00ess lis vp boaon dusma
it half la downi yt Iv Ih " orlisnry
nlm hilnsts ,,r fl' tli e ol el ed hsl so
TIns1 Mstrstl laehPile, Ah.tlhrsI
1Ji frnmt"tt ,,ºtK( hal, lutil tlitiy theo
malstat intssgs*tgs *
Mnial lall ll lp on
(11s sir pirtI, wes fr(·solf ly h tpi lha
tne iml rotlnil ,sMull will ,lP Is ,*. liti
Ilop p.v'itn In r~n sil tst ell AtOmnl
.mpir ssntair flop ilhlsis reown --hlv
i,,g flle l'a-hoatt ,,il, moo. ".,y!4t or
J.iiosepn, "Is0n .ne.ni pol,,ly antl let
lise ;.p.llIlsas of usktiges, Intsla and ossss
m5i. ins .mt l ,ls ana lltppolr, It0l
o0 hNava l,.,al .., minor mlat!!,., Iut
l-it all istisstlseio t ,.issli, .s Imhngl Itn
thia "North A sstinls I'arlliMatent"
Wtspsn 'ruts i'Asas n Memnar S'n JI1s
soi i l'sssoonr. -Mr. llrswnisw, o
Tslnu .en, whis w-orl lOth lortits of
"i'sras.,." lo hiia somia - given himst,
ws .lsievia, by hsls aispo,a in. iapliam
ss4l isi ls,,otmu. .f. alry e.rllskllrs
am/01t11 .r piaty -ss,., in .ssswrint
tis htarig husin.l' ,y Mlr. I !liark of 1him1
Isetlslhlss tsr joion fls I Is sl-.sts,/t,,y :-
Jsslsn I. ( I sio I kenow tsss wihat.
V,,dr v- -rwh-e. I j0,i" the laIAn *' ne'y
th Ip,, ss fhsrlt us . will jin s les M!th
,oli0.t hl 1rlh - when Jtllusen 'lark, ,of
Arkanl.., i. I'msielnpt ofr ti IIspub
lit,t of hral llrItain fly sniv'rsal Puff
aragetn sr 111'.slmseli papl, whls
lso'ton Vh i n'hsl o,sse.,llp Ito ellivors
P1i. Itnsel i'sins" AIlsll Iby i filt hly
ee~sst In Kstssess w1s,'s It' ngreta neli
gr. Jso1ii0 lh8,.Iseo101 to miarry n ISu
"Jsonn i'shwsesu. wissn li" le Ppa
IlnaMe lis (In 41,1111iol Washisltlhn fur
his lily rt.Il ants..- when AlewstoosIar
sof liss1alt4 aPl N1pteloteis of srIanha sir.
ei tltil to I .t,gru.. f-rrstl Now MiasI,.,
- when gtessl sfssoes s"ts1.t sos geo 140
hetlessne, or hissl up5n If, hell- whie'
thi. wntlli i. lsrssl ,lupailn slswst
whse prtf is. llrtlei, hOlh cittr
s1l i55s.lt, oo., l mi,,bla, l lt lhlse I. he,,
not myrlr*l** h, , tr.n the, 1a mlO(
lJtod-wien ssea5n turn Its Notaeel*
antsl I tolephntsil, I will t'hagns toy
sssliltinll faitlh sinl lme tolt ion the
l)5,ft.tr i hy I
Now WAY -tr 1'ranvaVr  l a,.--A
ttihihasl at at prIuslie lnosa lhsra rt.
s'ntlyll' a sake of aslihl, IranIptr,.lsLt lw,
s tslliitlnlg ll isftsen 1 h i1 flt'l , ill lba
t'tlra enof wlsiIs wet,' Iwofssy or smosn
lineI .,. ,,'I Ii trut. ' lTh flsih es,,ehil
be. dll.tittly sant,.. shsl attllrctssl t.he
atteMtio nit' sil who ,.-aeI biy. l'Ihi
chaslsbr to rt',peive theI fllh i4 maile
in lih hiotk of is Iisy a ihAsistal ro-,
es., asit Iha ertiffea In Ia lstsi I a slikt
manltrl. Pi.h lth.e llpu top ioan i
Iprlrvedtl for weak. In simmer, Lallt
I wlorray. -=AI serll ion rmi I.n itl ai
dhlightlns , s t l artsie sti . nlre.t Al,
osaIs tie ra. Iasvatina ows thatI
he sile11 hardly listn to in aonwert for
ltwod tll. lo lss lh fi 0irtil1 I py lisy Cnn
h Ise,,, e. ,-All aerhletl It Itniall,.
ithed by llo, .s i. ll liosuinlast sl
sit isatisl t i llsst t lay lCit,. In all
piisslsita, stllsl.e, il. s11ts1 be, h oo t ftw st e .,
Iln, sire si lilli.s aslsl lhe m dsaaurta.
Ti glhsso llilit: to) hsI i. rl.ltsi
hles nsllhisig. It i hltter Its wear
ssss tisee hi sl.et rssit." maya IliashojI
(oml.sriburiih, Theresh will Iom tim
esInh orer rsrjens inl. the gravei," is s
Arslsl to Niimola, It truthi tie
preser rist fsr Insis in clisingo of occse
uilla J'tilwa (lswo Wser.-Tihe
I'itunlrl ur 'lt hei iformatisns that
ths I'lrinc' ,or1 Walas, will visit that
hingtol. Tlhss I'ost nya lhiat in ccmling
from q'aunad, hs will sressi thl Iak,,m
astd prsoel thrkgh Ohio to Cinisc'li
lnati. lsI will Ilheno, return iy way
•trf littUlirg, wisre hIs will lats re.
main ovevr lnight: then.. he will g
to liarrilnrg, whore he will slaI re
mai. s er 01sght ; tlhesnc, h- will pe.
edms, via ita kimolre, to Wasihltoi
RoseIAN CassIsuN Javtsan.-Thse Ir.
"erteeberg r jousrnls publish some oerim.
ci ltatiltles etl4 actod rrom the returns tf
the Ministry of Jutice rot rthe yer ii8,I.
The total aumbee' of per..se tried tbeom h
oes tbO tusesin Empirh amounted In that
year to 404,717, of whom 76,878 were
stril s la ron, ed tears albl a o Of
tie above amber 70,666 wereedo d
to ,ealdhmeets levolvIng the Iose of elvil
right., 1764 were mlteeedto hard labor,
snd 860 bealobed to detlsmtpvermeaets.
Among the Meesale enseieaed to the Ios
ree s elae._.r
5$ 'flt.ecM to A
M 11*Ir A. wig U
INqNteB. N t I~wpdo4$ aiN~
held e ree e l ow of w tssesfIsf bm
twSo, fHl My p Etee~ the II" We sae,
Plows hle Ietepee fP"l/Aight tmfligdWgbdSe,
Plows, lobe thee leeeem esfo II Y , N N/ 1
lscslee Ne leesty/ e desh M ofm esdcsa
seloft sh it eetNoHI MS, Kainl fe,
beet t me ISe ,w , elvetese payp.
lhdle eephess he. set ttseisem fleaes Ifdplee
"Mflees ioe bee pestl amiea she foimil That Seaee
0101s like los opem.ep ef eIs... See ite Its.
C. A" test los, Is Nep Jesslp pnes /eipem .
1leetest loon ane fhs c1d w ee,. that I for,
Paoeeetthe sien flea IM64 c"Oht f em beeplep
*feºn Ih best, a.Ies dlet PSelesa /, - -
tfeestle( thesint dee IteHbrn Lets Ifup ,
Nl'ir, (kocAI, Nu'1' I11 _ t ý ,M.
NEW uio000i MI NNW UlOoI$iI
A It A itM peeM eesd is.F T 6 stetei weete
1I sfood e01 eMiste Rink of
lood les lee', 10,44 op teehfe 5leepe t~fe~ fill".tee
1le me, (ttv.eeptsrl')d Mle o. SiskteJ bwet..
ote.seef .M snock 1se thagtIPo 00
o l 1 001 keep sit' eefcO t Ls
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