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PRIVAY::. 1.:: .""::,irm r it.
A MYnrs iJoSm i-l tstWley
we repuelisbhd a eteMlent ma$
New Odlesta psap to the effect, that
the tows d Sladen, in the Parish of
Cialbeae, had been entirely conn~sme
by be. We have seen a letter to a
gedtlemas of this eity, written ince
the e was reported to have oWurred,
uand l thbored to correct the ,s
port, whi bas not a word of found.
tion la truth.
(uAe or Gawn. Htltte Ann wI
iAM StlJ Ar thth - WaoiAn tns
Syl. 14, 1851--The Cabinet held
a loag e Ob today. All the e
retarles, t o Postmeter.teneral
and the Attorney-lemeral were
Tese The statement of den.
raddreased to the War De
partment, is reforenee to the man
Juan afihr, was under consihera
tion, but no decision in regard to it
aN ton e to.
(Jen. Harney perlists in the opin
ion that the Meiion of len. Scott
a grave error, and that the Island
would new be ours had he not been
elterled with. The General treats
dipleeatte comity and our agree
met fr" temporary joint occupan
y o a of eall acunt.
The Presldest reserves the whole
ear Ibt deliberate Judgment.
Wl The Chinese imperial dy
hasty whisk ie getting to be so
a~y bard what with rebels sad
Whit With Idgt invaders, is not
a very aelent o1ane. Its imprial
ehadrater dates from 1844. The
Mastebhous estlbished themselves
In chim sAer the thablik that the
aais established themseltes in
IMaglitd they went there to help
otbers, and they helped themseven
to the ienstry. Their power of
hlplg themselves appears to bhave
re eat, and they will soon be a
- faul se, lamle their fortune
_l -i t. The revels are a sort
of "AmelIeaa" party, who o~ject to
the trle of ftrei ners, and who are
engaged in vindicating the doctrine,
"3isll hu the Chinese 1"
The Stres CanaL-A pl "Op.
eetic."-It is asemeasd that Mr.
Lmps has tdadsed the Pasb of
pypt bto tabh isty-ttur theassad
ases at stek I the aBeu Cee nal,
a-meitles ao heut thirtylwo million
hee. He wee requested by M.
Ieseps t take a larger muher, bet,
as lind Ilimsetsa rearked, is
ratti ta inemamt of the treassetisa
lua Pitimemt, 'tbe uafortueste
sha, wm lad been ease heedwiaked,
ad newb his eye s; hbe resed to
oras t re. a[ ghter..] M.
Iusep, , whhia, is ble M.
euhee, It ds the PasGa a servies,
whisk te Pal hlmsef was sea se,
l.e ef thot the seest of thbe
PasLtaes eto his oedt a large ad
ito vlase to aout atv wllion
sene. a hiimat of his emges
aet with the empay, the tPuaet
yr e Ez npre s
he w t. alle l MMU s to
baeaeteuisedI the pset the em
pay as  ee the tetest asd met
nremek abuh at deleses that
h-s beehs pase l mdeb time a
nip re dst mals, timl
-3wlr.4---s ~de
uIIPOmbm is to made a uslt.
e destes the honor, for be w r
et deal moe the a n ordiry
mm, and e was a meet deveout Chris.
ti What will he be called? t.
=hulstspb, we suppose; hut then
ith ly pherar dof who
the aas head i rd spok to
rovmstly whron the Sazee wee
upa h eastie The isaSt.Co
es we believe, so that he
"*==mbeta his mIt de a e
Iniidema tbat the oamomiualsa of
Olmmbu whoee ohio odiet wa
.ad late
No•i -_- e s en" .1
tes as t h ead t .
1 Great T0 h Viieasm to
the wrM with a seW word and a
new 3mon of lift 4i4 sr, to estab
lish peame and gedt will among all
the tribes and sallbs of men. That
this is a fact, proved by every aset
of his lilb, will set be disputed now,
even for the sake of argument. His
religion has naught to do with see
tarianism, and is the very anti
podes of the spirit of strilb sad eon
tention. This being the feet, it be.
hoves IN to iaquse as an interesting
subject for inquiry, how far has the
Cihristian religion prevailed, since
the conmencement of the Christain
era, and to what extent does it ob
tain now. Christianity, we take it.
is a tolerant, liberal and intelligent
principle. It cannot be shocked
into the system like a shower bath,
nor can it be obtained by the elce
trio stroke of a revival. We lave
it, in name merely, but the true
spirit has never yet pervaded the
publie mind. If it were mere out
ward show-such as elegant chur
ches present to the eye, and out
ward pomp and circumstance afford,
then Now England, would be better
off in respect to heaven, than Old
ngland, but we look in vain for
the Christian spirit there; where it
is the boast that they have the
most of it. Here, we have it not,
because this people, has not yet
prepared the way to live. The
country is new, and comfort is look
ed for Stit; we may never reach
the hour of good, ease and content
ment, which is so often sighed for,
and seven obtained-we may even
go down to dusty death in pursult
of the phantom as others have be
fore is. If so, who is to blame
who accountable for it? certainly
not our Northern kinfolks. It is our
dear prerogative to stay at home
and mind our own buesines; would
that others would do the same; that
the nation might be at peace.
Great preachers-greatspeakers,
and teaheber, are the carse of the
age. Eloquent men, who love to
hear themselves talk and have
lunge of large eapacity of endu
rance, crowd the walks, and preach,
prey and talk fot wages. People
who are disposed to follow the pil
grim, in his progress, meekly; are
allured away by seductive lan
guage, strung together musically
and called "eloquence." Men have
the assurance to tell us, that all
men are free and equal, in a larger
sense, than that hinted at in the
deelaratioa; this too in the faee of
the ordinsaee of RIim, who made us
all. Ist the idea prevail Ia the
Red Republican sense, of massnsation
teacher in New England, and they
who believe it oust will be the first
to have the halter of slavery thrown
over their heads.
r YUpom a romo tory at a
Ilouthra point of S1ir, reunning out
late the traits of twaltw, stands a
fkrtress aslled now, m is the time of
Moorish domislon, Tat. It wan the
ecstom of the Moors to waeh mar
__umt rtlpr im ipg or emllg out
, the Yldlsnd`4 Sad ma tfrom
their strodghold to levy duty, accord
ing to a ed seals em all mwerobhan
dise. This duty wms carlled, fom the
s e where it wm levied, tari;
_ --du. -
nour wed "taritf."
A Naw mauwnroos Movausu:.
On Walmesay evuein ta New York
a camber e( getImsa , membrs at
the vraim ebueb.s of the alty, mt
fr the ppepmse of usierag tes
mire eiyosaswguasa mevemet
iSibw that areted a se esse
-lUy ia ladesi uest uister, to reek
the mmo f d the peple with the
mPl. Msh tatmest rmaies
_ e lthabesmt iam Ir msh ae
usalaatlaa, dmA a emsth sa, sad
1 bhe d*arts tlhat hmve bon
made reseatly is Lesdoa to mmi.
Uth "sotald evil?, ppear to
t* met wit almot maie
0cm . wetymtree falle w~o
Sea teha set of Sth th
New Tub.
eaas",me.-TheNoteek AMt
mehi the Mietwing etdiste to M
9e11 hr the e.ermes biMM pi)ali
ltth eity of Noet et IWt te
dte eatereltemet for the Japrans.
The taupeyee of the eli bhen been
mehb eersised by the very large sum
of money-mere tha a theuand doel.
lats--pended et aeetout of the Ja.
poeee rneepties, and there has bees
a general .il fer the items of this et
teneive bill. We Understead that
they ge up early as follow s:--
tem._It tJ0 e. el I .................. .091,
ite--j'r MI et eflbknpas*, at
Itot--•rd et tb Slll e Ibr t l drs,
M saeses si all, S2eee p lAs ......... ,
Ims-ot f N e, *e s, .......... ,
L eob"A e bill ....... ........................... ..
t et bts, .. ................. ....... . ,
ilea- It and Nbi aiN eda
elb , I c slreh....................... .. ......... .I e.
Total .............................................. $lr ,os e
Now, thi he a pretty heavy bill for
ten deay of eivie hospitality, but we
met take into scom t the feet that
the Japanese Rmbasey was the rit
thing of the kind theat hd ever dawn
ed upon the aetisahed gasi of any
Western nation, and that out Alder.
man were placed in a novel position.
The publie voice demanded, in view
of the high rank of the Oriential dip
lemate and the imlertanee of their
miseion, that the members of the
Corporation should for onee set, dress
and geerally deport themselves like
Christian gentleman. Now, it takes
a deal of time and meoey to teah new
trieke to old doep, and the iee time
that is allowed the moe money the
opertie enats. That wee preieely
the eaee with our Alderman. They
were ealled npon to make pLetlemee
of themselves at a moment a sotlee,
and as it wee on aecount of the sity
that the painful process wee to be
gone through with, they undoubtedly
resolved that it was no more tbhan
right that the ilty should pay the
bills. So they arrayed themselves is
breedeloth and hse lines; they be,
sme resplendeat in white habt and
paset leather bots and kid gloves.
Thee, to keep up the dignity of their
rnl, thy wre obliged to dine and
wine their sonetitueen to an unlimit.
ed eatoet and enerally to eut a great
swell. Ienee this bill, which is uso
doubtedly heavy; but if the money
really made l tleme of the AlderA
men, it wea well laid out. They ay
ia oglland that it takes two gena
tioe to mske genptlemen, bet ao the
other side of the Atlantis they are
behind the agep and we my be able
to teach them bow to make Chester
ided. as well a to saw lumber by
steam. We are aware that it ie a
seetly eperiment, and, like the Great
Nosters, the regeneration of the Al
derma may not pay after all ; but
let us give them a ehamee. However
as the expenem hba been iuerred, as
we have another Prieso eoming along
pretty sooe, and a it is always better
to settle an old neers before ieur.
ring new ones, it may be as well to
pay the Japa bill and y n mere
areut it. Only let the Aldermu bear
in mind that their edunaties ha elat
SIa grhat deal of mosey, and that we
oepeet toee the result of the outlay in
their manuer, which euht to be im
Ipeed at lest handred per seat.
LOsItwon Sce. s.--The New York
correspondent of the Richmond Die
patch gives an affecting account of
the "clueg scenes" in the lives of
tow characters who have been, at
one time, minent in their way. Of
the recent death of Mr. Barrett,
disti suibed as " demaan George,"
he rlteN: "That word "poverty"
reminds me that poor 'Oetleman
George' of tbhe drum is no more.
George I. Barrett, was a glIoriun
ft)llow In bi time, and many thou.
eand dollurs has be reoeived during
bi. profumional life, (for he played
as a child, onr'n infarent in 'Pisarro'
at the Federal etreet Theatre, in
Boston, nd cam out at twelve, as
Yoant Norval, here at the Parki;)
but who can picture the anguieh of
his sensative feelings, as he gsped
awaye hi life, sometimes l actualM
want, radely tIn the poeeemion
odtho oommoeeat dometio ooastere
When the Dramatio Funod wes com
pelled by ita bed meanagment to
ourtail its nutim, Barrett was
I thrown, with his iateresting family,
almost entrely upon the kindness
of hie frends. They were not for
get~hl; but even the beet of friede
mest fail to reni e the manifold
needs of the siok, the aged the die.
hertened, tbh peculiur soI'ering
which none ea feel. exept those
who, aeutomed to a lorid exisb
eooe, are tied domnin the frost time
of life to food both oorm sad Ceast
while ti deatoM of despair is tug
rig at tir bhearts, ad skneesL
IIt rheing with pain every bone and
Of peer Lola Monte. we bave
thissao pifoire:
"ois Monte, lte tre n seAs
tods withskbd Mssdba alas I
l tw aa eusditie of body n ad
l IoMe is ot l e at ya
aUid of a bela t
A fbmale Iiend of mise w ar
day or two ago, and it was enough
to make one's heart bleed to note
her pieturesqne limnings of the
wonderfully ohanged woman. hlas
wee enostamumed half night and
half moring robe, and she sat in a
pretty garden, her hollow cheeks,
sunken eyes, and cadaverous com
pletnih forming a remarkable con
treat to the gay flowers. She was
unable to utter an intelligible word,
except spsmondiblly, and alter re
sated elbrts. Her mouth was froth.
ing, like that of one ina partial con
valsione, and she was anconscioun
1y wiplng it, as little boys do, by
drawing it aseross the sleeve of her
dress. In fact, she had the strange,
wild appearance and behavior of a
quiet idiot, and is evidently lost to
further interest in the world around
her, and its affair. And so ends
her eventful history I What a study
for the brilliant and thoughtless I
What a sermon on human vanity I"
Tna Monuoes.-Whatever other
vices may he laid at the door of tihe
latter ay aints, idleness certainly
cannot be reckoned among their sins.
They seemed determined to make the
wilderness "bad and blossom as the
rose." A Peait ake correspondeent of
a New York paper, writing August
10th, says :
They are busy eresti in every
settlement substantial buildin for
couneil-hbees, and school-houses.
(inst and sawmills, nail factories,
foundries, and every kind of machine
shop are becoming common. A few
miles ftom the city of Brigham is lay.
ing nut a nursery with a million trees,
which he calculates will, in ten years,
turn him in as many dollars. The
building of the Oreat Temple has re
eommenced, and every team is haul
ing the massive reek from Cottonuroad
into the city. Of the magnitude of
this ed0lce, your readers will form
some notion from the fact that the
foundation alone cost l80,000, and a
contract has reeeetly been concluded
for the hauling of the rook for the
basement story, a distance of ten
miles, for $80,000. For the mere
hauling of the rock for the basement
story, without considering anything
for labor is quarrying, is this nice
little sum to be espenleld. The build
ing Is to cover an area of 91,8n0 feet.
The Mormon leade4a have no idea
of quitting Utah, and they tell the
people so and encourage them to make
improvements. Brigham Young de
clares thee cannot be driven out. lie
thus aelosa speech during his recent
Northern tour :
Shall we, like the Presbyterians,
Methodists, and others, simply prepare
to die, and then depart No, I in
tend to persevere in lighting the devil
until he is driven from the Iree of the
earth, and it is turned into a paradise,
and so prepared that angels and Jesus
will come and dwell here.
_ *-.-- ,
BtCmns or Caoson Pras in Maxt
co.--inoe our lset we have been
shown a number of private letters
from Mexico, in reference to the re
cent demand of the Miramon Oov
ernent that the church plate be
placed at its disponal to raise money
for the defense of the capital and
the continuation of the civil war.
To theim honor of the alergy be it
said, it was in most ease refused,
and at last ccounts received at
Vera Crua, only a paltry sum had
thus been raised.
It is stated moreover, that in
nearly every oase where the plste
has tbhe been taken and sold, it was
by force alone. And asenA those
who were moat aotive in tbhi work
of saerifoe was Robles Pennssela,
late Minbter to Washington, now
oommanding at Puebla, who was
daily packing us seach piecen as be
was able to put hi ads on, and
sendilng them to Netico-N- w Or
leas Dela, 11tk stus.
New PIoasar-TheMary .Kane,
a beautiful boat made her Brte trip,
last Saturday about 8 o'olock. For
comfort, beauty, speed, and scoom
modation, the Maryt Kaene is not
",rlmN"ed by say Im.et li our
old favorite, has her in eommand,
while Mesrs. Jauma yad Wa. Arm.
strom hut a e oare . er oBo, ad
we es guaratee them to the few
who do ot kaoew them as seek, for
reliable bulesus m si d ceve
fellows. Seoess I. the Mary z.
Kaneem ad bet olever oloers.
Ceriar, NaTk~u.
a. The LIi st iof the -e
mr aBswlq., P., 'Wined. .
D Ms OP. A rIAttAIOAD lsr.
The is L tening yA el ifthe
18l heed partietalm te Itel i
hW ofas te athie rives ithredl
bridge. It says
A btleman who arried iL the
c ith is morniag, via the Mlphis
d Ohio Railroad, informs us that
upona reahiag Ilat ise river bridge
over that streae was diseo.ered to
be on Oire. The t'tih was topped,
and the passengers walked acrose.
One of the upright timbers war
fotd to be enoapletely burned in
two, and the weight of the erotesag
train caused the timbers to spring
considerably. It is enpposed the
fire was caued by sparks from a
locomotive that had crossmmed some
time before. The damage done is
trivial, and will soon be repaired.
WaA spotted hyena, a wild cat,
an Angora goat, a marabout, and two
crenes. were landed at Southampton
oi Tuesdny, from the Peninsular
steamer Sultan. They were from La.
ando, in Afhice, and rse intended for
the Zooltgic l (Jrden in lendon.
I)n Thnerday morning. Loth tint., at 4
o'clock, at hlrteealdnee in thin city, PI' I 1,
LIP HA RTL, aged about 1 years.
RFA IA' (IA A 'Ni I'I'I (ER.
-At tRa
t RAV Jet reteees tet Neo York the
o t.olg e'It.Mend, Ihied4 and Sletk PIg.
ared I th n and rPsee lsnpitel, Ptate ado
Pigeed ietatlnel, Platei aen PI0e.d French Me
rine, Ceseeb Plaids, Iglieh l are e, Vllee, tc*.
CflTH l1 OALS.
IA nasewrtm.et of rVth 1 l6e tko oet "a
t oetflee-Jer t eelteed, high "ne lery
- --tqnAN lllr. -
JLdeouse Shawls. at the
.peti PftLABi.PSIA CAs MaORs.
- auirrw Alin CuI tsrrs.
A LAA.R.Aleot of ite7 Iklete at redeed lees,
s*mepetaed Hted s lHIeft A lteigs.
A tNAlDP tl Albbp  f At def tothe
OiNC MORK t sian h h altentee M the pub
rALp A IW WIWIRa Itae1atlle
ens Say ar.tlee me lad bn(s wanr, all I
at It ass eawtamatlon of ee stet ikefo par.
ehadIe ele.whree, to make the style and Oiblr h
of mwy ands tet ein Ilnapetewe aetang lome
that seet eep searegnes, thoea on Iit e- as.
siortmeat of en·emea awl meditm tna geld 1s.t
larger thaI Iy ether beare, edi eIall them jeut
wc cheap alte sea he beight It nay other es.
tlatcheamt, fbo.n wish to be emeawes of thslt
bet glte me a all.
sep 1 W. P. PnIrLLtPS.
Ledafh Mae..MR s ad stcai Plait.
I HAVY Jael ped my New Ptall net e o Vet.
wet and Strawe bosalm4 alse a loree dlitrt.
ment of Ladles and Ilmes Ml , il as tlc weIpt
of thee goode will de adel to elll l-e l
septl W.. . IIIaPII.
S ILL reslem to a bSi days seether aew tsp
Ly f ladles O k, eve win alvway
to edIee ,tf thews aeayh on head.
eed ll lbw e at hmaow es.
sept W. b. PRILLIPS.
- -Dom S ...
IWILL ea0,1ve sheet the eat of (tet'o., all
the see.t styls ef Loftos and o inae egoeds
eon Ladles me headsome seeds.
this em . i ucit ged. sit have . ees try
o I to We a lens ttr e-. llit ewarreat them
al pure Lics n ri te wct well.
ptnept W. a. PHILLIPS.
At a meetlng of the Hoard held eptem
hbe I0th, Wie. Robinson. (residenee (athe
lie Vemetery) was appointed Seiton and
it was
HRea,e, That the lexton shall have ex
cldosive prtvilege of digging gravee a e
a 0 a " orall praven dog by himhe
shall be entitled to charge the sem of three
dollarn-provlded that any person shall
have the right to dig graver on payment
of one dollar he to the Sexton on each
grave dog or tomb erected.
Rsofe, That the Treasurer e ntlled
to cell to no altgle peron eor fmily tsoe
t th one lot anless the reelten t of the
Boardc he been previately otebled.
Ried, Thlte imlmediate teps be Cken
to elea up antd itrepr the etaetery snd a
smielent fore he aed cnder the eharge
of the Buten tbeIt purpose.
R id.d, That the above portion of lhic
ovennlog' proeedlrga in advertloed.
tlgesoad(Ne het )a Pi *aewreer mlihee
se ptlh.e
ACONAM, LA Z hi AND Pi rkpob-gmA
In ah mh e t oeah d . 4 0 a m u e8 A .
DIT so001 A aim ins,
HATS, CAPS, BOOTS & si0i8.
lant luiewme t ae the eueus.
aee ryn e wh he iet ie **
e ae, Ts e the biiss Im eah aos
stam l. a lweagdinUe teaise ddas.
A tealIbI est l IdOalu as ILLAgA4
amC, wste a sen see mactrgs aee
os I y W o msse Illa sls or
r !rI Ir ~~t dYrI;1
?rjrti 00! t1·dmlr
=1liesetilt rm Nete~
IhJ lr ewse 1g.,.rI a~.
*IILLtR3Mwa t MILLMR3M1i t
T r
elevate-the S
tNS11 1 A gb -ii
Illttll .o t Ilt tll llr))
hote aa !1
DEPSl cwrrniuk~(~ l~C.
dle Vare lath ~ M s~er N >we!e,..
EWSmir N r..
sad"@ «tN5trri ami tub...
IIMOlh ha 1Af. e..an t
th e lmslaeg I et N t all tsor.
artlee aewh allere _
- btva eeo00 fir Ii
t..lR to ,bb.1? l., mm b "
r~~i1. " aovo~i 5 M
5 r(~tt. es sthet se be rdfe sm t-s
Idlenet.~h leon~i rniN
1WILL heeit mlts tow dam M . sgmrly
Whle" rt Odreg slrm "tet rte,
and Velile Ieeg.a / d f Rt l
Will be pold as rter hew [email protected]
"epTll r .r. Millalur
M1 91 3NefltW win essa to tew Mny
aMz'ttMsg er, pretrry Is I. to n ee, aMe
a rrs asnmet hr I ums yayd
hart" irr(CtrYI ti Yly "rtlr. -Y~d
I $AIJhtp..re- trbKN~1
ems rerele~i~r oftvo suf tleN. y ala
on aenq NNrl~k IC, 11 11 MA *erbl
all Usd llasw theIw ass
al .. . . *;lt~d
allModl M f5, *4d.
3:I1ararsewn, , fta., Is
g~se.4 sed .11y %iibtj the
A LARO* .p S *Ma
t lrblept.~
New FPall sad Witer CM hm".
Whe Iltl ka·YOYI me~ upSe
have so hblee IM a ts It M, ithe? ge
mudmet aymbtete eP-,~~eota leho~ll
sattred that I "ea Ive gtap ./ubete te
all fthese *e all. w eelatyd
9. O~tWalu·~E ge3 SmapowN Thww
Death! . keeed Pat.
LIa*lamk I.m, M wrrerlt r""+" fo
ese·itu. I b j"(1/ M M .q ,b
gveRt wIll ha IttsdSUuNwse a11,
the the L ` I. e
the let te N I P q
*wrr m ......... Pie.
Emat INN AM nr
.cflAPSE HAHOIE, lTi.m Its.
Mi e~lý ll 1T f IN
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