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Daily gazette and comet. (Baton Rouge, La.) 1856-186?, October 25, 1860, Morning, Image 2

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Orlbes eSndf te erl
head of "Itulsas item," get the
foUlolig r m the Comet a
I As Amsy f the Etpe rr-A
private letter Itom Bordeau to a
gtl.ma of this olty state that
our friend d U ld eow tisen, J. l.
Testard, is etill I the army of the
Emapes. I I rlr ast he of
not rei out agalJ, eo has a body
goeed. Testard is howevr wego
tiatin, and thial for tohe m of
aboes tN h may Aay Bad as
good a ass as beelamad a latw
subjet obr paspwderw . We hopeso.
Had the Dllis mot bee plemd
to eut Paragraph short with a
dash, but have give it eatie as b
fouad it, the he would mot are
left as la this disagreeable podlilo
we dad ourself towards our fellow
citiae mad the frds o Testard.
The Butrlie leaves the lnfereae
that we baelve Tstard udlt for i
powder, wbe the other sad of
the paragraph which the BEUtis
cut of with a dash, comets say
such impresaie.
Fmau trIu Gasrrs or eFAsuao.
Tb pehtisher has er thnks for
the Noveber member of this soa
pareil boek for the ladies. Therea s
no better authority eo the Fashion
tha Fraehk Lesle. omag himself
am artist, aces but the beet oat
Illustrative of theme ever get into
his booh, sad Is its literary aske
up, it he th best to be had.
It is emseatially Mie Jeed bh the la
dies, d it s a marvel to us, bow
bo mamages to give so much for the
trilling m at tweatyve sats.
Oosausem -muse Asas we oas
Ruovrs.-The eorrespoaidet of
the Noew York t.. writes from
lavaa a
We se am to have, it Is uder.
stood, a mw emoer mear thi
city , md~ admk Itat is mush
need. It is toestala S res,
to be divided late eqns Os, ame
adorned with wede, treesd ro.
Thi Jaml w t etbrloms, I.
the menmemtd aps, sad the em.
there ls to be emperb arch, I a
style aita er to tat of "the Sta
o[ Par)l s.* d
It .is Itpleao they r -
erabl e ti ( arpl distord
them ?) o h withe this
arch is as e, wb a sliver cover
upon which w,1 be he.ribed, io
letters of gel, the remmlts of his
soo.etul mtsepet. A broms
state of~atipb is ti bemsted
ear by, r te d s gam Is mat
Utdrei oCre aMatramd us tic
Eii"[email protected] gr A Dowas san Dai.
sewecs us £ A wsmas.-LAt sit
o'clok ust oealag a terrible scsi
dent eeanet l the Poiefu Chem.
cal Works, a egs ae ory brick
btilding at the aearer of Felto
sad Notr. ame stres. The bhol
lhr, whickh is asted on the rosad
Boor at the door ltos. street,
expldeda wish a memdois report.
amat ino We e the rul
about ftes feet la br± was
fored ot tem ,e greusd to the
ig. The whets stractre was
throws ostef the p usmayf
the rafters e aml it stauds
demolish it The eglssr, George
Irmagl, was sessld Ia a dasger
oes mamr, mad was takem out sad
mat to he Chartly Noepital by the
p-t he 'IRsem. was she sd.
ded, hut met sriomely, sad wuat
home without hsvlmg his same.
The arlmos v m s gives for th
arth diastustatieo I, sd t heire
Depmrtmet were seeo the
-osed bet msleq was tebe doe,
top wet (pem th stj rs f,
wili wmnuse to ta5e.-1r.
alp* of faate at e
depet", ad whe prperly h d sad
drmIsed v al, me miaea . S . hr the el
p-.t nIo d, wh poel ad
tivetes eof the sepr se, whikh le at
pneas the s elfrtl do pdetles.
odmee nad Ldsrse.-TM ellud.e Is
mild, sad healty, esgelcly aly t beeba
ef the Mhislppl. Stermitset biets
ae t ohe anes ma dsamas, s.d edse
---desw.-The aIbele is th prevl l.
lag rl.glte, they heave then Oharhem.
The Presbteslias h a Chent sad
seelleal m h Ae Aademy ew Srl ve.
On sevle of the slarge plsa.bis INherbe
se bhopels r th slave popllaties, sad
nearly ll are regularly espped with "ll.
glne lastneetls. On th plamtdoms of
-- bIurnIde, 5brmely rea. Wade almp.
to's, sad sel Prestes 6 Maasings, ase
two large and ommodlos o bapels, sua.
enHtly eommodloss to set hoem 100 to
1000 pmoees saeh. hAdlr 4, nuoede
When tbhe erepoan stt ame to lth
-M-lsnppi Valley, the astes of he di.
neswes, deumed the ootr mi tlgees
to thb Lsbarhe, ea the Wesers side.
Th soeroa side apored to beo oepied
mas a semeon heaulag gmosd by the say.
*ugels sand Moegaleebas. Ths ltlter
trbel probably ad oesspled the Eaoers
bank of the rive, but bosemilg redmeed
by war with the Chmeelhas, melted
wkth the eaygoels, by whom they wr
sabseqmtly lmelt analihlated, whilst
dwelling togetherla s seI e village, ls
apparenl peses sad harmony. In 1704,
the ThIMk , a tribe lahabltlug l vids.
age of the Yeam river, beoing Ievoel.
vd I war with their aneghbon, went
perseaded by lthe Preaek lsleassy, Vs.
Ier Davloit s meve to the matry be.
,wen lb. UOsms sad Ntches. The On.
mom resdved them kindly sad divided
with Ithe their hsYnFggre·ad; btlls a
h-w yem, qnarres res ameg them, and
the Oneus, being th weaker, sad l
walihe party, were compelled to leave
their alve hills, and tlk up thir abode
uap that porties ofts pawl se well
knows atthe present day, by ltile of
lb. Alm gswa. This neesrred .boal th
year ITMI. The Os.., ialslfylig end ehn,
were ease a powerl tribe, lahabitUlg the
OCu.oe 3r od bivr, ad Tailes bills bat
latheir est with bth white mama
:me bldolst sad week. At th seesme
he 1a0 the reousa of Ithe trib eeslae
of abket msty pses, who migrated I
the Seathwester paetles of thew Sate.
are of this pelsh. The Phlassle etof
Im-h., new eslled kese dees, was the
oldest Vseeeh Celesy in Nerth Amerles.
These the iter bad batl their dwell.
leg-, shetes years bnr. t lllgrlm
nsehed the  shmr of New Rgand. All
wets. aguee is epeesestlag them as
s saest nems sellgeats sad happy people.
qpltsg ls wers eewees r Ie sadss.
lend, theY had bern tresshrrned frem
vernmest to th ether, hardly eesaIes
Sdth cheap. The krved the ln gege
sad seign f their sehthees,and their
Velllon wasgvrvs apes their eols. They
braed salt wes e - geat buil. Their
rena were of asbetd parity. Love
was purely ase~e ed saId .med by the
ualweatl sasem eerly marIngs. The
a kghbeon t elemmnalty weald mel
th eweeulet rais toheir. ta, wheik
herseres ean the elesy whish had
bega ely s ea trading istla et oem
pay, with a me*pely ot the 1r trade,
send lahblntess.
Whsn the wa Iotl5-5, broke oatl, be.
lug seette Dritish oesatre, sader pee
Irehso, they we ordered tI errider
thair b and e-arms whe as dros .
urther erl14m wer gives s pnialsh them
hnat dism rte, la ytharw rs amais,
I lu tveseease apesq the nerest one,
whethe gluilty wr t. It was a eo-eae
ties of th bb of the wlf at the lamb.
The Britlsh-epeelsly thee e th "irre
were deteri d pe their nemoval er
detraeats. The sel e being paeyM,
The -se-lr st r omtd lly, sad pa
lten hr a reeterdlest f thetr beats and
rmm, ulad wre ine e. r e sT wae
,gaddo net pemsu Deeusm GOwes
Ishevthem eminded lnwhese hamearms
m,. m at trllma m-st h the
sg erealnels sad -mo I"gM in.
s * r th m imas the nglis
la the lweael h ei f gth
* 4cllr~raw
e sad we maeh d ae
sekt, was elseed scw I
Q a Taee, addsiesd em
Chas t 0 q avesod t eehe o s
mepatin Ns Majesty's 5a.l .e,
oale the oash ihabitnat ofthis, hib
proviese. Your laude sad teoeamts, et
I sasd live staek of all hLedes ,an forft
ed to he rows, and yes yearsmlve aws
to be removed fom this provins." He
shea dedred them thb lag's prieSen.
Their wives sd families abated their lot
-their ehlLdrea and wve sad relatives
Is all about eWtenali, who lf home is
the morateg to obey the Seansonas wero
-no pnausM r ei. The settle
wen lof iL their be n or stables, their
yre died o T.ep wee. wlthet fed
ad had to beg fr bmd4. They we em
beeked e boa of vselh M the psint of
he beyoet, while theusands of thoe
woe hanted n shoe dow ie wild
beests. One of Shoesn huple of New s
glhd s "e*r soldiers hae them, and
if they nI ad bes pretest, will kill
them." Sme few sesped ame g the
Sovges, lM erel the ohe psglsh, sad
atlsed prt*ooW.e; theaosad ll by the
sword sad oamlel, sad seea thouansd
wen distributed auong the Inalish sole
ales, where they aered perseeutloe, sad
Ilvery i its moot eamidrigted Ibrm.
bet St msemtfil story oftheir msefelag
i. si estomaeles fr o preets purpose.-
We have beeas true to our religlion, sad
tse to oarelves ; yot aSetn ppees to
gasLdee u only the etsets of publie
vwegeeaes. "t know not says asnroft,
ftshesnl of the houme ras keep the
seard of sorrow as wasaly islted, so
bittr, od. pwroelal as fell ape. the
Prseet abeMbnte of Aeedl." The hand
of the tallis ohMtal eemed undera spell
wth regeed to them, lead wee never uap
lifted but to esi them.
Durinrg the winr of t65, atI tea
year of wudesrlng, some ris or ovre
hundred Aesdisas with their wives ad
ohlld e arrived in New Orlssas sad we
esttled aleon the eeass, l the district now
sompriseag the Parish of It. James, As
sessIon and Ibervlllo. others formed set
tMasetos i Attakape sand Opelosus.
The Landry's, feberSt, Mostona', s-.
bl-a'se, a desesaded from this pers..
oted ree, whlk has gives to Louean
two (overore and at east e e Lno tosa
sat (overnor.
Moosau luIos or Munses.-The
Moeleme feel, remarks our Eastern
crrespondent. that th are munatjee
ly treated by Feed P ah Aoord
in to their creed, they beis of
the Shab r seot, a murderer doe
et deserve death, except aoder cer
tain circumss sad they also
hold that no Mosem shoeld be exe
unted for murdering say number of
Christisas, bemin merely required
topsy the blood money, which is
just half e amount at wbieh the
Ills of a Moslem is valued. This is
not the case, however, with the
BaHu sect, to which the Sulsan
belong. Wi the latter, blood is
demanded for blood, and a life for
a life, irrespective of any difesoaee
la creed or position in lie, and they
would execute a learned man for
the murder of an ignorant beggar,
and a Moselm for thel murder of a
Christian slave. It has been often
said of the reigning Sultan Abd-el
Medjid, that e is an effeminate,
weak man, without energy and
force of character, bet it would ap.
puar that this is either a false eti.
mate or that be has suddenly revi
ved to som extent. He hay writ.
tea an autograph letter to Faud Pa
bs, approving of his oonduct, and
rliong him on to finish the work of
justice, witheout regard to conee
queueo, and giving him full autbor
ity to do whatever he deems noosee
-ary for the prompt and complete
pansehment of this nbellion.--Be
ta D tlb er.,
Tun Mommno.-The New York
llmes says: "Judging from the
accouts whbic rmeh u from Utha,
Brigham Young has very little ides
at the preset tim of leaving the
valley of the Great Salt Lake with
his followers, even for the more
genial climate of a Polynesian or
an East Indian island. In fact, a
revival of the old Momon rprt
seems to beo goig forwarrd, wbic
is likely to lead to a more Arm es.
tablishmentof the Sailte is that
region than ever before. The Tab.
eracde, whihob, for some tim after
the advent of the United States
troop, remained dclosed, haw recent
Sbeen oane more opened for pub
hc worship1 sad Brigham himself
harangues the people two or three
times every Sabbath. Missionaries
,are also beidg et out to tEurope
l-ther coeotries, amog whoe ie
t l rated lder, Oron Prat.
8W A w imeutin in telegmaP
lig, by which a speed of from
hos.r ao be attaeds , h lately
ataissed by Dr. Ehdley, of N..
Y-.k. It b, wesw, a pliedl in
--.g. eme the Meos psumst.
1W Nature harp ls e,,.a the
! umos Ouaane.-The City Attor
Wy, I. J. Mihel, htr . h eh.hIIew
leg adavk ainO D. Beth ese
asc-t ,r of the Iak tae: '
That th eifty of New Orie* 46
trustees of as amylem ordered to b
established by the last will and test..
meat of John 1). Fink (deceased) for
Protstant widows and orphbas, i
entitled to receive the property and
money of said estate not otherwise
disposed of by the will, for the pur
pose of stauWhilg said asylum so
cording to th wishes of the testator.
That by deal judgment d the Second
Dietrict Cort of New Orleans, D.
B4lerdleck, executor of Jon 1). Fink,
has been ordered to deliver to the said
oity of New Orleans all the property
and meets of said estate whioh beloeg
to said asylum.
Further deponent sith that by D.
Ballerdiek as executor of sid J. D.
Fiok, it appears that he bas i his
possemsini, as executor aforesaid, the
mum of $50,008 02, to which the eity
of New Orleans i etlted for the pur.
pose of the asylum aforesaid, which
Sael account was homologated on or
about the 8th of June, 180o when
msid sum became payable to the city
of New Orleans, by said Bullerdleck,
Deponent further says since the ho.
moliaton of said nal account, he
ha sdemadd of said Bullerdeick the
payment or delivery of said sum of
80,0098 02 to the city of New Or.
leans for the purpses of the ansylum
aforesaid, and that maid Bullerelok
retases to pay or delive the ame to
said city of New Orleans, ad under
the pretext that he had bee robbed
of said m of moey; wherefore de
poent eharges uai D. Ballerdeick
with the crime of breach of trust and
The accused was arraigned on at
orday before Recorder EIDemon, and
the investigation of the case fied for
the 18th November. Mr. Bullerdeick
gave bail of $80,000, securities W.
R. Bell, Patrick Coyle and antes.
-N. 0. BUlleti, Std iet.
A Wuosa FAWLtr Loer.-The
oemse (Tore bemoe Parish) Oivic
Guard of the 18th has the followlag
We an sst learned from Bowie,
of tis Pari , that Mr. William, his
wife and six ehildre were drowed
an Last Ised darlaothe late sem.
Mers. Boie and Mitehel msem d
-r the bodie, and found thoe of Mr:
Willlams, his wife sad two od the
ohlldra, whh they urled. Mr
B ewe iform s that the water
mst have beea ight fat deep over
the Island. It is said that sabit f
teen perons were drowned on the Is.
land. A le shooner of one hma
red and eighty tone boude w
blown on the Isled sad lies high and
dry. The beech was overed with
bodie of dead goate, eow, heme and
Masonsr ix Kmrarucar.-The
followlag statistis of Masmery in
Kentasky show its progress and
lourishlag eaditlon Ia that State:
The Grand Ladge of Keetnek
was organised Otober 16, 1800; It
has now 817 abordisate ledges
merbrhip, 12,900. The O~nd
Royal A Obapter was organised
In 1910; it bh 72 bordlia e obhp.
ee; membership, 2800. The Oand
Consell of Rol sad deot Masters
was organ is 1827; it has 24
subordisate formul; membership,
1000. The guand Oenseil o High
Priesthood was orpalsed In 1864.
WAmotnG a0 Tas Gasm Azar
CLocK To 81rasr.-A private letter
from Triln; says the Courier de
Hlers of the 26th al., enaenus this
stemeat : ("Garibaldl aleN s ii
te secret of the moment at which th
Heagrian mereete i to e break
c.. He has the gretest diSuelty
Ia restriniaiag the liberals 1 Huigary
util he ives the signal. At the
present moment Koemth, Klapha,
leleki and othes are i Twin, swal.
sing atli tAb ee heaour shall strike
n the Garibeldis eloek.
sh rounsA , at mriuti e the ia
enai OGte a etatemesnt thatU at
the ball in this eity, the Prine o
Wales damned with Miss Uaran Dea
Ia ad Mims lear Leeee, two so.
tresses The Gatsue nwv per ,h.
d ay Useek statme; wad atLs .t
is etiely autru.-Ciumejs Ge
W'At the Cooper lstitets meet.
iag, held by th Undos arty of New
York, Jams W. Geard, Is., is vs
ported in the )ws as avsigsaid
that "Ulees Isbeols pheeks me
ianislt hlbe, his her appnrae
was enagh to-rplit rail." '
Wir Mm i~b ham tsnad ap
r Nnl. t e the dshet Afms
the 1 las , part of last weeak
str.su, lavolvig the loss pshemm, of
about o th of the rop i the
StATs or ArrAas IN NIOAsAouA.
OldIa dinpatehas ires MIiasOe Di.
represaeet staeim as quiert, sad ash.
so mestim but that th relastiose with
thi goveismesa are now of th maet
mieable kld. The w pwases.
JeldI that Walke was t, aeg
the Ibabitames, who mew a ,aips
a- other slawul Ameras iterta.
sae. So sayse a iegraph of the 17h.
Ionwow.-Loadou now covet.e 11
square miles-a square of 11 miles,
I is equal to three Lonuon of 1600.
It nc the rate of 1000 pe
week, half by births their exrcas over
death.) and halt by immigration (its
exzesa over emigration.) It is ts
markable that one in alx of all who
die in London, die in a workhouse,
hospital, asylum or prison. TheI
are 2000 medical men there.
I. o. o. r. . .
FI/TH RaoLAR wNosoi, mr».i1
.L of W *,,to Leds e, Nn. Of I. e
V. Is hold ever, THIIMRiDAT
MTICINlt l bhlfpat..e n e...k ..ok
at their I.4. Boomus Maso {toeot, lost of t he
-". t 1. a. ODLINS, G.o.etsr.
A INQ eleaed *et myslk of ds, to
ters may {theae i, thein ot~ tPet
putrmrae eatoUded me white eraeed Is
mbmslses, sad wiuld selil fr Mr.. onay Jsm,
whees sd my stek ef o,the ithee
rol pul m,.. shall he sweerted
wi fmeak AhIt, heIa t HADWAi b ems,
wohe I shall rto hpfy to ..se ty frltlo d
and serv them with oatire intasfoesia.
J. T. 3ILO0M3, irt., of new ssesas,
wiI address the allt soemosete eagus beIn
stead,  n North Selmieard st, o
V3UDAS , WNVs.MM noui,
at belitpad ma resteisk . "., sae wl ales peatl
em lassehas, on SATURDA T,Oetobur 11th, aN the
stret J. D. C0.m. Seq., at I selsek F. .
I vlerybody Ilvited to atitad.thS
AvUIon. iolSIt AW0CTI4N itSUc tt
Bos IOsfLI hasnJt r meled a large sad
* ebhep lot of .omeone lory Uoods, esh as
hIN and Brow Ie tlls efism. rss and
epgrs 51 kts, ste., whis he will soil as tme
lowest soeela putle. ANe a pe atle.1 ml
I04h ULsesa ber s to N Msts atoad.
IdUa Tabe seeMs youth 1$. to b ueld at
$s at The Maw OaLUA~s cusas STOss,
sel, (Osr. lshet sd e slsulis ae.
Ou oR ABOMt te Sb septmeso
alight mrni bes be. sase eO-Ip
a"t soel,ý nois, sad ema by resi, y ai
aut 14 b bhigh, boad"e with a p,s_,,
sead cad ali wl Lr i n remdds theseeb lee
with the Mims M. Lt X.
s.5t-1tow 3l3RT L R. OL
-W AcdesOte .sy thm times wesmk.y sad
med bill toL L. M.
I A AS just Mpeed a new Mt of meaht wthl
will he ad esumly elow.
of the' uBoll artldee I have a geod amortmeat
dmeal all priess.
DRas 0 GOODs.
fQree Morlaes at $1 W p alN a head.
•seo sad large assortmot acod, ww.sa
,s, trwateod nnoane. t ,l a
iOmUsMsMi n00e.
Io erw o7aelstm d y..t yis o I o.
DT UOo I=S TOOh1 co
lBlUlhig, Mloos bins, iits, k.
Iasss, Aa sY, aw a. JACDOsI,
A" nest to SsgoV Den seas, bas.Jut p-ied
Csthieg. Soots, shoes, ate, ser eas ere eoF
Sask a viml g. t, ad del emNpotii ,
with the beilliom whis we peasme we eos er
this ied, s o pleasethe mast btedlema
1 th ie rl o Now k stamm M er we
sese Ns e ptef sow poode. med as eAr hend
:-- sevesal depeetmeto awe all er seiey eem
plts at preet mad w wl ep every aretle
that may he ciled ahr is etlies. Ia sow *ere
sIm w he beme ern a CSlles te
our 5eeo emago to piees em oudlr m .
wards, all styles saId qalities. I
tales story artaete Is that lies.
Ia edinestle is aie eeGlmpo and
U thre elthre aN t V as o*s hood.
teetleteodaedwe whe.d al the astern
rlg tyules la olart, smle I Uaas. dhe rbis
_e, ste. Ii - -
In the Omaha sad (lsmimmre wsametbes.
ps esod ast ssles all qmuelem of raes sat
our Over mase, toe latlmepsial attead. a
thgrme thoehmpost eper obrod.
1k th m mense ems) e e.r asUelte arn.
messes he tamte we resieedly ·er loo *t
speatIrriesothe pilts.
e matl me essted to - mse m .
wr Omska we weiM mUW -Ag ottoa
o w. L m en atopu as'I b m
=61ýitA-=81 ag
Jolla .. f01lllttl.
0 Uw AI. QUBf.
Samoo E I ,º Mwwtn
dhsdsn II#
+º:"ý. ird V ,wi'g' ,
W m Orr . CLi ps te
"i Yr tqAW - atwr«.
+i." N .IasO
&.wdde rdsqc - B Umams...
A true ag?. m
N.-J. Uvaus, Isessasig. ulU ..
0wMai say adwmsii slw
Ome sy auroe jv - -~l
0. las s uamlasllidwl ra5
a.p' earn sYI .m Wmr M7 1
sbat .a,'r. gave `s 5 asS.
lpm-p aes 3W. .EI
lu." wsqaIs, I «Mbebw o «..3
1I w MIDR Y G O O D S f K6J
Ct £I4V* Ar rai ta
WuNOLassaLa AND 3WAYI& DmIims fiat
Oooas, Ciovsais, 1.89. an Is...
W1 Iw O bu.s to laITsh 4W Maul
sa d t hlb o eP b N W S t o e" = 0 0,
we tow prof M Isaý tot, K u u
ling IN as3kba~dn
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