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Daily gazette and comet. (Baton Rouge, La.) 1856-186?, November 13, 1860, Morning, Image 2

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le.s te.. oft. .., .
'dUU , h""I al uEe
telhtb ~r s tllmin e se, sna
h is eaotd wart moe re s ld tol
ters Arm MUM, OW o nltna to b
edhrtº w tw ed abld not be
Lim , a qgmlea
as It hs por tet p' l or say
to a rwer , hase l t wit mer
fomrnal sad boneowd from tradl
r atherr ti say desre to prue
0,05 th endo aJltl e-.he poar
khis heat ad the dreadful emipti
-see of hbIs pIetr, "I dont know
at ha- haLa's my m r s "t"
e evidently app dwke the tree
state of his sentence beeause of his
manlhetations of thei onselouanse
of what was rsaily ilsking. Isob
people mre "nevr nset p on pet
ty oIhnese and rarit omu greed
oar.. .iuotise i bli sld of
-oourse cn't tell whethe t i rht
or gnl tit twrlhlr ales.-r-Mr
York W&l.p
a It ls oat permitted by law
for a pa.ert to bry as rsarptised
child in ,ngilad with religious our
emonie. A poor womsan and her
re#i ioe s Mid wer niabtly prf.
seated by a aoImeyai. In Norfolk
enuty, "fori 'ilbehavior in
the ilurebyard," and were convi.
ted and seateced to a Ise, or, In
debult of payment, Irprisomat.
Thi fact are these I T child, not
Syar old, died aapt d. The
oelemau refued to perfbtr the
Sservies. "Thea," said the
mother, "I shall te prayer and
soalg over it." Sh did have singI
lag of a bhln, oomAmesoig with
" Ail I ew sea she byt die.."
Thi was the dsee hr whieb the
l as prleostsd he hbereaved
iNW Fousa maw. Drl . .L
Weed, of Nashlle (Ts.) has
disse-eve a val able l which
ueasst 1680 P., a mu lower
temperature that the hesiag point
osay metal peev y heaews It
is espeela y adapted [light east.
Ia is l empesed of i to I part
ism Sto parts bi smuth,
t pa sd 4 parts of lead.
y the additulo of the mnerory thae
tigpolat my be lowered to al
meot say etoet without Impsilri
the teaelty of the metal. a
amlo is well Lknown to poess the
property of promoting the fsibility
of several mtats, as t o , tie
led, sad bismuth theagh on g ll
yer9 mtimosy, ad merory it has
ma seash .*bst these ad other
propertials d by oldmlsm,
will pob mader it valuableu
Ssom of the aseeil ar askt it s
atoretia t thI se le tianquirerm
lAs U.-Tea ama. . Lasam.-The
Osrer er eprdess he lMeowlqg slaeat
deoama, woth epphing het ely tri its
betest h latwues, bet ahe ms as l a
ues ofa wa rt d ststate of satimes%
IS uem respts thNa Is aOw apparea.
TM d ma .sat kto a ulgil bil let ltg,
Is btrrs a Iatewa a
ae om w pe b*eetsm . aoss& "
te~ag ought hr S e
.O.l. lSS WWC~ SU rheati she*
Au teas - wf p d Is
A c pal Wem peise paell te ao
fen a a.po8 4 aI hte depo at
SB. aepht d I Usatueteo pmeru
the ratter-md while eu an Saout It,
Juat threw ia pe g woerd about the bell,
it Is well toe hbegl L tIme. These e
-p alesbr•ted bell I the w orld, but
I'll /age tho e iN set aMe to be emea
pared e that of t. Ieaeph's. Who will
write the elegy of ourehkehn b A pre
pea of eles, would the ev'd. eltrgy.
-11 of the (thkelle O)hreb have aiy eb
Sle Io Wpeat, the the pk pi, the am
rme be dolleed I the ametetry emi
Thurday lut t I I w well pleesed
with It that I pemitted that elebrated
hime to oetat Iteeharea pe me eo Seu
dq let, both le rt mogem Bend aevonig
seervie, sad I eome sway wrnlweed that
the meagrgatlen of 1t.I DJph's may boeast
of their pester. Il memo are, at onee,
elequgest and pretllal. The le,'d. gee
tlema m&dt eanes am if I oeAd hih
modest , but I mst ap, e e al ti ko
heard o be apprgwlatd. I thiah an so
qgalNtateo with him werld leed meck to
disilpate these bitter beglle whlob yoe
hive had aelesemd te ndtle aid co*amest
upee. Prce wht thae heatd or the
BYv'd. pOtlemas I qeetlee, I am ste
he will set wend eu aseeltvnet lt
sablag w, but try te mahe off better
men, and as lchmirity is siod Ie wne a
ieulltItede *t dee," let ta AIllow the ad.
-vies gve s e esti dey, sad be e
eoerea to it i• these SaIted sad treuhbld
times. A.
"A." Utalk apitally, sad to the
polnt, If he will enase tdo so
often, he shablPhaw the se of our
pe--we mesa Nthe on dedicated
to.-to spire of tl. Joseph'. There
is isrplestion In the point of this
pen, and now that we gasp it
Malen, we a tie steepl a bootiag
up towasd the peat .olung of
the great smivrlal eharb, wlbch
I to o be--the dream of the artist
ead arubite who plemsd the new
Nedie is reallted, and we bear the
oime ofr bells ided to by "A."
whikh th elw' old pnetbetan
who is to die oM Wbdaoday neat,
has already left his will. Sowln
bl old genteasasu e shall have a
•es obtUarytoeleepos. l m
mesaw ls, will the ld41s go to
wk agae lai their qul y w and
pt the belfCty M* ! We hkow
of $600 raised by one lady, with
which at the proper time she will
give evidee of her devotlos. The
ladles of St. Josephb as all deve.
ted; they ualy reqetr some lead
lag spirit ln theil Side to polst
the way d they are ready to go
forwead. What more eesmesed
bie sadertaklag is thre tha to
make the ohereh *hbol which is
sow only half a ear-e-rtailed
as It is of iIts dr proportions
Therm k o gqeoloe that eem
ner rhoe to s. We look to
you, e'1o, to de for the church,
what is ow bming battled for Is
the lll -si the obeireb-or
literats the isllgary lise which
divide is matte, of relige aid
bring aboee tat unsalty of spirit
whisk tiho oed all ages ave
STea Das. un. ams nnre.-$7 a deep
-. mTen obl a t kll *n .
ny e' Ihe lis· ~ag re amtl I
Me oeurf 6 lo el4 , Ns L~hbee we
.Oas w- m o I moil sese Ioaet
e mn Uhim. The '••v
bese whea heo d. We hd me meew
be hLm the, aW ew death has
rrL je s e a p w we shll
meheulg nwhi b et ates whleh
r art adIm t e mp were all n
I p Ihdbells eu atrecs oa ear
ametk rne.s g nsleek ee his tomb
stera, madnea sInmeretam heeats.
A OwQmees masnvMr. 3. th .cap,
ha ae UsdetslO
Pamnsasadm esmttthe
Nir lns, Oeua-O Thaue . hat*
amP adit h5- %t htib tf.
s ~mseUL__~ m lsg~ '
Gl ib isan ,I *he *me*uFr
t hlwlag Mreem A,whkh
M.t w pattletistm eat deotlie
doth Union:
ds .he N.e NA Pw Or bost t Two
-es ne, when I had Je oeneluded a
Nu - lis doshes of the oel0utuie, the
s  ide tal ihs of the state Is
o OWN taets, I eme sea en private be
ldoas usad ya L e o seek r option
Shad beJ im e el eeded to me.
[bher.l The I unae before ye s a
Wltr il a gent eoteet, ad you roeved
me Ilk  asoeror. (Choees.) And
lw I appear Mk1nN yu having let done
thlNagk seiethe, Gd a still grea.te siug
l I d~e e ofeM memo ren epleel and
g nse rightL, d4oleted in the coantest,
-rd ytd y0t I ad to me a weu whleh
would *iet ler been SMe l, Oen if I
had samo yse a. to e ar ident
eleet. L f elsre of "you will bl4.'
A hanr, erln I ia l palnting o1
Douglas with "134L" Ieetibeal upon It,
was here w re4 slet aid the wll4det
msb el med esthelnsem.1The1 ee. the
etiht hind of friends. Ihbere.] They
-ediboes rmane In the right whether de
e d o dr reus. h' urtsh for De -
w," aso e .1 I have pineare o ibe
lievie lier this monentratlon to not In
tendde e a mete personal oaopliment to
myself. It il the mre* gratilng o me
oeosuse it i thb videnee oef ret deotive
to these grot riple of elf govern
e kid s eonstl etloual liberty to whleh
Sil ladevo ("Thel it," ' nd eers.)
-nievo that if we *t faithiil ts the
eonstletlon, Lthee is no triovance whish
eesnet be rmedied unoi that lustre
meet and within the Uelo:±. I(hbere.)
It we are te to ourselve, there
is r grilevoe. ft whieb disonlon would
a remedy. lhe.rs All we have to
i to ms ltale tnviola te every prvie
ie of th eotmen tie, perrm uIthfIly
every duty it requims, bad ullll every
ebligaton it Impess. 1Uheere.l fi long
as we live ude raeenmtltuei whiceh in
ti~ np loaw of the lad, It megt he
admlnasrond c to sM re gnqel rights,
us jtles sad oeql proteee to the
people of all the '. Ubeone. Thlem
pinpla ef equag ity are not eenlnod Ia
th operation to the lltate alone, bet ei
tend to the territti eand wherever else
the American lag waves ever Amerioes
s-lt. (rhere..
Let Ia ew t y the enotiteoet and an
miy pasiees whteh bave msniteted the
Ilvei dueal the entmt. Let selay selde
rll petissa 16illin aed seast uhmene pe
tlets bad lovers of our eeutry. (Omee,)
Let unite to put down meetlnnelim ansd
kelltienleus, and every otbor elment of
pelitial and eational disord. ((heere.)
Let so tievene o embittered belinleg
Ito po# the M ete0o elbeta. Let nenut
reerNlt Werk to eone th e geen
meet of the eetr be the hnds of
these who we think aewthy to sadmile
te It. (Ohbeee) If Abraham lineela le
ptlse, w it harm eat he deol I("he.")
Te lee m orlty salest him Il the
en tea a a in the H1og"n of Me
p sntalv.a ibs power mial
chief-llo be ca et Is the toli ei and
the s or lty the Senate will reet ose
be laelie if tlhe are not good mn.
(Cheers.) will- be as ettioc of eom
mal oa d itr rathef tha her.
(?Irem, Then we teeeld we break up
We eOdt ig L tthIea is hp
tiesause we have o ee
S Gl elesee (bCheesem)
aly with renewed energy ased
deatlses. to the perhra es of
at d the ounatry Irom
thoa a whisk It shuld "over have
1 did net eols el bh to
ai ai i aionlly imdet a[
sae is t eo .d t easPe lietat_-f
Sle e owr he ied me
with tbee and I rejoIee th more at
t rhe whib aliata you, believing
tha " l hlb eeea mlioe and the
tlnioae te thea a personal eempliieat
to e. (bChes.
Oev.lPtesm eg a Ge. the Weael.
Lmass, Mi., Nov. ith, ise0.
Deor ieu:-t-re this, you have doubt
ee heard, what oev. Pettu has said ho
maune to do eN the seunses.emnt of the
elhetlon ef Lolnia ms Pslidoet. Gov.
Phtes, o a il tpreasntaetive of what I
konws hr and nar m the hivalry of
Mislimsippi, and the fmh whiek Le threat
ae to msad by telegraph, will strike many
of the same polil shool. e, himself, Ma
the eight Sak. They will poet up to
Jeeen I open th Lglatore sand pass
soleim of roeilatione bet, as th pgenle
me, who d this, will have so ater y
em th people hr what they de-it will
ameatmlstply to aehiag at all. s sy
this bense. I hel eteled tha'kboeld
thathdy eodll a uavoetion of th people
to delirte en h ir of the ation,
th wtil repond to th eall; bot tiorml
egme e the  eur oefIm a body, weold
SeoethearO e tnO e and pirtl, m boret
obr s simlr erlels n our a&Ire. It
weuld bemth the me devotion to th
triloa. I metasd o why ther eLould ho
mlo ht hame, i a matte frlght with
mo dire alemies; or why ov. Pkttu,
hould be ambitleo to llow so om;
"-les it ho tht be espeomee th will do
party rather thee the pepie. I easnot
klieve 4b them is realy any dibrnos
of oplloal monaj peupl of Mlmllppl;
e thi polL ffth Uaole to he d
olved, YMisslsppI estldily will et de
ire to wm pa ueprats m eoebdeeri , r
-her lteeea ar theo ame m e ofA ele
slatea, Alahema, and etee tatee, anlted
by ere powerl ies thee th e of m
eglaiy. tu o ee b htiey to workt
ila wba i edhL to don, ad let u
ware hew we ell up th martial spurit
four Ightlg me be e* they are war -
td; h aeme th e Oimlm, Mqo r, Cap
wine, and othes k ar eutild by their
eeak to ed, will ertailay go lan row
meog themselves ulnie we led ieme.
ss asn Dmwu Dasses.-The Ce
Iambue haqIambess th hlloelwi n
at ,mem wiet r meam ae adem"
ma he ddoa g, bet Lh ever one sort
a- d wlthd set ,I en i eif
Wmthallmeat N Ie. Tern.
res-up Melt Aes e r Nmeem
aw elesw.ev. t,-Trade in be.
ewg'esy se emsbeesomed, la saees
qgets of the mewemente of the gklsma
sae. t.l of the OhaIlgetois b een
Erope are neareely negotiable heoe a sll,
and all ether Ntothern stWllng easheal e is
very mseb depressed. Bothert Statel
letbes are alee deolining.
The mtolk Is walted with deep ltlt5 t
by all esiesm of *eoplP
In the mrert'me, the Ileeak Republiess
JoUtile ate doligl all hey esA to sats
the publie mind.
The Herald esile upon Idneols I. ie
SmiAalfhsto, delarting that he will main
oin Sonthen Institutions and lnterets
A UIlllm t Wldea Sbm ped Nath.
Maw Yeast, Nov. 10o-The aobpmeets of
gold South the preent week Ibr the pet
sehke of northern etsebhage sesra s le
meetrl a aslllln of dollato.
New Orel.. Maet 're a s*pe.
New oets, HIov. to.-The ateemebip
Ferlte salled fromn this pt to-day af
Htvre and Ioethamptes. She hekb eat
oew Orle0ns melle of the 5th and tile.
grapble dlapatehee of the th.
Agated0 1n NMew lrw .
NMw YTes, Nov. lo.-Belses is per.
het'vy tageant. News from the South Is
of the most alarming nature. The works
Inl elasses are thrown inte a etate of 8ai
ltine, whleb the Trilhne and Tnes try
in valn toe uppres.
SIouhern bank bill oa Europe are
asereely negotiable. bSothern ktate *seeh
are on the dellne.
The organe of the Union party are
pressing upon Linseln to ieane pe*la
motion l porDaing not to vieoate the in
rtests or the booth.
G.old mhlpmeets to the oueeth, hi per
chase Neorhern esekepg, mre Iereslmg.
['ram Waelesgmse.
Wlaearstow, Nov. to.-I ol lelol qeua
ter, no appreheasiote e.sit that farthe
selrsane of forts or publie property will
take plne. in the South.
The report set aeMt that Pk deset Bel
ehaasn Intends heing a proleeaitles Is
The membehs of the obllet hedol mee*
lag to take liw emsldertilen the evenes
in the booth, but ne fH"eal Yst was
Tur Artoeat or as TAstL---A
as Dhowln.-The editor of Van.
Ity P'sir, thus daom the biography
of Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes. It
is brief, and pointed, saod cone.
quently will not brave the effect of
killig the Prrofessor, for whos
genius, it I. evidet the biographer
has a nice appreekatlem. If it were
done in a book of the standard
weight, then the Doctor might
bring an oltion of damages againlt
thei Fair, for pbysicing the publio
with as overdose of inodest to
kill. We have so desire to part
with the Autocrat and the moet
ezelleat company of his table.
The biographer says :
Oliver Weadell Holmes is one
of thei most remarkable bricks in
the country, as this brief biography
will show. He Is tho se of the
roy. John Holmes, of Idiuburg,
theo authorkof 'Iloele, a touci.
lag trged , nfoundd on the adve
tres of one of the aeetore of
Stephen A. Douglas, who had a
great deal of trouble n finding bhis
mother (a dilbelty under which
the family still labors,) and dhe
sufferings of Lady Radolph, th
wife of the los. John Randolph of
Roasoke. Origlnally from Holoi e
Hole, the lafaac Dr. Holmes
warn psed In To . e first
objects that met his bchildish eyee
in te Modera Athees were the
SJtate Hose, whrob he hs noeve
need to regard with afection,
oand the Commos, for wob ch Be s
as uncommon oreverence. As light
bhave bees espeoted from his poeti
cal tempermest, the childbood of
Oliver was ratler wild ; lndeed,be
was so wild at one time that he was
actually sent to h teadmill I-
The oona'on wasu as follows BRe
ing on day in wret of a tail for
his kite, and not fioding saything
adapted to hisb perpoee li t he fa
Ily rg bkg, be crond over to the
Cbrlesto? Nav Yard, where the
Coastitutlon wu thea rotting, and
seeugging bimelf on board, stead
thily olitbed the lasyarde atil be
reached the cutwater, where the
Unioa Jack was iylor. He appro.
.ltmed it for his kite-tail, but w
dec do ed, sad met to
theirmdmill for thDm meoths. He
leghekl at his puaiebmet, is a
poem ettled'TbET Teedill,"whichb
o ag, b eneerlted it by wrtig
ahout the Flag of the Oi ettitso
-. spirited littei lyrlo4' *iWh
strea d q to ear, is hwt m w orr*e
it s.i eed,
(WiE DLr. SlmUs errseath
hathe theon
faired et prisons
maesed the atludyr of lai
tag weary of John Doe,
Ioe, and the rest of that lrge le
?al famly, he termed r l Mateste,
medicilne, esered an appreis
tbwseip with a dietinelshed apoth
scary on Beacon lii and, gradeas
tin with distinction, started for
Par to nish blhis ed esen.
Dr. Holmes has writte several
medical works, with alarmanly
scientilo titles, (we shall not ve
themr)and a volume of ,emswbi
oasoionly smell of the shop,
though they are anything but a
dru in the market. IH residese l
a platial msleon, on the beaks of
the Charles River, not far rem the
cottage of his publisher, Mr. Pields
(known in gngland under the se.
ri.eur of Kenny Meadows,) and is
sight of tie object of his e rly ad
mitratio, the tat HNouse I Hie
devotion to the cupola of the State
-liinue is so ardent, that be calls it
the Ilub of the Usiverse 1 Hi and
it. enemies sout the idea, which
certainly is estratvgant, and say
it Is but i small part of even the
Coommee Wheel of Mmsachusetta I
Dr. Holmes is a great prolcient
In boating, so much so that the
master with whom, he studied (Mar.
tin, the Vegetarian,) omlle him his
beet scholar. (query V I&ullr I)
Combo. the phren',loxist, paid him
a tiilar compliment, saying he
was the beat skull in floston. Tile
proximity of tlhe doctor' residence
to the spar yards on the bank of the
Charles led him to sparring, and he
Is now aq devoted to the manly art
that he never takes a walk without
putting on his gloves I His habite
are pacifi, however, netwithaetmad
ing his ~onnection to this mage
sine was the " Autoeaot ofd h,
reakfrst Table." It was originally
his Intention to have eontinued the
ceries with "The fIenncrat of the
Dier Table," "The Sovereige of
the Supper Table," and possibly
"The Loaer at Lunca," but soms
injudicousn friend persuaded hie to
ehange his plea, and give as "The
Professor," latead. We should
like to analyse these work for thit
delectation of the readers of tLe V.
P., which is the bighest praise that
we can give thema. *
Dr. Holmes devoted all his se*e
glee to his pr",feaion, and was at
Iset chosen Professor of Anatomy
of Cambridge, ls the place of Dr.
Warren, (the Inventor of Warren's
blacking, and the author of '"Ten
Thousand a Year," whihob by the
way, was the Income whiok his
blsoking gave him,) who was un.
fortunately killed on Bunker's Bill
is the dower of hbi youth, an the
reader of Anrican hbstory will at
once remember. '"ll wasee alee"
correspondent informe a, with
what truth we know not, "Prole.
nor of UompGqalve Anatomy and
Theology in te Massachusetts Wa.
ter Care EstabisbhmeaS, and held
the Hommopethio (Chair in the Al
lepathio Cemtry. It was undr
his wise guidnce that the practice
of mediee attained each unerriag
preclo isn eston, that aCt " wo
patiente li six servived a sel tro
the oneheorn cba."
At his residenes I this eit, on eater.
day the 10th ls., UABIIKL ANDItJ, i
assive of Vrse-ged 11 yarn.
O kSerday msorsais. 10th leat., at 1o
o'eale, Ia b sity of New Orlmel M'..
J. P. MSIPIrS OUSYAN. wldew ef the
late leesaa, aM te age of. . yea'.k
Duratas Alrranmw.-There will be a
regular moeli ef the eugar eowl DeS
nag Soelety, tdl s1eneiag, at ilf-pal Y
o'eioeek, ai the sal pimce of meHlilg.
Pumetusl attedme requeted. Quti
teleag for diseelos, "WhLih hue mea
'-I·*e e mae watery l petry."
Armalvle, W. 3. Melmesy sad J. 3.
Stmeer. Nelgatlve, 0. 0. Hardy nd W. V.
adeliph. by order of tlhe Seekey,
W. . ANDOLE, Sest'y.
DAI N 3 ,m111 eaOR 00Sm .
heed abemsam.l smnatmleg4 lhe
ame~e mo s i 5ko, wh6 ,e areasw
.~at* aasumauu sumop a oo.
kmW leages of mAew, vera obe5W
car 5ea. temw ersrmers
a.gbm all see man a In es_
..re eomnr tamnya at
* TO lU'.
gibe. er
c~rr d
" PM. " brf/& i r ght. A
hm e wie.. iheeet
. o". itaNIY
a meW-M wIUS udeisi.M
I>.*b r. n .0.
ýA , I1 ,, . º,. i, SM
1ýýýCfw ýý11II~PYlrm(j all11
th1ºw L* c. a. kwnwa n
1Nrsrblw 0I b~r0 MIAATIe
Mr e-rn all, ye.
meW- A UWADY a 00.
(IiU ? ID-a ueml je t heeve
rwt. A. 11
.... A, WSIWAN? A00.
gCoabAll1 a11-A* bl~lo JusM iee leshe
~J.d ow uMeby
mee A. ISOWMAUW A 00.
x2t we~h goo" d
tLt bI NI o+Iro ra rA M.
bwrn, belqp,.·(,Wrrr rl
11...N IrYLCw a to rl
A la Ir. .<b Iad /1 N ws1 s1 f
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