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Daily gazette and comet. (Baton Rouge, La.) 1856-186?, November 28, 1860, Morning, Image 2

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WIMD0sDAl:s:::::::ssatW.i 3.
TuA eeise.--4beoiew, bi
day appolnted by the Governer, far
Thaalngiving and Prayer. To ms
the language of the Procalmatha.
It is our bounden duty, i times of
prosperity or adversity, to bow down
in humble ubmission to the chbtes
mag m.eaifeationa aid derees of Dl
viMe Providee, sad to acknowledge
the imerutable widem and justa m
d 1is doeee-it now become us,
a.r a.aom of gi ral good health
and comparlle praperity, to mcog
ais the same All-wie power a the
Supreme Source dof nl hbleinge and
-esym3 ets.
And a it ha beae emctomary in
this State to obere a day of Thab-.
giving, therefore, I bane thought pro
per to recommend that Thurday, the
99th day of November nest, be et
apart for that purpoe, and mulgst to
peasse of all reeds and desomias
sgno the pepriety of suspeuding on
that day their mual budnesas ave.
tdos, that it may be dedicated ezol
bvl to the worship of Almighty
are is a platform upon which all
may meet and ahake hands in amity
and riendhp. We my quarrel
through the year, over thb trade sale
ia the genral scramble to get rich,
and pepae the way to live-we may
quarnd abo dogmus and weeds,
and ght to establish by force, our
pet systems; yet we hav all to o
owlsdge th Only Great, Eteral,
Leving and Unseen, Jugeg of Judges
apd Kigof Kings Thme are times,
whe through His agent, be visits
an, or we should forget our allegiemo
to Hism, and his great klgdiom;
where a mut go at lngth-a-d
p 'm away foree, as the shadow.
ight weleeme is the petilenoe
add famis; they have a chastsing
iles"e ad make afeel our rel
tioaniLp-that we ae indebted toeah
tr, for all the blessing we have
for bappies--ay th very soul with
in "-that we have a common hee.
atp and eammo destiny :
"T kPS 4 MW. the btea'd d-vr,
tlkible 14 Ua tis ,7, dle;
k18ded, 1 rdkes, lie."
mare petty dioatiaotion melt
away-dliteemoes no longer exist
This rfeaetio should humani.s and
(risrltiaal the heart, and it I. to
mebs redetisne that we tarm on
Loieasana in her primitive so
ereigay-(we mesa the sovereig
ty she had when the strongest td
of Ildians held her) may glor(y
for many speclal reason. The day
hs been appolnted by our own
Governor, and not by the President
of the yet United State; homen thb
day eannot be objected to on polite
el groeeds, evns by t extreme.
ly onsitive and selec company of
Staes lightLs en. It eannot o
ceamplened at bysny east, oemauso
thirn is o presrim d form of
praye for the 'mheakaglvng and
as eider for womehip. Peopl may
wr a nst oberw lt,J ua theoy
uanrCnmuaz. Azmua.c& Cow
IwUACr Phoresa.-Presldent Has
tinr, e a roaue, in aproola
tics, *enku the people fir teifr
Sa dbeorintg to renti
Ud eo aeie t strgeethe
s l i the title of the
etral America, and
west' ths weed for the oratestLer
oi hMeas took the Dhrty to
U Men that the meals wee
Manln e pr'vertsl orn,'
ia ar e ahsm AOs.
I w- the lamed essayist, and
Ssssph Mr. Them.s Carlye,
whMeded thde eprson, '"Cotton
is Eg "-a very good phrase for
cotton growers, when the staple is
ib market and cash is wanted for
it; bt king as It is, it has to nsou
eosb, to cash at whos will, it is
often bandied about, and brow bea
ten, until we are forced to exclaim
"whereis thy scepter mighty King?';
in the language of thi poet. If
Cotton is King, then Cash is his
Pme Misuster,eed ear is the bank
ing capital of the empire. The pro
position is hereby denied. Cotton
is no wre king, than casheb, or corn,
and such being the truth, the phrase
of Mr. Carlyle, is one that will not
nad its way very far down, the
unmeasured stream of time. The
world might do without clothes, as
it bhas done ; and ven that nearest
and dearest garment, which touch
es the heart of every man and wo
man might be dispensed with, be
cause in the primitive time, before
the weaving of cloth became fash
ionable; the world, of mankind
made a shift to do without it. No
doubt, our kiasmen in the Clock
Country will live to see a return of
primitive republicanism when their
doctrine of equality and fraternity
iq fully carried out ; when bhe In
dian is made, not only to change
his skin, but nature; and the na
tive Dahomean is washed white in
the pure waters of their transcen
dental philosophy. Is it not very
plain that dress, marks distinctions
in society, which would not exist,
if the world was without clothes I
How should we distinguish, be
tween king and commons-lords,
ladies and the vulgar gentry,but for
the matter of clothes ? Perhaps it
was this ides in his bead, that
caused Mr. Carlyle to make use of
the expression about cotton, which
was evidently intended to embrace
woolens, Ag leavesand ihr fabrics;
if not silk. But this is not the idea,
that we grapple after just now. It
is this-O.piieOi ing, and if it
be so is fact, why deny, its throne
and scepter. Then it becomes, a
most Interesting and instructive
vein of inquiry to determine what
is opinion. The expression is a
common oe--on the stamp, prti
cularly. "Public opinion is in favor
ofit." We have bheard it used of
ten, by mall, as well as large
stump speakers, with great com
pass of voice. The best interpreta
tion we have been abl to give it
when then used, is this. "Publio
opinion is against it," when the
speaker enaet di4oover how, it is
to strengthen his side and put
money in his purse.
What i Public Opinion ? It is
a small ad modest voice, the iain
esae of which rechee the geat
heart of humanlty, through som
subtle media, seean ; it i ts a
terial evidence of the 8pirit of the
lAge. Perhap, thereo is nothing
more diScJlt to arrive at, than
Publio Opiion; nothing, more
dloosely talked of; nothing requir
l"g more patint thoght nd care
ful study to fathom. Very stoia
it is, that publio opinioo, never
beks forth ia a tempest, to upuet
the teepot-It never takeus part in
violent acties, asd the mob ad
vigileam committee which are the
o- t democratic tn.titutions
of the ooutry, never ezpress it.
The Spirit of tb Age, depises th
pomp of war, ad the ironmetance
of mere materi things; it cares
net to estabihh ew systems of gov-.
eramnt, and new sects of religion;
yet Itnds its way into the hoburch
Swell asth tb ats We all alike
fel i andknew t how it acts
though us. We nsoeat say where
it i, or who it is ,beause It is a
immaterial -se pervading the
Z'Yes..sq ea l,,, e •.
WbW it is th esm
lined wWsm sen Intalipaes oI
the fsw. It has not been, and can
not be defeated, because It never
enters the arena to fight, eves for
its self. tIt is the gradual dawn
of light from heaven in Divine heb
sanity-working in as and through
as, to solve the great problem of
existence. They, who fanoy, that
publio opinion, sits on the whirl
wind, and acts as fireman for the
earthquake, in the moral nature
mistake, the shadow for the sub.
stance. The movement to great
results Is slow. Step by step, atom
by atom is the foundation of the
coral laid in the bosom of the ocean,
that is to rise into a thing of life
and beauty in after ages. Silent
ly--i slippers of list, does time
advance-Another day comes up;
not with a loorish of trumpets;
the firing of cannon and the letting
go of fir-wheels; No, the silent
adoration, of our system, from Mer
cury to Neptune, goes up to the
Great Mover of the spheres, in one
united prayer of gratitude.
With this bead the New Or
leans Del proceeds to say briefly
and succinctly what the legisla
tare about to assemble "ought
to do," and then, in order that its
will may not be mistaken, It pro
ceeds to uay "what it ought not to
do." It is a special meeting-an
extraordinary sesion to meet ex
traordinary contingencies which
have not and may not arise. Of
course none but extraordinary ques
tions should be brought forward
such, as by their very nature re
quire extraordnary speeches to
elocidate. The Dell says:
Its members ought to bury in ut
ter oblivion, all political differenes,
and consult calmly together, in a
spirit equally patriotic and states
Had the writer wiped his pen
just bere, so one would disagree
from him even for argument sake;
which in wordy weather like this,
is all that great talkers want to
set them to going like clocks; but
the DdWs continues:
"It (the extraordinary session)
ought to pass a law for the imme
diate draft of one-fourth of the-mill
tia of each parish, for the purpose
of being drilled (in the parish)
semi-weekly or weekly.
It should provide them with arms,
of the latest improved kinds, and
plenty of ammunition for target
That's a very excellent segges
tion as far as it goes, but our boys
would like to have a small sum at
their disposal, to provide for such'
contingenoie as are incident to
target shooting. We have no ob.
jection to the measure-there is no
amssement more harmless than tar
get shbooting, and if funds to buy
the most improved kinds of arms
can be had, and ammunition furn
ished, without issaing more State
bonds, or promises to pay, then
for one say we, go ahead gen
timen and peasr the bill with all
convenient dispatch. But there is
one otber consideration in connec.
tion with this sabject, which ought
to be oonsidered before a million or
so is appropriated from uonexpend
ed belanoes not is tbhe treury;
the people already find it quite
onerous to pay the interest on bonds
already outstanding; we er on tih
eve of a inancial erisis, when it
will be hard to fin perchasers of
bonds-a diffoclty which will be
onwsiderably augmented, when mo
ey-lenaders begin to discover tiht
iLouisiana, like South Carolina, is
aboat to resume a sovereignty sh
never had, and in her new position
may take a notion to repudiate her
debts, aftoer the fashionable chri
tian manner. When the State r
sums. the sovereigty she naver
had; the individual sovereign may
say also, "I repedite" ad then
te armed milis may find employ
at In aling the ta oolletors
to emset them asse w b will be
needful to boald Ls e -helders to
gh~ that bd of mnion wah
n harly eape. t "one-frth * -
the militia of eneah perish, to quit
their espatioms to go sogeerin
ad target huting see-weekly
without wages. This would be ab
suid. The editorof the Wlde would
hardly expect to throw down his
very sagacious, learned a1 patri
otic pen to shoot at targets every
week simply for nothing. He should
not only be compensated for his
own persoal sacrifices, but how
could the publio treasury pay thei
public for the loss it would most
certainly sustain ? How could we
expect this narrow-minded, flat
headed, soulless people to go right,
when such pes as prick ideas in
to the Daily D~kt should be cast
aside, or permitted to rust from
week to week on the editoral ta
ble ? Wby, the press would stop
that great engine of public power
and deception might rest in such a
condition and the people would
wander about like lost sheep. What
other calamity would follow in this
train ? Why, perhaps our great
speechb-makers would quit making
speeche, when they should find
that thereisnologer a press to
puff them into notoriety and place.
We cannot contemplate these things
without a fit of ague creeping over
us for what may follow. About the
investment proposed by theim Dli
is shooting irons-will be allow us
to suggest to him the fact that
right here in Uncle Sam's Arsenal,
at Baton Rouge, there are arms
and munitions of war enough to
equip, five hundred thousand fight
ing men ? We make no doubt that
if Uncle Sam should be advised that
we want them, and be assured that
we would not hurt ourselves with
them, he would loan them to us, as
be placed them here specially for
this purpose. Come, Deis, dear,
suggest something else for the Ex
traordinary Session to do, whilst
we look about us for the most
economical way of doing it.
O- .**b---
Too MANY Imos Ix wuE Fims.
Tbe Detroit Free Press tells, in the
following, how a countryman, vie
iting that city, attempted to carry
two pigg under one arm, a coop full
of chickens under the other, and a
quart of eggs in his coat-tail pock
The beginning of his troubles
was to drop one of the diminutive
porkers, which shot aromud the
corner like greased lightning. He
laid the coop on the other to hold
it down, and started in pursuit, re
turning victorious to find his other
pig releasd by the benevolent ao
tion of sn old sow, who upset the
coop and freed the prisener. Im
prisoaing the other in like manner,
hestarted in pursuit again, sad in
the course of tweety aiutes loom
ed up with piggy No. under his
arm. By ths tuie No. I had wig
gled out, sand was gone agai,
whereat be was so much nged
that he sat down on the eggs una
wares and smashed them. Descry
ing the truant in a neighboring
stest he dashd after him, tmble
over a getter plate, sand broke he_
shines, sad reganed his equiHibri.
um jlust in time to see both of his
porcine tormenters disappear un
der a bare with a flirt of their short
tails. Weading his way sorrow
fully back to tbhe coop, he arrived
in time tosee the lastof his bid
dies disappear over a picket fence,
in the distance, relesed by the
mischief of malicious boys, who wst
on the curbstone oand asked him
what be wus looking for. When
last seen en was using his best en
deavors to trade the coop for a bot
tie of lemon pop-making the best
of adverse circoaumstances.
MN. Bruseso's HAnms.-is a-e
bits are of the most frugal, sidple,
and self-denying character. The
salaryu allowed him by his congre
gation is 1000 l yearl ; ie would
not ept morw . Out of tide he
set aside 10 a year for the sp
port of elevea young me, rwhbem he
clothes, adnoates, and maintain
entirely, who are destined for the
ministry. Ho has selected those
whom he thought most likely to be
elent laborers in Christ's rie
yad. He deputes their edsate
to otherm, but devek oe day i
pvery week to a proal eamin
tio of ttsei tbLde The
t*S W 0sG & aft.
11 111 S. L.. a., o Bases shgte
When the Y le llgtese, and sees -s
Ae the sal Mm earwe Is Ir.
We the vi fraught, w ith h t
ALd Lbh Ill ef 1 glee;
'nM Memory reg, gee bee 'sle win g,'
As s hears that a w se:
btajy ae rnm it mewa
Whe eltere.else rwee, de * madIds suer
Ao the heart fob all lseer;
Theb will Memory pser,frnm lbetreweld stirs!
OierngemSad raeade b-tubS,
er ebhoees teawe, sue bof oe pleKsure,
Lad glla will the heart o light.
WbIIea soad odar, 'ied lNfe's beat
And wildly oea we weef;~
O bee wo glide o'er the nailt tide
Of ie uueaabled deep ;
ee Mem.ry's light, beme eou as bright
As a pureroad*adlat star,
Shem he ge'.aedeb ahss. 000
To Co..Josw Fonos.
ekr ir :-In view of the impandlag
erisls, which wo cannot view with any
other than the Ilvellest inte.t, it is im
portant that we should coast about us for a
sound, sultable and proper person to rp
seaot us, in the eoming state Coaven
tios. Knowing your large public osperl
ease aged private vi ueo-wbhih are only
equal to your modesty and ptriotisem;
we take this method of addressing you to
know if you will not allow your name to
be sed.
F. FuDes, Js.,
FIrs Jause Funes,
lMv. Focea Aooos,
JoSa GovUewasL,
MasAnouss Goesn;
and forty othlrs.
Osonc t ESILsrov ost Rruwa.-The fll
returns from Oo-rlas give Birecklnidge
62,191, .*' 4:,0630, Douglsh 11,18.1
iTh MethoedI Chureh Ins this eity
will be dedicated on Sunday ad Decem
ber nes. Reov. Dr. C. K. Marshall will
preach the mermon easlted In the eermo
ales by Dr. Keaer and other minoates.
At night Bishop larly will preach. On
the Wednesday seueeding the Loeelasm
confereone will begn its session in the
basemeant of the church sad eontlnue un
till the Wednesday following. The pub
lie is cordially invited to witness the er
emooie and dedleton and the progress
of the conforenc. W. L I. LmIarmsoa,
Nov. 10th 1360"
AEMUAI. MAASUO 0 m1u' s.
r AN:NUAL meiSnOg oS the breth e
Le i  ue Mi eteIlgsw ulll amntt
Ip tamessel nemwa MIeegel Obluel
plasoat abs aewasdeer sed .he**h
stroete,* 8AT RDATY NWIMT the It
peose. The imethies of th ledge anre besby
s vpe tly 5N Md. mlseg asmmboe s of the
,htermity efogers  a levlted b t, pe
mos eitel s seaslo. J033 3. NbW,
eiortd heretary.
SCA _.A, are er. sol. to 5.5 "
ad e  .eal metia*o* the ums at`
Massao.e fll ens*e of t re sme4bs
sLIo; ;.e MOIIOAT NLiT nesI. llCops-m
eofther bptese eqeersl are Iavlied te at
tal. ABS 1M nA3rW.D,
As ds*eroel.".
InM - a tenu ilebe;re
PAIT I- r do. beedt q faL;
EAIUN- *o1. ra Lt e 'sib e.
SAID-d5 A0v-'o White LMab Sad i
For .N s apply as thi osed .
as somw.an muN . r,
I saB L esepe to emi 1k aontos
tIe of the eis o my 0New VAIltf
S.3f"U U"- l opeml . mite of
hIssu her '.ro, o hima @'sse' Y1MU
Ne oe.W b5hltoC t uy b aad a4
beain , IFalett thm a se, e o f tooe
sa et my now eatepee,, whI I beo e
wWl S Ie . M thei r A s livita
m iesriomo the
LAme 31603 oW 1e0r AUrMI.m,
whob is *t* samsem to pertleelaho. Al my
peods we pow bwl alest en thmem r.
ser, eeea seemtly, Ir v a.br60,1 esesloelsep
1 M aset r the eas b p mrsl le Nee er
IlFrMR eD lPargt
Matte Mtem Orammet;
(lr O00 on1 O 10V WII
011 O uIellaN, ahp ar t steepslJl
GI. 1 rs1ABEGUS APUnla hrpese
10? WARS sopesyd "
SlucmmomIU Iaduw. -:
Is emag l O S iWnMu
i~C m'001111
91)~·IP·I mow ml he I~
3W £ a NoV monwI DI
sale t as WIe at lO of
N e -by whole
or otoek befoM or
ocw KZOl l of nu d .
lrmwoW ~f io d mi ad, po
U T H., IT .
A 1a ·011 OII r O LAS
And our steok of To onals of esery
variety keptby hp. Desalr are
respetfully liten to sa sad sesame
our stock bem sending their orders to
New Orleans or peele el where.
nnownl-wy. A./TSArT ZO .
Wm a DT OOS,
hei rister sat
.D lm u. 00ol.e
1.3MW and N seA T,
tabmemam amy ateeagaaeae
.r B Os Meat a ta e and N we coa desa c ao s
mtesNdt e thesa qeallV and dae a
DU h eo s M , Xeha tt hgs W a
er ewlrlawe t're a itat
ties of tM Dthe-r of keen e ant slak
LAMMOll aeia Ie- MM T,
to-e ea Ut lMm t eet aoSme Sah M eem s
ser iLsteais K eeR, we SI eatN & 0
l0,? e eal a h o aMs
i.US.N '0MAiMS 5 A 00.,
tE oraesr 'm.,s tbne.
neH ma. MAoaesos.
DEoMEatRa, 10oO,
Just resulted and Mtr a a by
nes/e 4 J. so008oao0.
m or
AT~m510 4-01-~tl
Lo ltrieA. W.A,
by Af,. Ve8ed o .r .af by
stie. 56N 1. i3 I. .I
meri74Saw Ame5ar.
V PlAlIN o, Pel iss whikoth
ower e hve by edtl t this i0 .
oav Ia. o Ja
Cera..msen a" SanmYa -e"I.
arsea sentmam irs at
rah se idasse e am d assalas we ear
YVMeand and ptS hL' i
J Cr neter -1d a Mdmd iel,
NOT"4 A br h S.
CoL w hale. Cooh, e« who
Alrso ghI 4a A ithe buaesa.
Cso~ooIfed tod wal - Dee thse.
1 pm K. w
Nj 3.ae J.- hral 1 .
sew- t5o . Mg00BioE.
ak len P. ,
Wa stom 5.d UedGSO
kro wl 6 wilel atatt Na
olatilon bse Company, and no eeases
them. LUON J. dEEMA
Fog swe a la at a d
Iad [email protected] ls

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