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The Bryan daily eagle. (Bryan, Tex.) 1895-1898, December 14, 1895, Image 1

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Vol. I No. n
Price, 6 cts
I . 1
lw ID j 1 jf L L
Still loads hi jrood thinjrs to cat.
" lions aud Hom."
'The Moderstora i; J KeguU
It in rumored that ai Tresident jtor of Grimes county lave gone
Till: DM) ItOMAV.
- . u . , - v . , a v v a
xok over this list, jin Up PII()TE 23 and
I If 1 liMvt-ri'l gut llmt you want, I will it.
Juv Cii;ouy or VIIITJ2 CROSS Flour.
y Jltinn It
(A pi leu.
Harrison is a candidate, net for
the presidency, but for m tttri
niony. The democrats would innko a
eerioua mistake ihoulJ they at-
In the. 1. nth of Allen (!. Thur- ' "
t it ,,ii. .i Hol Or Lend.
ninn, Inn iiolilf "Old luiinun, . ,v. ,. , ...
ICal tO niOUeriUe !npr:.,ft I.-, .. i . . f kr rrt-at- Irlnffrtrim f'j.Visa i.nunt lh. nn.l r irl.
ckI, brut ami purest public iwn.
the I
rtnitiHtora have had to atop je wa!t S2 years of ag, and hnd
settle matters., -Kkh.nond j .() fMt 0 the upreiue
(on it n lit
Ci -llli.il
Con homed
HUkim Powder Cn meal
liir I reed
ir ui n k
Ms. kng
lirn b
'an lie
Cliiuiiif i
Clothes Line
Clothet I'm
('ru March
Corn..l IW-f
Cream Tansr
I Ml. ,
irn- ;,M'f
lined KiuiU
etras berry
Ki trade
' inur
i.ela Inn
listers '
M (in Pvrup
Mine Meat
M"ir 1
O.I Oil
I'm a
I'ic i ra
Crern'!'$ Wondtr Soap
Oraliam Hour prune
It-.IM OaU
Alia) lira
Hweet Cora
OrM FruHt
Cannm4 SoodS
('oroed Bref
'Jnia Itaaat
no fur in their
and rrpulate each other that
KitcrtiiinHtom have had
"The iav birdi and ftood t eck-
U-mt.t tne repeal uf the civil aer- ,.t v.. n, .i ih.m . ...!
iet law. Anything which deci- emi,, .hunih a.ttm are not!of h' vice-
matea the apoila ayntcm i good Lpll!ej ia either Crimea r Fort P","'''-
thing, and deiervca to be purdied I telHlt if we underntand matter! Mck'inlry, the republii-an gov
along. Icorrectlv." Ntvaauta Itevief. lernorof Ohio, femed a beautiful
briich, in the 1' nited Stat" sen
ate, and was in 1M the nominee
It ia announced from Vnfhing
Um that the aound money detno
crati of Illinois wiii trot out Hon.
William II. Morrim n an a candi
date lor the presidency. We think
Bill will find the track r.-nped be
tween hit bconi and the nomination.
The II. an I T. C. railnad ai'.l a-ll
r .UD'I tiip liikfta to lloualon I'oe. !7;
fare 1 1.2V Leava Hrjran .1 2S p. in.,
Tii-lav, I ii-f. 17. Ci'M. to rotnrn only
on a',Mcial train Iravinif Houston at
3 .35 p. ii... Iw. W.
The nmn who trim to kill liquor
fimtf that it ha mure lives than
a cat.
out forma. In Und ar.irriaii w fiad
no auch atrikli..r diveraitia. In a
funeral way the variation in eo'or and
deposition of pluina;; mark the binia
aad, at a rulu, the baitr vary on
from tba other In lungth f lir.A tall
and nec. hut in tli f.ihci nitura
aeema io bava run riot In fnil.lonln;
mliahapen form. Tiicjr pttn'u a
(enoral typo of ilruct ji4 In r immon
with tba other creat'.ina cf t'.s thro
treat claaa of tie ajitiil k.:iedora.
1'h klVA MM knit .in mnnlh m
tribute to th memory of the dead j backbone and timba. a heart, breath
ftatcamaii, in tlic form of a procla-l laf apparatus, toetu and bralna in
.- i . t Li.'fact. all the organa nectiary to aaa.
mrt.on, upon learning of hi.
death. When a inan'a political for food, yet tbelr rx'.-i-aal anatomy
la oiten of a most croie4u character.
In eontrHst with the.r groit beauty
of coloration the New Yoi-k 6uq h&a
aiauilnod aome of the roj.ulawa forma
"It is not what wo n a-1, lut what we remember
that makes uh wisu.
DON'T l-'OHO I'YV t" y""r (Jrocrriea from
li.i vif I v tlie ..I, ewcrt memoriia of the Southland?
M ymi pri-h-r pre.-it gre-itneaa. and glory in her future
ran leu r?
Then v.ii w.il lti! "i'h delight Tha Sponsor Souvo
nie Album ind H atoey of tht U. C. V. Reunion,
1895. A- a n i inoria1 ..fa nr. at coam m, aa a unique work
..fart, and a delightful Chriatiua prem-nt, it w.ll - appre-
i i,it. .l y patriot an I .M lovera of the truly U-autiful.
Pho o Engravurcs.
The exi't ll.'i t phot. -eiiKrAViire of Mie Winnie Davia and
h.ritr, Mr Mapi. lavia Hayes of the U. C. V. Suite
S(H.in.or. of t.enerala Jackcon and Johnion, I'liatniaater
tieneril K.miii and )u Kiimiett, the author f Dixie, are
al.uiH wnrtli t'i' price "f the liook, not to mention the fine
Hlif.,1 . ,.f C. n. ral i.ird.ii. and the Division and Sat
('nniiiiaiidei1 of the U. . V.
Ben uiful Women.
The South the I onie of beautiful w.iinen, and rarely
ha there beui u.'h a (Mther'mg of her fair daughters aa that
which uriued tl e ll.uix.im Reunion. They came from every
SU le .f the dear oi l S. ith a perfect galaiy of beauty. Thi
viiImiii ou.t.iiiM Engraviftga of ovtp Flvt Hundrad
reprastntfttivt Wo-ntn of th South, Sponwra and
Maids of Honor of l . I . V. I'mnpa.
follow the (Jrowd.
The Rich people, the Poor people; all
this week. They go because that
is the "onliest" place in town to go
For Presents, Toys, etc.,
Where you can be sure of suiting
any taste, the most fastidious,
any purse, the poorest.
He has Everything,
from Fine Cut GUhs. China. Rich Al
bums, and splend d Gifts of exten
sive variety and range, to the sim
plest and cheapest toys.
You are invited to
i opponent hold him in such high
lexteem, his friemU tie mute with
j grief, (iov. McKinlcy paid:
"Ohio has !ot ene of ,ta noblext
jciti.".cn. He wa it talesman
t whoe rttirdy integrity and eialted
lahililie were lecogiiif.I, not only
J in this Mate, but every part of the
iriiitvdSl.it?. A a judge of the
upreme court of the date, he wai
j a l. arned and incorruptible inter
j pn-ter of the the law. Aa I'nited
iSiaii n-nator, he faithfu'ly and
I a ith exceptional honor represented
Jthia Hate in tiic I'nited State en-
ate. He wa ala i a diatinguiahed
party leader, and atol in the first
rank with the great men who were
hi coiitruiporaric After being
jlhe recipient of inatiT honor at
'the hand of hi party and his
I countrvinen, lie retired to private
j -
; life, with the universal respect and
j ectcciu of the citizen of the repub-
I lie and the love ( nil w ho had the
honor of knowing him. His illus
trious career i a conspicuous ei
ample of the possibilities of Ainer-i-nri
citizenship, und i worthy the
cludy of the youth of tur state
The j.eople of Ohio, reparoles of
party, will be irourners at his
tier. Out of respct to his mem
ory, it is hereby ordered that the
fla;s be placed at half niastoier
the state capital ui.til after the
obsequii s."
i ii j
to Norrell's.
itieet iiuprx.vrmphia in coni.ee ion aith
j bis other o!h. il .lut et.
Vtktt Ub. aa XakN a Tkaataaa Dallar I The wa er ork t ill rr ert. risl
f. i)
(Successors to Lee & Wilson)
Wo havi' tlie largest ftook of the
Ai d all kinds of Holiday Goods, in Bryan.
Also the Finest Awortmont of
iGuulics, Cakes, Fruits, Xuts, Tobaccos
and Cigars.
T?rel toer. Ttrfwn.
Ataraprlaiiaa far lire.1 lBraat.
The council met In regular net on at
the city halt Fri.Iay ninht. all . m.frs
present eteei't Aldermen II ie!l and
The meat Important butine-a trans
acted by tha lxlr relates to street im
prvvrnienia, and waa doue in re-pone
to two pet;tion, from the whi e and
colored tai-payeia ef Kryan. The for
mar rympliilniM of the conditinn of I lie
streets In the soul nern part i.f t.n,
and tha latier calW attention lo the
aattern and nouh astern pait. Koth
petiliona era referred to the itret't
coinniittee, and the float agent waa
ordered by the council to tra infer
$1000 fro.1i the f fecial building fund lo
tha stnet improvement fun I. at fi per
cent per annum. Thi money ia a il,
euhjet t lo the oi.ler i f the ci'y marshal,
and will be expended lor audi imjirov
menti in all parts of the city, which
111 be b"gnn at once, a on leritsn I.
The tax-payera will hail thi announce
ment with genuine aatiafaction, and ll e
Esui.i hopea to e it p n.he.1 to an ex
tent that wlllinapiro proerty oaaeis
to beautify and Improve the aidawsUi
about their borne. There ia nothing
hick can a id more lo tha general
prosperity ol tha lo n than wall kept
atiacta. Tha city martini waa alios e I
aalr 'f'"0 pe m n t u.ervla
It is lsa.a4 at Galveston fram aa
authorl;:!vc source thai alaca the
comp'n t '..s agreement between tba
Internai.unal a ;J (.real Northern
and the Kaiy. i"-e Utter road has
changed a eoDirai t ma4e soma lima
ago fr l!ie tni;' nent of I.O'.J,00J
bu.hela of corn lo eaU-rn ports ao
that the corn will be -nt through the
port of l.alvrston. The corn comet
from Kansas and Mitooari.
At ritltburg. Camp co'inlv. W. T.
Partridge hat made an a.-ignnent
for t-ie Iwn-at of creditors, naming
Autlin Ircderii-lc a attignee. The
following are lh preferred creditors
ia the order named: Clatt A K. A.
Klag. fl.'ij; J. T. Partridge. $U17;
Autca I'rcderick. ft 75. flats M S.
l t ''.. il ."): N. V. B'.aclc. 1 100;
lo:e brother, f 75. AstsU and lla
bil'tlea not known.
Near l.oe'aJy. Houston county,
the c.her evening Jim and John Jones,
two j ouag colored men. ware on tht
roaJ borne, when Jim got out his pis
tol to tee how good ba could shoot.
Hi horse scared and tl.e second shot
put a bullet ihroui '.i Ue heart ol
John. Jict was arre.l. Tha jury
of inijucst uecioed It wat an accident
and he wat ri-ieared. 'Jbsy were
psid, at well as the usual ha''.'!, of sun
dry rlsima
The rrpo t ofii-oal agenl.city ec
reiary and maishal weie approved.
An ordinmiie w it p.iaanl, levying a
tax of SXoi) x r annum on iii-uran.-e
aget ts.
Ano'b.roi linauce, prohibiting (oot
l'll playing oi the puhlic stieets and
plass, wat adopted.
- -
The Huntrrs lleturu.
Me sis. T. Y. Hoyett, II. (1. IMuxlei
and T. t Nuiin of Bri an, Ah Taylov
and A. K. Wil-..a of lleame, and Joh'i
Natiorif iho botium, letumel the
morning Ir in a week's hunt in the "lug
thicket" hetrs'n Conroe and M 1 1
gooi.ny, in Monigomeiy cuny. XT
ttoyett said: "It was the lust cs. p
hunt I lisv.' Ien on in fifteen year.
We ssw uvue game than yon c hi d
shake a sth k at. We got 150 shots at
deer, and kdied ton of theiu, besides
two tuikejs and any qutntlty of eo,uir
rela. V were aicoinonnii-l bv Col.
Tom Uay and l.ient. Bill Froehrk of
Moii'g nuen , t o of the nicest fellowt
( eiei ', an t h people of that coun
ty tieated us like lords. If you ever
hunt sny, v umg faller. yon want to go
down to that country. It reminds uie
of eiii times n Texas.'" And tba report,
er left Mr. I ore I ruminating about tha
gOHlold times, ben a man could tad
.( j in li In. . i t at in.'
and strange devclopteenu of organio
fish life:
The goby, a family of fishes dis
tinguished by a dlsic formed by tha
ventral fins which enao.es them to at
tach their bodiet firmly to the rork
or other substances, Is represented by
an odd specimen, a tort of half-breed.
hu h ha some of the habits of the
batracUna or aicphlblani lu scien
tific name is Perloi'hihhJmue koelreu
tcrt, tha vitent of which seems to
ha7e exhausted nomenelature In this
particular case, as no other name can
be found for It avea In Its natal waters.
Its most atrlklng peculiarity Is tha
habit It hat of leaving tha wlrat
tha abb of the tide and feeding cr tha
small crusUicea asd other tubsuuicwa
exposed by the receding tide. Owing
to Its strong pectoral aid flos
and tail It can hop freely a;1 tepidly
over tha ground. So ,ultic are ita
movements thai It is almost aa diffi
cult to catch It with tha hand as It la
the ordinary pond frog. Tha peculiar
construction o! it eyes wb:n ara
very movable, and capable of being
thrust far out of lhir socket enables
it to see. In tha air as well aa in tha
From this amphibious frog-fish tha
transition Is natural to one that caa
climb trees. It is called Arabaa
scan Jons in tbe books, and 'climbing
perch" by tha natives of tha Indian
In 1797 Daldort In a paper before
tha Ldnnean Society of London, states
that In 1791 he took a climbing parch
la tha act of fcacealiig a tit which
grew near a pond. Tha fith had
reached a height of five feet above tha
water and was still going higher. Ia
doing this It held on U tha bark of tha
tree by tha sharp spines of the front
and lower gill covers, bent Ita tall and
atuck in tha atiines of Its auat, tha
haca fin on the belly; it then released
Ita iied, and. raising it took a aew
hold higher up with tha spines of tha
gill covers, urging It way up by dis
tending or contracting 1U body. This
perch leaves pools w heu they ara la
danger of being dried up, and travels
in search of water, and when doing ao
they have ben met with in the glare
of noon toiling along a du.ty roil It
la said that tha boam.ea of tba Usages
keep these perches in a vessel without
water for days, killing and cooking
: them aa wanWd from day to day, tha
fith being always as lively as whoa
I first caught. It it said that they are
i enabled to maintain life out of their
j native element so long a time bee a ate
of the retention of a supply of water
ia tha interstices of tha hones adjacent
to tha gills.
I A curious elongfttioa of the snout
occurs In the boar fith or bastard do.
rey, one of the marine perches native
to Australian waters, much esteemed
as a fish food. Its flesh improves la
flavor after belug out of tha water
twenty-four hour, hence it Is much
sought for by Inland people. The ue
of the snout in fWhes appears to be
merely mechanical, for rooting purpos
es, and its prolongation would appear
to be simply a freak of nature, other
tithe of the ssma family and hah! u
having only the usual length of snout.
A strlklug exception to tha rule laid
down as to the use of the anout in tha
boar-flh occurs In the use of tha arch.
J. f. Went anJ eight ovntr parties
have entemd suit sgainst tha San An
tonio and ArMDsai ,'ass Kailway com
pany ,ur , ,rrr v,. -.u , er t-h (Toxotee iaculatorV one of tha
in Jlou.ton oi cup.ea lor depot ana ch,.mo; , Mlii0 o( t. East ladles.
swltcn'rg purposes. Keleate of the
land from the postestioa of the corn
rant it also sought.
Nealy Pall and Albert Abbott, the
".wo youths charged with whipping
Rev. Lambkin last moniii in Collings
worth county have been triod. Nealy
Ha l was given nine months in jail
and fined .'o I. Albert Abbott five
inoulht in jail and a tine of f U'O.
A scaffold fell the other morning at
Houston, and V. H. Collins. Morris
liynn and I. Plaice were precipitated
lo the grounJ, a dttlaaee of forty feet
Collins wat killed by the fall and the
others injured. I hey wsra all plas-1
lerers working on a r.ew hotel. j
Mr A. J. Clfetsher, of Jacksonville,
Cherokee county, while out bird hunt-
Inn reteaUc. kili.-d a red and while
Ti.it fith Is about six or seven inches
la length and has a slightly prolonged
snout, from which It protects drop of
water, with sure aim. at Insects, caus
ing them to fall Into the water, where
they are Instantly selicd as prey.
This habit it continues la captivity,
and It Is said to be highly prized as a
household pel by the Malays, whe
keep ll in euptivity in a howl of watei
rnd sinu'K themselves at the exhibi
tion of Um prvulinr hatut of the fish,
which they cull ln suniuiL"
spotted quad, la si.e and thape Just o!l In f
like any other uaii. and with a drova time he
of ouail, something that had never
been seen by any ono here.
The grocery store of L. K Caulh
ora at K mo, Kaufman county, was
entered by burglar tba other eight.
The safe wat open and tlSO lo mousy
taken, be. i Jos a lot of groceries, eUJ.
Mo clew as to who did the robbery.
Tba attorney general has approved
, an- '.he comptrol.er registered a loOUO
I issue of iliiis couuty bridge bona.
Hrr.rM.lim la Wall kir!.
A cigar ilealor on Wall street,
whoso customers ara mainly stock
brokers aud other money men. tan
he does not sell half as many high
priced cigars this yoa- at no has
former yeart. I'ntii recent
had never kept five-cent
sigaia hi nit p.ace, lull no tliey ai
.looked by hundreds of peop!."who
idftea aik If they can j-ot m. for a
Quarter. Sevcial oilier cigar doalors
in that part of th.t city tell sloriot
a! the same kind.
Ill l'rtr l'U-.
"Wheie are you going?'' asked
the lightning bu,j ol the ruo.iuitv
lp lo tbe mo- jtitto bar fcr ra
reshffina" n the rrply.

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