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Vol. I No, 12
Price, 5 ct3
EL l3
I rtilrikif & A
Still lends in good things to eat.
Look over this list, ring up PHONE 28 and
If I haven't got what vim want, I will get it.
lluy CiLOHY or AVIUTK CROSS Flour.
Almond Coeoantit
Apple Ci-IIIkIi
Ati.oi. '.""r ,
' Cotl'll'IHlMl
Asparagus Milk
llikln.' l'oadcr (.rnmeal
Kit I Seed
11 uing
Itl.it km
l!r kiiii
II aclet
llwik wheat
I'll VVM
( itrnii
Clothe I. in
Clothe I'lllt
I "0 I
( i'tn Starch
Corned Beef
'. rm kcrs
Cream Tartar
I I.I ten
Pried lleef
Dried Fruits
I. "iii on
I ig
' lour
!' ill!'
liuo nil
Maple Svrnp
Mince Meat
(latim at
Olie Oil
I Vim
tahn tu Hunt prune
Crann'pa't Wonder Soap itaisina
Rolled Oat
Sa fill nl
Sweet Corn
Tr i
Dr'nd FruHt
Cunntd GoodS
Corned Beef
Strawlerf ie
Lima Itesns
Au Object Lesson for Texa.
The New York Worl 1 say :
"The prodigious efforts of (ieorgia
to induce northern men tn emi
orate to the south are already
bearing fruit. A colony of 12,000
Acknowledged the Cam.
We have been asked so many
time to publish the full populist
vote in all the slate in which elec
lions were held in November that
we think it due our reader to say
frankly why we have not done so.
When the report of the result came
t tli.nni.li lit. f,lB,m.lM ..f ill B.
f ... , , ill nil iiik'i lliv i-imii'iiD "v
families, comprising something . .rjat.(i ,,res, the popu'ist vote
Something like ")0,(X)0 persons, ij wa reported so small that to have
to move in a few week form IllUj reporteJ U at the time would hare
noic, Indiana, Michigan, Wincon.'ut'jeeted in to tho M-verest cnti-
.in ,..Ua it.. Il.il,l.. .n.l -'" of '"n.r P'H"
Kana into tract of ' lOo'.OOOj
acre of high, level country, which
hai been n-cured in Wilcox and
. "vho believe that the populil vote
wai auppri'Med by the Buitociatrd
preH, but later ad vice from re.
ihble fiiurcca have chown no in-
Irwln ennr.tirn. Tim .l,n.its have 1 erca-e of the vote over the tirl re-
$.VK),(M) in the.r treasury, nn d j l"'rt -IVople-. Journal.
Id mllm1 Here e have it from the Jour-
i ...... -r. .1 1 i
long, and planned a city to be! n a ninei.. r"rn.g u.luIl tmwril t Jr(,p ,
called Maryopolii. Two thousand , b) tin I nucli fair word, as tbefe tpjr ,he prave 0f ono ml
of the immigrant are already on "'"R from populist , per. H ,1(.r .. a ,frvp,j
the ground " M eui'iai at ini! enii oi eacn
A Hntk.
New Tore, Iec 9. Tlirea men
were killed and two more wore to
jured la a railniaJ wreeic j-fntcrday
on the New York and New Itavtta
railway It liar lorn. Toe killed bra:
Tlioma I ii(reraM. engineer, hi ysara
old; KrederloK K. Naplct, brkeitiao,
J) yeara old; Tbamai U McNallr,
brake man. i'j rt old. Tho injured
are: Tt.omi tannju, eondartor,
scalded; 'Atom a McKeon, llrcroan.
All the killed "ere resident of this
city. The aecicent occurred between
Ono Hundred and Twenty-second
and One Hundred an! Twenty-Ttlrd
streeta. Tbe enjio No. 16. of Uio
company's equipment was used
as a switch angina and was
bound weit to Van Vet station
with l'-i crew of men. The accident
occurred at a short curvt and do et-
and good man baa been "gathered ! lh, tronbla could be ascertained.
.j Li Kir. xui;xT di:ai.
After a lingering illne3, Judge
Tlioma L. Nugent, the recog
nized lertJer of the populi-t party
in Texup, died at bi home in Fort
Worth at 2:1') a. in.. Saturday
morning. The people of the whole
otate, irrespective of political aHil
iatioiic. join in mourning deeply
the om of a man whose purity of
life and sincerity of purpose, like
that of Allen (i. Thurinen, o
lately deceased, were never (jue.
tioneil by even bis opponent, and
wlni'e ability, integrity and honor
comnianded the profound repect
of a great cotmiionweallh. A great
to the father.
"It is tnt wli.it we re.nl, lut what we rt'inomlier
that make uh wise."
1 )()N"r KOIKi 10T 'buy your Cnx erie from
3 I-IuXj.
her fnithfullv.
follow the (JroWd.
Tho Rich people, tho Poor people; all
this week. They go because that
is the "onliest" place in town to go
A HAPPY S0LUTI0Nror lJresents Tys. etc.,
sssof thes Where you can bo sure of suitinjr
('liniTM AS PfiESEXT Pp0lUEM any taste, tho most fastidious,
- --- - i
any purse, the poorest.
I in vol love the .id, weel memories of the Southland?
io vmi pi ie her pns-iit gn'atne. and glory in her future
Tin n vmi will hail with delieht Th Sponsor Souvt
nlc Album nd Hito"y of tht 0. C. V. Rtunlon,
1895. A a memorial of a great nceasion, a a uniijue work
of art, and a delightful I'hriatmaa preer.t, it will I appre
ciated t-v patriot and all lovers of the truly lautiful .
Pho o Engravuncs.
Thi ' is n rrniarkalde month in
that for the tiri-t lime nince the
birth of Chrict, or nearly
years, there are two full moons
during the month of December
on the 21 and .'llt. S in Angelo
- mm m -
As many perona have asked the re
potter aliont tho iDa'.ter, we take the
liUrtyof utilii'g. onb-halfof the D.
Y. K.clu's that no almi-ion carU
aeic iMiel wr.h the invita'ions, !( r
the reason that l hey re usnally I .nt,
aril not prei-nted at the d'Kir. All
lr-ntm w lio were invited will ! a l
iiiitteil at the door, "nly memliern ol
the club will be ieitiire.i to present
c.irls at the d'-or. Visiting youug
nu n will 1 supplied upon reaching Hie
and Texas pauses Kvary.bing was la Its proper shapa
ana ine engine ana itntter were jua
irr along at the u-iial speed, when,
without warning, the en;ina left the
track and wont bumping along over
the ties.
Hannon, the conductor, and Mo
Keon, this flreriaa. leaped for their
Uvea at the minute the enic toppled
over at the wed bound track before
tho othen of tae crew were aula to
save thmteive frum beln; eruahed
beneath the wclji.t of tL boiler.
Police and fire a rnis were at once
turned In. Tt riremen went to work
with axes and cut away all the wood
work of the ca and In that way
were abie it take out the bodies of
Ht?rraii and Naples, both of wbom
were plr.nsd down by the cab. The
bod of McNai!, however, was under
the boiler and the firemen were not
able to releaie it
A wrecking crow was sent for from
the company i yard and the work of
lifting op the engine, which lay oo
It a side, was begun. After many
hours of labor, the eng'.as was jacked
up and the body of McNaiiy was taken
out. All of the bodies were crushed
and'sealdedud, death evidently having
been Instantaneous. 1 It.rrald's
bead protruded through the window
of the engine cab and he was sitting
on hi seat at his duty when the acci
dant happened.
The excellent photo-ciigraviire of Miss Winnie Davis and
her Mfter, Mrs. Maggie Davis Hayes, of the U. V. V. Shale
Spotonir". of lienerals l.ee. Jackson and Johnson, Postmaster
(ietiiral KiMgan and Dan Knimett, the author of Dixie, are
alone worth the price of the Utok, not to mention the fine
likenee of lieneral (Jordoii and the Division and State
Commander of the U. C. .
3ea uiful Women.
The South i the home of Wautiful women, and rarely
has there Imi-ii such a gathering of her fair daughter as that
which graced the Ilou-tun Kounion. They came from every
State of the dear old South a perfect galaiy of beauty. This
volume ei.ntains Engpavinga of ove" Fiva Hundred
representative Woman of tht South, Stumor- and
Maid of Honor of 1'. C. V. Camps.
He has Everything,
from Fine Cut Ola -is. China. Rich Al
bums, and splendid Gilts of exten
sive variety and range, to the sim
plest and cheapest toys.
You are invited to
Wsrkms Eats Xsachsl JliUicaa Camini
I Brysa.
Workmen uave ieache.1 Mil lo an in
the wmk of dinttihutiog po'es for the
hng distance te epleme line being put
in v the Wes em Constnipti n roinpa-
i ny, a part of the llell syiulicale, and we
learn that the liue will non le in
Htyan,atul will connect a!! the princi
pal twn nont the Central. It wi l
I a big thing for turnine men, by
faci.ita'ing order, and it coming will
t ha le-l with talia'acti m on all si.l.s.
Pr, West pr-achnl two stung air
nv'nsctthe Pra'itenan church yes
terday, tpou thu suhiect offnitli, as
i:iu-ti.ited v the hf of Mie. . T!ie
Iniiiht ei nmn treated f the motives
iwhiihiel Mo-es to choose the lu.d
'age, jxn-ery and misery of laraei in
'. piefrrenee to Ihe royally, opulence an l
! le.xaiy d l'.g pt. The sp.'aker appliel
i tlie underlying principle Involved to
1 individual chancier iu tne present day,
land incidentally amrel the Rambler,
! . etil.itorand btisniesa man, whose k!
! t'h unihi ds are all ph!! with au eye
'aiijot.i present etsonal relf-gra'ili-I
ca.i 'ii.
rarbeit Talks Aialw.
New Yoiia. Dec. 9. Jamc J. Cor
bett will Istue a statement over his
signature In a few days setting forth
his position pugllutically. lie out
lined this statement Saturday:
My sympathies are heartily with
Mahcr In his match with Kitalm
mons." said t'orbeiu ! hope he will
beat teat Australian's brains out. But
il be does not I'll make Fit.'aioimon
Gthl far ary amount of money he
pleases or for a shoe string. I'll show
that fellow up before I get through
with him."
Bat In case Flt?slaimons loses,
what about Maher?" asked the re
porter. I intend to let Maher alone unless
he makes cracks at me. In that case
I'll hare to call htm. that's all. I do
not care to enter the ring again, but
I won't allow any one to make any
blu!T in my direction."
to NorreH's.1'
CiiPvISTmas Gifts
(Successors to Leo & Wilson)
We have the largest stool; of the
And all kinds of Holiday Goods, in Bryan.
Also the Finest Assortment of
Candies, Cakes, Fruits, Xuts, Tobaccos
and Cigars.
Hotel blccls, Erysa.
(rover Staiul Put.
The St. I.oui Republic ays :
''Mr. Cleveland boldly asert the
Monroe doctrine in the Vencztie
lan matter. He declares, une-juiv-ooally,
that the insist.ince of Kng-
land upon the establishment of an
arbitrary line beyond which she
will not accept arbitration a a
niiau of adjusting dillorences,
cannot be entertained, for the rea
son it contravenes the spirit
of that diHttine. It would be dif
ficult to make a stronger dtatnnent
of our case. There is in the decla
ration iu unfurling of the Hag
from the mountain petk, and no
strident screaming of the agle in
vainglorious vaunt of prowe
and empire, but every American
with a self-respecting coiifeiotis
nes ef bi country' strength will
feel that be ha found a voice in
the message. And that the mess
age i regarded as the t xpression
of a people capable of backing it
np i clearly proved by the re
sentful tone of the I-ondon press."
Nugent' death dears tho pop
ulist gubernatorial irsck for
. a .1 L
t.r ft Ilt'H IM lUl- HI H'-B tx; Xi'x- v..
the Mum! f' mvl flryvi r tJ, ux or
. i N'vrn mi V from town.
1 1 l. II Vila tiaa al est l,a.l ,il nil's
hvtion for the populit ra-s over ,.,,y. ,i,.h he i , i ing ery
I tie eountrv to lioai and whoop i,., 4,tu
FaplarM Mast Mat Ortaalia.
WasiiiMiTosi, Dee. 9. Aa impor
tant order was uued Saturday Dy
Postmaster General W i!oa, directed
acalmt the organization of postal em
ployes to secure legislative action.
Reports have been current for a com
paratively long eriod that employes
of various cants were combining
The rountv toanirer report was ' and pooling funJs to furnish expenses
..,r.,ved at the uncial ae-sior. of the ' committees or other repreaenUtlve
r.iniini-sionrr' curt lat week. Judge i
V. II. Unison, ('oinmisaiotier T. I.!
.... . . , ir ..1 :l i
,cc, r. 11 . Arrinh'ion an i rem i u:i- oro,,,,,, , . enaltv of removal
went out Friday and se ected a sitei imD0.cd b SaturJav'a order.
cat to appear before congressional
coms.ittees and in behalf of legisla
tion. This art. ou Is now practically
Mn.iiMi. if y-ii nt a laughing pic-
about the ''.ubsidi2ed associated
pre?. I he ar-sociateel pres l a ,t,m. ,,f your lwhie, go to Uol ertnon s
biiines coinvrn, and it function g.'l-ry.
i .. .1 ... ii . .. i
i in u.My me nrwp, ieruie.3
of partisan llavor. Hut when the
populist come up phort, a they
usually do, their organs are ijuick
to accuse the telegraph wire of
fraud. The popu'.i-t p irty i f ist
disappearing from the face of the
earth, aad doomed to death.
I.umpasas Leader.
llnMiivis, if juu want to ! taken
with a beautiful mi:e in first-ila;
style, g to Kobeitpoa's gallery, Qryatt,
t .. ; ;r.si eouniiy iort.-w
Aaolk.r bafaultar.
Lot 'tsviu-r, Ky., Dec A special
from Frankfort says: State lasptctor
and Ktaminer (jardner made a report
to liov. Browa Saturday of aa Investi
gation of the o.cs of the registrar of
the land otUe, which shows a short
age of t.'i'.'.".' in the accounts of Hon.
Green 11. Swango (Petn.), the present
register. The shortage, while com
paratively small, runs back through
the entire four years of tis incum
bency, a part of the fees duo the state
being withheld on each statement,
which under the law are made every
sit months.
Nugent was not a spoilsman or
an olui-e hunter, lie did what he
did for the go ui of Texas, and was
ti e noblest populist of them all.
- -Ma. .a- - -
Cotniv.rnting upon President
Cleveland's proportion t letire
I the greenbacks, the Fort Wotth
(iazcttc says: "It i estimated
I that forty-six per it nt of the out
standing I'll'l.OOO.OOO greenback
have been destroyed. At that rate,
government rclirement will in the
course of .time become un never
Tho Daily Eagle to anypatt of the
city for 10 cents a week. Send in your
uame an J place ol residence.
paHji-. Thero are more than tortj
ot i hem In Valparaiso and Santiago. I thra Ma ii.mu...i.
and there ao other la all the head ! Ysiiimston, Dec. 9. Iostmater
kwns o! depaitmenla. Chill bat ' General Wilson has dismissed William
many literary men. Including a regi
ment of poet, and also cany scienti
f:e men and a multitude ot staUsmun
and general. Ibo schools aiw troA
and the eduratlonal system provides
for provincial Ivceums. normal schools,
an agricultural school. s'hools for th
arts and trn:!o military and nava'
aeaitiniiii'S and a national un'versity,
all iipp.irtc j hy the jroverninent ii
somo year t'u-rw have lwn 1. 00C
student at :ha hai.ttao university.
' ) ; I nlrlu.-.
:.: t snven ''d twenl) yosii
V. Hill of Mississippi, aisis'.ant su
perintendent of the free delivery do
p'srtment; .ainuul Fright of Indiana,
a clerk In the free osilery bureau.
, and another clerk uained Sullivan,
now of the dead letter oXco, but for
; mei'ly of the tree delivery b'ireaj, for
j (l'og oul ' information and 'von-
splracy to be.ittle the department "
' liimatalilau
i .omo, lHic. 7. A dispatch from
Paris sas that the French bimettallisi
I leaguo has convened an International
COnfortnee, which Is to meet oa Ie-
coutinutn until IV'eoi-
I ber li'. a agrcn upon the terms of an
8 Ssj. aud . i lS'Jd it was T.VOO edd.
In tho
.. ... ... .....I ......II--., VV".v.u
no cu.r... r ei -iv,... i. """"'" c)ml)er 10.
OlCll ii.iiiM'oie iix morn iiisu ,
J ... I. I . I . t- ,M.!f , 1. ... Iu. w ..
BUIIU.iM. .. Ill , k.io uuui.x-i - I ,(,. .r..,nt.lif.
meal to renew uegol.l.out lor an
International agreement to renew the
use ol both gold and silver as money
melais. . KepresentaUves of Kogland.
Belgium and Germany will aueud.
America i threatened with an
other iit from Duur&yeu.
1 u tmh i..H XX ark.
Sfiko llciliv, what yer got?
Pete A ehiilieu an' all the fixln'a
Mike Did you get ii for oothta'f
l'ete- Naw; 1 had tor ak f ur It
The vVsap.

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