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Vol. I No. 13
Price, 5 ct
1 ..
Still leads in i;oo(l things to cat.
Look over this list, ring up 1MI()TK and
IM 1 ; : i ! i t (M "lit' V" want, ' ,r''l
(iLOUV or WI 1 I'l'I-: CHOSSKlotir.
I) iki'U IV.w.L
l ili
Birl .-p. , I
II uii'ir
HI... yif
1'r son)
Uni li
it n-' eta
lin. k" licit
Cmi !v
Cdi r i
ll., c'-
. ( ' 1 1 1 11 lie v
I'li.i. . iule
Clin. I
t'lotm l.iti
riuiu I'in-
(' fn.i
I '.ill,
Coll l ! 1
t ('ori'inciil
( i ru -.arch
( urn .1 I'.."
i r ii I. i r
( r.ui'ii tr v
I'ri' pi, I nri ir
( ' H i '.!
!.( .
I r i.-l V. (
I rn-1 limit
I ':;
Mra ."rrv
l.ti ai l
I iv".
I i ll
i h'U im
I .till. II
I ! ii
Oranipa't Wonder Sap
"It i- I
I Inn, HIT
ftra ll
I.CIlO ll"
M ;!' ' "111
Mil. ker.'l
M .
M ''i.- niii
M. M.-l
Mil i .-
Mo-ear I
I t mi al
' Ll
(I ne Oil
1 I 1 1 i . II i M
I 1 1- (rlK
I i1 Lit'
1'. rk
I r. i-' -
I i ii rif -
I: .:i'l iu
S irdlt ea
A isp're
('inn iiii"ii
(i'n'T '
N ' 1 1 M i. e
Si.-.'l ('urn
I...I l.pil k
I iiruipe
riii'i'fl ii
Oritd Fuilt
('(' llfl
Canned SoodS
Corned Beef
I.illi IIOH
Uu Texas) Day.
When the Tcxa orator began
to oar o'er the vat prairie, shell
out the raw resource anl dig up
world of emit and imn, thf Atlan
ta men Imnclicil each other in the
rilis with their lhow anl whin-
thuii ft-ar to the fi:: of ft little
child." It in a noble rntimcnl.
AnothiT ha iai( : " Whoever
picki a Fjilintfr from the finger oi
a chiM, in greater than lie who
w)inuer an nnjiirc." In the hoi.
i'lavx which arc approaching, do
all you can to make the children
hHppv. and ahore all ick not to
im:v. wimiji:klv
pered with hated hreath: ,-I told . (linpcl the happy i!!uion of the
you not to let Vm come here! " I reindeer and aleiti. the tinkling
Cil.'i..i. V.i IhelU and the fur dressed old
! Santa.
The Mexia Ledger and Mail,' CongrebPin.m l'.ailey's new hill
bo'h lailie, havecDUHolid.ited. S. to pension no man having an in.
S. Iiruce bought out hi 1 partner, ; "'" ,f lliK) l"'r nniim, and jja
i . . i I, , , . ., 'rniiuha Vkk) worth of property,
Murray Schick interest in the ! , . .'
., , . ,. , . . . i a giiod one, and one winch will
mail, and immediately joined , ,ltV(.r j,a()S
handu with H. S. Sweppon, of the
ledger. Jti hick hn designs upon The wca'.her bureau predicts
Calvert, which place i boiling; wind frnni ihe north after thin
over for a daily. Temple Tribune1 evening.
A fill ii l(p-Hve Into (lie Mrtli
oiilMt Cliurrh.
r.renham.Trx., Dec. IS. Rev.
K. P. NVwoine, the new preacher
in charge of the Methodist Epifeo-1
pal church hero, had a novel ex
perience Sunday, that of receiving
into the church the preacher that
Charley Snwyer'a 1'Hlnful A-
rident. j
Cliarv vr, a lad altoQt .1
Tear old, lio lir mitli Lia ii!oj
m:itlier, Mra. (ina Sawyer, in the Ste
Hollow neijrhVirliooil, aliot Lia r:;;'
arm oil" l-leen the wrUt anil ell t
lat" Saturday eveninir, Ixith luinei
the foriarin heing nlmtter. J, (ho wi
paaai&g Jli-oi'g'i the fleah. lie Ll
I if n out itb tlit gun, anl, rrtiirnii
the conference preceding the one
one that had ent him here, bad hi'"'' U'' "" t!'e "
rent him to this work, Rev. V.lllt -uU-ot ocrurre.1. We n in
Wi'iiberly. The recent conference foru.e.1 of the nnfortuii.te occnrrein lr
it will be remeiiibered, exMdlel by Mr. V. X. Crengliaw, of Dial ei
Mr. Wimberly from 4 the church numity, who aa in town loilav. ,
end the ministry, oni at thi, th
fir.t service after the conference,
he reunited vriththe church, tak
iug ail its Holemn obligation", and
ifrt anew, at the oottom, with
the laudable purpose of again
climbing Js c 'b' lad ler.
.t u
DON'T 1'
'.t Wr 1 1
lli.lt l:i.iki
i.l, I. ut !
lt we rcint'
;iv v i r (iriKeii. from
-.-:Or Til 1:33
Christmas PpiRskxt PiKhuem
ll., I'.t ; ni' (lie - !, M"'
lo i.ii ;.i ;. r pr .1! i'ii.
gr r. ..r .
Tb. ii "i ''A 1.- '
nir AlbLim anJ H
183 j. A- .1 i'.' in "i
..fa-', ti-. l .1 .".''.': ;!
cut. 1 i v ..t 1 .it; i v.
Ill") :e
.i:.l :
t.f the Southland?
lorv in her future
follow the (JroWd.
Tho Rich people, the Poor people; all
this week. They go because that
is the "onliest" place in town to go
For Presents, Toys, etc.,
Whero you can bo sure of suiting
any taste, tho most fastidious,
any purse, the poorest.
He has Everything,
KTKl'CK 11 v thi: Tlt.VIX.
A Yonngr Man at Milllcan Si
rlouNly Kurt.
t William-, Ti-on of the late I
Jeirit. Williania, attempted tocro'atl
track at Mdlican yf-t. r lay atita.1
(lie aouth hoiimt uaitnger train, an
naaatruik by the iow-catrlier and a
rin;..'ly ini'ired. Hi Lead vaabali
nit and l.niiwl, an I liia ak'ill thoiti;!
to le frrti tnri d. 1
l!v rin.i. T. S. Mivii.n.
iin.nsi; ti:achei:.
The teatdiera of ti e a hnol ilenire to
ezpreai their tlianka to thoae patrona
ho have ronniantly inatiifB-Ul anih
inte.et in their rh.llren hy iuipiiry
after them, and learning from their
terrher wlmt can be d ote to advance
Ibe pupil work. We are in mind of
aoine rae vhere parrnta Lave, with
0'it auy great amount ol trouble to
tin mnelvea, apokea a word now and
then to the teai-ber regarding their
children learned w hat their boy a moat
needed, and in due courts of time tlioae
little "hindranrea" lo pn);rea were
removed and the children moved to the
front. It i true tho teacher ahoiild
seek lb parent when he diarorera that
a conference with the laiter i neoeana
y, but frequently the parenta e the
rauae of failure in the pupil aa i"on ai
1'iircon Wimberly wa going into
the .r-:n bmg bunne on Inn na n
00K al l'.renliam. lie i-aid: "I
1.1 . . ..... ! .
won il im untrue to tne voice 01
God if I should (ease to proclaim
the truth aa I have in the paut."
Regarding hi expulsion from the
church and the ministry, he aid.
"While the result of the re
cent trial w.i di-appointing and
unutterably e.id to ire. I am not
discouraged. I etill declare my
innocence, and tihall while life
la-ta." We are glad to note the
dear and nervy brother U etill
hopeful, even if he did get knocked
out. Mn are o acctift med to
bing whilevah(d. and admitted
with old-time freedom in mcial
circle, after a'.moit any port of an
e-capadc, that it tnut eem atrange
to one when he receives the kicks
and cufl which are usually re
erved for female trtn?greors.
When Uimberlv went out to ee
what l'arkhur't aw and f-el wlutt I "'e teacher d aud ahould therefore
, , , ... 1 confer with the tsacher and aa-iat hun
I,rkhurt felt, he ought to have t ,(
pud the liacK driver. telli y.u that your child ii well up in
i:'u d. i.f'n'i The Spuneor SouVt-
r.t t W ll r V Durlon.
J W J w w. w. - , .
i.i or .imi, a a niii'iue work
1 I '.'o a i.retit. it will be appre-
1,;" tb" trulv U-nutiful
Phco Engravurcs.
Tli" e.
her -i-ter,
Spol.-' T-. '
(i ii. r 1'. I!'
l'll!,lll Itl.i
.;(! pi;'
Mr-. M .'.-.
if t i. il'I li
, :.nd
.1 ... r
,;r.ivi!r,' i f Mi Winnie lavi and ;
. i"u- Ilive., of the V. ('. V. SUte
I J i' k-"i; and John-oil, rotinater;
. . . ,v- !
Pi'i l.iiin eti, tli" amimr oi inxie, are
tii" l-. l. !?"t to mention the fine
(i n an 1 tl.e 1 i ii.i and State
C. V.
from Fine Cut Gla is. China. Rich Al
bums, and splendid Gifts of exten
sive variety and range, to the sim
plest and cheapest toys.
You are invited to
Beauiful Women.
aril 1-
heen f.
.,1 t!..
I1, i- I;, in 1 !. intil'iil women, and rarely
I, 11 iMth' riiic of her f.,ir daughter a that
U..'1-Mii Reunion. They came from every
,!'., periei l gilaxy of beauty. Thi
Engraving's of ovar Five Hundred
representative Women of tre aouth, Sp..n-or ami
M..I.1- of II 11 t 1. 1 t ('. V. Camp-.
ln tb. l
ll'.'ll L't 1
Stale 1 I ti."
oltlll!'' C'l
1 11 j
j hia atildien and is gt-nt'emanly or lady
I like in depcrt' nt, take it a a fact, for
I if your, child were not no you would be
the lir-t 'rson wbnm the teacher
would wiali to kuow the unnleaaant
atale of a!Tir. Tell your child that
hi teacher apeaks well ot him. am',,
without fear of reaulta, compliineit
him. llebee ta i; and ileaenrea it. If,
on the olher ImnJ the (earlier toll a yon
tlmt your child ia deficient in thia or
II10 llnr rpiiiHn.l.r ilit the tcai her i
inen. ed .1owi!: and are already calcu- j Jut? u j8fofmiog y,m. Br
Ut,nona f.vl harveat the comn h((,'mi;ny m.,nnU ,IM, yuU
y,,r- ... , 1 rat in the cbool rom and watctied the
Mi. li. W . Uu kholta sn wi.i usve
coii.pleied a n'ce residence in the
thrikiug little lown of Kurten, for Ir.
Harlow. We nre batenlng for a wed-
From Kurten. 1
Kurten, Tex., I've. K, lH'A
l.ditor Kale: I will give you tae j
nea fr .111 thi -cli"n a near as I can. j
We have enjoyed ame fine weather;
the paat week.
Suite of our farmer are jut "wind
ini up" the top crop of cottor, whi. h
ii .. but little value. A f. w of o ir
niimt indus'rioua faruiera have C"m-
tearher at work with the only thing
1 you have on this earth, trying to
1 mould it- little life for the future? Not
i a moment? llave'nt lieen inaide of the
to Norrell's.
1 achool riHiin aince you were a atudent?
Wei', that atrange. Why don't you
ill s.
(Successors to Leo & Wilson)
tin- hi.'-'c-t t.'. 'k of tin'
And all kinds of Holiday Goods, in Bryan.
AImi tli.' Fim-t AsMiittm iit f
flniulirs. Cakes, Fruits, Xuts,
ami Ciirars.
Uotol block; Eit-
rrkskrvi: ITS JOYS.
The legend of Santa Clau il one
ofthemoit beautiful alorio that
ever delighted the ear of child
hood; for many happy eeaon it
ii believed implicitly with that
imple faith which knows no
doubt of f.ara, and at length,
when the illusory veil i drawn
aaide, and the impersonated Santa
Claun iUnd revealed in parental
form, there i etill a memory weet j
that cling even in the years e-f ma-;
turity. Tho mvatory of the merry
nd g.nerou KrU Krinule t b.il.
the jot of tb"' holidays. Joyful
I expectation take perfect poe.
aionof little heart, and the cxta-v
with which they dig into well filled
Hocking, and peer into the
branches of the t'hristmai tree, ia
a greater and more pleadable
emotion than tir the heart of the J
adventurer who fir at find a nug-
T,1rwre 'set of gold. When we coiiM-ler
ding nt xt.
Lev. Bee'e delivered a very interest
in)! ernion at Cottonwood church lat ga t0'l(, K.h(1 tl)J (1l1 ,
Sii. ,l..y. !s-veral young people iro.u j,Vf 4nj yoa ol. t ,tfTeUi. Don't
W:r.n naiglilr!io.M were pre-eut 1 ,ske anv alo abviit it, lot just take
Iv. J.me. l'ecton. the l'rimltive j,,,, lnucl. tiwe 0,r ,j w j,
R.,ptit divine, .ill deliver a iDS 0I1 in le.,., your child' room,
on the third Mind.y, and i.turd.y be-1
f.re. at l.benear. ' -hool n.in w ill I appreciat.sl bv the
Mr. J. D. l'a.rea. on- of Dnuo, , y chlJren ;
C'lliniv Onl le-uit'lilB. lei .1""..' ,
for l.iiii.'t"i.e. whe'e he will make Ina
hon e in the future,
FMiiniinon nnt Mnlier.
lan Stewart has at la-t sue
cecled in matching FitVimmou
and Peter Mahcr for a fair, stand-
I up battle with five ounce gloves,
under Mar.iui of (ueeibury
rule, to decide the heavy weight
cli unpion-hip of the world, for a
pur-e of tlU.iKkl and the Police
(iaelte belt. The place selected
for the light will be announced on
the l.'lth of February tho day
before the ti.ht It rill be con
venient lo F.l Io but not on
Texas foil. Fit.Minniomi and
party will g into Inning shortly
in tie vicinity of Kl Paso. Fitz!
cays he ha a "cinch," yet it will
be remembered by tboi-e interest-1
c I in this kind of sport, that thci
In-bman came near being winner
at a previous meeting, nnd it will
not he a Mitprise to see the big
'money placed on Matter with odd
The .-eiiior have jnt liniaheJ choice
in .Nilira an.l n,l. liro.MUU 1.1 f tli.im
, . .... t T
James Miaa i. n .nonn.y .... Ui irt.ioi.u., of ,.,e . ,llumiil theorem,
on a bii ne trip. , MilIon-t ,,wtry j p,,,, and Samuel
The health of tlii coinniiinity ia , ,,.ti(.,'a udihra were the ant jects
very good at Ill's wiling. ' f,r the Kig'i-h literature cl.. the pat
(.'andy dr.iaing and ,.lypartlee arc , unil,,j.
dei-ply in'ervating the mind of the
young l-etip'e. They ate once-r-we, k . jj:,, Jfll;t John-.m i teachin. In
Intpiieinng". jr. Mutter's rm during the utter'
1 am getting along capitally with , g;,.ne.
ny rho.., havine In l to u tin' per- (
suader but once thi week, allot myi -ie a, hool will close on r'iMay the
pupi s aie advancing in their stud e vth inat., and will open on Monday,
very well up to the pn-ent ai d are jnuary i.th.
nianifestin. great inteiet in what they
are nlxr-M in n hool hours a well aa at U jH ith pleas ir. that we refer lo
im verv little it take to make a
child happy, it is great wonder
that we do not "scatter ray of
sumdiine all along their way."
Some one has. said, "1 had rather
bring anger to) the eyes of a king
The feminine vanity of the Hrvan
town cow is apparent in the fact that
he lows to make her lsl on the side
walk in front of the plate nla- show
windows, U'lorv which ahe ran ari-e
early in the morning and make her
playtime. IU.iikiok.
llarttioM -Smyth.
Mr. I'aul F.. rtanhold of Weather
ford, l'arki r co iiity, and Mi- Aiu'iiala
Sinyllie of Hryan. were .pi olly in irried
at the le lie's home iu this 'i'y thi
morning nth" o'cin-k by Ih. W.C. 1
Fri'ey. After the ereiiiony luiulu'on
t ... i ... .1.. i. . ......
wa enjoyp i, ami i i. " 'i.- "-i r:
. . ,.' t .. ... ... i. ...... ri.-
cm pie l.'U IT rue nnni. ii".nv mr
wedding, while anticipate 1 some time
mii, wa 'juite a aurprine to the in-ople
of Hryan fenetaHy. The bride ia well
known here, and was one of the prrt
ti. st of I'.tyan glrla. The gnoin'a fam
ily is a prominent one at Weatherfoid,
and be himself ia at prem-nt en.;:ig"d in
the caltle bminess.
the course of one of our oi l ktii.hut,
Mr. Maurice Kypuiiki, who i a junior
in the K e 1'olyotectinic lti-titnte, at
Terre llail'.e. Ind. In the current
number of the Technic, a very credita
ble journal gotten up by the young
men of that intili;'i"!i, M.iuri. v hm an
arii. le, eiiiiih d, "An Artiliiiai Niag
ara." The illutr.ition are all hion
srk, and the wh ile i a very g d de
acrijition f the gr. at dam at Ausiin.
Maurice ma le pholographa to i.lisa
trate hi irti- b. while he was on bis
V.icalii'U t-.i.r !-t niliuiner .
I J. ll. Iavia, J"hn liih'mn. J. lT (i b.
; bon, li. I. Hammond. W. C I amb
'and X. kit pat lick w.-re over from K-li,
I Crime countv, to.lay, buying ri1
New Year reception announcementa Mr. John (.ibbons waa arcompinitd by
and calling cards neatly printed at the J hi family, and on Lis way to Miiata
tacle otnee. I county, where he will rstide in future.
i i '

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