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The Bryan daily eagle. (Bryan, Tex.) 1895-1898, December 21, 1895, Image 1

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Price, 6 cts
Vol. I No. 1C
AICACU l'lis
'rm 1 .r. An mi rt.y e!l"rt i j I 1 J)M
in i- t) i.r.ji l.v in.? IM'.c ja-M- .1 i i r.-iii.
a i i
5 11;IUjIIVI
in nt of the Texn n the
lit wri:mc "fH l'lii-r
i j .jr.
j. 1 i L JUY ..t N:.vv t.i. th iliipii.-iry v.Mi.,g; .,,-,,;,,. . .,. l,,(!
n . i i I ' 1 , I.!.. .. jnl 1 1... !.,;. .A i'.- ' r. .in ' i . i )i i
, : iiiwwi" o- and." rl"s "f ,w" M4r'" r''1'"' f-r t- ""trv that u i If1, AI w
LOOk OVCr thlS llCt, ling Up riH) h ' 11 , t.nl r- - f iiutiit. y l.avn .r j .i;.',.,,.,..., n.iVI urnl. SAGES TROUBLE.
If 1 l.awi.i '.r"t '-vliii M'U v : 1 1 1 1 . 1 t'"' ' . 1.,.,-n .li-firl.f.l I'.v th- :ittr.i-ti..ii Hr tl, ,t. ;,,uV"! a.- r.l-i
Itnv fil.oHV or Will II. I l' lom-;..f i,,h!u..1 LT.ivii.m.M, h,..i r- :..,... ,,.u .,f ,.:;.-. n.
---- -- i ii p - -
A'.IIIOII'U 'o.'"l'l t
It ,k.i..' pomler ('"f. Mien!
M Bl
I,.... li.v
Ji-.l ,
l-.r.i i '
I .oil
I .. . . .. -
... I itl. Mao Ii :
Itlm-kin Cr.Mii. Uf.ir ''j',
linoiu ;'" '' " ., .;. m-
Km klift , ii 1
llnllrr -.1-
t'a'ilniH'! Etlrad:. uaMi
ft.lv ill
(nn,!!.- ' ..U,
('(illl .1 lilt .i (I , e
(!l-rv Ml '' tl -I'V Ulil.i
'linM ...nli, i, l,.ra
t 'liiumin t vl . t
l'h.. i'lli I I.'- I i Ii
( llrou 1 i ll 1' l
t'lollifn 1 iii I imir Ivi.i'.i
( Idllifn l'lti- i'U ii In v
('imd.1 l.mlin I l" 1 f ii ii
Grandpa t Wondir I '' S U - '
I;, c
l: 'i l ou
Sil.n i i
S i'l
S . fl'.i.
S -U
A )' ' i"
('llltl I 1 1 1 "
Il l I
M.i -
...I li. t!
,i i
c r
- . , t ( i
i. i
I Ml .. .1
C-hl f-r-iii s
'uri m,U
r. I..-
I'r .ii.
, f.iitli tli-y ii! "n"'
I1)rl,. ll(Mn, .:,f,::'(A . .!;,!... ,r-1 I'll M.I M L
- I .u:. - -f l 'fl- il.il.ip, i'.H ;
Tin- ri.it -.1 St..t. -i- i , n -! . im i;ii i 'v tl.. infl v.it.try , ,,,, s,lrH o.n- Krciirith'
i i . :.t, ri..A.i.il! 'U .t '!. u l-ipnu-'.v U : ivhvl. . .,,,,1 Wu!l Ktr-.t V.e frum
Canwl CoxlS ,r 'w,ln t :.:,! t ..ml .M..-U it. It il'l l'" 1" t, r ,'-,T ,i0 i lMu.lrky l Wild.
..MM -v...... v ; I I,...-..-,. Itrit. nivv linn t) l.iv -"V'1 lo
r "r"ivt li.!,;uUiiuaV;.n.!:. ii.S.M.t!, h """M ,,e CONTIirENTAL EUROPE
V 1
1 . n.
I ir i h
I ,.l
Mil. ..Ti l
I ll iVM
I' II, ',.
1 ,;.u
I' II 1
I : .i-i ! t-i i
s Ii, III,
-.ll ,!l:'1
M a I" 'I.
I II It It'
'l ,,l,.lt '
A i, ii,',i , i i' I ' ,l,...t;..l,tl...,r..'T t. I..IV- us- oiiiiiry uii,i- ,
I. , h t I lit l III liv" U- (ll'UMI-r il
...... i .1.1,1.. irtifiin
I... . .i .. I f..r ...nliiii t.th- ti.uhsm .f -.i.it.
ii.i'i iiiii, i i i ' f
iw.ir " ' N. w V- rk m.:!I. ! "War n-
,i,, a,;i.titi, ...'"-";r" t:,M,NMN" ,r,-"'K:
winn v ...us-r it-F. wfniin.
follow the (JroWd.
W ii-1.
It i i.i.i wl.it v.- in!. '"': lu!"
iknt koi:;kt--' i-i ..
-T-n-r -pr- A T iTj.
UU 1 U INUriritLL o
The Rich people, the Poor people; all
fit CfAO'
1 f A JUL IV
1 A IAt.i4A''v.-
And an Endler Variety of
All Kinds cf
'l ! ,r- r. . - 1 I ' 'I'
, , 1 1 i , i '. .! 1.
... DOLLS ami T0YS:,
ttl cm r i l ,
..I, ti
Your Snocial Attention is
called to our
this week. They go because that
is the "onliest" place in town to go
Fov Presents, Toys, etc.,
i Where you can be suro of suiting
any taste, the most fastidious,
j any purse, the poorest.
He has Everything,
from Fine Cut Gla ss. China. Rich Al
bums, and splendid Gifts of exten
sive variety and range, to the sim
plest and cheapest toys.
You are invited to
-" t .il; a liff r.'iii j
1'nLii lin ltij
-'-Ii'.' filli'i' tl,.' I'p"i 1 1 1 "ri ll.'--,
i'i''i- w.i- lift liuii'l.'.l. tint th-re;
r , j
,,u! 1 1- ..) -iu ;ii t 1h t iii Hi l'.i.'.'
lii .l nt ! Atii.rii-.i. I.'it 1im-1'.-
Ii,. lit- :n r"" tli'- M:it r. : lul "pf j
C!ii!l il) ('il !i..,!.!:il lluiiip"'. ar-;
r. ill-ili tin' v mi .if .i,v to;
lii'.'il. I., il,'.' M ll i l" ". l- "f ar.
j Kr.iii '- I..- i.itiii-t- iu Snutlr
I Ai.i::i-'.i. -in.ilr !u lliii'i' cf Kiif
;t.ii.il: Sp.iin i-1 lik,Mi' i'u.i'iil.
wl.il.. i ! r 1 1 . .i i . y lia r-;iini fr ,
! l.H.kii,' ii-k.n.i t tin- Mi.nriH' .!.h - ;
triii'-. ' :t ,.f all tL- jin-rion-
l.v r'pr n'lit. itiv.' i f Ktin"Mti ,
' iiiiMnii-, !"it "ii" " l'r f.il.'l
i i cm leu, n I'rt.-i'iVnt Cl-vi Li'i'l'
lu'lituil' . in. 1 th it Aiui rifii'
'nil fri'ti,. i: ;'.--ii. ir.li-c intuit-
t il. Ii'-" 'i thi' .Mcxi, :n .ii t:itir,
rir"!.! nt n'ir iI'mt-, t:tk - (..a.-tusi .
, t . -..y t'.,at v iil my i.i'tl.ii.i.'. j
. i ).:t!i,,iii" l'.ii'.'l.ritl. !
j I'.ut i NC'ptii M''M atnl n.ili,
; all tin- ii..li'iriiil'iit piiV'Tn:i,"i.t" f
; !...tli Aiu.Tt.-a uiv ft',! i" i!li n-ti.u-ia-iu
f ir th" A'.n-: i an 'a'i-'.
'ai.,1 .ir,' i :i-tin? r.p tl.rir n fH.rn,
in anil. :'.n n. 'l in-:i-urin? arm"
w i1. 1. tin' half '.' Kiirnj'C, or it li
ill. if -1.'' I'l'-.i-'".
riik.''l up l-y lh" t-al'iiK-t- 'f
j r.iiri'', it i ii"" tlMi--ht l.anily
r-.iM.ii al.lr that Knhiii.l will r-
I rcl- an i"t.t fn.ui hi r po-iiion. On
itheoth'T !.;i!l I. tl.i- 11 itioll MM'll.-a
' unit in Kij'purt vi h r r.-i'l. t.t
an I '"nr. --. anil tl al i the 'itll
ati ,11 t -.l.iv.
One above one
Roth Pointing
: .Sard as they
can to
The Center
tif attra' timi t huytrt
of tirmci i',
I hav. n't U.iiplit tlii
Man' t- t.v'.k
t!i- i-alaniil i'
I have
m ;y,!
The vci V thing for a Frcscnt
ino veiy nttlo BQYS nnJ GJRLS
i, n'::l. i- : ' ' ' 1'
tl. li'tl -. I'"'"' I'"1' 1
i,,i. .'. A. i.'n.-l- 1
I M, r"i .1 li. 1. 1'. . . I I.. . '
in Br
f ,r .;. t., in 1.. -.1 all"!
...tl 11 '. laT'-M f"r H"'i I '.v
i, i!i ii i, .t t.i I 'iy "ir
to Norrell's.
Special !
I'.;.- it"
s Gifts
war silr-aly tn-fillrn tin-
I mi.--! Knjl ui'l aii'l Ainciua.
i -tpv! i i I.i" 1 lla' ar luinor ;
' -. t.-.- l iy in th'.i'-i. r- that 11 i-ti'il
t , r t vi i .- in a in "ii-.i-i.t. "M.'.li m
i, it l-.-t in an hut r, the M l'.injf
onlrr 'Tf ninrii'i.ii!1. hi.1 an.i'l
tho w i I l-t T.-nr thy ripi-',l tin;
i.iatkrt t.i i.-ci Five lirtn iiit
uinliT. It "a- a jan p.unrr.
l.'-it-ihui c 't th- fright, ton, ami
tin' li,'Ui,-'-il mir fi-rurit!. out of
il.. ir in it'ket an I w.'ii't t ill, li tin-in
m.v ii. ! than tin v w.v.iM a livo
. ... . m ire."
'I h,. Sun.lay i-u of tho N.-w ; Y- t nn.l. rlvin; ali i- a M-nti-Y,.k
Worll l.aMw . ii. ,'t ii.tcr-; n. cut that a'l ill hi- li. l't-'-cilitV
ivi -Tin" Wnr mi-! '.ami -i'.l r-.-i-.l-. - y Anu-tii-an
ii i r '..I ..j ..f el.,-.' i, 1 U fulLi.iL' f,.r li.i'iitit'al
l.,,tM n.iM.h. r.".. !l'.ill1: wlu-r.' .-r.Vit. think the r.nul'ul.. Tl..- -, THli I JJUW 1.
i . ...
li,. ,'i.ir.ihaiut-i l.avp oivurri-.l in vi' i tiillm-'. 'l a-li'-'it, t.i Ui-
I . . . , 1 . v .
T!,,. ,., ,nf ih.'T.-vu.i. n l..-r.i-f.ty -.. ,ny on t!. pi..-.'. a.,.vi.,ioii.i.li..i;!i) .
. . . , r i . ... .. i,..i.. n..rl ! l,'i lnM-n roKlin. . it i t-U t.i i. im-.i.l-iT that a t-n-at
. i . i. ...I... .........I iti.i ii.,.
Tl.er- :rr only I wmty niiic ' n
t. ti .1 in tin- lw-r 'nui-i- -f
, to fay.
! Yo I know it cai.l that I have
j I roiuM iritvf way down this
j , 'aon on t'.roivrie-. My com
! ittitor a.lmit it. Now they
rlaitn that they nr.- e.'llirij; as
cht ap a 1 i"i''
. . 'ill lilli't it'.''
; ;
,..,,,- V,fhni.hl u.i.i.-r ,,y,,ml.r..!.-i-nuu' ...apo, ,-r-,.
iv.nn.'tii.-i' f -.1 pr.itili.-l that , -n. iu nn-pii'-r.-li u. . i.iua-..apa,i , w .. . m,t j.:.Mnti,-, l,i-n nn-
vh'.i. l..i ilo vin lii-ri.-'.f i war. the A-hat.tPf ar on ll..-oal tj, ip it-,1 .v t !.- wli. m;i.i:iiu-
i . i .. n 1... ,U i t iitul 1 ii' lint i nip wni- 1 i i tii' tn m i - . , u.i- ,
i.:.imh"1 .n i wi i. 'ui.i, i - - - i
(SuccccLors to Lee & Wilson)
W l' ll.lYl' tin- l.U'-' -t "I" ill''
. ti.m. .-.i-v to hatplli'iioii-of all tho unip.-:ikaliUTuikih
. . .. . I ii . . I . .i ii . ,m ...ir i i n- .mi ' i,, ,i. t "
.... I ... . 1 1 . ? I :i i .1 ii.it' , ii., i ii... .
a . i 1 1 i . i - 1 . . i . . . i
... i i r ... ... ll'..vn,' iM.iiitrv !.a it HI mils atol
: .liti' n to our i.iiv.u iii-n "-'-I. ..i.,'...,.
iin! th- il.'u' of w.
th- 'I'rx.i iiinl 'u'-r-.l i.
ll' ........ P..l..r ll... Il.'.'i,'1 ,.n!,l
n iv ''' i-'I''-ry ,n,,,':.iir ,,th" tl,.i-.iu. nati.n of
,.. in open nhrll.o-.. 'r op-'ii , , .. wi,h
. . . i . : l .. . I
I'vo pot thrin on c v.-ral things.
;.wz-' puriha-c ii oik- itdii.
Think U.ut a CA9 LOiO OF
APPLES. t..r iti-t imr !
wail.it.'. On tl.iiM.U- im- iiiui-. , . ,. , , ,
lirt amlf.-r.ti.. -tth.'t'iihaii-Spin ,",,. ..(.,!,i ...... , ....
. I li " ' " "
lilt- f' lhr jit t'i 111. A
And all lands of Holiday Goods, in Bryan.
Al.-n tin- Hm -t A-'.rlir.i-i'.t of
Camih's, Cakes, Fruits, Xul
ami Cigars.
Al.otlnr iiiU-f f"V f iti-! a. ti''H
i, that h.-r " will "f
I I., ii ii, I m.,1 i.itti.i:i fi !
l" '" 1 ...... . ...... ... '
i i.i .....i . , .i.i : u .r i.n I ii,. vi i if , nur,i ir.'" , .,
Ill" I V in. I I'V IH I i.i". ii .-.f.. i.l.l.'i Will
' ar i,f f ! -rn.il. a: i"ii mi lh- Turkr
... . .i
, . i I . i ,,iii,i ii- a 1 1 a v i" n . . i- in.
liavr nut ft 1 Mn.vfi mil ui
.li.in ti nihil", ami m Ti-x.i the ', l.mil at pr. - nt.
..r.-it ('iirliitt-ril.'iiiniiion Sijl'.t '
that w. foticlit with win.l. ; W hi:. n s art- n p,;it-'l in lk
'.. I,. i... l l. ' .H .... W.n'li Aii.ri.a wl.i'.i" ll
,,,1-i.ap in t'..- l-r.i .K.yii .irj u.. ju ., .
.. . .,: ; ., ,1,,, .1,.,,. ov.r llu- I t.lUM i-iiai." mi i .'i '
11 I ? I I II 1 ill t H ll .
N",.v it' your oa n fau't if you ilo
not i-at-h oil.
' At t...
! .-."l,t 1 . Mil Mnii'Uir 1 .Iff a t in
! t!i. vi-.-l, th'' orp.ina of I'lunl
p i ,inilv riii -r nmt j.-tlo'i'V at
I IIIMIUI9 , i .
':. M LEE &
Exohwig Hotel bbok, Bryaa
ti'li.ptf'l lo in ik- inpltal out of thf
i Vi nt. The Ti-xa waa om- of ti.t
h.ilt hip pr iviil-1 f. r hy the
Mirit l'l. vt'lati.l a,l:uin'ti.iti'n.
', Her iliM.:ti" 're frleoteil I')' I'i'iii'
happy w.i a f-tronp all tin- year
cr eo'in! v, ati'l Slu-ritt Mnnvr ami
If tin- ileiire to make other ' :( im.... rr ,.n tl.rir trail.
V. V. M k MV.-tit. !. a l ew j .vk
Zcnnatti Mork. I'.lvc bini a c. 1'
I ' ' ' . I W , W , M-.ti '. ..I'tll, OH" l I" H
around ii iti '-'r' 1 f .M.f.vii,,,,., f.uiti, n.itM-ija, aiiJ
inn," what a different worl J thi . xy, ti..'..rk, tie., iu tl.f
.tli.ioi-. .-.inonn lingli-li naval un-wouM It.

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