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yv. v-uyu, xiih bUMH Ur JAPAN.
. . . -
KTraiarthM Bia Tbi lunlff
Nsw Raartea a AM ....
A lew mouths ago Mia Christiana
Hets arrived in Milwaukee from Mun
ich. nd Intiodured In the cream city
a iiwlci cf decorative work which ha-t
hitbcrt been practically unknown
there Vi Hots I an artist from iho
crown of her head to the soles 0f her
fee:, aa all-around artist, loo, knowln:
how to paint beautiful modern thingt in
ail and water color tt well to re
piodue In many fabrics the rare and
costly relics of early German art worU.
She M as skillful with her li-elle an
t.n oer crtwn. aa clever with the
sharp tools of the wood, arver ontflt
a thr it with the little knives and
T'eer instruments with wh.ch ah ruts
l-ather Into Intricate pstfrtis. but nios;
of all does she do wonderful pvro-I
gra;.hu work on wood and leather, na
Ing. In a marvelous may, the red-hot
poln; of a little Iroa needle to bring out
llRht and (hade. So fur MUs Heti ha
not put much of hrr ork on exhibition,
although fhe had aeveral water colors
li'irs at the exposition art gallery and
a few pie. ea of burnt wood and leather
aurk hav been ahown la art atorea.
'nit many hav had priva.e Inspection
of htr work. Notable among the pieces
whi r. h ha la head of Rembrandt
done ia wood aud framed la a flat
wooden frame, the picture and tV
deccratioa of ta frame being done with
the red-hot B"dl. the whole bn In
ft dell.i aaad.-a of brown Ilk an
t-hiag by the master himself. .g.
oihrr larger piece of work It a wooden
heat covered with pyrographic orna
mentation, w ith the top of leather slml-Li.-!y
treated. Combining the llluml-awl-.-.!
and pyrograrhlf wcrk. Mia Heti
bat inade aotne beautiful cushion cov-rr-
chair backs and tmaller plecet. the
brilliant gilding and bright color
nowing- effectively on the il.h brown
!.i.'k ground of the decorated leather.
This particular form of work la having
great run In New York and Miss He!
has received a number of commission
Th eld Swedish work on wood and
etber consist of geometrical design
la folnt combined with acroll work In
pyrograrur. The effect aeema atifT at
tiret. but growa upon the c and
pleases by Ita almpllcity of color and
foim. The cut leather work consists or
tt'Kxi pattern la dark leat5.fr. anj U
especially auited for book bindings,
chair backs and cushions. The work I
Imitated by machinery to a consldcr
b! extent In then degenerate davt
but tbre la not the grace nor beauty
in th machine work that la found In
the labor by hand. Miss Heu received
her training la all the branches of
decorative art work In lb Munich
schawls and ah haa ttudied In the gal
lerlea and museums abroad, many of
her pattern being exact copies of rare
old article la th national museum at
Munich and th Germanic museum In
Nuremberg. Antique French tapes
triea also furnish her with suggestions,
while many of her pattern are orlgl-
There are In Wale about 910.2SS
Velh peaker, and about ;3,000 out
I'M th principality.
Govern able to cycle will aoon
In demand In PsrU. such la the
rage for cycllag among girls.
Calceolarias, fuchsias, musk, creep
ing Jenny and tall naaturtluma do best
In shady wladow box.
An antarctic iceberg haa been teen
that was twenty mile wide, rarty mile
in length sad 400 fet in httcht ,
Kcr th flrtt Urn la bUtory cran
berry pickings on Cap Cod had to b
suspended 't ck became of a anow
In th fainotta cellars of the Hotel de
Villa, at Bremen, there are a dotea
cae of holy wine, which bas been pre
served for 2i0 yeara.
Christmas trees by th hundreds ar
being marked for harvest la Maine,
la a few week the crop will be started
toward New York and other big cities,
Th first toull Insect ever found la
the southern foal field of Penn vlvanla,
according to Natr".lit W. Victor La
man. of Tremont, Pa., was sent by him
to th Smithsonian lnilltntloa Ut
The latest sleeve Is molded t th
arm from the wrlat to tw Inches abov
tb e.bow. and the puff at the top Is
full, short and drooping.
Uun.ian collsrs with broad rerers
and high Medici collars, or fur, with
narrow caps. are more fashionable
thun boa for those wh can afford the
liuury of such a tria.
One of the useful makeshifts of fash
ion Is a wide rollar and revers of satin,
embroidered all over with Jet and steel
or pold and Jet, which can le worn with
any eveUng dreus.
leather for dress walnts Is sowtMng
i nlnuc in th,. winter fashion. It is tan
la Uor, thin enough lo be pllabln, sod
la decorated with applique lac at if It
vcie rutin or velvet.
i-iai k tatln ribbon, four or five Inches
wide and rlnboratcly Jetted. Is used for
trliiimlr.g silk and velvet rapca. It is
sewn lengtbwle nt "ntervsisall around,
and the upper ends fold orr in loops
and ar gathered la to partially form
the rufhe.
Neckle made of a band of fur four
r;- five inrbs wide, finlnhej n front
s.U'4 lit tie ba.J aal at th back wita
n big- tow of velvet, ar among th uov
eltie' In neck tvzlice,rt. white others
have 1p rjuJj of velvet tab with u
ci rotettes tl th sides.
Satrlaas RrganUd a lleraa. rsrtklar
ly if Ik VM-tlm It ItiMMkawallaa
eiraaxa aad BraiaJt U Wakh Tt
la I ki auatry.
HK latest outrage
of which the Jap
anet are accuiteil
la the murder of
the Korean queen
and the Jjpanene
government baa ar
retted many of
thore tuiie-ted of
being roucerned In
her ataaiwluatton.
The toshl are a con-
. ... ...unr i iron iiio to me Japanese
Bl.nl ..... . . .
government, and every newtpaper read
er who peruea the foreign new with
Intelligence must have noticed that on
occalona of great political excitement
'n the mikado's emelre fha .M sr.
reported aa creating grave alarm.
In Japan the aothl occupy a tome
hat almilar poaltion to that held by
the Cerman uulvertlty atudenta In the
Katfcerlaud. aav that they are more
turbulent, more Important and more
numerout than the Teutonic repre
aentatlve of the tame class, and there
l a greater admixture of political agi
tator In the aothl than there 1 in the
German atudent. The modern so. hi It
the outcome of that extraordinary and
rapid changt of heart that cam ver
Japan so ahort a time hirt tnm
oi the aew grttetn ha not yep becotae
well grafted noon th old order of
The word Itself, soshl. It derived from
wo ininese rnaracters no, a strong
and able-bodied man, and tbl. a scholar
or sage. At first the term waa applied
only to student of the different schools
and universities, and the tot, hi waa
only a young atudent of any ag be
tween 14 and 30.
Many of them entered the police
rorce. ror Japan maintains a military
police, and her the former warrior
found restored to him the sword which
a recent edict had forbidden hfm to
wear aa a customary part of file at
tire. The fact that ao many of the
Samurai families found In the police
department a field for their Ulcn's -lain
lb secret ? the extraordinary
deference shown by the shopk.-epers
and lower classes to the policeman of
his district.
Others entered the government serv
ice a clerks In varlo
they were a highly erf
still there Is not rooi
ment service for all t
of tbe Samurai, and
In tbe hearts of many
tifylng fart that tac
eaiste privilege whlel,
their souls. And then
dread so much aa the bit
of falling into Intlgnifl.
.ce and obll-
The recent attack i ?on U Hnag
Chang, the Chinese envoys wa the work
of a fanatic aoshl, and the rest of the
Japanese felt this atain upon their na
tional honor keenly.
The toahl never lack for courage, and
It Is a notable circumstance in connec
tion with these assassination and at
tempted murders that tb soshl himself
1 J
pition to Tin: himtokation-.
lmmedlutcly after nearly always rn
desvort to commit sulcld and to per
form that ghustly act called hari-kari,
or moro euphoniously, "happy dis
patch." Strange to say, among the
Japanese the man who dlsembow Is him
self Is generally regarded as a lro.
without very exact reference to th
acta that may have preceded bis sui
cide. Tb "Happy dispatch" Is regnrded
it an honorable death, and In some
sort of mysterious way. Inexplicable to
a foreigner brought up under a differ
eot code, to redeem the performer's
In days of old the Samurai, from
which class most of the soshl are do
aceadaala, wor two swords, and dvim
' U i' J
I Ita owner than wf or chllJ wis th
cherished weapon. To It th Samurai
accorded a lino tb sent treatment at
'o a sentient being, and th greatest
blow ever aimed at this class was th
Jlct which deprived them of th time
honored and cherished privilege of
wearing two sword. The soshl of to
lay can ear sword openly, but they
nearly always carrr tvori c.n
hlch in their hands la a formidable
r.l.a flav Kr, (tt t mpkn WUlCraabl
I Naucht.
During the P.lxt Blinimer Ihera waa In
Richmond, Ind.. a clalrvovsnt and
trance medium that possessed remark-
uie powers. H'.s name was dleb
Clay, and he wa visited bv hundred
of pope. who were astonished at what
he would do In a spiritualistic way.
He Is now In Toledo. Ohio. A letter re
ceived from him contains some Inter
esting predictions regarding the future.
lie says:
I predict great happenings. There
are tnings to cause it. The star of
llethlehero It due to annetr this vear
Last time It appeared was In 1172. II-
fore that It Appeared in 1284. 45. -
and 325. It waa a atar of such bril
liancy aa to light ud the heaven and
that It did appear I an incontestible
at-cnomUal f-e. During the past
year unusual dUtarbunces tn th
heavenly bodies hav been observed by
dentists, as If they wer effected by
the fore of another body not regularly
ctlng upon thotiL Tbecoldness of last
winter was caused bv the Influence of
th planet; storms of great destructive
nesa hav occurred, and we hav bad
unprecedented weather. The variable
tar Algoe ha undergone great change
of late. Some huge, dark body has
blotted It off th heavens several times.
The moon of Mars, so long visible to
atrong telescopes, have disappeared.
No sweh rapid disappearance of anow
a ever before noticed, either oa the
earth or Murt. Jupiter's moons ar
uow more ortlllant than ever before
known. Venus, when not shrouded bv
unusual showers of meteors, I uunsu
"y bright, attracting remark from all
tar-gaters. All of these things show
th approach of something uuusual la
th heavens.
"A to what then happening will be
-here Is tbe prediction of Hansen, who.
In 162S. predicted the great fire In Lon
Ion. the great plague of 1H6. the
French revolution, the rise and fall of
Napoleon, the Franco-I'russlan war.
our owa war. and the late Japanese
Chinese war. all of which I can prove,
having In my possession a copy of the
prediction published 0 Chicago, from
the ancient manuscript, ia lsl. 1J
Intense fury gathers In the secon l
year of the fourth decade of this cen-
tury tlS(X). Dire calamity clouds the
great western empire and Vara of
ire. Seas amt
mountains shall
sink and new land shall appear. Wnra
shall be extinguished by great terror.
and armies shall meet with pestllencw
and famine, and the great empire shall I
not rise again, but shall thenceforth b
aa strange people, living with Jealou.y
and enmity. "
rerlfi4 Ma laaait.
Great excltenient exists over the dis
covery of a petrified man In Harrbn
Klgans1 field, near Savatmah. Iowa. It
Id nnist nw .! ll.li 1.. -a I . .... I
Is now on exhibition at that village. It
is perreci, even to the hair and mus
tache, lie was evidently murdered, for
Ms hands are tied crosswise at the
wrist by a leather strap, which, la also
petrified, and there is a nolo n the fore
htiad as if he had been shot. It also
looks as if he had been disemboweled
by a skillful hand and then sewed t.
He Waaletl la Hay tha MMarav.
K. A. Riley, a well-known New York
lock broker, went with his wife to
e the Atlanta exposition. He sud
denly developed a desire to nlnlster to
the spli Muni welfare of the dcnliens of
the Midway nnd began preaching re
ligion to the. rouchoe-voucliee girl.
Then ho wired his New York bankers
for a lot of money, announcing thru ho
was going to buy tho Midway. Ho wa
placed In chsrge of iho physiciur.s.
Her t'aras Mat I'alal.
R.uhe Oarstaclo of Hackensack. N.
J., thrust a knife Into ti e left Jugular
vein of Joseph (ilucarlo In h-r hou.
He died two hours afl.rv.urd. and she
lipped away and escaped. She unci t0
live with the man as hit wife. Too
woman i ibscribed as meeting
cano ftt the door with a smile and In
vited him inside. Whin lie stepped In
side she threw her arm nroimd his neck
and while giving him a rpres, plunged
th knife into her victim's neck..
M. Ijimoreux, the concert director.
Is going to build a theater In Paila on
the plana of Wagner's Ilavrenth the,
ter. It will be finished In 1S9I. when
th first performance will b o( tha
Mbelungea triogy.
(B V A
4ssfV ' " m' , Mms'
riee aa Trl by Ja7I Tuiloilag
4 Nut raa. Waaltag - real Thy
II Kallaaal ln! is rerf.H-n fnr
rk.lr Set.
S politi.iani the
representative wo
men of Colorado are
upright, threwd
aud capable. They
ar asking nothing
because of tlietr
sex. aud. coaipttr'
lively, tho women
who ar ready to
barter their rights
.: ' are tn tJi mliHirxy.
u is not tne "new or rma n. women
who are working to aurlfy p.'Us les in
Tlors.lo; It It the women who have,
through har.lthlp Bit J trtaht. done their
full share In building up the centennial
These women feel that they htr a
luty to perform in demonstrating to
the entire nation that suffrage wl l be
of value to them by being earnest, con
servative, yet courageous. The venal
vot cut but a small figure among the
women of Colorado. The ballot Is a
dearly boui privilege, not lightly to
be bartered aw a. r Th ballot does aot
purify wtmiir. tart ah realm- Ita value
tn.- f nl y. tharr giait. who tua nvr
been required tO sHt with folded h ind
and see its debasement.
At the polls in vmber last, which
wa the first election aft.r the enfran
: lment of the on.en of Colora.lo, t)
&r cent of the votes cast sere by wo
men, and It was largely due to their ef
fort that there were so manj men.
?U hJ "4"'1 fro:n ,h
for years, working hand In hand with
them. It Is Idle to say ttat tho rela
tions between men and women ar in
lie least affected by women's minglin, 1
in in ccnt.'sts of political life. K
true man fall In rblra rou fueling to
ward the woman who is simply tola;
her duty. It Is only tbe men who fcave
onclean record and who fear the veto
of virtue upon degrading practices who
fall In chivalrous respect.
The scene at the p!l lit Colorado on
electing, day l a ple isant or Yiig
women go with their fit arV ywing
aiea ar ofte, . with an g.d grand
mother, while sometl:nes ati tntlre fa.a
lly aa ikri a pleasant party, ao tbey
nil their turn the pb asur.t cotirtaslea
f the day are exchanged ley friends and
neighbor. Among the newly enfran
chised of last November was a white
haired woman who came, .companlcnl
by her friends, to ca.it Ui? first ballot
She waa enthusiastic over Iter privlleva
and said she had never expected to ifv
t se the day when h might vote.
After csrefullv depositing her ballot.
h told th bystanden. that she was
born In 1SU3. Ut yr t ,harp. t
solltl.al battle that Colo.wlo has known
,or JtAT ,M fouut. X women moved
iron poi ing pure to polling pUee
meeting with no disrespect.
Prompt and untiring in the first cam
palgn of women in Cuiorada was Mm.
Anna D. Clemmer, who la now dairy
commlnsloner of the usite. No woman
tn Colorado bas had a mora varied po
litical experlent- Always a lady, she
has never forgotter her womanhood at
ways a republican, sh baa never for
gotten her patriotism, and has won the
respect and aJnuratlog of a'.t claases.
(I ''iJ,i'-...J.
W. - J- '' " 4.
it, I, w
Feeling the greut need of her suife, gnd
appreciating that a woman could ven
ture to sow seed where a man would not
be tolersted by the popullat element,
th bravely went Into the mining ramps
of Iloulder county, and did the work
that waa Impossible to man.
Mra. France 3. Klock, Clara Cres
Ingham and Mrs. Carrl C. Holly en
Joy tb distinction of being the first wo
men who reprennted Colorado in th
general assembly and th fl-at trsmss
ver ducted to tbe lcgU'atur In th
UulteJ Stales. Tbey were tha first wo-
: -Nr. . . . . JT iv it
v v- v, m y .. '
X. It
I .4h
JVttitfd But dtj not nk tva'ku
womanly or tt -tita dluitrous result np
on th stst. A " legl: 'atre.se' hey
ccnJ'iited tmraseives itn dignity.
UiaklRg tttw vt of t Mr dlffleU mi.
ttoh. dooMy dIClcull ttir.wgli it ape
I.Md minority.
To lr. I lolly, representative fi iri
Pueblo. I do the iu-s.i-e of the Ja
changing t!e age of ronwnt from f 10
21 ai. She handled this bill with
delicacy and aklll. vet It was -nlled
meaa i, e of sentiment" su.l she teas ha.
ras.M-d In assembly hall, and In Che se
cure seclusion of the committee-room
ma i vilified her in a dastardly manner.
The entire effort of many men who were
the lawmakers of Colorado was to make
of tbi bill a niejjurc of offcnn rarher
U.n defense The republican platform
dcniinded that the age of consent h
clnvnged. but in spite or this fa. f,
amounting to a pledge, Mrs Holly wa
obliged fo fight her battl In the face
cf tiltter piNKttion. proUng herself no
mean antagonist. Sli is a resident of
Pueblo. t'.iir.i.le't sccoud city, wher
she ha luted fir msny years. She in.
tereated hers-Hf In tbe suffrage move
ment, and whn elected as represetitj-
tive proe. equal to hcrdltllcnlt duties.
Mrs Mock of Arapahoe county, Intro,
diiced aud centered her liiti reet In a bill
which would provide an Industrial horn
for Incorrigible girl. Sho worked un
tiringly for the success of this mea
ure. and the home was established, but
no appropriation followed, and at the
lVM uf the legislature. Mrs. Klo re
& i ... i i. '
usrseii into a mtmruilte oa ways
and mean. Th result wis that'mtney
waa raised to furnish and opea auch a
home. To-day this refuge bas thirty
six Inmates and U In th hsnds of a
committee who will not tlr in the good
Such are some of the resn'ts of "leg
Ulatres." During the session thes
women were always to be found In their
places, prompt and ready, but not sg
gresnlve. They appreciated the fact
that It cost Colorado something like
1 1 a minute while the hum was in ses
sion, and It I not on the record that
th sergeant-t arms was obliged to
send to hotel lohhy or ilubroom to
Ifj, thetn into th hoii toc their
votw.'- ;
These first women las maker, did not
fly Into any freniy. or mistake abuse
for rfgiinieat. "sharpening their
tngj ith Mtterr.ess and ' vctiom."
Tbla was left for bn n of I5i.il as-
ser.ilily, an I on J.muary t. when Nth I
house met In Joint ss-ssion to ballot up
on I'nlte.l States senator, an unpree
denlel scene was wttnesseiL Resold
tlon had bevn presented that body by
the V. C. T .C. and the Kqual Suffrage
Association which gave nffens to the
tuve memtiers. an.l they tn. In their
manly dignity. alng that said resolu
tion were "an Insult to republican."
Just why It ahould lie au lnutt to re-
puoii.anism for women to ask lo It
represented by moral an.l upright men
11. 1 not transpire.
; A aite-bdire. alatcMBian. tjfeo haa
lit ( v I'l'' ,
- fetVa.
helpe. to make Colorado lawt sine the
territorial days. mUtaklnxUbu for
argument. In (econdlng th nomina
tion of E. O. Wolcott turned his speech
Into a tirade of nbu.e of women. He
apoke of the "hatchet-fs-ed Individuals
who presented the resolution, and
warned women If they ever attempted
anything of the kind again "they would
receive inch a reprimand a they would
remember." This eoward y assault on
women was applauded to the echo. A
great-minded senator from Pueblo wa
of tbe opinion that th white-haired
veteran hou!d recelvw a vol of thanks
for hi courage In rebuking the women.
Ia It not tlm tiut women ahould go
Into th legislature In numbers strong
enough to rebuk sach men?
Most rnM s)pt aa ttarlh.
The most crowded spot on th earth'
urface It thai portion of the city of
Valletta, lsiaud or Malta, known as the
"Mnnderngntli)." In the whole of Val
letta the proportion Is 7.".,imm) human
beings- to th square mile, but Iti the
MnmlcraKnM there I one locality in
whirl there are 2 571 persons living on
plot of ground lesa than two acres
nnil a half In extent. This would give
no less than e.ltl.OOl persons to Ihe
3-:wre mil.-, or 1.C17.H to the acre. In
Liverpool '.he tnont crowded city In
lirltnln, the mo: t densely populated por
tions have only llfl t lo th acre. Ner
York World.
the rrearh Isnrprr.
Napoleon HI had the remarkable et
perlenc of bis first brilliant iti. ccss
! c. 2. J8.-.1. He was mad emperor on
Dec. 2. Ii5i. He oiH?ned th Frunco-
Ucrnian war, at Saarbui k. Aug. , ih;o,
and surrendered his arMd to William
of Prussia Kept. 2. lS7n.
Ksa Itr Taklna Nlle.
From th Kansas City Packer: Ft
Louis Is wsklng up. An eighteen story
building will toon be erected $22 000
Ooo will be spent In Improving th busi
ne district .it of Mala atriet. and
Colonel Abe, Slupsky I, going to .
k i -J
nttll lt'fOl i t'fi TfTTirl
l''1 AIM' 11 Vail
Vesaas't ,
rrnasi I
ivsata tatvtf Waier-tlghl K I
wrtisaj A Iavala4 koa-lalaa-l
11 KY tell u,e, Ml4
ttiat yjti'rq
th girl
That broke all
th hearts in
That mao auch a
singular so
cial swirl
And yet tmind
none to mar
ry. -4
- J
The Knight; th Itaioa, y Urd. tha
Were none of them to your liking
Tau gave them all rebuff, rebuke.
While dancing, driving, biking.
Hell, naught care I for your triumph
Your dower, or power, or pelf.
I'm simply a clerk In a dry goods ,
Aud I offer you. Mia, myswlf.
Tom Hall In Truth.
Prima Donna-Tal Is your pwpo.
darling. Will ). not kis him?
Parling - Not utiles ou'r stir ho
going to be it for good. Truth.
A Ieia4e' Soa-la-
4'imnt do Vermicelli, an It,
Italian nob1
man now In New York. I engaged in
lie married to Mis Maud Snobberly of
Fifth avenue.
One of the guests at a recent social
gathering at the Snobberly manslm
aske.l oil Mr. Snobberly it.be used tr
be a servant glrh. how she liked her
prospective sen In law.
She replied -Me and Mr. Snobberly
are both tlckl to death with Count
de Vermicelli, and the way ho Is stuck
on Maud Is a sin. You can bsve no
Idea of how th Count dotea on that
gat Everything la th world that b
Imagine she want he makes u buy
for her."
Walor-Tlsal aaaartaaat.
When Mr. Ibwile landed In New Tort:
from a Llverpoc! st.-amcr the other dsy,
he gave every appearand of having
hail a long and severs tussle with the
flowing bowl. A friend wss on tha
dock to meet him. and when he per
ceived his condition he tsld:
"Are there water-tight iompartmiiU
la your ship, iloot'er
"lletchw life. Chuck full .
Of )
I bad J
i inoiignt so. And you
dl'ta t your
Tdno. Whyr
"You don't look as though a drojf
water got into yon during th nlr
Ethel bat
lord, eh
married bee
Dalsle Yes. but he
under false pretenses.
married her
"How sor
"He Imitated the consumptive couth
right up to the marriage ceremony, ami
then dropped It, tbe brute!" New York
Kaeaaraglao 1
Passenger (to coschmsn. who I. del..
Ing at a break-neck ped-Ston? Hold
on. What in thunder la the matter with
your W will have a inu.a-up if you
iuii j uu us mist
Driver Never mind, sir! I'm tired
o" llf; disappointed In love - this is tha
lt chapter of my lift's novel. Hit
Uet us there' Puck.
A Waasatk's
"Why don't you take your music le.
sons of Mr. L.?"
"I don't think he knows anything
about rouslcr
"He doesn't, but just think what
lovely muttach he hs."-Truth..
A Hlassmts
H-D!d you se that
"Malden'i iledltatlonr'
n ,Th" ,tlr,', fap wa 0"1X.
H- hy. I thought from th name it
Waa th plctur of a man.-Llfe,
H Uwa4 r,.raolr.
Notorloua Spendthrift (to waiter at a
retaurant)-How much do 1 owT
Walter-Ttafi mora than I can tel!.
' .4 .il
y teate4 sweat.
i T 1 1 i;l I " 4 r- 14' a

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