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The Bryan daily eagle. (Bryan, Tex.) 1895-1898, July 02, 1896, Image 4

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-t .-im i t
iHrrrd at th f-oatoffice l Brran. Teiaa, a
Hcoood Clut mall matter
I MaLcum Cimu Ultor.
rnitTto! ruin:
IVr Wnk, 15c. - IVr Month, 50.
1..1 (-aiindt'ia, Cl.. Carr, lion-ton
Cult), Kd Covey, All l'attereon and Kom
M.'ti'si'mtry went to Calvert yeaierday
to witnea tint ball gaum beta pen (ial
ve ton and Calvert.
Card of Taaaki.
Kditor KaRle: Tbruuitli your col
u.iina I Ikm Irave to tend.-r tny flm-ere
th i tiki to my dear lunula for their noble-
wik an t many ac' of lundnet
ahown my beloved wife during tier re
n nt illne. TliMn;ti ahe lingered on
tier '.' tit eil only a f w day, hea
unava a't nMeil br (nenda. who with
aat' hful eye and hearta nought to do
.rood. How am I to tliank thiiM dear
friend lor their de-roted ami uiiaellUb.
laid? Iran only add they have the
J hexrtfett tliankaof a broken hearted
V hiu'.at d who will never I Inem-dMe
a i . i -i i.:...
iu iim uianr cinjriitMPB eiiuwa iu khii
and Ida. (iratcfiitly Yair.
J . l. Iron.
". KTil'iiderin'a children left yea J
teiday lor itl to Cameron.
A. M. Kliodea went to Itm-kdaK- es
Mia. J. W.TaU.r left w a e dy lor
visit to Sao Matcoa.
' lila, milk hake and lee cold aod
w ater at l-ee A New land''.
Vnpt J. T. Cloaa went to Hearne
Conductor I'hil Ciaikc ot lletnpatcad
wat beie yeateiday.
Collei'liona were fairly good ye-ter-
dar ronrlde'iOK diy wea her and hard
If rou want to aleep ne lUII'a ino
uito lotion gnaranieed tokicp tno-
qulbaout. im
U. M. Nail and family with a party
from Wallbora, ar enjoying a fiahlnu
C. II. Wvae baa anew a I to-la. lie
ia ofl-iiuii bia entire itnrk at nrtual
oat for cah.
' The aeon contra I growing live'y
There ar nineteen candidate, in tb
Weekly ldg'e of today.
Full line of Alfred Wilghfa eel
brated i-rrfuine the beat made at
llall'admgatorw. M
Take yonr preacriidloi.g to Hall'
drug atuie, the iwople'a favoille for
.n drag ana low puce, iiw
. Ilead the article from lie Madia u
villa Meteor to tlika iaaua. It i r-'irr
and to Ihe jtoint.
Pome new tblnga aie being aliown in
neilliree fbirta. with tiea to match at
I'arkaA Waldrop'a. 18
' I)ont mica tba Brent roat aale at
Wtaa'a thia week. Neckwear, nnd.r
wear, alilrta, clothing, dreaa good,
ahnea. hoeier. evervthil g going at
lHwaa.Nl blood, conatlpatiuii, ami
klilney, liver and Itowel trouble are
cured bT Karl t Inter limit I ea. How
by all dniirglat.
Tha boaid of tate nnntrai y recent'
who have U-en In araunn l tlie A. and
M Coll. ire the naat two dava, alintirn
ed yta'er.'ay and the mrin tr- retnri el
to their rrapeetlve. iioint-a. ineooaru
of director of the Colli ge are atlll in
Sow ia the time to p!ae your order
with Win Kopt f. r fine Alnilf.t bay, a
Ihe pmapecta for a frn r are eiy
abort and a'fnlfa cannot bo exi- llrl
(or, leed. 1
Call at Hall' drug alore at d get bo
rated ta'cnra powder, guaranteed
mi beat. K eeially goxl for liable
I'ricea reduced. I
The beat cotuli cure ta KUIIoLw Cure
A neKl's tod couch la dmieeroua. Ktop
II at ouce with hhllnb't Cure. Sold by
all druggiala.
Hewing Machine Wante I wi b U
pnrxhaaea aerond band aewing ma
chine in gocd order. Addrea lien
Tbomaa, city. 13
age buaineaa in grain, pioviaiona a
Cotton at tran, irixe iii"ttiom of
Uvcrpool ami ,etv York coit n mar
ael h lit t. hicago oroviaion and gnun
inn krt. Uider eiectiteil niomiitly
cine oo jfi.v 2,
Ch cng i boj leceinta yean r lav,
Hti.tkO; la iina'ed to day, :"i.ik).
Kaiiaaa City recein'a yeater.lnv, ll'.'kO
(bnaha, tt.iM).
Seiiteinl.er nha, open, ;JJ; hiiili
I SO, low 3 "; vioae a 7h
(N tol.er ril, oi.en S W : blub. " K.'t
low. 3.WI; ruce. 3HJ'
K-pt l'ork, open, i (Wi; high, 7.07
I iw. 7.0H; clom-7-OU
S'pteiiiher w heat, open, .fitl1 ; bih
k ; low. . i K rlo e ! I 4
Pec. w heat, open. AS 0-8: bih. .5!,
I. ar .1 A N; cl e JA 3 8.
NKW Vo.K OTroS. JI'I.V 2.
Augnat tliK-n, 7.1-H-2I hiuh 7 20
low, 7.I2 U; clof. 7.U
Kpl I'pn UOO, high. : K
H. VV cloae l 6'l
Till: MAKKiriK.
M. r'oa'er & Co., doin a
. iT'iuJuer ami County Attorney C
.. Uuatavna of Madiaonville, cauie
over yeaterday.
Mia. Carroll, Mira Ciook and Mi-
Mary Carroll returned jeteidy from
fan Antonio and lletnpatead.
Hon. Tom I'all of lluntaville, ba
lden nominated f.r corg'e-a by the
democrat of the Xir-t dial rid.
J. I). Irona baa retnrmd from Mut
phrcealKiro, HI , whulier be went to
accompany the rein am of bia wife who
died beie recently.
1'iof. I.B. Alloraol Midiaonxille. ba
leen nominated for the legihituie fron
Malian and lon iuuiiea by the
l'llla do not cure (Vnatlpatlon. Tbc
only agcravate. Karl a Hover Kooi
Tea glvea HTfei n-guhirlty of tb
bowel. Sold by all drucgiata.
The f.O'it braaliea, Uth hponne
toi:et aoapa. etc , t be found in Hi van
a-e aold at Hall a diUk' atore at price'
o low that ther def tiimtieiition. 1
Hall' diug atore Bella line toilet aoap
im three rake for 6 cenla to n un
a i . """v iitiaiantced to wiirh in anv
kind. I iiler. W
"My linby bud cMiip and vn anve.1
by Milloh'a Cure," writ' Mr. J. I
Martin of llitiitavlllc, Ala. Sold by all
Kur Sali- More and htig.'V. dmint
nxuu af", three dining rhaira. cook
at'ive, mail bea ing atove. kit. hen la
hie and a t lioxera in p .'a. Ap( Ij
toMra.I'.Uuford. lJ
C.iiatiiiiplloc can be cured by the e
of hhlloh a Cure. Thla great Cough
( ure la the ouly known remedy for that
lerrllde dlwna-. Sold by all drug
John I'avne cam .town y. a erda
(nut I'ayne'a I'rairie to meet K. J.
I'aine who baa juat relurn.d from the
Icd!n Tenitory.
Iion't odea Ibe adna! roat ra'e on
tpijngae.l aninn.er g.xvla at C. H
Wya''a, beginning at 8 o'clock thia
no.rniit? arol cictinuinir Tnca-'av.
e liiclay, Tburilay and Kil lav. N i
. hare I. but M( I hing g- in al j
lil u.
Foiirtn-n Are Killed and
Great Many Wounded.
aUtanoA fmin the vartoaa Brma OOlDf
bniineaa In the Amazon.
The revolntlonlat. it la atatod, have
already declared a free republic. In the
province of Lotvto, and have made over
tnrea to the gnat Ilrazilian atatca. The
goveniura of theee atatea have made no
r-'ply, bnt it ia known that the aympa
thi.w of the Uraxiliana are in a large
meaaure with Semlnarioa.
Matllnouvllle Meteor.
One of the a Ivantjuea that Madiaon
ville hoM'd to derive doin the telephone
line to uuntavlile waa that the lown
might le enabled thcrvbt to obtain th
latent important nea withont having
to Witll lor Ihe daily paper, which ai
rive beie 3d houra after they are print
el. lint in Una, aa in other thinga we
eiect from the proud and haughty
little city 1 1 tin like a toad uiion h
"pine-clad hill," we were disappoint
Cl. A rweiii cae will aerve to IMna
tralc thia point : The tiew of ihe nom
ination of Mckinley reached Cent er
vile by telegraph and telephone in iual
13 niiinite alter it waa made the newa
readied Ma.li-onvill.i the neit day
Thia ahowa thedillerenre between Borne
'own Thete ae other raaea we
aou'd cite, but thla one will anlllce
I ne teepiione io nuniailille It or in
advantage to ua ewpt now and then
tO nioiie after a t -rillir exeiciae of lung
Kwer, inanagea to iranaact a little pn
va e hnaitie a. And bliaiuia. in Ihu
line I' falling olfon account of the ve v
un-atiafactoiy .ervheol ihephotiea.it
tieirg Vrr.v hint to uioler-li'ii I wl.at
ani, eapecm iy iie.uerii Mi.Uiiy i
Connor and HunUvil e.
Now e ha.e liu.-nn lh ' kick
auainat HurilM'i le and a e inal celiin
warmed up to the m''ject; by the 1 1. r
nai g'Hia now ia JH -1 aa v' a tine n
ever to uulimtx r our guna aijainat thai
lltt e build, of g liatu whicli feaat
ami fullci a ou the la'oia. l ihe rn'on'e
of Madiaon loi niy,
lltml-Vllle t ungrateful le auae he
treata with dialin the ban I that fed
her. Noi o ly la tn a'cd iih ni. r m
preme cont. ni.l th m an hiiuible Madi
on conntv farm when in the city of
kliinlavillc, cec.ally nfier be baa aold
lila colli n and fnt the money. Ilia
dla.Miain lo a ae f ieipeiing citien
it ourcoun yto note the nii-eicilioun
and anionic tprevaion on the face oi
the average lluiit-vil'. tie when be
find' that the man whom be chanced
to meet lite in Madiaon county. H it
there are other and weigiilicr tiiatlera
with which we have to.leal.
HuntMille led- eiay in the fond de-lu-i
in Hint aim ha gut the trade ol
Madiaon count v by the tail with a
down hill pnll, ini ' he liaan't. The
'a I hold la lipplng. and I'ryan. a cl
that ahowa her appreciation of what
ehe geta, ia taking two-thuda of it and
it will gel more. Ii take the id I farm
rr w ho deal annii i'ly wi ll the Hun a
ville people to aiv bow n'cidy and com.
plelele the 'ling" and "coiuMne" ca
"W"rk" litem. A pr milient merchant
of Iliinuvill e made the lein .ik
that the Madia n r muty pmip e woul l
"coon a h g" to g. t to tr.nle in llu .ta
vil!e A proprietor of a foriin r beaa
papr puhliahcd in Madamvi le two
or tluee year ago. laboring under the
iinpt. a-ion that the lluntaville nnr
rbanta wou d a'.oa in a little auh tan
tiul manner an appieciatmn of our
trade, vii ed the city for the piirMie
of aoliiiiiiu adverliaemi nta for bia pa
per. At every plac- he w given the
"marble hi ai t, and waa aatomahed at
being inforine,! that it wna no uae what
ever for 1 linn to advertiae in bia paMr,
for they wool I get the tia.'e of Ma li
a n cotiu' v anvhow.
HiiLtavil e ba- an. c e led in Bearing
olfineor two raihoad- which would
otlieiwiae have been built to Madia n
ville, ai .1 an ell .rt a made to "buy
oil" M j .l, .if the Link Line near
ly io y. ar-ago, nut me Minor waa
found i oi I be for al. Whet lor in
not tha' citv had anything to do with
the f dure t- aell the Link Line bond
a i ot know n, but we nt er think not,
la tha' w.t moat -o it a fob for even
lluntaville to ti.k'c, but the 1. A ti. N.
nal w:i hirgely reapon-ihle for the
The Meieor haa tried lo favor llunta
ville and her people, but not even get
ting "thank you" f r ii, ia going to
oik for riuiiiher 1, and turn ita entire
intlnence for thoae w ho appreciate our
A gn at inaj -rity of orr eople are with
ua in thia ie-lve, for tliey r-aline that
a are now and have lm all the time
working in the Interest of Madiaonville
and M.i.liaon county, and we extx-. t to
continue to do .
Thia only the firing of a light cha'ge
hut the Mcteor'a botteriea are heavily
'oadid and y it may bear from tia attain
ao.ti. 1 here I-a g eat large "ben on"
ip beie in Madiaon county. Our motto
' 'iv an. I I, ) live.
TV lUtlle Waa ruaght la I'taar 41
His rrstlBva-rWtaral laaarfrat t hUfi
Wiuadrrt In tha tight T Kajaaa.
amallMia Haglag la Haullaga ! Cwk
and ao.ua Vallow Fr.
IUvaNA, July I. A IWial letter re
ceived here giviw the detail of an
important engagement in rinardel Rio,
near Cayo Heudondo. The rebd leader,
Brigadier Friday, and !3of hia followera
were killl and many wounded. They
were currnil from the field. The inaur-
gent wnre pnt lo flight.
The coaat ateaim-r Triton bnmght yea-
t.Tday from Ilahai Honda many Span-
h fu.niih.-w, the f.iliug in I'luiur dul
Hi.) U.ing now one of alarm.
Three p ral have arrived here
from liii:.r del Kio to confer with the
enptuiu general.
From Puerto l"rinci lomea the re
port that tlm inaurgent chief, (tuerra,
Culungn, Fouacca and Arniado.Hunchei,
Rglitiug uinliT Maiimo (ioiin-a iu thu
late battle o' Nujnni, were all wonu'dod.
Sandii'i'a arm boa aiuce been ampu-
(Ioiii.-i ia now aaid to Im. encamped
with only fl.N) men, ull n ouiit.il, near
fioa Kstropudii.
Fnnr liiiinlred nda-la, cnniiniiidud by
Sulvador !tviai, attiick.d on the S-tth,
2i .th and liTth ull.. the lown of Vara,
near Manxmillo, but wero vigoronaly
n'tmlM-.! with heavy 1vum. It i re-
piaied thnt Ihe rebel chief IVriipaito
Peri'i encamped on the STth at Maligna
Larda nenr Santo IXuulngo. It ia aiiid
be came fmin the eat. It la hi inten
tion lo march to VucHa. A ha jo.
Santiago le Cuba adviww rert rVIO
caaea of ama!lpnx in that city. Two
i tern of (diarity, lH-longiiig to the St.
Vincent de l'aiil aaMa-iatlon, di.il of yel
low fever at the Santa Clara h.wpiti I
while attending their pntii nla.
The iuhahitanta of Mordazo, in th I
province of Santa Clara, on the night of
Jane 20, were aurpriaed by the balm ot
rida-U which had entered town without
aronaiug the tr.a.M which were un
awed to lie. di'lciidllig nm the puanl.
Tha Tmabla Itowa la I'era.
Ri-kno Ayrku, July I. A oirrea-
pondent in Tani, liraail, tel. gnipha that j
ScminariiM haa aun-el in aettling the
difTenmrca among hia followera, nnd
that he ia fortifying bpiit.w wilh a view
of reaiMing rierolaa' tinip the ct
m.t. The Iiirivn now have three ate .m.
r anne.1 with rapid firing gun ana
evcral hnndred nund iif iunun:.i:;-"
T'.-er have roeoived I'r.-iil ll.vil of 0
KafiMMl te Ua WHWoal ray.
Nr.w York, July I. A diapaleh to
The Herald from Cairo aaya two Turk
lah battalloai at Yeddah which have re
ceived no pay aiuce I SW, refne to Inave
for Crete, and have bamcadud taeui
aelvea in Ihe moartne.
Blot la hla.
Cl.rVELAUD, July L Telephone niea-
agi from Bureau, 0., aaya a riot ia
now l:i progresa a the atone na:ria
whe-o several hnnCred men have been
on u : tnke for two weeka. It U aaid a
band to hand conflict between the atnk
era and the aheriff'a deputiea haa oc
corrtHl in which over 100 ahota were e
changed, reaulting in aeveral being
Calm Llwe few Maraar.
(iniiKiK, U. T., July I. In a quarrel
over the admiaaion of colored children
into the white district ch.4, 10 milea
euat of Uathrie, J. H. Swain, a negro
rhoiltcacher, waa ahot and killed by
W. II. Arnold, a white ech4iUm-tor.
Arnold gave hiuuelf up. He claim
aclfdcff uae and ahowa aeveral knife cuta
liiBi. t.-d by Swain.
OuU.ua a Mow.
Vl(-roRU. Tel., July I. On the (tar
citaa road, Mr. Tody liuiui, gu.ird of
Ihe comity convict at work there, iu at
tempting lo qnell a row between them,
waa comiMilpsl to nae hia pint.d, inflict
ing a alight fleah wound upon one of
them, who waa making threatening
duiuonatrntiotie with a apade upon the
wouldbe pacificator.
Nh BbiU4 Ilia IMIwa.
Perrt, O. T., July I. The Hp.
Ilonard D. Worth, a New York Iptiat
prcar her, haa been divorced ftvni hi
wife, F.lvira M. Worth, Iu tW court
here. He awore ahe rpoiled Wa Hurulay
cliAhew nnd took him from ba preacking
and tilled hia Sunday ehotw with water.
Uovaranwal Fwrhet Vnttei
LoNtxi. July 1. A apecial diawtcb
from Cairo aaya the Egyptian govern
ment jHwk.-t Kahinaai4t, from Soakin
for Suet, btokeaahaftandwaa wrwked
on a reef. It ia feared W people were
Arwlltod at ajarwar.
W Av., Tea., July I. General Vein
KolMTtaoai waa acquitted here taf thl
Binrder l Cajitain C. F. lire ley on
May W.
Mr. Blawa Itoa.
IlaRTrORD, July 1. Mm. Harraul
aleeolier Stowe died at noon. The mean-
Vert of her family were at her bedside.
"MIC 3
a b
(TUESDAY) MORNING, I will posi
tively sell the remainder of my largo
and beautiful stock of Spring and
summer goods at ACTUAL COST
n i
Remember nothing will be charged
at this Sale. If you are needing any
thing in Dry goods, Clothing Dress
Goods, Trimmings, Shirt Waists, Ho
siery, Slippers, Underwear or Neck
wear, I havo it, and I am going to
Turn it Loose,
as I must make room for the Fall and
Winter Stock which I will go to New
York in a few days to purchase. Sale
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and
Friday. Come early and you will go
home happy.
B 0
l,ut they still have Plenty of Goods left,
and for the
Clothing, Dress Goods. Trimmings, Ladies'
and Gents' Underwear, Shoes, Shirt Waists,
Negligee Shirts, Neckwear, Etc.
These Goods are ALL NEW
and they Must Be Sold.
And in order to move them, Prices
must be Slaughtered.
T&OO will travel all aronnd our house and buy more
Goods than anvwhere else in Aryan.
Parks' Livery Stalk
U uuirrraallr rvcoauKf I a tl.a
IIKHT :: IN : IlltVVlS.
Go. llorx., Fine Tu -ii uia. Csrelnl
Irirera, au.l ibe Clran at Hiable in
Tke aaly Ziptriari aa . Iraetleal Ba
frtakr aa4 Faaaral DirtT ia Ua
Kmbaliuiog a Spro.ill.
I'llOXK 4a. J. F. P.VKK8
Silverware and Fine China
Ilava loat rertivet a beautiful aterk of 'Fine lliiib (iia.lt Matlunrry,
Viailing CaiJ'i etc. iKn'l fail to Ibrae ttmale.
Buy Your Meats From
Tbty jute -Two - Jiiret
K01IT1I Markrt uikVf Aiailrtny
NOKTII Makel In Zoonatli Llork.
YOU AlvtT ! al TraaaUa!
'riioMo. No. a
t .I
Wk TAKK fapKrlAI.
j TIIK HKar lKVf AM)
Do Hob Substitute
I5rin v voiir I'rc
I 8crtCw nnu tbey
I Kt!J! W inn full T mvl
j nn.i you nil y ir urr
I of ci'tting jut whnt
llifi jirr-m-rij lion onllx
fji. -
Ma H. James,
Tin: LdiAntM) 1i im.it.
tl pi
11 fr.
rj fW'ff ''rrv'rr"fO
Year's Willfl Be
Ivy j Botiv
tnkkan, Cratbj's
Main aiiiM aaa au ajuHBa al
I f-nmt. hraai all OPha MM uca anM
Mrrm. arrfu.NT.n.wii mw. aaia.ii i
apnea. AM t''t H. IwyaMiaaa
Sold in Bryan
To the Traveling Public:
On Ibe I.MIi a I it y of Mmy, an.l
Ibervaltrr, mII Ar i.lwll llrk
eta in a iroml, reliable ('..mpinr, aa
f.illoaa :
$1000 with K ' Weeklv iD.lamnitt
for Six Monti., for Sl.OO!
Alao, Arrblfnt Tii kata an.l I'.ill. iea to
roTrr all en-i.lcntt al Kratanbl
tatea. lirm ifulljr youra,
Kepr'l( Fire, Tornaibt and Accl.lt at
lanrane Coin pan ie.
aa'r aam-Taox... M.xai.i.c,
Oflice in Taliaferro ltuilJing,
0Mite Court lloo.p.
Money to lend at a low rate of Internal.
TRY THE . . .
I Only tlie beat Wine. Uijuor tod
iigar la ituck.
New Fixtarea, Puliteand Conrt.-oua
J. F. ICiadoltili ( Madiaonville, ba
born -)iib.raci bj tla deiiitwiala of
Mailiaos county for representative
mM Madiaxn ami U'Ou ininllea.
The Ma!itiiivlllf Mat.a.r t. n.leri Hie
iMijiullkt roininalion for rr-preaentative
fmni Mailiwm ami l!rne rmutiea to
Hraj.a, and add: "We lo not belleye
that Madiaon conn ly ran fnrniah one.
Tboaewbomwe want e cannot fft,
ard ib've wera'ivct aedoncl want."
Texas Bakery.
Fresh BradnlCakss
Supplie fur l"i.wic Pariiea
and BARCKCL'K.H alwaya
ready. LAUXfX, aave
yooi (ram raeiing in
Hot Heather.
Otto iCochme.
CH riwr Is
1 Ba4 tlRir Is a
"El Blanco Jacloual
Made only from Ture Meairan
Sold In Ilrjan exrluily by
Ji Si I.lGQnitlSf
Exchange Hotel.
Alao a nice line of the celebrated. ,
Dr. 1 1
OIBce al Jamra nruf un. lalli aaawtr
aa or Bltkl.
i i it in
i ' :-!..,r i
! I. liiifi -it.e
i.ar i -'
tl.o work on tb caae.

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