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Gljc Srijcm G3i.0UejGEN. A. J. AVAILNER.1
If Vr. Bull It also filibustering la
lid of Cub there I little chance for
;tiln'a colonial system.
. Tt grorcher aometlme get acci
dentally killed, a od we doubt If bf
topa b: rapidity even then.
"NVeyler ought to look upon the In
(urgent! at newspaper correspondent
&d order them out of the country.
Our iculptora aetn to be at Rood at
rarvlng each other' reputation aa they
sre t working on the Ufrleaa niarble.
It aeema to be hot rare between the
hlnrh bug and the general financial
condition on the Chicago board of
Of course New York ran hold a nc
wneful world'a fair In l'.r0. Remem
ber whit (he did with the (Irani mou-tmcntl
. l.Iinburger cheese must not be con
founded with our filled cheese, Llru
burgcr In merely filled with a barm
leu odor.
Charie Harris, of Mies. Ohio, la
inada a gavel from a piece of wood
'taken from the house MrKlnley was
lorn In, and Charles doesn't want an
t(T!cc, cither.
iKin't worry about trifle. One day
lat week a man tried to recover his
ktt th.it bnrj blown off. and In doing
. ao ioat hia footing, and waa carried
vrr Niagara Kalis.
fTarkaa II U War t I raw aa4
Perlaae ladr lha Mmi Trylaa t Ir
nmisscM Kcnoaitit, Veoiaarlat aad
EN. A. J. Warner
of Ohio was bom
In 1K34. In Erie
County, New York.
His father waa a
native of Vermont
and bia mother,
Hepslbah D! Un
ion, a native of
Massachusetts. He
lived on a farm In
Erie County until
eleven year old, when hi father
moved his family to Walworth County,
Wisconsin. Four year later hi father
died leaving him the oldest of the fam
ily at borne to take charge of a prairie
farm. He continued to work on the
farm until eighteen year of age, at
tending district bool In winter when
not required to do work at home. After
fourteen year of age, however, much
f bla time in winter was spent In haul
ing wheat to the lake ports. At the age
f eighteen be determined to acquire an
duration and entered the preparatory
lepartment at Uelolt College. From
ibere he went to New York Central
College, and by working vacations and
leaching part of the time, succeeded
without other help In going through
college. In lS.'.S he married Susan E.
Butts of Wayne County, New York, and
went to Pennsylvania, where he be
tame principal of the I.e'lHtown Acad
emy, and afterwards superintendent of
he public schools of Mllllln County.
which office be resigned to take charge
addltloa lo eronoule question, fee baa ITTnT VT rrft TlFATTT 1 r'"'T htia U,:x( ;K
and kindred subje.t. and 1 a well
equipped and capable b'lrlness man.
Three boyt. reader of dime-novels,
bave gone lo prison, one for life and
the other for forty years each; but
the publisher of the dime-novel ha hi
liberty and doubtless much wealth.
An Omaha mnn who was married
lb other day made hi bride wed
ding present of right bonds which he
fcad forged. That fellow seems to have
bad very unique Idea of the bonds
of matrimony.
While a Cincinnati man was deliver
log li)0-pound block of Ice tha
wrelghed thirty-five pounds one da)
last week be was struck by lightning.
l'rovlJence la nuking it hot for the
abort-weight fiend.
A Wisconsin paper' statement that
"everything In Milwaukee appears to
be boycotted except the boycott" la en
tirely, to aweeping. The street car
trlke floe not affect the use of hop.
water for Internal irrigation.
The Kansaa City Journal says "a
"young woman wearing a Mother Hub
bard waa on the street the other night
riding a bicycle." We desire to retract
ny derogatory utterance we ever
made against bloomer.
There 1 discord In the high school
1a Cartersvllle, Ga., because the band
played "Dixie" Just a Edward liwelle
finished an oration on "The New
South." W. C. Kite assert Dwelle got
the prlxe because the judges were In
Uueneed by the musical c I Un ax.
English newspapers which are com
menting on the slowncHs with which
the World'a Kalr nie.luls are being dis
tributed also contain a paragraph
which snys that the royal commission
upon vaccination will, after seven
years' deliberation. Issue Its final report
before parliament rise in August.
There I occasionally a poor boy who
"ttii u" without going west to
grow up with tlieoiintry. Look at
BUly Murj'hy.' fur Instance. Many
1 year' ago William left Ireland and
went to Ppnln to grow tip with the
country. Ho Is now Count dl Morphl,
private secretary to the queen regent
of Spain and chamlierliiln o Alphon-
"ao'XIII. and a grandee of the first
Palatal R;rtarl Maraatly WltaaMad by
'.rhl.l I.mImi Annlearaa.
Morbid sentiment has apparently
reached It height In England lo a re
cent hypnotic exhibition at the Royal
Aquarium, at which th subject was lit
erally burled alive and allowed to re
main so for six duys, say the New
York World.
The hypnotised man was sealed up
In a stout casket, and, in the presence
of the spectators, lowered Into a grave
nine feet deep. The lid of the casket
waa furnished with an aperture, and
this connected with a shaft which led
to the surface, making respiration pos
sible, and also enabling spectators to
view the fare of the burled man. At
least seven feet of earth were shoveled
on top of the coffin, and for the period
of alx days It was not disturbed. On
the seveutb day the racket was dug up
In the presence of a large crowd. The
man when awakened was apparently
none the worse for his experience. The
London Lancet, which prints the ac
count of thla distressing spectacle,
comments on it. saying: "It Is difficult
to Imiiglne a mure revolting evperi
ment than this. Even granting that
these trances have any use whatever
which we ourselves fall to admit
there can be no possible excuse for
making them more horrible thun they
already are by burying the man. Any
experiment It was dialled to perform
could bine been done equally well by
settling the man up In the box w ithout
going through the details of burying
him and digging him up again. More
over, uinli r such circumstances It Is
Impossible to give him aid quickly If
he should need it, and, although acci
dents muy be rare in hypnotism, their
possibility is by no means to be neglected."
Twlng her orations before the Fed
eration of Women, llelva Ixickwood
bld in her baud a largo umbrella wh
which she mphai ii' d l r tHiints, but
aome depraved perwoti of the tyran
nous sex stole It and It afterwards
turned ur In the Kentucky State Con
vent Ion at Lexington, win re it ;ut
wd as a gnvd. If there Is uny chiv
alry left in Kentucky, Mrs. l k
wood's timbiell.t will U' returned to
her with whatever repairs it may need.
LI Hung Chang, the rehnhllltated
ChliK se dipliuiiat. Is cu his way hoina i
fruiii K;i. :n. b nviiiK a trail of gold j
ami Jewels behind him. Empernr Will- j
lain Is the- Litest reilplent of this'
Orlcntiil bun:.,), ;.-id with tjplcnl eenn-
ctny ri pull the obLg.i'iou with un j
f the Vnlon schools at Mercer in west-
frn I'ennsylvanla. He entered the army
m April. as Captain of a com
pany composed largely of students,
Which became a part of the Tenth
Pennsylvania Regiment. He was pro-
tooted successively to Lieutenant ol
ncL Colonel, and hrevetted llrlgadler
General; served In the Army of the
Potomac until after the battle of
ttysburg. participating In various
battle and was severely wounded at
Antietam. At the dose of this buttle
ae was recommended for promotion to
llrlgadler General, but his recovery
sclng doubtful his promotion was with
held. After severe operation, noted
n the Surgical History of the War. he
lufflclently recovered to Join his com
mand, then near Washington, and al
IIioukU uuablc to walk except with the
ild of crutches, he went through the
Settysburg campaign with bis regi
ment, fighting over Llttie Round Top
ind first occupying the ground between
Round Top and Little Round Top.
After hi command had crowd the To
lomar he returned to the hopltl for
further treatment of his wounds and
not being able ataln to lake the field
was commissioned by l'li-siibnt Lin
coln. Colon. I in ti e Veteran Reserve
fori' and had conitnnsnl ul Indianapo
lis during the troubles thinv He re
signed this cntntiiis-inn in lM'i. While
;.mching he s:mli's l.iw ami was nd-
thlHH H. Iteming af lieaeaeo,
W at Mora In I sol.
Charles K. laming, of Genesco, HI.,
Is probably the oldest living mason In
America. He was born on Oct. 8. 1S04.
t flaiidsflcld, Mass. When 12 year old
he came west with his par.nta a far
as Ohio. The trip was made with a
yoke of oxen and the emlgiants wean
six wicks making the Journey. They
stopped at llrunswli k, Medina County.
Not It. t ; bifore the Demlngs passed
through the county the ltrltlsh had
burned lluffalo. and Cleveland was an
Insignificant town. The elder Iiemlng
bought a farm In Medina County and
te la 1)11. W Helew I alats Hera4 k;
faaaaals aatea for rarasMaa af
Barter aad I'lrtare at lslera tat
samlnatlon of the
8hah has brought
Persia Intothe pub
lic mind of late. No
one who bus not
bei n there has any
idea what a strange
country It ts. Whcu
one reache Teher
an he goe cen-
turl.a back Intothe
)arbarisin of the east, despite the fact
.hut the capital of the Shah is the
nost progressive city of the klng
lom. The veneer of Europe Is at
T.ptd. but it la very thin. What
nest Interested me during my
ravel In Persia was to get Into ron
ersation with Persians of Intelligence
ind lead them to give me their Ideas
tbout the outside world and tell me
itorli of their own countiy, which
.hey firmly believe to be not only the
seet. but the most powerful In the
world. This, of course, was possible
'hrough my Interpreter. 1 remember
ne hlh!y interesting piece of Informa
.lon, which, though It rather stagger
.i me at first, was told me In good
'alth, and t have since heard It cou
irmed. Teheran Is surrounded by a
ugh wall and a moat, and the I'enslans
ny this wall early suggested Itself as
t most convenient place for disposing
)f superfluous and Inconvenient per
ilous. The ditch Is usually dry. anil a
'all from the top to the ground Is al
nost sure to prove fatal. Probably the
ihahs of Persia have had no trials In
ill their history which ran compare In
ierloiisn.es to the difficulties which a
tarem full of Jealous and unruly wives
alii create. Even the most merciful
ting has at times been forced to resort
o severe measures, and the city wall
t such Juncture has been the regular
means of disposing of the ladles who
aused the trouble. Peveral bodies of
eautlful women once were found In
he ditch by peasants wandering about
he outside wall, and the peasant did
lot have much difficulty In guessing
low they came to lie there. The aver-
ige Persian peasint Is a shrewd and
mphlatlcated person, with an eye con-
iuually out for the main chance. In-
ismuch a In Persia as In all Moslem
ountrlea a beautiful woman has a de
Inlte commercial value, theae men la-
nented that the king should have al-
owed so much high-priced property
o be aarrlflced. They also grieved
ha, good and desirable wive ehould
e dead In the rlty ditch when loyal
mbject like themselves worr.ed along
vlth very second-rate establishments.
The reflection presently took a more
iratleal turn, as the pjiclblllty of pro-
Itlng by the king' maintenance of
lomrstlc discipline dawned upon
hem. The eunuchs who were entrust
id with throwing the unhappy ladles
iff the ramparts always performed the
peratinn at a fixed spot so th'it It was
in easy matter to watch for the fall of
he discarded wives. The Ingenious
ountrymen did this, fleet spreading a
hick cushion of hay upon the bottom
f the ditch. The next Clue a condemn
d beauty was plti hel over she landed
jfely on the hay and although some
that shaken up. was entirely unln
tired. In the darkness the attendants
in the wall were unable to see either
he hay or the men crouching In the
noat. $uppts)ng. therefore, that all
vas well, they returned to the harem
ind reported that they had carried out
heir Instructions. As soon as they
ere gone the crafty peasants hiding
Velow picked up the astonUhed sultans
von, supposing she must be dead, fan
led that they were attendants In the
rophet's paradise. Rhe was soon un
lecelved, however, and Informed Very
slalnly that it she preferred to go
ack into the sultan's hands they would
we that It was arranged. If not hc
frotiid better understand th.it .1 radlrul
niDrovcmont lu her disposition was
wul.fc o:frtu J We are told by the New Y(a Evcn-
bnda envied J wondr V'- lB 8un ,h,t bkU,t ct .i-tms
A. HERMANN. 1 a-hlle . popping the ques: cn had Its
! 'origin hi the natural and unavoldablu
PUNCTURUO THE TIRE. weakness of the knee-joint of the man
1 ho did the business. Of all the lecn-
A Itslllaanaka V I. loo. siriaa
Whrlmn llUalilea the Wheel.
Llan Hanks, a.'slLtant ticket agent at
tae I'nion D'pi:. uj oiling with
Cyrus Oliiiiam along the public high
way, two miles east of lUytown Mo.,
the other day when they came across
a iHrge rattlenake In the middle of the
road. The serpent msde no effort to
get out of the way of the wheels, and
Hank decided that he would kill It by
riding ovetl Its head. Hut the moment
the front wheel of the bicycle struck
the snake it roiled up and began strik
ing at Hanks. Its fangs punctured the
rubber tire and let out the air. The
man quickly dismounted, and Rink',
killed the stnke with a atone. He tied
the rnttler In a handkerchief, brought It
to Hie city and placed it on exhibition
In a glass Jar at the I'nion Depot. The
snake n.c.u urm forty -two Inches and
has three rattles :.nd a button on the
Is going to have the skin (aimed for
belt. 11,1ns been many years since
rattlesnake u seen In the vielnlty
of Kay to a. To rattlesnakes always
trivil tor '.-"r, ad .Mr. Ranks says he
is going out shoitly for the mate of lha
one he killed.
Hinging la
hiinoinrf ip'ooialloii that coi.t only 1m,.d to the bar a! Indianapolis In
f i w tin. iks and n f.-w o ld words. Omit m;:,, but lni.t"ad of taking up the pnic
Ll experts to pa s thiough the I'nlt.'d ;((. iP lo.at. d nt M.ni' ti.i. Ohio, mid
Stales (in Ms tour of oh-ervutlon In ngiig' d In busiiii ss; nt fli -it In the pro
rili r to s:inly o:ir pnLtlcU Instltu- I lui tlnu of nil. In w hl h his kno 1. .ge
tun.s. 1 ;if ginlopy was gr.nl value to llllll,
I lubm UMcntly he . iiu.i' il in the con
struction of r.il'ioad-i and In the pro
I ilucttnn of coal and iron.
lie represetit.d the Marietta district
I in the 4Mb., tvh and 4'jth Congresses.
He was among the first in the muittry
'to champion the cause of ilvrr, and
A Fl'.ini-'i paper thinks tb.it In ise
fit a war b'tuc n Spain and thl.i coun
try til" southern si.it. s would secede
and Joiti Ihe Spaniards, mid as a result
the in. ion if Ihe states would smash
Its. If into mlnuti particles. Tbfre are
many i-rlls of this kind Hint are a j.,al p,,M,t,nlly mlv.H and. in speeches
rreat, iiiii.olt to foreign powers
tiua't iMit. an tbltig about 1L
t Turks and Spaniards li'n.- got In a
r tl iP-,U of ttooilv work this ear,
4unk:.'.i.riiis that It is so near the ei d
of a century of so muih culig'at. hut lit
and Mitre:-..
ind numerous papers, the rcstniatioti
f the bliiie'iillic unndard In the I'u'd
States. He has bu n president of
American Hum tallic League suu e Its
'orniatlon, and Is iio presidmt of the
American UliiicMliie Vnlon whl. n rep
resents all of the lion-polUKl bltuctal
lc ors.iuUatiou in the ctuutry. In
.1 vt :-
woikcd It until lJ. Tho younger
Iteming l.ft ruining In Hint year and
In bJ.'i he went Into Ashland County,
was married In lv'.o and returned to
the farm near Urunswlck. Two years
rr.n. r:.: iviv Vn.ler Uh'm- clrcunis'.-tii'es
.he poor lady bad l.o'hlng else to d
ui ncceiit tlie sliiiaiioti with the be.
race she knew how. mend her temp
ind hope that she would soon be sold
o a husband who would give her the
later he removed to Anhlatid County i uxurles haVli she had b-en accustom
aad embarked In trade. From ls.".2
until lst'it he traded In rattle and In
the last named year came to Illinois
and i-ettled In Henry County, where
be has llred ever since. He vas twice
sent to the Ohio legislature. Ills ini
tiation Into masonry took place In Ohio
In is:1!. Notwithstanding his greal nge
Mr, Iiemlng keeps pare with the march
of modern progress. He reads the
dally papers, and takes a special tn
terext In politics. His hra'.'.a Is good,
bis eye clear, and his niltul bright
id to lo; the shah s wife, since wouie
lever . vpo-e their fai in Persia ex
epi to their husbands It was no! dltll
ult to tin' Ideality of thrfo re
ned belle a profound secret. During
h. re-Uti of the f.itlu r o the lat ' shah
t la s.'ii I thai so many wive came ovei
he w..'.l that two peasants rose from
il.J ct rtrr;y lo flln''i.ce and were
ild.' to buv lilies nt niihlllty, Iwsliies
fo'kiiis their own herein with the
:1101c r:v.er. !n f.c !:s over wboai
telasm of thla prtiod that is the mean
at. It I a blow to poetry and the
pretty foolishness of love which must
he rebuked. It I fuM hood. It Is un
utterable Injustice to two-thlr.lH of the
romance of all the ar.es. Though, to
be sure, he is a tough or a very stupid
man who doesn't knuckle and wobble
t little on thoi-c tremendous occasions.
Truly, friends, po'.ltl al enthusiasm
Is not without Its material aspect of
tit till y. With the help of a campaign
button and a Jack-knife, ufter the roar
of battle Is stilled, any man can help
to bold trousers and bracts toother.
Does Le3'ie Bush, Asst. School
Land Ccmmitsionor, of
Cuthne, Oklahoma.
Territoriot Mil, oil,
Couaff ot Lo;an. ( "
my-J'isl tl.li.k -rrrry bullle of lliat'( Haru
parilla e ml.!H I - U.ises. Thii ! true oi.ly n.
The One line I,(nhI I'.irir'er. aT.I.-muiH (k
HoOd'a PlllB '":re t'-riisisni , lirsil.rua.
Strict e 1 Down t Chtrsh-DinMsd sli"
Counalltd .( Oil Vp Kit CUrlfal '
Dufrt I off eras Iatoaioly. 4
ysaupila, Mh-annIUm a.4 llmneblal
Irou il.r u'.u I ami'lalrl?
rnz venoremedie:s.
!e Spenks of III
t ojinvirt oii
Npeedv ore tt ti
a Risiiacr. .sii
Tll Tev A,
A ii... I I ii, nit v,
lloyer eaat
Mia '.H or
the rlean.s.
Freight Ilrakeman Krank M. IJuyer,
of the Chicago and Kastern Illinois
railway, remain to tell the story of an
experience one night recently that lu
!'.i'J cases out of l.ouo terminate in a
sad scene at the morgue. Railroad
men. accustomed to hazardous chance.
realise the slight opportunity for
escape afforded the brakeman who falls
between two cars while the train is In
rapid motion. Hover ran make his
story of his something short of a
miraculous escape from Instant death
sound more thrilling than any chap
ter of fiction.
A the freight train rolled Chicago-
ward through Chicago height. Hoyrr
attempted to step from the "derk" of
one car to another, miscalculated, and
plunged down between the cars. He
mlased the draught Irons and fell to
the ties la the renter of the rails. That
Mi form beiame limp and immediately
prostrate is evident. Otherwise the
unfortunate man would have been
caught by the first brakebeam and
ground Into a shapeless mas. Almost
uefore he realised his perilous posltlou
one pair of trucks had passed over
Hover body. Another brake beam
flashed oer bt:n, followed by third
set of trucks. Short as the time was -
fraction (fa minute -it afforded a
year of thought to the railroad man.
Instinctively he realized that all brake-
beams were nqt ot a uniform height
from the ties. Some had brakebar an
gle Irons projecting that. If they struck
him. would cut him Into fine pieces.
Resides, the creaking wheels made
ominous music Hover was strong of
arm and back from constant "high bail
twisting" at the brakes, and no stop
watch with splits ever o fine could
record the time It took him to tlete.
mine upon a desperate attempt to save
his life. The fourth truck was pass
ing over his body when, with an almost
aiipcrhutuan eltort. he elevated his
shoulder, seized a brakemd and swung
his body onto the brakebeam. It fts
a feut unparalleled In the stories of
narrow escapes told by railroad men.
Safely lodged on the narrow brake
heim. In whl''h position many a
"Weary Willie" has ridden "first-class,
no faro," Uoyer succumbed to Ihe ter
rif.c shock to hU sstj-m. Vncon
si lonsi'o.-s spi eared to lie slow ly creep
ing ov. r him, nud a new danger threat
rned the braketuHii. Hut his arms
locked wit'a u death like grip upan the
iron tc.ls cf the ear fittings. in this
londilloti he rode nine miles. At 1 Hi l
lon Hover was mi.-.-cd by the trala
crew, and the tinlii was brought to u
standstill while se.-.rch as Instituted
for the lu.iLi in.iu. Draught Irons
were examined, and nccldi ntally llo. r
was illMov.ri'd recumbent upon tie
br.ikebram. Immediately be ...
taken tj Ihe riboo.e and made to:.;
fort. .Me upon ciiihloi.s.
S.nnlhrrail hr Mnllrn l.lt.
A fit:il acid, at happ. in d In I Ii.ii.i
an I (Voi:;e Ml near, ol 1'airlii Id. Ion.:
They l ad !'' n n.anula. tui !:; gdi
with ih.' X rays. Having a iuiin!i,,i
of the metal transformed they w.ue
prep-iri.ig to ran It Into bricks, when
they met their death by a large cruel
! ef molten gold falling upon them
They r' ambled while carrying It, the
liquid tnetnl How in over th.lr heads,
hanl.nltig Instantly and s:iio:herlug
both to d".r.h. In removing tho gold,
the face of the victims showed bill
little dUfUun :u nt, mt perfect dill
of their fctuiH bad wceu ciadc.
r.r.nr.llv at rrr. d l.rfura nt. Mm. HMn-
re. a niur rutair. in srol f r laid ro iiiir.
on Ihsslsna date. I.r.lir ll.i-li hii rl b
lr uln a.,ro it' '' snU Thl1
ilxul ihrrr r r,..r 0. Mpiemliar. IS"'',
his hair reptlniull) r...a "Ul unnl he "i
W.,r.K slnio.i l:a tt.l In s-ee'emher. I'W
ha t..n In tan" ll-.e lre '-e i.irrt fi.r r J
se.l fur matir J hr Knoallua t'ndrln
C..m.aii st tl fir iir..a It. ll ilhrie likta ;
tl.al In a "h it tu" thrreaftsr Ms hair
rriitnl l fall out sl 'I N-IMli 'n llncVeli. thsl
ha rm'.lmurtt lh tr. still. nt daily t" Ih.rlr
oai. ana thai '!' llii tir.ie hn hair haa
rontinurd t.i tliekrn anJ si" ir 'a'
until a. a- II la s:ne.t aa tin ami ,ruroua
u It fur was.
l.rsi.ii: rt'i.
Suh-titel arid anorn to bf ta Bin thla j
Ulh dan al Kelituaiy. IS'.1
S.all M M.INVtiK.
Wy cunimlaali'n tlrea Auiml vnh ll'.
Krjtl.tni la lmr..aiM. A few ar ,
(an auulJ hat hotr4 at tl Htra ot lu. ,
a nkutesrarh thruiish a bri. k wall ii Hi a '
rj linn Is bf us 4'i riat-Jli. In
sVubt that ar.ytbtiK rail grow hair ea hi I
hraJi. Whr' Siniilir b.auaa t"U lia
Srr ara II d"ti r h..... tha(a.
hs. brr ar.-rl.eil llfua and tlinr asain br
cthrr lau-rallrdi rrai.rrra. Mr. Butn. anaa
affdavtl I i'n ai-uv. bad aa mr UHh
than you ha. Ilia riprrirn. is anly una I
In a tbruasnd.
You seed ret lak eur and slnaa. Writs .
tor Ih liandrtin llrra: and trad what !
kundrrda aay.
Indira. It f"U would bav brautltul lialr I
oft and Uhf in aa Ih aanwSakra DulTv and
ixl luiutianl l bra u IAN Jt: It INK- II
anr. thrn alwa.a.
All drussiaia. vr aral aa rr. npl af price,
Ii.m r" b-tti.
hnowlton t'AvrinniNR ro.
Uuthri. Ok.akuu
I iHirLV-'"'''
A Turkish turban of Itie greatest
lire contain Ir.'tii ten to twenty
JarJs of the lineal snftrst itiu-1 iu.
Sallaaal luaul.si (aaiaalisa al .
I. aula, Jnl V'.arl. I SOU.
On a.sj-ount of tin' iils.vc in. tit l.iitl
nttraitlon tin Inui M italii Itoiu -
will sell tickets fr.un nil points on tin'
line t St. Louis (or one faro for th"
Mllli.l trip. Tl.keta will Ih- on sab
Julv I'.Mh. 111111 ami '-'lat. with tlual
limit for n turn July I'Ttli. lvs;. Write
or call on repp si ntative of the colli
imiiy for full luforiiiiitnui. J. C. I.
Tniv. luiaT I'usm iig.-r Agent, Austin,
In Johannesburg there is a saloon
lo every 2.M" of the white populati. u
It the rlal'T Is attlnc teeth.
n.nrn1 H-. -''I as., mr lr r. f ! . Sw
Wiaauwa a auvtaika a.ai r f . k.. u. iwit.i
r. MeN Ht. of llra-lnr,
I , .i-eti In oatli sava
Hr-rtnrr, o. Ac H.
Vt.ia l lo errtlfy llt-
lia -r)in..a.l-m-li. mT
. I s K ' r Uma-di : s'iO
lu'il a. 1h hn llt af
ii v l.fr. rfiel I nci new
alrna & .-ai of as
I lav tii.il rv.m-
tlaetr I .-..-ii I hi mr of
ami W w K-.U-ii)lr ef
,i...-''.ra ale I I ' . I la e-et
r f wanrf. rwf f--e taa
I iiav of hi v l.i 1
teirrli.i ! V. ii"'a rura
I v. hvrtin ulel llr l.lo
1 iiii.l. an. I I f'.iie.l al-
i t In-iiu t illrf I
S I.sr.l Vllmi nir.il-
f-mr new for -lia
;i ml haii bait four
w. -ka' ao'lil .-..in'ntl I
I. rii IK'W fir from alO,
aii'l ran renin, lo my
. rk f.ril.is wrll wl.li h,
lor Un- lull to ienr t
I I in aT e h n lit y
Ii l'l t" -a'i m
o.mt ef , l iUf
hatrirl !l"- f lava.
mii'-li ror e-lrni-r in tli i. ill. Hi Icr
I, 41 It b .'en fm ma, snri Sn tt Is
' .':. fer elbrr- bsri , thai I sn neiln as
-I,.-lii In a.l.ina the Vaun lu IK ami
.an I anl.y t-ri it hrr laal iiuu(ll la
siiliplv tli .leirtp-l,
itt:v a r v ni tt
'tra.lnrr. WoI fi'iiniy, O.
rtbo.l. I'liOralant (lilintl
''at i.f " II io, I
.w..I fniihty i
lr.ieH at i.rnrd hafnc m. W
tary publii, it. an I fur the (fli I e...mtv,
th Jlv A V XI. Vuil win.. e'r, c?"
v.orn. dr. larr . that th abav au 'n.t
la true hnurn ! I f r mr arj n-
ai rtliru in TO 'rar.ur .1111 i ' w
Ai. !.
J..IIV W. V'V A NT Nntsrv TuMIc
V1111. will rtnuM ra'taor-llearr
T-iwrr nf h V. no an,!!ite n lha far)
of rortl ldirirri. '
VKNu.I .I'HiTTVr: PTfifP ts the
lat and nnlv a- rrilfli- eur tt rm-nr.-tlv
n:r.a naUr'a tet.i:i ami fr,
ami IhornurM eurra cmarrh constia
li. n ami llv.r tr-e'ib' ll strmirtlirna ine
nrri,- rlrais th brain liii"rn'a the
atomnh anil fe'llra t- b.Hl Iravteaj
1.0 III rr-..a Tal mrA.rin haa for Ma
!v1v tl" frrr,.! I.lam1'll'' l w'r. the
grrat e- itn .'i- rr anil hi iet purlflar.
nr-'i a I'-n .-.1 -'S
VFvea yt e,i-T,'ti' ri.t'tn will cure
th wr.rt an.1 m-l dentwra raas ef
t-urn'lrn. ta-atvala. i-itti'a n..raU
ri 'i1 all an.1 fsina No rnme
t ilraM 1m ar"l r--t the mr.1ti-ina Thra
I r M a SS rrnu aai-h lvr fi.r Ik.
. Km ymtr itrnralrt ta t Venn s Cnra'l
q..-n --- . t-.w...-. k-;tit ir Yny
a.r f M(-W.-Vr Ta, t'ATPRIf
i .I'Ht'l r.llrvra In I minulrs. IV. At drug
g Ar.d D:::r:f!.:3 cf Crl;;!e Creek.
tr. tift lllmirttt.
a awn rat oiaa-r
V a-, . ..i
O ... ....
w a-lial.
rr. U Casts.
a.l a t arr.4 ah S nl.
rt a4 u.-..a alii 1 laaii.S
IJ'J NaianK tmjlf. CSIcst. til
a negro wttiMii i;KctW0fN1tnMM
I helieie l'io's llire ts Ibr enly niwll
lu tb.il will cure ii'.imi l' n Anra
M. H.xa, iVllliam-pcrt, Is, Nov. L'.'Wb.
The wars ol Ihe ls-t seventy jcars
have coat Ilii"! t l.Ti.V'i .' ami
the lives of iU.imsi men.
Jot. 11 Hull liniorta ioii.mHi.M o rgf
The aluiae brspe.l 011 a n.sn ia often
.he tai bo bays fur I r iukj to advance
Hall's ( alarra Turn
a ramalit ut IooaI i .rr. I'r ce, TV.
Tulin Univertity of.Louisina.
It. .a.i.iui f.'f 'Miia'i". ai ir a - afc-
a'..iir. aal al..ir..aii. a-.-l-.ial .a' a 1 rrr a-r
i.r .. r-l ' aa il. H ... Hal V") n aiid
. a 1 .Ii. a'. i.t.'iaii. ai.'.iai ii.i. i..a aa fcr
... . i-Im Ir.l ami." I- l,w ' .a.al.f
l. r a I 1 Hlllll. a Li. ii.... 1.
m. m u hki I i 1 a
I ia-
Kive liiimlrcil
live In l osta.
tiioui-.niil Cliillle
When you come in hot
And thirsty,-H!RES Root-
HW'sif b Te MiaM fltmr tS frl L-w4V
a-iasT -aa fta4 f te ) aaM.
I if a DAV
la I r U I .n.i,ia.a.i4
CI la) I ft I aMtll-aUrrkliSk n
n.ai, laat. Hi Jnay la laraal. X Klaa.
tiTlfck SSulStka, Uviuaaa, alprt. 1.1a, .
iT S rnr I tV- n. I intr - rit,
f M. r lit.l .1 1 B . ,.f ,r hlmr'a.'ra' Ni-raa
Hri.rrr. Iiwll t . ' at a '
.wui att-a l a. kuis.iali .r i.m. lit ..ii a.l a
t'oiiiiterfcil hard mldicr
1 n IV 1 1 1 1 n t .
i- 111 ie of
I -inao . Ili.. i lJ...allirtv r la
rM...h. t t r !'.! -t On )-. r l.. I ilHS
Uuak I a 1 1.1. k li t Alt.it. 1.L, I. aLi.iiua. 0. d .
She ba rot as far north as Mon- ,
treal, rnd I i lypew rlteuse" Is wkat i
they call her up there. I
1 1 1 A.'nK!T I
I - -,, '.f '-f ViMlreT-.
1 . . j, . 'i"" l"V' h 1", S l . I n ,l'
I I .vrs h-y
Uh4MmY YYS-r-.
I 11' " X I . L" V
f -
on Vtlll etml OMI-4MV'
liiklJr fndi two OiuitP
ud two rvnpniu lntilr tact
funr finnro ban of I'tarl
vtU'a Durham Uuy tt hug
ot tUU rrlttirutitl lutiitrr
ait 4 rratl tho ronpon kit ll
flrn lt (if w-alttfthlr prrt
tnim kVal'l how lo r t i!nm
y k - HXJ,
1 1 .J- I v n t
',:'Y -Y. 'r :.

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